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The Historic

November 24, 2009

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Massive CHILE

January 20, 2009

Horrific CHINA
October 5, 2009 Global
From Mexico
March 20, 2010
The 2004 Iceland Volcano
Prophecy Fulfilled
That Day & Hour Flights Cancelled Pg 31 CASES
Two Senior
No One Knows Prophesied March 24, 2004 Assistant
Pg 3 Fulfilled April 13, 2010 of Medical
Vision of the State Testified

of the Church
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proved Ruth
Apostasy In Awuor’s
Church after healing

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DR. Toromo Kochei (0722 636 978)
THE IRANIAN Story on Clinical Officer Rahab R. (0721 819 230)
DR. Catherine Wangui (0710 703 930)
2005 Prophecy
Pg 13
oncerning the most purely for the express purpose of imperative in order to restore and LORD Almighty. . . (Haggai 2:6-
momentous and highly enunciating the enormity and make all things right. “ʻIn a little 8). With these profound words,
anticipated eminent return certainty of that gargantuan day while I will once more shake the the LORD essentially put His
MIGHTY HEALING of Christ, it has in the recent past of reckoning. Instilled in that heavens and the earth, the sea and signature on the interlude in
literally become almost proverbial biblically most central prophecy the dry land. I will shake all which He would literally deliver
MIRACLES IN to read the word of God speak of on Christʼs return, is the nations, and the desired of all the nations of the earth into a
VENEZUELA things as near and just at hand. admonition that foretells of the nations will come, and I will fill stern dispensation of purification.
The word of God has done this great change that would be this house with glory,ʼ says the JEHOVAH intended that such a
Pg 32
2 Repentance & Holiness Magazine

process achieve all the standards Icelandʼs Eyjafjallajökull pains on a pregnant woman, and the anguish of the last days and to their own demise. If the nation
that befit the true hallmarks of volcanic eruption, the dust cloud they will not escape (1 Thess 5:3). the ultimate coming of the of Haiti were a classroom in
extreme anguish, non-relenting and the shut down of the entire It is now becoming more and Messiah. It cannot be held back which the other nations of the
distress and incapacitating pangs. European airspace, swine flu, the more evident that the reality of by mankind. That becomes the earth should sit and learn, then
Though the LORD Jesus referred merciless Greek economic todayʼs fulfilment of bible overwhelming spiritual there is no better way to describe
to the distress of today as the collapse, despicable drought, prophecy has finally dawned significance of the current global the impact of how manʼs
beginnings of birthpain, unexplained wild fires; there upon this modern generation, distress that threatens to totally disobedience unto the LORD can
nonetheless their occurrence was halt the established systems of adversely ramify the life of an
well intended to calibrate a season this world. ʻAnd the desired will entire nation, and percolate down
in which sooner than later, all comeʼ was made in Hebrew to every little fibre of its citizentry,
sinners would become mourners; reference to ʻthe highly esteemedʼ with unspeakable devastation.
while repenting sinners would i.e. the elect of the LORD. The fete “Because of this, all hands will go
look unto Christ Jesus and mourn of todayʼs pangs are as a matter limp, every manʼs heart will melt.
after a holy sort. Such a biblically of fact, achieved in the majority Terror will seize them, pain and
promised shaking of the nations of todayʼs episodes of calamities, anguish will grip them; they will
is what has today eventually now that each bears the writhe like a woman in labour.
Iceland Volcano Ash Shutdown Air Travel
caught up with mankind as the Iceland Volcano White Ash
April 2010
underwritings of an earth- They will look aghast at each
LORD purges off decay. April 2010 shattering potential, type other, their faces aflame. See, the
Nonetheless, by pledging such a causing her to be reproved and regardless. To the extent that day of the LORD is coming — a
phenomenal distress and anguish divorced from the long-sustained todayʼs catastrophes have now cruel day, with wrath and fierce
of all time, the LORD did not fall whimsical notion that the coming been indexed as ʻActs of Godʼ, anger— to make the land desolate
short of highlighting the great of the Messiah was just but a mere indeed goes a long way to further and destroy the sinners within it”
escape that penitent sinners shall mythical tale. Indeed, in many underscore the scope to which (Isaiah 13:6-9). With these words,
see in that hour. Godʼs most work places across the globe, be mankind has now come to terms certainly the true living
resolute standard yardstick of it in the developing, or even much with the pangs of this day and embodiment of this promised
holiness would then ensure that more in the developed world, age. The frequency and intensity distress has, as a matter of fact,
the remorseful who sow in the people have began to treat the with which earthquakes, tsunamis, manifest in our time. The question
bitter tears of repentance, would coming of the Messiah more as a floods, droughts, economic that is begging in the midst of
Iceland Volcano Blach Ash - April 2010
shortly begin reaping in abundant reify with tangible irreversible collapse, volcanic eruptions, todayʼs global distress is; if we
joy unspeakable at rapture. In his would not be any standard reality of life and death. And knew aright that all earthly things
holy script, Daniel the Prophet of available by which rank todayʼs must eternally pass away, then
the LORD, recapitulated the record phenomenal global anguish, than why did the nations set their eyes
distress that would clench the in a class of its own. Mankind will and hearts so much upon them, as
entire earth, to the extent that the continue writhing in deeper pains they do now! Classical among the
impenitent sinners, though they and anguish of todayʼs global cases is the current second bout of
laugh now, shall mourn and weep distress because they schemed the global economic crisis that
in endless horror and despair of and planned for generation upon has resurfaced in Europe among
the great tribulation and hell. By generation here on earth, but they the Eurozone countries. Beginning
C Startling 8.8 Magnitude Earthquake
now, it is abundantly clear to planned not with reference to the January 2010 with the sudden collapse of the
zealous observers of endtime overwhelming, approaching, and Greek economy through an
revival, that Danielʼs most most certain event of the coming unimaginable debt crisis, this
Historic Haiti Earthquake
decorated manuscript in chapter of the Messiah. The beginning of January 2010 contagion has rapidly spread into
12:1-3, was highly instructed by dreadful birth pangs witnessed by Portugal and Spain. Spain today
the Holy Spirit not only to define this generation and across the bloodshed, and wars; are runs a high risk of following
the fierceness of todayʼs global entire globe, indeed testifies to occurring today, makes one Greece into the financial abyss
distress, but also to honour Godʼs Godʼs hiatus exerted upon what wonder if they indeed do not considering the current high debt
elect on that material day. Though used to be a continuum of manʼs foreshadow an upcoming big and insurance she fronts. The Spanish
ttered across the face of the
scattered prosperity and tranquillity here China Earthquake ugly, tribulation, to mention. It is economy today presents the
on earth. If one were to look at the April 2010 as though the whole globe has
earth like little dots on a map, highest debt insurance in the
when that great day of gathering impending return of the Messiah currently within the christian eventually been thrusted down entire Eurozone. In Portugal, on
comes, there shall not one of the through the lenses of the current community, there is a growing the lane of perpetual and an the other hand civil unrest has
elect be left out of rapture. The global anguish, then it becomes convergence of interests towards unforgiving distress. To best began because of the austerity
LORD is using this to say, that for absolutely apparent that His a clear understanding of who perceive the extent of this global measures put in place. The Dubai
his righteous elect whose names return shall for sure do away with exactly the LORD does call his distress that is currently throbbing debt crisis has also heavily taken
are found written in the book, the every human schemes and indeed elect, and especially to the effect across the earth, it is absolutely the brunt on the global economy
distance of place shall keep none set aside forever all that God that He has destined them to prudent to reflect on the in a very negative way. Many
of them out of heaven. In a similar forbids. “And he shall rule with escape the upcoming mother of horrendous spate of human expatriates and local employees
reference to the beloved nation of an iron sceptre . . .” (Rev 19:15). all birth pangs. With over 300,000 suffering that befell the nation of in the United Arab Emirates lost
Israel, the LORD underscored that Testament to the inescapable people dead and thousands more Haiti when that horrific their jobs in the process and
never should the Jews ever cease requirement of the LORDʼs help practically maimed and amputated earthquake struck. Witnessing returned to their home countries.
to be a distinct people until all for mankind to safely navigate in what the bible merely describes the widescale demolition, and All these coupled with the
things predicted have been made through the current global as just the beginning of birthpains, destruction of both human life horrendous impact of the volcano
right. Considering the February distress, is the conspicuous deluge then without a doubt the horrific and property that gripped Haiti, is ash on the major global airlines,
27, 2010 historic magnitude 8.8 of the latter rain that is slowly but Haiti earthquake must have
H what threw the entire global can only bespeak a world under
earthquake in Chile, and the steadily inundating the righteous helped to paint a grimmer picture community aback, into an extreme distress. Like it was
horrific double-whammy dual remnant church. Of all the of what the true birthpains will instantaneous downward spiral of during the time of Noah, so will it
earthquakes in China, there plausible exegetical inter- have to entail. By this shaking, anguish, distress, and extreme be at the coming of the Christ.
would be no better way to decree pretations of the grief with which surely the LORD of Hosts intended fear. Coming especially after They felt secure and careless and
that the commencement of the todayʼs global distress has that all the hearts of men be drawn such a stern forewarning which they knew not until the floods
long-awaited beginning of surprised and shocked mankind, towards Him, by preparing the the LORD of Hosts sent me to came and on that day, they
birthpangs are here and at hand. no better word sits in place than a holy way for the fearfully deliver, all the way to that Island believed not what happened to
By the sheer factoring-in of such prolonged lifestyle of irretrievable Final Escape
E in the of Hispaniola, from November them. So it is with this modern
landmark historic events that complacency. Nowhere does the rapture. Instead of the World 22nd through 27th 2009; one is world today, a state of smug that
define todayʼs global distress; it bible best describe the present- Powers trying to subjugate left with no choice but to wonder has landed mankind into a greater
becomes absolutely feasible to day ungodly complacency as todayʼs untamable global distress, why the LORDʼs voice went utterly shock when the beginnings of
then understand manʼs manʼs deadliest undoing, than in the nations of the earth would unheeded. Having placed before birthpains have arrived. But, on
vulnerability in the absence of the the scripture that says; while have been better served, by them the blessing of repentance the material day of gathering, this
LORD. Together with the people are saying, “Peace and preparing themselves for the and the curse of a horrific nature of self-satisfaction is what
horrendous Haiti earthquake, the safety,” destruction will come upcoming eidetic fulfilment of earthquake, it is definitely today will cause many to miss the
unrelenting deadly tornadoes, upon them suddenly, as labour every biblical prophecy regarding apparent that they chose the latter, kingdom of God.
Repentance & Holiness Magazine 3

No one stone . . . had to emplace a strict standard of new house. Little did the people does with broken clay, in order to currently reinforce the hearts of
When the LORD Jesus pronounced rigor in their restoration process. of Israel perceive that Jeremiah produce forth a holy vessel; the men, will be toppled
to , with no
that a day was coming when not It was so stern that JEHOVAH had as a matter of fact foreseen house of the Holy Spirit. Just like stone left on another on the day
one stone will be left on another, caused Jeremiah the Prophet to the coming of the Messiah and the it was when the temple buildings of his burning anger. Hearts will
He indeed revealed much on what pronounce the demolition and noble inauguration of the spiritual in Jerusalem were destroyed with melt away. If the current tumbling
would befall todayʼs world. Such total destruction of the house of dispensation of the Son of the stones even pried apart to collect of the global economy, physical
a great demolition of the house of the LORD on Mt. Moriah. And living God as the Redeemer. This the gold leaf that melted from the infrastructure by earthquakes, etc,
the LORD can only depict a picture when that day arrived, surely no meant that the utility of the old roof when the temple was set on are anything to go by, then how
of total decay that warrants re- stone was left on another as the physical temple on Mt. Moriah as fire, so will it be at the coming great will be the demolition of the
construction. In a similar tone, house of the LORD was destroyed a worship centre, was ffast running of the Messiah. Large number of structures of men on that day of
Jeremiah the Prophet, had earlier and set on fire. However, the out, as the spiritual tabernacle pillars were toppled in a symbolic gathering. Todayʼs global distress
on also decreed such a fie having LORD had equally decided that would take centre stage. On gesture that foretells of the great indeed stands for a warning shot
seen the level of apostasy that had it would be the shattered rubble this premise, the LORD hence collapse of the human pillars that fired in the sky for all that care to
intruded into their mien worship in upon which he would find the promised to rebuild the broken today adorn the earth. Likewise, love the Messiah, to prepare for
the house of the LORD. The LORD new building blocks to raise a hearts of worshippers like a potter the spiritual pillars of man that his coming.

of the earth seem to have gone full

That Day & Hour

circle, and arrived at the same Noahʼs
dispensation. In what may have
began as simple baby-steps that were
well intended to improve the life of
mankind, the pursuit of prosperity

and development has unfortunately
converted this world into a place of
a detestable class of godlessness. In
such a position, the absence of the
fear of God becomes pretty well-

People were busy

W Eating & Drinking

hen the LORD Jesus foretold advances closer and closer to the return the Father, without any knowledge more then, should the church observe
of his eventual return to of the Messiah, one thing that has in lieu of that day, bespeaks an such-like faith in lasting obedience
the earth, he did not let now become absolutely perceptible, enormous faith that cannot be to the word that decreed her as the

mankind know the day and the hour is that the day and hour of rapture fathomed in this lifetime. Likewise, royal bride! With all its impending ow, appertaining to eating
when the final redemption of this evil must remain a preserve of God the the church too can make an import of gravity, the greatest impediment without fasting, God
world would come. In the meantime, Father, and Him alone. Hence, when the LORDʼs enduring faithfulness and to faith would then seem to be the Almighty has for sometime
He reiterated that mankind should the LORD propounded ed that, that day reinforce her own faith in order to mystery surrounding the day when been raising a red flag on the
make good of his time here on the must remain unknown, He essentially prepare appropriately. The obscurity the Messiah will return to gather the hazards it bears to spiritual christian
earth by conforming their lives to indicated for all practical purposes, that surrounds that most important church. Moreover, the covertness of life. Right from the onset, it is clear
Godʼs will, on a daily basis. It is that the day of rapture would not be day when the LORD will gather His the coming day of rapture squarely that JEHOVAHʼs clamour against
this uncertainty of the day and the within the range of manʼs knowledge elect, is the primary reason as to why rests on it being a surreptitiously uncontrolled eating and drinking is
hour of the Messiahʼs return, that and experience in this realm. That it is not widely addressed across all hidden truth that has been decreed by based on the fact that it compromised
has many a time caused not only the undoubtedly makes the day of rapture circles of life as it is today. In other the discreet purposes and appraised the spiritual sensibility of the people
church, but as well the entire heathen a totally strange and unfamiliar words, it would appear like when the counsel of God Almighty Himself. in Noahʼs dispensation. It is that form
community, to become indeed very experience that mankind has never LORD assigned the five-fold ministries, Undoubtedly, the scripture lays to of spiritual numbness that stopped
lyrical in the strictest meaning of ever encountered, and is soon to. It each with their respective role to act, bare the impeccable certainty with the population in the days of Noah
the word. Nowhere does the LORD is this aspect that makes He then cast an unknown which that day must be realized on from listening to Godʼs instruction.
highlight the gravity of mankindʼs that day one that is in the leading role the earth and in heaven. Overall, the LORD has always asserted
being in the know regarding His yet to be discovered With curds of the church. the need to be cautious with eating
Coming, than in the parable of the and explored, and and milk from E
Evangelism and and drinking, since food attempts to
As it was in the days of Noah,
ten bridesmaids. It was at this point unfortunately only herd and flock and shepherding, erode the seriousness of a spiritual
so it will be at the coming of
that the LORD reinforced the need for when it does with fattened lambs and all having been christian lifestyle. The vulnerability
the Son of Man. For in the
wise preparation and underscored happen. That is goats, with choice rams determined to which uncontrolled eating exposes
days before the flood, people
the seriousness of readiness for exactly what of Bashan and the finest to bring the the church could not have been better
were eating and drinking . . .
His return. It is in this particular makes the day of kernels of wheat. You drank souls into the displayed than in Deuteronomy
(Matthew 24:37-38)
Matthew 25 discourse, that the LORD Christʼs return a the foaming blood of the barns, yet for 32:14-16, when the LORD says; . . .
overstressed on the fact that those fearful moment grape. Jeshurun grew fat and the sole purpose
kicked; filled with food, he
who will have readied themselves of reckoning, of preparing These days of Noah . . . with curds and milk from

for the heavenly Bridegroom, will especially that became heavy and sleek. He them for the he brand of contentment that herd and flock and with
not be ashamed. The most required mankind has no abandoned the God who most momentous reigned in peopleʼs lives fattened lambs and goats, with
of spiritual features that stand out point of reference made him and rejected unknown day. during the days of Noah was choice rams of Bashan and the
regarding the LORDʼs return, can with which to base the Rock his Howbeit, the true such a self-satisfaction, that had the finest kernels of wheat. You
quickly be extractable
extract as faith, any preparation. This Saviour. test of Christʼs potential of practically delivering drank the foaming blood of
commitment, a righteous and holy inevitably leaves the discipleship at this the entire earth into eternal fatality. the grape. Jeshurun grew fat
living. This, by no doubt presents the nations of the earth with no last hour will now have to That kind of smug was so mortal and kicked; filled with food,
most sobering reality on the day and choice except to anchor their lives depend on how far the christian is that it literally drove the people to a he became heavy and sleek. He
hour of manʼs accountability to God onto the word of God as they get able to translate faith into obedient complete loss of touch with the basic abandoned the God who made
Almighty. ready. When the bible affirmed that living. Considering that Christ the requirements of Godʼs law. It became him and rejected the Rock his
ʻ...neither does the Son know...ʼ, it Messiah Himself today sits at the a form of complacency that was as Savior. (Deut 32:14-15).
No one knows about that day essentially presupposes that our LORD right-hand side of God the Father, dangerous as it was mortifying. In
or hour, not even the angels in Jesus Himself has also lived through even not knowing of the day and the the days of Noah, there were several
heaven, nor the Son, but only a scenario of greater expectation hour, and yet faithfully observing the elements that appeared in peopleʼs There surely couldnʼt have been
the Father. (Matthew 24:36). for that day as he anticipates His strictest of obedience to the word lifestyle, causing them to drift further a better warning coming from the
decoration and honouring. To be that proclaimed forth the coming of and further away from the will of LORD on the dangers of excessive
As the earth, slowly but very steadily, seated on the right-hand side of God rapture, how faithful! How much JEHOVAH. Today too, the nations eating and drinking, than this. Albeit
4 Repentance & Holiness Magazine

being crucial for the livelihood of digression from the freedom that man immediately left for the wilderness and what has befallen matrimony synonymous with those in the days of
mankind, we now see that Jeshurun had perceivably earned for himself. in order to pray and separate from in these last days. The LORD does Noah, then it can be plainly said that
who is symbolic of Israel, was Mentioned in direct relationship eating by fasting. That interlude of this within the backdrop of the well sin has entered marriages. And that is
indeed drifted afarafar from the LORD with eating and drinking (stomach), fasting and separation from eating established reality that marriage is the reason why the scripture laments
by excessive eating and drinking. the LORD couldnʼt have left a better turned out to be the most rewarding, a sanctified and holy institution that that when the day of rapture comes,
There must be something about mark on the risk of the grim danger because of the outstanding spiritual is God-ordained. When the LORD while the LORD will be gathering
uncontrolled eating that the LORD
that food exposes a christian life to. fete he attained as the ministration JEHOVAH created marriage, He did so his elect, the rest of the world will
heavily detests.
Understandably so, the majority of of the Holy Spirit replenished and for the purposes of a sound fellowship be busy marrying and giving in
Seemingly, it may appear totally
devout christians will agree with the re-nourished his mission (Matthew in the livelihood of mankind on the marriage. In retrospect, since only
inconceivable that when the day of
fact that food and eating, if not well 4). It clearly emerges that that kind earth. The worthiness of marriage sin can keep one away from the LORD,
rapture draws nearer, God Almighty
modulated, can jeopardize a christian of Holy Spirit ministration could not as a novel institution of God, is then it is plausible to say that todayʼs
the Creator of all things, then begins
lifestyle. The perils of food as have been achieved in the absence of heavily dependent on its ability to marriages that have been likened to
to sternly re-caution mankind on the the days of Noah, must be wallowing
brought to light by the LORD, did not fasting. This is the reason for which sustain the godly values with which
perils of eating and drinking. While in sin. It is true that in these days
necessarily imply food per the LORD JEHOVAH pin- it was originally created. Its novelty
during the laying of the foundation of Noah, as the rapture draws even
se, but indeed pointed pointed out the eating to JEHOVAH GOD though, is easily
of the earth, the LORD Himself indeed The nearer, many christian marriages
at its spiritually that went on in the days depictable in the fact that in many
deemed it right that there be food worthiness of are constantly caught up in sexual
detrimental effects. of Noah as one of the occasions, the LORD wonderfully
in order to sustain the livelihood marriage as a novel sin, among others. Coming this late
Much as food still most precarious acts refers to his relationship with Israel
of mankind on this planet; but the institution of God, is in the day, such marriages for sure
remains a basic that todayʼs church as a marriage, in which Israel is the
caution raised in relation to rapture heavily dependent on cannot glorify the LORD whose intent
requirement in the can ever engage wi of JEHOVAH. And because the
becomes a challenge. This then raises its ability to sustain the was that all marriage mirror the holy
sustainability of in, just prior to basic foundation of such a marriage
the question as to what particular godly values with which wedding of the Lamb.
manʼs livelihood rapture. The rampant greatly rested on covenant building
aspect of eating and drinking the it was originally
here on earth, its disobedience that the and sustenance, a default by Israel
LORD JEHOVAH was highlighting as created.
unchecked spiritual people in the Noahʼs often resulted into the annulment of Do not be yoked together
an admonition on its detriment to consequences though, days engaged in, can only the cordial relationship. A vivid case with unbelievers. For what do
spiritual christian life. To better can lead to the most come as a testament to the in time is what the LORD presents in righteousness and wickedness
appreciate this most important piece heinous act of ʻthe feeding of the diminished spiritual lifestyle Isaiah 54:5-7, when he declares that; have in common? Or what
of Godʼs instruction to man, there is flesh.ʼ And in order to well understand they lived. That also hints that their fellowship is there between light
an absolute need for a careful search how the menace of ʻʻfeeding the fleshʼ sensibility to the word of God had and darkness? What harmony is
in the scriptural domain on the can reign-in on an otherwise well been seriously compromised leading For your Maker is your husband, there between Christ and Belial?
matter of food. The scripture in 1 Cor intended christian life, it is prudent to a fatal numbness. In that defiled the LORD Almighty is his name, What does a believer have in
6:12-20, has always been so heavily to acknowledge the constant conflict spiritual order, it is obvious that the the Holy One of Israel is your common with unbeliever? What
concealed to the point that it has at that goes on between the Spirit and flesh reigned over the Spirit and led Redeemer; he is called the God agreement is there between the
times spurred-up a great controversy the flesh. This is because a life lived the whole earth down the gallows of all the earth. The LORD will call Temple of God and idols? For we
among theologians. Probably, in the Spirit would not gratify the of death. Today too, the majority of you back as if you were a wife are the Temple of the living God.
this becomes yet another reminder desires of the sinful flesh (nature). It christians have not paid a particular deserted and distressed in spirit As God has said; “I will live with
that bible interprets bible and the is today obvious to ardent christians attention to this raging conflict a wife who married young, only them and walk among them, and
deficiencies of human theology, that the sinful nature (flesh) does between the Spirit and the flesh, in to be rejected,” says your God. I will be their God, and they will
help to centralize the Holy Spirit as desire what is particularly contrary their lives. This presents one of the “For a brief moment I abandoned be my people”. Therefore, come
the Supreme Revelator of the word. to the Spirit, while the Spirit will key spiritual landmarks that testify you, but with deep compassion I out from them and be separate,
Nonetheless, chief among them, the
often deliberately desire what is that the Noahʼs days are here, and will bring you back. says the LORD. Touch no unclean
most significant import that christians
exactly contrary to the sinful nature. unbridled heedlessness becomes thing and I will receive you.” “ I
ought to appreciate in this scripture, is
In this way, the two; the Spirit and the key feature of the day. A Hence, as at creation, it can be will be a Father to you, and you
the fact that God Almighty dwells to a
the flesh, are in a constant conflict scolding of this scale by the LORD, is obviously seen that marriage in its will be my sons and daughters,
greater length on the spiritual dangers
with each other to the extent that principally intended for those Christ- original purpose, was undoubtedly says the LORD Almighty.” (2Cor
of eating and drinking. Pellucidly, 6:14-18).
many christians nowadays end up loving christians to stay away from intended to glorify the LORD, and Him
tthis the LORD does to the extent that
doing what they otherwise would not Jeshurun kind of fall. Jeshurunʼs alone. Having said so, it then becomes
He clearly forewarns on what would
have done or wanted to do. This is the situation has today re-surfaced in extremely puzzling to hear the LORD
be in tthis day and age termed as a Though mainly put forward in
rightful exposition of the reason as the church of Christ, thereby greatly castigate marriage as one of those
deceptive ʻdemocratic
ddemocratic spaceʼ. In that reference to the wedding of the
to why during the days of Noah, the re-emphasizing on just how much items in life that literally blocked the
context, the LORD reprimands the Lamb, this scripture was however
unregulated eating of food led to the the uncontrolled eating can cause, people during Noahʼs dispensation,
excessive permissibility that appears demise of an entire earth. Moreover, not only the church, but the entire intended to be the yardstick for
from entry into heaven. Without a
to have been lucratively advanced to when the rapture draws nearer, God nation to forget their Creator and all marriages that they may be
doubt, there must have been aspects
mankind, that he may do everything Almighty sternly castigates the eating Maker. The LORD has indeed loved of marriage that triggered-off such a presented holy before JEHOVAH. But,
and anything at will. It goes without of food as one of the major stumbling us with freedom upon salvation, bitter controversy between the LORD if this now is the benchmark by
saying though, that the implication blocks that could potentially stop but that liberty ought to conform to and His own ordained institution. which to standardize all marriages,
here is that JEHOVAH GOD strived todayʼs church from seeing the the holiness standards of JEHOVAH, Today it is evidently common to see then how much more have todayʼs
right from the beginning to give eternal Kingdom of God. Eating food the God of Israel. The LORD is the majority of christian marriages marriages drifted away from the will
mankind the freedom to do whatever without any form of fasting has today strongly exhorting the church on the drifting into a state of conflict with of God. That is exactly the reason
he chose to, eating included. Such a become the chief cause of the greater importance of prayer and fasting in the LORD, the Creator of marriages. as to why the LORD Almighty is
permissibility though, must have been dominion of sinful flesh among order to tame and subdue the sinful However, the only way that a grieving over todayʼs marriages of
meant for purposes of training manʼs otherwise well-meaning christians. desires of the flesh. Only a holy marriage can sour-up before the Noahʼs dispensation. This kind of
sense of responsibility. However, that In point of fact, the acts of the sinful christian lifestyle of prayer and LORD, is when such a marriage ief conveys a lot of love though,
declaration of God-given ʻdemocratic flesh are outrightly impurity, sexual fasting is eternally sustainable. transforms itself into an idolatry. God considering that without a spiritual
spaceʼ did not come without a stern immorality, idolatry, witchcraft, self Almighty has repeatedly reaffirmed trans
transformation in todayʼs institution
warning on the dire consequences of ambitions, jealousy, drunkenness, Himself as the Jealous One of Israel, of marriage, then as it was during
a regulated eating and drinking in the sexual orgies and the like (Galatians the time of Noah, so will it surely be
hence demanding all total attention
life of the church. 5:16-26). Since our LORD Jesus is the Marr
Marrying and from all men, including the married.
at the coming of the Messiah. When
perfect example of a singular focus giving in Marriage Unfortunately though, when a
the LORD Himself added against
marriage, by saying that;
“Everything is permissible on the will of God the Father, then marriage turns idolatrous, then the
for me”—but not everything emulating his walk on earth should attention of loyalty that they ought

