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Motivated and highly analytical medical physician with more than 17 years of sol
id and dynamic track record in leading positions at academia, private and pharma
ceutical arenas. Vast clinical trials experience from IND to commercialization o
f various antiviral drugs in academia and pharmaceutical setting. As part of the
AIDS ETC, successfully meeting and surpassing the goals of federal government o
f increasing the number and knowledge of medical professionals in practice, as w
ell as implementing a rotational program at health and other educational centers
which eventually became part of the curriculum.
Outstanding clinical skills in Infectious Diseases, Oncology at private setting
and academia.
Knowledge and understanding of clinical trials from IND to commercialization, pr
otocol design, development, management, implementation as well as providing tech
nical and scientific support as medical scientist.
Supervision, administration and overview of multi-site and multi-national resear
ch in Mexico and Central America.
Established and maintained relationships with key opinion leaders relevant to th
e necessities of specific clinical trials.
Developed open communication among pharmaceuticals, academia and clinical agenci
es stimulating endeavors for clinical trials.
Provided support to trial sites in order to comply with ethical, FDA, ICH and GC
Ps guidelines and regulations to ensure proper quality control.
Comprehension and understanding of federal and international clinical trial regu
lations to insure ethical compliance.
Facilitation of skills building, and education by identifying areas of need amon
g healthcare professionals including physicians, nurses, healthcare clinics and
sales force of pharmaceuticals.
Martinez, p 2
Identification, preparation and conveyance of scientific data, implementation of
training materials to diverse audiences such pharmaceutical sales force, medica
l liaisons.
Identifying and maintaining relationships with key opinion leaders internally an
d externally insuring proper and sound scientific information.
Extensive experience interpreting scientific data with a solid ability to convey
to various audiences.
Knowledge and awareness of culturally sensitivity issues among multi-ethnic part
Behavioral science experience in educating healthcare, community based organizat
ion and grassroots in the attempt of prevention of transmittable diseases.

Fellowship in infectious diseases; HIV/AIDS 1997 1998
University of Texas Medical Center; Hermann Hospital and Harris County Hospital
Fellowship in general internal medicine; 1993 - 1997
Hermann Hospital & Thomas Street Clinic, Houston hospital district.
University of Monterrey Medical School; Monterrey, Mexico. 1986 1989

Independent clinical consultant. 2009 present
Assessment, identification of technical and scientific needs of healthcare agenc
ies and/or community based organizations for the integration and/or support of c
linical trials development. Skills building of personnel in compliance with ethi
cal panel and recognition and understanding of FDA, ICH all in accordance with G
CPs. A deep comprehensive training in clinical research in accordance to clinica
l research.
Dr. Rush Lynch Oncology/Hematology/HIV 1997 - 2008
Medical patient care to oncology/HIV patients; private.
Coordination review interpretation and presentation of scientific data.
Martinez, p 3

Meta-analyses of clinical trials.

Management protocol revision of clinical trials in-site; liaison with KOLs, CROs
sales representatives following strict protocol design and implementation; FDA
and ICH.
Medical Scientist/ Boehringer- Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals 2003 2004
Presentation of relevant clinical/scientific information, literature to healthca
re providers.
Maintain and identify relationships with Key Opinion Leaders.

Provide education information/backup field sales organization, providing accurat

e research information to sales, other medical liaisons, healthcare providers an
d manage care.
Identification of new medical opportunities leading to possible clinical studies
Supporting appropriate execution of clinical meetings (e.g. advisory boards).
Close collaboration with Medical Affairs counterparts when identifying and commu
nicating education/research needs, pre-commercialization launch.
Acting as the go-in-between investigator initiated clinical trial proposals.
Education, planning and development of programs to identified groups infected an
d affected by the disease. Area of coverage included: TX, LA, MS, MI, AL, TN, AR
, KY, IN, OH, MN and IL.
Director of Physician Training Texas and Oklahoma; University of Texas, 1993 - 2
School of Public Health-Houston; AIDS Education and Training Centers (AIDS ETC
Increase the number of physicians providing patient care within the area of the
AIDS Education and training center for Texas and Oklahoma.
Responsible for physician training and development through various educational s
etting based on identified needs.
Identification., and maintaining and establishing relationships with KOPs.
Coordination, planning and monitoring of clinical trials of antiretrovirals in v
arious phases.
Implementation of clinical skills building to healthcare providers through diffe
rent venues and initiatives in order to be competitive for possible clinical tri
al sites.
Conduction pre-screening of clinical site in order to assess needs.
Protocol development, planning, management and implementation.
Identification of key opinion leaders in order to develop and sustain GCPs.
Monitoring of clinical team at site while delivering support and scientific expe
rtise during trials.
Consultant to federal agencies and policy development.
Presentations of research data at local, state, national and international sympo
Martinez, p 4
Providing education and early intervention programs through training to communit
y based organization, CBOs.
Maintaining up-to-date flow of information to healthcare providers.

FDA, and FDLA certification on drug and law and regulations.
Institutional Review Board for Human subjects, University of California.
Center for Disease Control and prevention; HIV clinical consultant, Atlanta, GA.
Texas Department of Health; HIV certification for Prevention Counseling and Part
ner elicitation.
HIV, HepB and HepC and tuberculosis control management.
Therapeutic drug monitoring as a tool for prevention of resistance of anti-viral
Prevention education and Behavioral change in women of color.
Catholic charities USA.
Texas Department of Health HIV/STD planning committee.
CCUSA and CDC private partnership
Health Resources Service Agency; HRSA
Indian Health Services; HIS.
Pan American Health Organization.
Consejo Nacional de SIDA; CONASIDA, Mexico.
Migrant workers USA organization.
Planned Parenthood.
Consultancies and education of latest scientific data; skills building for sales
force and medical liaison for various pharmaceutical companies.
Key Opinion leader to pharma companies that lead to scientific presentations at
various conferences and medical presentations at national and international symp
HIV/AIDS Practice patterns. Knowledge and Educational Needs among Hispanic Clini
cians Pan American Health Organization Journal. Vol. 4 No. 1; July 1998 p 14-19.
Non Kaposi sarcoma cancers in HIV infected patients at an urban hospital. World
AIDS conference publication; Clinical Monduzzi Editore; International division J
uly 1998.

