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This Board will meet at the Heber Springs Community Center, once a month on
the third Monday of the month, unless otherwise specified due to holiday or


SECTION I: Purpose

The purposes of the Board are to:

A. Provide a structure of shared governance through which parents/guardians

and coaches can participate in policy making or in other decisions about
the program.
B. Understand and promote the goals and objectives of Cubs Cheerleading
C. Bring together parents/guardians of the children in the program, squad
coaches and representatives of the community so that the program is
responsive to the needs of the children
D. Provide a means for sharing concerns related to Cubs Cheerleading and
work to solve those concerns.
E. Carry out the duties and responsibilities required by federal guidelines
governing the Not-for-profit status of Cubs Cheerleading.

SECTION II: Functions

The functions of the Board, in accordance with Federal Regulations are:

A. Operating responsibly for the following functions:

1. Assist committees in communicating with participant parents to

ensure that they understand their rights, responsibilities, and
opportunities with Cubs Cheerleading and to encourage their
participation in the program.
2. Assist committees in planning, coordinating, and organizing
program activities for parents with the assistance of coaching staff
and Executive Directors and ensuring that funds are set aside from
the program budgets are used to support committee activities
3. Assist in recruiting volunteer services from parents, community
residents, and organizations.

B. Approval or disapproval responsibility for the following functions:


1. The Program’s philosophy, goals, and objectives

2. Policies regarding the reimbursement of reasonable expenditures
3. The programs large expenditures
4. Purposed Amendments to By-laws

General Procedure:

The composition of Board and procedures by which members are elected


SECTION I: Composition of the Board

The Board is composed of elected parents of currently enrolled children and

coaching staff.

A. One Parent from each squad will be elected to serve as the Committee
Rep. For that squad and will be the President of their parent committee.
B. The Program’s Executive Directors; CEO, CFO, and COO are ex-officio
members of the Board and serve without vote.
C. A President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer will be nominated
by the floor or acting Board member and voted on by ballot.

SECTION II: Term of Membership

Board members are elected for a term of one year. No member may serve more
then a combined three years, with no two years holding the same office. The term
begins upon election and ends at the first meeting of the new year. The term of
membership remains in effect until the successor Board member is elected and

SECTION III: Vacancies

Vacancies are filled in the same manner as in the original elections.

SECTION IV. Terminations

A. A parent, serving on the Board, who’s child is no longer participating in

the Program is no longer eligible to serve and a vacancy will be declared
B. Any member may reside from the Board by sending a letter to the
C. Any member who has missed two consecutive meetings without sufficient
cause is considered to have resigned. Sufficient Cause, will be voted on
by the Board.

SECTION V: Voting Rights

Each member has one vote. There is no proxy voting by or for another member.
Members are voted on by the floor and seated members.

SECTION VI: Duties of members

All members, by their acceptance of election to the Board, agree to:

A. Attend meetings regularly

B. Arrive on time for all meetings
C. Actively participate in meetings by reading the agenda prior to the
meeting and discussing matters to be considered with the parents they
represent (if possible).
D. Keep informed of the Board’s purpose, plans, and progress.
E. Report any actions taken to the parents they represent
F. Bring ideas, suggestions and recommendations from the parents they
G. Remember the rights of others to express their opinions.
H. Consider all information before voting
I. Discuss the issues, not persons or personalities
J. Accept and support any final decisions of the majority of the membership
K. Notify the President if they are unable to attend a meeting.
L. Respect and Honor the confidentiality of any personal information that is
brought before the Board of committees.


SECTION I: Officers

The following are elected from the membership:

A. President
B. Vice-President
C. Secretary
D. Treasurer
E. 4 Parent Representatives (one from each squad)

SECTION II: Terms of Office for officers

Officers are elected for a one-year term

SECTION III: Election of Officers

Election of Officers will be held at the first meeting of the current program year.
An officer serves until a replacement is duly elected

SECTION IV: Vacancies

Vacancies among officers are filled by election of a majority vote and will be for
the unexpired portion of the one-year term of the original person elected.

SECTION V: Removal

Any officer, who fails to perform their duties as outlined in the By-Laws, can be
removed by a majority vote.

SECTION VI: Duties of Elected Officers

A. President
1. Presides at all meetings
2. Has an understanding of the By-Laws
3. Has an understanding of basic parliamentary procedures.
4. Extends every courtesy to the discussions of the motions.
5. Calls the meetings to order and formally closes them
6. Maintains orderly meetings where all receive an opportunity to be
heard but no one dominates the meetings or discussions
7. Signs the official minutes of the meetings
8. Calls Special meetings as needed and sees that appropriate notices
are sent to the secretary for distribution
9. Submits purposed agendas to the Executive Directors for approval
and additions
10. Votes in case of a tie

B. Vice President
1. Performs all the duties of the President when the President is
unable to perform any or all duties.
2. Presides in the Presidents absence
3. Assumes the office in the event of a resignation, termination, or

C. The Secretary
1. Prepares and distributes minutes of all meetings
2. Reports up to date records of all matters and attendance
3. Maintains an up to date copy of the By-Laws
4. Assists in the distribution of notices
5. Submits purposed drafts of articles for the Newsletter to the Exec.

D. The Treasurer
1. Maintains and presents Financial reports, statements, and receipts
of board approved purchases
2. Reports On the state of the account
3. Proposes expenditures on behalf of the committees and Executive
4. Reviewing Budgets

E. Parent Representative
1. Represents the team as a whole at meetings
2. Votes on matters before the Board
3. Forms Squad Committees
4. Maintains Squad Committees and reports progress and needs to the
5. Acts as liaison between the Board and the individual Squads


SECTION I: Amendments

Any proposed amendments to these by-laws must first be presented to the

Executive Directors for their consideration, prior to consideration by the Board.