is beneficial. “Everything is become the most central undertaking hen it comes to preparing to have pledged unto the LORD is “and they knew nothing about
permissible for me”—but I will in christian life. At the instance of the for the day of Christʼs essentially robbed away. Such are what would happen until the
not be mastered by anything. inauguration of his ministry here on return, the LORD earnestly the majority of todayʼs marriages flood came and took them all
”Food for the stomach and the earth, the LORD Jesus conveyed precautions mankind to be careful that the LORD is neither central, nor away.”
the stomach for food”—but the most impeccable message yet on with certain types of marriages that glorified. A marriage that honours
God will destroy them both (1 the dangers of eating in a spiritual could cause one to miss the rapture. the LORD will always by every
Corinthians 6:12-13). christian lifestyle. Upon being JEHOVAH in essence draws a solemn standard consider the fear of the That can only indicate how much
baptized in the Jordan river, Christ parallel between what happened in LORD first, in all they undertake to do. the LORD is today beseeching
By these words, the LORD made a clear Jesus the Son of the Living God, marriages during the days of Noah But, for the marriages of today to be married couples not to be lost in the
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complacency of ʻpeace and safetyʼ in now cut-out any considerations diligently tagged the legitimacy surprise with which the LORD 12:1-30). Moses who represents
marriage, but to centre their families of eternity and fully complied in of that servanthood to a complete promises to gather his holy saints the priesthood, instructed that
on the preparations for the coming of great despair, to the pressures of allegiance to the assigned tasks in in the rapture, is what particularly every household take the blood
the Messiah. The truth of the matter this world. Such a drop-out from that vineyard. But, to say that the makes that unknown day very of the perfect passover lamb, and
is that todayʼs marriages often pursuing Godʼs purposes is what day and hour is unknown, appears to critical to address. Of the two men sprinkle it on the door frames of
present enormous daily errands has caused a massive backsliding, have a refining effect on the quality that work in the house of the LORD the houses in which they lived.
to the extent that it is very easy for and the relinquishing of godliness of servanthood that the LORD was (vineyard), the faithful and wise one Sure enough, when the midnight
couples to sideline the requirements and eternity in todayʼs marriages. talking about. Unmistakably, the is reknown for taking good care of hour struck only the blood of the
of the LORD. In an attempt to fend If this picture of marriage is just scripture in Matthew 24:45-51 the people in the LORDʼs household perfect passover lamb mattered in
for their families, not only in this a prototype of the bigger picture, precisely refers to this particular by giving them the right food at the Egypt. Correspondingly, because
modern age, but also within the then one can comfortably say servanthood and the assigned proper time. In this final countdown the midnight hour has drawn
backdrop of the global economic that today the church has run tasks, vis-a-vis the secret return of prior to the most anticipated nigh for the church too, then the
meltdown, it is absolutely easy to amok under the weight of worldly the Master; rapture, the hour is ripe for feeding shepherds who are the priesthood
sideline Christ the Messiah! That pressures. If a most beautiful God- the household of the LORD with the of today, are certainly being
is the rationale as to why JEHOVAH ordained institution like marriage ”Who then is the faithful and proper spiritual food. Indisputably
I , instructed to commence feeding the
forecasted that while a remnant few can now degenerate to a place wise servant, whom the master the right food on which to feed the sheep on the blood of Jesus. This
would be preparing for the coming of where individuals have to pull-out has put in charge of the servants is the proper time
the Messiah, by addressing holiness, of Godʼs will and quit pursuing in his household to give them in which to cover
holy living, their food at the proper time? the church, not
then there sure It will be good for that servant with prosperity,
is a dire need whose master finds him doing but with the Blood
for revival to so when he returns. I tell you of Jesus, whose
visit the church. the truth, he will put him in capacity to prompt
Consequently, charge of all his possessions. repentance is
when JEHOVAH But suppose that servant is unparalleled. In
b i t t e r l y wicked and says to himself, ‘My reference to the
amented that as
lamented master is staying away a long other man that the
Christʼs return time,’ and he then begins to rapture catches
draws closer, beat his fellow servants and to unaware, and is
many would eat and drink with drunkards. left behind, the
be giving- The master of that servant will LORD doubtlessly
in marriage; come on a day when he does implied todayʼs
verily He indeed not expect him and at an hour pastors who instead
bemoaned he is not aware of. He will cut of preparing in
the widescale him to pieces and assign him readiness, are
The Wheat Field The Hand Mill
backsliding that has today a place with the hypocrites, busy saying;
characterized the marriages of this where there will be weeping church of Christ at this last hour
the rest of the world would instead be
dispensation. This situation has and gnashing of teeth. is definitely the righteousness ‘My master is staying away a
deeply engaged in the chores of their
gotten so bad that even once-devout and holiness of the LORD. Now is long time . . . ’
busy marriages. It is the enormous
christians are now practicing Admittedly, because these two surely the proper time to cover the
capaciousness of Godʼs love and
ungodly marriages of convenience, men are working in the same field, sheep with the unfailing Blood of Tragically, a careful look at todayʼs
mercy that could not have allowed
in a condition that can only depict it is rightful to say that they are Jesus, which is assuredly the only church immediately reveals that
him to go without counselling
alot that has literally thrown-in both toiling in the vineyard of the spiritual nourishment that avails as a matter of fact, she has been
mankind on the macabre dangers of
the towel. God Almighty is today LORD. And for the LORD to have the righteousness and holiness of ensnared by this same old trick of
giving-in marriages, at the expense
imploring mankind to convert their deliberately opted to take only one, God. The pastors that realize this the adversary. It is the only plausible
of eternity. The LORDʼs cautionary
marriages into Christ-centred, it must be unquestionably true that, most noble task of lawfully tending explanation that can account for the
warning on the dangers of giving-
holy institutions, that glorify their while laboring in that vineyard, the todayʼs sheep on righteousness, are current state of slumber, in which
in marriage must have implied
Creator. other servant must have engaged indeed symbolized by the one man the church is not even preparing
that there was an eminent risk of
in acts of lawlessness. Nowonder, that the LORD takes on that day of for the coming of the Messiah. The
spiritual plunder in marriages.
JEHOVAH Himself prewarns that reckoning, while leaving the other. LORD is today censuring the pastors
Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the
chores, errands, and conflicts that Two men working not all who proclaim ʻLORD, To the extent that the Blood of Jesus that are unlawfully engaged in this
LORD...” will enter into His eternal kind of slumber that they may wake
have infiltrated the present-day in the field Kingdom. Appropriate to
is the one and only wholesome
and ultimate sacrifice, up to the calling of this revival
marriages, can easily steal-away
this unyielding caution hour. JEHOVAH is doing this with the

ones eternal destiny; as more focus then the act of
y heralding that the day onto His servants, the In this final understanding that the church is the
is paid on keeping the marital boat worship unto
and hour of the Messiahʼs LORD however raises countdown prior main instrument of the Holy Spirit
afloat. By giving-in marriage, the the LORD is
coming is unknown, the two most important to the most anticipated for transformation across nations.
LORD essentially implied that in veritably an
LORD undeniably revealed so much attributes that rapture, the hour is ripe However, the portentous lawlessness
these last days people would be all or nothing
regarding the prerequisite readiness could help for feeding the household with which the rogue disobedient
caused to abandon their spiritual phenomenon.
that the church ought to put in place todayʼs pastors to of the LORD with the proper pastors of today take care of the
ambitions of eternity with God, N o t h i n g
for rapture. Astoundingly, in order maintain anchor spiritual food. Indisputably, the sheep, must have seriously grieved
for the sake of sustaining their can ever be
to underline the shock and surprise to readiness for right food on which to feed the Holy Spirit to the highest degree
marital relationship. It also miscible with
with which that day of Christʼs return that unknown day. the church of Christ at this possible. Sure as can be, it is this
fundamentally entails marriages the precious
will storm the earth, the LORD draws These two attributes last hour is the definitely unbecoming heedlessness within
literally caving-in to immense and redeeming
an exceptional parallel between the are faithfulness and the righteousness and todayʼs priesthood that was verily
Blood of Jesus
sustained pressure that is exerted secrecy of that day and two men wisdom. The only holiness of the LORD. well indexed when the LORD angrily
during worship.
on them by the fast-paced world working in the field. JEHOVAH God, way then to restore retorted;
The church of
of these last days. To the extent in His most sacred exalted counsel, the defiled servanthood
Christ is today
that many marriages have today decrees a vow that of the two men that is today laboring in
moving closer and “ . . . and he then begins to beat
practically bowed-out, buckled- who will be found working in the the house of the LORD, is by the
closer to the midnight hour in his fellow servants and to eat
under, and even concededd defeat field, only one will be taken up in that pastors embracing these two most
which case requiring that the sheep and drink with drunkards. . . ”
into the capitulation of marriage, irretrievable gathering of the saints. cherished qualities. At this last
be fed correctly at this proper time.
can only reemphasize that without On every occasion when the holy hour, the pastors ought to shepherd
a stout anchor on the Blood of scripture remarks on men, the LORD the flock with absolute faithfulness On that account, when the midnight Assuredly, todayʼs sheep of Christ
Jesus, the destiny of marriage is principally alludes to His servants, to the assigned tasks in the house of hour drew nigh for the house of have been heavily beaten spiritually
hell. To a greater degree, the global the pastors. Honestly, when JESUS the LORD, while appraising wisdom. Jacob in Egypt, the LORD had by the servants who have persistently
financial meltdown has undeniably OF NAZARETH completed the work of This is the only way to centre the commanded Moses to instruct the mauled their meagre finances. In
exacerbated the spiritual decay redeeming mankind on the cross, He fear of the LORD into the church house of Jacob to take the blood of his use of the drunkard to describe
in marriages, to the point that assigned specific tasks to the servants of Christ, in these diminishing the perfect passover lamb, without shepherds who are in lawlessness,
the majority of couples have in the vineyard. However, the LORD moments before rapture. The defect for that proper time (Exodus the LORD must have been disgusted
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with todayʼs disobedience and wise virgins out of ten, the LORD in proclaimed; “that day and the hour that He may lead people to God the christians that the current church of
rebellion within the priesthood. In its essence implied that of the remnant no man knoweth. . . .” JEHOVAH Father. In that way, He purchased all Christ is no where close to any form
raw definition, a drunkard presents that will step out to seek holiness and principally denoted a firm warning men from all tribe, language, people of agility, especially if the wedding
as somebody who habitually drinks await for rapture, only 50% will be that all may wisely prepare for that and nations for our God in heaven of the Lamb were to take place today
too much alcohol. These could not gathered-up in that mighty harvest. day, lest they fulfil bible prophecy (Revelation 5:9). However, when and now. And lo! If it is true that
have been kind words from the This becomes yet another shocking that promises to leave one woman on the LORD apportioned the church her alertness also requires one to adopt
Omnipotent, especially when directed reminder that the true meaning of the earth. ordination, He gave her the right to an attitude of vigilance, caution and
towards His own servants in the day and hour unknown, is that the be the light of this dark world, and readiness towards an expected event,
house. The only imaginable situation surprise nature with which the LORD Keeping watch never to conceal that lumination. then how far wafted off is todayʼs
at which the LORD would now call will appear, will most definitely find The church was hence supposed church from the basic command of

His own pastors drunkards, is when not only the world, but also half of n order to best interpret the to have operated as a witness that God. Todayʼs christians ought to
they have surely crossed the red the remnant few unaware. Grinding core message with which the Christ is to return in the rapture, but have appreciated the importance of
line and abused the very grace that of wheat kernels with a hand mill is LORD declared that; “that that day in her failure to do so, none of the spiritual vigilance in order to not only
redeemed them from the dungeon of the primary process that gives rise to and hour no man knoweth,” it is heathen would even prepare. This do exploits for the kingdom, but also
death. Categorically a drunkard is wheat used for baking bread. Jesus absolutely fundamental to examine is because both the church and the to preserve their hard-won spiritual
one who habitually drinks alcohol said that He is the living water and He the strategic directives that flank this heathen, have eventually now known gains as the coming of the Messiah
to the extent that he is stupefied and would make the church well-up with crucial proclamation. Key among not that His coming is now at hand. draws closer. How about caution?
becomes irrational in character and springs of living water. He further them, is the LORDʼs pronouncement In their Sunday church services, Acknowledging that the church is still
behaviour. Apart from the stinging went on to say that He is the Light of an austere instruction to the morning and evening, all was as much the focus of Godʼs solicitous
nature of this stern rebuke, most of the world, and that the church was church to be watchful in these last supposed to have been pointing at love, then the spiritual alertness with
important then becomes the need made after Him as the Light of the days just before rapture. With such the Lamb of God, and yet even here which God is counselling christians
to clearly sort out and understand world. The word ord is the true bread
read of amazement, this heavenly message there is no preparation to receive to walk, as a matter of fact, defines
what exactly causes a shepherd life and by working with a hand mill of watchfulness beholds the Him. Disastrously though, todayʼs a life under a state of advisory. And
to be termed a habitual drunkard. to grind wheat kernels into flour, the difference between a people whom rebellious pastors have continued this is totally consistent with what
What todayʼs shepherds donʼt seem LORD essentially implied that those God has called to communicate the rehearsing their meaningless prayers happens in ordinary life, when an
to well understand is that of all the two women were teaching the word light of His sacred truth to the world, and performing their rites of worship advisory is issued for people to
enticing snares that the adversary in the church. And for the LORD to and those still groping in darkness. just to be seen by men, but in their maintain a constant alertness in
positions in their practice, the depict how he would While the church had wondered strife for worldly wealth and glory, readiness for an impending act.
love of money is the aptly move in to at the glorious plan of redemption they have not even prepared the Today the church of Christ stands
most intoxicating and Because take only one of that will consummate at rapture, it sheep for the LORDʼs return. These at the threshold of rapture thereby
addictive of them all. the tidings the two women is however the secret nature of that defiant shepherds of todayʼs church, desperately demanding a state of
Irrefutably , a closer fill heaven with that teach the unknown day that caused the LORD act as though they know not that high alert. But since faith can in
look at some of the enormous joy and word in todayʼs to caution mankind to be extremely the greatest event of all the ages no way be allied to presumption in
conduct of the present- a deeper more tender church, it must watchful, when He said; is just about to take place. With these most critical last days, then
day shepherds, interest for the holy be that the one astonishment this heavenly bride has spiritual alertness among christians
indeed reveals a state beings, God Almighty left behind beheld such a cold indifference on must undoubtedly include a lifestyle
”Therefore keep watch, because you
of an intoxicating deemed it fit to compel teaches an matters of rapture, and this late in depicted by a constant lookout. This
do not know on what day your LORD
addiction to the love the church to prepare adulterated the day. becomes absolutely imperative as
will come (Matt 24:37-42).
of money in the church. for the coming of the word. Coming Because the tidings fill heaven with todayʼs saints attentively await the
It is this addictive holy Messiah. from this enormous joy and a deeper more rapture. And if there was any way in
To best attain an excellent
habitual conduct that has forewarning, tender interest for the holy beings, which to validate the alertness with
illustration of what the LORD of
gradually but steadfastly it is now possible God Almighty deemed it fit to compel which the LORD is appraising the
Hosts meant when he said, “keep
held the church hostage in to well perceive the the church to prepare for the coming church today, then it becomes the call
watch”; the basic definition of
a state of perennial sin. If only consequences of todayʼs of the holy Messiah. In view of the to live a very observant life and be
ʻwatchfulʼ, cannot be ignored. An
the shepherds had known that impenitent pastors preaching a LORDʼs most striking advisory on the highly expectant of that long-awaited
exploration of what it takes to
habituation to sin constitutes a corrupt gospel. Pertinently, today it be watchful essentially
gravity of watchfulness, event, the coming of the Messiah.
church that has lost all sensibility is possible to vividly spot multitudes implies being very
the question then
In view of
to evil thereby being rendered of churches in which the word has becomes, ʻWhy
spiritually numb. Granted that the been severely corrupted with the
alert and on a the LORD’s most has the present To be on Guard
constant lookout by striking advisory on the

church can continue in sin to the current gospel of prosperity, to the waiting attentively.
day church not
gravity of watchfulness, ecause faith petitions
point of addictive drunkenness, extent that they would fit the model Furthermore, a
bothered to be
the question then becomes, Godʼs promises, and yields
then it would be true of her that of the woman that is left behind watchful person
watchfully alert
‘Why has the present day forth the spiritual fruit
the threshold of sensibility of at rapture. These are the kinds of is often a very
and on the lookout
church not bothered to be of obedience for those who are
sin has been undoubtedly raised. churches and christians that the careful and
for that sudden
watchfully alert and on the watchful, then, there will be in store
In effect, this is the condition LORD is vigorously reproving by cautious person,
snatching away
lookout for that sudden for them a crown of righteousness
that today tragically prevails advancing a warning that if they who keeps vigil by snatching away of the
of the saints?” This
do not reform into penitence and modern day church which the LORD, the Righteous Judge
among the majority of pastors staying awake for a saints?”
remorsefulness, He would have has literally faulted will award them who have longed
and congregations in churches. given purpose. And
to pull the rug under their feet. It on every aspect of for His appearing (2 Timothy 4:8).
Sin cannot be detected anymore in that vigil, the watchful
must be said though, that as much watchfulness as advanced The most important cradle of a life
and hence goes unchecked in the person will always be very
as it is JEHOVAHʼs utmost desire by the LORD. For instance, if lived in spiritual watchfulness, is the
christian lifestyle of this age. A observant and highly expectant
that nobody ever goes to hell, He watchfulness indeed denotes a state righteousness that it establishes and
lifestyle of this nature is what the of the awaited event. If these were of being very alert, then the question
however has repeatedly resounded sparkles in the lives of the saints.
LORD articulately referred to as “to the directives that the LORD entrusted becomes; is todayʼs church really
a stern warning on manʼs failure to
eat and drink with drunkards. . .” upon the church for rapture, then for spiritually alert with regard to the
shape-up and repent. Admittedly, ”No one knows about that day
in that context no shepherd would sure a closer look at the present-day coming of the Messiah? A church or hour, not even the angels in
ever long to envisage that these house of the LORD reveals that she that is alert is one that is fully aware, heaven, nor the Son, but only
Two women grinding words of rebuke be fulfilled upon must have stooped
tooped too low to take up attentive, and wide-awake, especially the Father. Be on guard! Be alert!
their lives, when the LORD said; the rude and forbidding rebellion of at this last hour as the nations You do not know when that time

hereas reference is made her earthly surrounding. Whereas the delicately veer towards rapture. will come. It’s like a man going
to men as servants, women Remember the height from LORD Jesus may have had His glory Contrarily, the kind of apathetic away: He leaves his house and
on the other hand do which you have fallen! Repent veiled-up that the majesty of His indifference that pervades the church puts his servants in charge, each
represent the LORDʼs symbolism of and do the things you did at outward form might not become an world over, with its selfish and with his assigned task, and tells
the remnant church. Considering that first. If you do not repent, I object of attraction, but never was this world-engrossed clamour for earthly the one at the door to keep
when the LORD Jesus spoke about His will come to you and remove the intention of the light with which things, todayʼs christian can in no watch. ”Therefore keep watch
distinguished return to the earth, He your lampstand from its place the church was ordained in this dark way be any closer to watchfulness. because you do not know when
referred to it as being synonymous (Revelation 2:5). world. In His most humble meekness, What becomes even more disturbing the owner of the house will come
with ten virgins that step out to the LORD Jesus concealed the original is the fact that alertness also requires back—whether in the evening, or
wait for the bridegroom. By taking Centrally, it is now feasible to glory with which He was with the that one be swift and agile. And yet at midnight, or when the rooster
one woman out of two, and five comprehend that when the LORD Father in the beginning, in order it is today common knowledge to all crows, or at dawn. If he comes
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suddenly, do not let him find you thereby bringing them down. This of God returned with him and marauding false apostles do no gain them, there was a disguised attempt
sleeping. What I say to you, I say phenomenon is happening more and ate and drank in his house. While entry into this most treasured house to extort money from them in the
to everyone: ‘Watch!’ “ more today with lawless shepherds they were sitting at the table, of the LORD. Since keeping guard gospel of prosperity and financial
exploiting the otherwise well the word of the LORD came to the as raised by the LORD also entails to wealth transfer. The current rampant
God will safeguard all those who aspiring christians. The shepherds old prophet who had brought control and restrain aspects such as fronting of the gospel of ʻsow-a-
walk in the path of obedience in the who set themselves to intercept the him back. He cried out to the speech and behaviour, then it goes seed and obtain your miracle nowʼ,
highway of holiness; but to depart wonderful communion between man of God who had come from without saying that the church ought has become the biggest curse and
from it constitutes a ruinous venture the LORD and the remnant elect, do Judah, “This is what the LORD to live a guarded life that reflects the undoing in the church. It is because
into the devilʼs pit hole. Central to so by exploiting ignorance on the says: ‘You have defied the word salvation she has. Hence when the this gospel of money and wealth that
obedience is the capacity to be able part of their victims. God Almighty of the LORD and have not kept LORD said that that day and hour no today saturates the Global Christian
to recognize that when scripture clamoured to the apocalyptic rider the command the LORD your God man knoweth, He significantly gave Television networks, has become
repeatedly echoes a warning about a of the black horse and instructed gave you. You came back and a very powerful message to this end well recognized by the unbelievers
particular thing, then extreme caution him not to damage the oil and the ate bread and drank water in the church on the need to keep guard to be an utter contempt unto the holy
ought to be paid it. The LORD Jesus too wine. The oil and the wine are used place where he told you not to in order to enter the kingdom of name of Jesus, as it constitutes the
did not presume on Godʼs instructive in this context by the LORD in order eat or drink. Therefore your body heaven. This he emphasized that they blatant selling of the Blood of Jesus.
word by acting unbidden, hence nor to symbolize the latter anointing will not be buried in the tomb would observe in order to overvalue Hence, when the LORD commanded
should we on this matter of being of the Holy Spirit and its power. of your fathers.’ “When the man heavenly things and set their hearts that the church keep guard, it also
watchful even unto the rapture. In However, for the LORD to have yelled of God had finished eating and upon the coming of the Messiah. connoted the instruction to shield
this perspective, even the scripture in out for the protection of that last- drinking, the prophet who had However, not without hindrance her words in order to ensure that
Mark 13:32-37, continues to reiterate promised anointing on the church, brought him back saddled his would the church hearken unto the only what is spiritually beneficial to
the same directive that, that day and there must have been the real danger donkey for him. As he went on righteousness of the LORD by keeping Christ Jesus, is released. How artfully
hour is not known, thereby requiring of a serious plunder of that most his way, a lion met him on the guard. The adversary will always beneficial would the church approach
the church to be highly watchful. authoritative anointing. How though road and killed him, and his body strive to place stumbling blocks that the heathen with the gospel had she
However, when the scripture in Mark can man receive the latter rain that was thrown down on the road, hinder the church from guarding the restrained herself from the spiritually
13:32-37 tackles the secrecy of that was promised in Joel 2:28-32, and with both the donkey and the precious holiness of the LORD which maligning preaching and behaviour
day of gathering, it brings to light the then recklessly allow plunder? That lion standing beside it. (1 Kings was inherited through salvation. that she is currently engaged in.
need for the church to be on guard. implies that the glory and peace of 13:11-24). Todayʼs christians however, should Because guarding also bestows on
Being on guard essentially means heaven and the joy of communion with find consolation in the fact that even one the responsibility of shielding
the protection of something against God, were but dimly comprehended There was the sin of obedience in the LORD Jesus, from the time when somebody or something, then, the
danger or loss. Prefaced with the by man, and yet well known to the this man of God from Judah, the he was a babe in Bethlehem, till church as the light of the world
secrecy of the eminent day of Christʼs adversary. The enemy must be aware working of the power that withstood the end of his mission here on the has the responsibility of shielding
return, being on guard becomes of the great potential of the latter the dominion of darkness and that is earth, he was continually assailed the nations of the earth from being
an important attribute of christian anointing in literally redeeming not the reason, the enemy, with intense by the evil one. But the image of overtaken by the current spiritual
walk at this hour. To best underline only the fallen church, but also the interest watched the wonders that he God was continually manifest in darkness. The LORD God demands of
the import of what is advanced heathen into rapture. This is the had done at the altar. The old prophet Him and throughout the councils the church as ambassadors of Christ
here, it is absolutely imperative only plausible translation of why the here represents the old anointing that of man wherever He testified. This to exemplify his holy and righteous
that the church perceive the risk of enemy can easily rush for the latter has broken ranks with the LORD and is why even the church today faces image of THE LIGHT.
plunder and loss for which the LORD anointing in the church, while the adulterated, because of compromise the forces of confederacy of evil
commands the saints to be on guard. church is still not on her guard. The with sin. While on the other hand, the that have been set up on her track to Whoever claims to live in him
The risk of plunder that the LORD is Man of God from Judah in 1 Kings man of God from Judah stands for engage in warfare against her and if must walk as Jesus did
expressing serious concern over, 13 offers the most pertinent reality the new anointing that satan knew he possible, to prevail over her image of (1 John 2:6).
involves the dangers posed by the of what can befall a faithful christian did not hold absolute sway over. The God. It highlights to a great extent,
adversary over a life of purity. Today lifestyle when the anointing is not only way then, was to employ a most just how central it is for the church The LORD Jesus came as a witness
the church has largely ignored this safeguarded and hence plundered. cunning deception at a time when the to jealously keep guard over the most to testify concerning the light so that
timely precaution and terribly gotten man of God from Judah had not raised sacred anointing of the Holy Spirit through him mankind might believe
entangled in the heedless lifestyle of Now there was a certain old his guard. This whole episode led to through whom she can overcome the and be aided in his life of toil. He
compromise with sin. Believing that prophet living in Bethel, whose the plunder of a most precious fresh adversary. One of the most powerful came to affirm the authenticity of the
His great love and mercy would save sons came and told him all that anointing of the LORD of tools that the church kingdom of God to which he bore
them from the consequences of sin, the man of God had done there because of not keeping But the can engage to harvest witness. Christ whom the church
today many christians have indulged that day. They also told their guard. Today this image of God was the souls, in this follows is the light from whom comes
in presumption that has led them to father what he had said to the acts as a vivid continually manifest in most critical all spiritual illumination because He
transgress His law. It is a life that is king. Their father asked them, reminder to the Him and throughout the dispensation, is is the light of the world who holds
absolutely deceptive and disastrous “Which way did he go?” And his church, on the councils of man wherever He communication. out the wonderful hope for man.
because all the LORD ever wanted was sons showed him which road seriousness testified. This is why even the Apparently, For with Him is the fountain of life
to lead the church to a place where the man of God from Judah had of preserving church today faces the forces this most and in his light mankind saw light.
she would cease to be unnecessarily taken. So he said to his sons, the fresh latter of confederacy of evil that have valuable skill of Amply attested was the fact that the
in the way of temptation. Keeping “Saddle the donkey for me.” anointing been set up on her track to communication incarnation of Christ unveilediled the
guard then becomes very fundamental And when they had saddled the of this hour, engage in warfare against her appears to have hidden mystery of Godʼs light to the
in the christian walk in order to donkey for him, he mounted it against plunder. and if possible, to prevail been banished church, that eagerly awaited manʼs
safeguard a righteous salvation. God and rode after the man of God. To keep guard, over her image of God. from the churchʼs submissiveness to the appointed
Almighty Himself has for a long He found him sitting under an the church must presentation. time. The church was destined to
time emphasized the importance of oak tree and asked, “Are you also watch over Whereas the LORD likewise reflect this light of Christ
safeguarding the latter anointing of the man of God who came from and control passage Jesus employed onto this dark world. And because
the Holy Spirit at this hour. In one Judah?” “I am,” he replied. So through the entrance across this heavenly skill of the adversary has a covert negative
such case, JEHOVAH forewarned of the the prophet said to him, “Come her boundaries. In Israel, watch communication to draw all men intention to create a doubt on the
great risk of plunder that would be home with me and eat.” The man sentry towers were erected along unto the LORD, the church has instead divine truthfulness of the gospel,
eminent in these days, when He said, of God said, “I cannot turn back the perimeter wall that enclosed the not exploited this for the kingdom. through the deceptive preaching
and go with you, nor can I eat house of the LORD. And on each The LORD Jesus communicated of money and false prophecies in
Then I heard what sounded like bread or drink water with you in booth stood a man who watched to his audience by both voice and todayʼs church; it is indeed also the
a voice among the four living this place. I have been told by the over and kept guard to ensure that behaviour. In other words, he walked responsibility of the few remnant
creatures, saying, “A quart of word of the LORD: ‘You must not the marauding Bedouins did not the talk that caused all the nations to holy saints to jealously safeguard
guard the
wheat for a day’s wages, and eat bread or drink water there or gain entry, with their livestock, into desire the kingdom of God. On the hard-won holy gospel of the Blood
three quarts of barley for a day’s return by the way you came.’ “ the house of the LORD. That would other hand, in the churchʼs attempts to and light of Jesus, from eminent
wages, and do not damage the The old prophet answered, “I too have constituted a most grievous communicate, the tones of her voice defame by the darkness of this world.
oil and the wine!” (Rev 6:6) am a prophet, as you are. And an defilement upon the sacred house. have instead reflected an expression As did God send his divine angel
angel said to me by the word of The church too must keekeepp guard and of utter incredulity, even as her to stay the hand of Abraham from
The word of God draws the line the LORD: ‘Bring him back with maintain vigilance that the marauding words rankle a form of bitterness in offering Isaac on that mountain,
on the christians who pursue a you to your house so that he may preachers of prosperity, preachers the minds of the heathen. Todayʼs so was he satisfied with Christʼs
spiritually detrimental fellowship eat bread and drink water.’ “(But of financial anointing and wealth unbelievers have now perceived that willingness to enter the bloodstained
with other unsuspecting christians he was lying to him.) So the man transfer, false prophets, and the in the churchʼs manner of speaking to path, and hence the Father sent Him
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the Holy Spirit to deliver him from bread alone, but by every word that day despondency. Such despondency LORD had bestowed. Then the Temple
death. This is the same message of
hope that the Holy Spirit brings to
proceeded out of the mouth of God”.
This must be guarded in the lifestyle
has even brought sexual sin in the
church. In the New Testament, it is
Not to sleep of the LORD indicated more of a noisy
tempest of a cattle market rather than

