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Ray Corn

12357 CR 280
Alvin, Texas 77511
281-331-5991 home
832-621-5740 cell

Work Experience

BP Pipelines/Amoco Sept. 86 - June 06

Systems Engineer Apr. 04 - June 06

* Maintain and hardware and program software for Honeywell Experion PKS SCADA sy
stem and all associated satellite communications and data transfer equipment inc
luding Omni flow computers, MDS 9710 spread spectrum radios, Cisco routers and s
witches, GE 9030 PLC's and Omni and GE RTU's.
* Train operations personnel on changes or additions to SCADA system or pipeline
* Key player in BP Pipelines North American SCADA systems team.
* Provide hands on training and trouble-shooting expertise to field personnel to
resolve I/E communications and measurement issues in the field.
* Develop pipeline system measurement improvement strategies and implement them.
* Interact with customers such BP, Dow Chemical, Shell Oil, Celanese, DuPont, Ly
ondell Bassell and others to assure a high level of customer service and satisfa
* Assured DOT - OQ compliance and compliance with 49 CFR 192 and 195 regulations
governing pipeline system.
* Work in a cross functional team environment with representatives from operatio
ns, engineering, HSE and others to achieve maximum safety, environmental and com
mercial performance of the unit.
Field Specialist 1 June 95 - June 06
. Supervise contract maintenance crews on projects.
* Maintain safety practices with 49CFR 192 & 195 regs.
* Maintain, calibrate and troubleshoot process control field equipment in flow,
pressure, temperature & level control loops.
* Troubleshoot hardware & software in GE PLC 9030.
* Perform maintenance and troubleshoot electrical equipment motors, switch gear,
rectifiers, transformers, single phase 120 to 2300 v. three phase.
* Maintain all records and work orders with Maximo
* Maximo key user installing new records and equipment weekly, monthly, semi-ann
ually and annually.
* Maintain Safety and DOT records in Maximo.
* Prove turbine meters with compact portable and stationary provers.
* Schedule work with contractors on special projects and regular work when neede
* Maintain custody transfer meters and paperwork with customers on monthly time
* Maintain all equipment on pipeline, meter skids, block valves and limit torque
valves on meter skids.
* Meet with customers when problems occur on meter skids.
* Make changes on flow computers and PLC's when needed.
* Make call-outs when changes or repairs are needed to equipment.
* Maintain over 500 miles of pipeline system.
* Participate in HAZOP reviews as I/E subject matter expert.
* Serve on Safety Steering Committee

Operations Representative Sept 88 - June 95

* On project team for instrument upgrade to Amoco's Stratton Ridge Facility.
* Purchased all equipment for instruments and upgrades.
* Attended Honeywell College in Phoenix for 12 weeks for Implementation of HW TD
C 3000 DCS System.
* Built all Graphics for new systems
* Helped set up programs for HW Logic Managers
* Cut over old system and calibrate all loops to DCS Control.
* Build maintenance pages for trouble shooting problems in system
Operator/Pipeline Control Sept 86 - Sept 88
. Pipeline Controller
* Maintain Unit at Straton Ridge
* Insure all Flows and press pump valves.
* Order supplies for unit as needed.
* Maintain products for unit as needed.
* Maintain products to be on spec for delivery to customer
* Maintain safety equipment in unit.
Sept 81- Sept 86
Conoco Pipeline
* Maintain pipeline integrity.
* Calibrate all transmitters, flow, pressure, temperature, densitometers, orific
e plates
* Maintain flow computers, DCS system and communication devices.
* Maintain records for calibrations with customers.
* On call 24/7 for emergency call out or customers needs.
* Maintain rectifiers on pipeline.
* Keep safety records and maintain high level of safety compliance.
Monsanto Chemical October 79- Se
pt 81
* I & E technician
* Maintain all transmitters and valves in all units at Chocolate Bayou Plant
* Available for callouts as needed.
* Work all turnarounds
* Repair electrical equiptment
* Maintain material balance for custody transfers
* Proved turbine meters
October 77- October 79
Monsanto Chemical Chocolate Bayou
* Worked in Utilities unit as operator
* Maintained pumps, valves, and all associated equipment
* Compressors, boilers 1250psi 450psi
* Delivered steam to other units in plant
* Maintained water treatment for plant
* Maintained cooling towers
October 69-October77
Monsanto Chemical Chocolate Bayou
* Worked in acrylonitrile unit
* Maintained pumps, valves, distillation towers, hydrogen cyanide.
* Maintained compressors, incinerators, waste heat boilers, refridgeration.
* Worked all board positions
* Worked overtime and all turnarounds

Amoco Measurement
Amoco Field Specialist 1
Compac Prover
Conoco Measurement
Daniel Chromatology
Daniel Flow Computers
Omni Flow Computer
Solortron Flow Computer
Gould Modicon PLC
Honeywell TDC 3000
Honeywell Logic Master
Honeywell Scada System
Honeywell Experion
Fire training (Yearly)
CPR training (Yearly)
400 Hours of Classroom training Instrumentation
200 Hours of Classroom training Electrical and 6 months field training
Analytical Trouble shooting
Bentley Nevada Vibration
UGC Densitometers
Fisher I/P
Honeywell Transmitters
Rosemount Transmitters
Daniel Senior Orifice
Arcom Directors
Limitorque Valve Operators
HAZWOPER training
BP Safety Steering Committee
Participate RCFA (Root Cause Failure Analysis) for Pipeline I/E Subject Matter E
Alvin High School
400 Hours classroom training in instrumentation
200 Hours classroom training electrical and six months field training
Sylvania Electronics Course
Alvin Community College A/C D/C Theory
Alvin Community College Instrumentation and Electical Course taught by Monsant
Wendell "Bucky " Myers
PLC Engineer

Forrest Trusty
DCS Supervisor
Devon Corporation

Randy Daigle
BP Pipelines
Field Specialist