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Peter DeLuca

15 Spruce Pond Road

Franklin, MA 02038
pcd0007@gmail.com (508)528-5407
Entrepreneur /Mechanical Engineer: More than 20 years experience in Mana
gement, Design, Development and Manufacturing of Medical Devices and Scientific
products. Also designed, developed, produced documentation and manufactured p
rototype molds for large volume production of micro-porous plastic parts.
Self Employed Consultant 2009 to Present
a Mechanism design and structural design and analysis. Prototype design and prod
uction to confirm functionality and reliability in test.
Pore Technology, Framingham, MA CHIEF ENGINEER 1996 to 2009
Designed and developed all prototype and production tooling and process equipme
Manufactured all prototype tooling to guarantee part accuracy meeting customer
Produce AUTOCAD documentation for prototype and production tooling.
Experience with Solidworks design.
Oversee production of molds at vendors to assure final parts compliance with cu
stomer specifications.
MPM Corporation , Franklin, MA EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT 1994 to 1996
Facilitated Total Quality Management culture throughout the company and impleme
nted a New Product Development process resulted in increased quality, reduced pr
oduct cost and reduced time to market.
Provided leadership in implementing ISO9001 process and ultimate certification.
Introduced and coached management team in a new and changing culture using tota
l quality methods leading toward total customer satisfaction.
Managed manufacturing operations for production and global sales totaling over
$100 million.
Park Medical Systems, Inc, Montreal, Canada CHIEF EXECUIVE OFFICER 1993 t
o 1994
Managed turn-around of a start-up medical product company.
Reconfigure the organization to establish competent cross-functional teams to r
e-engineer and manufacture main product to meet FDA Standards. Establish a focus
ed cross-functional technical and experienced marketing team to present most imp
ortant features of the new product.
Responsible for commercializing and marketing a high resolution single-headed a
nd multi-headed Nuclear Medical Camera
Direct the re-engineering of the product to conform to FDA and ISO9001 Standard
Introduce the product at two major medical product shows.
Install the first two medical cameras in hospitals in the USA.

Motorola, Inc., Mansfield, MA Sr. APPLICATIONS CONSULTANT 1986 t

o 1993
Responsible for meeting with and interviewing senior executives in selected com
panies to establish a view of problem areas of the company as perceived by the h
ighest level of management.
Meet with operations management to obtain their view of the problems.
Establish a theme and analyze nature and magnitude of problems.
Recommend changes to top management and existing operations to correct problems
Facilitate training of 6-sigma, DOE to companies in US and Internationally.
Photon Diagnostics Inc., Medfield, MA PRESIDENT and CEO 1980 t
o 1986
Purchase the Rites to a diagnostic test process for early detection of HIV and
selected STDs from DuPont.
Designed and develop an automatic tester to analyze a sample and display result
s using disposable cassettes.
Perform market testing of product in selected sites in USA.
Worked with medical professionals in design, proof of concept and efficacy of t
est product.
Investigate acceptability of market readiness of product for third world distri
Negotiate technology transfer and manufacturing license with NOVO Medical in De
Re-design scanning product for international manufacturing.
Union Carbide Imaging Systems, Inc., Norwood, MA PRESIDENT and CEO 1976 t
o 1980
Responsible for managing corporate development, technology, world-wide marketin
g and manufacturing of medical imager.
Participate in product innovation, design and development of product family.
Develop prototype and demonstrate proof of concept in conjunction with medical
Implement Total Quality Management and FDA disciplines throughout the company.
Prepare information needed for patent disclosures.
Cleon Corporation, Needham, MA PRESIDENT and CEO (FOUNDER) 1967 t
o 1976
Founder of a Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine Instrument company with primary goal t
o provide better ways of looking into life.
Designed and developed a family of fast nuclear medicine imaging instruments ca
pable of performing total body scans and storing computer generated image data o
n disc.
Developer advanced detector configuration capable of producing high resolution
images with high sensitivity and uniformity.
Designed anJNH d developed the first Brain Imaging product and introduced SPECT
(Single Photon Emission Computer Tomography) Scanning used for early detection
of brain dysfunction including Dementia and Alzheimer disease.
Establish international medical imaging marketing operation.
Negotiated the sale of the Company to Union Carbide.
Baird Atomic, Inc., Waltham, MA ENGINEER IN CHARGE 1963 to 1967
a Design and develop optical/mechanical systems for military/government product
development and medical devices.
a Design and develop scientific test equipment in commercial projects.
a Design commercialized Digital Auto-fluoroscopefor body imaging.
a Design and develop hand held x-ray imager used for material inspection.
BS in Aeronautical Engineering(Design) Boston University
MS in Mechanical Engineering (Design) Northeastern University
Business Motorol
a Management Institute
Management Training Motorola University