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Jeffrey R.

1907 Riverside Drive - Unit # H, Green Bay WI 54313
Home Phone: 920-434-1231, Email: jgefb21e@westpost.net
Parts & Service Manager / Branch Manager / Supply Chain & Logistics Manager
BS in Business Management & Information Technology
Professional Education Certificates
Masters Six Sigma Black Belt
Supply Chain & Logistics &Warehouse Operations
Construction Industry Manufacturers Association (CIMA)
Parts / Service Management
Equipment Manufacturers Institute (EMI) & (MRA)
Parts & Service Sales & Marketing & Customer Relationship
Leadership Development
Information Systems
Caterpillar Parts & Service Sales Training
Manufacturing Operations
Human Resources & Employee Management
Production Management
Branch Management

Talented distribution executive with more than 25 years experience in the manufa
cturing, equipment and parts & service industries. Extensive experience in majo
r international and Fortune 500 Daewoo Heavy Industries and Textron Omniquip in
the construction and industrial product sector. Proven ability, building distri
bution organizations from the ground up and generating revenue increases in exce
ss of $25 million.
Skilled in managing international dealer networks with more than 650 dealers and
key accounts with more than 3,000 operating locations. In depth technical knowl
edge of information systems and processes required to create e-Commerce order pr
ocessing and product support systems worldwide.
Demonstrated skill managing large inventories and P&L of up to $50 million. Acc
omplished businessman and negotiator, having successfully negotiated purchase ag
reements with French manufacturer Manitou, post sale transactions with Volvo Cor
poration and pricing agreements with Dana, ZF, Caterpillar and other manufacture
Selected Career Accomplishments
Improved first pass fill rate more than 50% - boosting revenues 26%. Took over
sales and aftermarket parts distribution organization with a two-year history of
first pass fill rates averaging 60%. Undertook complete Six Sigma project to r
eview processes and more than 150,000 SKUs in inventory. Established new busine
ss rules to optimize Oracle order entry and processing systems and improved firs
t pass fill rate to over 95%. Averted customer defections due to poor fill rate
s and increased revenues more than 31%.
Finalized $50 million equipment purchase agreement with French manufacturer Mani
tou. Finalized effort to add a new product line of small tool handling equipmen
t to fill a gap in the existing product offerings. Worked closely with legal co
unsel and representatives from the largest telehandling equipment manufacturer i
n the world, Manitou. Negotiated equipment purchase agreement with estimated fi
rst year sales of $50 million.
Launched total parts and distribution network for Daewoo Heavy Industries, achie
ving $25 million sales growth in four years. Built sales aftermarket programs f
or $400 million division of Daewoo Heavy Industries from the ground up. Establi
shed sales, parts and product support programs. Developed e-Commerce / B2B syst
ems to support dealers worldwide with order entry, warranty support, sales and o
perations. Designed sales, parts sales and marketing programs and negotiated ve
ndor pricing and promotions. Successful program launch resulting in steady incr
ease in sales and dealer / consumer confidence.
Restructured distribution organization, reducing costs more than 37%. Following
a series of acquisitions the parts distribution organization was fragmented and
random, overhead costs were excessive. Consolidated four separate distribution
centers into a single 160,000 foot facility and relocated call center / process
ing center. Negotiated leases and relocation arrangements for employees. Cut c
osts more than $1.2 million in the first year of operations while improving effi
Launched e-Commerce / B2B strategy saving more than $1 million in order processi
ng costs. Poorly designed and organized Internet site drove distributors to the
phone and fax, resulting in higher processing costs for orders. Directed major
overhaul of B2B site, updated on-line manuals and catalogs and streamlined web-
based ordering systems. Integrated on-line system with Oracle order entry and o
ffered discounts for using the site. Within 6 months achieved more than 35% red
uction in overhead.
Increased net profit to 40% with updated pricing strategy. Assumed responsibili
ty for division with outdated pricing schemes. Led a team completing a thorough
market analysis, pricing review and update. Negotiated pricing agreements with
major vendors Dana and ZF. Implemented a 26% dealer net pricing increase while
implementing a price match guarantee program to maintain loyalty. Successful p
rogram generated more than $4 million increase in net operating profit in the fi
rst year, and an estimated $7.5 million in the second.
Managed product transfer following sale to Volvo. Partnered with other members
of the senior team on
$5 million divestiture of non-core product line to Volvo Corporation. Coordinat
ed all post-sale activities, including transfer of product and design informatio
n, after market support, and distribution channels. Successful transaction resu
lting in net savings of more than $15 million.
Built international aftermarket support distribution division from scratch. Neg
otiated pricing structure with component manufacturers and vendors. Set up deal
er sales and parts distribution channels, created re-manufactured parts program
and established export programs to Central and South America.
Career History
Corporate Parts Manger with Wisconsin Lift Truck Corp., 2006 - 2009
Full responsibility of all eight locations from parts daily operations to all P&
L aspects of parts support for this $100 million operation. Improvements in pric
ing structure, designed and implemented improved inventory management and order
fulfillment processes, and negotiated discounted rates of logistics supplies to
service our customers and service department's accounts. New computer system, te
am member of the ground up system across the company. Set pricing strategy, nego
tiated vendor relationships. Built inventory management, order fulfillment, to s
upport our customers and service accounts. Improving order fill rates from 51% t
o 86%.
Vice President & General Manager, Aftermarket Product Support / Marketing with O
mniquip / Textron Inc., 2004 - 2006. Full P&L responsibility of $50 million for
all aspects of aftermarket sales support for this $250 million division of Fort
une 200 Textron Corporation. Responsible for customer relationship management f
or more than 350 dealers and 3000 locations for major national accounts includin
g Hertz, United Rentals, and Rental Service Corporation among others. Sponsored
Six Sigma "Triple Play" project to reorganize and relocate sales and parts dist
ribution center into a centralized 160,000 square foot facility with more than 1
50,000 SKUs. Developed pricing structure and B2B / e-Commerce sites, designed an
d implemented improved inventory management and order fulfillment processes, and
negotiated and implemented a third party logistics program to service dealers a
nd major accounts worldwide. Improvements to systems resulted in a 40% improvem
ent to net operating profit in less than two years.
Vice President & General Manager of Operations, Aftermarket Product Support & In
formation Technology with Daewoo Heavy Industries America Division, 1993 - 2004.
Promoted five times in 7 years, from Parts Manager, Lift Truck Division to res
ponsibility for all Sales and aftermarket sales support and information technolo
gy functions for this $400 million division of Fortune 50 Daewoo Industries. De
veloped and implemented strategies to support more than 650 dealers in Canada, t
he U.S. and Central and South America. Implemented e-Commerce / B2B / ERP syste
m from the ground up across the division and distributor network. Set pricing st
rategy, negotiated vendor relationships, established export programs for a broad
network. Built inventory management, order fulfillment, and distribution chann
els to support dealers and national accounts in North and South America. Asked
to assume responsibility for construction division, rapidly improving fill rates
from 81% to more than 96%, while achieving $25 million in sales growth.
Sales Representative, Tenco Tractor, Inc., 1990 - 1993. Responsible for sales an
d customer relationship management with small to large customers in the central
California region across 17 sales locations. Marketed, sold and supported lift
truck equipment in a variety of industries including retail, wholesale, distribu
tion, construction.