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System Crash
Inter-Solar Adventure and Intrigue powered by Savage
By Mario Cordova

Welcome to the Year 2178.

It is an age of Technology and Innovation.
An age of Danger and Intrigue.
An age of Opportunity.
The Future is the Here, can you survive it.
Introduction life. Players are encouraged to give
their characters romantic
System Crash is a gritty inter-solar relationships it is also encouraged
shirowpunk setting, filled with danger and to have interesting relationships
intrigue. You are deniable assets, throw- between players weather romantic
away agents of mega corporations, or not.
national governments, and private parties;  Political Machinations: WC tend to
pitted against their foes and other deniable know people who might be able to
assets like yourself on far-flung off-world help them. Players begin play with 3
colonies. Welcome to the future contacts and gain new ones thru
. role-playing. Contacts can be called
Shirowpunk on once per game month. Talk with
Shirowpunk is a term used to the GM to help flesh out your
describe a limited sub-genre of the contacts; it is up to the gm what
cyberpunk genre. It is based on the works they can provide at the time
of MASAMUNE SHIROW, a comic book
writer and artist commonly known for his
works Appleseed and Ghost in The Shell.
The Shirowpunk genre is characterized by The Basics
its high-octane action and their over the
top gunplay mixed with complex Players follow the standard
relationships, and social/political intrigue character generation rules as stated in the
with a mixture of post-apocalyptic & SW: EX with the following exceptions.
cyberpunk aesthetics as a common
New Derived Statistics
Genre Setting Qualities
Drain: Augmentations take a huge toll on
 Hardcore: WCs are a step above
the human body. This is represented by
the rest of the masses, facing
Drain; each Nano-Tech implant has a drain
things that others would normally
value. Drain is the body’s natural ability to
run from. WC gain a +1 bonus to
handle augmentation. A person’s drain is
recover from being shaken.
equal to ½ vigor +1/2 spirit. Drain can be
 Social Networking: Another aspect modified via edges and hindrances.
of Shirowpunk games is the
complex social and political
relationships going on in characters

Reputation: Reputation affects how NPC’s
react to a character. It starts at a value of
zero and can be modified via edges.

In Shirowpunk games humans tend
to be the top of the evolutionary ladder,
though there may be other humanoid
offshoots such as clones, androids and the
like. Appleseed is a good example of this,
with the created race of clones called
bioroids. System crash uses the term
Bioroid to describe their Bio-Synthetic

As per the SW:EX

A bioroid is a synthetic human, basically, a
highly advanced clone that is engineered
for particular roles, typically designed for
administrative and labor purposes, combat
capable Bioroids have recently been
introduced to the market.

- Engineered for Success: Bioroids

are genetically engineered to be
adept at a certain roles. Select one
attribute they start at a d6 instead
of a d4

