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BlueTECH Ventures Sdn. Bhd. (566947-A)


TEL: 088 - 389776 FAX: 088 - 389776 EMAIL: bluetech_lab@yahoo.com WEBSITE: www.bluetechventures.com


Supply of Nepenthes plantlets, potted and souvenirs to
Orchid De Villa park

April 2011
Statement of confidentiality and Non-disclosure

This document contains proprietary and confidential information. All data

submitted to Orchid de ville is provided in reliance upon its consent not to
use or disclose any information contained herein except in the context of
its business dealing with Bluetech venture. The recipient of this document
agrees to inform present and future employees of Orchid de ville who
view or have access to its content of its confidential nature

The recipient agrees to instruct each employee that they must not
disclose any information concerning this document to others except to
the extent that such matters are generally known to, and are available for
use by, the public. The recipient also agrees not to duplicate or distribute
or permit others to duplicate or distribute any material contained herein
without Bluetech Venture‟s express written consent.

Bluetech Venture retains all title, ownership and intellectual property rights
to the material and trademarks contained herein, including all supporting
documentation, files, marketing material, and multimedia.


Bluetech venture is pleased to present Orchid De Ville with this proposal for the project to
supply Nepenthes species at your park. We understand the lack of nepenthes species
variety that Orchid de ville is faced with and recognize the unique opportunity to supply
our different nepenthes sp available at the laboratory or nursery. Started in 2007, Bluetch
venture has set up medium size laboratory and done research and development on
these nepenthes plants for three years. Currently, we started to upscaleling our products.

The Nepenthes or popularly known as, tropical pitcher plants or monkey cups, are
carnivorous plants that produce jug-shape „pitchers‟ that are designed to attract, trap
and digest small animals. The attractions of these pitcher plants are their beautiful
sophisticated architecture structure. It is believe that the carnivorous plants have always
been rich source of rumor, myth and legends. However loss of habitat because of
deforestation, agricultural and open burning has become the major effects of
population decrease among the species available in Borneo. Moreover, wild collection
and unauthorized trade of these plants due to high demand in market had made the
conservation of these plants become very difficult.

Bluetech Ventures Sdn Bhd (“BLUETECH VENTURES”) took notice of this situation and
realizes the opportunity in the growing market demand for nepenthes supply as
horticultural subjects. The foray into this business was smooth since the Company
possesses strength in biotechnology. The Company is using what is commonly known as
tissue culture technique, which allows rapid multiplication of uniform and high quality
planting material. Uniformity of planting material is an important feature that assists in
managing a crop production system, that is, plants grow uniformly and mature at almost
the same time. In other words, their yield and quality are predictable and uniform.
We believed that, propagated nepenthes using plant tissue culture are the best solution
to relieves pressures populations in the wild from wild collection because of high demand
in international market
Collaboration between BLUETECH VENTURES with government agencies such as Sabah
Forestry and Sabah Park has ensured the ongoing research and development on
nepenthes for the benefits of the company and Sabah wild life conservation.

Business Activities

The Company has obtained the BioNexus Status (BNX – 200099) from Malaysian
Biotechnology Corporation Sdn Bhd and therefore it is eligible for privileges contained
within the Bionexus Bill of Guarantees among others are eligibility for competitive
incentives and other assistance.

The Company is currently carrying out plant tissue culture activities with focus on
ornamental plants i.e the nepenthes species. These tissue-cultured plants shall be offered
mostly to wholesale customers and some to retail customers in the domestic and
international markets.

Location of laboratory
Located at Kota Kinabalu city, BLUETECH VENTURES has leased a ground floor lot at
Arked Khidmat, lorong pokok seraya 5, Taman Khidmat, kota kinabalu with an area of at
least 4,000 square feet, complete with a meeting room, washroom, and storage space
We are here

The environment of the vicinity of the laboratory is clean and free from any form of
materials that can cause contamination to the cultured plant materials
Location of nursery

In addition to sustain the capacity of nepenthes propagation, BLUETECH VENTURE also

had set up a plant nursery located at Inanam Kota Kinabalu. The nursery serves as green
house for the acclimatization of culture plantlets and also placed to store mature
Pitcher plants (Nepenthes sp)

Typically, there are more than 100 different species nepenthes available in the world and
mostly it can be found in Borneo. Among the species, BLUETECH VENTURE had
successfully propagated 10 types of nepenthes species in the laboratory in order to meet
the local and international market demand. Most of the nepenthes available in the
laboratory are propagated from local mother plants that can be found at high or low
land around Sabah. For the current viability, only four type of nepenthes species
available to be introduce to the market (refer below)

