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lynda .com O nline Tra ining Library SEO : Search Engine O ptim ization Ge tting Starte d

SEO: Search Engine Optimization Getting Started

Author: Jill Whalen Released: 3/31/2010 Duration: 02h 20m Level: Beginner
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1. Getting Started on an SEO Program

Understanding how search engines work What is SEO?

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2. Keyword Phrases: The Cornerstone of an SEO Program

Introducing keyword phrases The keyword research process Performing keyw ord research Winnow ing out ineffective keyw ord phrases Performing additional keyword research Determining competitiveness of keyw ord phrases Finding keyw ord gems

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3. Creating a Search-Friendly Site Architecture

What site architecture means to SEO Brainstorming main categories and subcategories for the web site Creating a keyword phrase-to-page map Using keywords in domain names and URLs

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4. SEO in HTML Tags

SEO in HTML tags Title tags Meta descriptions Header tags Anchor text Alt tags Writing effective title tags Writing meta-description tags

5. Writing Effective Web Site Content

What good content is and w hy it's needed The different types of content pages Using keywords in existing content Writing new content for users and search engines

6. Link Popularity and PageRank

Understanding link popularity and w hy it's important



Introducing Google's PageRank Knowing the best w ay to get links

Tutorials | SEO Search Engine Optimizati

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Understanding link popularity and w hy it's important

Content creation and promotion as "link bait" Real-w orld link bait ideas

7. Social Media Marketing and How It Works with SEO

Introducing social media marketing Getting started w ith social media marketing Participating in social media communities

8. Measuring Your Success

Why rankings are a poor measure of success Determining conversions and setting up goals in Google Analytics Measuring search engine traffic Measuring success beyond the search engines

9. Overall SEO Strategy

Review ing top techniques for SEO success Additional resources The future of SEO

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