Backgrounds Skill Bonus choose 2 Investigate, Kn: City
Works, streetwise, persuasion, notice
A Background is what your character did
before they started a life of adventuring, Agent
representing a particular field that they worked You work for either the government or one
or continue to work in. Backgrounds of the major corporations. You take on the
determine your starting funds and you may problems no one else can and you do it
select 2 associated skills these skills begin at a with style and a gun.
d6. Starting Funds: 5000
Skill Bonus choose 2: Lockpicking. Fighting,
Academic Shooting, Notice, Persuasion, intimidate,
You have dedicated your life to study or investigate, streetwise
teaching. You mold minds to absorb the
knowledge you possess. You use your Bounty Hunter
verbal judo to diffuse situations and to get You live for the hunt the rush of stalking
people to see your side of things. your prey across the urban wilderness and
Starting Funds: 4000 in the wilds of the wastelands. Whether you
Skill Bonus choose 2: persuasion, take them in dead or alive it’s up to them.
intimidation, knowledge any, taunt Starting Funds: 3000
Skills Bonus choose 2: Fighting, shooting,
Acolyte streetwise, tracking, survival
You are member of one of the many
religious and belief systems of the sol Blue Collar
system. You conduct services in the name You do the jobs that no one else wants and
of your beliefs and for other followers here you do it with pride. You are a cog in the
on the mortal plain. Though your vows Arcology machine making sure the city
might sometimes feel like a burden you will keeps standing.
give your life to protect the beliefs and your Starting Funds: 2000
friends. Skill bonus choose 2: Driving, knowledge:
Starting Funds: 1000 Trade, piloting, notice,
Skill bonus choose 2: Kn; Religion or
Psychology, healing, persuasion, intimidate, Box Runner
Notice You are the unsung hero of the city, you
brave the urban wastes to deliver those
Administrative precious shaped synthetic protein
You work behind the scenes, making sure constructs to our greasy hungry little
everything runs smoothly for everybody hands. You have shed blood, sweat and
else. But working behind the scenes can be tears on the sky-ways and land routes of
a cut throat industry whether you work for the city, all the while avoiding or fighting off
the city, a politician, or someone else rival Box Runners or Sprawlers trying to
entirely you make sure the gears and the take your package, your life or both.
right palms are greased, all the while trying Starting Funds: 500
not to get killed by the wrong people.
Starting Funds: 4000 credits
Skill Bonus choose 2: Driving, Fighting, Hacker
Shooting, streetwise, survival, taunt You are a digital cowboy, a cortex ranger.
You ply the cortex and work your kung fu
Colonist against the government and the
You hail from one of the off-world colonies, corporations or you work with them
or space stations. Life in the black is hard countering attempts to hack their
but luck and determination make up for a networks. The Cortex encompasses the
lot. world, thus so do you. But sometimes real
Starting Funds: 1000 life has a way of getting in the way
Skill Bonus choose 2: driving, piloting, kn: Starting Funds: 1000
select either a science or trade, guts, Skill Bonus: Knowledge: mechtronics, or
notice, Cortex, lockpicking, decryption, shooting.
Investigate, notice
You are bad person, a thug but you know Health Care
you’re going to be great. Whether it is on You keep people alive in some shape or
mean streets or in a board room you carve form. Whether you are a corporate
out an existence for you and what’s yours, medical affiliate or a down on his luck
sometimes violently. street doc you have taken a vow to help the
Starting Funds: 500 sick and dying who ever that may be.
Skills bonus choose 2: Shooting, Starting Funds: 2000
persuasion, intimidation, streetwise, taunt, Skill Bonus choose 2: Healing, notice,
notice, stealth Knowledge any medical science,

Engineer Icon
Your talents are in high demand, You are a darling of the media, You are
augments, mechtronics, computers, either surrounded by adoring fans and get
one you can fix it right up or make it if you anything you want but life sometimes feels
got the goods. a little hollow, so you slum it every once in a
Starting Funds: 3000 while going down on the mean streets to
Skill Bonus choose 2: Knowledge any get away from the prying eyes of the media
technical, repair, notice, investigate. finding what adventure awaits
Starting Funds: 20000
Fixer Skill Bonus choose 2: Kn: Stage Craft, Kn:
You are the one to make things happen, Perform, notice, Kn: Pop Culture,
you set the deals and get the goods and Persuasion, Intimidate
get paid well to do it. But just because you
set up the details doesn’t mean you won’t Jock
get your hands dirty though. You are a sports phenom, a modern
Starting Funds: 4000 gladiator, you live for the roar of the crowd.
Skills bonus choose 2: Shooting, Whether are a legitimate sports icon or on
persuasion, intimidation, streetwise, taunt, one of the many underground gaming
investigate, notice.

circuits you get paid well for putting on a shoot and when to keep your head down.
spectacle for the crowd. While your buddies died in ops outside the
Starting Funds: 8000 city you survived by wits and luck.
Skill Bonus choose 2: Boating, Fighting, Starting Funds: 3000
driving, climbing, throwing, piloting Skill Bonus choose 2: Shooting, fighting,
healing, notice, survival, Driving, piloting
You work for whoever is paying the most at Specialist
the time, the government, the mob it’s You work for the highest bidder,
doesn’t matter as long as the credits are sometimes its retrieving something or
good. You clean up the messes that no guarding someone’s body doesn’t matter
needs to know about and your work can be the job gets done. There are many names
very messy. for what you do, solo, ronin, street warrior,
Starting Funds: 10000 The only one that matters is what you call
Skill Bonus choose 2: Shooting,Fighting, yourself.
Initimidate, Stealth, persuasion, notice Starting Funds: 4000
Skill Bonus choose 2: Shooting, Fighting,
Law Enforcement Streetwise, kn: tactics or , healing, survival,
You are the law, the thin blue line keeping throwing
chaos at bay. You are both feared, hated,
and respected just depends on who you Vagrant
are talking to. Whether you are a straight You fell through the cracks in the system,
arrow or just a tad shady it doesn’t matter whether by choice or by fate. You walk
as long as the law of the land is kept. unseen among the throngs grifting what
Starting Funds: 2500 cash that can be had, just trying to survive.
Skill Bonus choose 2: Shooting, fighting, Starting Funds: 400
notice, persuasion, intimidation, taunt, Skill Bonus choose 2: Fighting, notice,
investigation, Driving, piloting survival, persuasion, stealth, street wise,
Machines talk to you, always have. They tell
you what ails them and you heal their hurts.
Everyone comes to your shop when their
ride stops working.
Starting Funds: 1000
Skill Bonus choose 2: Knowledge:
Mechtronics, notice, driving, piloting,

