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CHRIS DONABEDIAN * cdonabedian@earthlink.

13241 Yorba Street * North Tustin, CA 92705 * 213-215-1250


Telecommunications & IT Infrastructure Design * Network Construction * Technolog
y Upgrades
New Technology Network Planning, Design & Engineering * Mission-Critical Project
Telecom & IT Design/Implementation * Business Management Consulting Expertise
Proactive professional skilled in bridging the technology gap to create high net
work availability and scalability aligned with corporate objectives. Able to dra
w upon a wealth of corporate and consulting experience, hands-on IT project mana
gement, and extensive knowledge of:
* High-tech Messaging Systems * VPN Implementations
* VOIP / VTCOIP / WAN, LAN, Global and Local Infrastructure Connectivity and Sta
ndardization * VOFR
* Network Cabling Systems * Network Connectivity Issues * Network Cable Plants &
Systems * Wireless 802.11 * Fiber, Coax Category Cabling
Zurich-Farmers Insurance, Los Angeles, CA
Manager of Network Engineering for North America * 2007 to present
* Managed more than 15 employees in 5 sites in North America. Also had dotted l
ine management to Telecom and Provisioning staffs.
* Handled business relationships with all GITO business units including: Zurich
North America, Farmers Insurance, Universal Underwriters Group, Foremost Insuran
ce, Bristol West Insurance, New World Life Insurance, Farmers Exchange and 21st
Century Insurance. Managed needs of Account Executives in all 8 business units.
* Managed and directed staffs in 48 states for a total of more than 370 building
s, 8 Data Centers, and 5000+ pieces of equipment.
* Handled the Network Budget of more than $70M.
* Completed Core infrastructure upgrades in all the Data Centers increasing reli
ability and reducing severity outages.
* Build out of the OKC Data Center and installation of Cisco Nexus Hardware.
* Roll out of Riverbed WAN Optimization for North America. 300 plus sites
* Roll out of F5 Load Balancers. 40 plus pairs
* Roll out of Aruba Wireless for all data centers and large sites for North Amer
* Roll out of AVPN and EPL Circuits - driving cost of ownership down more than 3
0% and increasing available bandwidth by more than 10%. Use of Riverbeds and th
e circuit technology saved Millions to the business.
* Managed the relationship for the outsourcing of some parts of GITO to CSC - an
d the relocation of the data centers to CSC's locations in Chicago and Reston.

Toyota, Torrance, CA
Project Manager * 2007 (6 month engagement)
* Managed 2 large national projects for the renovation and roll out of new hardw
are and software for the BDC's and PDC's for TMS.\
* Traveled Nationally.
\Pacific Life Insurance Co, Newport Beach, CA
Project Manager * 2006 (6 month engagement)
* \Managed 6 data center related projects.
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Ameriquest Mortgage Company, Orange, CA

Project Manager II * 2004 to 2006
Recruited to project manage simultaneously multiple Enterprise Infrastructure pr
* Managed multiple high visibility large scale projects simultaneously.
* Handled business relationships with many of AMC's business units, internal dep
artments and copious outside vendors.
* Managed and directed employees in 4 states for a total of 18 buildings, road w
arrior style.
* Involved intimately with the build out of 3 unique Data Centers for Disaster R
* Designed and built out 5 Buildings and MDF's as well as 18 IDF's for the 18 fl
oors built out as well as converting 1- 12 Story office building with Data Cente
r, MDF and 12 IDF's to a fully functioning call center where 4 departments now e
xist. Added almost 5000 places for new employees in a 12 month span.
* Managed Vendor Negotiations for Cable Plant, Telecom, Network Engineering, DR,
Data Center and Back-up power (Generators).
Senior Project Manager / West Coast * 2003 to 2004
Recruited to project manage simultaneously multiple government contracts through
Clients: Department of Homeland Security (DHS); branches include Transportation
Security Administration (TSA) and Immigration and Naturalization Services
Functions: Collaborated with Unisys personnel to ensure proper direction and ove
rall success of individual projects, from infrastructure upgrade design through
to implementation and system commissioning.
* Prepared site surveys and bids.
* Set and controlled budgets, focusing on attaining corporate profit margins.
* Hired and managed roll out contractors and sub-contractors; ordered all parts
for projects; executed vendor negotiations; and, provided training.
* Project Scope: Hardware / software upgrades, from $30k to $500k, for telecom,
IT and security systems, category cabling and fiber optics at various West Coast
airports, TSA offices and offsite DHS offices and branches.
* Consistently delivered profit margins of 30% or over at all sites.
* Completed ahead of schedule all but 1 project (slowed due to local weather con


Global Manager of Telecommunication * 2000 to 2001
Recruited to manage all corporate telecommunications projects and a departmental
staff of 7 for world's largest executive search firm comprising offices located
in 37 cities and 17 countries.
* Scheduled and planned projects the world over including telecom infrastructure
management initiatives, pre-site surveys and site preparation, upgrades / insta
llations and large-scale global office expansions, relocations and cable plant /
switch changes.
* Executed planning for global standardization of switches, voice mail and globa
l / local infrastructures.
* Effectively negotiated with vendors on rates and technology solutions; dealt w
ith CLEC / LECs on all cabling issues.
* Representative Projects: Packet Shaping installations / Telecom Billing restru
cturings / several office relocations and openings.

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ELAN PHARMACEUTICALS, Cedar Knolls, New Jersey

IT Manager / Telecom Manager * 1999 to 2000
Challenged to execute start-up and formation of IT department and planning, desi
gn, scheduling and implementation of $650k NT network; hired and trained staff.
Managed 4 full-time employees and 4-6 temporary and consulting staff.
* Planned and managed construction and site preparation for Operations Centers.
Determined electrical requirements and space utilization. Installed more than 8
servers and 80 in-house clients, outfitted 25 regional field managers, and plann
ed / executed rollout of 200 laptops for sales force automation.
* Managed technological move to 80,000 sq. ft. facility. Project featured all wi
ring, HVAC and power requirements while maintaining 2 additional buildings on ca
mpus totaling 45,000 sq. ft.

Digital Imaging Master's Degree
BA in Photography
General Art major
International Business minor