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Lori LaBrecque

4601 S Evanston way, Aurora CO 80015

ll107dd9e@westpost.net Cellular (720)841-5352
I have over Fourteen years experience specializing in sales, management, and bus
iness development. I am a highly motivated and dependable individual, who excels
in challenging and competitive environments. As a proven performer I have demon
strated the ability to increase sales, gain customer loyalty, and build a strong
and solid sales team.
*****implemented the first hostess report requiring 15 steps to ensure
that our elite members are properly accommodated
* Increased sales by 30% at Colorado Mack my first 2 months
* Set record for a new employee with 8 sales n my first month with Gen
eral Steel
* Consistently led the team with the most sales per month with General
* Primarily responsible for the opening of new 41,000 sq ft fitness
facility (Mountainside Fitness)
* Consistently ranked # 1 in sales while at Club USA and Mountainside Fitness
* Maintained over 100 memberships on a monthly basis while at Club USA
* Highest membership sales in Club USA history
* Promoted to senior director with Pharmanex within a 4 month time frame
* Top leasing agent with Carmel Properties for 3 consecutive years
* Successfully opened two new properties to 100% occupancy
* Implemented first marketing and referral program for Bentley Apartments
Fitzgerald's Casino
Executive Casino Host
Responsible for creating A higher level of player recognition with gaming throug
h interaction with premium players . Responsible for identifying premium players
and to developing and implicating rewards programs to ensure frequent return vi
sits from these players. Responsible for a higher level of guest service above a
nd beyond the normal requirements to ensure longevity of the high level player.
Responsible for analyzing and utilizing information from the player tracking sys
tem making responsible comping decisions. Meeting and communicating with premie
r guest ,maintaining a professional and high profile appearance. Responsible to
assist in marketing and casino promotions for all players and recognition progra
ms for premium players. Responsible for managing the other host ,including sche
duling and host reports. Responsible for developing an environment that create
s excitement for guest and employees including programs to attract higher limit
players. Responsible for knowledge of the budget process, financial statements a
nd accounting principals and property policies. Responsible for maintaining a Co
lorado Gaming License.
Colorado Mack
Sales Representative- Outside Sales
Responsible for the sales of mid size trucks, Class 3-7 .I made cold calls to ge
nerate new leads and turn them into customers. Also responsible for maintaining
existing customers and generating new sales from them. Follow up was done on a d
aily basis to ensure the best opportunity for the sale. My territory was the ent
ire state of Colorado and Wyoming. I put together monthly flyers and generated m
ailers all across the nation depending on there specific needs I .customized and
consulted with the customer to ensure the truck was the correct spec for there
application. Maintained a lead book of over 250 potential and existing clients.
I was responsible for the sale from start to finish from the initial contact of
the customer, all of the paper work, inspection and delivery of the truck inclu
ding the financing and payment of the truck. This was a very challenging positio
n for me as I entered into it not knowing anything about the industry, however w
as able to learn very quickly and excel in the position.
General Steel, Littleton, CO 1/08 -4/09
Sales Representative
While working for one of the top steel building brokers in the nation I was resp
onsible for developing up to 8 new leads per day into potential customers, makin
g over 300 calls a day. This included building a relationship with the client, r
eceiving all information related to the project to be constructed ranging from 1
5,000 to 1,000,000 dollars, selling the customer on the project, and ensuring th
e initial payment of the project all of which was done through phone and email o
nly. Maintained a lead book of up to 100 potential clients. This included daily
follow up calls to most if not all of the prospective clients. Went through exte
nsive strategic and psychological sales training. Completed training and develop
ed knowledge in regards to the details of the building and construction of the b
uildings and components to complete the project. Also worked with dealers, gener
al contractors and owners regarding projects. Worked side by side with the Owner
, Management, Estimating, Design services, and Preconstruction services to ensur
e the project was complete and able to deliver on time. I worked for 1 years su
ccessfully in an industry with a 90% employee turnover rate.
Mountainside Fitness, Westminster, CO/ Phoenix, AZ 9/06 -9/07
Club Supervisor
Responsible for the opening and running of the presale office. Acted as club man
ager for 8 months until a manager was hired and trained. Responsible for the ini
tial hiring and training of 75% percent of the employees for the Westminster loc
ation. Processed all paperwork, including background checks and drug screens. Ma
intained monthly budgets, sold all presale memberships using only a 3-D layout.
Consistently met all sales goals for my team and me. Planned and organized all a
spects of the grand opening. Organized customer appreciation events, wellness fa
irs and set up numerous corporate accounts with major corporations. Full knowled
ge of the Aphelion system. Responsible for inputting all of the member informati
on and setting up payment processing as well as accounts payable and receivable.
Responsible for handling any complaints regarding memberships and delays with t
he opening of the club.
Club USA, Lakewood, CO 1/02-1/04 & 2/05 -8/06
Marketing and Sales Director
(2nd time working for this company)
Initiated memberships through direct marketing to local corporations and organiz
ations. Responsible for developing promotional activities and insuring their suc
cess. Directly accountable for increasing membership base while retaining existi
ng members. Managed all areas of membership from initial tour, follow up, guest
passes, contracting, and entering member data into system. Prepared ads and slog
ans for advertising. Responsible for setting up and maintaining corporate sales.
Addressed and solved member concerns and complaints. Directly supervised all ev
ening staff members.
Pharmanex, Lakewood, CO/ Provo UT 1/04 -2/05
Senior Director
Responsible for selling, educating, and implementing laser technology into medic
al, chiropractor, message therapists, and independent business owners offices. D
eveloped marketing materials and sales guides. Conducted and spoke at motivation
al and self-improvement seminars. Trained staff on usage of medical equipment. R
esponsible for the performance of a team of over 40 people. Provided reports of
sales, profits, and clientele to the corporate office on a daily basis. Develope
d power point presentations currently being used for all corporate training. Tra
veled to chiropractic and health seminars to introduce new technology. Recruited
and hired all new team members. Participated in meetings with CEO and President
regarding new products and their implementation.
Carmel Companies, Lakewood, CO 02/97 -1/02
Assistant Property Manager
Responsible for aspects of management, leasing, and pre-leasing of a 300 unit ap
artment community. Directly supervised a staff of seven employees. Developed and
established new business relationships. Organized and coordinated resident func
tions to improve and maintain excellent customer relations. Through creative mar
keting and sales activities maintained a high level of occupancy. Performed data
entry generated reports detailing accounts payable, accounts receiv
able, rent roll, and deposit dispositions.

Business and Marketing 2000
University of Colorado - Denver, Denver, CO

H.S., General 1995

Green Mountain High School, Lakewood, CO
* Aphelion, Rent Roll, Microsoft Office, Forecast Planning, Presentations, Se
minars, Client development,
Financial Graphs, Power point, CRM Management System, Super Playmate Casin
o Software
Available upon request