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Tools to help the Revolutions Part II - Online resistance cell organisation

We do what we must, because we can.

Tools to help the Revolutions Part II - Online resistance cell organisation

Oh Hai Aktivists and Protesters, we'd like to give you another collection of use
ful stuff - This time its about how to get an resistance cell going, with online
Let us give you a short introduction how we've come to this strategy:
In May 2008 the fight against the international very influencial Cult of Sciento
logy was on one of its hights. The International Anonymous hubs at the time, lik
e the now gone site enturbulation and the IRC networks, were under constant DDoS
attack and more or less offline. Our Videos were faster deleted from youtube an
d the file hosters than we could upload them. Triggered by the well paid lawyers
of the cult.
Communication to the other Anonymous was disrupted.
But we needed a strategy to keep our resources, videos, pictures, and most impor
tant our protest and resistance organisation online.
There is one very successful strategy to counteract a situation like this: decen
Split up in autonomously acting local cells that keep in touch through thier dec
entralized networks.
We did.
And that was the birth of the Hamburg Anonymous cell.
You can do, too. It does not matter if you 're fighting a cult, or worse, an opp
ressive government.
Advantages are:

you can continue the fight as a team even if cut of from all the other protester
a lot of small, local resistance coordination sites can't be taken
offline/blocked/DDos'd as easy as one centralized site
tracking all the small cells is much harder than facebook
Local organisation only needs a local focus
if you lose your twitter account/email/youtube channel/facebook profile due to l
icense or ToS trolling or blocking you're still in touch with your cell
you can gather resources there, videos pics, voicefiles, flyers and reupload it
from there if you lose resources to deletion or block
local networks make it harder to stalk you, or gather personal information to id
entifiy you

Here is how.

1. Set it all Up - You need a place on the web

You can choose between two options, the fast and easy way, which has some flaws,
or the hard way.
a) the fast and easy way:
get your own social network at:
It is free and they have the basic equippment you need.
- Video sharing
- photo galleries
- message boards
And if you're DDoS'd it isn't your problem wall.fm must fix it. On the other han
d they have propably a server farm that won't even slow down a bit.
But remember, although you have a ready made decentralized network, these dudes
have ToS. And if you're uploading extremely violent content that happens during
these times, or other ToS violating stuff they might close you down.
Think about that, when you choose to set up your network the easy way.

b) Now the hard way:

Setting up a forum or social network with free software from scratch:
what you need:
mysql or postgres db access
free content management system or forum software

Getting a domain
you can get free domains here:
You just need to point your domain to your webspace, and you're good to go.
Remember not to give your real personal data when registering, so it can't be tr
aced back to you.
And use a proxy, tor or the VPN connections we mentioned in Part I

Getting Webspace
Use your google fuu to find free webspace with Mysql support,
something like this:
or this :
You can also decide to buy webspace, but DO NOT use webspace in the US, Germany,
France or Spain due to the restrictive copyright.
It can, and will be used against you.
Go for Russia, Panama, Malysia, India or Indonesia.
For example:
Getting and installing your site software
We recommend wordpress with the buddypress addon if you want a whole social netw
Download here:
Why buddypress?
it is well tested and developed
it is easy to install and has a very good plugin system
it is a really good all in one carefree package

installing buddypress
- 5 min Wordpress installation: http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress#
- buddypress addon installation:
this is our old social network, here you can see how it might look like
If you want a forum with Anonymous posting possible (to protect the cell members
identity) we recommend going for myBB.
Download mybb here:
Why mybb?
because it is easy to manage
it has a gazillion of useful plugins and themes
its easy enough that you can add custom code without beeing rocket scientist
Anonymous posting is easy implemented

Installing mybb
1.login to your webspace backend
2. find the database menu/settings
3. Create a database on your webspace control panel, and note Host, Database nam
e, database user and password.
4. follow the installation instructions: http://wiki.mybb.com/index.php/Installi
5. get a theme: http://mods.mybb.com/themes or http://www.awesomestyles.com/mybb
6. implement anonymous posting: http://community.mybb.com/thread-81207.html
7. add anonym.to referrer to all links: http://community.mybb.com/archive/index.
8. get the overview plugin for latest threads and posts: http://mods.mybb.com/vi
- Have a look here:
Here is our myBB forum, you are invited to use it if you need a forum to coordin
ate, or if you have questions.

2. Finishing touches
- If you link to sites of the enemy, you don't want them to know from where you
clicked the link. Taht might guide them directly to your site.
so use the anonym.to redirect service to leave no traces.
3. Communications
You will need quick communications.
Anonymous uses the old IRC, it has proven to be very useful.
Anonymous provides two major IRC networks:
Anonnet and Anonops
Anonnet offers highly distributed, secure anonymous IRC network with IP cloaking
, anope services and ssl on port 6697 & 7999.
Server: irc.anonnet.org
SSL port: 6697
our channel is #Hamburg there, but you are free to create your cell channel tere

Anonops is not quite as reliable than Aonnet, but they are engaged in potentiall
y risky operations. If you don't know how to Internet think twice.
Server: irc.anonops.net
port: 6667
our channel is #Hamburg
You can embedd tis directly on your site though the Mibbit webchat widget:
That should give you all you need to build your online resistance cell communica
tion center.
good luck.
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