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Paul J.

6498 Paseo Otono
Tucson, AZ 85750
(520) 906-3788

PROFILE: A self motivated professional with over twenty years of executive manag
ement experience in the Financial Services industry. Applies a mentoring style o
f management. Leads, coaches, trains and empowers associates to contribute their
own unique skills and talents and collaborate as a team to achieve company goal
s and objectives. Creates, develops and implements innovative solutions to the w
orkplace in order to increase productivity and reduce turnover.

Team Leader/Builder
Project Management
Excellent Communication Skills
Budget Forecasting/Analysis
Problem solving

WOODBURY, Minn. -- Woodbury Financial Services, a subsidiary of The Hartford Fin
ancial Services Group, Inc. (NYSE: HIG) and leading independent broker-dealer, h
as agreed to acquire the assets of Diversified Financial Concepts (DFC). DFC is
an investment and insurance products' marketing firm affiliated with Woodbury, w
hich is based in Tucson, Arizona. The agreement is expected to close in February
"This acquisition is a win for both firms and our clients, and a natural next st
ep in Woodbury's growth plans," said Woodbury President and CEOBrian Murphy. "We
have had an excellent working relationship with DFC since the late 1980s. DFC's
high quality financial representatives grow Woodbury across an expanded geograp
hy nationwide. In turn, the DFC sales force gains access to Woodbury's independe
nt model, comprehensive support, and performance-based compensation approach."
DFC has approximately 240 employees located in 24 branch offices in 12 states. T
he organization has over $1 billion of assets under managementand, in 2005, prod
uced $13.5 million in GDC, or gross dealer concession, from $205 million in inve
stment product sales.

Played a major role in the growth of Diversified Financial Concepts (DFC) as vic
e-president in charge of production.
Began my career in 1986 as a registered representative, through hard work and de
dication was promoted to the position of district manager inside of 12 months an
d branch manager inside of 3 yrs. Developed a region of successful branch manage
rs over the next several years before being promoted to vice - president in 1998
To insure the growth of DFC nationwide while maintaining current profit centers.
Activities included:
Training of individuals in charge of NASD and Product Knowledge classes.
Provide support to all Regonal, Branch and District managers in all areas of rec
ruiting, production, retention, adm., and customer service.
Produce recruiting and sales manuals for all employees.
Approved all promotions inside of DFC.
New office leases including phones, furniture, computers etc.
Resolve client complaints while working closely with compliance officers
Conduct national sales training seminars

POSITIONING STATEMENT: To secure a position as a Branch Manager/Regional Manager

in the Financial Services industry.

Licensed held : Series 6, 63, 7,24, 65 and variable insurance license.

Previous Jobs

Hollister -Stier Labs

Spokane, WA
1977 - 1986
Pollen Facility manager
* Personal, collection equipment & facilities, operational budget, establishing
& maintaining Standard operational procedures.
* The collection and procurement of raw materials, staff training, scheduling, n
ew and improved collection Techniques, documentation, staff moral, communication
with Oregon facility.
* Collection of raw materials, process of extracting pollen from raw materials,
purification of
final product.

College Coursework Completed - Spokane Falls Community College