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Platform Report.

Source Data:

Raise a Service Request:

Steps to raise SR:
• Go to Oracle home page, click on the isupport it will take to us to a service request page.
• Click on the Create service request tab.It will take us to another page, there we will find a tab name “Contine to log serive
request”, click on that tab there we will find so many options under “Select Request Type.”
• Click on Application Issues, there we have to fill all the informations requested.
• In the Product Type click on the icon there a small box will open enter Q1998 in the product field it will give the result select
that result and give submit .
• You will receive a mail notification that SR is raised by us.
• We will get a reply mail within 7 working days as our SR is closed and we can find the Platform Marketshare data.
• Save that file in Channel ops folder in Platform.

Platform Market Share

• Open the file that we saved in the Platform folder. In that excel file add 4 columns next to column “J:”
• Name it as “Y/N, Platform 1, Platform2, Platform3”.
• We have a Master File for Platform (Platform Description Master) , where we are updating the Platform categories based on
the descriptions.
• Open that file and do a look up to Platform Market share file based on the Description.In the “Y/N” column if we get the result
as “Delete” after vlookup, please delete those rows from the report it means there are no platform classification for those
• For rest of the cases where the results is “ Y” Platform informations should have updated through Vlookup.. For remaining
N/A cases descriptions we have to find the Platform Informations.
• Copy the Descriptions and paste it in the Platform Description master to find out the Platform Informations.
• From the description check partially for which Platform it belongs and update the Platform1, Platform2 & Platform3 columns
based on the categories given in next sheet.
• If we didn’t find any of the mentioned platforms Informations update it as “Delete” in Y/N columns , so that we can excluded
those description from the report.

• Open the current quarter SRT file copy the data and paste it in a separate sheet and Name it as “Platform Workings”. In
that file add three columns next to “End user Customer Name” name as Platform1, Platform2, Platform3.
• From the Platform Market share file where we already worked to find the Platform Informations, do a look up to Srt file
based on the Order number to get the Platform information in the SRT.
• For the N/A cases do lookup with the previous quarters SRT to get the Platform details.
• Take the N/A cases after lookup with the Previous quarters SRT. We have to send a call out list to the Reps, where the
revenue is > 25.

Call Out list.

• We have to take the N/A Cases > 25k and have to send a call out list to reps.
• Find the Sales reps maild ID from Aria, based on their updated in the Sales person column in the SRT.
• There is a call out list format in the Platform Folder, updated the data under the respective columns and find the email
Id and Phone number of the Sales reps from the ARIA.
• We have a mail format to send this reporrt to Sales Reps in Channels Ops mail box.
• In that mail just add the respective reps Oppty Details and send the mail to them.
• We will receive a reply within 7 working days, once we get reply from the reps we have to update the Platform
information in the Call out list.
• For the reps which we didn’t receive any mail, we have to send a consolidated report to “ Datla Varma” requesting him
to get the platform informations from the Sales Reps.
• We will receive a mail from Datla after a week with the Platform Informations. We have to update the Platform
inforamtions in the call out list.
• For rest of the Oppty’s where there is no Platform details update as “ No Platform”
Platform Report.

• In the Platform Workings file do a vlookup to Call out list file to get the remaining Platform informations.
• After the Vlookup for rest of the N/A cases update it as “No Platform”.
• Now with this data we have to work on the APAC Platform Report.
• Open the Previous Quarters APAC Platform report and rename it as current Quarters Report.
• From the Platoform working do a Pivot
a. Do a Pivot to show the Platform detials country wise.
b. Do a Pivot Order number wise to do ABC Analysis for “ No platform”\
c. Do a pivot Country wise the Platform details to prepare a separate report for “SUN, IBM and HP”