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Derek S.

3363 Drysdale Ct., Edwardsville, IL 62025 214-538-2715
Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Training
International Business / Corporate Communications/ Field Sales Training / Sales
Organization Leadership / Multi-Site Operations / Business and Marketing Plans /
Major Account Management
Demonstrated leadership in international business development, corporate communi
cations, training, organizational improvements, multi-state operations, and new
business development. Significant experience in all phases of marketing plan de
velopment and execution, sales management, culture change, and staff development
. Successfully turned around lackluster revenue results, declining employee mor
ale, and counter-productive interdepartmental processes.
a Developed and implemented new field sales training
a Led team in YTBas first ever international expansion
a Closed over $40M in loans to Texas-based churches in 2006
a Led $48.8M in breakthrough revenues for MCCS through 450+ operations in 40-sta
te area
a Directed unprecedented growth of 8% in 12 months by re-engineering sales team
a Personally closed $4.3M of Perry Homesa $11.7M in total annual community sales
a Facilitated $50M revenue achievement for KnowledgeBase Marketing
BBA - Marketing, Abilene Christian University, 1988 (Magna Cum Laude), Abilene,
Honors include ACU Academic Excellence Award and Outstanding Young Men of Americ
Nominated for Pinnacle Excellence Award, 1994 (Salesperson of the Year.)
Certified trainer for CoveyLinkas aThe Speed of Trusta curriculum.
Regular keynote, featured, and/or guest speaker at business, community, church,
and academic functions.
Key Professional Achievements
Coordinated new field sales training on a national level for YTB. Held train-th
e-trainer sessions to equip top performing salespeople presenters and oversaw we
ekly Regional Product Marketing trainings throughout the U.S. and on an as-neede
d basis in Canada. Included content development for products and sales technique
Closed and funded over $40M in commercial real estate loans for Texas churches i
n 2006 with ECCU, the largest nationwide financial institution exclusively servi
ng the banking needs of evangelical Christian churches. Was able to touch many
of the top ministries in the state and assist a number of churches in achieving
their next phase of growth.
Realized $2.1B in credit card transactions, gross revenues of $48.8M, and net pr
ofit of $11.6M for Merchantsa Choice Card Services, among the top ten bankcard a
cquirers/member service providers in the U.S. 2001 was most profitable year in
company history. Results attributed to executing corporate marketing plans thro
ughout 451 independent sales operations and across 40-state territory.
Set sales records by improving results 8% through revamping/leading MCCSa sales
organization. Rapid growth required adding 243 independently-contracted sales p
ersonnel within first 12 months as VP. Attendance and participation at sales me
etings improved 104% as a result of increased focus and frequency. Enhanced int
er- and intra-departmental communication, training development, and continuing e
ducation themes on raising and embracing performance expectations.
Managed sales team in realizing $11.7M, personally closed $4.3M for Perry Homes.
Led in-field marketing effort with additional oversight of sales and closings
in two upscale residential communities.
Major contributor to more than $50M in gross revenues for KnowledgeBase Marketin
g. Recognized as primary sales producer in delivering high-tech data processing
and marketing database solutions to retail and catalog vertical industries.
Served as primary change agent in championing lasting relationships and streamli
ning processes between MCCSa sales and operations groups. Conceived, executed,
and facilitated first-ever national aAll-Comers Meetinga. Significant improveme
nts realized in reduced confrontations, smoother processes, new business relatio
nships, and overall boost in morale with sales team and in-house employees.
Career Summary
Sales Consultant, The Pulte Group, 2010 to present. Marketing and selling new h
omes for the largest builder in
the U.S. in an upscale suburban St. Louis community while being groomed for Gene
ral Sales Manager position. In addition to marketing and selling, role involves
coaching, training and financing elements.
Senior Vice President a" Training, YTB International, 2007 to 2010. Member of E
xecutive Management
Team responsible for all internal and field sales training. Previously as VP a"
International Business Development, coordinated international expansion effort
to Canada, Bermuda and the Bahamas. Quarterbacked international team while meet
ing with regulators, suppliers and top performers in the field. YTBas first eve
r international expansion and required creation and execution of a business plan
. Frequent public speaker at company events.
Business Development Officer, Evangelical Christian Credit Union, 2004 to 2007.
Cultivated long-term relationships with key leaders of churches. Consultative
, needs-based sales approach with a singular goal of making ministries more effe
ctive. Exhibited self-sufficient and self-motivating characteristics while mana
ging remote Houston office for Southern California-based financial institution.

Realtor, Re/Max a" Southwest, 2002 to 2004. Traditional residential real estate
services assisting in listing, selling and investing functions in Greater Houst
on. Part of top Re/Max office in Texas.
Vice President a" National Sales Leader, Merchantsa Choice Card Services, 1999 t
o 2002. Directed sales effort for this $48.8M credit card processing firm for 1
9 banks nationwide. Managed multi-state independent sales organizations for 46,
500+ accounts. Processed over 1,800 bankcard applications per month. Orchestra
ted internal and external communication activities; increased quality and freque
ncy of communication between Houston corporate office and field sales operations
, and within departments.
Senior Sales Executive, KnowledgeBase Marketing, a Young & Rubicam company, 1997
to 1999. Sales leader in high-tech data processing and marketing databases to
the retail and catalog vertical industries. Assisted clients in new business de
velopment. Contributed key components of marketing brochure, support documents
and web site. Offered mailing lists, mail file preparation, complex analytical
modeling, campaign and project management, and customized relational marketing d
Sales Manager, Perry Homes, 1991 to 1996. Led in-field marketing effort as well
as overseeing sales and closings in two upscale new home communities. Personal
ly closed average of $4.3M annually. Managed sales team with almost $12M in sal
es. Collaborated with on-site construction staff for customer alteration and qu
ality control purposes.