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1 Valsad: A Snapshot

2 Economy and Industry Profile

3 Industrial Locations / Infrastructure

4 Support Infrastructure

5 Social Infrastructure


Investment Opportunities

8 Annexure

Valsad: A Snapshot
Introduction: Valsad
Map1: District Map of Valsad with Talukas
§ Valsad district is located at the Southernmost tip of Gujarat,

near Gulf of Khambhat in the Arabian Sea

§ The district has 5 talukas, of which the major ones are Valsad

(District Headquarter), Pardi and Umargam

§ Vapi located in Pardi taluka, is an important hub for chemical

based industries

§ Valsad is well known for its production of mangoes Valsad

§ Focus industry sectors include chemicals, textiles, Vapi

horticulture and paper industry Umargam


§ Tourism: Some of the major tourist destinations in the district

District Headquarter
are Fire Temple, Daman and Lady Wilson Museum Talukas

Fact File
72.73º to 73º East (Longitude)
Geographical location
20.07º to 21.05º North (Latitude)

Average rainfall 2000 mm

Rivers Damanganga, Paar, Auranga, Kolak, Taan and Maan

Area 2,939 sq. km

District headquarter Valsad

Talukas 5

Population 1,410,553 (As per Census 2001)

Population density 423 persons per sq. km

Sex ratio 920 Females per 1000 Males

Literacy rate 69.41%

Languages Gujarati, Hindi and English

Seismic Zone Zone III

Source: Socio Economic Review 2006-07


Economy and Industry Profile

Economy and Industry Profile
§ Valsad is an industrial base for sectors such as chemicals, textiles, and paper & pulp industries

§ Since 1980’s, Textile and Chemicals have been the major sectors of investments and employment in
the district

§ Valsad is emerging as a horticulture hub of the State, witnessing significant production in food grains
and crops

§ With over 300 medium and large scale industries, Vapi is a major industrial center in Valsad witnessing
tremendous business activities

§ One of the Asia’s largest Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) is present in Vapi, owned by
Vapi Waste & Effluent Management Company and promoted by Vapi Industrial Association

§ Over 10,716 units of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), involved in different sectors, such as
chemicals, textiles, engineering, and paper industry etc., are present in the district

§ Several private conglomerates are present in Valsad, including Wyeth, Welspun Polyesters India Ltd.,
Aarti Industries, Atul industries, Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd. (GHCL), Raymond, Sun Pharmaceuticals,
United Phosphorus, Pidilite and Vadilal

§ Total production of food crops in Valsad in 2006-07
Fig 1: Production of Food Crops (00’ MT)
was 3.6 lakhs MT (2006-07)

§ Major horticulture crops being produced in the district 800 1118

are mango, cucurbits, chiku, banana and sugarcane 0
Cereals Pulses Sugarcane

§ In 2006-07, Valsad had the highest production of

mango in the State, accounting for 2,03,112 MT

§ The district was the 2nd highest producer of Cucurbits Fig 2: Production of Food Crops (2006-07)
with a production of 47,960 MT during 2006-07
40000 280000
Fig 3: Production of Major Food Crops (2006-07)
250000 30000 210000
Total Production (in MT)

200000 20000 33480 140000

203112 10000 70000

100000 6565
0 0
Fruits Vegetables
28845 28000 22418 Area Production
Mango Chiku Banana Coconut Tomato Cucurbits

