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ihe AR BONDS TODAY BT tensa Foe ROM the skillful hands of our craftsmen to the welcoming hands of airplane pilots, three amazing instruments are new flowing steadily and in volume. ‘These are the gyro-horizon, the directional gyro, and the remote indicating compass. ‘The first two were designed by Sperry, and are built by Sperry and Fisher Body. The latter was designed by Bendix, and is built and Fisher Body, specifications, in the volume required, was a challenge to Fisher techni- cians. But true craftsmanship knows no limits. And the extreme precision demanded in the manufacture of these instruments was but an extension of notably accurate werk done on bombers, gun-breech housings, tanks, anti-aircraft guns, and other armament. We have learned to bank on craftemanship —to depend on it. And any time our fighting men need a technical plus to put them the clear, we'll burn the lights every night UI they get it, ery Sunday Afternoon Reception for an automobile tire The guests asked a question that was answered 80 million miles later "Pury wpteten vendy dae June afternoon in 1940, eigh- tent months before Peasl Harbor. ‘Adiny cardboatd ship moved across ‘of the Adantic Ocean. The president of B. F. Goodrich de- scribed the litle ship's voyage— bringing rubber from Malaya through the Suez to New York. Suddenly che ship exploded, di appeared. The business men, editors and reporters in the Empire Room of New York's Waldorf-Astoria 20t the point even though many still said it was “a very remote possibility." ‘Turning, they saw a tite un wile looked like ay omer tire... but more than half its natural rubber had bea replaced MAY, 1944 by the new B. F, Goodrich syn- thetic. It was the first tire contain ing spmetic rubber ever offered for sale to American car owners. The price had ro be one-third higher dhan cutrene tire prices. But thar dida't stop people from buy- ing. Even owners of large flects bought. These new tires traveled in every state, in all kinds of ‘weather, on all types of roads Today they have cocled more than 80,000,000 miles. And the question everyone bad asked— "How good is syarherle rubber, anyway!''—is answered by actual fepores from car owners, Mileages in excess of 30,000 miles were reported, Some repurted as much as 50,000 miles! This one MH es that B. F. Go etic (98. ood as the tires that were most as made before the war. ‘Truck tires aren't yet as good, especially in intercity service with overloads, ‘but are being improved day by day. But the important thing is those extra years of experience . . shey are the season so many motor- ists who qualify get thete tires from B. F, Goodrich Silvertown Scores and ‘dealers. The B. F. Goadrich Company, Akron, Obio. “EEA 'B.E Goodrich Pt id 1A INNO TOJ-D3FD