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3 Woodfern Street, Edison, NJ 08820 Cell: 848 248 9225 Home: 908 279 770
Email: rs10bcce2@westpost.net
Dynamic and technically sound entrepreneurial professional with 18+ years of lea
dership experience in the Armed Forces, Defense Research, IT and Consulting.

* Program Management expertise as a senior rocket scientist (Deputy Project Dire
ctor) and an Army officer (Lieutenant Colonel) in a strategic rocket program of
national importance.
* Expertise in management of large complex technology-intensive programs, buildi
ng effective cross-functional teams, managing change & mentoring, innovation cap
acity building & managing innovation across the entire value chain of the organi
* 10 years of experience in product design & development. Expertise in enterpris
e and system level integrated analysis for strategic management and growth, stak
e holder mapping, alignment & conflict analysis, structural and functional decom
position of enterprise.
* Generating business value from IT investments, IT Governance mechanisms and en
suring IT alignment with business. Full Life Cycle Management of projects, Proce
ss Engineering, managing in Six Sigma & Lean environment and Failure Mode, Effec
t & Criticality Analysis (FMECA).
* Use of System Dynamics for problem solving and impact of feedback loops & syst
ems archetypes.
Dynalead Inc- School of Systems Thinking & Organizational Transformation
Mar2009-Till Date
President & Founder; www.dynalead.org
A Think Tank company that aims to embed capacity in all organizations using the
principles of classical management thinking & best practices, mimicking the natu
re, tenets of integrative Eastern philosophy and
teachings of Quantum physics and other sciences.
Delivered Invited Talks at:
* AT&T
* Asian Indian Chamber of Commerce, New Jersey
* Sales Professional Forum
* TV Asia
* International Sleep Network
Conducted workshops on Leadership, Management and Personal Mastery.
Built a network of speakers and consultants to host large scale training progra
ms & management consulting engagements for corporations and small businesses.
Polaris Software Lab Limited Jan2008-Jan2009
Vice President & Account Director; GE Infrastructure Vertical
As the Account Director grew the nascent account to $1.2 million in one year
In the role of Engagement Director & Principal Lead, carried onsite consulting
assignment from May08 to Sep08 for GE Infrastructure Business. The studies lead
to understanding of AS-IS business processes &Architecture across five disparate
business lines, consolidation of systems and business processes, reduction in r
edundant processes and ERP instances and overall technology and management hygie
ne across the business verticals.
Streamlined in-house proposal response within Polaris. Shortened total response
time from offshore delivery centers by more than 30% with a marked improvement
in the quality of proposals.
Simplified and integrated the invoicing process in the GE infrastructure accoun
t within Polaris that led to 95% decrease in outstanding invoices.
System Design & Management Program Jan2005-Feb2007
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA.
Sloan School of Management & the School of Engineering
Enterprise Architecture, Systems Architecture, System Dynamics, Product Design
& Development, Systems Engineering, Generating business value from IT, Innovatio
ns in Marketplace, Strategic Management, & Management of large complex systems,
Competitive Advantage of firms in Global markets, Corporate Governance & technol
ogy centric methodologies to analyze and manage complex, non-linear socio-econom
ic-political systems. Explored technology and policy perspectives through rigoro
us course work at Kennedy School of Government and the impact of Corporate Board
s & their Governance models during the course work at Harvard Business School.
Advanced Systems Laboratory, Defense R&D Mar2004 Jan2
Organization, India
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel--- Deputy Project Director
As a senior rocket scientist, responsible to the Program Director for sub-syste
m & system level integration and overall launch readiness of missile system from
design to the launch pad.
Led the Program management initiatives at the level of technology heads/senior
management and management of cross- functional teams of about 10 to 15 senior sc
ientists and private defense contractors with central budgetary allocations over
$25million per annum.
Expert member of the techno-commercial negotiations committee that negotiated c
ontracts up to $5million with large national and international private firms and
defense contractors.
Led the project resource planning efforts, prepared technical evaluations of fi
nancial proposals, managed prioritization of design & analysis activities and da
y-to-day interactions with technology centers and private defense contractors.
Advanced Systems Laboratory, Defense R&D Jan2001 Feb2004
Organization, India
Rank: Major/ Lieutenant Colonel--- Deputy Head, Aerospace Systems Design & Analy
sis Group
Founded the design & analysis group and trained the initial team of 4 scientist
s. Ramped up the team size to 10 in the second year and successfully built the C
AD environment within the first 8 months.
Led the multi-disciplinary design & analysis team, streamlined the research doc
umentation and built a sound knowledge repository for use across the entire labo
ratory and other defense establishments.
Spearheaded initiatives in deploying IT based project management systems which
involved consensus building, on-boarding of senior scientists and change managem
Published five papers between 1999 and 2004 in the areas of rocket design, deve
lopment & technology management (details provided on request).
Advanced Systems Laboratory, Defense R&D Dec1994 Dec2000
Organization, India.
Rank: Captain/ Major--- System Manager, Large Solid Rocket Motor Program
Designed, developed & delivered flight worthy large rocket boosters nearly on a
n exacting schedule.
Developed both, heuristic and detailed analysis based approaches for design & d
evelopment of large solid rocket motors using fracture mechanics based design &
pressure vessel based methodologies.
Aggressively led the weight optimization program, implemented design changes th
at led to significant improvements in the overall mission performance without an
y further cost and schedule implications.
Military Service in Combat Units Jun 1990 Dec 1994
Rank: Lieutenant / Captain--- Platoon commander, company second-incommand & batt
alion Adjutant
Served in Combat duties as a platoon commander and company second in command
Experience in Civilian-Military Liaison initiatives & civic support to the loca
l population in strife torn regions
Aid to civilian authorities during internal unrest and natural calamities.

Sloan School of Management & School of Engineering (Engineering Systems Division
Master of Science in Engineering & Management
GPA of 4.9/5.0
Master of Engineering (M.E.) in Space Engineering & Rocketry
GPA of 3.9/4.0
Bachelor of Engineering in Aeronautical Engineering
Nominated for the Distinguished Service Award for exemplary contributions at th
e national level in the area of design & development of large solid rocket motor
Laboratory Scientist of the year in 2001 for the design & development of large
solid rocket motors for strategic long range systems.
Authored the first user handbook for the long range strategic system.
Selected as an expert member in the core team to develop Ultra high strength lo
w alloy steel for rocket hardware.
Army Commanders Commendation Card for Dedication and Devotion to Duty under ope
rational conditions for leading a military column in aid of civilian authority (
control of riots & civilian unrest).
Best technical paper award by Aeronautical Society of India on paper titled Nee
d for Joint Ventures in Aerospace Applications.
Awarded the medal for standing first in the Workshop Company Commanders Course
(Technical Management Course) that trains the officers to handle engineering res
ources in combat & peace time duties.
Awarded the medal for Best Technical Paper and Presentation in Workshop Company
Commanders Course on paper titled Organizational Conflicts between Administrati
ve and Training functions and its impact on the overall objectives of a military
training establishment.
Awarded the medal for Best Technical Paper and presentation in the Officers Rad
io Engineering Course on paper titled Optical Fibers and its Future in the Conte
xt of Indian Army.
Awarded the medal for standing first in the Young Technical Officers Course.
First in the Order of Merit as an officer cadet at the Indian Military Academy,
Society for Organizational Learning (SoL)
The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE), Boston
Asian Indian Chamber of Commerce (AICC)
The Aeronautical Society of India
The High Energy Material Society of India