You serve on the cities militia or as a merc.
You are an army of one, Or at least that is
what the recruiter kept saying. Military life
has taught you several things when to

New Skills or it could lead to a lynching. it is up to the

Mechtronics Sprawl Depression Syndrome (Major)

Understanding the mechanical and You have had trouble adjusting to life in the
electrical engineering principles that are sprawl and suffer from chronic depression.
used in every day devices. Can be used in You suffer a -2 to all spirit tests.
conjunction with repair to construct new
devices or repair them. Also used to Infamous (minor or major)
bypass electronic security locks You are known for some heinous or
criminal act whether or not it is true or not.
Computers & A.I. You start with -1 reputation if minor or -2 if
Used to perform the more advanced major.
functions of computers. Also used to hack
computers and A.I.s. Decreased Tolerance (Minor/Major)
You body has trouble adapting to Nano-
Nano-Tech Tech implants. Your total Tolerance score
Used to understand and identify Nano-Tech is decreased by -1 if minor and -2 if major.
Augmentations. If you have this skill, repair In addition recovery times are doubled.
and a functioning Nano-Tech Lab you can
Nano-Tech Burnout (Major)
construct or repair Nano-Tech. You have had a bad psychological reaction
to a previous Nano-Tech implant. You may
Removed Edges choose one free level 1 implant from A-D
categories, but suffer a -2 to charisma due
to psychological trauma associated with he
All core Arcane Backgrounds, implant.
champion, Holy/Unholy Warrior,
Gadgeteer, Mr Fix it (Remove weird New Edges
Science) Wizard
Arcane Background (Elemental)
New Hindrances Arcane Skill: Focus (Spirit)
Starting Power Points: 10
Karmic Debt (Major) Starting Powers: 2
Karmas a Bitch and you know her on a first The Elemental can manipulate dark energy
name basis. You begin play with one less granting them limited but powerful
Benny.. telekinetic abilities. Many falsely believe that
Elementals can read minds and other such
Doppelganger (Minor or Major) nonsense. Elementals are required to
Someone looks a lot like you or you them. register by law, though some slip through
Whenever you enter a new town there is a the cracks. Elementals are watched by
10% chance if minor and a 30% chance if both law enforcement and government
major your double has been there causing agencies. As such they live under constant
a ruckus. This can cause all sorts of trouble scrutiny though those that serve in either a
for the player maybe a day in the slammer,

military or law enforcement tend to have You have learned to focus your abilities to
more freedoms. hit with more force. Select an offensive
Feedback power; you gain a +2 Ap with that power.
If you roll a natural one regardless of the
wild die, you suffer 2d6 damage, this Improved Hard Hitting
bypasses armor. If you roll a snake eyes Requirements: Heroic, Elemental, Focus
you suffer a -2 to the vigor roll to soak the D12
damage. Your powers gain even more penetrating
Power List: Armor, Barrier, Blast, Bolt, power. As with Hard Hitting, but the bonus
Boost/Lower Trait, Burst, Deflect, is now +4 AP.
Detect/Conceal Arcana, Dispel, Drain,
Entangle, Fly, Heal (self only), Smite, Speed, Armorer (professional)
Stun, Telekinesis, Teleport, Requirements: novice, repair d8. Shooting
D6, Fighting d6,
Power Focus You know the ins and outs of building and
Requirements: Seasoned, Elemental, Focus repairing
d8 Armor and Weapons. You gain +2 to
You have trained to manifest your powers repair and salvage weapons and armor.
more easily. Select a power when
manifesting this talent you gain a +1 bonus Fortunate One (weird)
to your roll. You may take this edge multiple Requirements: Novice, luck, great luck,
times each time applies to a new power Wild Card
Karma Smiles upon you. You start play with
Improved Power Focus an additional Benny.
Requirements: Heroic, Power Focus, Focus
d12 Famous
As with Power focus, but the bonus is now Requirements: Novice, WC
+2. You are famous for some act weather you
did it or not. You start with a +2 to your
Increased Range reputation.
Requirements: Seasoned, power focus,
Focus d8 Black Widow/ Lady Killer
You have learned to enhance your powers Requirements: Attractive
to affect a greater range. Choose a power, You’re bringing Sexy Back. Your
when using that power the range doubles, attractiveness is very disarming to the
if that power has a range of self the range opposite sex. You gain a +2 to charisma
is equal to your spirit. This edge can be and +1 to damage vs. the opposite sex.
taken multiple times each additional time You can’t have the ugly hindrance.
you must select a new power.
Child at Heart
Hard Hitting Requirements: Novice Spirit d6 Persuasion
Requirements: Veteran, Elemental, Focus d6