Production Source: Department of Agriculture, 2006-07

Major Industries
Table 1: Presence of Major Industries in Valsad*

Name of the unit Taluka Product

Chemical products such as, chloroaniline, calcium phosphate, sulphuric acid,
Aarti Industries Ltd. Pardi
single super phosphate etc.
Chemical products such as, diamino sulphone, acetic acids and esters, different
Atul Limited Valsad
types of dyes etc.
GHCL Ltd. Pardi Madeups of curtains and bed covers etc.
Hindustan Inks Ltd. Pardi Printing inks, synthetic resins, prepared glues and adhesives etc.
Pidilite Industries ltd. Pardi synthetic resins, adhesives, colour pigments and lubricating chemicals etc.
Raymond Ltd. Pardi Weaving and processing of artificial and synthetic textile fibres etc.
Ruby Mascot Ltd. Pardi Uncoated craft paper, newsprint and poster paper etc.
Sarigam Steel Ltd. Umbergaon Iron pipes, seamless pipes and stainless steels etc.
Sun Pharmaceuticals Pardi Pharmaceutical products
Electronic equipments for environmental and air pollution control, Phosphorus
United Phosphorus Ltd. Pardi
Peentasulphide, Benzoate etc.
Vadilal Industries Ltd. Dharampur Semi processed & Instant foods, Tomato ketchup, canned and frozen foods
Welspun Polyesters
Pardi Cotton yarns, madeups of cotton terry towel and fabrics
India Ltd.
Wyeth Lederle Ltd. Valsad Pharmaceutical products
* Indicative List
Source: Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat, 2007

Major Industries

Map 2: Presence of Major Industries in Valsad*

* Indicative List
Source: Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat, 2007

Small Scale Industries (SSI)
§ In 5 talukas of the district, there are 10,716 units generating
58,641 jobs, with investments to the tune of INR 84,912 lakh Map 2: SSI Clusters in Valsad
(USD 207 million)
§ Dye stuff & opticals, cotton textiles, chemicals and lathes
2639 Units
& machine tools are the major small scale industry sectors
present in Valsad district
Valsad 825 Units
§ Pardi taluka houses maximum number of SSI units with a
4559 Units
healthy investment of over INR 39,340 lakhs (USD 100 Dharampur
million), providing jobs to 25,776 people Pardi
2542 Units

Fig 4: Talukawise Total Investments and Employment in Valsad

50000 30000 Umargam
Total Investment (in Lakh)

40000 24000

Total Employment
30000 18000 151 Units

20000 10424 12000

39340 33215
10000 1864 6000
10755 1471 217
0 0
Valsad Dharampur Pardi Kaprada Umargam

Total Investment (In Lakhs) Total Employment

Source: Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat, 2007

Industry and Investment Trends: 1988-97
§ According to Industrial Entrepreneurial Memoranda Fig. 3 : Decadal Growth Rate (1988-07)

Total Investments (in Crore)

(IEM) filed from 1988 to 2007, Valsad witnessed an
investment of INR 12,456 Crore (USD 3,038 million),

in sectors such as textiles, chemicals, and paper & 3000


pulp industry
1988-97 1998-07

§ From 1988 to 1997, investments by industries in the

Fig.4 : Major Investments Chemical and Textiles
district amounted to INR 5,211 Crore (USD 1,271 (1988-07)

Investments (INR Crore)

million). Some of the major investments were in

textiles, chemicals and paper & pulp industry 2400


§ Textiles sector led to the maximum employment 1200

generation of almost 23,824, with the investment of 0


Chemicals Textiles

INR 1,717 crore (USD 4.18 million) during the year 1988-1997 1998-2007

1988-97 in Valsad
Source: Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat, 2007

Investment Trends: 1998-07
§ During 1998-07, textiles sector has shown maximum investments of approximately INR 2,943 Crore
(USD 717.80 million), which was almost 41% of the total Investment of INR 7,245 Crore (USD 1,767
million) in the decade

§ The textile sector witnessed a steep growth of 71% as compared to the last decade of INR 1,717
Crore (USD 418.78 million) of 1988-97

Fig. 5 : Investments (INR Crores) and Employment during (1998 – 2007)


18000 22522


6000 2943 8689

668 3920
Textiles Chem icals Paper & Pulp Industry

Investm ents Em ploym ent

Source: Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat, 2007

Investment Trends: 1998-07
§ Chemical sector emerged as an area with huge potential, with investments to the tune of INR 1,773
Crore (USD 432.43 million), in comparison to the previous decade of INR 877 Crore (USD 214 million)

§ Valsad experienced a total investment of INR 115 Crore (USD 28.04 million) in the Food Processing
sector during 1998-07. The sector experienced an investments of INR 115 Crore (USD 28.04 million)
in 1988-97

