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of years I have been studying intensely this phenomenon that is 2012. And in order to understand it there were many different subjects I needed to comprehend , these subjects range from cosmology/astronomy, mathematics, geometry , physics too ancient history and religion. And the reason I am telling you this is because unless you see the whole picture you will never truly understand how things really are. I am only going to touch briefly on each of these subjects as I urge you the reader to do your own research on what I m about to write about. There is obviously a lot of hype about this date 21st of December 2012 and as some people would have you believe it s the so called End of the world date due to all this propaganda going around. Firstly I don t believe this to be true, but in saying that I do believe this date to be of great importance too humankind and its planet! But before I go on to explain why it is important I must set the stage briefly on the above subjects so I can give my interpretation any justification and also show you how the pieces of the puzzle all fit together. All my life I felt this urge to really understand the world I lived in, all through my school years the answers that I received just didn t sit well with me. And I can only speak for myself that when I analyzed my life in hindsight I then understood why I lead the life style I did for so many years it was because in part I didn t want to conform to the system I was then presented with, so I began to drink and years went by this got worse until there came a point where enough was enough and I decided to end it all, thankfully I wasn t successful and from that day fourth I ve dedicated my life to understanding everything about what we call reality and never drank again. I ll first start off with life its self. If someone were t o ask me what is the purpose of life? I would say to them it s an experience, and how you enjoy that is down to choice, you re in control, so chose them wisely, as they control your experience!!! Unfortunately you never get yesterday back! So we only get one shot at this. Our reality is fascinating if only people would stop and take a look at it, and I understand what I m about to talk about isn t for everyone. There is without a shadow of a doubt that we live in a mathematical construct, we are govern by laws that apply to both the macrocosm and the microcosm or as the ancients would have put it as above so below. And the only way in which we have learned to understand this is through the mathematical calculations of physics. There are laws such as gravity and electromagnetism, the strong force and the weak force that hold everything together and without this everything would cease to exist. There are also other laws that play a crucial part in everything s existence and that law is what I call the cycle of time, and during this cycle of time it follows a distinct pattern of death and rebirth! And if this pattern didn t repeat in the fashion that it does everything around us would end!! Before I go onto explain these cycles I would urge the reader to go to another part of my blog and read up on Vortex Based mathematics by Marco Rodin as it shows the fundamental principle that governs everything from the spin of the electron around the atom to why our galaxies rotate, and it even explains the big bang! As I said before, the same laws apply everywhere.

If we take a look at the microcosm we see this happening all the time. And a great example of this is composting. In order for the cycle of life to continue something has to give way to something else but at the same time complement each other in the process. For example when you cut your grass this now dead grass and has to be disposed of or recycled therefore billions of micro organism go to work feeding on the grass breaking it down. There are millions of different forms of bacteria but each go to work in different phases, and after one does its job it in turn is eaten by the next form of bacteria who is then eaten by another and as this process continues we the arrive back in the soil were large micro organism enrich the soil with their digested afters from the other organisms which provides the perfect environment for grass and plants to grow again and then along come larger animals that feed on grass who in turn are eaten by large animals who feed on them until we get right to the top of the food chain and you find us , humans! And when we die, we go back into the ground and the whole process begins again. Now in the macrocosm the same rules apply, when you look up into the sky you see stars; each of these stars is similar to our sun. Everything in the heavens has a life span and when that time is up the star will explode creating a supernova or in the case of our sun the explosion won t be so dramatic and our sun will disperse all its gases creating a Nebula and then will become a white dwarf. But as both types of stars die they emit all types of gas which then go on to form other stars in the universe, and this process keeps repeating its self but not indefinitely as our universe has a life span, and like the stars it was created from a big bang and after the gas cooled gravity started to pull them together to form galaxies. Now the same principle applies of which Marko Rodin shows in his Vortex Based Mathematics, again if you didn t go back and read it you won t understand what I m talking about! The toroid creates a spinning vortex field which goes from north to the middle (singularity) and continues onto the south, you take the motion of continuously spiralling in and out back to back, you will go on to infinity. Marko believes that we are on the expanding side of the toroid and that the big bang was the result of us passing through singularity. Now this theory would coincide with our