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Fleet and Equipment Management and Maintenance

Empowering Leader - Failure Prevention and PM Focus- Unified Asset Management De

velopment -Capital & Operational Budget Skills - Collaborative Strategic Planner
Entrepreneurial by nature, Mr. Harmon started and grew an equipment sales and se
rvice business into a regional provider of heavy equipment products, repair serv
ices and rental equipment using targeted sales planning and adept negotiations w
ith customers.
Harmon's keen focus on failure prevention is based on inspection, testing and me
asurement metrics applying his lifetime experience of understanding the root cau
ses of failure.
A proven corporate level manager with more than 30 years of asset management exp
erience, Harmon is widely respected for his leadership and vision in management,
asset planning, and fleet management having served on advisory groups with Cate
rpillar, John Deere and Terex.
Using leadership and management skills, Harmon analyzed, restructured and consol
idated fifty-three individual fleets across the western United States into five
regional fleets consisting of over 8500 equipment units. His initiative resulted
in a 15% reduction of unit count, lower fleet costs and increased utilization.
Mr. Harmon initiated and developed with regional managers, a unified fleet manag
ement system for tracking cost and utilization.
Using the ability to add value to asset management, his goal is to improve the i
ncome statement and balance sheet through the sound management of fleet budgetin
g and using financial and operational metrics for capital budgeting.
Harmon uses his collaborative skills to motivate, train and provide guidance to
teams to ensure consistent results.
In 2005, he was recognized by AEMP (Association of Equipment Mangers Professiona
l) with the award of Runner Up for the Best Managed Privately Owned Large Fleet
in the US for his management of the Knife River Corporation fleet, the 20th larg
est construction fleet in the United States.
He consults with Fortune 500, Fortune 1000 and private companies providing fleet
management studies and appraisal services.
Key Skills
Mr. Harmon has exceptionally strong written and verbal communication skills. He
is highly personable and capable of working with other peers, corporate officers
, family-controlled businesses, major national manufacturers and local vendors a
nd suppliers. He is a focused strategic problem solver and implements integrated
solutions under tight deadlines. He is focused on failure prevention and has an
aptitude to understand root causes of failure. He is capable of efficiently man
aging all levels of capital and operational budgets.
BA - Southern Oregon University
Top 5% of Class

Career History and Key Accomplishments

Fleet Analytics, LLC 2009 - Present
Fleet Analytics, LLC provides various assessments comprising the various element
s of asset management.
Mr. Harmon has provided consultation for small private companies, Fortune 500 an
d Fortune 1000 companies on matters of management and fleet appraisals.
Corporate Equipment Manager
Knife River Corporation 2000- 2009
Knife River Corporation is a subsidiary of MDU Resources Group, a Fortune 500 co
mpany. Knife River has the 20th largest fleet in the United States and is the 8t
h largest aggregate producer in the United States. It operates in 15 states west
of the Mississippi River.
During his years at Knife River, Mr. Harmon generally oversaw a fleet of 8500 un
its comprised of all classes of trucks and construction equipment with a replace
ment value of $1,100,000,000. He used skills of coordination, facilitation and c
ommunication to work internally between operating companies and corporate depar
tments as it related to plant and equipment issues.
To lower capital acquisition costs, Mr. Harmon worked on a team which negotiated
and managed strategic account agreements with Caterpillar, John Deere, Kenworth
and other major manufacturers.
Mr. Harmon initiated and developed corporate utilization and replacement schedul
es for assets by category.
He used financial modeling to assist in the development of an $80,000,000 capita
l budget and oversaw a $240,000,000 fleet operational budget at Knife River Corp
He initiated an aggressive disposal plan to sell underutilized assets which resu
lted in the sale of $22,000,000 of assets in 2008 at the market peak prior to th
e financial crisis.
He implemented an extended oil change and lubrication intervals using oil sampli
ng and testing providing an annual savings in excess of $1,800,000.
He initiated productivity improvement standards for a truck fleet of 2500 units
by establishing truck specifications to meet maximum state payload regulations.
Additional value added results were: a reduction of the fleet size, fewer trucks
on the highway and reduced emissions.

Founder and CEO

H Cubed, Inc. 1969 - 1998
H Cubed, Inc. serviced the West Coast construction, mining and wood products ind
ustries through sales, repairs and rental of new and refurbished used equipment.

Mr. Harmon built and managed this business with profit generation focused on pro
viding quality products and customer satisfaction using a sales focus on key acc
ounts and adept negotiations.
He initiated and managed repair management processes for refurbishing used equip
ment for resale by hiring skilled people and provided continued skills training.
He developed and instituted PM and PdM maintenance processes to increase reliabi
lity and up-time of rented equipment to compete with OEM dealers and national re
ntal companies.
Working with his insurance company's risk management and safety departments, Har
mon's employees developed a rigorous safety program which maintained a .70 to .8
5 worker's compensation insurance rate.

Manufacturer Advisory Panels 2000-2009

Caterpillar Ideation Panel
John Deere Presidential Advisory Panel
John Deere Product Consultants Presentation
Conexpo Fleet Management Panel to Industry Press
Terex Annual Senior Manager's Conference Presentation
Professional Memberships and Awards
Former member of the Association of Equipment Managers Professional (AEMP)
Awarded Best Managed Privately Owned Large Fleet In US by AEMP - Runner Up 2005
Former member of the Association of Construction Equipment Managers (ACEM)

John J. Harmon
232 Valley View Dr
Medford, OR 97504