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Scott T.

Andover, MN. 55304
Home: 763-433-8816 srfabd76@westpost.net
ll: 612-221-1776
Sales / Sales Management / Key Account Management
Profile: As a Realtor I was a co-owner of my own real estate company and manage
d the day to day as well as team building, direction and managing a staff of 4 a
gents. As a ReMax agent I managed my own team of builder representatives in 4 co
mmunities. This included staff training in pricing, marketing and sales skills.
During this time I reached a level of top 2% of all agents in market time and to
p 10% in units sold. This was accomplished through a high level of customer serv
ice and a dedication to achieving success through various methods including col
d calling, direct visits and consistent follow up. In my Department Manager rol
e I was able to have my department show a collective 7% increase over last year
and a 5% increase over budget in 2010
(R) Showed my desire and ability to succeed by generating my own mailing list fr
om the State of MN. Developed a plan for generating and maintaining client rela
tionships surrounding businesses through scheduled contacts.
(R) As a company owner I was involved in every aspect from sole proprietor, team
manager, to co-owner/ manager of real estate/ design office.
(R) Compel myself to stay on top of trends and laws to maintain a high level of
service . Completed continuing education classes plus completed courses and test
s for Appraisal, General Contractor, and Real Estate Broker licenses to help exp
and my knowledge base.
(R) Team player that is capable of working within the corporate structure. Creat
ively pursued new business through various avenues. Started Commercial desk from
scratch at 1st location and grew another to successful levels at second locatio
n. Both locations exceeded budget and made bonus on a regular basis.
Professional Experience
2009-Present Department Manager, Lowe's Home Improvement
Regularly analyze product mix and placement and change accordingly- Based on c
ustomer feedback I was able to add over 15 items to our Rogers location thus inc
reasing customer satisfaction and sales.
My 3 departments; Lumber, Building Materials and Millwork, collectively are ex
ceeding comp sales by 7% and budget by nearly 5% for 2010. This was accomplished
during a continuous downturn in construction related activity.
Keep my staff up to date with Lowes policy and procedures as well as product
changes. Educate staff on how to estimate and sell a complete project. Help staf
f develop selling and relationship building skills to increase customer satisfac
tion and sales.
2007-2008 Commercial Specialist, Lowe's Home Improvement
Started the Plymouth location from scratch and the team generated over 200 co
mmercial accounts.
Upon transferring to Roger's location, was able to double the nu
mber of commercial accounts and bring it from a non- performing department to on
e that regularly exceeded sales and account goals.
Real Estate Sales Person
Carry out my fiduciary duties for real estate clients while maintaining the Real
tor code of ethics and maximizing my client's interests. Co-founded and managed
real estate company, Home Building Concepts Inc. Managed a team of agents repres
enting builders while developing a cohesive marketing plan including mailers, si
gnage, on-line presence, printed materials, etc. Achieved top 2% in metro area f
or market time and top 10% for number of units sold.