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Donald B.

Del Vecchio
One 62nd Place, unit 404, Long Beach, California 90803
Cell Number: 562-896-1512 Home Number: 562-342-6313

Professional Profile
Financial Volume up to 1.2 million
Regulatory Compliance Management
Profit and Loss Management
Budget Planning and Administration
Client and Customer Satisfaction Enrichment
Labor Relations - Contract Negotiations
Marketing Strategies and Campaigns
Team Building, Monitoring and Leadership
Maintained a 65 rating with Dunn and Brad Street
Start Up and Turn Around Business
Computor Skills: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Seibel and Adobe

Professional Experience
NNC/Fusion Property Management Company, 4425 Atlantic Avenue, Suite B-20, Long B
each, CA 90803
September 18, 2009 - Present
* Started NNC/Fusion Property Management Company September 18, 2009 as a Qualit
y Coordinator for all properties.
* Monitored, managed and organized the Maintenance Department for 19 Properties
throughout Southern California.
* Submitted weekly reports to the President regarding work orders, supply costs,
repairs, quality improvements, overtime and safety.
* Managed, monitored and budgeted all repairs/costs performed by approved Vendor
* Implemented and monitored "Preventative Maintenace Programs" and "Quality Con
trol Procedures"

KOSMO / Elixir Tonic and Teas, 868 West 16th Street, Newport Beach, CA 92663
September 18, 2006 - February 13, 2009
* KOSMO/Elixir Tonic and Teas, Inc. on September 18, 2006 as a Property/Facility
* Managed all Retail sales and warehouse locations. (6 locations and 30 employee
* Performed employee evaluations, monitored all training programs and submitted
weekly reports.
* Negotiated the leases, Vendor/Supply contracts and projected all maintenance c
* Implemented "Quality Control Procedures" to monitor Vendors service and Custom
er satisfaction.

EJN Maintenance Systems, Inc., 365 N. Washington Street, Rochester, New York, 14
October 1, 1994 - July 1, 2006
* President of a full service regional commercial property management and supply
delivery company.
* Director of Sales, Marketing and Advertising.
* Managed professional buildings, banks, office parks, factories, medical facili
ties, apartment
complexes, Federal buildings and New York State/County facilities.
* Managed all "Day to Day' Operations, from administrative duties to field opera
tion duties.
* Earned security clearances from Federal/NYS Agencies, Monroe County Probation
and HSBC.
* Managed all contracts, permits, janitorial, project work, landscaping, general
maintenance, parking lot
maintenance, payroll, budgets and insurance requirements.
* Raised EJN's "Paydex" score with Dunn & Bradstreet to over 65-EXCELLENT.
* Built solid reputation with national customers such as HSBC, Jones Lang LaSall
e, Sears and many more.
* Pioneer in providing a commercial line of non-toxic, plant-based cleaning solu
tions for all Customers.

Eastman Kodak Company, Kodak Park Division, Rochester, New York, 14613
January 26, 1976 - July 28, 1994
* Started Eastman Kodak Company at age seventeen under a work Co-Op program in H
igh School.
* Shift Trainer - Advanced from Production Operator to Shift Trainer in 1980. Re
sponsibilities included
training all Shift Operators on the Making, Dispensing, Weighing, Assembly, W
arehousing and
Completion of chemicals needed for production.
* Department Trainer - Advanced from Shift Trainer to Department Trainer in 1984
. Responsibilities
included development and implementation of all S.O.P.'s , job procedures, che
cklists, knowledge audits
and ISO 9001 policies.
* Department Supervisor - Advanced from Department Trainer to Department Supervi
sor in 1989.
Responsibilities included performance appraisals, disciplinary actions, depar
tment budgeting/
forecasting, production improvements and enforcement of Quality Control Polic
* - Monroe Community College - Automotive Transmission Maintenance - 2 year prog
Rochester, New York, 14623
* - Eastman Kodak Management Certification Programs, Rochester, New York, 14613
* - Benjamin Franklin High School, Rochester, New York, 14621

Awards and Honors

* - Received "Vendor of the Year" award in 2005 for outstanding service from Ame
tek Power
Instruments, Inc.
* - Received award for the "Most Devoted Supervisor" in 1992.
* - Received 9 years of "Perfect Attendance Annual Awards" consecutively.
* - Received numerous monetary awards for "Quality Control" suggestions and impr
* - Received numerous honors for various Manufacturing/Product improvements duri
ng the ISO9001 accreditation process.