todayʼs church, that even as was the of every believer in order to see the the Blood of Jesus that provides for ithout being heavily the sacred house of JEHOVAH, as there
Saviour so faint from distress and kingdom of heaven. The digression the saints miraculously sufficiently subjected to a thorough could be heard sharp upheaval of
rejection, hunger and the craving that todayʼs church has experienced and abundantly. It is this Blood of public exposition of this bargaining, the chaotic lowing of
for a drink on the Cross, so was the from the central holiness of the LORD Jesus that was given to the church nature, the critical Mark 13:34- cattle, the commotion of bleating
LORD faithful enough to deliver him indeed reflects a major departure in the beginning as an everlasting 37 narrative of the day and hour sheep, and the turmoil of cooing
even from pits of death. Pointing to from the fealty with which she was pledge of livelihood, that the LORD unknown, can be most easily left doves, all together combined with
this, the Holy Spirit is instructing sworn in her ordination vow at the commands the church to keep guard mingled and unnoticed within the shinking of the shekelim coins
the remnant elect saint of today that table of the Last Supper. of. The question then becomes; has the enormous throng of biblical and the angry disputation of payment
however marred their visage may scriptural milieu. In this holy text, disagreements. It then became so
the present-day church of Christ
appear today from that of the worldly, See that what you have heard the LORD introduces yet another very chaotic that the worshippers were
jealously and zealously kept guard
now the moment of deliverance and from the beginning remains critical domain of the discourse on literally disturbed and the word
of what they received, even at the
hope has drawn nigh (Romans 13:11- in you. If it does, you also will the rapture of the church, and the preached totally perished
ished in the uproar
beginning? How come todayʼs
14). This is the bloodstained path remain in the Son and in the need for preparedness. This, JEHOVAH of the invasion upon the august house.
christians have not seen it yet, that
that the LORD OF HOSTS pleaded with Father. And this is what he does by elevating the greatness that Today too, the failure of the church
in the last greatest conflict of the
the church to jealously safeguard promised us—even eternal life. I was already dwelt upon with kindling to heed the instruction of the Owner
and keep watch over, that no am writing these things to you controversy with the world, those who of the House, and her subsequent
are loyal to God, by keeping guard of enthusiasm in the previous Matthew
marauding strangers may defile. It about those who are trying to 24 dialogue on the unknown nature abscondment from performing His
is the withholding of such beautiful lead you astray. As for you, the the holy salvation they received from assigned task, has led to a similar
of the day for Christʼs return. Upon
truth concerning the revelation anointing you received from him the beginning, will see every earthly tempest. Pastors can today openly
the occasion of the coming of the
of what the LORD meant when he remains in you, and you do not support replenished because they be seen busy selling and bargaining
Messiah, to which such prominence
commanded, ʻkeep guardʼ, is what need anyone to teach you. But as refused to break his law of obedience on the price of Olive oil, presenting
has been given by the said scripture,
has today spurred up a contradiction his anointing teaches you about to the righteous Blood of Jesus. special offers of the day, and howling
between the corrupt sentiments that all things and as that anointing Then, the central enunciation that at the top of their voices in attempt
the church is spewing out, and the is real, not counterfeit—just ʻthe day and the hour is unknownʼ, “It’s like a man going away: He to be the most heard in the market
spiritually exalted position she ought as it has taught you, remain in indeed percolates very deep into leaves his house and puts his place. Thus has been abandoned
to be at this last hour. Considering him. And now, dear children, every fibre of the holy christian walk servants in charge, each with the taught lesson that wherever God
that things can get pretty decayed continue in him, so that when as the church is required to prepare his assigned task, and tells the manifests His presence, the place
in an unchecked christian walk, he appears we may be confident for the glorious appearing of the one at the door to keep watch. be considered holy. This is what in
then the LORDʼS instruction to keep and unashamed before him at Messiah. The adversary operating “Therefore keep watch because the Mark 13:34-37 record on the
watch must have been instructed by his coming. If you know that through the world and the flesh, you do not know when the unknown day of Christʼs return
the need to in-build within the holy he is righteous, you know that has always endeavoured to cause owner of the house will come was well referred to, as the church
christians the responsibility of acting everyone who does what is right man to sacrifice his conscientious back—whether in the evening, or falling asleep. With such a searching
as a safeguard in the house of the has been born of him (1 John convictions unto the power of the at midnight, or when the rooster glance, Christ had taken on the scene
LORD. A safeguard on a machine 2:24-29). Blood of Jesus. But, unfortunately crows, or at dawn. If he comes before him when he took three of his
normally serves to monitor any signs for the adversary, the day is coming suddenly, do not let him find most beloved disciples to the garden
of malfunction and dysfunction, and Emplaced in that beautiful instruction when he shall be ashamed in his you sleeping. What I say to you, of Gethsemane and instead of being
promptly reports them before the handed down to the church, when he I say to everyone: ‘Watch!’ (Mark watchful, they fell asleep. The heart-
evil, and his fake fig tree shall not
machine is irretrievably
irretrievabl destroyed. Said, ʻkeep guardʼ, is the instruction 13:34-37). rending rebuke that the LORD handed
blossom, neither shall his counterfeit
Likewise, the LORD is instilling upon that; in the presence of the witnessing down upon the sleeping church at
vines bear fruit, and the labour of
his remnant holy elect in the house, to universe, the LORD testifies that it is Thus a high price for being watchful Gethsemane on that day, revealed
his fake olives shall fail, as the holy
keep guard as a safeguard and ʻsafety a lesser calamity to suffer whatever could be secured and rewarded, His prophetic insight that already
saints, and I repeat holy, shall joy in
valveʼ and promptly report any signs may befall man, than to depart in any especially on the day of reckoning at had looked into futurity and seen not
the salvation of their God. This is
of decay that may terminally destroy way from the will and holiness of God. Christʼs return. Having dwelt in this only the years but also the centuries
One can only imagine the magnitude the eternal hope that the church of
the house if unchecked. word, the remnant church would not and ages in which the church would
of fie of disapproval that must be Christ ought to enviously keep guard depart from the truth and be put to
be left out without performing the
The armies of heaven were resonating from the LORD towards of. These are the holy and righteous sleep by the enemy.
most novel act of devotional worship
following him, riding on white the present day church because of elect who will have patiently endured
at the wedding feast of the Lamb.
horses and dressed in fine linen, her departure from His righteous the harassment of this evil world, “If he comes suddenly, do not let
This being the chief reason for which
white and clean (Rev 19:14). will, into the gospel of prosperity. and tolerantly awaited Godʼs time to the holy remnant elect have earnestly him find you sleeping...”
Deep into the wilderness, when all bring relief,
ef in the safety of rapture.
ef, waited this long. This Mark 13:34-
The directive that the LORD gave means of sustenance had failed, Of all the invaluable lessons to be 37 scripture further highlights that With these words come a sense of
when he said keep guard, supersedes God Himself sent Israel manna from learnt from our LORD Jesus Christ, the unknown nature of that day is extreme fear that totally overpowers
this realm and transcends into the heaven. And a sufficiently constant and His wilderness experience, synonymous to a man going away as though the church were arraigned
next dispensation. This is principally supply was provided for them. The none is more important than that and leaving his house and servants in before the tribunal of the LORD. The
due to the fact that in Rev 19:14, we LORD then said to Israel, which bears upon the control of the charge, each with His assigned task. presence of these old words sanctified
see that Christ the Commander of the a
appetites and the passions being The church today has been assigned the church and indeed made sacred a
heavenly hosts is heavily guarded by “I have humbled thee, and His task of making disciples of Temple reared unto the LORD, only if
fronted by this world on a daily basis
the rapturedd saints who safeguard suffered thee to hunger and fed Christ Jesus across the ends of the the church can today wake up from
upon the christians of this day and
him as he makes that triumphant thee with manna which thou earth. Incredibly though, the act of the long slumber she has been in.
age. And to Godʼs holy elect, should
entry into Jerusalem. Given that knowest not, and neither did discipling bestows the responsibility The LORD forewarned the saints for
come home the vivid reminder of the
Christ was most heavily assailed thy fathers know it, that I might on the teacher that his disciples may He foreknew how the inclination of
uncontrolled indulgence, and disease,
by the fiercest
rcest of temptations in the make thee know that men doth be, ʻlike father, like sonʼ. At this their hearts would be corrupted with
and degradation of the heart, and
time of his greatest weakness during not liveth by the bread only, but place, todayʼs shepherds have failed immorality and the love of money in
the decay condition of this world,
fasting, then to keep
eep guard in todayʼs by every word that proceedeth to score the mark due to the horrific this last hour.
church, would essentially also imply out of the mouth of the LORD, that will be upon its face as it was
promiscuous rate at which money
being aware that todayʼs saints must doth men liveth.” (Deut 8:2-3). during the floods of Noah and in the The zeal of thine house has
is being preached and pastors are
always maintain a firm reliance Sodom and Gommorah. The church eaten me up (KJV). For zeal for
falling from glory. The attestation
upon “Thus saith the LORD”, as their That provision was to teach Israel is commanded to cover herself with to the fact that the instruction to your house consume me and the
strongest rod. With the rod of “Thus that while they trusted in JEHOVAH the precious Blood of Jesus upon the accomplish His task in the house, insults of those who insult you
saith the LORD”, the saints today can God and walked in his ways, he verge of this fearful time she now has largely gone unheeded arises fall on me (NIV) (Psalm 69:9).
literally ward off any attack. But, the would not forsake them but provide lives in. Only those christians who from the chaotic spiritual disorder
fact that the enemy has today well sufficiently for them. The LORD will bring their lives, livelihood, that now pervades the church. Such Oh lo! How the LORD wishes that the
tried the faith and submission of is today petitioning the church to and lifestyle, under the subjection disorder is likened to the consequent off
officers of His Temple would today
shepherds and saints alike, can only keep guard on this basic biblical of the supreme will of God, shall mayhem that reigned in the Temple open their mouths and make these
imply a state of lesser reliance on principle that she may be provided undoubtedly constitute the royal of the LORD on Mt. Moriah during beautiful utterances in the House and
“Thus saith the LORD”, as their main for miraculously and sufficiently, bride of Christ on that unknown day the grand fall when promiscuity right before His holy presence. In this
line of defence. “Men shall not live on in order not to drift into the present and hour of his return. overtook all the holy order that the present age, the tent
ent of the LORD is
Repentance & Holiness Magazine 9

totally destroyed and lies desolate

d with shall God destroy; for the temple attention to everyone by healing had saved the first-borns of Israel,
no devout worshippers since all their so the Blood of Christ was meant to If they have escaped the
of God is holy, which temple ye them of whatever afflictions. The
hearts have turned callous, and no one save the entire world. And if this is the corruption of the world by
are (1 Corinthians 3:16-17). LORD is earnestly desiring to restore
is left to pitch JEHOVAHʼs tent at this last One after whom the church has been knowing our LORD and Savior Jesus
the soul and the body that they may
hour. Any ardent spirit-filled christian bidden to righteously prepare for, Christ and are again entangled in
It is absolutely portentous for return home to him and proclaim the
eye-balling the church of Christ today, then how much of readiness should it and overcome, they are worse
perpetual sin to overshadow this unmatched majesty of his name.
would be terribly awestruck by the the church be clothed in today. “Fine off at the end than they were
noble destiny at which the christians

The trap
great overshadowing of the truth by linen, bright and clean, was given her at the beginning. It would have
are themselves the temple of the living
deception and falsehood. Then also to wear.” (Fine linen stands for the been better for them not to have
God. Like it was during the temple
during the time of the temple of the righteous acts of the saints (Rev 19:7). known the way of righteousness,
times in Jerusalem, when the defiled
To the extent that the LORD Almighty than to have known it and then

LORD in Jerusalem, it is the abhor of promiscuity around the temple courts
what was unfolding in the house that urther forewarning the church describes the unknown day of rapture to turn their backs on the sacred
represented all too truly the temple of
caused JEHOVAH to seriously lament regarding Christʼs unknown as a trap, it must surely mean that command that was passed on to
their hearts then, so it is today in this day of return, the LORD
the condition of His tent, even when only a select devout and holy few will them (2 Peter 2:20-21).
present-day church that the defilement diligently details in the book of Luke
he said; make it. Upon its classical definition,
of prosperity gospel and decay is the by elaborately saying that; Todayʼs wealth and its fraudulent
a trap is a device meant to catch and
true reflection of the state of the heart pelf is what has caused the church
He then brought me into the kill or prevent from escaping. Such
of the believer. Today, the christian to continually ponder on the matter
inner court of the house of the ”Be careful, or your hearts will be a device is often known to include a
hearts have been thoroughly polluted of preparedness, despite the warning
LORD, and there at the entrance to weighed down with dissipation, concealed pit or a mechanical device
with excessive over-indulgence with that springs shut. Absolutely stunning that Christʼs return will present like a
the temple, between the portico drunkenness and the anxieties
worldly pleasures and the sensual of life, and that day will close on is the understanding that the LORD trap. While the earthly priesthood will
and the altar, were about twenty-
contamination such as dressings and you unexpectedly like a trap. For has set up the day of Christʼs return one day cease to exist, all attention
five men. With their backs toward
fashions and fads that present near it will come upon all those who as a trap that is intended to ambush will then be focused
cused upon the Holy
the temple of the LORD and their
nudity and many so-called spoils, live on the face of the whole and trick the unwatchful to death. Spirit as the Minister of the new law
faces toward the east, they were
that define this day and age. While earth. Be always on the watch, It is a day that JEHOVAH has decreed and unto the Blood sprinkling that
bowing down to the sun in the
this goes on, the inveterate word of and pray that you may be able for catching them unawares into a he received at Godʼs throne by the
east (Ezekiel 8:16).
God is firmly established in heaven, to escape all that is about to situation in which it will be difficult beautiful works at the Cross. Menʼs
The artificial worship in todayʼs saying that know ye not that ye are happen, and that you may be to escape. But an even greater shock perception of deeper spiritual events
churches couldnʼt have been any the temple of the living God, and able to stand before the Son of resonates from the fact that this trap such as the prophetic dispensation
much more closer to what Ezekiel that the Spirit of the living God Man.” (Luke 21:34-36 NIV). has been set up and lies concealed the church has entered into, can be
the prophet saw, than it really does dwelleth in you? If any man defile with the intent of catching the parochial unless inspired by the
now. Darkened and defiled by evil, the temple of the living God, know In Luke, when the LORD desribes that disobedient. This declaration of a trap Blessed One of Israel. It is for that
him not that God shall destroy him? secret day of rapture, He raises the at rapture is meant to be a startling reason that the Prophet Joel declared
the hearts of the worshippers today
For the temple of the living God is following important aspects required factor that can only befit an occasion a time of muse insight into the word
no longer reveal the glory of the
holy which ye are. On the Cross for a righteous preparation: i) being that is meant to not only humiliate the for the final purification of the church.
Divine Holy One of Israel. Todayʼs
at Calvary, Christ Jesus shed his careful ii) hearts weighed down iii) disobedient, but also bring them to Today the church of Christ lives in the
pastors have literally turned their
atoning Blood in order to cleanse hearts dissipated iv) drunkenness v) death. Looking through that day and season of the greatest outpour of the
backs towards the altar and are
this heart temple that today lies anxieties vi) a trap vii) being watchful hour that is unknown, it is possible to Blessed One of Israel whose presence
now sitting at the entrance of the
viii) to pray ix) the great escape x) to then see how horrifically agonizing lavishes mankind with deeper
house facing east by accumulating littered with all the filth of the world,
stand before the Son of God. These the post-rapture tribulation period revelation on the word, never seen
theological knowledge that exalts including immorality, pornography,
spiritual features are so critical to the will be. If indeed it is meant to ensure before. In the book of Luke then, when
human wisdom at the expense of the homosexuality, and adultery. As
church in order that she may prepare that nobody escapes, then he who the LORD announced for the church to
honourable instruction of the Holy he hung on that Cross at Calvary,
perfectly for the Coming Lamb of paid the ransom for the sins of the be careful regarding the day of the
Spirit. Sexual sin has now officially the sights of authority, indignation,
God, who is without blemish. There is whole world, has offered us the best coming of the Messiah, he literally
come on board, as false prophets, power, and righteousness were
no better place at which to encounter opportunity for getting away. implied that the church must now act
false apostles, and other witches greatly expressed in his marred
the perfect nature of JEHOVAH than The majority of christians today with caution and attention. Moreover,
continue to run the show in the house appearance. This is the suffering when He talks about the consecration turn out to religious services and JEHOVAHʼs reprimand in declaring ʻbe
of the LORD. If this does not constitute and the passion of the Christ, that with which the believers must walk feel goose-bumps, self- self refreshed carefulʼ, meant that in the sanctuary
worshipping in the house with their the church ought to have never in the days towards the coming of the and pseudo-comforted
comforted by the word of the LORD, the christians must now
backs turned towards the altar and forgotten, since it was the building of Messiah. Mirroring His demand for preached at those pulpits. But through show close attention to accuracy
their faces towards the sun, then what a temple for which they should have the offering presented at passover, the rampart lawlessness that is being
else does? What todayʼs pastors need and the detail of everything and
greatly rejoiced over and regarded as to be without blemish, that offering disseminated at those pulpits, todayʼs
to wake up to, is the realization that anything regarding that unknown day
absolute favour. Numerous cultural indeed represented Christ the Son believers have virtually neglected
the church was erected by the LORD of Christʼs return. In other words,
practices are today enjoined upon of the Living God. Evidenced in meditation on the word, watchfulness
for the abode of the divine presence the LORD is today pleading with the
church services and activities without that passover sacrifice that Israel prayer and fasting, hence losing
of the Holy Spirit, and was designed church to stop the casual and careless
a proper instruction as to their presented before the LORD, was the opportunity to prepare in
to be the object lesson for the nations, christian lifestyle she has beheld over
exact import into christian life and indeed Jesus Christ Himself as the righteousness for the coming of the
of what the bride of Christ would time, and to now take heed because
righteousness. This has caused the eternal offering that is free from any LORD. In that way, the church has
present. Just like
ike tthe
he new Jer
usalem, of the proximity to rapture. In other
worshippers to offer their sacrifice spiritual or physical deformity. found herself in a place where she is
descended down from on high, in the words, JEHOVAH having foreseen the
of worship without comprehending more of a spiritual destitute than even
lendour of her glorious adornment
splendour but with the precious blood of advent of post-modernism advancing
that they are actually typical and before she received the word. This
and in the glamour ur of her righteous Christ, a lamb without blemish towards the church, he intended that
an archetype of the one and only agony has resulted into her sorrowing
inhabitants, and in the radiance of or defect (1 Peter 1:19). the church give a serious attention
perfect sacrifice who is the LORD and hence the desperate feeling that
the Son of Man who is her light, so God had promised to dedicate the to the forewarning and advice on
God has dealt hardly with them. The
was the church supposed to luminate Jesus Christ. Hence, when the LORD the secrecy of that day of rapture
ra .
First-born of heaven to save the christians today do not see that the
at this dark hour. God Almighty in proclaimed that, that day and hour And indeed take tthat seriousness into
sinners and that this gift would be fault is their own, especially because
heaven designed that the church of is unknown, he truly emphasized on account when acting at all times.
acknowledged in each and every by separating themselves from the
Christ should be a continual witness the work that Jesus performed on the In the earthly tabernacle that Moses
household, by the earnest consecration righteousness of the LORD, they have
to the highest providence and destiny Cross, and we should never forget of their first-born. In the historic established, the church can learn a few
essentially shut away the light of His
available to every soul ever created this. In order to not lose that which deliverance of Israel from Egypt, presence. Idle-talk, neglect of prayer, things pertinent to tthis hour. The way
on the earth. In failure to realize this they received from the beginning, the dedication of the first-borns was evil-speaking are among some of to the holy of holies was concealed
witness, who shall stand when He the church must always keep in again commanded that the law of the the sorrowful acts that have caused and no man was allowed to access
appears? Know ye not that ye are the mind that over the centuries, she has presentation of the first-born may be the church to drift afar, and lose the that mighty presence of JEHOVAH. But
temple of the Living God and that the pressed into Christʼs presence with made particularly significant. While it when Jesus died on the Cross and
Saviourʼs presence and peace. The
Spirit of the Living God dwelleth in urgent pitiful appeals requiring of the was a memorial and lasting ordinance purchased all men, his atoning Blood
only path to restoration shall have to
you? LORD to bless her and that the LORDʼs of the LORDʼs wonderful deliverance covered the Mercy rcy Seat of the ArArkk
come from the church re-loving Jesus
ears have heard every cry emanating of the children of Israel, it profoundly much more than the world, so that the of the Covenant of God, and opened
Know ye not that ye are the from her. With extreme pity that prefigured the great deliverance that hearts of the believers may once more a way for the church into the most
temple of God, and that the Spirit exceeds that of the sons of men, was to be wrought-out out by the First- be softened by His Divine Influence, holy site. But when it now comes to
of God dwelleth in you? If any the LORD has always stooped low born of heaven onto all humanity. As as their own character behold the the unknown day and hour of Christʼs
man defile the temple of God, him over the suffering of man and given the Blood sprinkled on the doorposts beauty of Christʼs nature. return, God Almighty decrees with
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certainty that the way into the holiest available but to scoop only precious towards godliness. In this quest for manifest causing the sheep to feed you, for you know very well that
of all is well manifest
manifest through Christ items such as the golden stuff. spiritual clarity, it has now emerged virtually anything advanced to them. the day of the LORD will come like
Jesus. In that way, JEHOVAH declares Therefore, the present day church apparent that only the LORD God can In the process, it has cost the church a thief in the night. While people
that the day of rapture is like a ought to ensure that she becomes impart the Spirit of inspiration upon her most precious time of preparation are saying, “Peace and safety,”
a precious entity (2 Tim 2:19-20) the church, by constantly renewing for the Kingʼs coming. However, in destruction will come on them
trap meant to ensnare not only the
and golden enough in order to be her onto the knowledge of the truth for the midst of that beclouded view on suddenly, as labour pains on a
heathen, but most seriously also the
snatchable by this coming midnight this last hour. The church is desolate the Messiahʼs return, the LORD re- pregnant woman, and they will
unfaithful christians. and scattered globally and the kindles humanityʼs hope by declaring not escape. But you, brothers,
expectation of the Messiahʼs coming that that day will materialize, and are not in darkness so that this

The thief And test you like gold... (Zech

is to some extent being shared more
like a fable whose reality has been
reduced far beyond achievable. It is
sooner than later. However, the
only standard being that JEHOVAH
categorizes the utmost secrecy of that
day should surprise you like a
thief. You are all sons of the
light and sons of the day. We do

he “thief”
“thief comes most such human bigotry that has hindered unknown day and hour, like a thief.
thief not belong to the night or to the
unexpectedly. The “thief”
thief” Believers are today thirsting for the the light from shining through the darkness 1 Thess 5:1-5.
also comes into the house knowledge of the truth, in a desperate hearts of men. For which reason, Now, brothers, about times and
not to take anything and everything attempt to regain their bearing an even greater spiritual hunger has dates we do not need to write to It is a call to a holy preparedness.

The LORD’s Sheep Devoured

The May 14th, 2010 Vision of the LORD
The Vision
time, an immediate instruction was of more grievous wild beasts outside and the collapsed wall that created bicycles that could virtually expose
handed down from heaven to the the sanctuary of the LORD. The wild the porous entry from the right-hand them to the vicious attack of the
shepherds, directing them to be extra beasts I saw had some longer tails side. The LORD made me experience wild beasts that the LORD made me
cautious and vigilant with gate- and sharper teeth contained in their the agony that consumed Him as He aware to be roaming that dangerous

he desire for an earnest keeping that the wild beasts may not long beak-like mouths. Those beasts watched the precious defenceless road. However, when I looked at the
reformation in the church, make their way into the sanctuary. that I saw marauding outside on sheep of Christ mercilessly bicycles that the pastors were picking
right now sits at the centre of However, to my greatest shock and the right-hand side of the Temple, devoured. The wild beasts that up for this voyage towards the
the LORDʼs Heart. The confession of stun, I witnessed in this vision as the appeared to be more dangerous and invaded the house of the LORD to mission field of the LORD, I realized
sin appears to be distant, hence His shepherds tried to shut the door to were in a large group. It was then that devour appeared to have come with that they were very old bicycles
appeal and repeated renunciation
appeal the sanctuary in vain. The door that it took a very short time and I was so the one and only objective, to destroy whose mechanical advantage had
of the churchʼs apostate ways at the shepherds were trying to shut had stunned and shocked to witness how as much as could be achievable in the been seriously degenerated. Even
this hour. There is no better place at been seriously compromised in its those beasts made their way into the shortest time. Even most astonishing more puzzling was that I managed
which to perceive Godʼs yearning strength and ability to keep the beasts sanctuary of the LORD. Then, from to me was when the LORD made me to quickly recognize that not only
for the church to reform, than at this out of the house of the LORD. Though that point on, nothing else mattered understand in this vision, that after were those bicycles old, but also
very stunning May 14th, 2010, night seriously compromised, that temple except a massive commotion of the heavy devour, the sheep lay black in colour. Then the LORD OF
vision of the LORD. It was between 3- door that the LORD showed me, still tempest that ensued in the house of there help
hel lessly. But, to witness the HOSTS opened my eyes further and
4am in the night, when the LORD God maintained some significantly strong the LORD. The LORD then took me cascade of events boiling down to I was again able to see the pastors
Almighty visited with me in a very reinforcement of vertical iron bars around the house after the beasts had the massive carnage, is what exactly at their homes and there was such a
very astonishing way, to talk to me that could practically keep the wild destroyed the sheep and what I saw made me weep in that tremendous serious strife among their children
about the state of the church today. beasts out of the house of the LORD was absolutely unsightly. There was vision of the LORD. My heart sank and themselves. I saw the pastors
In that vision, the LORD brought me if well shut. Within this tremendous a terrible scatter as many sheep had so deep in this vision when the LORD homes with rebellion abound and
to a place of worship and took me vision of the LORD, I was then very been heavily beaten and devoured finally took me around to witness the disobedience alive. Moreover, then
around in the Spirit, to show me shocked to see that as the shepherds to the point that they lay all over the excessive damage that had been done came the moment when I saw those
the different aspects of His house tried to close the door, the outside grass in the house. The grass in the on his special sheep and their current pastors, this time around caught in a
that needed a thorough reformation. wild beasts aggressively advanced vicinity was totally trampled upon helpless condition. The vision I saw very bitterly heated arguments and
Within the house of the LORD were towards the very door, with the and blood-stained in the struggle greatly troubled me so much. disputation. The disagreements that
the sheep of Christ worshipping. intent to attack the sheep that they that ensued when the sheep were I saw ensue between pastors, were
However, JEHOVAH the God of Israel
then showed me the shepherds in
could well see through the bars of the
ravaged door. It was then that I saw
being bitterly and terribly devoured
and mauled.. While some of them Pastors pickingup so bad that they literally part ways,
only for each one of them to remain
the house, in their most shameful
the complacent pastors who had no
vigilance, literally being overpowered
had been severely maimed, with
some limb totally plucked off at the
their bicycles solitary. It was then that this cruel
form of complacency. The LORD in episode caused me to jump up and
by the beasts at the door. In a moment, sharpness of the teeth of the wild wake up from that vision, only to

this vision, made me know that the
the beasts overpowered the reluctant beasts, others on the other hand, hen came the second part break down in great shock. The LORD
shepherds were very much aware of
pastors and made their way into the had their stomachs plucked off and of this vision at which the saw it all and grieved it all. How sad
the grim danger that lay outside the
sanctuary. It was also most stunning eaten. The amount of blood that was LORD OF HOSTS showed me a that such a vision can be presented
house of the LORD.
to realize that the shepherds did not smeared at the place as the struggle white car and asked me to go speak by the LORD at this last hour in the
have even a stick in their hands, or went on, was totally abhorrable and to the pastors that were standing by. history of the church!
The devour a shepherdʼs rod with which to ward an unsightly scene to behold. The The LORD OF HOSTS gave me a strict
off the attack that was now eminent in horrific destruction trail that the wild directive to ask the pastors to come
the house of the LORD. Then, at that beasts left behind is what absolutely with me and enter the white car that The Revelation
utside the house of the LORD, moment came forth the horrendous shocked me in that vision to the point I was going to drive towards the
I was then able to see lots of yelling, wailing and mourning of that I broke down and wept. On the mission field. It is incredible and most

wild beasts that looked like the sheep as the beasts began to other hand, as the LORD continued baffling that the pastors refused to n this vision, it is absolutely
mean dogs with very long mouths recklessly devour them. When to take me around the house, I also enter the white car, and instead chose very clear that as the LORDʼs
that were beak-like. Those dogs this was bad enough a situation to found other sheep that were hiding to go pick up their own bicycles that glance sweeps over the throng
were most aggressive and with handle, then came the most horrific within the grass, totally under trying were parked on the right-hand side of of churches all across the globe, His
very sharp teeth and were roaming episode within this attack. In a split- to evade the attack, and they lay the white car. I was very astonished eye definitely kindles while His face
outside the house of the LORD. The second, when I looked towards my there with their little ones in a state of because I very well knew that along lights-up, causing Him to be stirred
LORD made me appreciate the great right-hand side, then I saw that the extreme fear and trauma. This ugly the journey there would be some with deep pity and sadness. While
danger that they posed onto the sanctuary wall on that right-hand side invasion into the house of the LORD eminent danger of wild beasts. And in His first coming, Jesus may have
lives of the sheep that were inside had a collapsed portion that made it took place in two quarters, from the yet here they were, as supposedly mingled freely with the populace
the house of worship. Then, at that porous. I was then able to see a group ravaged door on the left hand-side prudent pastors, choosing to take the giving no outward evidence of His
Repentance & Holiness Magazine 11