Nepenthes albomarginata Nepenthes ampullaria - Green

Nepenthes ampullaria - Spotted Nepenthes hookeriana

Product and services

Nepenthes sp. as decoration plant

This design is suitable to be applied as
decoration plant where it can be putted
on top of a table in a restaurant or in a
bedroom. The plant can bring pleasant
feeling toward tourist who loved flora and
fauna available in Borneo. Moreover it
also can help educate people to know
more about nepenthes and appreciate
the wildlife available in Sabah. According
to the Chinese character, this pitcher
plant is under the theme as “FENG SHUI”
plant. It is believed that this plant will
create great demand especially in china
and Japan.
Nepenthes sp. as landscaping plant
This design is suitable to be apply as
landscaping plant in a lobby hotel,
garden or in a function hall during
wedding reception. A windy environment
and low light with no direct sunlight is an
excellent environment where nepenthes
should be located. It also can attract lots
of attention especially tourist because
nepenthes have different variety of
colours, shape and size of its cup.

Nepenthes sp in vial and keychain

Nepenthes in a bottle or jar is a suitable
design for gift during wedding ceremony
or friendship day. Tourist who visited
Sabah and planned to bring something
back home should not lose the
opportunity to bring back this plant that
recognize as one of the treasures
available in Borneo. Sustain long for three
months, this nepenthes can be plant-out
from the jar once the root has been
develop and transfer the plant into the
pot with the correct media .the best
media is peat most and perlite. After two
weeks place your plants near the window
sill or shaded area.
Technical aspect

Since these plants are considers new to be applied as decoration or landscaping plants
in Sabah, there is possibility that plants supplied are dying because lack of knowledge
about these particular plants especially on the suitability environment to plant these

Aware about the issue, Bluetech venture can offer special promotion to those who
request for maintenances on these plants in order to make it successful. Our company
can propose a special service to maintain the plants for the period of three months on a
trial basin from the date of the purchase. These include:-
A. Replace any plant that did not gloom or dead with a same size, age, condition
and etc. Provided the placement/location of the plants displays are consider by
B. Monitor and give consultation for every two week if there is any case of dying
plant with fee of RM 50 per month.
C. Take responsibility for any damaged and lost during delivery. However, the
company will not take any responsibility for any damaged happen after the
goods had been delivered.
(Special service only be given according to the quantity purchase)
These free services valid only for a period of three months once purchase has been
made. We also will submit a report regarding plantation suitability of nepenthes sp. in
particular area once this promotion period is over. It is important to remember that after
three months promotion period, the company shall viz

A. No be responsible to replace any plant that did not gloom or dead after one
month purchase has been made.
B. Impose a fee of RM 500 per month to any service regarding any consultation
or maintenance required by customer on nepenthes sp.
C. Give 10% discount on the price for second order if such orders reach more
than 5000 plants.


Species Name Ex-vitro plants(From Nursery) In-Vitro plants (From Laboratory)

Nepenthes SIZE US($) RM SIZE US($) RM

albormarginata green
,lowland Large (18-20 cm) 17 54.40 Large (5-6cm 4. 12.80

Medium (10-17cm) 15 48.00 Medium (4-3cm 3. 9.60

Small (6-10cm) 10 32.00 Small(3-2cm 2 6.40
Nepenthes ampullaria Large (18-20 cm) 5. 16.00 Large(5-6cm) 3 9.60
green, lowland Medium (10-17cm) 4. 12.80 Medium(4-3cm) 2. 6.40
Small (6-10cm) 3. 9.60 Small (6-10cm) 1.5 4.80

Nepenthes Large (18-20cm) 5. 32.00 Large(5-6cm) 3. 9.60

ampullaria,spotted Medium(10-17cm) 4. 12.80 Medium(4-3cm) 2. 6.40
Small(6-10cm) 3. 9.60 Small(3-2cm) 1.5 4.80

Nepenthes Hookeriana Large (18-20cm) 15 48.00 Large(5-6cm) 5. 16.00

(Red Medium(10-17cm) 12. 38.4 Medium(4-3cm) 4. 12.80
Small(6-10cm) 10. 32.00 Small(3-2cm) 3. 9.60
Nepenthes Large (18-20cm) 20. 64.00 Large(5-6cm) 5. 16.00
Sibuyanesis(red Medium(10-17cm) 18. 57.60 Medium(4-3cm) 4. 12.80
Small(6-10cm) 15. 48.00 Small(3-2cm) 3. 9.60
Nepenthes vial
Species name Size (cm) Whosale-price Retail Prices (RM)
Nepenthes 20>50= RM 18.00
albormarginata 3>6 cm 51>100= RM 15.00 RM 20.00
101>1000 = RM 12.00

In conclusion, these pitcher plants are suitable to be one of your attractions in your park
instead of orchid plants because of the unique physical, colours and sizes appearance
of its pitcher
Therefore, should the orchid de ville interested to purchase kindly contact the bluetech
venture management at the above address and numbers