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34290 Bob White Lane

Millsboro Delaware, 19966 Phone 610-574-6505

Fax 302-945-2452
E-mail pb10f1140@westpost.net
Patrick Brown
Skills and Activities I am the owner of Indian River Accents Inc. I will continu
e to work as the owner of Indian River Accents, which is a small retail country
themed store, however, I plan to turn the day-to-day operations over to my partn
I enjoy staying busy and active. I am a natural planner and enjoy doing all sort
s of event coordination. I have spent the last 25 plus years in construction. In
the construction field, I have spent the past 20 years as a manager with the la
st 5 being spent starting up a new division for my former employer, the H&K Grou
p. I have a combination of construction management and construction field exper
ience plus I spent the last year starting up my own business. I have a wide ran
ge of experience, which I hope to bring to this organization.
Further Information

Education After coming to the area for the last five years on the wee
kends, I took the chance and moved to Long Neck, Delaware a year ago. I knew I
needed to bring my family here. It is the perfect place to bring up my sons in
a caring, fun and pleasant atmosphere. I am a native of Honey Brook, PA, which
is a very small country town located among the Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch fami
lies. It is not without its charms, but the big city is closing in on the area
and I wanted the slower pace for my family.
Graduated Twin Valley High School V Elverson, PA
Berks County Vo-Tech V Oley, PA
Drexel and Penn State classes via Allan Myers consisting of:
Time Management, Business Management, Interview Skills Workshop, Estimating 101,
After the Action Reviews, and the Collaborative Way.
Competition of Small business administrations accreditation
Objective To find satisfaction and success in a career that can be rewarding on
many levels not just financially or educationally but in pride and seeing result
s through creativity and the people I work with.
Employment 2007 - Present Indian River Accents Inc. Millsboro, DE
X Indian River is a small country store that carries PA Dutch foods as well as A
mish built crafts. I handle most day-to-day operations but would like to turn it
over more to my partner. We are a member in good standing with the Millsboro Ch
amber of Commerce and the Long Neck Business Association.
X Small Business Administration certified
X Better Business Bureau recognized for customer Satisfaction and relationships
2003-2009 H&K Group Skippac
k, PA
Superintendent/ General Superintendent
X H&K Group is one of the largest construction site contractors on the east coas
t. They do complete site, demolition, commercial and public work. My duties her
e ranged from employee matters to customer concerns. I had to make sure all manp
ower, equipment, permits and budgets were in place in order to make jobs run in
a timely, efficient manner and therefore, profitable. I reported monthly to the
ownership and was required to report on the hows and whys of where the company s
tood. I also helped to implement training classes. This was a rewarding job but
incredibly stressful. I felt the company was moving in a direction that was not
going to be in my personal best interest.
2001-2003 Allan Myers Worcester, PA
Regional/Site Superintendent
X Allan Myers is a complete construction site company doing both commercial and
public site work. My duties included scheduling job sites for labor and equipmen
t. I also had to handle all customer concerns as well as any state or local offi
cials. I was very effective and in the short time with the company, I took full
advantage of the Drexel and Penn State classes that were offered. I also worked
with Human Resources to expand the training to the field personnel.
1994-2001 P. Dimarco & Company Inc. King of Prussia, PA
X P. Dimarco is a small to mid-size construction company where I started out as
a laborer and worked my way up to Site Superintendent. I value my time here lear
ning the rights and wrongs in construction. I helped to implement a safety progr
am also trained several laborers to become foreman. I left because I felt my gro
wth within this company had peaked and I was not going to go any further.

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