Majesty and taking no measure to feel normal in the physical realm, Being all-knowing of the present will I look after my sheep. I will has placed wild beasts along the way
bring Himself to popular notice, His unfortunately though in the spiritual and the future, the LORD say it well rescue them from all the places through which the church is to pass.
return in the rapture though, will be realm, things have gotten really in advance that an interlude would where they were scattered on Regardless of spiritual upbringing,
well dramatized to the extent that out of control. The vulnerability surface at which decay would make a day of clouds and darkness. every christian should have a non-
literally every living being on the to degradation and decay that the in-roads into his sacred priesthood. I will bring them out from the tapered access to Godʼs wisdom
face of the earth, will get to know LORD presents in this vision, is And such a dispensation has truly nations and gather them from from heaven.
that He is the Messiah. The dominion a kind of prototype that mirrors now caught up with the church of the countries, and I will bring
of the kingdom of darkness must be todayʼs apostasy in church. To best Christ, at which place her priesthood them into their own land. I will If any of you lack wisdom, let
overcome by the glory of the LORD understand the specific elements that is today more concerned with funds- pasture them on the mountains him ask of God, that giveth to
that was well pledged in Joel 2:28- the LORD presented in this vision, it raising, TV telethons, selling bottled of Israel, in the ravines and in all men liberally, and upbraideth
32. And because the LORD Jesus would be beneficial to characterize oil, selling water from River Jordan, all the settlements in the land. I not; and it shall be given him
is the embodiment of all of Godʼs each of the individual players there. giving inspirational speeches, will tend them in a good pasture, (James 1:5).
power promised to the church, then First and foremost, we see that when soliciting for seed money, preparing and the mountain heights of
the unfolding presented in this vision, the LORD in that vision brings me cruise-ship tours, organising modern Israel will be their grazing land. The fear of the LORD actually breeds
can only help to further the conviction into His sanctuary, He shows me womenʼs conference that have There they will lie down in good all the wisdom that the church
that todayʼs church has not yet the shepherds who were in the house nothing to do with salvation, etc. The grazing land, and there they will requires in order to live safely in
recognized her weakness and called- and the sheep that were engaged in depiction that the LORD unveiled in feed in a rich pasture on the this dark world and consequently
upon Christ for help. God Almighty worship. And secondly, JEHOVAH this vision, is the true state of todayʼs mountains of Israel. I myself will access the kingdom of God. Having
in heaven willingly sacrificed His God draws my attention to the wild pastors who are more pre-occupied tend my sheep and have them said that, it is important to point out
most beloved Son Jesus Christ so beasts that were outside expressing with constitutional reforms and other lie down, declares the Sovereign that the wild beasts whom the LORD
that all who receive Him would have an indescribable gusto of appetite money generating church activities LORD. I will search for the lost and presented outside His sanctuary, are
forgiveness and redemption from the for devouring the sheep inside the than helping enhance spiritual bring back the strays. I will bind as a matter of fact spiritual devourers
cruel dominion of the devilʼs reign. sanctuary. What emerges out of growth and a holier salvation among up the injured and strengthen than physical. That the door to
And to witness the church literally this most disturbing scenario is that the sheep. It is a state of neglect the weak, but the sleek and the sanctuary was not closed in
being attacked, mauled and torn- dilapidation and desolation must have that has predisposed the sheep to an the strong I will destroy. I will good time to keep away the wild
down, can only help to reiterate that been the primary reasons as to why eminent invasion from the marauding shepherd the flock with justice. “ beasts from invading the innocent
there is a spiritual dysfunction in the no maintenance and servicing could wild beasts of this dark world. God ‘As for you, my flock, this is what sheep, greatly underscores just how
house. In that vision, what comes be accorded the sacred House of The Almighty well spoke about this in the Sovereign LORD says: I will far spiritual carelessness among
out elaborately clear, is that death LORD. Additionally, the shepherds Ezekiel 34:1-17; judge between one sheep and the pastors can go a long way in
has entered the church. It is ironical in this vision did not appear to have another, and between rams and obliterating the LORDʼs treasured
though, for death to befall the house been able to distinguish clearly what ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD goats. Is it not enough for you to flock. What particularly most
of the LORD, especially that the One the LORD was instructing when He says: Woe to the shepherds feed on the good pasture? Must astonishes, is the manner in which
after whom they follow, is One who commanded that the sanctuary door of Israel who only take care you also trample the rest of your the wild beasts shoved their way
gives eternal life; the unblemished be closed to ward-off the beastly of themselves! Should not pasture with your feet? Is it not into the sanctuary by practically
Lamb of God who was sacrificed attack. And what todayʼs church shepherds take care of the enough for you to drink clear overpowering the pastors at the
for all manʼs sin; and is the Bread understands not is that they should flock? You eat the curds, clothe water? Must you also muddy door. This is what makes this
who satisfies all spiritual hunger; have turned their eyes in faith to yourselves with the wool and the rest with your feet? Must vision especially significant.
also being the Living Water who Him that is invisible and yet beholds slaughter the choice animals, my flock feed on what you have Notwithstanding, the violent biting
quenches all spiritual thirst; and the revelation of Godʼs protective but you do not take care of the trampled and drink what you and devouring and killing by hitting
the Light who guides the redeemed glory upon mankind. The necessity flock. You have not strengthened have muddied with your feet? on the ground, is what derives the
away from darkness; while at the for the Holy Spirit comes in very the weak or healed the sick or (Ezekiel 34:1-17) genesis of these wild beasts to the
same time, He is the Shepherd who central in todayʼs church presented bound up the injured. You have devil himself. The most plausible
leads the church away from danger in this vision, since ears that had not brought back the strays or question then becomes, who exactly
into greener pastures. It must also be
remembered that He is the Vine who
never listened to the LORDʼs Voice,
cannot be able to listen to the words
searched for the lost. You have
ruled them harshly and brutally. The wild beasts are represented by these wild beasts
in the physical realm? In Godʼs
of His witness, except that they be So they were scattered because order of things, and going by the

gives life to all His branches; and
is the Counsellor
ounsellor who comforts and spiritually enlightened ears. This there was no shepherd, and lmost impatiently, they waited fact that the shepherds could not
teaches the church all she needs for must have been the root cause for when they were scattered they outside with a great urge of shut the door firm enough to keep
a new and abundant life. How then, the disconnect between the LORDʼs became food for all the wild raiding into the sanctuary the wild beasts out, that in itself
can death have befallen the church at directive to shut the temple door animals. My sheep wandered of the LORD to do exploits for the amounts to an invitation advanced
this last hour prior to rapture, if she and the shepherdsʼ failure to obey. over all the mountains and kingdom of darkness. Sometimes the to the deputies of the adversary,
really were connected to the True In declaring the institution of the on every high hill. They were church goes through life excusing to come into the house. It makes
Vine? The same God who created five-fold ministries, God Almighty scattered over the whole earth, her shortcomings to various perfect sense that these wild beasts
the universe is indeed able to create affirmed the custodianship of the and no one searched or looked disadvantages that the world may are the semblance of a foreign
a new life within the church by church onto the shepherds. That for them. “‘Therefore, you have stacked against her. Likewise, army that disguises its agents to
illuminating His Light
ight that exposes affirmation also included the custody
custod shepherds, hear the word of the there are believers that today grow dress in the enemyʼs uniforms, and
and drives away the darkness of the and stewardship of the word being LORD: As surely as I live, declares up in churches where wisdom is join the enemy side in pretext to be
human race. That same Light that preached in the church. Thereafter, any the Sovereign LORD, because my modelled and taught according to part of that force; and yet with the
brightens the dark corners of the misgivings and fall-out from Godʼs flock lacks a shepherd and so has the principles of this modern world. intention of wrecking havoc within
world, is the True Light of the world established order of grace would been plundered and has become In this way, the majority of todayʼs the enemyʼs camp. The wild beasts
and the source of life and spiritual definitely have to be accountable
account food for all the wild animals, and christians are not privileged enough in todayʼs church of Christ are those
renewal for a dying church. to the shepherds and their spiritual because my shepherds did not to receive wise counsel in the house pastors that masquerade to have
wrongdoings. The shepherds that the search for my flock but cared of the LORD. If the present-day been called into shepherdhood,
LORD presented inside the sanctuary, for themselves rather than for church were indeed deprived of when in actual sense they were not
The broken door and instructing them to shut the door, my flock, therefore, O shepherds, spiritual guidance from the word, called by JEHOVAH God. It doesnʼt
are the genuine servants of the LORD hear the word of the LORD: This she may have been justified to feel take to be a rocket scientist or
who are called after Ephesians 4:11- is what the Sovereign LORD says: having been short-changed, and brain-surgeon to be able to quickly

he broken door that 16. The only tragedy with them being I am against the shepherds and hence became angry, resentful and distinguish these fake servants
the LORD presented in their disgraceful fall from Godʼs will hold them accountable for ashamed. But, the problem is that from the genuine shepherds called
this vision, essentially favour and hence their spiritual my flock. I will remove them she has the full uncensored
ored access to of God. A scenario of this nature is
represents the appalling state of deafness. It is todayʼs corruption of from tending the flock so that the wisdom of the Holy Spirit whom what makes this vision particularly
neglect that has today degraded the the gospel that must have not only the shepherds can no longer feed God the Father Himself freely and astonishing and specifically
sacred sanctuary of JEHOVAH God. drifted the shepherds away from their themselves. I will rescue my flock willingly honoured her with. Ideally, abhorrable to the LORD, the God of
With most of the door ravaged and most noble pastoral calling into an from their mouths, and it will no all believers, including the pastoral heaven. While he called His servants
leaving only the skeletal metal grills, adulterated service unto to the LORD. longer be food for them. “ ‘For community ought to have received to serve in earnest honesty, the
there is not much protection being That spiritual gliding away in essence this is what the Sovereign LORD wise and godly counsel ffrom the Holy LORD also exhorted His shepherds
accorded to the precious sheep of represents a shamefully backslid says: I myself will search for my Spirit in order to gain understanding to observe a clear separation
Christ in the house any more. While priesthood whose only intent is to sheep and look after them. As a on how to safely navigate themselves from the deception and falsehood
things in the house of the LORD feed themselves at the expense of shepherd looks after his scattered away from the dangers emplaced on that defines this dark world. Such
may appear well and at times even protecting the sheep in the house. flock when he is with them, so her path by the adversary. The enemy separation has been highlighted in
12 Repentance & Holiness Magazine

scripture, to the extent that it even false prophets whose predictions is what has caused the gospel of dreaded mystery among the christian community and be recognized in their
hinges on the wedding of the Lamb always centre around how believers prosperity to negatively impact believers, it is incredible though hearts is the language of holiness
of God. can become wealthy overnight. The the believerʼs ability to walk in that the consequences of sustaining and righteousness. This is what can
messages from such false prophets righteousness and holiness in the unhealed wounds of sin, they mitigate the current onslaught that
Be ye not unequally yoked are essentially centred around how todayʼs churches. This is the greatest perceived not. But the cry for the vast has been waged upon the church
together with unbelievers: to sow a big financial seed and how devour of the sheep of Christ, of heart of humanity cannot continue to and her sheep. It is a reminder of the
for what fellowship to reap an astronomical financial all time. That in itself is the best go unheeded by the desolate church. 2003 mighty visitation of the LORD,
hath righteousness with harvest on this earth. The evangelists interpretation of this May 14th, 2010 That can only imply that even as in which He wrote for me Nehemiah
unrighteousness? and what too have not been spared from the vision, in which the sheep of Christ the Messiah tarries to come there is 2:20 in the sky. The LORD is today
communion hath light with contagion of decay. Today, it is were heavily devoured and viciously greater reason for repentance as the pleading with the church leadership to
darkness? And what concord common place to observe evangelists mauled to death, by the wild beasts. window of grace still beckons the gear themselves up for the process of
hath Christ with Belial? or what who are as a matter of fact, in their That death depictable in the vision, sin church. When the wall in the
sinful rebuilding the wall that is collapsed.
part hath he that believeth with true identity, wild beasts, loitering is fearfully worrisome, because it church collapses, it translates into In this process of rebuilding the wall,
an infidel? And what agreement from place to place asking for ʻseedʼ depicts a spiritual and an eternal a direct call to restoration through it must remain important to recognize
hath the temple of God with money, while selling small bottles of death in hell when the sheep fail to remorsefulness. During the time of that JEHOVAH used Nehemiahʼs event
idols? for ye are the temple of anointing oil and prayer shawls. And prepare and enter the rapture. Nehemiah, when the wall of Jerusalem of restoring the wall as the benchmark
the living God; as God hath said, in most instance, for them to sell such was fully collapsed, it presented the opportunity to draw the line between
I will dwell in them, and walk in
them; and I will be their God,
prayer shawls, they have to preach
wearing them as a marketing strategy
Collapsed wall most highly disgraceful chapter in
the entire Hebrew chronicle. Today
those who are his and not.

and they shall be my people. purported to demonstrate just how ith wonder and awe, I too, the collapse of the wall in the We his servants will start
Wherefore come out from anointed such pieces of garment witnessed in this vision, the church that the LORD presented in rebuilding, but as for you, you
among them, and be ye separate, are. It is indeed very absurd that collapse of the sanctuary this May 14th, 2010 vision, is the have no share in Jerusalem or
saith the LORD, and touch not the legitimate pastors called of the LORD, wall on the right-hand side. It is at greatest indicator yet, of the shameful any claim or historic right to it.”
unclean thing; and I will receive have even now colluded with these that moment that all pandemonium disgrace that has finally caught up
you. And will be a Father unto illegitimate servants for purposes broke lose as groups of marauding with the present-day church. Like Beyond the spiritual uncertainty and
you, and ye shall be my sons of funds-raising in their churches. wild dog-like beasts raided the Jerusalem, while the illumination gloom that has shrouded the churchʼs
and daughters, saith the LORD Many genuine pastors have today church, thereby mutilating, maiming, of the truth seems to have departed prospects for eternity, the believers
Almighty (2 Cor 6:14-18). fallen to the extent that they now devouring, and literally mauling from the church, hope can still today can now count on the lamentation
even look upon certain false apostles every and any sheep at their sight. be marshalled thanks to the many of the LORD echoed in this shocking
When legitimate pastors who have and false prophets in order to raise But what exactly does the collapse souls who are still looking for light vision of May 14th, 2010. The right
been called after the order of our money for church buildings and/or of the sanctuary wall represent in the in the midst of this perplexity and to inheritance and spiritual heredity
precious LORD Jesus, later enter projects. This description of the spiritual realm? To say the least, the sorrow. It is this kind of grief that in the kingdom of God, coupled with
into a concession with illegitimate state of the affair in the church could wall is an instrument of protection can jolt the church into action and the all the historic pledges that were
servants who have other intentions apply to none other than the long- and preservation. In Jerusalem rebuilding of the spiritual wall that is inscribed on the Cross at Calvary, all
not consistent with salvation, then promised apostasy of the last days. when the temple of the LORD was today collapsed. now seem to hinge on this one most
corruption is said to have infiltrated The pastors of today have not locked built on Mt. Moriah, it was erected important factor; the rebuilding of the
the word of God. Such adulteration the sanctuary door strong enough with a perimeter wall for purposes You see the trouble we are in: collapsed wall around the present-
of the holy word of God has often to permanently prevent these wild of protecting the house of JEHOVAH. Jerusalem lies in ruins, and its day church. That wall is spiritual and
caused the presence of the LORD to beasts from getting into the sanctuary gates have been burned with ed by the building blocks
The collapse of the wall that the
depart from not only those conceding and devouring the sheep. When such fire. Come, let us rebuild the of holiness and righteousness. “...
LORD presented in this vision further
pastors, but also from entire churches wild beasts as the false apostles, wall of Jerusalem, and we will no but as for you, you have no share in
restates the great desolation that is
that they shepherd. Today it is and false prophets are invited into longer be in disgrace.” Jerusalem or any claim or historic right
today establishing in the house.
common to see this scenario repeat the church, they begin to harvest to it.”, with these words, JEHOVAH
itself totally unabated, over and over money through trickery and even to With the Jerusalem wall in ruins, God indeed drew the line between
again, across the entire globe. Only Then I said to them, “You see
the extent that they propagate sexual Nehemiah proclaimed the onset of those who are His legitimate
the daily reproving of sins, day after the trouble we are in: Jerusalem
immorality into the church, as they troubles for the house of Israel. And shepherds and the ingenuine wild
day, is capable of strengthening the lies in ruins, and its gates have
openly lust at women and to make the situation is not any different in beasts that are bent on destroying the
conviction that a shepherd is truly been burned with fire. Come, let
it worse, men too. And because the the present day church where the sheep. For those legitimate pastors
sent of God. But, given the holy us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem,
precious sheep of Christ are naturally collapsed wall indeed has led to who have fallen in the apostasy
nature and reputation of JEHOVAH, and we will no longer be in
a dependent and vulnerable lot, they free and an unvetted access into the of this day, if they will repent and
the failure to rebuke sin can only disgrace.” I also told them about
always will obey every instruction sanctuary by ferocious wild beasts begin the process of rebuilding the
ascertain that a pastor is called not the gracious hand of my God
that cometh out of the pulpit, be it of this age. The LORD is calling spiritual wall around the salvation in
of God. However, no matter the upon me and what the king
false or true. When the innocent the church to the rebuilding of the the church, not only will they have
atmosphere of influence they may had said to me. They replied,
believers are told to go sell all their spiritual wall that surrounds the preserved the spiritual gains thus far,
surround themselves with, manners “Let us start rebuilding.” So they
stocks or their homes and bring a sanctuary in order to circumvent the but they also will indeed have rights
of gentility they may publicly began this good work. But when
big seed money to the “apostles” or activities of the agents of the enemy. in the New Jerusalem, the home of
assume, and the impression of a Sanballat the Horonite, Tobiah
“prophets,” they always faithfully The one language that ought to be the righteous (2 Peter 3:13).
sense of power they may stage, such the Ammonite official and
believe and follow through with spoken widely within the christian
illegitimate pastors will however Geshem the Arab heard about
action. That is what has constituted
never be able to wholly conceal that it, they mocked and ridiculed
the greatest devour and mauling of
they are ffake. It is for this reason that us. “What is this you are doing?”
the sheep as the majority of them
JEHOVAH is puzzled as to why His They asked. “Are you rebelling
even remain utterly undelivered in
legitimate pastors would not be able against the king?” I answered
the church. The massive adulteration
to pick out on who these wild beasts them by saying, “The God of
of the word that is today championing
are. Many legitimate shepherds heaven will give us success. We
the gospel of wealth and health, has
today fail to seal the door from these his servants will start rebuilding,
indeed devoured the sheep of Christ
illegitimate, and go further ahead to but as for you, you have no share
to the extent that they canʼt see the
invite them into the churches they in Jerusalem or any claim or
truth anymore, thereby heading to
pastor. When such a fake priesthood historic right to it.” (Nehemiah
hell. In the absence of preparing their
makes its way into the sanctuary 2:13-21)
christian lives in absolute holiness,
of the LORD, that is when it can be the church cannot see the kingdom
said that a rampant invasion has of God. When the fullness of time for the
occurred against the sheep. These fulfilment of Christʼs most awaited
are the false apostles one sees today Follow peace with all men, and return tarries, a great darkness
roaming around from church to holiness, without which no was long well promised upon the
church, city to city, and nation to man shall see the LORD (Hebrews church. Appointed in that divine
nation, preaching nothing else other 12:14) promise was the vast decay that
than how to prosper and become would sweep across the church
wealthy on this earth. Also included The failure to rebuke sin, with the as it pronounces the desolation of
in this bracket of wild beasts are the subsequent maligning of the truth, neglect. While death still remains a
Repentance & Holiness Magazine 13

The Iranian Nuclear Crisis

clean on how and what amount of Brazilian President Lula visited
uranium she has enriched and for Tehran on May 16, 2010 and met
what purposes.
urposes. It is this argument that with Iranian leaders to broker a
now put the entire global community compromise in the international

Understanding Its Prophetic Significance at the brink of the most catastrophic

war that can ever take place on the
standoff over Tehranʼs nuclear
program. This comes in the wake of
face of the earth. Most recently a new demand by the US that implied

The September 27, 2005 Vision ...... there have been contemplation of a
fourth round of stinging and most
that new sanctions are the only
way to force Iranʼs co-operation.
stringent UN Sanctions against Iran. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was
The nation that fires the missiles compelled to use Brazilʼs friendly
which the LORD showed me in relations with Iran as a neutral
Position Of Iran EU, and Israel on one side and Iran
on the other. The fearful thing though September 2005 vision, in which broker in order to try and defuse this
is that on a daily basis there seems to the nuclear facility was struck and escalating dispute. Since evidence
destroyed; was definitely Israel. of a clandestine Iranian nuclear

be a gradual but steady movement
ersia, the present day towards this most dreaded wa war of our Israel security is currently at stake program first emerged, negotiations
Iran, is very significant lifetime, that the LORD presented in as a result of Iranʼs nuclear activities with world powers and visits by UN
and widely spoken about this vision. in that volatile region. The Israeli inspectors have failed to persuade
throughout biblical Defence Forces (IDF) have in the the US and its allies that Iran is not
prophecy. Danielʼs prophecies Yet to be recent past stepped-up their military pursuing a weapons capability. This
highlighted Persia as one of the four
Fulfilled Israel to exercise and mock war strategies in
a dramatic show of force that has
is what is going to ignite and spark
off the war that the LORD showed
gigantic empires that will rule in the
Strike Iran sent shock chills across the region me in that vision of September

times of the gentiles (Luke 21:24).
Ezekiel the Prophet also greatly his war that the LORD Spoke and globally. In another follow-up 27, 2005. While Washington has

underscored of an important time about in that September vision of April 30th, 2007, the LORD taken a hard-line stance, Russian
hat September 2005 vision
when Persia (Iran) would join other 2005 vision is yet to occur showed me Israeli war planes that President Dmitry Medvedev on the
of the LORD in which
Islamic nations in a joint invasion on this earth. After that were preparing to strike the Iranian other hand considered the Brazilian
He showed me the war
of Israel under the leadership of vision, it took sometime and then nuclear facility by the mountain. I leaderʼs last ditch efforts as a last
that is coming to Iran is
“Magog” (Russia) (Ezekiel 38, 39). suddenly a global crisis began to saw in that April 2007 vision, the chance to avoid crippling sanctions,
particularly very significant at this
However, in that invasion the word unfold involving the western powers, Israeli airforce with their strike or war. Silva was able to revive a
hour before Christʼs return. This is
of God decrees that these nations the EU and US, including Israel and aircrafts ready to deliver payload UN-backed proposal in which Iran
would be devastated by the direct Iran. As this conflict developed, and strike to detonate that facility. would ship its stockpile of enriched
wrathful judgment of God Almighty it became abundantly clear that at uranium abroad to be processed
on behalf of His covenant people, the centre of the controversy was further and returned as fuel rods
Israel. According to the word of a nuclear facility that Iran had for a medical research reactor. This
God, Israel must stand alone, with been secretly and yet steadfastly deal was signed together with the
God. Although the Bible warns that developing behind the scenes. In the Turkish Premier Erdogan. But just
the invading armies will ultimately manner of their disputation, it has to prove that this war must take
be destroyed by God Almighty recently emerged that as a matter of Iranian President Ahmadinejad, Brazilian place just as that September 2005
fact, that nuclear facility has been in President Lula and Khomenei during the prophecy proclaimed, the US and
Himself, nevertheless it will be an signing of a nuclear production deal.
extremely devastating war for both operation for sometime without much its allies have dismissed the Brazil-
Israel and the entire world. notice or publicity. While tremendous Turkey- Iran deal as a mockery of
global diplomacy has been engaged International Diplomacy. That can
The Vision on this matter, especially under the
auspices of the International Atomic
Iranian President Ahmadinejad, with the
Brazilian President Lula in Tehran
only imply that an eminent war is
in the offing especially given that

Energy Agency (IAEA), Iran has Israel has announced its greatest
n September 27th 2005, been indeed maximising its use of that interest in monitoring just how
at a repentance meeting controversial facility. In the process, much such a deal can achieve, in
in Mbeya Tanzania, that the issue of rights to ownership of disarming the Iranians. Like Brazil,
night the LORD spoke nuclear research facility has also Brazilian President Turkey suggested that the uranium
with me regarding events about to Lula in Tehran.
arisen thereby almost polarizing swap could take place in Turkey.
befall the earth. In that conversation, the global community of nations. especially important because of the
I saw the visions of the LORD in Whereas Iran claims that its nuclear prophetic significance that this war
which a historic war broke ke out on research facility is primarily intended underscores in Godʼs timeline to
the endtime. In the way things are
earth. The LORD Almighty showed
me a nuclear facility that is in the
for peaceful purposes, i.e. nuclear
energy production and medical building-up, it is plausible that Russia Turkish Prime Minister
Erdogan in Tehran.
to Rapture
desert and located at the foot of a research, the US, EU, and Israel have which in the first place, helped Iran
mountain. I then saw two powerful instead insisted that Iranʼs ambitions to build that nuclear facility, has been

The nuclear facility that the LORD
missiles that were shot and directed are squarely intended for the delivery showed me in that dream was t is fearful that today as we
to the nuclear facility by the foot of a payload. Iran has since failed to undeniably the Natanz Nuclear speak the world has drawn
of the mountain. It was incredibly convince the community of nations Research Centre. Recently, a lot of much closer to the Iranian
amazing to see how the copper- that it is indeed engaged in a peaceful diplomacy has been directed towards war and yet that war has a very
plated propellers of the missiles nuclear research program and not diffusing the Iranian tension with the significant spiritual bearing into
spurned in the air until they struck weaponization. Most recently, Iran has west. This has caused several world the life of the church. This calls for
the nuclear facility by the foot of defied several UN Security Council leaders to visit Tehran in a last ditch stringent measures in preparing for
the mountain. It was at that crucial Resolutions that were intended to effort to avoid another round of UN the coming of the LORD. Whether
compel her to halt her nuclear program. sanctions. Because of the sometimes that war happens before the rapture
instant when the missiles struck the
The evidence of Iranʼs hidden agenda Iranian Nuclear plant, Natanz or after rapture, is not the issue. All
facility, that a humongous historic near biblical utterances of President
are tthe high-speed centrifuges that in support and in favour of Iranʼs Ahmadinejad to the ef effect that he that matters is that the preparations
flame blasted out and it was such
Iran has been installing in order to position. While China as a Permanent would bring a storm over Israel, no for that war present a major spiritual
a fire that I have never witnessed
boost her capacity for developing Member of the UN Security Council one has taken his armament lightly. landmark that time is over and the
in all the days of my life. That flame
highly enriched Uranium. It is the may have in the past played neutrality, Ezekiel the Prophet saw the storm Messiah is coming. Believers need
was so huge and it contained little
flames that were rising vertically into highly enriched Uranium (over 80%) the fact of the matter is that China in that would come over the land of to walk in righteousness and observe
the sky and almost touching into the that are of a great utility in developing most cases usually leaned towards Israel. a stricter holier lifestyle of salvation,
heavens. Likewise, the width of that nuclear weapons. Iranʼs ambitions to Iran. Sometimes that leaning has been in order to ready themselves for
flame of fire which blasted out from join the nuclear club have not been expressed through an abstinence vote You and all your troops and Christʼs return (Rev 19:6-9). Fine
the missile strike, was as far from the kept secret, hence being displayed in at the UN. The US and the EU on the many nations with you will linen is righteousness.
east as the west is. It was the biggest President Ahmedinejadʼs rhetorical the other hand have always insisted go up, advancing like a storm...
war the earth had seen in this present speeches. This is what has recently on the need for Iran to totally halt (Ezekiel 38:5-9).
time. ignited a bitter row between the US, her nuclear program and come out
14 Repentance & Holiness Magazine

and repent from idol worship, that

The Vision earthquake would have to strike.

China Earthquake 2010 O

n October 5th, 2009, the
LORD Spoke with me vividly
and sternly about events
On October 10th, 2009, in a revival
conference in Windhoek, Namibia,
I again reiterated that the judgment

Prophecy of October 5th, 2009

of the LORD was coming upon
that were going to befall China. In
China for the worship of idol gods
that vision, the LORD lifted me up and
of the eastern religions and that an
took me to China and showed me a
earthquake would strike mainland
Yushu Devastation ...and there will be earthquakes... (Matt 24:7) massive earthquake that would strike China if the absence of repentance.
that land if they failed to repent from
the worship of the idol gods of eastern

he recent earthquake in China his fingerprints on the fury that religions. The LORD also showed me a Fulfilment

stunned the whole earth with would consume not only rebellious lot of mud in schools and institutions
fear, at what Godʼs wrath man, but also nations that embrace of learning in that fearful vision. o the shock of all the nations,
can achieve. During the time when heedlessness. And for the people By mud, the LORD OF HOSTS implied come April 14th, 2010, that
the Hebrew people were taken of China, when the warning to sexual sin and defiled worship. The prophecy was accurately
captive, and the need arose that the LORD decreed that fulfilled as all Global News Outlets
darkness should be dispelled and in the absence of interrupted their normal programming
the mystery of their future made repentance in China to report a BREAKING NEWS coming
plain, the LORD directed that even and the return to Jesus out of mainland China. A horrific
from babyhood, the children should Christ, at my word earthquake had hit Yushu, a buddhist
be taught His goodness and His that earthquake would stronghold and killed lots of people,
Prophecy of China Earthquake
greatness, especially as revealed by October 10, 2009 take place as a follow- while leaving others buried in the
His law. Any nation that deviates Windhoek, Namibia up to the previous rubble. And just as the prophecy had
from this sacred command by failing one. In that dream pronounced, military convoys upon
to exalt the LORDʼs greatness and “Then did he see it, and declare it; when I pronounced convoys rushed to Yushu for rescue.
awesomeness, has always met His he prepared it, Ye and searched the judgment of the And just as the prophecy of the LORD
wrathful vengeance as a reproof for it out. And unto men he said, LORD, I then saw had laid it out, indeed caterpillars
disobedience. JEHOVAH has time and Behold the fear of the LORD is The April 14, 2010, Yushu lots of brownish were used to try and dig people and
Earthquake Prophecy
again reiterated the need for mankind wisdom; and to depart from evil dead bodies out of the rubble. The
Fulfilled. The Giant Chinese chariots of powerful
to be exhorted
horted with a meek and is understanding. (Job 28:28) Army Responded With The and sturdy horses smell of death covered that mainly
penetrating mind, of great insight of Massive Rescue Team. and military vehicles buddhist land as thousands of corpses
thoughtfulness and wisdom beyond In nations where tradition and eastern Thousands Dead And
rushing at break-neck were cremated live on television. The
Buddhists Temples Destroyed.
this physical realm, in order to focus religions have to a great degree speed to respond to message of the LORD is absolutely
on his kingdom in heaven. The LORD surplanted the formalism of man repent from immorality and eastern the earthquake. I also clear that time is over and regardless
has demanded this, very much aware at the expense of the written word religions was delivered, in that saw caterpillars for moving the earth of their power, supremacy or military
that His image that is bestowed upon of God, the image of God is hardly October 5th, 2009 prophecy, it is as and lots of displaced people lining might, every nation must now bow
mankind is a righteous and holy traceable on peopleʼs minds and though the LORDʼs admonition read; up to receive food in tents. After that down and repent and fully submit
likeness (Genesis 1:26) How much their souls. under the jurisdiction of the Blood of
dream, I woke up and went live on
more blessed then would the people and if that nation I warned to Jesus. The coming of the Messiah has
of Yushu China have been, should Why dost thou strive against Jesus is LORD global radio station
repent of its evil repented, then drawn nigh. Hasnʼt the mouth of the
they have learnt to read His word him? For he giveth not account and pronounced the judgment of God LORD Spoken!
I will relent and not inflict on
and obey the parchment
ment rolls of His of any of his matters. over China. I said the Voice of the
them the disaster I had planned
sacred commands. No wonder the (Jeremiah 18:8). LORD is now over mainland China
LORD Says of such wisdom: With these remarks, the LORD laid and that in the event they donʼt heed

on a daily basis right before our the release of the RED APOCALYPTIC is something no man can explain

Today’s Global Wars own eyes. The war in Afghanistan

has also claimed her place in the
annals of history on this planet in
HORSEMAN. The most recent bitter and
morbidly bloody conflict between the
Red Shirts and the National Army
except that they read Rev 6:3-4.
The war in Somali has also claimed
global prominence, especially that
this age. Other provinces of southern of Thailand is what has thrown the the African Union had to unite and
Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan having recycled back to current state of global conflict to form a coalition to confront extremist
Thailand, Nigeria, Darfur, & Mexico extremism, and still remains to be another cadre. It is very shocking and Al Shabaab. The fight between the
police, muslims and christians in Jos,
liberated todate. Such wars, coupled breathtaking to see civilians staking
...there will be wars and rumours of wars... (Matthew 24:7) with a spree of suicide bombers, have it out against a whole National Army Nigeria, has also poured lots of blood,
resulted into despicable bloodshed of Thailand and the chaos that befell regardless of who is killing who. The
war in Darfur has also turned global
Vision of the Red that vision, the moon was right above
the glory of the LORD and I saw blood
attention to Sudan to the extent that
Apocalyptic Horse flow cover the earth to the extent that
life has been reduced to violence and
the worst degradation. The 2007

the moon became shaded with blood
post-election violence in Kenya, the
rom the earliest of times, (Revelation 6:3-4). After presenting
South Africa xenophobia, the war
the faith in peace had given that prophecy on the release of the
in Yemen, the war in DR Congo,
much care to prosperous and Red Horse of the apocalypse, the
the Oromo Rebels in Ethiopia, the
-endowed nations. Today,
wealth-endowed earth has since then witnessed some
war in Northern Uganda between
there is no exception to that rule as of the most horrendous bloodletting government forces and LRA, the
many developed nations including in her entire history. The war in current conflict between South
Canada, US, Netherlands, Britain, Iraq for instance, has been on-going and North Korea, the post-election
Spain, Italy, Greece, Japan, Germany, with horrific scenes of butcher and violence in Iran, the drug wars
have teamed up into global coalitions countless numbers of the dead, and between the FARC rebels and
of nations to do battle in Iraq, maimed, to the extent that the global that can only depict the endtime Bangkok, with many building burnt government troupes in Colombia, are
Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other hot community appears to have developed chronology unfolding. The war in down in the centre of the city. The some of the conflicts that constitute
spots like the Korean Peninsula. To a strange numbness to that massacre. Waziristan province of Pakistan has drug cartels and gangs of Mexico the hallmarks of the manifestations
better understand why this global Regardless of who is killing who, the also claimed its own right within the have also not been left out, to the of the visitation of the RED HORSE OF
bloodbath and bloodletting, it is key bottom line is that the total sum global catalogue of conflicts. Military extent that Ciudad Juares is currently THE APOCALYPSE. These are the signs
prudent to revisit the April 2, 2004 of bloodshed and the dead, testifies to assaults, drone air strikes, and the rated the most deadly in the world. that Jesus forewarned would come
vision of the LORD in which He the RED APOCALYPTIC HORSE having massacres of innocent civilians by To witness drug gang engaging a before His eminent Return (Matthew
presented to me the RED HORSE from passed here. And this prophecy on the extremists Talibans, have all whole National Army, Police and 24:7). Repent and prepare for the
heaven and his pitiless HORSEMAN. In global bloodshed is being fulfilled combined to fulfil the prophecy of Civil Protection force combined, coming of the Messiah..
Repentance & Holiness Magazine 15

recklessly uncontrollable. The there would not be any defect in

LORD also well pledged that every Godʼs Government
overnment hence no cause

The 2004 Volcano Prophecy

lying excuse would be swept for disaffection in the Blood of
away in the distress of the day, Jesus as the one and the only way
and that human apostasy would out for mankind. The LORD also

that Shutdown Flights Globally

appear in its most heinous form. ensured that when the beginning
of birthpains starts, through
its manifestation in such
horrific events as the
Icelandʼs volcano eruption,