Fig. 6 : Investments in Food Processing Sector (1988-07)




1988-97 1998-07

Source: Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat, 2007

Investments in Pipeline
§ 24 MoUs were signed during Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors’ Summit (VGGIS) 2003, 2005, and 2007, in
several sectors, out of which the major ones are chemicals, paper industry, agro based industries and

§ With an investment of INR 11,650 crore (USD 2,841.46 million), PR SEZ Private Limited has signed an
MoU in Vibrant Gujarat 2007, for establishing a SEZ in the district

§ During VGGIS 2005, a MoU was signed with an investment of INR 6,000 Crore (USD 1,463.41 million)
in the port sector

Fig. 7: No. of MoUs Signed and Total Investments

Fig. 8 : Sectorwise MoUs Signed During
during VGGIS
VGGIS: 2005 and 07

20 13465 15000 1

Total Investments (Crore)

5 4

No. of MoUs

10000 1
10242 2
10 15
1 1

5 9 4 4

Textile Paper Industry Auto & Engineering

0 0 SEZs Chemicals & Petrochemicals Agro
2005 2007 Healthcare Tourism Port
No. of MoUs Total Investment

Source: Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat, 2007

Economy Drivers
§ The proposed Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) and the
proximity of the district with Mumbai and Surat has made it a
key destination for industrial investments

§ The development of Maroli port into a new greenfield site, which

is to be used as an industrial port with an infrastructure of handling
16MMTPA of general and containerised cargo would help in
attracting future investments

§ Industry sectors such as textiles, wooden boxes, dye stuffs and

lathes & machine tools are the supporting pillars of the economy.
They provide direct & indirect employment to over 7,000 people
in the district

§ Tourism is another major economic activity observed in the

district. Udawada City is an important tourist destination in Valsad
district for the Parsi pilgrims, due to the presence of Fire Temple,
a World Heritage Site


Industrial Locations / Infrastructure

Industrial Locations/ Infrastructure

7 Industrial Estates
Industrial Estates

Vapi Surat

1 Industrial Park
Industrial Parks / Developers
Port based park
Industrial Locations/ Infrastructure
Table 2: Industrial Estates in Valsad
Name & Location Area (in Hectares) Map 4: Presence of Industrial estates

Dungra 46.76
Pardi 24.60
Dharampur 35.47
Bhilad 69.74
Valsad 105.63
Umergam 334.50
Sarigam 295.62
Umergaon (EWS) 29.87
Umergaon 51.74
Vapi 1163.77

Table 3: Industrial Parks in Valsad

Name & Location Sector Details

Port based park, Spread in an area of 400

Kalgam hectares

Source: Industries Commissionerate, 2007 and Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation

Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) 150 km

§ Government of India plans to develop a Dedicated Freight

Corridor (DFC) linking Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.

§ The proposed DFC passes through six states in India, of

which, Gujarat accounts for 38% (564 km) of total DFC
length (1483 km).

§ The influenced area of 150 km on either sides of DFC is being

developed as “Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor” (DMIC).

§ Almost 62% of the total area of Gujarat State (18 out of 26 Map 5: Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor
Mumbai- Delhi High Axel Load Freight
districts) would be benefited by DMIC development. Corridor (DFC)
Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar Knowledge
§ The State Government identified 82 links in the DMIC Investment Region (200 sq. km)

influenced area to upgrade them into two/four lane Industrial Area (100 sq. km)

Petroleum, Chemical and Petrochemical

carriageway offering connectivity between ports, industrial Investment Region (PCPIR)

estates, hinterlands, markets, and points of agricultural Special Investment Region (SIR)

DMIC Influence Area

Source: Concept paper on DMIC (IF&FS), June 2007
Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC)
Table 4: Proposed Industrial Cluster in Valsad - Map 6: Valsad- Umargaon Industrial Area
Umargaon Industrial Area

