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Tom Trancoso

21031 Fernhollow Ln
Spring, Texas 77388
Cell 281-450-5134
Office 832-353-3663
My objective is to provide strategic direction, planning and execution for a tel
environment in order to control costs, improve services and increase capabilitie
s while leveraging
internal and external resources. My greatest strengths are in large project pla
nning and deployment,
contract negotiations and developing relationships with suppliers and vendors.
Work Experience
IT Sr. Manager Voice Systems
6/2006 - Present ExpressJet Airlines, Inc., Houston, TX
* Responsible for all voice services. Designed and implemented a 40+ location n
etwork using all
VoIP on an NEC SV7000 platform with NEC IPS2000 remotes. Services include Call
Accounting, Call Logging, IVR, Speech Recognition Attendants, Unified Messaging
presence products, Centralized Management and ACD with custom reporting. Respon
sible for
all WAN provisioning and long distance as well as local service line provisionin
g. Additionally
responsible for all wireless devices including cell phones, PDA's, pagers and gr
ound radios.
Negotiated and implemented contracts and services for 40+ locations including lo
cal service,
long distance and WAN circuits. Currently utilizing a mixed Metro Ethernet netw
ork for
Houston and MPLS circuits for all other locations. Two current wireless contrac
ts in place for
cell/PDA devices. Single contract for conferencing services. Single contract f
or dong distance
services. 4 initial Houston sites including headquarters were up and operationa
l within 90
days. Implementation of additional 24 sites in less than 120 days from site sur
vey to fully
operational. Developed and maintain a business continuity site that is operatio
nal and can be
used 24X7.
IT Manager Switch Systems
10/1997 - 6/2006 Continental Airlines, Inc., Houston, Texas
* Strategic planning for telecommunications network. I manage an outsourcing co
ntract with a
large data and telecommunications company and leveraged its resources. I planne
infrastructure, network and hardware elements related to telecommunications for
operations on
5 continents and 53 countries. Strategic planning included evaluation of curren
t and future
technologies including traditional TDM networking, convergence, VoIP and definin
g what
options make business sense in different environments. Negotiated national cont
racts saving
40% on local services for major services. Negotiated national contracts saving
20%-25% on
smaller local services. Implemented conferencing services that resulted in a se
ven month ROI
and a total savings of $1M in three years. Implemented programs to reduce direc
assistance usage and negotiated contracts resulting in a 70% savings. Total spe
nt over two
years has declined 80%.Implemented Integrated solutions using VoIP to approximat
ely 50% of
the network including locations in Guam, Hawaii, London, Brussels and Mexico. A
spending remained level but utilization and services increased over 35%. Collab
orated with
teams to deploy IVR and SRU solutions for both internal and external customers.
with internal teams to implement a business continuity solution with minimal exp
ense and the
ability to be up and running within one hour.
Operations Manager
6/1990 - 9/1997 Phoneline Voice and Data, Inc., Houston, TX
* Established a new department for this company that dealt with multiple levels
of customer
service. Created internal positions serving as project managers for new systems
planning and
installation support. Created program and positions for initial and ongoing end
user training.
Established post cutover maintenance and support structure that proactively cont
customers and kept training issues and operational issues fresh in the customer'
s mind.
Positioned all three initiatives to work as revenue generating entities bringing
in additional
revenues to traditionally non-revenue generating environments. Delivered in exc
ess of $1M
per year in additional revenue as a result of the departmental changes.
Telecommunications Consultant
7/1986 - 5/1990 Woodruff Consulting Services, Houston, TX
* Provided project management and consulting services to medium and large custom
Projects consisted mostly of developing private voice networks and messaging sys
Established 3 major voice campuses within larger networks for government agencie
s in Texas,
Arizona and the east coast.
Telecommunications Analyst
5/1982 - 6/1986 Pennzoil Company, Houston, TX
* Led a team in network design and implementation for development of a private n
etwork. the
Pennznet network evolved using AT&T based hardware and network components. Penn
covered the domestic USA and consisted of 4 nodes and multiple sub-nodes coverin
g a total
of 13 cities and over 40 locations.
Communications Consultant
1/1980 - 5/1982 Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, Houston TX,
* Provided system design and components listings for account executives. Took o
n the role of a
project manager with ongoing projects and placed orders for hardware and network
Provided many of the design elements required for system add-ons for voice netwo
rks. Voice
messaging and the first iterations of voice mail were an integral part of system
s design and
6/2004 Avaya Certification, Houston, TX
* ACA Certification
06/2006 - Present NEC Users Group - member
10/1997 - 5/2006 IAMP - member
10/1997 - 5/2006 INAAU - member

* NEC SV7000
* NEC IPS2000
* NEC MA4000
* NEC OpenWorx
* Nuance Speech Attendant
* Wygant Call Logger
* Avaya Call Center CMS
* Avaya Integrated Management
* PowerPoint
* Visio
* Word
* Excel
* Spanish - Fluent Native
Professional References
* Karen Miles 281-333-0048 kpm@karenmilesassociates.com
* John Kanewske 800-431-1333 JKanewske@NACR.com
* John Gana 713-324-5538 john.gana@coair.com