The Iceland Volcano Prophecy

every thought of all hearts
shall be revealed, and both
the loyal and the rebellious

Fulfilled After 6 Years will unite in declaring one

thing, “Indeed just and true
are Thy ways, thou King of
THE SIGNS & WONDERS OF THIS DISPENSATION Joel 2:28-32 saints, who shall not fear
April 2010 Prophecy fulfilled thee, Oh! LORD and glorify
Iceland volcano erupts thy Name, for Thy Judgments are

ithin the entire bible, joy and happiness would then be extremely agonizing dispensation made manifest.”
the most fundamental found in loving the holy beings dubbed the beginning of Then men would begin to clearly
prophecy is that which that will celebrate the wedding birthpangs. In the days of the see what their choice has been, And they sing the song of
heralds the much feast of the Lamb. Those are the beginning of birthpangs, the and every question of the truth Moses the servant of God,
awaited coming of the Messiah. righteous elect who will have LORD Himself promised that and error in the long-standing and the song of the Lamb,
The LORD Jesus opened up the overcome the sin of this dark every lost soul would doubtlessly controversy between right and saying, Great and marvellous
entire spiritual treasury of heaven, understand the perilous nature evil, would have been made are thy works, LORD God
when He systematically revealed of their own adamant rejection plain. It is as though the LORD had Almighty; just and true are
the signs that would appear of the truth. This is because the determined that He would not let thy ways, thou King of saints.
right before His return. No truth LORD destined that the Cross manʼs obnoxious rebellion get Who shall not fear thee, O
essential to the churchʼs entry into would be preached ed and its real away with that sprawling level LORD, and glorify thy name?
the rapture was withheld eld and no bearing would be seen in every of heedlessness. This, the LORD for thou only art holy: for
sign or wonder that marks the time mind that has been blinded by seems to have decided in spite of all nations shall come and
prior to that day, was neglected in transgression. It is as though the technological advancements, worship before thee; for thy
that wonderful discourse. Having for much of her entire lifespan, aircraft engineering, aerospace judgments are made manifest
undertaken the mission to redeem this aging earth has only science, satellites, medical (Revelation 15:3-4).
mankind, he spared nothing, acquainted herself with strictly breakthroughs, the discovery of
however dear, which would be March 24, 2004 one side of the Calvary Cross synthetic cells, regardless. God Remarkably, the eruption of the
necessary for the entry of the Prophecy of Iceland Volcano given that proclaims grace and love. It Almighty knew it too well that Iceland Eyjafjallajokull volcanic
church into rapture. It testifies to must be emphasized that the back mankind would one day have to mountain had such a disarming
the fact that while Godʼs hatred of the Cross greatly bespeaks stand and take the blame for the effect that rendered all human
to sin is eminently as strong as world, together with its excessive horrendous judgment that was existence and the continuance technological advancement to a
the judgment of death, his love for decay. Today, sin has led to the laid down as ransom for manʼs of evil rebellion to His holy nullity. With its ramifying effect
the repentant sinner, is however, most despicable degradation in sins. It is no wonder at the back authority. In His Omnipotent spreading all over the globe, as
stronger than death. When the the human society and church. of the Cross where the LORD Jesus Majesty, JEHOVAH designed the passengers were stranded across
LORD Jesus set out to enumerate lay his back, so much Bloodstain beginning of birthpangs to be the face of the earth, and its
the course of events that would abound! But, time seems to have that time at which it would be trickle-down effect on the entire
appear on the face of the earth
right before his most awaited
Beginning of caught up with mankind to the
extent that he may have to realize
well verified to all men, that the
divine decrees handed down
aviation industry and national
economies. This event was
return, no divine agency was left birthpangs the completeness of the Cross by from heaven, were veritably not indeed acknowledged to be force
unemployed. He gave it his very owning the unfoldings at the back meant to be an accomplice to sin, majeure, in other words, an act of
best with the object that no man In the light of the Saviourʼs of the Cross. Having said that, especially by todayʼs abuse of God. Most importantly though,
may be left out of the kingdom revelation in that most central before the rapture of the church the sacred grace. Even with the is that Mt. Eyjafjallajokullʼs
of God. In that discourse, favour Olivet discourse, the heart of with its untold mysteries, it was horrendous shutdown
shutd of the entire eruption came as a reproof of
was heaped upon favour, and the Creator regarding sin, even promised that sinners would European airspace, together with mankindʼs over-reliance on
gift upon gift, when he laid open from eternity, was absolutely stand in awe and tremble at the the ensuing travel chaos and technological advancement of
the infinite wisdom of God as he well revealed (Matthew 24; Mark One that was slain. The tongue economic tempest, God Almighty this day, and open disobedience
described one event after the other 13; Luke 21). The LORD Jesus would stick on the roof of manʼs ensured that one message did not to Godʼs command.
that mankind was supposed to promised that preceding his return mouth, as anguish would cause escape the attention of man; that
look out for. His obvious greatest for the church, there would be an their knees to rattle and quake

The 2004 Iceland Volcano Prophecy that it was covered with blocks of
frozen ice. Upon setting my eyes
on that great mountain, then the
that Shutdown Flights In Europe & Globally voice of the LORD Said that, that
mountain would have to erupt and

I saw the most dreadful visions

The Prophecy That Ignited A of things to come. The visions
I saw were of events that would
Historic Travel Chaos Globally inevitably befall the earth and
her inhabitants. In that vision, the
LORD lifted me up and took me to
it ever occur to the nations, that a place that was quite far and the
The Vision its realization would be such a voice of the Creator said, “Come
humongous clampdown. It was in and see what is about to take
a small television recording studio place on the earth.” It is then that

n that March 24, 2004, in a place called Hurligham, a when I lifted up my eyes, I was
when I decreed this most suburb of Nairobi, that the LORD able to see a humongously huge
stunning prophecy on tremendously spoke to the nations mountain standing right before
the coming of a volcanic of the earth. In that March 24, me. The mountain I saw was in a
eruption in Iceland, never did 2004 conversation with the LORD, place of extreme cold to the extent
16 Repentance & Holiness Magazine

shattering of the rocks was so the reflection of the sun. Indeed, which the plume from the volcano
immense at extreme astronomical little did I know that these were the ash descended covering the entire
temperatures, that it literally small glass particles that the high western part of the world. And
pulverized the dust into a fine temperature at Eyjafjallajokull then the voice of the LORD from
powder of ash. However, some of volcano had created. No wonder heaven declared, “And when this
the rocks were not fully pulverized these glass particles were raining happens, it shall be the news item
into ash causing them to remain down and causing sharp pains across all the earth.” At that time
particulate. The immenseness as they contacted my skin and the entire sky above the western
of these happenings, especially yet beautifully reflecting the part of the earth became covered
taking place right before my eyes sun that shone right above them. with the volcano ash cloud and no
in that vision, is what caused me to This is what totally captured my one would escape. Then the Voice
be hallowed by His majesty. It is imagination in this vision, to the of the LORD coming from heaven
at this very time that I was able to point that it was fabulous. The again, declared, “And this shall be
see how high up into the sky this heavenly extravaganza though, one of the wonders in the heavens
volcanic dust and ash had risen. did not manifest in that vision and on the earth.” At that time in
Still in this humongous vision, until the volcano ash cloud this vision, it then dawned on me
then like one who is capacitated began to fly with the clouds in that nobody was able to flee or get
to see through the veil, I was the same direction. As fast as away. Then come a last time, the
now able to see a second plume the clouds moved above the voice of the LORD from heaven
of black volcano ash rise into the earth under the influence of the said, “Tell this people to repent,
heavens. Much as I could not read winds, so did the now-formed the Messiah is coming.” And then
the mystery beyond these two volcano ash cloud. For me it I woke up from that dream.
black volcanic ash plumes, one was a kind of competition I had
thing however stood out more never witnessed before as the two Fulfilment
spectacularly. In that March 24, types of clouds were now flying
2004 vision of the LORD, as I was together except that they were at When the prophecy of the Iceland
contemplating on the two black different elevation. The volcano volcano was given way back on
volcanic plumes, I suddenly ash cloud was at a much higher March 24, 2004, it is as though
realized that they had risen verily altitude than the ordinary clouds. it could be possible to hear the
above the clouds. Then came the undertones of peopleʼs proud
next event at which the two black
volcanic ash plumes now began
White Ash minds answer back, saying; “Who
is the LORD that I should obey His

to fuse together and merge. This voice?” But, when the April 14th,
The Blach Pillars of Ash Cloud nstantaneously, following
to hit me in that vision, that I may is what for sure presented the 2010, struck on the calendar, and
April 13, 2010 the uncommon plumming
When the Prophecy Came To Pass clearly perceive the gravity of this humblest of sites to behold, when the otherwise largely dormant and
of the black volcano ash
And The Iceland Ey
historic event to come. they resulted into one of the most unknown Eyjafjallajokull Iceland
Volcano Erupted Plumming Black Ash cloud, then immediately came
humongous fusion above the earth volcanic mountain violently
the climax of this spectacular
release a lot of lava in a volcanic structures I have ever witnessed. unfolding above the earth. At that exploded into life, literally every
explosion never witnessed Wonders in heaven The black volcano ash then moment in this vision, a white living being on the face of the
before on the earth. In the nick and on earth became a humongous dust cloud plume of volcano ash shot out of earth immediately understood that
of a second, as the Voice of the that began to spread and cover the the Iceland mountain and unlike this time around things would not

LORD had directed, the volcano s this episode continued surface of the earth. In that vision, the black volcano ash, this white be the same again. The eruption
mountain erupted right before my on in that mighty March the LORD by voice told me that, cloud formed a near vertical pillar. of Eyjafjallajokull volcano was
eyes. What particularly became 24, 2004 vision, the Voice that black plume would cover the And that pillar of white volcano with such an astronomical force
most fascinating about that vision of the LORD then Spoke saying, western part of the earth. ash went so high up into the sky that it sent the people of Iceland
is that the LORD took me very “This will be one of the wonders as it mixed with the black ash scampering for life, across that
close to the erupted volcano and in heaven and on earth.” At Shiny Particles cloud. That became the moment at chilly island. The first images
asked me to touch the ice that that very moment in that most

had covered the mountain top, as stunning conversation with aught up in the milieu of this
the explosion rolled it down in JEHOVAH, then I saw two billows very dark black volcano
boulders. The ice that I touched of smoke plumming out of the dust and ash, with nothing
in that vision, was very cold and Eyjafjallajokull volcano. in its appearance that would
pure white. As the LORD continued attract ordinary attention, then
revealing to me this mighty event I was surprised when the LORD
that was going to happen to the Black Ash Cloud lifted me up and placed me right

earth, I then was able to look in the middle of the fused black
inside the exploded volcano and I he first column of smoke
that the LORD showed me volcano ash. At that place then I
saw a lot of rocks that were being realized that the volcano dust and
violently thrown out from the as going to plume out of
that volcano, was a thick dark ash were beginning to descend
inside of the volcano. The LORD with the tiny particles showering
black one. As the thick dark black
allowed the rocks together with over me like a sprinkler would.
plume came out of the volcano,
their disintegrated particles to In that vision, when I attempted
it was immediately followed by
hit me inside that vision. It is the to look up from under the cloud
a second thick dark smoke. Then
enormity of the raining small glass that had now submerged me, then
in a split second, the LORD again
and rock particles that particularly lifted me up above the earth and I saw shiny particles that were
became overwhelming. As the right into the thick dark smoke descending towards the earth
volcano erupted though, there that now completely covered with little sparkles that totally
was such a violent ejection of me, and that is when I realized covered the sky above the earth.
rocks of all sizes and manner up the content of this dark smoke. As the tiny particles fell towards
into the air, into the sky. It was The dark smoke I saw was as a the surface of the earth, the LORD
such a force that can only reflect matter of fact caused by a huge allowed them to shower me and
the Might and Splendour of Godʼs plume of dust whose particles some of them indeed landed with
Power. During this entire event, the LORD allowed to shower piercing effects, as sharp objects
episodes of blindening lightening on me. The dust that the LORD again would. This whole scenario
stroke right in the dead centre of showed me as coming from this manifesting an appearance like
the volcanic eruption, thereby volcano, was indeed as a result that registering a near cosmic
throwing the whole spectra into a of a huge eruption that shattered event as the splendour of the
colourful array of Godʼs display. the rocks at such tremendous sparkles glittered their way
The LORD allowed the lightening millions of degrees Celsius. The through their dark volcano ash in
Repentance & Holiness Magazine 17

This led to a massive melting of Since the volcano is quite steep, happened there began to trickle
boulders of ice that had covered the floodwater
floodwater came down rather through to the other ends of the
the vent, and hence spurred heavy powerfully in such a short time earth. This otherwise previously
floods that came down rushing hence throwing the people into very peaceful Iceland volcano
and gushing like a storm, in extreme panic. A deeper sense began to rapidly intensify its
a historic phenomenon never of anxiety then quickly gripped fiery activity and now spewing
encountered before in that island. the entire Iceland, as people were very black smoke against an
This flooding spurred up an very nervous and worried because amazing backdrop of northern
emergency night time evacuation of fears that they would not be lights. The build-up of lava and
of hundreds of people in the evacuated in time. molten rock notwithstanding, it
flood zone. About 800 people became as though a spectacular
living nearby were evacuated as a manifestation now beheld the
precautionary measure instructed
by geophysicists of Icelandʼs Volcano Ash skies, with the aurora borealis
meeting Eyjafjallajokullʼs fire
Institute of earthʼs sciences. fountains. It is at this point, that
Within 24-hours, initial reports
already indicated that glacial melt
Black & White Ash the true sign and wonder of our
from Icelandʼs Eyjafjallajökull Cloud Appeared dispensation unfolded before the
television cameras of the earth. To
volcano had already raised local

hen the fullness of time the Icelanders though, it simply left
rivers by as much as 10 feet (3 them without breath or a word to
meters). That is just how enormous had come for the 2004
Volcano Ash prophecy say. These stunning images surely
the melting of the ice was in showed a heavenly phenomenon
that eruption. Major roads were to be fulfilled, a worrisome
cascade of terrifying events of green aurora ripples just above
closed as flood water continued Eyjafjallajokullʼs fire fountains.
to gush into the ocean. When the began to unfold in Iceland, right
before the eyes of the inhabitants. However, the spewing of molten
Icelandʼs Eyjafjallajökull volcano rocks the size of cars intensely
erupted, a fiery display beheld the It had been long since Iceland
last experienced such an intense continued around the fountain and
skies as it sent fountains of lava the vent within the crater.
shooting high into the air and seismic activity and tremors,
as was now happening. It all A huge cloud of smoke then began
ribbons of lava flowing down the to get pumped into the air as
cliff faces. As Icelandʼs volcano happened as the Eyjafjallajokull
volcanic mountain relentlessly shifting winds directed their ash
lighted up its face with the glow plumes. The ash plumes forcefully
of light, it poured out a 27-storey erupted thereby sending the
inhabitants of that otherwise streamed by travelling through the
magmatic rock thanks to the stream and directly targeted
jet str
force that ejected those rocks. normally quiet island, into
The White Pillars of Ash Cloud mass of ice and created a cloud sleepless nights. Many in that Western Europe. As this happened,
April 13, 2010 During all this episode, there was the dark ash plumes began to mix
of smoke and ash that went high chilly Iceland, knew that those
When the Prophecy Came To Pass continuous evacuation in nearby with clouds associated with that
into the air. With ice on fire, the unrelenting tremors couldnʼt
And The Iceland Eyjafjallajokull villages because of flooding that
Volcano Erupted Plumming White Ash volcano created a huge melt of the have been any indicator of good
resulted from the heavy meltdown
humongous boulders of ice that things to come, at all. Rumbling
that began to decipher through, of glacial ice. The uncertainty of
had originally sealed and capped again and again, and even louder,
presented a picture that did not the entire cascade of explosions
its peak, and then brought down this Icelandʼs volcano indeed
depart much from the immediate was evident in the faces of the
heavy floods in Iceland. It is this took its people by storm when it
moments after the nuclear bomb residents of Iceland because when
heavy melting of huge blocks of suddenly blasted its way through
in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Then they thought they had seen it
ice at temperatures of several its ice-capped seals that had been
come the critical 24-hours after the all, then just hours later, another
millions of degrees Celsius, that dormant for over 200 years. As
explosion when all pandemonium eruption broke out at another part
caused a huge flood sending though their peace had been
broke loose across the globe of the volcano. This sent them system, within the beauty of the
people fleeing their homes. The thrown out through the window,
owing to a phenomenon known fleeing due to eminent flooding Northern Lights. This Icelandʼs
Icelandʼs Department of Civil the people of Iceland watched
as the jet stream. Talk about the from the steep Eyjafjallajokull troublesome volcano, furthermore
Protection and Emergency had a helplessly as the Eyjafjallajokull
most accurate fulfilment of every volcano. What particularly stuns began blowing white fluffy
difficult time coping with volcano began throwing-up and
word spoken by the LORD, then beyond
yond comparison, is the matter plumes while shooting thick ash
the distress calls spewing magma chunks the size
this was it. That, that March 2004 of how the volcano literally took and smoke deep into the heavens.
across the of cars into the air. But, it was
prophecy deliberately pin-pointed every word that was spoken in In its spectacular appearance
the intense bubbling of lava and
out that when the prophecy comes that March 24, 2004 prophecy,
production of more tremors that within the backdrop of the
to pass, it would heavily impact and accurately brought it to
now finally sent the residents of Northern Lights, something still
western Europe, and when it pass. In that 2004 prophecy,
Iceland fleeing for their lives, as remained quite suspicious about
surely came to pass, it is western the LORD had asked me to
they lamented that they couldnʼt this volcano. As it continued
Europe that was marooned, is an decree about the huge
take it anymore. It appeared as exporting its white fluffy and
argument no one can gainsay. boulders of ice, which
though everything under the thick dark fumes towards Western
entire he even allowed me
How the LORD engaged the jet sun was now at stake in Iceland. Europe, it became absolutely
stream to quickly accomplish island. to touch in order to
Uncertainty gripped the island obvious that it was headed to
the accuracy of His own word, is Just to feel their chill
chill. The
as the first reports of what had reeking a monumental havoc over
what has remained a puzzle unto LORD then led me to
this day. emphasize pronounce that the eruption
on the would split those boulders of ice,
normity of t h a t and turn them into a ffast-flowing
The Boulders of Ice event, the meltdown of river. When it all came to pass, it
boulders of ice created such an was absolutely amazing to see the
Melted Down perfection of the accuracy of the
inundation that literally swept
away well established civil word of God spoken 6 years ago,

s though to fulfil the exact structures like bridges. In some coming to 100% fulfilment
fulfil . Indeed
pronouncements of the
pronouncements instances, several bridges were on that April 16, 2010, when the
March 2004 prophecy, when immediately dismantled by volcanic eruption of Icelandʼs
I said that the LORD had shown me Icelandʼs Civil Protection Agency Eyjafjallajokull mountain started,
huge blocks of ice exploded out it exploded beneath a 650-foot-
in order to give way to the rushing
and rolled across the escarpment of thick (200-meter-thick) block
floods. After a brief respite, the
that mountain towards the bottom. of ice. And the enormous fiery
Iceland volcano erupted a second
The violent eruption of Icelandʼs heat from the eruption quickly
time, but, this time around from
Eyjafjallajokull mountain indeed transformed the glacier into a
began when it blew a hole in the a different glacier covered vent.
fast-flowing torrent of water.
18 Repentance & Holiness Magazine

Norway, Belgium, Finland,

India, Denmark, Poland and
the Netherlands all announced
the complete closure of their
airspace, with the authorities in
each country observing a strict
no-fly zone. The Norwegian
cancellation included the
cancellation of even helicopters
to off-shore oil installations. Even
US transatlantic flights were
cancelled in response to the ash
cloud. China too moved in with
a sweeping cancellation of all its
flights to Europe, including Air were to mix with ash, it could to be stranded at airports, the
China. The Hong Kong-based cause engine failure and electrical fulfilment of this March 24,
Cathay Pacific also followed suit difficulties within an aircraft. Just 2004 Iceland volcano prophecy
by cancelling all its flights to all as the prophecy pronounced, that heavily devastated the global
European destinations, in order when this all comes to pass, no economy. According to experts,
to pay attention to the effects of one would be able to get away; the European economy, especially
volcanic ash cloud. Stunningly, the and it was so when the Iceland the airline industry took a major
Iceland volcano was continually volcano erupted. It did not matter hit as airlines lost lots of the much
spewing and launching clouds of whichever airport it was across the needed cashflow and spent every
ash to the altitude that commercial globe, one common denominator little penny in their kitties taking
airliners fly at 30,000-35,000 became that people were stranded care of stranded passengers and
ffeet, hence requiring the upper in the waiting lounges and could air crew. By May 22, 2010, British
level winds to blow the ash and not take off for the western part Airways and Air France-Royal
disperse it out before any aircraft of the earth. Passengers spent Dutch Airlines (KLM) have as a
could venture into that aerospace. sleepless nights waiting for their result of this prophecy, reported
It is amazing how everything respective flights to take them to record losses of close to a billion
now very much depended on the their destinations, with virtually dollars each. The economic impact
Iceland volcano and its spewing no hope of any good news from suffered by the European economy
activity. Even flights from the the airport authorities. is expected to go on for extended
Middle East, including Emirates periods of time in the struggle for
and Qatar, Saudi Arabian Airlines,
there. The pandemic of panic a cloud of authority designed Air Jordan, and the Israeli El Economic recovery. Airports are estimated to
have lost over US$200 million per
that consumed Iceland, is the to impress the people, with its Al, cancelled all their European Impact day in the midst of the air traffic
price that a society pays that has spectacular fiery fountain, and schedules. Japan also bowed shutdown. It is estimated that
down to the enormous pressure
ignored the LORDʼs forewarnings,
and without reference to Christʼs
to command the haughtiness of
its gigantic stature, the Iceland that Icelandʼs Eyjafjallajokull Ash Cloud Shut upto 6.8 million passengers were
affected globally. Accommodation
return, planned their lives. volcano ash cloud literally began volcano exerted globally on the Down Economies and food for passengers that were
to hoover over Europe and take travel industry. Flights from stranded midway, became the

over its super busy airspace. The Africa to Europe were equally y compelling thousands of toughest deal ever for the airlines
Travel Chaos situation got so bad that all the
major airports across the entire
grounded, leaving passengers
scattered all across the airports
flights to be cancelled, and to manage. The financial impact
over 6.8 million passengers of the flight disruption owing
continent of Europe, including of the continents. This disruption
And no one could Charles de Gaulle in Paris, surely caused a horrific
get away . . . Londonʼs Heathrow, Frankfurt havoc for air travel
in Germany, and Schiphol in around

he March 2004 prophecy had Amsterdam, were the entire
clearly and unambiguously all literally world,
affirmed that when the shutdown with given
fulfilment comes to pass no one not even one that it
would get away. To emphasize flight able to led to
the gravity of the words of that take off. When t h e
prophecy, the enormity of the the volcanic ash
force of its fulfilment, came on from Icelandʼs
Friday April 15, 2010, by 7:39am, Eyjafjallajokull largest
when the Iceland volcano ash mountain snarled number of stranded
virtually disrupted
rupted and literally air traffic across the passengers ever recorded in the
shut down all air traffic across entire Europe, it led to t h e history of modern aviation. Flights
the entire Western Europe. With largest cancellation of thousands from Australia also cancelled
of flights ever seen in the history their European routes. Even the
of modern aviation. According US Air Force shutdown its bases
to the intergovernmental body in England, RAF Mildenhall and
that manages European air RAF Lakenheath, due to volcanic
travel, this was totally historic ash cloud that was hanging over
and unprecedented. What made the European airspace. That meant
matters even worse was the fact dozens of US Air Force F-15s
that as it shutdown the entire and other fighter jets and tankers
European airspace, no one knew, were not able to fly. And flights
not even the specialists, for how to Iraq and Afghanistan flying
long that closure was going to through European airspace were
last. One thing stood out clear in indeed diverted to other routes.
peopleʼs minds though, that the The irony though, was that the ash
volcano ash if not well handled, itself wasnʼt necessarily visible
could cause aircraft engines to fail in the air, but it could still pose a
and lead to deadly air crash and serious threat to aircrafts. Many
fatalities. In a nutshell, France, were heard saying that if the air
Germany, Ireland, Sweden, that rushes through the jet engines
Repentance & Holiness Magazine 19

caused real And considering the massive ash into the air. In some cases, flight control and ultimately
problems nature of the Eurozone economies, seimologists, geophysicists, and causing jet engines to fail. Surely,
for those that is expected to cause a lot of volcanologists have predicted that it takes the mighty hand of God
nations and European countries to get any this problem could go on another for such a scenario to unfold in the
companies economic growth this year at all. year. This has presented a very face of a technologically advanced
trading serious hazard to aircrafts by earth.
perishable reducing visibility and damaging
g o o d s , Third bout of
foods and
Volcanic ash
The Message

w h i c h n what began on March

to the church
depend on 20, 2010, the Iceland
to the volcano ash cloud,
cloud air freight. Eyjafjallajokull volcano
is still being felt today far and Exporters of perishable goods mountain erupted, the fulfilment
wide. Many countries that thrive and flowers such as Kenya, were
Joel 2:28-32
of this novel prophecy has the latter outpour is behold. Then
greatly on tourism were hit even very badly affected. Food exports continued to present such an finally the voice of the LORD said,

hardest as tourists could no longer from Africa and Caribbean were enormous challenge to the global n March 24, 2004, when
arrive, nor leave. Huge amounts among those hardest hit, with “Tell this people to repent,
aviation industry. As late as May the LORD God Almighty
of tourist dollars were lost by reports of Kenyan farmers being the Messiah is coming.”
17th, 2010, a third bout of this released the prophecy of
the actions of a single volcano forced to dump stocks of fresh The LORD is calling upon all the
volcano ash cloud has confronted the Iceland volcano that would
that the LORD spoke about on foods and flowers destined for nations of the earth to realize
Western Europe again even as violently erupt and disrupt life on
March 24, 2004. Meanwhile, European countries. That scale of the prophecy declared in March that the beginning of birthpangs
the earth, therein was a very stern is at hand, and there is an urgent
2004. Having shutdown
message unto the nations of the need for them to repent and
flights in the month of
earth. In that vision, every single prepare the way for the coming
April, on May 17, 2010,
the volcano ash cloud utterance that the LORD laid forth, of the Messiah. If the beginning of
has again led to major was recently most accurately birthpains can be such horrific
developments. This fulfilled when the Icelandic with flights being cancelled
Monday, May 17th the Eyjafjallajokull volcanic mountain globally and airspace shutdown
ash cloud moved east into erupted. This bore testimony all over busy Europe, with
England and again led to that the mouth of the LORD had millions of passengers stranded
the British air authorities spoken, and that every single in airports across the entire globe,
to close down two deference within that prophecy and planes locked out in different
major airports in the UK implied the grace of God. In that non-base hangers, then how much
namely, Heathrow and prophecy, the voice of the LORD more horrific and severe are the
Gatwick. All flights into said that upon its fulfilment
f , it upcoming birthpain
birth s.
and out of Heathrow and shall constitute one of the chief Blessed is the church that
Gatwick airports were spiritual landmarks of the signs works her way out for
cancelled beginning
1:00am Sunday. These
and wonders on the earth and in deliverance. That means “Seek
heaven. For this to be occurring at me and when you seek me with
cancellations were the
this hour in the church, it can only all your heart you shall find me”
latest rounds of weekend
closures of airport across imply that Joelʼs dispensation of (Jeremiah 29:13).
the UK and Europe.
Amsterdamʼs Schipol
airport also announced
the International Air Transport losses was repeated in agriculture- its closure in this third bout of
Association (IATA) reported that based economies across Africa the fulfilment of the volcano ash
the European economy suffered in and South America. While prophecy. Birmingham, Norwich, 1) Would occur in a 1) Occurred in Iceland
billions of dollars in lost business. supermarketsʼ supplies of some Manchester, Liverpool, etc, were place with cold ice
The body that controls European fresh produce were seriously among the airports that have shut
2) Mentioned that a volcano 2) The volcanic Eyjafjallajokull
air traffic, Eurocontrol, reported affected, car maker Nissan on down. In addition, Dublin airport
would erupt mountain erupted
the other hand, also announced a was also shutdown affecting
that the Icelandic volcano ash 3) That it would occur in the 3) Occurred in Iceland and
suspension of production of three even transatlantic flights coming
cloud essentially forced the western part of the earth affected the entire Western
of its models in Japan because from the US towards Europe.
widest and most expensive Europe
it was unable to import parts That all governments in Europe
shutdown in European aviation began monitoring the situation 4) Mentioned boulders of Ice 4) 650-ft Boulders of Ice were
from the Irish Republic. Other
history. The global shutdown types of businesses that went and the safety of passengers, is exploded and melted by eruption
that the fulfilment of this Iceland down as a result of the fulfilled what still remained paramount 5) Mentioned that it would 5) Was indeed the main news
volcano prophecy brought upon Icelandic volcanic prophecy, as they evaluated the ash cloud be carried by all global news item globally, todate
the face of the earth is said to have include businesses that handle movement above the earth. Many networks
literally dwarfed the closures conferences as those meetings passengers have again gotten 6) That no one would escape 6) Millions of passengers could
which followed the September 11, were cancelled, stranded staff stranded in this month of May not escape
2001 terrorist attack on New York across the globe, and delays to because of flight disruptions
7) That two types of billows of 7) Indeed there were two types
and Northern Virginia. Oil prices deliver air mail. Productivity in caused by the fulfilment of smoke would appear of billows of smoke
plunged below expectation in Asia many countries suffered globally this mighty 2004 prophecy.
due to workers being unable to A problem that began in mid- 8) Mentioned white and black 8) White and black smoke surely
and Middle East as the volcano smoke would appear appeared covering the whole of
return to work, according to the April, when the volcano glacier
ash cloud continually undermined Europe
Centre for Economic and Business of Eyjafjallajokull mountain
the global economic recovery. In 9) That shiny glass particles would 9) Shiny glass particles filled
Research (CEBR). Meanwhile, erupted and sent a cloud into the
the Eurozone, the closure of the major courier companies FedEx, fill the dust the dust
atmosphere, thereby disrupting
aerospace devastated economic DHL and TNT also reported international flights, has persisted 10) Rocks would be exploded 10) Molten rocks the size of cars
activities beyond air travel and delays and disruption to their on into May. Unfortunately for up in the air were exploded in the air
airline industries, so heavily to the services. A drop of between 1% mankind, scientists have thrown 11) And the pillars of smoke would 11) The billows of smoke reached
extent that the governments called and 2% for European economies in the towel and said that there almost reach heaven over 50,000 ft
for a serious meeting of industrial as a result of the Iceland volcano is no way to know how long the
leaders. Moreover, the disruption ash prophecy was not ruled out. volcano would continue spewing
20 Repentance & Holiness Magazine

