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Sales Director
Top-performing senior management leader with experience in human resources, sale
s training, specialty markets, primary care sales and managed care within highly
-competitive environments. Change agent with talent for collaborating with execu
tive level management on sales force expansions and new product launches. Creati
ve thinker with ability to see the "big picture" and foster atmosphere for posit
ive corporate culture. Innate ability to motivate and empower high-performance s
ales teams in accomplishing corporate goals and objectives. Highly skilled in ne
gotiating key contracts and partnering to build long-term relationships and gene
rate bottom-line profitability.
Key Competencies include:
* Strategic Organizational Pull-Through Planning
* Relationship Building and Retention
* Performance Management
* New Product Launches and Introductions
* Compliance and Regulatory Training
* Sales Presentations and Contingency Planning
* Highly Adaptive and Forward Thinking * Supervision, Coaching and Development
* Market Penetration and Product Positioning
* Budgeting, Forecasting, and Reporting
* Continuous Process Improvements
* Incentive Compensation Programs
* Project and Resource Management
* Competes with Assertiveness and Integrity

MAY 2009 - Present
Executive HR Consultant Chicago, IL
Assist organizations to improve their performance with quality place
ments through networking, relationship building and prospecting. Contribute exte
rnal and more objective input and recommendations to better guide candidate iden
tification for successful career placements.
* Indentify and recruit qualified candidates for specific field sales opportunit
ies and management candidates.
* Conduct phone screens and face-to-face interviews. Make confidential recommen
dations for biotech start-up candidate placements that are contingent upon FDA a
* Perform any necessary reference or background checks for potential candidate p
* Advise and coach candidates with industry experience to transfer skill sets to
other relevant therapeutic areas.
2003 - 2009
National Sales Director Chicago, IL 2008 - 2009
SR Area/ Regional Business Director Chicago, IL 2003 - 2008
Direct, lead, and coach divisional managers throughout the country and Midwest R
egion. Manage budgets of up to $500,000 annually. Develop business plans for reg
ional sales requirements to ensure revenues goals are met. Initiate and orchestr
ate national, regional, and divisional sales meetings. Create and manage incenti
ve compensation and contest plans.
* Integral member of core commercial development team tasked with creating sales
* Responsible for Commercial Development initiatives that includes in-licensing
and co-promotions.
* Recruited and hired all divisional sales managers nationally; hired 70 cardiov
ascular account specialists and institutional cardiovascular account specialists
for hospital launch throughout the US.
* Devised and integrated enhanced tactics for territory alignment, physician tar
geting, product training, sales reporting, compensation, and subsequently improv
ed synergies with sales and marketing teams.
* Responsible for the pre-market brand strategy and market research for Ranexa.
* Involved in the development of sales aids, promotional tools and marketing pro
jects with vendor agencies from concept to implementation.
* Highest region in the country with incentive compensation dollars earned 2008.
* Ranked #1 in regional growth for Ranexa Nrx and Trx (2008); achieved highest g
rowth in nation (2007). Attained #2 in the country and finished #1 with Ranexa u
nique prescribers (2006) - Ranexa Nrx and Trx.
* Received an "exceeds expectations" on last 2 performance evaluations.
* Developed and implemented hospital / institutional cardiovascular account spec
ialist competencies for recruiting / deployment along with hospital formulary ap
proval strategies for cardiovascular specialists.
2002 - 2003
Regional Business Manager Chicago, IL
Directed sales and forecasting analysis functions in Midwest Region. Supervised
10 District Managers and 110 Primary Care Representatives across Michigan, Wisco
nsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa. Facilitated detailing works
hop for PONV and re-launch of Kytril. Managed specialty alternate market field f
orce (OPAT) outpatient antibiotic therapy (home infusion & long term care) for R
ocephin. Initiated regional contract strategies.
* Developed, approved, and implemented all regional contracts including clients
such as Hospital Systems, Integrated Delivery Networks, and Group Purchase Organ
* Played key role in launch of Pegasys (injectable for hepatitis) and Kytril's n
ew indication, P.O.N.V in 5-HT3 Marketplace.
