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| FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 2011


Choc and awe



(From left) Nirav Thakker, Mahalakshmi Prabhakaran, Deepak Rajanikanth Chocoholics: Fellow worshippers were Mahalakshmi Prabhakaran, now on a sabbatical and catering to indulgences, Deepak Rajanikanth and Nirav Thakker, both senior systems engineers at IBM, and devoted to the chocolate code. Chocosphere: The ambience plays its part quite well. The colours are a mix of dark and white chocolate, and sometimes makes you wonder whether everything is edible as it is in its namesake in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." There are even two tiny Taj Mahals - in dark and white chocolate at the counter. The quotes exhort you to consume more chocolate and give you quirky reasons to do so. The perfect setting for a chocolate-flavoured evening. Choc-a-block: The menu has a deluge of chocolate vying for your attention in various avatars. First in the drinkable form Hot Chocolate, Choctails, Chocshakes and Chillers. There is then some minuscule attention paid to coffee and tea. Just to give you a respite, there are a few regular food options - panini, croques, wraps, baguettes, sandwiches, crepes, pastas and salads. Before you can be diverted, the next set of chocolate incarnations appear preparing you with pancakes and waffles, before knocking you over with chocizzas, ice creams, sundaes and fondues. Choc up: The Belgian Chilli Chocolate is an adventurous way to start your chocolate journey. The chilli delivers a delayed, but excellent kick. If you want a more sedate start, the Mint Cuddle cup will do the job, and to get right into the scheme of things, begin with a Black Forest chocshake. Among the chillers, the Choco Crunch Mocha chiller will remind you of Coffy Bite. The Buttered Mushrooms Croque serves as a good snack despite having an extra helping of cheese. The Open House Chicken Panino, with its tangy flavour was also a favourite, as was the Teriyaki Chicken Wrap. The Chocolate Sizzler deserves the chocolate, chocolate, chocolate description and wouldve been the days winner, if it were not for the Chilli Hot Chocolate Pizza. In appearance, this chocizza is quite an unassuming dish, but melted chocolate, chilli flakes, oregano and cheese converged to ensure that all decorum and etiquette were forgotten when it came to the last slice. Chokers: Chief among the spoilsports was the hyped chocolate fondue which turned out way too mild for our liking. The Chocolate y Churros, (also known as Spanish Doughnut) might have worked in isolation but was completely lost in the chocolate avalanche. The Coffee Nirvana did not live up to the promise either. Service: Though they seemed a little surprised that we were ordering non-chocolate items too, they were quite prompt in delivery, and except for the crepes that turned up less than lukewarm, all was well. The handwritten smiley Thank You on each bill is a nice touch. Verdict: With loads of chocolate, reasonably good service and a fine ambience, this place is a must visit if you consider yourself even remotely a chocoholic. If youre not, this is probably the place which will deliver the chocasm that converts you. FOOD AMBIENCE SERVICE
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COST: For ` 950, you can have a cou- ALCOHOL:

ple of chocolate drinks, two non-veg panini/croques/wraps/baguettes/ crepes and end the meal with a chocolate sizzler/chocizza. Religion usually demands its sacrifice, but considering the indulgence involved, this really doesnt seem a huge price at all.

Pancakes, Waffle Wonders

PARKING: Street parking

Shots on the bar, in combination with chocolate, like Choco Rum.

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international franchise that started operations in Australia in 2006. It arrived in India in 2007 and now has several outlets across the country. The Bangalore operation is owned by Mahesh Madiyala and opened its doors in late March. Chocolate Fondue, Chilli Hot Chocolate Pizza,

GENESIS: The Chocolate Room is an

here are those who think that chocolate is just another edible substance, and then there are those for whom it is a religion. For the latter, The Chocolate Room would be quite close to the paradise they have dreamt of. Indeed, chocolate indulgence has a new destination.

The Chocolate Room, No: 8,9, Glassics Building, near Forum Mall, Krishna Nagar Industrial Layout, Hosur Road, Bangalore 560029. Ph: 9243000422




A survey has found that women do really carry almost everything but the kitchen sink in their handbags. The survey found that a vampire voodoo doll, screwdrivers, sex toys and a piano tuning fork were among the everyday items extricated after a good rummage. According to the study, handbags hidden depths also revealed tarot cards, a baby tooth, dog biscuits, porn DVDs, partners medication and spare knickers. Most women always carry a comforting item such as their childs first shoe, a lock of a grandchilds hair or their fathers watch. They regularly tuck inside romantic mementoes, while the most organised find space for a passport, driving licence and marriage and birth certificates. A fifth of women confessed to hiding behind their oversize handbags when they didn't feel confident or had a fat day. ANI



Trying to get a man to a doctor can be quite a task. So, why do men hate it so? The hatred is apparent even in a recent survey, which found that women were three times more likely to see a doctor on a regular basis than men. There could be as many answers to that question as male patients that I see, but more often than not its that its not a priority for them, said Timothy Vavra, DO, Loyola University Health system physician and associate professor of internal medicine at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. Theyre not willing to make a lifestyle change so they think its a waste of time listening to a doctor tell them to change the way they eat, to start exercising and stop smoking if theyre not going to do it. According to Vavra, this thinking doesnt add up. The longer a person puts off seeing a doctor the more likely theyll have to see a doctor on a regular basis. ANI