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340 Greenglade Avenue
Worthington, Ohio 43085
614) 848-8728 home/ 975-7598 cell
80 East Fulton Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
614) 462-4551 (614-525-4551 after 12/10/11)
The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio
School of Public Policy and Management
M.A. Public Administration, June 2000; G.P.A. 3.82
Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
New York, New York
J.D. Cum Laude, June 1987
Academic: G.P.A. 3.31; Class Rank, top 10% (in class of 267)
Honors: Belkin Fellow (Awarded for Academic and Professional Achievement)
Criminal Law Clinic, 1986-1987
Berklee College of Music
Boston, Massachusetts
B.A. Cum Laude, May 1981; G.P.A. 3.68 - Music Education
B.A. Cum Laude, May 1977; G.P.A. 3.50 - Performance: Percussion
U.S. Supreme Court: Admitted November 18, 1991
S.D. Ohio: Admitted July 25, 1991
Ohio: Admitted May 14, 1990
New York: Admitted April 11, 1988
Connecticut: Admitted December 11, 1987
Franklin County Child Support Enforcement Agency
Columbus, Ohio
December 1993 - Present
Administrative Hearing Officer: Preside over administrative hearings paternity,
support, modification, mistake of fact, termination, etc.); render decisions su
itable for judicial review; advise and consult with Administrative Counsel on po
licy and procedure relating to administrative hearings and issues; render opinio
ns to Agency personnel from support officers to the Director; oversee and evalua
te Establishment and Enforcement Support Officer work product and performance an
d make recommendations for improving accuracy and efficiency; provide input on h
earing officer procedural manual; participate in internal and external training
seminars, including as co-presenter of FCCSEA-FCDHS interagency presentations in
1993, presenter at 1995, 1997 & 2008 OFSA Conferences, 2002 OCDA Spring Confere
nce, and 1994, 1996, 2006, 2008 & 2009 CLE presentations for CBA and/or Legal Ai
d regarding the Administrative Paternity and Support processes; assist in traini
ng Agency personnel in administrative hearing matters and procedures; participat
e in interviews for hearing officer applicants; assist in establishing and imple
menting policies and procedures; former member of the Agency Steering Committee,
chair or co-chair of various subcommittees thereof and previously a member of t
he Caseload Subcommittee; co-chaired committee to implement Administrative Proce
dures of H.B. 352; Officer and Member of the Board of OFSA; Recipient of the 200
4 Employee of the Year Award.

Franklin County Child Support Enforcement Agency

Columbus, Ohio
July 1992 - November 1993
Staff Attorney: Involved in all aspects of Federal and State mandated child sup
port enforcement activities: Paternities; Complaints and Motions to Set Support
; Contempts; Bond Hearings; URESAs; 60(B) Motions. Managed large caseload; coun
seled clients and advocated for them before the Court.
I have been working in the field of law since the summer of my first year at law
school. The work consisted of internships with two small NYC law firms, John F
. Martin, P.C., June-August 1985; Paul M. Gulielmetti, P.C. 1986-1987. The prac
tices covered Probate, Domestic, Corporate, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury
, Landlord-Tenant, Real Estate, Damages. I also spent several months interning
at the Center for Constitutional Rights, September-December 1985.
A significant part of my law school experience consisted of my participation in
the Cardozo Criminal Law Clinic, January--August 1985, under the direction of Pr
ofessor Barry C. Scheck (of The Innocence Project). The course materials were b
ased on NITA, and included Federal Rules of Evidence, Objections, Direct and Cro
ss-Examination, Expert Witness Testimony, Voir Dire and Client Interviews, Openi
ng and Closing statements. It also included representing criminal defendants on
misdemeanor charges in the Bronx.
In addition to my tenure with the FCCSEA, my professional legal experience consi
sted of four distinct positions, two of which were in the private sector: Schek
ter, Rishty, Goldstein & Beck, P.C., November 1987-October 1988, in NYC; and Tho
mas A. Moore, Attorney-At-Law, November 1990-July 1992, in Columbus, Ohio. SRGB
was a small commercial transactions firm specializing in commercial real estate
transactions. My own practice in Columbus was a general practice, with emphasi
s in Domestic Relations and Probate, but including Real Estate, Landlord-Tenant,
Employment, and DUI.
Public sector experience commenced in NYC with the Human Resources Administratio
n, October 1988-August 1989. I was involved in all phases of guardianship proce
edings for adults in New York City. After relocating to Ohio (my wife's home st
ate) with my family, while studying for the bar I commenced working at the Ohio
Legal Rights Service, January 1990-November 1990. I left when the contract expi
My first work experience was as a Free-Lance Musician and Music Teacher, 1975-19
83, first in Boston and later in New York City. In addition to being a professi
onal drummer and singer, I assumed managerial duties for some of the performing
groups of which I was a part. I worked as a long-term substitute music teacher
for the Great Neck Public Schools during the 1982-1983 School Year.
Non-legal business experience includes involvement in a multi-level marketing bu
siness with my wife, 1982-1993, Moore & Moore Enterprises. From 1995-1999, I wa
s involved with the Central Ohio Christian Science Broadcasting Committee in var
ious capacities, including co-founder, Chair, and Media Liaison of the joint ven
ture of central Ohio Christian Science Churches and Societies involved in utiliz
ing the media, e.g. television and radio, to broadcast Christian Science religio
us programming.
My interest in organizational development and implementation can be traced back
to my involvement as a high school student in the creation of an alternative hig
h school, The Community School, in Great Neck, NY, 1970-1973. I was one of a sm
all group of high school students and faculty advisors who helped establish, imp
lement and maintain an alternative public high school which is still in existenc
e today, quite similar to The Linworth Alternative School, located in Worthingto
n, which both of my children attended.
I have continued my involvement in the Arts - especially music. I have been a m
ember of the Columbus Symphony Chorus since 1989, and the Soloist for First Chur
ch of Christ, Scientist, Upper Arlington since the summer of 1992. I have also
performed in local productions of "Cabaret" (Emcee, 1991) and "Fiddler on the Ro
of" (Motel the Tailor, 1993); performed regularly with the Listen for the Jazz A
ll Star Band, and worked in Columbus as a free-lance singer and drummer.
References available upon request