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May, 2011

Adventures in the Pseudo-Sciences by Gonzo


Gonzo-Theory in CryptoCriminology

Gothic Flirtations in Necrospace

(Necrospace – the dream realm – Where Truth Lives)

Gothic Flirtations - Criminal Instigations Continued- Evil Lurks:

And, wherein resides the nexus for criminal instigations? It’s elusive and cannot be discerned by conventional means. Liquid crystal thought transcends the neural nexus of cerebral conduits. Dark and devious our willful nature invites us to either think in anti-thought processes, or pro- thought processes. Pro is good; anti is superficial and filled with inferential fallacies. In the background though, the mindset is in constant motion. The former, modes of anti- thinking, are illogical and lack insight. We operate them in realms of emotion, feeling and desires. By contrast, the latter, our “super ego self”, is more profound.

In this self, we are rational, use reason and intuitively apply introspection to problem solve. Consequently, thinking manifests on multiple levels and enters diverse spheres. Connectivity extends across the boundaries of sight, sound and motion. The five senses collude to instigate travels through timeless dimensions adding to the sensory array. Intuition plays a key role in the diversity of thinking domains. At the same instant, mind is hard to define. In fact, it doesn’t exist. Instead, it’s an illusion.

Of the five sensory realms we begin only the starting point. Others wait until we strike a balance between the neurosis and the psychosis of personal evolution. Insanity watches carefully from the sidelines and spawns creativity. Most often, it only lurks in the subterranean regions of nightmares or the vast reaches of the dream-state. This is where mystery really begins.

Regardless, myth, magic and metaphor surface as alternate trinities to satiate the ease of explanation. Sometimes, these gurus are perceived as prophets, teachers, and healers. Not watching the sleight of hand by which they con, we’re quick to be easily fooled. How come? Because we want to and it’s simplistic. For them, speaking to the dead is an easy parlor trick. Yet getting the dead to talk back to you, well that’s the more difficult part of the equation. Dreams open that passage to mysterious things through time and space to search the heavens for the essence of reality.

Others however, fight back along the battlegrounds of sensory introspection by demanding that we think beyond the surface. Bridging the gap, the leap is made across the expanse of synaptic impulses into the ideated regions of self-inflicted willful selectivity for everything we say and do. Firing at light speed, the divide links with neural passages that ensure the choices of our expectations. Dreams unfold and empires are created with worlds vastly different that what seems normal. Inside here, wars are fought over the death and life forces that grip every essence of the human being. Divinity is experienced in the systematic process of thoughts, as well as alien abductions, paranormal excitations and demonic possessions.

It is the residential core of self-seeking consciousness, perception and believing. Plus, a lot more, as our dreamscape will tell us. On one level, we enter the darkness that hides there. By entering the murky archives of thought, conceptions unravel the rise of vast cosmic complexities. No matter what, mind is everywhere, projected by massive firepower of neural conduction. When slumber approaches, our journey goes from light to more shaded schemes of grey scale. An inner mix of color spectrums vary by nature of each person’s psychic complexion. Personality defines the context. Some colors emerge from time to time. Depends on us. None the less, the human gambit transforms in contact from one space to the next. In sleep, the sinking descends into the dream state.

the human gambit transforms in contact from one space to the next. In sleep, the sinking