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13205 Kephart Lane * Woodbridge, VA 22193
cc1001f82@westpost.net * (443) 844-9342
Operations Oversight * Team Leadership & Training * Conflict & Dispute Resolutio
Results-oriented, entrepreneurial and practical, with a solid history of efficie
ntly facilitating contract and project initiatives from inception to completion.
Proven to be an expert in drawing conclusions, making recommendations, and deve
loping timely solutions that have helped companies maintain a healthy bottom lin
e. Possess the outstanding ability to coordinate at all organizational levels wh
ile creating positive work environments and while demonstrating creativity criti
cal to financial and operation success, ensuring that all requirements, deadline
s, budgets, and goals are met. Core professional competencies include:
* Operations Management
* Risk Management
* Leadership in Energy Design
* Problem Resolution
* Procurement
* Cost/Price Analysis
* Quality Control
* Estimating
* Facility Management
* Negotiations
* Claims Analysis
* Expense Control
* Prolog
* Timberline
* MS Office
* MS Projects
* PD2
* Prism
* numerous other types of procurement and construction management software.
* Contract Administration/Management
* Construction Management
* Cost/Price Analysis
* Claim Analysis
* Dispute Resolution
* Procurement Processing
* Estimating
* Negotiating
* Permitting
* Highly Motivated Team Player
* Excellent Communication and Organization Skills
* Strong Project Management and Contract Administration Skills
* Extensive Public and Private Sector Experience
* Ensured that commitments were made in adherence to company and government poli
cies and regulations.
* Provided consultation and support to operational managers and other functional
support teams regarding contractual aspects of on-going programs.
* Possess advanced professional expertise of principals, theories and concepts i
n cradle-to-grave contract administration and management plus broad and thorough
knowledge of related fields.
* Maintain working knowledge of local, Federal, and International governing proc
urement regulations and policies.
* Analyzed significant, and/or unique contract requirements, special provisions,
terms and conditions to ensure compliance with appropriate laws, regulations, a
nd corporate policies and business unit procedure and communicates results to su
* Reviewed complex solicitations and prepare specialized and/or non-routine resp
onse for proposals, bids, and contract modifications.
* Monitored existing contracts with regard to cost, funding, and change.
* Maintained contract files consistent with government requirements.
* Managed the activity of entry to mid-level contract professionals in review an
d preparation of routine contract documents in accordance with applicable regula
tion, including but not limited to, FAR, VAAR, and DCMR27.
* Interfaced with contract subordinates, line management teams, program managers
, customer/supplier legal department, mid-to senior level corporate management.
* Supported line and executive managers in reviewing and addressing non-routine
contract regulation issues and risks.
* Trained and mentored subordinate contract professionals to assume more complex
contract activity.


SENIOR CONTRACT SPECIALIST GS-1102 (Consultant) 2/2010 - Present
Department of the Interior - US Fish & Wildlife Service, Arlington, VA
* Generated over $700K in revenue for US Fish & Wildlife Service through success
ful intra-agency cradle-to-grave administration and management of ARRA Contracts
* All projects were completed within budget, with less than 1% of overall projec
t budget allocated for unforeseen site conditions.
* Resolved numerous contract issues saving the Government in excess of $1 Millio
n in claims and change orders arising from unforeseen sight conditions and by di
ffusing volatile situations through negotiation arising from previously mismanag
ed contracts
* Demonstrated expert problem solving skills and dispute resolution skills by pr
oviding equitable resolutions resulting in amiable agreements, which benefit bot
h the Government and Contractor
* Considered an extremely knowledgeable point of contact for members of the team
, COTR's from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), National Park Service (NPS),
Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), and vendors/contractors on issues related to co
ntracts, contract compliance, negotiations, dispute resolution, and contractor p
SENIOR CONTRACT SPECIALIST (Consultant) 7/2009 - 9/2009
DC Office of Contracts & Procurement (OCP) for
Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO), Washington, DC
* Successfully resolved numerous contract issues that were creating multi-year d
elays in contract issuance and preventing the advancement of products, once impl
emented, had the potential to save the Government millions of dollars.