Components Description

Development of Maroli Port 4

Export Oriented Industrial Engineering, Textile, Gems &

Activities Jewellery, Auto

Residential, Commercial, Institutional/

Integrated Township
Health, Transportation land use

Development of Power
3500 MW at Valsad
Valsad- Umargaon

Knowledge Hub (Skill

Development Centre)

Container Freight Station


Connectivity to NH-8, Augmentation Valsad- Umargaon industrial area lies within 50 Km

Feeder Road Links of Vapi-Nashik (NH 3), Valsad-NH-6
Linkages of the Dedicated Freight Corridor in southern
Connectivity to DFC (Maroli-DFC Rail Gujarat. This region is connected by NH-8.
Feeder Rail Links

Support Infrastructure
Road & Rail Connectivity
Map 7: Road & Rail network of Valsad

§ Connectivity with major industrial centres in the

State: Ahmedabad (345 km), Rajkot (528 km),
Jamnagar (616 km), Ankleshwar (150 km),
Bhavnagar (514 km), Mehsana (419 km), Surat (77
km) and Gandhinagar (373 km)

§ Distance of Valsad from major Indian cities:

Delhi (1,095 km), Mumbai (221 km), Hyderabad
(781 km), Kolkata (1,709 km) and Chennai (1,328


§ The district is well connected with Ahmedabad,

Mumbai & Delhi with the rail line of Western

Airport & Power

§ Nearest airport is at Surat, which operates flights to

Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Delhi
Map 8: Power Map of Valsad


§ A substation of 400 KV is present in Vapi city, connected

with Dehgam in Gandhinagar

§ Two 220 KV substations are present in Vapi and Bhilad


§ A 132 KV substations is present in Atul

§ 66kv and 11kv distribution system spread over the district 400 KV Sub Station
220 KV Sub Station

Source: Gujarat Electricity Board, 2007 132 KV Sub Station

Gas Supply

§ There are seven pipeline sections in the district. Mora Vapi section is the longest segment with 52.259 km

§ The existing gas grid in the district is 85.66 km long and the proposed length of the gas grid is 37.23 meters.
The proposed gas grid will cover five sections, which includes, Vapi- Mumbai, Silvasa- Spurline, Patodia
Group of Companies, ONGC- Olpad and Reliance

Map 9: Gas Grid Map of Valsad




Route Identification Complete

Source: Gujarat State Petrochemical Limited Under Construction

Proposed Infrastructure Projects
§ A new greenfield site being developed as an industrial port, was
proposed by Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB) in Maroli, with an estimated
cost of INR 600 Crore (USD 146.34 million).
§ The upcoming facilities in Maroli port includes, handling a variety of
commodities such as fuel products, cement, coal, general and container
cargo. The cargo handling capacity is expected to be 16MMTPA.

§ With an estimated cost of INR 493 Crore (USD 120.24 million), Gujarat
State Road Development Corporation (GSRDC) has initiated to develop
a road project, linking Valsad Road to Bagodra - Tarapur – Wataman in
§ To increase the accessibility of Maroli (Umargaon) port, a rail project is
proposed connecting the port with Umargaon to Surat and Mumbai
Source: Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board


Social Infrastructure
§ There are 990 primary and 161 secondary and higher secondary Table 5: List of Educational
schools in the district
Educational Total
§ With over 1,250 seats, there are 6 ITIs offering several industrial training Institutes
programs which includes, fitting, armature & motor rewinding, Primary School 990
electrician, information technology and electronic system maintenance Secondary School
etc 166
Higher Secondary
§ One Government polytechnic College is present in the district offering
courses in civil, chemical, electrical, mechanical and plastic engineering, ITI’s 6

with an intake capacity of 360 Polytechnic 1

§ With 120 seats, there is one Degree Engineering College present in Pharmacy College 2
Valsad offering engineering courses in mechanical and chemical Engineering 1
branches College

§ Located in Vapi, G. M. Bilakhia Pharmacy College has an intake Management 1

capacity of 60 students per year
Other Colleges* 8
§ Rofel Institute of Management studies in Valsad offers full time MBA *Other Colleges: Arts, Commerce,
Science, B.Ed and Law College
course and takes 120 students per annum
Source: Department of Education, 2007

§ There are 43 primary healthcare centres, 10 community
healthcare centres, 10 Government and 1 Municipal
hospital present in the district.