Apostasy in Church
to the church that hearkens onto solemn ministry while the house is
His holy command; to be the light thronged by suffering victims upon
of the world. Many spiritually the altar of sacrifice. So great is the
conscientious believers look on the suffering in the present-day church
conflict between JEHOVAH and Israel that the ailing virtually remain in

Absurdity of Prosperity Message as having a special bearing on the

own life of todayʼs church. Rightfully
so, within the demarcations of every
affliction with neither deliverance
nor healing visiting the altar. While
showing how narrowly superficial
christian heart, this JEHOVAH-Israel the wisdom of men is, todayʼs

ince the loss of his the ruin began when the church by the prosperity are all the excesses of controversy is often repeated many absence of the Divine presence of
inheritance in heaven, the indulgence of appetite disobeyed and earthly wealth and pleasures to millions of times a day as mankind the Holy Spirit raises every question
enemy has determined to finally fell. And yet, it was obvious the extent that holiness has been battles the sharp arrows of sin that before the church, and places the
find revenge by causing that when the LORD Jesus charted for sidelined. This has essentially continually strike him. Nonetheless, truth of God in an entirely new
the church to share in his disgraceful the church the path to the Holy Ghost rendered the church spiritually too the LORDʼS stand on prosperity aspect. Todayʼs seductive sermons
f . Very much aware that in our
fall by fasting, He stood in the strength of faint and feeble to even enter the remains the same; on prosperity and financial wealth
own strength it is impossible for us perfect manhood and possessing the bloodstained path that Jesus charted transfer, have undoubtedly failed
to deny the clamour of our fallen full vigour of body, mind and Spirit, out for her, on the Cross at Calvary. The LORD will grant you to present themselves watertight to
nature, the enemy has perpetually having been surrounded in a daily Though the church well recognized abundant prosperity—in the truth, and instead manifested a
taken advantage of hereditary communion with heavenly beings. the bloodstained highway of holiness the fruit of your womb, the serious waterloo at such a critical
weakness and hence fully engaged Armed with this level of Holy Ghost from the beginning, contrarily her act young of your livestock and hour. Caught up in the contemplation
his false insinuations to ensnare all power, the LORD Jesus was then able is as though she were not provoked the crops of your ground—in of these spiritual settings, todayʼs
whose trust in God is not. He has to enter the wilderness and cope with into a bitter controversy with the the land he swore to your holy devout elect of God who have
devised new schemes and channels the adversary. If the church too had broader highways of this sinful forefathers to give you. The vowed to remain beside the LORD,
with which to assault especially stuck upon this humble pathway world. Following His passionate LORD will open the heavens, and resolvedly opted to seek to be
the church. At the nativity of our of wilderness righteousness, the suffering on the Cross, the LORD Jesus the storehouse of his bounty, separated, will undeniably constitute
LORD Jesus in a cuddled Bethlehem apostasy of this day would never unmistakably aggravated the church to send rain on your land in the rapture church. The amazing
manger, the enemy already knew that have ravaged it this much. It had all into an eternal controversy with this season and to bless all the manner in which post-modernism in
One had now come with a divine along been obvious that the seductive evil dark world. It is His undaunted work of your hands. You will the church has in this day and age
commission to dispute his dominion excesses of this dark world would be stature on the Cross and the suffering lend to many nations but will beheld itself true to type, thereby
over mankind, and to finally set the laid by the adversary, right before of such a condition of things to exist, borrow from none. The LORD faithfully replicating its object
church free. This caused the adversary the church, in order to ensnare her that raised to the church a red flag on will make you the head, not worldly values, is what has now re-
to tremble much, at the angelʼs into sharing in the grand fall with the parleying with sin, that she may the tail. If you pay attention awakened new impulses on a greater
message attesting the authority of the enemy. “If Thou be the Son of not give the enemy an advantage to the commands of the LORD problem at hand. The anonymity and
the new born King. Much as it was God, command these stones that it be over her life. By conceding to the your God that I give you impunity that scorns todayʼs post-
difficult to fathom the mystery of this made bread”. Not without a massive disguised demands of this sinful this day and carefully follow modern lifestyles is what has now
great sacrifice of love, the glory and travail, could Jesus give audience world, nothing good has come out them, you will always be at permitted pastors to openly confess
the peace and majesty and the joy of to the enemy. But then “It is written of the churchʼs worship, neither has the top, never at the bottom. to living for self, as the christians
heavenly communion, were mightily . . .” became the eternal antidote God been glorified by her praise. In Do not turn aside from any convert to a more casual relationship
manifest abound. That the Son of that literally broke the backbone the absence of holiness, the evidence of the commands I give you with the ALMIGHTY. Contrary to their
God should come to this earth as a of deception. The question then of christian walk is today worthless to today, to the right or to the expectation, it is the theological
man, certainly filled the adversary becomes, “how could the church have break the stronghold of rebellion in left, following other gods and human wisdom being lectured ectured by
with fearful amazement and with an bought into the seductive ensnares of the church and summon Godʼs might, serving them (Deut 28:11- pastoral graduands of modern-
extreme sense of apprehension, to over-indulgence?” because human capacity, strength 20). day bible colleges that has most
mention the least. To the enemy, the and power have indeed predictably systematically overtaken the guise
declaration made in the garden of
Eden pronouncing that,
y... weakened in the face of such a
humongous mountain of earthly
However, it is the faulting of the
word of God in this dispensation,
and caused the Spirit-filled christians
to see their meaning more clearly. The
darkness to surmount. Unfortunately that has largely magnified apostasy LORD Jesus Himself became obedient

“I will put enmity between for todayʼs apostate pastors, while today and the blatant practice of in every particular to the word of
he church of Christ in
thee and the woman and this scenario perfectly rolls out, open lawlessness and shameless God taught in the Synagogue, but
this era has mainly been
between thy seed and her faith, which is the pillar of christian heedlessness in the church of Christ. He wisely did not conform to their
instituted on the sermons
seed” (Gen 3:15) walk in the church now reposes in As pronounced in the word, in his rabbinical rites and usage, instead
of a prosperity gospel, that
God. This kind of weakening of faith open expression of his intention to choosing to learn the reverence of
has caused her apostate condition.
had now indubitably translated into is what has opened a huge door to prosper mankind here on the earth, God Almighty. Likewise should
Todayʼs christians have unfortunately
the fact that he would not hold any deception and rampart falsehood nevertheless was it Godʼs object that any serious pastoral student have
not well appreciated that the current
persuasion over the church, any into todayʼs house of the LORD. Only such prosperity focus the heart of the listened to the theological lectures,
apostasy in the church, undeniably
longer. a righteously obedient walk in the church entirely into the perishable and instead aptly leaned on the
amounts to a house that has literally
highway of holiness can unravel for decay realm. By design though, Godʼs greatest promise God ever released
renounced her loyalty unto the LORD.
“And Jesus being full of the the church the true defining intent of ultimate blueprint for manʼs creation to the church, the promise of the
JEHOVAH the God of covenant firmly
Holy Ghost returned from holiness when the LORD said, very much implied that every Holy Spirit as the ultimate Teacher.
honours His pledges to the extent that
the Jordan and immediately blessing of prosperity would be able This is the kind of resolve that can
mankind can literally live off every
the Spirit driveth him into the “Above all things, I desire that to cause him to be caught up with the break the vicious cycle of corrupt
word that proceeds
proceed out of His mouth.
wilderness. And he was there you prosper” (Isaiah 35:8-9) Messiah in the glorious gathering at shepherds and shepherding. Modern
In the clamour to sustain her earthly
in the wilderness, forty days, rapture. However, it is now more and christianity in its finest manoeuvring,
livelihood, the church of Christ
tempted by satan, and was In Godʼs version of prosperity, all more evident and to a greater extent through its adulterated gospel of
with the wild beasts.” “And committed the greatest blunder ever,
opulence was originally intended that the conception of this novel plan ʻsow-a-seed to get your miracleʼ, has
in those he did eat nothing” by forgetting that the most important of God still remains for the most part, been proven seriously deficient of the
to draw the hearts of the believers
(Matthew 4) foundation upon which her provision misconstrued to the present church. prerequisite benchmark of holiness,
closer and closer to Christ Jesus
was well promised, is righteousness. For this reason, the grievous spiritual to the degree that church has today
the Redeemer. And yet all this
In this way, the LORD Jesus clearly Then there came the deception, as if misconception on prosperity today misinterpretation that today presents largely become business enterprises
verified the authority of his in an answer to her prayer, one in the happens when, on manʼs behalf, the false gospel of prosperity, has whose sole purpose is to gather
commissioning and that never again guise of the prosperity gospel from Christ conquered such temptation by by and large wiped-out the churchʼs wealth. This pitiless fleecing of the
would the adversary ever have a heaven, which she readily accepted enduring the severest of adversity. authority and honour, to a state LORDʼs sheep is what now brings
leeway for corrupting the church. without any careful afterthought. JEHOVAH had earlier on marked the of near-irrelevance. With most of in common scenes of preachers
With these words, Christ highlighted Pointing to this reason, over the bottom-line of his prosperity for todayʼs believers in this degenerate acting comical even on matters that
to the church that the great appetite greater part of her life, the church man, by firmly asserting that all condition, worship observance has seriously hinge on the Cross and
and the excessive over-indulgence has virtually engaged in the sermons prosperity must direct the church into now been seriously reduced to a mere the Blood
lood of Jesus. It is incredible
in the things of this world, were the of a false form of christianity that a righteous and holier
ier standing with formalism. As one keenly observes though that the peddlers of money-
grounds for the greatest temptation. fronts the spiritually reckless living the Creator. By this means, JEHOVAH the churchʼs worship services today, laundering in todayʼs church cannot
And fasting would be the hallmark in compromise with sin. Strewed opened an unlimited floodgate of it is difficult to miss out on the see that their expectations in regard
for a separated life. This is just where in the churchʼs impaired vision of earthly and heavenly prosperity
prosperit men-of-the-cloth performing their to prosperity are not sustainable by
Repentance & Holiness Magazine 21

biblical prophecy that define this walks the highway of holiness, should authority and power of the Blood of larger majority of the present-day among the Israelites, JEHOVAH has
hour. Neither can the preachers have trusted the LORDʼs counsel Jesus that was shed at Calvary! This christians have least understood. been super passionate about covenant
of prosperity admit that they have explicitly on matters of repentance. kind of reproof by the Holy Spirit Contrary to the sad association of keeping, reverence, worship diligence
misapprehended the scripture that Furthermore, even in the greatest is principally designed to enlighten material possession with success, and a non-contaminated relationship.
they so-claim to teach and uphold. milieu of money-preaching and the church on what has negatively a true successful christian lifestyle God the Father is equally very jealous
And by the ʻdefunct vehicleʼ of prosperity advocacy, the fears on the impacted her central calling to involves the shunning of sin and of the church and deserves the total
spiritual fatherhood, from one to unexpected return of the Messiah are evangelize the righteous nature of walking in absolute holiness for attention of the believers. This is
another, they have passed-on the beginning to be aroused. The church the Redeemer. A derisory fall of this entry into the kingdom of God. The the rationale for which JEHOVAH can
iniquity. It is as though the scripture in her best spiritual performance cadre has a lot to do with her being failure by the Pastors to augment deliberately crumble down every
in John 1:5 has been painfully and sensibility knows it too well brushed in bad light, to the extent that their teachings with this novel cradle distraction that may sway mankind
fulfilled right before our own eyes that never was an earthly confined in most occasions, todayʼs christian of the gospel (the Cross), is what away from his complete attention.
when it said, living, the original intention for now bears a repulsive, other than has now turned church services This, the LORD has previously done
which Jesus was sent to the Cross to attractive image which the heathen into a great dishonour of our time, with that likewise obstinate generation
“The light was shining in darkness; pay such a horrific heart-wrenching would neither long to bear, nor hence reducing it into mere pascal at the monumental Tower of Babel
but the darkness apprehended it
price of redemption. Because of its desire to associate with. This does rituals of human traditions, other pride. The dominant endeavours by
not” (John 1:5).
obvious inborn spiritual shortfalls, not do any good to disseminating the than a true worship in the spirit and this third HORSEMAN in shaking-up the
the prosperity gospel has completely gospel since it essentially disclaims in the truth. It is surprising though, global economy, is irrefutably a divine
God has persistently been seeking failed to rebuke the sin that has today kinship with God. The robust rubric that a form of faithlessness has effort that is aimed at awakening the
to give light to man as he gropes intruded the church, and instead opted of such a disgraceful fall, is what has gradually encroached into the holy church of Christ on the necessity to
in darkness, causing JEHOVAH to to accommodate worldliness and essentially sustained the momentum pulpit, with the shepherds veritably REPENT from her corrupt deeds and
deliberately use the only means by spiritual decay within the christian of the current most appalling state lacking the conviction to believe for prepare the righteous way for rapture
which he can reach out to mankind. fraternity. Rejoiced as they may seem of perennial spiritual infancy in the divine provision from the LORD. This (Isaiah 40:1-5). Righteousness is
Repentance as authored by the Blood today, this kind of apostate church church. Unfortunately, this spiritual lack of assurance that is currently the fine linen with which todayʼs
of Jesus will forever continue to cannot however afford the luxury of immaturity is what has now become proliferating among Pastors to the christians ought to clothe their hearts
remain the only means by which forgetting the grief and anxiety that the hallmark of christian walk effect that God may not be able to with, in order to enter into this most
the LORD can help facilitate manʼs their unreadiness will cause upon the today. Needless to say, the falling miraculously provide for them in this awaited wedding feast of the Lamb
cross-over from pitch darkness of return of the Messiah. away from true faith has today well day and age, is what has unfortunately (Rev 19:6-9; Heb 12:14; 2 Cor 5:1-
sin into the brilliant light of the truth. entrenched in the church, even to the hatched out a stinging wave of 5). Byy virtue of the global FAMINE
However, for todayʼs shepherds ”I am the vine; you are the extent that believers are now reduced virulent false teachers of the word. that this APOCALYPTIC HORSEMAN
though, the scenario is much more branches. If a man remains in me
to a despondent batch that could This clique has today mutated into a discharges, an astonishingly parallel
sophisticated than earlier thought, and I in him, he will bear much
fruit; apart from me you can do cares less about the word and its bunch of Pastors who can outrightly corresponding ravaging spiritual
owing to their ʻlearnedʼ nature. inherent power. It is regrettable that lie publicly, in order to loot offerings hunger has pervaded the church of
nothing. If anyone does not remain
In their pride, the pastors of these in me, he is like a branch that is this contemptible plummet has gone and the so-called ʻseedʼ money Christ worldover. This has especially
last days have seriously and most thrown away and withers; such on globally and virtually undetected from the faithful. They are the false built-up into a humongous spiritual
sombrely scorned to admit that they branches are picked up, thrown
for a very long time, and even more prophets of the day. The priesthood scarcity for the essential gifts of the
into the fire and burned. If you
should receive instructions from so this late in the day. The failure to today can openly deceive and feast on Holy Spirit in the body of Christ. And
remain in me and my words remain
any messenger sent by the LORD in you, ask whatever you wish, and intuit this seemingly obvious but very the sins of the saints in order to earn that is the reason todayʼs christians
to advocate repentance. In their it will be given you. This is to my sneaky fall in the church, is what has their so-called decent living. can be heard faking tongues, and
deplorable departure from the truth, Fatherʼs glory, that you bear much
majorly contributed to the loss of false prophets heard counterfeiting
todayʼs apostate pastors, evangelists, fruit, showing yourselves to be my
disciples (John 15:5-8). sensibility to sin among christians. They feed on the sins of the holy voice of God, while
false apostles and false prophets It is a numbness that has raised the my people and relish their regular preachers can be seen faking
have lost sight of the Coming of churchʼs threshold to sin, hence wickedness (Hosea 4:8). miracles, etc. There surely is a huge
the Messiah, and they know not Blessed are they that the Messiah will
lulling her to eternal damnation, in clamour for the Holy Spirit to visit
that He has just tarried behind for return only to find them fruitfully
a form of spiritual gangrene. Sadly, the house at this hour of great need.
the purposes of repentance. In such hearkened unto the true vine of the Promised in the beginning as one of
it is so disheartening to realise that The visitation of the Holy Spirit is the
manner, todayʼs apostasy has literally glorious vineyard, while woe unto the key landmarks of the last days,
the real definition of gangrene is as only intervention that would finally
caused all the prosperity-preaching they that will be found in an unfruitful it is nevertheless most painful to
a matter of fact the local death and release the much-needed wisdom of
shepherds to act as a form of anti- place of prosperity gospel and the live to see this apostasy play itself
decay of the body as a result of lack God into the current apostate church.
clima in which they have halted the
climax, sermons of financial wealth transfer. to full course in our time. This level
of blood in that area. It can be said All God-loving christians will today
rest from revival, yet also missing When the church ceases to uphold of officious worldliness, with its
of the church today, that she surely agree that if the global economic
the helpful hand that the LORD has her stature as the light of the world, sullying post-modernism, right at
lacks the Blood of Jesus in the body. crunch is what it takes to return the
extended at this hour. then divinity ceases to flash through the centre of the church, is what has
If she doesnʼt repent urgently, this church back to God, then it is a good
humanity because gross darkness finally provoked GOD Almighty to
gangrene could as well kill her. The thing, and so be it. The advantage
“See, I will send you the prophet befalls. Spiritual decomposition raising of the threshold to sin and evil releasing the horrific pangs of the of the current economic shake-up
Elijah before that great and of this nature is today responsible simply means that christians gradually Rider of the BLACK APOCALYPTIC HORSE. can only accrue onto the lives of the
dreadful day of the LORD comes. He for the rampant ungodliness and Though, a necessary step within the
become accustomed to not only christians, in as far as it reprioritizes
will turn the hearts of the fathers to systems of heathenism that have observing sin in the church, but also prophetic timeline to rapture, this the quest for eternity in their hearts.
their children, and the hearts of the invaded the church. In a snapshot, accommodating it in their personal third HORSEMAN is intended to shake Considering the increased pomp of
children to their fathers; or else I
it would appear as though for an lives. This is the careless living of mankind from his more earthly worldliness that highlights christian
will come and strike the land with
entire lifespan, the church and her compromise with the world, that has inclination, back to a heavenly lifestyle today, there is surely no
a curse.” (Malachi 4:5-6)
apostate priesthood has lost sight of apparently not factored in the fear proclivity. The LORD intended that the greater awakening that best describes
The time of this promised endtime Him whom they should not have ever of the LORD and his holy reputation. subsequent global economic crisis the actions of the man of the BLACK
revival is nigh and here. Markedly, forgotten, even for a moment. It is the Spiritual numbness of this sort is unleashed by this HORSEMAN is what HORSE, than this scripture;
an indismissible Holy Ghost revival reason for the heavy manifestation of what has exactly besmirched worship is meant to REPROVE this apostate
is today beginning to restore excessive perversion, love of money, to the extent that today christians no church back to the echelon of her 15
Do not love the world or
righteousness and holiness across sexual immorality, homosexuality, longer view their lifestyles as the true holiness. By collapsing and melting anything in the world. If anyone
the ends of the earth. It is the lesbianism, gayism, even among worship that Jesus taught on the Cross. down all the structures of prosperity loves the world, the love of
youthful modesty and grace of this, the pastors. Now, if the LORD is the If there was any take-home lesson that had beclouded the christian the Father is not in him. 16For
endtime Holy Ghost revival that will True Vine upon whom the branches that Jesus emblematically left on the vision, the LORD Almighty purposed everything in the world—the
eventually disarm the prejudices depend for a daily livelihood, how Cross, it was the crucifixion of the that the release of the BLACK HORSE cravings of sinful man, the lust
of the prosperity priesthood in its then can anyone forget about Him, flesh. In that most exuberant greatest purge the hearts of the saints off of his eyes and the boasting of
totality in order to unconsciously even for a moment. The ilk of disposition of love towards the materialism back to spiritual purity. what he has and does—comes
open their minds to the word of God, lawlessness in the house of the LORD church, as the LORD gave His life on Such structures of prosperity that had not from the Father but from
that the Holy Spirit may speak to their has primarily been sustained by the the Cross, He also unveiled to her the lodged themselves inside the hearts the world. 17The world and its
hearts. But while that blessed revival fact that on every opportune occasion biggest secret to a successful christian of the christians, include aspects desires pass away, but the man
is yet to totally consume the earth, for re-awakening, the anxiety of the lifestyle. And that secret literally lay like accumulation of financial stock who does the will of God lives
todayʼs spiritual decay indeed marks christian has mainly been relieved, in the complete obliteration of the reserves, idolizing of homes and cars, forever (1 John 2:15-17).
a significant departure from the by casting blame on the devilʼs act, sinful desires of the flesh in order to priding in what they do and have.
expected norm. This is owing to the and yet not by censuring themselves be born-again. This is one particular Surely these structures had robbed
fact that any church which especially for compromise. Where then is the aspect of christian salvation that the God off the attention of man. Even
22 Repentance & Holiness Magazine

The Historic Haiti

Prophesied: November 24, 2009
Fulfilled: January 12, 2010
Haiti & Dominican Republic without which He would be ready
to leave them free to turn back and
During the entire period at which now entered. As the cripples got up
and walked, the blind saw, the deaf
Forewarned in November 2009 speak to their own desires.
Haiti and the Dominican Republic
were thoroughly warned of an heard, and the mute spoke in those
impending historic earthquake, 2009 revival meetings at which Haiti

and especially from November 22 was forewarned; one could almost
hould the people of the earth key of understanding that makes man
through November 27, 2009, it was as feel that there wasnʼt going to be
have held a believing Spirit, knoweth God. In the nature of His For although they knew God,
any more tolerance with rebellious
they wouldnʼt have been found forewarning to them, it is as though they neither glorified him as
nations, except a strict compliance
as rebellious critics of the LORDʼs Godʼs impulsive love demanded God nor gave thanks to him,
word, but rather as precious elect instant obedient remorsefulness but their thinking became
“Every valley shall be exalted and
at His protection in these perilous futile and their foolish hearts
every mountain and hill made
last days. Many nations thus today were darkened. Although
low...” (Isaiah 40:1-5).
close the door to the most precious they claimed to be wise, they
Positively so, the LORD wasnʼt seeking
opportunity of making things right became fools and exchanged
their sanction for His redemptive
with the LORD, just as did the people the glory of the immortal
work at Calvary, but rather an
of Haiti in November 2009. If that God for images made to look
assertion to them that worthless are
nation had responded to the Holy like mortal man and birds and
worldly pleasures, human powers
Spiritʼs call to repentance, they animals and reptiles. Therefore
though the LORD God had shed a new and earthly treasures. However, one
would have recognised the voice of God gave them over in the
light upon that Island of Hispaniola. may ask, “Why then did He have
the heavenly King that forewarned sinful desires of their hearts
HAITI EARTHQUAKE PROPHECY Every pronouncement spoken during to warn them and heal them at the
them. Because of one purpose only November 23, 2009 to sexual impurity for the
that visit was, unmistakably directed same time in those November 2009
were they conscious, to indulge in Puerto Plata degrading of their bodies with
to the words of Isaiah the Prophet, meetings?” Unmistakably, in that
the excessive immorality of this dark DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
DOMI one another. They exchanged
that said, process JEHOVAH intended that they
world; they hence saw it not that the the truth of God for a lie,
receive His free gift of the amazing
word sent unto them was indeed full and worshipped and served
Come now, and let us reason eternal grace that broke through
of freshness, truth and eternal beauty created things rather than
together, saith the LORD: the bondage of hades and disarmed
of Godʼs love. The people of Haiti the Creator—who is forever
though your sins be as deathʼs dominion.
surely missed their most important praised. Amen. Because of
opportunity to get right with the LORD, this, God gave them over to scarlet, they shall be as white
and be reconciled with His Majesty. shameful lusts. Even their as snow; though they be red
In a brief, it is such waywardness women exchanged natural like crimson, they shall be as Stunning Haiti
of mankind that has cost him the
sight with which to recognize the
relations for unnatural ones.
In the same way the men
wool (Isaiah 1:18 ).
LORDʼs spontaneous nature, loving November 24,44, 2009 also abandoned natural With the worldly pomp that
Santiago City
sympathy and glorious redemption, relations with women and reverberated 24/7 at the sexual sin

even from the wounds of todayʼs sin. were inflamed with lust for beaches and homosexual resorts, hen the LORD sent me to
Furthermore, only one presence still one another. Men committed there was no way the hardened warn the people of Haiti
continued to overtake their hearts, indecent acts with other men, hearts of the people of the Dominican way back in November 22-
the insubordination with which they and received in themselves Republic and Haiti were going to 27, 2009, it was vividly evident that
defiantly desired
red to break away from the due penalty for their easily give-in, and heed the LORDʼs with His long outstretched hands,
Godʼs command, and be free from perversion. Furthermore, directive to repentance and the earnest He was crying out to that nation
His holy requirements. If penitence since they did not think it hearkening onto the everlasting saying, “In the midst of you standeth
and faith are the honourable duo worthwhile to retain the testimony of Jesus. One could easily One whom ye know not, even He
that enable a soul to receive wisdom knowledge of God, he gave feel every heartbeat of the LORD as that cometh in the name of the
from the LORD, then it can be said them over to a depraved He longed to gather the people of LORD.” Philosophers, seismologists,
of the people of Haiti, that when mind, to do what ought not the Dominican Republic and Haiti geologist, geophysicists and
November 27,77, 2009
the warning came in that November Higuey City to be done (Rom 1:21-28). under His wings, especially given the theologists alike, had for more than
2009, they undoubtedly neglected the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
DOMI dispensation in which the earth has two centuries endeavoured to study
Repentance & Holiness Magazine 23

into the patterns of mysteries and of

earthquakes, but, none of them had
on phone and called the pastors in
the Dominican Republic and spoke
announce the coming of the historic
Haiti earthquake. Additionally
Severe warning of the Messiah. All throughout the
three days, November 25th, 26th,
ever been able to walk into a place directly with Pastor Felipe Aquino on November 23rd, 2009, I held a in Santiago City and 27th, 2009, I kept repeating
and decree with absolute certainty regarding what the LORD of Hosts had second revival meeting in the city of over and over again that a historic

that an earthquake was coming to a decreed over that island. Realizing Puerto Plata, and again warned with n that November 24th, 2009, earthquake would strike that land
locality, and it indeed got fulfilled that Pastor Felipe Aquino had put my the sternest of voice about a historic with a convoy of pastors, I just to prove to the people of that
at that place. For the people of the phone-call directly live on air on a previously unseen earthquake that left for the second largest island that the time for repentance
Island of Hispaniola it must have christian radio, I spoke with a stern was now going to come and strike city in the Dominican Republic had come and that indeed the LORD
been a rude awakening for me to clarity on the intended purpose of the island of Hispaniola. To the called Santiago. If one had thought God Almighty had sent me to them,
have walked in and decreed such an my visit to that Island of Hispaniola. multitudes that attended the revival that the warning of the coming Haiti to turn them away from their evil
astronomical force of God Almighty I declared vividly clear and live on earthquake was sternest in Puerto ways, and receive Jesus in a holy
meetings in Puerto Plata, this was
as coming to touch down. radio, even as millions were tuned in, Plata, then they would have needed preparation for the rapture. Even
the strangest phenomenon they had
It all began in May, 2009, when I that the LORD of Hosts was sending to hear what the LORD Spoke at as perplexed as the people looked,
ever encountered. Having never
saw the visions of the LORD in which me to pronounce a most historic Santiago stadium. It became the the massive healing miracles
experienced the kind of earthquake
I had attempted to travel to the massive judgment that would strike most scathing of attacks yet onto that the LORD performed, became
that I was standing at the altar and
Island of Hispaniola to warn both the that island, owing to the horrific the compromised christian lifestyle the testament of what had been
announcing as coming, they were at
Dominican Republic and the Nation sexual sin, among other sins that had that was being propagated in both prophetically fully set before them.
first most sceptical and disbelieved.
of Haiti to repent and turn away established there. In that vision which Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
A great suspicion arose though as
from evil, in order to prepare the
way for the coming of the Messiah.
I explained to them live on radio, I
said that I was seeing a lot of people many of their sick were healed in
I also warned about the sexual sin
and homosexuality by the beaches
those meetings to the extent that the

Unfortunately though in that May extremely affected by that judgment of that island, and the gospel of
deaf ears opened, cripples walked fter the final three days of
vision, I saw myself taking a flight including treatment of people being prosperity that had hampered the
out of wheelchairs and many other mighty revival meetings in
that was passing through Europe and done under trees. I also said without churchʼs mission of salting the island,
outstanding miracles took place. the city of Higuey, with the
while in the connecting flight, I saw any ambiguity, and with the most and illuminating its populace with the
It was this and only this alone that convoy of pastors, we headed back
in that vision that I would fail to reach sober of voices, that I was seeing a light of Christ. It is indeed the nature
to Puerto Plata that I may catch my
the Island of Hispaniola to warn the horrific tsunami floods that would caused them to begin to be wary that of healings that the LORD performed in
flight and leave that land. However,
people of Haiti and the Dominican
before leaving that land, I ultimately
Republic. It was then that I began a
declared that, “When all these things
prayer and dry fast for the mission
come to pass, then you shall know
to bring this mighty announcement
that surely the Prophet of the LORD
of the coming of the Messiah, to the
has today walked amongst you.” With
people of that Island.
those words I left the Dominican
Republic in the name of the LORD. As
June 17, 2009 the word of the LORD slightly tarried,

