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Types of Drugs

A drug is a chemical substance that you take into your

body to add an effect which changes your mood or the
way you feel.

• Affects the nervous system
• Increases brain activity
• Examples: Cigarettes, Cocaine, Amphetamines.

• Slows down brain activity
• Examples: Alcohol and solvents.

• Changes your senses
• Gives the impression that things are there when they are not.
• Examples: LSD, Cannabis, Magic Mushrooms.

• Painkillers
• Examples: Aspirin, Paracetamol, Heroin.

Drug Laws in the UK

• Legal drugs are sold under controlled conditions in

pharmacies and supermarkets.
• Some are sold over the counter top for over 18’s,
others require prescription.
• Some non prescription drugs are legally available
(alcohol and tobacco) but are still subject to strict
• Illegal drugs are classified according to how
dangerous they are.
• Police have legal rights to stop and search someone
if they suspect them of carrying illegal drugs.
• Punishments include cautions, fines and
Affects of Drugs and Alcohol

• Heart disease.
• Stroke.
• Liver disease
• Cancer.
• Psychological and emotional problems.

• Cancer.
• Lung disease
• High blood pressure
• Poor dental health
• Smell of smoke
• Can interfere with relationships.

• Fatal overdose
• Psychological effects
• Serious effect on brain
• Mental illness and loss of brain function.

Others include – serious illness, homelessness, unemployment,

disorderly behaviour, debt, violence, family and relationship



• Jesus drank wine

• The bible doesn’t forbid alcohol
• Jesus turned water to wine at a wedding.
• Jesus gave his disciples wine at the last supper.
• Jesus used wine to represent part of him.
• Paul told his friend Timothy to drink wine to help with his
• Many Christian churches use it during Holy Communion.


• God created us so we should not abuse our bodies.

• Taking drugs damages the body.
• Bible says you should obey the law of the land.
• Addicts turn to crime for money which goes against the Ten
Commandments – do not steal.
• Addiction can destroy a relationship which goes against
marriage vows witnessed by God.
• Under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you are less likely to
act in a Christian way.
• Alcohol is much stronger now than it was in Biblical times.



• All Muslim teachings are against taking alcohol and illegal

• Bodies were created by Allah so you should not abuse it.
• You are judged on the last day including how you treat your
• The Qur’an says intoxicants are harmful.
• Muhammad said you shouldn’t take them.
• You would not be able to perform prayers and religious duties
when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
• It would therefore interfere with a Muslim relationship with
Allah so you are more likely to commit sins.


• All Muslims should obey the law of the land, including laws on
illegal drugs in the UK.
• In many Muslim countries, alcohol is illegal (Saudi Arabia) and
illegal drugs carry severe punishments.
• Some Muslims do smoke; this is seen as a personal choice,
although many Muslims do not agree with it as it causes harm
to the body.
• The Qur’an says ‘Intoxicants are an abomination of Satan’s
• Many Muslims will not sell Alcohol as part of their business.
• Other Muslims see it as okay as long as they sell it to non