* Collaborated with the Diagnostic Team to increase diabetes awareness and impro
ve disease management.
* Responsible for directing Account Managers to impact payer information with th
e top National Managed Care plans.
* Accountable for formulary status with Medicare and Medicaid.
SEARLE / PHARMACIA CORP Chicago, IL Peapack, NJ and Los Angeles, CA
1994 - 2002
District Sales Manager/Associate Product Manager Chicago, IL 1998 - 2
Oversaw implementation of sales strategies along with professional education and
sales training. Initiated customer focus projects and incorporated culture of h
igh performance and teamwork. Point DSM for DCU/Tac-U meetings. Leveraged all co
rporate resources to capitalize on business opportunities.
* Developed and implemented Marketing Strategies for Covera HS
* Served on the Marketing Advisory Counsel for the cardiovascular franchise.
* Managed the development of marketing tools with measured R.O.I.
* Worked with Key Account Managers to develop sales aids, promotional materials,
and value added services targeted to drive sales growth in Managed Markets.
* Promoted six sales representatives within four-year period to District Manager
and A&P Team Members.
* Successful in gaining managed care formulary status as preferred Cox II with C
aterpillar/Restat. Tasked with evaluating / restructuring managed care and key a
ccount strategies throughout Illinois and Iowa.
* Played pivotal role in producing zero unwanted turnover rates in historically
high turnover district
* Served as Field Management Advisor for new Pharmacia Sales Incentive Program.
* Orchestrated and hosted two marketing counsel meetings with Top 40 specialists
in Chicago.
* Winner of "Celebrex Pride Widen the Gap Contest" and "Sum It Up Contest" (2000
and 2001).
* Instrumental in increasing COX II portfolio market share by 18% in 2002. Excee
ded budget for Celebrex, Ambien, and Covera HS. Two-time winner of Midwest Regio
nal POA II Award.
* Finished as only district with positive spread out of 8 districts (52/48) - Ce
lebrex versus Vioxx. Inherited a district ranked 8/8 and transformed ranking / s
tatus to top 2 to 4 districts annually within nine months.
Fast-track promotion through a series of increasingly accountable positions over
four-year period as:
Regional Account Specialist / District Training Specialist / Consultant & Medica
l Sales Rep /
Senior Medical Representative / Medical Sales Representative II
* Exceeded budget for Ambien and Covera-HS during 1998. Ranked in Top 5% with Am
bien percent-to-budget in region. Ranked in Top 5% with Covera-HS percent-to-bud
get in country (#1 in first quarter).
* Achieved highest market share growth in district in 1998; Nrx share of 28% Day
pro; Nrx share of 5.6% Covera-HS; Nrx share of 93.5% Ambien. Four-time recipient
of district TPP award: 104%, 91%, and 97%.
1990 - 1994
Hospital Sales Representative Los Angeles, CA
Contacted teaching institutions at County USC, L.A. Ortho, VA long Beach, and Br
oadway Hospital to obtain formulary approvals and pull-through status. Enrolled
and monitored three physicians in HPV clinical trials.
* Ranked in Top 25 regionally in sales for all Rx products and attained #4 in re
gion for OTC Betadine promotions. Additionally secured top 25% nationally in sal
es of cancer pain management products.
* Recognized as #1 in district for Trilistate retail stocking promotion; #2 in d
istrict for OTC promotions; and top district performer with retail pharmacy prom
* Gained formulary approval for 100mg M.S. Contin at four hospitals, including:
Good Samaritan Hospital, Huntington Memorial, California Medical Centers, and Ha
rbor UCLA.
Previously held roles as:
o Senior Territory Manager/ Hospital Sales Rep, BEECHAM LABORATORIES, Bristol, T
o Sales Representative, RJR NABISCO, Torrance, CA
Bachelor of Science - Business Administration
Professional Development Courses:
Center for Creative Leadership - San Diego, CA (2008)
Quest Executive Coaching Program (2006 & 2007) * Toastmasters Training (2006)
Active member of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity Inc.