Vision on Haiti it surely must have taken the gift of

carrying a steadfast soul for one to

have continued reciting the mighty
hile in one of those prayers
utterances that the LORD had laid on
and dry fast, the LORD spoke
the land. Little did most of the people
with me by lifting me up
of Haiti and the Dominican Republic
and taking me into the nation of Haiti realize that all that I had said while
and showing me what was just about in that land, were as a matter of fact,
to befall that land. In that vision, I from that holy line through whom
saw a historic earthquake that would the knowledge of God had been
come and strike that land including preserved. Unfortunately, some may
the Dominican Republic. And when have attempted to strengthen their
I saw the earthquake, I also saw a faith by dwelling upon the assurances
lot of people gathered in one place that had been given them through the
and so many hospitals set up even gospel of prosperity, without any
outside by the grass. Still in that June privy of what was in the offing in
17th vision, the LORD further spoke that land.
to me about the horrific death that
would consume the people and even
the tsunami by the beach that would
devastate that island. When I woke up The black
from that vision, on June 18th, 2009,
I was very disturbed at the state of sin
come after that historic earthquake.
Following that phone conversation,
the words spoken in those meetings Santiago, that truly affirmed His word
on the coming historic earthquake.
January 12th,
must have come from JEHOVAH the
that the LORD had shown me in Haiti it was agreed among the pastors LORD of Hosts. It was as though
and the Dominican Republic, i.e., that a date be set for me to make a through nature and through types Harsh warning
the Island of Hispaniola. I was even second attempt to visit the Island of and symbols, God had spoken to the evertheless, it took a record
much more perplexed in extreme Hispaniola and decree the Oracles people of Haiti and the Dominican in Higuey City less than two months, from
shock at the horrendous judgment of God in the complete hearing of Republic as a lesson to humanity the date of that mighty

of the LORD that was going to visit the multitude of the citizenry of that hroughout all the three days prophecy, when on the most fateful
through the language of humanity;
that island, and especially Haiti. land. The revival dates were set for in which I held massive January 12th, 2010, every word of
the healing of their own sick. Among
However, with all arrangements put commencement from November revival meetings in the city my tongue was suddenly and literally
those who had been styled ardent
in place, when I tried to travel to 22nd till 27th the year 2009. of Higuey, if there is any message fulfilled right before the eyes of the
believers, there was a genuine cause
the Dominican Republic in order to at all that remained central, then it nations of the earth. If there was a
for concern especially given that the
deliver this most stunning prophecy was that of the harshest warning day that the people of the earth would
sins I enumerated were real and as
and judgment of the LORD, indeed as
the vision I had seen earlier in which
tern warning rampant as I had declared. The need
that a historic earthquake was on
the way coming. While speaking to
indeed term the black day, then it
would by merit be that January 12,
I had failed to arrive, I surely missed in Puerto Plata for repentance seemed to throb the
hearts of the church leadership and
the pastors at the Bishopʼs Council 2010, when a historic 6.9 magnitude
my connecting flight from Frankfurt in Higuey, I sternly declared in that earthquake struck Haiti with such an

to Puerto Plata. I tried in vain to book he day on which my feet their congregations alike. Last but Pastors Conference that a historic unmatched impunity. All the global
other connecting routes in order to stepped on the Island of not least, I further went live on a earthquake would have to take place television networks interrupted, and
arrive at the already prepared revival Hispaniola, I declared upon christian radio on that November on that Island of Hispaniola in order halted their routine programming
meetings in the Dominican Republic. arrival in Puerto Plata that that island 23rd 2009 morning, and delivered the to confirm to them that time was over to report this shocking event that
I surely failed to travel to the Island would never ever be the same again. heaviest of warnings to the millions for sin and the love of money in the had taken place on the Island of
of Hispaniola just as I had seen in the It was on November 22, 2009 when I that were tuned in live, on the church, and that the LORD had sent Hispaniola, and specifically in Haiti.
vision and I returned to Kenya. Upon held the first massive revival meeting coming of THE MOST HORRIFIC me to prepare the way for the coming It was the nature of the demolition
arriving in Kenya, I immediately got in the Dominican Republic to HAITI EARTHQUAKE. and destruction that befell Haiti that
24 Repentance & Holiness Magazine

sent shock waves across the entire be dispelled. Having failed to repent matched that of several nuclear bombs worse for the people of Haiti when Hand of God was too Strong on the
face of the earth. With no words to when they were warned both on radio put together. In order to thoroughly gunshots sounded off in Port-au- land of Haiti. Then the wrath of
describe the level of calamity that and television broadcasts that covered reprove the sin that had been cited Prince, thereby escalating their misery. God descended upon that nation for
had just presented, every nation on the two nations of that island, Haiti in that November 2009 prophecy, Then came the unrelenting cascades failure to repent in these last days.
the face of the earth held their breath and the Dominican Republic, clearly and call for a genuine repentance, the of aftershocks, with each of them He does not spare the young, neither
while contemplating on their own spelling out the horrific earthquake LORD ensured that the combination being able to stand on their own merit does He the old and elderly. This
situation in that respect. Sympathy, prophecy that was given way back of its magnitude and geographical as individual respective earthquakes. should stand as a warning to all the
sorrow, loathsomeness, fear, were on November 2009, now the people shallowness made it particularly the This further crushed the hearts of the nations of the earth that this time
among some of the reactions that of Haiti appeared to be inclined to most dangerous earthquake over the people of Haiti, as screams and wails around, the LORD Almighty has
chilled mankind across the earth. It God. As this desperation for Godʼs centuries. It is now absolutely clear could be heard with each aftershock COMMANDED REPENTANCE,
was deeply agonizing to merely watch help consumed the land, video that the coming of the Messiah has that followed. The LORD created a and there is no bargain around this
first-handd accounts of the horror and images captured just moments after drawn nearer than the nations ever punitive state of terror when some most critical matter because the
devastation on Port-au-Prince from the temblor showed ed dust-covered thought, especially owing to the fact few people who still had their homes Messiah is coming.
the earthquake that threatened to break survivors rushing through the streets, that in that November 2009 prophecy, refused to go inside, fearing collapse.
all records ever set by Tem
T blors. Then
came the unbearable pain that rattled
yelling in terror, like a nuclear
bomb had landed. Others trapped in
the LORD asserted that when this
earthquake would happen it would be
Scores of Haitians huddled together
in parks and sidewalks, trying to
through peopleʼs hearts across the buildings were seen punching out the proof that the rapture is near. get help and rest, but all was in vain amputated
globe as they watched rescue workers debris and bricks, and shouting for because JEHOVAH the God of Israel
struggle to clear rubble and bodies help and trying to squeeze themselves had finally said, “Enough is enough.” Just as an example, in one school
that had been besmirched, mangled, and abandoned that collapsed in Haiti, people
half buried, crushed, from the streets them for their evil were unable to take care of that
of Haitiʼs “flattened” capital. The practices. This situation and many kids perished in
impact of that 6.9 earthquake was so is because they that Petionville town of Haiti. The
devastating that government officials failed to repent entire city of Port-au-Prince surely
reported the death toll at a staggering and I sternly collapsed, including the major points
over 300,000. Then in the midst of warned in that such as hospitals, hotels and even
it all, tthousands of injured people November 22- the presidential palace, and the sea
waited desperately for medical care 27th, 2009. The port. The enormity of the judgment
outside badly damaged hospitals, just LORD made the of God contained therein, in the Haiti
like the prophecy had clearly specified situation worse as earthquake, could be reflected in the
in that November 2009 visitation. It planes carrying aid fact that governments and agencies
became extremely difficult to even began arriving on across the globe geared up to help,
watch the unfolding situation in Port- that Wednesday including rescue teams from China,
au-Prince as dead bodies were piled in yet humanitarian Iceland, France, Chile, Cuba, South
the streets, while an unknown number groups could not Africa, US, Spain, Russia, Venezuela
remained trapped inside collapsed get the supplies and Israel, among many others. As
buildings. Basic services like water and to victims due to this happened, reports and images
electricity were out, and the Haitian the poor roads of collapsed hospitals, crumbled
President Rene Preval declared that and debris that the homes and men and women carrying
his government indeed needed ed help quake scattered their injured neighbours through the
in clearing the streets so that rescuers everywhere streets, on wheelbarrows continued
could reach the dead and trapped across the island. to cipher through the news outlets,
in some of the hardest-hit areas. It Horrendous agony and caused a truly heart-wrenching
out through cracks in the collapsed
caused the President of Haiti himself
structures. Haitiʼs Port-au-Prince was Don’t Miss Rapture further struck the rebellious people of episode to behold. In small makeshift
to cry out saying, “We need medicine. Haiti when there was no clear system clinics in Port-au-Prince, doctors

indeed flattened by this unforgiving
We need medical help in general,” n that prophecy, the LORD in no for clearing debris, removing bodies and medical staff were completely
earthquake to the extent that the UN
“Some of the hospitals have collapsed uncertain terms, had reaffirmed and treating the injured. Simply getting overwhelmed with the casualties
consul general reported more than
with patients and doctors in them.” on the fact that when this Haiti through the streets to collect the dead coming in, rotting corpses, and
00,000 people dead in the final tally.
It was absolutely miserable what the earthquake would occur, it would bodies was seemingly an impossible the bleeding wounded seemed to
judgement of the LORD can do to a indeed present the hallmark of the task. From the Haiti capital, Port- cover every inch of the clinic. They
rebellious nation, when people began God’s wrath struck beginning of birthpangs. And if au-Prince, where shooting could were equally overwhelmed by the
digging though the rubble of levelled be heard in the background, there thousands of cases that required

such a horrific earthquake in which
buildings with their own bare hands, xactly when did the LORD over 300,000 bodies rotted and was hardly any heavy machinery to amputations. To this end, the doctors
looking for survivors or dead bodies. decide to descend His wrathful decomposed, was just but the beginning try and dig through the rubble, as and medical staff resorted to buying
If there was a way to demonstrate vengeance on Haiti? It was of birthpains, then how much more people resorted to doing it by hand. electric saw and butchered peopleʼs
the ending portions of that Hebrews shortly before 5 p.m. that Tuesday severe is the horror that decorates The hospitals that were themselves limbs in the most agonizing and
10:26-31 scripture which declares January 12, 2010, that the LORD struck the birthpains proper. The coming of the destination of those patients who unsightly event ever since the
that it is a dreadful thing to fall in the Haiti with such a wrathful retribution the Haiti earthquake, especially after might survive, were nonexistent or earth was created. The electric saw
hands of the living God, then it was for their rampant sexual immorality, having been prophesied more than a amputations became horror scenes
on that day well dramatized before widespread witchcraft and open devil month in advance, surely acted as a as patients were amputated without
the right eyes of the nations of the worship. This heavy retribution the severe admonition to sin, to all the tranquillizing anaesthesia. Simple
earth. Horror was heaped upon horror, LORD unleashed through the historic nations of the earth. It is as though wounds that could have been healed
and death upon death, when rotting 7.0 earthquake that centred about 10 God Almighty used Haitiʼs rebellious were infected and led to amputation
dead bodies were piled upon rotting miles (15 kilometres) southwest of devil worship and immorality, to in order to save the lives of those
dead bodies. It became a form of Port-au-Prince as was later reported warn the entire earth that people who patients. Verily, it is indeed a very
fear that could drive an entire nation by the US Geological Survey. The engage in these vices would face His dreadful thing to fall in the hands of
into numbness. The true fruits of the wrath of God in that earthquake most dreadful wrath. It is a reflection the living Go (Hebrews 10:31). Until
wounds of sin and rebellion were on fulfilled every word of the prophecy of the dire consequences that await today, the nation of Haiti remain in the
that day laid to bear before the eyes that I released on that island when an obstinate people who will miss the had a terrible structural and medical most precarious condition as people
of the nations of the earth. In Port- I said that it would be historic, and rapture, and get plunged into the great infrastructure. are bundled up in polythene refugee
au-Prince and its suburbs there were no one would be able to run away, tribulation. The horrific smell of death Haitiʼs native heroes and cast camps. Today the people of Haiti are
reports of whole blocks of collapsed as there would be no where to run that consumed Haiti is what threw members were put to shame of their languishing in refugee camps, and
buildings, with thousands of bodies to. That temblor was so robust that their agony and pain to another level. cultural practice of voodoo, as they lamenting a demolished nation. But
piled inside those buildings and in the it could be felt strongly as far as in A staggering 3 million plus people, were reduced to searching for their the only remedy FOR HEALING
streets. In the region of the shadows eastern Cuba, which is located more one-third of Haitiʼs population, were people. Given the overwhelming HAITI IS REPENTANCE in Christ
of death that had befallen Haiti, men than 200 miles away. Geophysicists directly and physically affected. nature of the disaster, even the Haitian Jesus.
sat unsolaced, and with longing eyes in several universities, including at About 10 million people felt the government threw in the towel and
they looked for the coming of any the Department of Earth Sciences heavy shaking from the earthquake. admitted to defeat. Like I had warned
form of deliverance and help when in Durham University in England, As night fell over that
at island on that them before that it would be, indeed it
that darkness hour in Haiti should reported that Haiti earthquakeʼs power fateful day, the LORD made things came to pass that the Mighty Judging
Repentance & Holiness Magazine 25

Chile Earthquake
Its Jan 2009 Prophecy
& Feb 2010 Fulfilment
The Temblor That Tilted The Earth’s Axis & Shortened The Days

F The Vision
or the people of Chile, it come to characterize this hour of which the LORD JEHOVAH had sent me. homosexuality had well engorged
was as though century after need. The church of Christ has today By delving and greatly dwelling into itself to the full course of its reign

century had passed and the become more degraded through territories that had now been clearly both in the nation and in the church.
Voice of the LORD had ceased to the ages of repeated transgression marked as no-go zones for preachers, As a matter of fact, one of the main y contemplating and
instruct the land. Against the written upon transgression without any due nothing less than a speechless stun contentious issues for which the LORD worshipping their own
norm of Godʼs word, all the people regard of the law of God. Such has could have stormed the stomach and was not willing to take concession conception of christianity,
and the powers in Chile seemed to been the case in the Chilean church minds of the congregants as they was that part of the priesthood in the there was absolutely no way in which
have recruited themselves to battle of Christ to the extent that the LORD pondered what next. It is particularly pentecostal and evangelical churches the church of Christ in Chile would
fundamental christian principles of finally sent me there to reprove their this fire and brimstone of the gospel that had been split out as now have escaped the wrathful attention
righteousness and sound godliness. hurtful reproaches. The advent of of repentance and holiness and the openly supporting and advocating of JEHOVAH God. It all began with a
Sexual sin in Chile had became post-modernism and the dire urge by manner of his presentation, that for gayism in the church. Pastors series of unrelenting visitations of the
widespread even as homosexuality all to ape it, has not made the Chilean must have sieved through the true were even fighting for homosexual LORD God in which He began to speak
was finally institutionalized in that christian condition any better. The elect of God, from the compromised money as they openly supported with me heavily regarding the defiled
land. Many devout and faithful scourge of sin and its degrading church in Chile. The darkness and gayism in order to enrich themselves. state of the church in Chile and the
believers were now becoming decay in todayʼs church world over, respective contaminations that had
entirely exhausted of the apathy that is exactly what has deterred the led to her decay. In one such vision
had spread even into the church. But shepherds in Chile from preaching on January 21st, 2009, while still in
just like God revealed to Abraham the good tidings unto the meek, and Santiago Chile, the LORD showed me
the slavery of Israel in Egypt, to fail to bind up the brokenhearted, a vision of the state of the church of
and declared that the time of their with what ought to have been an Christ in Chile. In that vision, the
deliverance would come after her obvious proclamation of liberty to LORD showed me His house and a lot
sojourning of 400 years, so has the the captives. Little did the people of grass that had grown unchecked
LORD pledged to the church of Christ of Chile know that the prophecy all over around and inside the house.
that her salvation would come after the LORD had sent me to deliver in At the same time, JEHOVAH took me
experiencing a dark dispensation of that January 19-26, 2009, on the into the house and showed me the
bondage to sin. There is no greater coming of the horrific earthquake darkness that had followed the grass
message that the people of Chile and tsunami, was indeed the picture that grew inside, and very ffew people
needed to understand than this, in of the glory of His reign of an empire were inside the church worshipping.
the months that proceeded ed their which should succeed all earthly The worshippers were so few that I
earthquake prophecy that I personally kingdoms of sin. could literally count them all on my
travelled there to deliver. As was fingers. Then He further showed me
the hand of Pharaoh heavy upon
Israel when she was doing her time
The Fury of God the great split that had scourged the
pastors to the extent that they were

in Egypt, so is the oppressors hand Bishop Luiz Cabrerraʼs Church competing, fighting, disputing, and
ust as the year 2009 began, CHILE EARTHQUAKE PROPHECY The Warning Was Given
today so heavy upon the church, not January 19-26th, 2009 in disagreement on all matters. After
the LORD OF HOSTS sent me
only in Chile but also globally, to the Santiago City that, the voice of the LORD said, “Go
to the beloved nation of THE REPUBLIC OF CHILE
extent that many believers are now tell this people that if they repent,
Chile with a message that was as
just ready to exclaim. For Israelʼs I will fill the house of worship.”
stunning as it was shocking. When I
case, as they had longed for the final While still in that vision, the LORD
began the series of revival meetings
day of their liberation, and freedom, then Spoke by Voice again saying,
in Santiago, Chile by proclaiming
they however found consolation in “If they donʼt repent, I will shake
the mighty announcement of the
the words of the LORD, that said; this land with a massive earthquake.
Coming of the Messiah, and the need
But I will punish the nation for that nation to begin preparing That is the moment at which in this
they serve as slaves, and in repentance; no one in that land vision, I saw a massive earthquake
afterward they will come understood the true gravity of the January 23rd, 2009 hit the nation of Chile. Following the
out with great possessions squelch of those words. Perhaps it Concepcion City earthquake, I also saw huge tsunami
(Genesis 15:14). could have sounded to them like just Chile Was Warned Of The floods that came out of the ocean
Coming Earthquake & Tsunami
And with these words, it surely another evangelist had visited town and inundated entire cities. Finally
came to pass that the LORD faithfully with a lesser fancy stature of the day. in that vision, the voice of the LORD
delivered Israel from that despicable As the revival meetings began in The ironical situation that drove commanded, “I have given you
jail. To the church of Christ in Chile, Santiago de Chile, what particularly JEHOVAH absolutely angry, enraged power today, and you can literally
and globally too, the LORD has seemed to have captivated the hearts and into the fury of his wrath, was call the ocean to come out and flood
likewise long made an unprecedented and minds of the congregations, was that homosexual money donated to their cities, if they donʼt repent.”
pledge to listen to her cry and deliver the manner of the blunt, and blatant pastors was as a matter of fact used I remember waking up from that
her from the bondage of sin that has rebuke and castigation of sin, with to build the house of the LORD. mighty visitation of the LORD in great
26 Repentance & Holiness Magazine

LORD has walked among them.

face of the earth. In that mighty vision wrath of God if they did not repent
of the night on January 24th, 2009, and turn away from deception. In
the LORD this time around showed Chile warned live that broadcast, I also forewarned of
me a sexual sin party by the beaches on television the massive tsunami that the LORD
of Chile. In that conversation with had given me authority to release by

JEHOVAH, He elaborately enumerated aving heard what the LORD commanding the ocean not to stop,
to me how sexual immorality had had said in several meetings using my most terrible prophetic
been deeply entrenched into the all across Chile, the host tongue. I clearly brought to the
Chilean society, and especially on and director of the television program attention of the nation of Chile in that
how homosexuality had proliferated called “Puertas Abiertas” Bishop global broadcast, that the LORD had
all over that nation. This the LORD Eleodoro Gonzalez honourably commanded for a national repentance
said had gone on too far to the point invited me to his TV program. In in Chile, in which the divided church
at which many people around Latin that program, I clearly forewarned of was now required to unite and most
America travelled to the beaches of the massive historic earthquake and urgently, in order to save the nation
Chile to celebrate an annual beach tsunami that was coming towards from the wrath of God. In response
fiesta and party at which sexual sin Chile in her failure to repent. In that to the question Bishop Eleodoro
would be the agenda of the matter. program, this is how the LORD put it, posed on that TV program, on how
shock and fear for the nation and way, in the event that she again fails
In that vision, the LORD showed me they were to go about the national
people of Chile. In the subsequent to repent. In that second vision on the
a street that was totally full and filled “I see him coming to shake repentance that God had commanded,
revival meetings, I immediately judgment that was coming to Chile,
up with youths and young adults as you, shake you, and shake I underlined that the pastors and the
began to pronounce this massive the LORD took me in the Spirit and
they celebrated that evil immoral you.” “I see the ocean coming, bishops of Chile needed to call for
historic judgment of the LORD that showed me again the massive historic
fiesta by one of the beach cities, from I see the ocean, I see the a meeting at which they themselves
would strike Chile in the event that earthquake that he had decreed and
where they overlooked the ocean. In ocean coming to vomit over as the priesthood and the custodians
the church and the nation fails to hold affirmed that it would now have to
that fiesta, I could see young people this land”. “I see the Angel of the law of God would repent first
a sacred assembly and repents before happen except that Chile holds a
dancing, and at times in rows and of the LORD in this land, and before the LORD of Hosts JEHOVAH
JEHOVAH. In those Revival meetings, nationwide repentance of wailing
stretching their hands in unison while remember that he is the same for practising lawlessness and
I was very categorical in proclaiming and remorse for sin. At that moment
others were on the roof tops of houses angel I saw before the first heedlessness in the house. I then said
the coming of the massive historic I saw an earthquake that shook the
Asian tsunami, and he is the that the next step would be for the
earthquake to Chile. I also came out land of Chile very violently leading
same Angel I saw before I restored priesthood to summon the
very stern to the effect that by the to a lot of destruction of property.
pronounced the coming of entire church of Christ into a massive
enemyʼs falsehood he had practically Oh lo! Didnʼt I faithfully relay that
Hurricane Katrina.” “He is national repentance of the Church
emboldened men in sin that they may strong warning from JEHOVAH on an
coming to shake you, shake for the sexual sin and abortions and
wear out the forbearance of God impending earthquake, to the church
you, shake you” “ Chile repent the gospel of prosperity that had
and extinguish His Light in their of Christ in Chile including a session
and return to holiness for the degraded and humiliated the church.
lives. This I said was meant by the with the Board of Directors of the
coming of the Messiah is now I highlighted finally that the ultimate
enemy for purposes of causing the National Council of the evangelical
nearer than before.” “I saw the thing the church ought to have done
nation of Chile to abandon the word Bishops of Chile. After that, I even left
Angel of the LORD standing to avert the wrath of God, is to finally
of God and its holy requirements for Concepcion, Chile at which I held CHILE EARTHQUAKE PROPHECY there in the ocean, and upon call for the entire nation of Chile
and shift into a satanic jurisdiction. an open air meeting and thoroughly Live on TVN - January 2009
me words commanding the to return to the LORD in a massive
The strife for supremacy among the warned that land. As though that Chile Was Forewarned Of The Coming
Historic Earthquake & Tsunami ocean to come out, I saw Him unprecedented national repentance
pastors in the church of Christ in were not enough, I continued to
throw fishes, little crocodiles of historic proportion. I underscored
Chile, had seemed almost wholly warn the pastors of Chile on how just to get a glimpse and a share on and lizards, and manner of that in that massive all-out national
successful. This is what catapulted they have robbed God of His mighty what was in the street of sexual sin. sea creatures into people’s repentance, the government and its
the pastors into a rapid spiral of glory and defrauded the world by a Upon waking up from that vision, houses and their balconies. leadership must be in attendance,
preaching head knowledge theology counterfeit of the gospel in the name I again confronted the pastors and I have seen the Angel of the including the Presidency of Chile.
that had nothing to do with the word of prosperity. Sexual immorality, the entire church of Christ in Chile
nor did it have anything to do with false prophets, false prophecies, there explaining to them very clearly
the righteous requirements of the false apostles, lack of fasting, lack of what the LORD had said regarding
LORD. Many false prophets and false the fear of the LORD, contamination, immorality in the land. I described
apostles have hence been raised by even unto the National Council of
this system of seductive falsehood Bishops of Chile on what the LORD
and the clamour for money. Christian had said about that immorality fiesta
television has not been left out at all and party. Finally on the last night I
in Chile as they have self-converted left Chile, the LORD again visited with
into instruments of post-modern era me this time even more sternly and
in church. Far from preparing a holy spoke with me regarding the horrific
church for rapture, the shepherds in earthquake that would now have
Chile have instead heavily engaged to strike Chile for failure to repent.
in the normal traditional routines of Because of that final visitation of
life, and a care-less attitude. This is CHILE EARTHQUAKE PROPHECY
At The National Council Of Evangelical the LORD on Chile, before I left the
what caused the LORD to send me Bishops Of Chile - January 2009 land of Chile, I still met Bishop
to speak such ominousness and the The Warning Was Issued About The Juan Carlos Reyes, who was one of
curse of judgment in Chile. As the Coming Earthquake & Tsunami
my co-hosts and explained to him
revival meetings in Chile proceeded witchcraft, homosexual beach very clearly at the airport that now
on during that January 2009, the parties, drug addictions, lesbianism JEHOVAH God had finally decided and LORD, the same Angel who
LORD again visited with me very
mightily and spoke with me very
and the legalization of the heinous act
of abortion, were some of the issues
made up his mind that an earthquake
of historic magnitude would strike
brought judgment to the land
of Egypt, I have seen him here
The Prophecy
seriously about the massive historic
earthquake that was coming Chileʼs
that generated controversy between Chile. I still remember very well how in Chile. Chile please repent Fulfilled
the LORD and the Land of Chile. Bishop Juan Carlos met me at the and turn away from sin for

airport to receive this heartbreaking time is over! eception of sin reached its
Homosexual message on Chile, and how I sent
him to go tell the national council of Apparently, the Television National
ultimate height in the land of
Chile, when this humongous
beach fiestas evangelical Bishops of Chile, that this de Chile (TVN) that carried this prophecy tarried. All the agencies
time around, God Almighty had now program, is a TV network whose for depraving the souls of men were

fterward, the LORD again decided to bring it on; the earthquake broadcast reaches globally to the five indeed put to full operation with the
spoke with me in a very had to now happen over Chile. With continents of the earth. I specifically view that the word of God spoken
mighty vision regarding that said, I left the nation of Chile warned live on television that the against Chile did not realize. Little
the sexual immorality that was having asserted to them that when all false prophets and false apostles did the people of Chile perceive
threatening to totally degrade and these things come to pass, they shall who have appointed themselves into the full length and course of Godʼs
humiliate the nation of Chile on the surely know that the Prophet of the those offices, would have to face the unchanging word. The little window
Repentance & Holiness Magazine 27

cars lay mangled and upended on in the balmy night air near fires built no machine on earth can measure for with a mega unprecedented force
streets littered with telephone wires with wood from destroyed homes. the earth to have been impacted to the that was delivered down at a steeper
and power cables. A new 14-storey All but two of the local hospitalʼs 13 point of shifting and then tilting at an angle, making it more sufficiently
apartment building fell, while an older, wings were in ruins. Major seaports angle. While the tilting change and effective in moving the Earthʼs mass
biochemical lab at the University of and airports, including the main shift maybe difficult to comprehend vertically. This indescribable force
Concepción caught fire. On the other airport in Santiago, were out of in this lifetime, however, it is totally generated by the Creatorʼs Supreme
hand, in order to accurately fulfil operation across the central region. unsettling to even think that God Power was hence most effective
the words of the prophecy spoken Part of the ceiling at the airport Almighty can send One to talk to it in shifting the Earthʼs figure axis,
in that January 2009, in the nearby was reported as collapsed, but that some holy words, and it infact listens, in order to fulfil the beginning of
port of Talcahuano, a giant wave of runways closed for landing and and obeys, and moves position is a birthpains and the signs and wonders
tsunami struck and flooded the main take-offs as the LORD even paralysed matter that cannot be taken lightly of this dispensation (Joel 2:28-32;
square before receding and leaving their communications. at all. This directly bears on the Matthew 24).
behind a giant fishing boat on the entire future of the mother planet
city streets. That is what fulfilled earth. How much impact then must
the words of the prophecy spoken Quake Tilted something as concentrated as the
The message
of one yearʼs opportunity that the
in January 2009 to the sharpest
degree of accuracy, unprecedented
Earth’s Axis Chilean earthquake have on the
entire planet? to the church

