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Flow Measurement Rittmeyer develops, produces and installs equipment and systems for

Instrumentation and process control of water and energy management.

RISONIC modular The Rittmeyer company was founded in 1904. Today’s product range includes measuring
equipment and turnkey systems for complex processes in
Intelligent flow measurement system based on the ultra-
sonic transit time method for recording of velocity, volume • Water supply (acquisition, • Electricity supply • Gas supply
and integrated flow. The system is suited for pipe rupture treatment and distribution) • Hydroelectric plants • Irrigation plants
and efficiency monitoring (IEC60041, ASME PTC 18). Integrated, International, Performance-Oriented • River power stations • Hydrography • Long distance
• Single and multi-path measurements up to 16 paths • Sewage treatment plants • Drainage systems energy supply
• Suitable for difficult hydraulic conditions
• Multi-section / multi-pipe Rittmeyer’s century long progress in these fields guarantees technical expertise
• Low Power / Sleep mode Rittmeyer develops, manufactures and
as well as economical solutions.
• Web interface for the parameter configuration installs instrumentation and process
and remote access control system solutions for the water
• Integrated data logger with remote access and energy sector. Founded in 1904,
via web interface Rittmeyer has commissioned more
• MODBUS / IEC 60870-5-104 communication than 20,000 installations to date. With
8 subsidiaries, a sales and representa-
Filled and partially filled pipes measurement tive office and agencies in over 25 Pressure and
Various installation options and transducer types (approved countries we are active worldwide.
up to PN 80 bar (1160 psi), removable under pressure) are
Level Measurement RIPRESS
available. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology,
Processing Unit RIPRESS Controller
world class expertise and highest
In conjunction with the corresponding analog or digital sen-
Pipe diameter: 0.2 to 35 m [1E1P/45°] (0.7 to 115 ft) quality we provide our customers with
sors the RIPRESS Controller is mainly geared for the acquisi-
Accuracy: Up to 0.5% of measured value reliable, precise and tailored solutions.
tion, calculation, display and communication of level, flow
and volume. Additional integrated features are limit value
Open channel measurement
monitoring, alarm notification functions, PID control, event
Various installation options and transducer types are
and measured value logging as well as remote data access
and parameterization.

Channel width: 0.2 to 100 m [1E1P/45°] (0.7 to 328 ft)

Pressure Transmitters
Accuracy: Up to 1% of measured value
Highly sophisticated piezoresistive pressure transmitters
with integrated temperature-measuring and -compensation
for measurements in:
Position Measurement • Reservoirs • Well levels
• Piezometer tubes • Lakes, rivers
Position Transmitter RIPOS
• Waste water plants • etc.
Compact and extremely robust position transmitter (shaft
Robust, durable construction for heavy-duty industrial
encoder) for the accurate recording, processing and remote
Rittmeyer applications.
indication of position (angle of rotation, stroke, travel).
A subsidiary of the
Advanced microprocessor technology allows both on-site
BRUGG group. Measuring range: 0 … 0.1 to 0 … 160 bar
and remote configuration.
(0 ... 1.5 to 0 ... 2 300 psi)
Typical applications are the position measurement of
Accuracy: Up to 0.05 %
flaps, slides, weirs, valves, locks, etc.
• Optical sensor
Ultrasonic Level Transducers
• Any rotational direction
Temperature compensated ultrasonic transducers for level
• Modular design
or distance measurement. Intrinsically safe EEx ia T6.
• Linearization
Measuring range: 0.25 … 6.0 m or 0.40 … 10 m
Measuring range: Up to 4096 revolutions
0.8 ... 19.7 ft or 1.3 ... 32.8 ft
Accuracy: Up to 0.025° (resol. up to 24 bit)
Accuracy: 0.25 %
Clamp-on Angle Transmitter RIVERT
High Precision Pressure Gauge W2Q
Angle transmitter of compact and robust design with gravi-
Pressure measuring device with advanced quartz techno-
ty pendulum as vertical reference value. Simple installation SWITZERLAND (Headquarters) Subsidiaries in Sales office in
Rittmeyer AG Austria USA logy. This unit, developed for rugged industrial use, is
directly onto rotating parts such as lock-gates, flaps, draw-
designed for pressure measurements as well as for hydro-
bridges, etc.
Inwilerriedstrasse 57
Box 464
Czech Republic Representative office in Water and Energy Management static and pneumatic level and volume calculations.

Subject to change. 21.040.0000500.

• Optical sensor CH-6341 Baar France Singapore • Microprocessor controlled digital technology
• No coupling or transmission necessary Phone: +41 41 767 10 00 Germany INSTRUMENTATION PRODUCTS • Intelligent processing unit
• Advanced modular microprocessor technology Fax: +41 41 767 10 70 Italy
PRESSURE AND LEVEL – FLOW – POSITION • Outstanding accuracy and long term stability
• Parameterizable Email: info@rittmeyer.com Slovakia

201005. Article No: 0082501.E01

Spain Contact: • Gradient and trend calculations
• Linearization
Measuring range: 0 ... 20 to 0 ... 275 m of water

Printed in Switzerland
Measuring range: -100° ... +100°
(0 ... 30 to 0 ... 400 psig)
Accuracy: Up to 0.02 % of measuring range
Accuracy: 0.015 %
Resolution: 1 mm of water (0.003 ft)

Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Flow Measurement with Position and Angle Measurement
Filled, partially filled pipes Open Channel Level Measurement System

Pipe Rupture

W2Q RIPRESS Controller

Pressure and Level Measurement Pressure and Level Measurement