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This is the original Cartograph, made by Zombuster, tweaked to include new featu
It has the old a graphical user interface, which can not be used with the new fe
The command line interface can accept the old commands and these new human-reada
ble lowercase-only commands:
world #worldNumber# [options]
custom $pathToCustomMap$ [options]
folder $folderNameOfMinecraftSave$ [options]
Options can be (in any order):
normal: normal 2D map view (default)
heightmapcolor: 2D map view showing height using colors
heightmapgray: 2D map view showing height using shades of gray
oblique: oblique view from above
obliqueangled: 3D oblique view from an angle
isometric: 3D isometric view
cave: view underground spaces
wooloscopy: all non-air blocks are wool, this shows the data values
ignorewater: water is not rendered (might not work)
nether: maps the Nether instead of normal world
forcebrightness: forces all blocks to be bright as if in direct sunlight
granularity #value#: sets render granularity from 0 (clear, default) to 8 (co
day: normal daytime brightness (default)
night: nighttime brightness
twilight: in between
north: North is up (2D) or upper left (3D), like Earth maps
east: East is up (2D) or upper left (3D), default for earlier
Cartograph, view from spawnpoint.
south: South is up (2D) or upper left (3D)
west: West is up (2D) or upper left (3D)
onlylayer #layer#: shows only the layer spe
onlylayers #numberOfLayers# #layer1# [#layer2[...]] shows any number of laye
rs specified
notlayer #layer#: shows all layers except
the layer specified
notlayers #numberOfLayers# #layer1# [#layer2[...]] shows all layers excepy
the layers specified
onlyblock #block#: shows only the block spe
onlyblocks #numberOfblocks# #block1# [#block2[...]] shows any number of bloc
ks specified
notblock #block#: shows all blocks except
the block specified
notblocks #numberOfblocks# #block1# [#block2[...]] shows all blocks excepy
the blocks specified
name $mapname$ sets the name of the map for output file names
output $file$: forces the renderer to output the rendered file to speci
fied file name
alpha forces the renderer to only look for chunk files
beta forces the renderer to only look for region files
environment $folder$: sets the location of the minecraft save folder
verbosity #value# sets the value of verbosity to report to problemTracker.
txt, from 0 (none) to 3 (all)
progress $filename$ sets the file name to which the progress percentage is t
o be written
mirror mirrors the image, if automirror is not used too orienta
tion may be lost
automirror automatically corrects mirroring for isometric and obliq
ue angled to keep orientation
lowramwrite uses libpng14.dll instead of corona.dll for rendering, u
sing less ram but more cpu
listallblocks generate a file that details the type and exact location
of every block in the world
makeoffsetfile generate a file that details the map offset
rectangle #MinX# #MaxX# #MinZ# #MaxZ# only render chunks within these
spacedrectangle #MinX# #MaxX# #MinZ# #MaxZ# only render chunks within these
coordinates, keep whitespace


A powerful image processing tool, written by Gameslinder to mitigate the mirror

It was expanded to include a larger number of useful features.
There is no graphical interface.
Cartograph_G_Post_Processor.exe INPUT $fileName$ [options]
Or for multiple files:
Cartograph_G_Post_Processor.exe MERGE #numberOfFiles# $fileName1$[$fileName2$[..
MIRROR HORIZONTALLY Switches left and right
MIRROR VERTICALLY Switches up and down
ROTATE #degrees# Rotates by given degrees clockwise
OUTPUT $name$ Specifies name of output file
DELETE Deletes input files
RESIZE width height Resizes image to set values
COLOR $color$ Specifies background color
If none given, background is transparent
Supported colors: red, green, blue, yellow, white, black

The main graphical interface, has no command line options.