LORD privileged Chile with from and never seen before. I had clearly While many may have now been

n addition to causing such
January 2009 when the earthquake pronounced all over Chile, including compelled to ask the question, how ver the ages mankind
a widespread death and
prophecy was pronounced, till at the Bishopʼs council meeting does an earthquake move the planetʼs and especially the church
destruction, Chileʼs 8.8
January 2010, was as a matter of and live on Television National de axis? It is plausible to first understand of Christ, has viciously
magnitude devastating earthquake
fact the true window of grace within Chile that in the failure to repent, that this has to do with some suffered victim of satanʼs cruelty.
was so powerful in its force that
which God Almighty was expecting the LORD had asked me to command humongous megaforce that cannot The Omnipotent Creator views this
it literally shifted the Earthʼs
the nation of Chile to repent as the ocean to come out and vomit on be measured in the nautical scale of condition of man with a lot of pity
axis permanently. Because of the
commanded. the land. That is exactly how the the earthly instruments. Only a God- and sadness especially that JESUS
enormity of that historic earthquake,
large fishing boat was vomited by directed record gigantic earthquake OF NAZARETH died on the Cross to
it created a shocking phenomenon
the ocean at the centre square in the like the Chilean 8.8 magnitude can redeem mankind from this on-going
And it Struck Port city of Talcahuano. The quake
when it practically shortened days
shift huge amounts of rock, thereby satanic brutality. It is the reason God
on this earth. Even Aerospace,

caused the former Chilean President changing the distribution of mass promised to deliver the bewildered
hen come February 27th, Satellite, Geophysics, Astronomy,
Michelle Bachelet, to say that it was on the planet. Such a change as and deceived of this generation, in this
2010 when the LORD said, and NASA Scientists recorded
the worst tragedy in the last 50 years was caused by the fulfilment of that dispensation of restoration, through
“Enough is enough”, and all this strange phenomenon when the
hence declaring a state of national January 2009 Chilean earthquake His Majesty and Enormous Power,
the global news networks suddenly earth indeed tilted from its position
catastrophe he in Chile. prophecy can essentially deliver the even including the use of signs and
halted their normal programming due to the mega gigantic forced
unmatched power of God to alter wonders. That the Chile earthquake
and immediately turned their total released by the fulfilment of this
attention to the nation of Chile. Global was prophesied more than a year and
one month in advance, and accurately
They began to report BREAKING
NEWS arising from an event that
tsunami alert came to pass is a clear indication that
in these last days prior to rapture

had just occurred at 3:34am in Chile.
he Chilean earthquake was God is going to capture the attention
A historic earthquake had indeed
by far stronger than the 7.0- of man even using mighty signs and
struck Chile in such a massive way
magnitude one that ravaged wonders. The tilting of the earth and
that even geologists stammered
Haiti six weeks before its arrival. The shifting its axis of rotation is one of
and staggered to announce its exact
Chilean earthquake was reported to the biggest signs and wonders that can
magnitude and class. The quake
have tied for the fifth largest in the ever present on the earth. The LORD
in Chile on that Saturday caused
world since 1900. It set off tsunami promised in Joel 2:28-32 that there
severe damage, including in Talca.
waves that swamped some nearby would be such earth shaking wonders
This massive 8.8 earthquake further
islands before moving across the in heaven and on the earth in the days
spurred up a very strong tsunami.
Pacific. The island of Hawaii began immediately preceding the coming of
A strong aftershock struck Chile
massive evacuations before dawn, the Messiah. The purpose of all this
on the following Sunday, a day for the fears of destructive waves is a captivating message on the need
after that destructive 8.8-magnitude that were coming. Countries as far for the church of Christ and indeed
earthquake left hundreds of people away as Japan and the Philippines January 2009 Chilean earthquake the rate at which the planet rotates. the nations to prepare wisely through
dead and a long swath of the country were on high alert and ordered some prophecy. Based on calculations And yet it is such planetary rotations repentance and a strict observance of
in smoky rubble. What particularly significant evacuations in anticipation thus far, every day from that day that go a long way in determining a holiness and righteousness. Amos
places Chile in a totally new scale, of waves hitting their shores. As became 1.26 microseconds shorter dayʼs length as set by the LORD God. 9:11-12 promises the restoration of
is the massive globewide tsunami Chileans were only just beginning to permanently. The tilting of the entire Scientists were extremely puzzled, todayʼs defunct church by the LORD
alert that was immediately put into grapple with the devastation before mega structure of the earth, together shocked and literally thrown out of rebuilding the tent that is in ruins.
effect across all the five oceans of them, even more than two dozen with its imaginably enormo weight, their models, at the shift that was However, the rebuilding of that tent
the earth. Meanwhile the death toll significant aftershocks struck the by an earthquake, is what goes a long generated by that record quake. and the restretching of its cords, like
continued to rise, particularly around country in succession. In Santiago, way to re-emphasize the power of the The fulfilment of the January we see in Jeremiah 10:20-21 will most
Concepción, Chileʼs second-largest the capital city where the January tongue of the prophet. It must have 2009 Chilean earthquake prophecy obviously require devout servants of
metropolitan city, which was roughly 2009 prophecy was first launched, taken a gigantic force whose torque fundamentally sliced through Earth this age who are able to totally give
70 miles from the quakeʼs epicenter. residents were extremely terrified as in to the task as sons of God. These
The aftershocks continued being the city shook for about 90 seconds. are the servants that the LORD will use
reported all around the clock. In the Some people ran screaming from in this hour to strengthen His law of
capital city of Santiago, aftershocks their downtown apartments, while holiness and righteousness through
violently shook buildings and sent car alarms and sirens wailed during the sacred grace of our LORD Jesus
residents fleeing and scampering the middle of the night. At least one and when the church will embrace
for their lives. In the immediate apartment building collapsed, and absolute holiness, what a spectacle
hours and days following the quake, one highway buckled, flipping cars. for infinite purity to behold! This
the Chilean authorities themselves Residents in Santiago city were means that time is over
announced that more than 1.5 million thrown into a second cascade of severe
people had been displaced by the panic because it trembled all day as
enormous quake. Concepción, where people dashed out of their apartments
I had also visited to particularly warn and stayed out all night long because BE WATCHFUL!
the people to repent in order to avert they had nowhere else to go. In
the wrath of God, was especially Talca, 167 miles south of Santiago,
hard hit with over 100 people trapped almost every home in the centre of The Messiah
Is Coming
under the rubble of a building that had the city was severely damaged, and
collapsed. Elsewhere in Concepción, at night, people slept on the streets
28 Repentance & Holiness Magazine


Prophecy of the Mexico
to California Earthquake
Prophecy Given In Puerto Ordaz - Venezuela On March 20th, 2010 saying, “Look, because you have
pronounced that earthquake, it will
Prophecy Accurately Fulfilled On April 5th, 2010 now take place.” The Voice of the
LORD again Said, “Look, it is now
happening.” Immediately, JEHOVAH
lifted me up and at that time I saw

he Holy Spirit is today and with the trumpet call of people - everyone whose were healed. Prior to the mission a humongous earthquake that began
exalting the mighty power of God, and the dead in Christ name is found written in to Venezuela, when the LORD was from Central America and went
the Blood of Jesus in order to will rise first. After that, we the book - will be delivered. pretty sure that all was set for me to all the way towards the North into
debase the deception and falsehood who are still alive and are left (Daniel 12:1) leave for Venezuela, He visited with North America. Still within the same
that has most recently marred the will be caught up together me in a very mighty and unusual way vision, then the Voice of God The
image of God in the church. No one with them in the cloud to on March 14th, 2010. In that mighty Father Said, “THE GREAT NORTH
except Christ Jesus can re-fashion meet the LORD in the air. And The beginning of birthpains presents visitation of the LORD, the LORD EARTHQUAKE”. While still in
anew the character of the church so we will be with the LORD the introductory and preliminary showed me what the venue would that March 14th, 2010 vision, then
that has been thoroughly ruined by forever. (1 Thess 4:16-17). signs that the LORD promised in the look like for the revival meetings the LORD Wrote for me a piece of
sin and a christian lifestyle of total days prior to Christʼs return. in Venezuela and how he would paper that appeared like a newspaper
compromise with the world. Today This promise of deliverance into the come down and heal His people. headline and He Presented it very
the LORD has looked upon mankind, kingdom of God was inaugurated close to me in that vision so that
and especially the church with lots of and launched on the foundation, that I could read what was written.
compassion because of the way they when the time had fully come God When I read what was written on
are being corrupted by the nuances had to send His son born of a woman, that paper in that March 14th 2010
of post-modernism, lawlessness, born under law, to redeem those vision, it read in captions “THE
heedlessness, and ungodliness of under law, that we might receive the GREAT NORTH EARTHQUAKE”.
this age. All this is happening within full rights of sons. (Galatian 4:4-5). Following this writing that God The
the backdrop on the fact that that the The true sonship of God will only be Father Presented, then He lifted me
LORD Jesus Christ went to the Cross at achieved on the day that the church is up again and His Voice Spoke from
Calvary in order to restore in man the raptured and enters into the wedding the cloud again Saying, “There is
image of JEHOVAH his maker. From the feast of the Lamb of God. And since another one coming to, THE GREAT
days of Enoch till today, the promise only righteousness can constitute SOUTH EARTHQUAKE.” And the
for the church to rapture has been the fine linen bright and clean with Voice of the LORD finally Said, “Tell
repeated severally even through the which the church enters into rapture, this people to repent and prepare
patriachs in keeping with the hope of then God is today shaking the nations for the Coming of the LORD.” And
the LORDʼs eminent appearing. And that may wake up to the realization then I woke up from that vision and
that is the reason the LORD has now of his holy requirements at this realized that the LORD God Almighty
sent the Holy Spirit to renew this hour. Just like when the tidings of who is God The Father Himself, had
hope in mankind, and especially the the wilderness prophet and His indeed Spoken to the ends of the earth
church of Christ. The current wave wonderful announcement spread PROPHECY OF THE GREAT regarding the most awaited Coming
It was while still in that vision that
of visitation that the Holy Spirit has throughout Galilee, and His message NORTH EARTHQUAKE of the Messiah. Immediately I woke
Prophecy of the Mexico to California He finally began to speak with me
launched across the four ends of the percolated through to the remotest up, I called JESUS IS LORD RADIO and
Earthquake Given - about a great earthquake that would
earth, was long promised as a means hill towns and fishing beaches by the Puerto Ordaz VENEZUELA went live on air to announce that
come upon the earth after my visit to
of making things right before the seas, so is the LORD today bringing March 20th, 2010 strictly based on the words of my
Fulfilled: April 5th, 2010 Venezuela. In that vision, the thick
return of the Messiah. That visitation forth the massive announcement on tongue, there would now be THE
dark glorious cloud of the LORDʼs
of the Holy Spirit though, could not Christʼs return that man may prepare GREAT NORTH EARTHQUAKE.
glory appeared on my left-hand side
have come without much power and their earnest hearts in the churchʼs I then immediately knew that the
authority from on high. The LORD truest response. The coming of this Vision of the and He made me know that God the
Father Himself was inside that glory.
revival mission to Venezuela would
Jesus Himself greatly hinted on the
grand distress of the hour, that would
tremendous wave of earthquakes,
including the Great North Earthquake
Prophecy Then the voice of God the Father
indeed be a mighty one at which the
LORD The God of Heaven was going
began to come forth from the cloud

throb the hearts of men in the days that started from Mexico and went to shake the nations of the earth again.
hen the LORD sent me of His glory saying, “Come and see
prior to His return. Just like did the North, is yet another evidence that I also realized that the dispensation
to Venezuela, among what is about to befall the earth.” At
LORD promise to gather all the Jews Danielʼs testimony on the greatest had shifted and that the Coming of
the multitudes that had that time immediately the LORD lifted
of the dispersion from all over world distress that would befall the face of the Messiah has drawn closer.
gathered about the grounds in Puerto me up in the Spirit and took me all
back to Jerusalem for the annual the earth before Christʼs return, is at
Ordaz, there was a great expectation across the earth and even to Israel,
feasts of the LORD, so did He promise hand.
that something new was about to the centre of the earth. After that,
to gather the church from her current
spiritual scatter back to the LORD at
be released. This is because of the the LORD again lifted me up and took The Prophecy
“ At that time Michael, the great manifestation of the Power of me to Central America and then He

great prince who protects the LORD that descended upon that asked me to pronounce the coming pon arriving in Venezuela,
your people will arise. There city, healing the cripples who got up of a very massive earthquake. And I immediately announced
For the LORD Himself will will be a time of distress such from their wheelchairs and walked, immediately I pronounced that on March 18th 2010, in one
come down from heaven, as has not happened from the many deaf ears that opened, earthquake in that vision, then the of the largest pastors conferences
with a loud command, with the beginning of nations until and many blind eyes that opened Voice of the LORD God Almighty that there was now going to be THE
the voice of the archangel then. But at that time your among other very many diseases that Spoke from the thick glorious cloud GREAT NORTH EARTHQUAKE
Repentance & Holiness Magazine 29

as the LORD had commanded me. of San Diego, California, swimming followed the tarmac road splitting however, were expected to live in chilling message about Christʼs
Come March 19th 2010, during the pools. Residents across Southern right into the middle and going with seclusion in which there would not return. It is vividly clear that there
humongous crusade in Puerto Ordaz, California and Arizona experienced it north is what became most stunning be any communication of fellowship is a prophetic acceleration in place
I again announced the prophecy of massively serious ground shakes. and fascinating. Buildings crumbled with sin except to evangelize Jesus and that acceleration appears to be
the GREAT NORTH EARTHQUAKE that was This area of California had not felt down as they gave in to the enormous Christ as Saviour. It is the promise the one running Godʼs timeline of
coming. Finally on Saturday March a shaking so cruel and severe like force of that GREAT NORTH EARTHQUAKE. to restore and purify the church events. The need to repent across the
20th, 2010, I made an elaborate this for a very very long time. Entire In some places the cityʼs hospitals for her eventual presentation as a church of Christ, and receive the Holy
announcement that because the stores were moved, and people ran were also damaged, causing doctors glorious bride before the LORD, that Spirit for eventual restoration cannot
LORD had sent me to that part of the for their lives towards the exits of to attend to patients in the parking has now prompted JEHOVAH to shake be over emphasized. The LORD is
world, that there would now be a literally every building on the face lots. What a scene! Other spontaneous the nations as an awakening. Within asking whether in this day and age
massive earthquake beginning from of the earth, in that part of the world. aftershocks continued to rattle that the highway of holiness that leads there should surely be any believers
Central America and heading all the Multitudes of people who escaped entire region from Central America the church towards rapture, and the whose souls have bowed down with
way north towards North America. from buildings gathered out in parking towards North America just as the kingdom of God, there is a promised the burden of the myriad of sins. It
Upon arriving in the Venezuelan lots in great fear and terror as they prophecy had highlighted. Because tumult that is currently visiting the will have to take believers who are
city of Caracas, I again held a series contemplated what next. The fear for of the gravity of the GREAT NORTH four ends of the earth. In His own extremely burdened and grieved at
of pastorsʼ conferences all the way the worst consumed their hearts and EARTHQUAKE, it created a shocking pronouncements, the LORD Jesus the state of sin in the church, for the
into Guarrenas at which I repeatedly minds. It was reported that the quake phenomenon of fissures in the earth, promised that there would be famines LORDʼs reproving Spirit to replenish
announced the coming of a massive was the largest in the Baja California to the point that the earth opened up and earthquakes in various places in purity into todayʼs churches. In the
earthquake, the GREAT NORTH area since 1992. Large aftershocks and water poured out. Severe damage the days right before His return. same way with which Jesus came
EARTHQUAKE that would start from immediately followed that massive was also inflicted on agricultural to establish a kingdom that was in
Central America and head towards quake including one that registered infrastructure that affected wheat opposition to that which the Jews
North America. After that, when I desired, so is He coming
arrived in Kenya, I visited the Sunday in the rapture to establish a
service in a church on Mombasa Road kingdom which is opposed
on April 4th 2010, and while giving to the sinful desires of this
them the update of what the LORD world. For that matter,
had Spoken and done in Venezuela, events like the GREAT NORTH
I still reiterated that the LORD had EARTHQUAKE are meant
announced from Venezuela, the to signal unto the church
GREAT NORTH EARTHQUAKE that would that time has come to
start from Central America and head conform to that kingdom
north towards North America. of righteousness which
the Messiah bringeth. The
reason the LORD is today
Fulfilment Of sending this purifying word
to the ends of the earth, is that
The Prophecy it may serve as a testimony
unto the nations of the

poken with such a stern and yet earth on the coming of the
unrelenting authority, what Messiah. Never before has
became most astonishing to the the earth experienced such
nations of the earth that had watched a non relenting cascade of
the global broadcast of that GREAT historic and record-breaking
NORTH EARTHQUAKE prophecy was the earthquakes as most recently
fact that in about two weeks after its witnessed. This should
pronouncements, that prophecy was serve to the vast throng of
rapidly fulfilled when all global news believers as a message that
outlets began beaming breaking the solemnity of the divine
news. A massive earthquake had just presence of the LORD is at
happened on that April 5th, 2010 hand as a witness to His
and the earthquake followed exactly coming. More so especially
every word to the letter that the that these earthquakes
prophecy had pronounced. A massive I prophesied have happened with
historic earthquake hit Mexico in a whopping 5.5 magnitude, and other crops. Canals that irrigate almost the greatest precision of accuracy.
Central America and went directly smaller temblors. Swimming pools 60,000 hectares [148,000 acres] in Notwithstanding, the humility of
Nations will rise against
north towards North America just in the Los Angeles suburbs swang the Mexicali valley were severely taking the humiliation of our fallen
nation, and kingdom against
like the March 20th 2010, prophecy as water splashed out in this massive damaged. As the authorities opened nature, this time around the King of
kingdom. There would be
had prescribed. As the global news quake that was also felt all the way to up temporary shelters for affected Majesty is coming back to take that
famines and earthquakes
networks began to report this historic Phoenix, Arizona. There was power families in the city of Mexicali, then very fallen church, but a repented and
in various places. (Matthew
event, they described that a 7.2 outages and people were trapped in reports arrived of massive landslides holy one. That the earthquakes have
onto the highways.
magnitude earthquake had struck elevators. Nine minutes later af
ter the been sent as a forewarning, is a lot of
northwest Mexicoʼs Baja California Mexico quake, a magnitude 4.1 quake love to humanity because He indeed
on Sunday, rattling Arizona and rattled windows in Santa Rosa, north of Even more significant is the fact that will come as a thief;
southern California, and leaving
a massive trail of devastation and
San Francisco. That was considered a
separate earthquake from the one that
Prophetic in that March 14, 2010 vision that
proclaimed the coming of the GREAT
hundreds injured. struck in the Baja California desert. Significance NORTH EARTHQUAKE, the Voice of the But you brothers are not in
Buildings collapsed in Mexicali, In the scale of things surrounding the LORD coming from the thick dark darkness so that this day

Mexico, as well as in California on-going beginning of birthpangs, hen The LORD God Said glorious cloud Said, “Tell this people should surprise you like a
while in Arizona, there was massive this GREAT NORTH EARTHQUAKE scores that the bride of Christ to repent and prepare for the coming thief. You are all sons of the
shaking. The quake struck at 3:40 quite significantly because it is one should be adorned in fine of the LORD.” Understanding the light and sons of the day. We
p.m. (6:40 p.m. ET) about 110 miles quake that has affected the largest linen bright and clean, He recognized prophetic significance of the GREAT do not belong to the night
east-southeast of Tijuana, Mexico. number of people in the most recent that in the church a purity of NORTH EARTHQUAKE couldnʼt have or to the darkness, so then
In Mexicali, a major metropolitan times. This GREAT NORTH EARTHQUAKE character that had never before been been more clearer than this. The LORD let us not be like others who
area and the capital of Mexicoʼs Baja that began from Central America perceived in any man, would have is using this earthquake to announce are asleep but let us be alert
California state buildings were ripped in Mexico and headed north into to be realized. This was a call to the to the nations, that while darkness and self controlled. For those
off, telephone poles toppled, roads Arizona, Nevada and California, church to get into direct acquaintance still covers the face of the earth, the who sleep, sleep at night,
split-open and severely cracked and affected over 20 million people in with the holy nature of the LORD and coming of the Messiah though is at and those who get drunk get
supermarket aisles strewn with food one go. That becomes historic on its His glorious kingdom. Though the hand. Moreover, the rapid fulfilment drunk at night (1 Thess 5:4-7)
that had fallen off shelves. The entire own accord. But to observe the way church was emplaced amid widely of that prophecy in two weeks from
city lost power, and water splashed out that earthquake in some cases directly different and evil surrounding, they its decree, is what sends out a most
30 Repentance & Holiness Magazine

Global Economic Distress

do to the softest underbelly of the underbelly vulnerability of such a
European Economy. When all seemed lucrative European living. This has
to be going well and stable for the left Greece badly exposed as the
European Economy and its most Global Economic Downturn struck. The
advent of this Black Apocalyptic Horse
The European Financial Meltdown
prestigious Eurozone Economic Block,
then she again now just connected and the fulfilment of this prophecy
with the sphere of Financial Meltdown. is what whisked away a curtain of
Never was there a place at which the partly fiddled statistics to reveal debt
Debt Crisis In Greece, Spain, Portugal the genesis of all Global Markets
and Economies heading south. The
saying that whatever goes around levels and deficits that exceeded
comes around, was well fulfilled than expectation. Just to underscore the
& The Collapsing Euro Currency Lehman Brothers, the largest banking
institution on the earth collapsed in
in the Eurozone. As one may have power of this August 23rd, 2008
prophecy, Greeceʼs National Debt,
read European partial immunity to
a twinkle of an eye, sending all the the full wrath of the Global Economic was raised by this Horseman to a

Prophecy Of The Black Horse Financial Markets tumbling down

the floor. The downward spiral of
Crisis, then now it stuns that the Black
Horse had already passed here too. In
staggering record €300 billion
($413.6 billion), which is way far
Financial Meltdown and Bankruptcies what may have started as an ill-fated bigger than thatat countryʼs economy.
filed by top notch and well established and most unfortunate tax-revenue Moreover, to further emphasize that
that left me totally bewildered and Financial Institutions across the globe, miscalculation and misappropriation he will be relentless in his mission to
Prophecy that Melted astonished at this prophetic hour and sky rocketed and baffled mankind. in Greece, it later turned out to be a disconnect man from his allegiance
Global Economies what it beheld for the nations. In that It was a big and ugly of this age as
millions upon millions of people
full blown Economic Crisis that had to Financial Prosperity, the Rider of the
August 2008 vision, the LORD lifted to be addressed and now. Attempting Black Apocalyptic Horse has essentially

me up and placed me right before were laid off from their jobs, and to reverse those long-term Economic instigated Greeceʼs credit rating,
one among the millions of
His marvellous throne of everlasting millions more lost their mortgage Misdeeds had to involve the Greek which is an assessment of its ability
hearers that gathered in
authority. It is at that place that I saw homes, as unemployment levels shot Governmentʼs full engagements to repay its debts, to be downgraded
that mammoth meeting,
the Majesty of His Glory completely up into the heavens. Literally every of the most stringent of Financial to the lowest ever, meaning it will
not even the seasoned theologists nation on the face of this earth, felt
cover the throne and He made me Austerity Measures. That is when the likely be viewed as a Financial Black
themselves, discerned the import of the effects of the stinging pinch of bubble busted as worker pay and Hole by foreign investors. The Credit
these words uttered on that Saturday that collapse. The Global Credit Lines pensions were reduced, and a hiring Worth of Spain and Portugal were
August 23rd, 2008, were totally frozen in what one could freeze put in place with immediate equally downgraded at the same
characterize as a flash of a second, effect. This acted as a spark plug for time. The effect of this contagion
“I have seen the Black Horse as banks tried to save their bases in will leave most Eurozone countries
a non-stop wave of worker protests,
released from heaven to the four those uncertain situations. And just and violence in the streets of Athens, struggling to pay their bills as interest
ends of the earth.” when one thought that things were on a daily basis. And because Greece rates on existing debts rise. This is
beginning to thaw up, then one was is a member of the Eurozone, the what has now reflected badly on the
The Holy Spirit through this shocked by the Dubai Debt Crisis contagion of its Debt Crisis began to Credibility of the Euro causing it to
August 19, 2008 vision, taking up that now threatened to knock down infect other Eurozone members and badly slump, into its lowest rate ever.
the illustration, indeed prophesied the only pillar of support that had especially when the Standards & An emergency meeting had to be
the coming of the Global Economic survived that wrath. The Dubai Debt Poors quickly downgraded the Greek convened by the German Chancellor,
Crisis and Financial Meltdown. I had Crisis, coming at such a time when the Credit Worth into a “Junk Status.” Angela Merkell to address the future
German Chancellor,
been deeply moved in that August Angela Merkell Said May 19, 2010 nations thought sanity had began to This is what infected all the Eurozone of the Euro. Commenting on the grim
19, 2008 vision as I saw the nations “Euro Is Now In Grave Danger & prevail again in the Financial Markets, countries as stocks held in those situation, Angela Merkell said that the
bowed as a supplient, pleading in If Euro Fails, Europe is Gone!” is what really threw mankind way countries plummeted and led to the Euro was in the Gravest Danger ever,
tears for the markets to have mercy aback. I had known it too well that further downgrading of the Credit and that if the Euro indeed fails, the
and pity on them. While direct from aware that He that sits on the throne, it would be difficult for this post- Worth of Spain and Portugal. entire Europe will have gone down.
the Fatherʼs throne in heaven issue was indeed seated on the throne. It is modern world to indeed discern the
at that exact moment that the third mission of this Black Horse of the
the beams of His everlasting Glory,
this time around His Tremendous Living Creature around the throne Apocalypse. When Abu Dhabi tried Spiritual Significance
Majesty was delivered by the release of God was released and advanced to redeem her, he almost went down
with her as Dubaiʼs debt turned out
To The Rapture
towards me. Upon being absolutely

of that merciless Black Horse across
certain that I had identified his facial to be as a matter of fact, heavier
the earth. I had known just how y the sin of disobedience,
features, that third Living Creature than had been earlier perceived.
much sin has hardened the hearts of the earth was cut off from
with the Face of Man walked back into It became the bandwagon of the
man and how difficult it would be to heaven and alienated from
the Glory of the throne and released common manʼs tragedy. Expatriates
discern this mission of the LORD. I its communion until Jesus came and
the most scary and astounding Black left Dubai in their largest numbers as
knew it too well that God the Father reconnected it again with heaven.
Horse of the Apocalypse (Rev 6:5-6). real estate development stalled and PROPHECY OF THE GLOBAL
had already seen and felt it all, how ECONOMIC CRISIS For centuries upon centuries God has
After that I saw the rider of the Black sent Dubaiʼs throng of contraction
much the nations of the planet earth On August 23rd, 2008, when Prophet painfully witnessed the resurgence
Apocalyptic Horse criss-cross the workers on the way home. The Black Dr. Owuor stood before more than 2
would writhe in agonizing pain, of the same kind of disobedience,
earth with such an impunity that it Horse of the Apocalypse had passed million people at the Nakuru Girlsʼ
following the release of this sturdy High School grounds and declared the
resulting from manʼs adherence to
was matchless. Waking up from that here too. The Economic Situation in the
release of the Black Apocalyptic Horse. his prosperity and financial gains.
pitiless Black Horse of the Apocalypse, August 19, 2008 vision, I was indeed US has been most horrific following
But today the LORD is thoroughly
but I also understood too well that very puzzled by the events that were the release of this Black Horse of the
shaking the earth and completely
His purpose would remain steadfast. closing-in on the earth. On Saturday Apocalypse. Unemployment has been
Notwithstanding, the humiliation of August 23rd, 2008, I stood before the highest ever with many families Euro Currency In dismantling his financial prosperity
infrastructure so that the human voice
taking upon herself a more worldly a multitude of more than 2 million depending on hand-outs in the form
of welfare support. Families have
Gravest Crisis may reach the ears of God again, and
and sinful lifestyle, in the churchʼs people at the Nakuru Girlsʼ High

his petitions find acceptance in the
fallen nature, this Voice from heaven School grounds and declared the lost their homes in the US as many
reeceʼs Financial Debt has courts of heaven. This is the only
would still have to declare that this release of the Black Apocalyptic Horse, car manufacturing industries were
now grown so big that the way in which mankind can hearken
is the dispensation in which the and that its most immediate impact forced to either file for bankruptcy
country has implemented to the Holy Spirit and hence most
highway of holiness must be prepared would be the negative repercussion or receive bailout tax payer money
austere measures to try to curb urgently prepare for the Coming of
for the coming Messiah. on the Global Economy and Financial which came with lots of painful
its Debt Burden. Because of the the Messiah.. That is the meaning of
Markets, with the final aftermath of austere measures.
severity of Greeceʼs financial woes, the release of the Black Horse from
Global Famine. Oh lo! Did I not say
heaven, and His dreadful demolition
The Vision in that prophecy that this was the European Union leaders reached
of manʼs high dependence on earthly
an agreement that they would use
Humiliating Debt

beginning of birthpangs and the
funds from both the EU and the prosperity and financial wealth. God
t was way back on August 19th, introductory onset of the horrendous
2008, before anyone could ever Financial Meltdown and Economic Crisis in Greece International Monetary Fund (IMF) to is disconnecting man from keeping his
treasures on the earth, where moths

contemplate that the highly Crisis that would illustrate the post- help the financially-crippled Greece.
Whereas years of unrestrained and rusts and thieves can destroy
sophisticated and most robustly rapture Great Tribulation. Barely, two ne would not have been
and steal; while rearing mankindʼs
stable Global Financial Markets and months from that prophecy, come able to clearly perceive spending, cheap lending and failure
attention towards heaven in order to
Global Economies would ever take October 7th, 2008, all the Global the gravity entailed in the to implement Financial Reforms may
store his treasures in heaven where
a hit of any form or kind. In that Financial Markets indeed obeyed those release of the Black Horse of the not have seemed catastrophic then,
moths and rusts and thieves cannot
vision of night, the LORD visited with sharp words and collapsed across the Apocalypse, until one witnessed what the release of the Black Apocalyptic
destroy. The Messiah is coming.
me in such a tremendous manner entire earth. That essentially marked the cruelty of this Horseman could Horse however, exposed the soft
Repentance & Holiness Magazine 31

Historic Healing o

Many HIV/AIDS Cases

Bisia Makungu

Bisia Makungu tested Two Senior Assistant Directors of Medical Services, Dr. Toromo Kochei (left)
positive for HIV/AIDS Virus and Dr. Catherine Wangui (far right) together with Clinical Officer Rahab
on November 27, 2009. Randall (centre) testified of the mighty healing miracles of HIV/AIDS.
Developed full blown MARY MSONGARI
HIV/AIDS and was under
ARVs. But at the Kisumu
Revival on January 01, 2010,
the LORD healed her and she
tested HIV Negative and
even the AIDS dried away
from her body.
Glory to the Lamb of God!

CHRISTABEL SIRANGE Mary Msongari was HIV Positive and was on ARVs but after Kisumu
Revival Meeting she was totally healed and tested HIV Negative.



Christabel Sirange was

born HIV Positive and
developed full blown
AIDS. Was given ARVs. But
upon being brought to the
Kisumu Revival on January
01, 2010, The LORD healed
her and she tested HIV
Negative in hospital.

Wilkister had developed full blown HIV/AIDS Onesmus was born HIV Positive.
EUNICE OTIENG and was on ARVs. She attended Kisumu Instantly healed at Nakuru Revival
Revival meeting and got instantly healed. meeting and tested HIV Negative at
She went to hospital and tested HIV Negative the hospital


Eunice Otieng is a nurse who tested

HIV positive and was totally devastated.
During the Kisumu Revival Meeting
on January 01, 2010, the LORD healed Peter Imbuye was diagnosed of being HIV/AIDS positive in December 2004
her and she tested Negative in several and was healed at Kisumu Revival meeting in January 2010 and tested HIV
hospitals and clinics. Glory to God! Negative in hospital.

A crippled Baby
that could not sit
down finally sat and

Cripple Walked
Rotten knees healed

Blind eyes opened

Cripple brought on stretcher walked

Baby’s Blind eyes opened

Deaf ears opened Paralysis healed

Crossed eyes straightened

Deaf ears opened Rotten knees healed

Crippled Walked Spinal Cord Injury Healed Paralysis healed

Deaf ears opened Diabetes healed Meningitis healed