present understanding of our universe, our present model shows that after the Big Bang had taken place everything began to expand away from this point and that at some point it will cease to expand and begin to contract followed by what cosmologists call the big crunch! Or as I would see it a rebirth of a new universe! As we are on the topic of the stars I would like to put into perspective where we are on the grand scale of things. Firstly we are one of eight plants in our solar system all others are dwarf planets, secondly our solar system is one of between 100 and 400 billion stars, that s 400,000,000,000 and that is only our galaxy, there are more than 170 billion galaxies in our universe. So for us to say we are the only ones who inhabit this universe would be quite arrogate as there are 500 million planets of which could be located in the habitable zone of their parent star. Now the reason I bring this up is very important, there is loads of propaganda going about that ET s exist? Now as I have just stated it would be wrong to assume that we are the only life form in this universe although having said that, I do not believe we have been visited nor do I believe that the government has been keeping a big secret from us all. What I do believe is that we have been bombarded with propaganda such as area 51 and movies and this sudden so called ET phenomenon that is be shown on the internet and on the news and if you want to go check the discovery channel I m sure you ll find something on every night!! Also you have websites promoting this subject on a worldly scale such as project Camelot and people like David Icke who in the last two years is doing worldwide tours in front of thousands of

followers it is creating quite a stir!!! And funnily enough he predicted that he would go out on a world stage twenty years ago when he first started this propaganda. All this in my opinion is call predictive programming, if you are told something repetitively over a large number of years it then becomes not so hard to believe, and that is exactly what they are doing, along with the disinformation about 2012!! Ancient history is the next subject I would like to touch on briefly. We have been taught that man has evolved in a liner fashion, going from our closest ancestors apes to our present day form of consciously aware humans. But if you look back over history you see a pattern that is far from liner! We have now uncovered that certain knowledge has been forgotten and now rediscovered, such as our understanding of mathematics from Pythagoras and geometry from Plato and the cycles of the cosmos shown by the ancient megaliths all around the world that in different cultures it was of great importance to keep track of time! Also the construction of these megaliths cannot be explained as the granite that they were made from weighted hundreds of tons of which we would have problems replicating today and all this was supposedly made by a primitive people with copper tools. So if it s not liner and the history we have been told doesn t add up then what is it? Just as I wrote before its cycles, it works in cyclical time frames, one giving way to the next. Just as our planet earth spins once around on its axis, it has a dramatic effect on our plant and us, we go from being bathed in the life force of the sun too the complete opposite of darkness, we go from being consciously awake into a subconscious sleep, after that we have are yearly cycle around the sun and this to has a dramatic effect on our planet. We go through four seasons, summer being the high point of the cycle which then gives way to autumn and the beginning of the downward cycle were everything dies or hibernates, then followed by winter and the lowest point, the least day light hours occur but then we move into spring were everything begins to be reborn again and then finally back to the beginning of the cycle summer. Well it doesn t finish there and that s why the date 2012 is important!! These cycles are there for a reason, they allow for rebirth and in my opinion evolutionary jumps on this planet. We have a very important megalith in Ireland called New Grange, it has also jus been rediscovered and on the 21st of December every year the light from the sun on that morning shines a beam up its only passage way into a chamber! Now what makes this important is another cycle that we have just recently rediscovered is the precession of the equinox. What takes place here is our sun moves through our constellation at a rate of one degree every 72 years, so to move from one zodiac sign to another takes 2160 years 30 multiplied by 72 and in order to do a full cycle it takes 12 multiplied by 2160, which equals 25920 years. Now on this coming date in 2012 we will have completed one full cycle and will be at our point of singularity on the cycle. The spiral of Marko Rodin s mathematics applies here also, we have reached the lowest point in the cycle also we have reached the point of rebirth and an evolutionary jump for mankind. It is my belief that this singularity happens twice in cycle, my reason for this is we have many megaliths around the world that have been discovered over the last number of years and geologist believe that last time these megaliths were above water would have been around 10,000 years ago before the ice caps melted and rising sea levels drastically engulfed the landscape. The 2012 date isn t as important as the years just before and after it, because it is in this time frame that we are going to experience a major transformation on our planet, you can see this happening already with more earthquakes happening Tornados and hurricanes on a scale never recorded before we are on the fringe of our monetary system collapsing and on top of that the tension between the middle east (Muslims) and the western world (Christianity) is at an all time high!!!