World: Select a world to render a map from or custom
Custom path: Enter the path to a custom map folder
Map name: Enter a name for the map (not file name, that's at Advan
ced Options)
Style: Select the mapping style
Orientation: Decides the top of the map (2D) or upper left corner (3D
Block filter: Specify how to filter for blocks
The textfield below should not be edited by hand, the [Select...] button should
be used.
The block select screen allows for easy choosing which blocks to include or excl
ude and can filter the options to make some stand out.
Layer filter: Specify how to filter for layers
The textfield below should not be edited by hand, the [Select...] button should
be used.
The layer select screen allows for the input of layers which are to include or e
xclude from the render.
When "Render each layer individually" is checked, each layer selected will be re
ndered individually to a different file, at high performance cost.
Cave mode: View underground spaces
Wooloscopy: All non-air blocks are wool, this shows the data values
Ignore water: Water is not rendered (might not work)
Nether mode: Maps the Nether instead of normal world
Force brightness: Forces all blocks to be bright asif in direct sunlight
Time: Specify at which natural lighting the map should be rend

Advanced options
The stack and merge renders list contains a list of maps which will be merged wi
th the post processor.
Each item on the list is a complete settings configuration.
The top job will be process first and stacked on top of the renders that follow.
The buttons allow manipulation of the list, clicking an item selects it and its

Advanced batch options

Map format: Changes the map storage format to be used.
Default (native): The renderer tries region files, otherwise falls
back on chunks.
Alpha Chunks (native): The renderer only looks for alpha chunks.
Beta Regions (native): The renderer only looks for beta regions.
Verbosity: Changes the amount of reports to write to proble
Silent (default): Nothing is reported
General progress: Only reports progress through the phases of the
Region-level reports: Adds information on each region file, its decodi
ng and calculation
Chunk-level reports: Adds information on each cunk, its decoding, cal
culation, ordering and rendering
Disable logging: Do not add log reporting to the batch file
Disable post processor: Do not post process and output with correct name
Output file: Force the rendered images to be outputted to the
specified directory and/or filename. A * can be used for layer number.
Save as default: Saves current render settings
Clear default settings: Saves and sets "map 1 normal north" as default a
nd current render
Reset to default: Resets default values of currently selected rend

Advanced Post Processor options

Suppress stacking: Do not stack the rendered images, post process e
ach individually
Suppress deletion: Do not delete the temporary renders
Suppress auto mirroring: Do not automatically mirror 3D maps
Mirror left and right: Mirror left and right, orientation is lost on 3D
Background: Give a background color to rendered images

Advanced Interface Settings

Override Minecraft save folder settings:
Select the directory in which worlds can be found.
Allows selection between APPDATA, LOCALAPPDATA and a custom path.
Do not load world folders disables loading any folder names, whatever pa
th is chosen.
Show Alpha folders adds "World1, World2" and such to the list.
World name generation:
Allows fine-tuning of automatic world name generation.
Do not use folder name as world name leaves the name empty.
Do not check for the existence of Level.dat disables checking.
Do not parse IP periods to dashes leaves them as periods when using a se
Do not use server name prefix disables adding the server name as prefix.
Custom path history
Custom path history stores a list of used custom paths and allows manipu
lation of this list.
Do not load custom path history clears the history on each restart.
Do not save new paths to custom path history disables adding new paths t
o the list before rendering.
Clear all files: Deletes all files that start their name with "re
Close: Close settings screen
Restart: Save and restart the main interface of Cartograp
h G, with settings applied.

Advanced location settings (Location pane)

Generate detailed location file:Generate a file detailing the coordinates of eve
ry block in the world that isn't filtered out
Generate offset file: Generate a file with the image offset, to be use
d by the Marking Extraction Pack add-on
Chunks to render: Select which chunks are to be rendered
All (default): Render all chunks in the world
From marked offset file:Use an offset file processed by the Marking Extr
actor to select the chunks to be rendered
Manual range input: Render everything within the coordinates given b
Keep whitespace: Keep spacing from hidden chunks

Unusual map settings (Unusual pane) [subject to change]

Mirror non-oriented axis: Mirrors left and right on 2D maps, or top right
and bottom left on 3D maps if auto mirroring is enabled
Suppress auto mirroring: Forbids the post processor to mirror or correct
rotation unless explicitly instructed
Low ram write mode: Uses libpng to write the image, slashing the spi
ke in ram near the end at the cost of processing power

Removed map settings (Removed pane) [subject to change and deletion]

Flip Flips the map (superseded by orientation)
Rotate Rotates the map (superseded by orientation)
X-ray mode Experimental cave mode (also April fools joke 20
Cake mode Makes all blocks cake (April fools joke 2011)
Upside-down mode Turns all blocks upside-down, with no regard for
other data. (April fools joke 2011)
Granularity Sets render granularity from 0 (clear, default)
to 8 (course)