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It takes quality time to build a good resume.

• DETERMINE & PRIORITIZE your skills, strengths, and interests. Assess your core
• CHOOSE a format for your resume:
• SELECT one of the following formats below:
o Recent Graduate / Inexperienced Resume
o Features and Benefits Resume
o Responsibility, Accomplishment, and Profitability Resume


This is the only format with a stated objective. Without past job experience, this is essential
since the employer needs to know your career aim. Otherwise, avoid stating an objective
unless you know what position the employer is trying to fill.

For example:

Jeff Jones
999 Post Oak Lane
Sacramento, CA 55555


• Actively seeking entry level management training position with opportunity for career


• Master of Science, Comparative Economics, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (1995)

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, University of California. Davis, CA (1992)


• Analytical: Able to develop and use quantitative theories, graphs and statistics in the
analysis of economic and political policies. Excellent ability to approach problems from
many perspectives and grasp the consequences of different solutions.
• Organizational: Highly efficient in hiring, training and scheduling employees in order to
maximize productivity. As production manager at the school newspaper, The California
Aggie, I cut costs by 5% in one year.
• Creativity: Wrote article for local business journal describing the political consequences
of economic trends in our area. Designed, typeset and marketed catalog explaining
the Aggie's outside production services. Resulted in increased outside production sales
by 15%.


• Teaching Assistant, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, January 1994-December 1995.

Production Manager, The California Aggie, University of California, Davis, CA, June
1991 - June 1993.


This format is for candidates with a some of job experience or for those who find it hard to
relate accomplishments to specific dollar amounts.

• State your past duties. (feature).

• Briefly follow with the results of those duties (benefit).

For example:

John Smith
222 Mesa Blvd
Westminster, CA 12345


• ACME BRICK MANUFACTURING Plant Manager September 1990 - Present Supervised

all aspects of operations for a brick plant producing 200 million bricks per year.
Operating profit was improved by approximately 20% from 1990 to 1995. Reduced
hourly overtime from 16% in 1994 to 9% in 1995. Awarded the company's Special
Achievement Award in 1994 for altering production methods which led to increased
output by 15% without increasing costs.
• ACYU BRICK Ceramic Engineer February 1987 - July 1990 Responsible for research
and development of new brick compositions and for solving production problems.
Developed a low-porosity brick for lining industrial chimneys which increased sales by
22%. Also improved several existing compositions leading to a higher quality product
without increasing manufacturing costs. This change amounted to an extra 11% profit
on each 10,000 bricks sold.

• Master of Science in Ceramic Engineering, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
(1987) Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT (1984)
- Graduated Cum Laude


• Member, American Ceramic Society Member V.E.S.T. (Volunteer Engineers, Scientists

and Technicians)

REFERENCES: Available upon request


The Responsibility, Accomplishment and Profitability resume (RAP) is best for highly
experienced people who can put dollar figures on their achievements.

This format:

• organizes a job description into specific categories.

• shows the employer bottom-line results at a glance.

For example:

Mary Fellow
1212 Robin Hood Lane
Neverneverland, PA 44444


• WINDY COVE OIL Vice President, Finance August, 1987- Present Responsibility:
Developed financial forecast to improve cash management for $1.9 billion company.
Accomplishment: Freed up $13 million cash by redeploying assets to more productive
areas. Profitability: Realized net profit of $7 million by the redeployment. Also
increased cash availability by $3 million by recognizing an opportunity and
renegotiating an existing financial package.
• WINDY COVE OIL Financial Manager October 1980 - August 1987 Responsibility:
Supervised a staff of 12 CPAs. Accomplishment: Shortened closing schedule by two
days each month. Profitability: Shortening the closing schedule freed up the staff for
other purposes thereby increasing efficiency in production. We were able to trim the
staff from 14 to 12 CPAs, saving the company at least 70K per year in salaries.
• GIMMINEE KRICKED, lNC. Financial Analyst June 1974 - October 1980 Responsibility:
Financial consultant for major agricultural firm. Accomplishment: Researched capital
equipment costs and enabled company to obtain profitable contracts previously
overlooked. Profitability: Saved approximately $60,000 annually by lowering debt


• Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA- M.B.A. (1973) University of Virginia, Richmond, VA

- B.A., Accounting (1971)

REFERENCES: Available upon request.

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