You receive a +2 to social tests dealing a +2 to setting explosives and explosive
with children damage

Comprehension Gunner (Professional)

Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8 Requirements: Seasoned Quick draw
You deductive reasoning is superb. You Shooting D10
gain a +1 to all common Knowledge rolls When using any pistol weapons you receive
a +1 to called shots
Swift Learner
Requirements: Novice Smarts d8 Spirit D8 Toughness
Your insight and intelligence grants you Requirements: Veteran Vigor d10
unique You are one tough son of a bitch; you gain a
advantages. You may convert two raises +2 to soak rolls.
from a
trait test into a Benny. You may not go over Commando
your total Benny count. Requirements: Seasoned Shooting d10
When using a rifle of some kind you gain a
Martial Arts +1 to called shots
Requirements: Novice, Fighting d6
Your kung fu is strong. You are considered Size Matters
armed when fighting unarmed. Requirements: seasoned, Brawny Shooting
d10, strength d8
Iron Fist You aptitude for the big guns is downright
Requirements: Seasoned Fighting d8 scary. You Gain a +1 bonus to shooting
Martial Arts when using any weapon classified as a
Your skills at fighting unarmed formidable. heavy weapon
Your unarmed damage is increased to
strength + d6 Finesse
Requirements: Veteran, Agility d8, shooting
Scoundrel d10 or fighting d10
Requirements: Seasoned Spirit d8 Your skill in combat is tough to match. If
Persuasion d10 you hit with a raise you may sacrifice the
Your wit is like a well honed blade. When bonus damage to gain a +1 to the ap value
trying to of the weapon.
increase an npc's attitude towards you
receive a +2 bonus. Veteran of the Sprawl (Background)
Requirements: Novice Wild Card
Demolition Expert (Professional) You have survived the sprawl making you
Requirements: Seasoned Knowledge more capable than the average folk. When
(explosives) D8 Smarts d8 you take this edge you immediately start at
Your skill with explosives and things that go Seasoned gaining 5 advancements. You
boom is the envy of the sprawl. You receive can only take this at character generation.

You must pay the xp debt before you can Your use and knowledge of drugs has
advance. allowed you to double the time duration of
ingested or injected drugs.
Cannibal (Weird and GM's Permission)
Requirements: Veteran Light Step
They say that the eating of human flesh is Requirements: Veteran, Smarts d8, Notice
the key to immortality. You may consume d10, Repair d8, lockpick d8
human flesh to help with your body’s Tired of setting off enemy traps? You gain
healing process. You must eat at least a a +2 to notice and disarm traps and +2 to
pound of flesh; you may make a natural agility tests to avoid the consequences.
healing roll at the end of the deed with a +2
bonus. This action takes 10 min. Any npc's Master Trader (professional)
who sees this behavior will attack, player Requirements: Veteran, Smarts d8,
characters who see this behavior must Persuasion d10 or Intimidate D10
make a guts check failure means that they During price negotiations you gain a +2
are shaken, on a snake bonus to social tests. Must maintain a
eyes they must make a spirit test or attack. neutral reputation score.
After finishing the deed make a spirit check Better Criticals
with a -4 penalty, if you fail you have Requirements: Heroic, Agility d10, Shooting
become addicted. You gain the major habit d10, fighting d10
as a hindrance. In addition you lose When you critical you just hit harder. When
reputation every time you use the cannibal you get a raise on the fighting or shooting
ability. die you roll a d8 instead of a d6 for bonus
Robotics Expert Chem Resistance
Requirements: Veteran, Smarts d8+, Requirements: Heroic, Vigor d10,
Mechtronics D10, Nano-Tech d10 Knowledge (Chemistry)
Danger Will Robinson! You gain a +2 to You casual use of drugs has made you
damage VS robots and cyborgs some what
resistant to the affects of addiction. You
Silent Running gain a +2 to vigor rolls to resist addictions.
Requirements: veteran, agility d8+, Stealth
d10 Hacker (professional)
You may move your full speed when trying Requirements: Veteran, Smarts d10,
to be stealthy. Knowledge
Chemist You gain a +2 to computer & A.I.s rolls to
Requirements: Veteran, Vigor d8+, hack a computer in addition you may ignore
Knowledge the locked out status of a computer when
(Chemistry) d10 hacking