* Instrumental in preparing sole source justifications for proprietary products
whose concepts were instrumental to the Government, Vendors, and Taxpayers. Thes
e products not only paid for itself in less than a year, it created/saved jobs;
and, being the product is self sustaining, it generates generous profits, reduce
s inaccuracies in reporting by over 98%, and eliminated the reliance on taxpayer
monies for maintenance and upgrades.
CONTRACT SPECIALIST GS-1102 (Consultant) 11/2008 - 06/2009
US African Development Foundation (USADF), Washington, DC
* Instrumental in the organization of the procurement department where none prev
iously existed.
* Established policy guidelines on proper procurement administration and oversig
* Reorganized and managed the renovation of the Agency's office space, saving th
e Agency over $50K.
* Considered an extremely knowledgeable point of contact for the Agency on issue
s related to international service contracts, contract compliance, negotiations,
dispute resolution, and contractor performance.
DC Office of Property Management (OPM) - CCSA
Government Centers Group, Washington, DC
* Successfully managed the administration and oversight of large complex contrac
ts totaling over $850 Million cumulatively.
* Managed and reorganized complex projects that were under performing, into succ
essful projects that completed on time and within original budget guidelines.
* Effectively served as primary liaison between Construction Management, Archite
ct/Engineers, General Contractors, Subcontractors and OPM, on large Commercial C
onstruction Projects in excess of $50 Million.
* Successfully managed the negotiations on numerous contract issues saving the G
overnment in excess of $5M in potential claims and change orders by diffusing po
tential volatile situations arising out of unforeseen site conditions, changed c
onditions, or misunderstandings of specified requirements.
* Demonstrated expert problem solving skills and dispute resolution skills by pr
oviding equitable resolutions resulting in amiable agreements, which benefit bot
h the Government and Contractor.
SENIOR CONTRACT SPECIALIST (Consultant) 10/2005 - 10/2006
DC Office of Contracts & Procurement (OCP)
Construction, Design and Building Renovation Group (CBDR, Washington, DC)
* Successfully managed the coordination and administration of complex projects f
or the Department of Parks and Recreation.
* Resolved numerous contract issues through negotiation, saving the Government i
n excess of $50K in claims and change orders by diffusing situations arising out
of unforeseen conditions or misinterpretation of specified needs.
CONTRACT MANAGER (Consultant) 2/2005 - 9/2005
Desbuild Incorporated, Hyattsville, MD
* Successfully streamlined contract-monitoring procedures by integrating contrac
t administration, budgeting, deliverables, and fieldwork notes into an on-line c
ontract repository.
CONTRACT SPECIALIST - GS-1102 10/2003 - 1/2005
Department of Veterans Affairs, Baltimore, MD
* Demonstrated expert problem solving skills on all projects
* Commended for completing and resolving more contract issues in 18 months than
had been completed in the previous 10 years.
* Commended by OSHA for excellence and professionalism in management of various
projects and personnel. Set the standard on efficiently running projects while m
aintaining a team environment with open lines of communication. Projects were c
ompleted on time and within budget, saving the Government and taxpayers thousand
s of dollars
BALTIMORE PORT AUTHORITY (Consultant) 3/2003 - 10/2003
Premier Automotive, Baltimore, MD
Import Manager for Case/ New Holland Commercial Equipment:
* Composed and successfully implemented Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for
all import and export functions; and, trained employees on managing Department o
f Defense (DOD) Service Contracts for the import/export of military and civil s
ervice automobiles.
* Formulated an accurate inventory database synchronizing financial spreadsheets
on all imported and exported inventory stored on/or conveyed through the Baltim
ore Port Authority.
Balterm, Baltimore, MD
Import Manager for Brazilian wood and pulp products.
* Streamlined the loading process of material, which benefited semi-truck driver
s by reducing their "down" time from 6-8 hours to a maximum of 30 minutes.
* Warehousemen broke productivity records for three months in a row resulting in
bonuses and barbecues for personnel in the warehouses.