§ Valsad has several private specialised hospitals to

provide a comprehensive range of tertiary and secondary
care services backed by state-of- the- art technology and
trained medicos

§ A multi-specialty 21st Century Hospital, (branch of

Nadkarni Group of Hospitals) is present in Vapi, giving
services in general and laparoscopic surgery, trauma,
orthopedic and urology etc. the hospital is one of the few
centers in India offering Uterine Thermochoice thermal
Balloon Therapy for Dysfunctioning Uterine Bleeding
(DUB) patients.

§ Beside this, several private hospitals such as, Kasturba

Hospital, Bhatia General Hospital, and Adarsh
Hospital are also present in Valsad


Udwada Fire Temple

§ Built in 1742, the Fire Temple at Udawada, which is also known Fire Temple

as Mecca for the Parsi community in India, makes the city a

famous pilgrimage center throughout the world

§ Dharampur is surrounded on three sides by the Sahyadri

Mountains which grace the town with pleasant climate

throughout the year

§ The collection at the Lady Wilson Museum in Dharampur

includes tribal art and articrafts that highlights the local culture.

Besides this, District Science Centre is also present in Valsad

§ Proximity of Valsad with Daman & Diu, has increased the graph

of tourist flow in the district


Investment Opportunities
Investment Opportunities
§ Chemical manufacturing units
§ Dyes stuffs and intermediaries
§ Paint industries
§ Water treatment plants
§ Distillation plants

§ Manufacturing of fabrics and made ups
§ Artificial and synthetic textile units
§ Technical textiles

§ Food and agro parks
§ Food processing units
§ Export processing units
§ Paper and pulp industry

* Detailed Sector/ Project Profiles for investment opportunities available at www.indextb.com

Annexure I

Maps Figures Tables

Map 1: District Map of Valsad and Talukas Figure 1 : Production of Food Grains (2005-06) Table 1 : Presence of Major Industries in
Map 2: Presence of Major Industries in Valsad
Figure 2 : Production of Food Crops (2006-07)
Table 2 :Industrial Estates in Valsad
Map 3: SSI clusters in Valsad
Figure 3: Production of Major Food Crops
Map 4: Presence of Industrial Estates (2006-07) Table 3 :Industrial Parks in Valsad
Map 5: Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Figure 4: Talukawise Total Investments and Table 4 : Proposed Industrial Cluster I Valsad-
Employment in Valsad Umargaon industrial area
Map 6: Valsad- Umargaon Industrial Area

Map 7: Road and Rail Network in Valsad Figure 5: Decadal Growth Rate (1988-07)
Table 5 : Education Institutions in Surat
Map 8 : Power Map of Valsad Figure 6 : Major Investments Chemical and
Textiles (1988-07)
Map 9: Gas Grid Map of Valsad
Figure 7 : Investments (INR Crores) and
Employment during (1998 – 2007)
Figure 8 : Investments in Food processing
sector (1988-07)
Figure 9:No. of MoUs Signed and Total
Investments during VGGIS
Figure 10: Sectorwise MoUs signed during
VGGIS: 2005 and 07

Annexure II : Abbreviations
IEM : Industrial Entrepreneur Memorandum
MoU : Memorandum of Understanding
SSI : Small Scale Industries
MSI : Medium Scale Industries
LSI : Large Scale Industries
VGGIS : Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit
GSECL : Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Ltd
SEZ : Special Economic Zone
LNG : Liquefied Natural Gas
GIDC : Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation
DMIC : Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor
DFC : Delhi Freight Corridor
GWSSB : Gujarat Water Supply Sewerage Board
CETP : Common Effluent Treatment Plant
BRTS : Bus Rapid Transit System
GSRDC : Gujarat State Road Development Corporation
ITI : Industrial Training Institute