Concentrated Fire

Requirements: Heroic, Agility d10, shooting Requirements: Seasoned, Intimidate d8,
d10 WC, *Must maintain a positive or negative
When making attacks with a ranged Karma Score.
weapon with a ROF higher than 1, you gain Weather good or bad you have an air of
a +1 to damage with each shot after the menace around you. You gain a bonus to
first impact (More than one shot has to hit) intimidate rolls equal to your reputation
Requirements: Heroic, Lock-Picking d10 Paladin, Paladin where do your roam.
When attempting to pick a physical non Requirements: WC, Veteran, Survival d8
electrical lock you gain a +2 to your roll in Streetwise d8, Positive reputation.
addition you may ignore the -2 penalty Your good deeds are not punished. You
when forcing a lock to open. gain a +2 bonus to streetwise and survival
rolls to find shelter and food
Paralyzing Palm .
Requirements: Heroic, Fighting d10, Devil's Own
Martial arts, Iron Fist Requirements: WC, Legendary, Vigor d12
When fighting unarmed any time you get a Negative reputation
raise you may sacrifice the extra damage The devil walks beside you in your
To paralyze them, they must make a vigor adventures. You may add a bonus equal to
test or be paralyzed for 1d4 rounds your negative reputation score to your
Soak rolls
I have my Hate to keep me Warm
Requirements: Veteran, Spirit d8, WC Iconic
Must have a negative reputation score. Requirements: WC, Legendary, Spirit d12
You are filled with so much hate and bile, Positive reputation Score
that the God walks beside you in your adventures.
elements have a hard time bothering you. You may add a bonus equal to your positive
You gain a bonus equal to your negative reputation score your natural healing rolls
reputation score to resist the effects of
heat, cold, and starvation. Preacher (Professional)
Requirements: Seasoned, Spirit d8,
Pale rider Knowledge
Requirements: Veteran, driving D10, WC, (Religion) d10, A positive reputation score
(Must own your vehicle) You will bring the message of faith to the
And low death rode upon a pale while sprawl. You gain a +2 to persuasion and
horse. When +2 vs. tests of wills
seated in your vehicle you gain a +2 to
intimidate rolls. Increased Tolerance (Background)
R: Novice, vigor or spirit d8
You’re Breathing my Air boy. You adapt well to Nano-Tech. You increase
your total tolerance score by +2.

Augmented (Background)

R: Novice, GM’s permission
You have gone under the knife becoming a
cyborg. You gain 50000$ to spend on
Nano-Tech, your total levels of Nano-Tech
can not equal more than half your total
tolerance score, Any excess funds not
spent are lost.

Augment Freak
R: Veteran, Improved Tolerance, Spirit or
Vigor d10
You revel in your augmented body. You gain
an additional +2 to your tolerance score. In
addition recovery times are halved.

Bleeding Edge (Background)

R: N, Augmented, Connections to either a
Military or corporate/criminal
organization, GM’s Permision
Through your connections you were able to
access the latest in bleeding edge Nano-
Tech. You may purchase level 1 Omega
class Nano-Tech for the cost of a Level 2
Alpha class with the funds from the
Augmented edge. In addition when
contacting your connections you may
request new Omega Class Nano-Tech, note
this does not guarantee that you will get
the implant.