Martinez, p 5
Knowledge, Attitude of Hispanic Physicians towards AIDS. August 2000.
Should we be concerned about HIV/AIDS? Farmworkers News. March/April 1997.
Cultural Sensitivity in HIV testing for Hispanic pregnant women. Migrant Health
The clinical importance of Genotyping and Phenotyping as a diagnostic tool on HI
V/AIDS patients. University of Nuevo Leon and Institute of Social Health. Novem
ber 30, 2001.
Clinical Importance of Genotyping and Phenotyping as a diagnostic tool on HIV/A
IDS patients. Harris County Hospital District Conference. June 20, 2001.
Combination Antidrug Regimen; Hit hard Hit early.
Texas Department of Health Conference of Physicians. Austin, Texas. May 24, 2001
To sit or not to sit. Sequenced Interruption Therapy. TDH HIV/STD Bi-annual Conf
erence. Austin, Texas. May 16- 20 2001.
Medications and their benefits and risks of triple regimens Annual HIV Conferenc
The value of early regimen antiviral medications.World AIDS Day Monterrey, Nuevo
Leon Mexico December 1, 2000. Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, Mexico.
Adherence behavioral issues; HIV Conference for Health Care Workers. McAllen, Te
xas. May 20, 2000.
HIV in Women a new epidemic? HIV Women Conference, McAllen, Tx October 26, 1999.
University of Texas School of Nursing-Houston.
Adherence the Magical word in Antiretroviral Therapy, Empowerment 99, New Orlean
s, LA. Food and Drug Administration and No Aids Task Force. Sept 3, 1999.
Incidence of HIV Related Cancers; HIV, Leukemia and Opportunistic Cancers.
Twentieth Symposium of the International Association for Comparative Research on
Leukemia and Related Diseases (IACRLRD).
Harvard AIDS Institute; Pasteur Institute, Marrakech, Morocco. May 23-28, 1999.
Adherence, what do we really know about it? 11th HIV/STD Texas Department of Hea
lth. April 1999, Austin, Texas.
Antiviral combination therapy in combination with other medication for common op
portunistic HIV/AIDS related infections. Houston, Texas April, 20 1999.
Martinez, p 6

Adherence National Health Institute and Health Resources & Services Administrati
on (HRSA). Second Adherence Conference. March 1999, Washington, D.C.
Adherence the Magic Word, 4th Annual HIV/AIDS Conference in Spanish; SIDA ESPERA
NZA VIDA 98. October 15, 1998 Miami, Fl.
Pharmacokinetics of PIs and NNRTIs. Austin, Texas 1998.
Incidence of TB HIV co-infection in Texas. Pan American Health Organization. TD
H, Laredo, Texas, September 1998.
Inhibition of Metabolism: Effect of Ritonavir on CYP450 enzyme system. Houston,
Texas 1998.
Non-Kaposi cancers in HIV infected patients at an Urban Teaching Hospital, 12th
World AIDS Conference Geneva, Switzerland June 28-July 3, 1998Antiretroviral the
Update of new Combination therapies; First Annual Texas-Queretaro HIV/AIDS Confe
rence. Queretaro, Queretaro Mexico March 27-28 1998
Guidelines on the use of Antiretroviral, World AIDS Day Conference. Monterrey, N
uevo Lon Mexico, December 2, 1997.
First Adherence to New HIV Therapies: A Research Conference. Office of AIDS Rese
arch, National Institute of Health. Washington, D.C., November 20-21, 1997
HIV/AIDS Antiretroviral Update, 10th annual Texas HIV/STD conference; Austin, Te
xas. June 29 - July 4, 1997
Prevention of Prenatal Transmission of HIV on Pregnant women, 8ththAnnual Oklaho
ma State HIV/AIDS conference; Norman, Oklahoma. June 1-3, 1997.
Epidemiology Results of HIV Infections along the Texas Border; Building Bridges
for HIV/AIDS Prevention along the Texas/Mexico Border, McAllen, Texas. May 30,
1997, Bi-national workshop.
HIV/AIDS Risk Reduction Strategies for Use by Migrant Clinicians; 1997 National
Farm-workers Health Conference, Anaheim, CA. May 17, 1997.
Prevention of Prenatal Transmission of HIV, Another Tool Against Transmission; H
IV/AIDS Symposium, Lubbock/Plainview area; April 25, 1997.

Martinez, p 7
Why AIDS Affects All of Us; Epidemiology of AIDS Worldwide, Oklahoma Clinicians
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rses Region I Annual Conference, in collaboration with United ISD - School Healt
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Nuevo Len Mexico Escuela de Medicina World AIDS Day Conference, Monterrey, Nuevo
Len Mexico December 1, 1995.


Non-credit courses; Universite de Paris/Sorbonne; Anthropology, Ancient mytholo

gy, Middle Eastern cultures, Ancient Theologies.
Study of Greek and Latin languages in relation to Indo-European languages.
Proficient in English, Spanish, French, and Italian.
Versed in Microsoft, excel, power-point among other computer software.