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Title: The Bourne Dominion Author: Eric Van Lustbader Publisher: Orion RRP: $32.

99 ISBN: 9781409116448 Release Date: June 2011 Pages: 432 Description:

The latest instalment in the most famous thriller series of them all. Bourne is back and this time the stakes are higher than ever... Bourne's enemies are gathering force. Severus Domna, a secret and ancient cabal, has called forth its members from around the globe, with one objective: to vanquish the last person capable of destroying their bid to de-stabilise the world economy - Jason Bourne. But how can they possibly succeed where so many others have failed? By turning Bourne's most trusted friend into his greatest - and most deadly - enemy. Boris Karpov has reached the pinnacle of his career. He has taken over one of the most powerful security organisations in the world - but at a price. Karpov agreed to a devil's pact with the former head and now he has to deliver. But it's far worse than anything Karpov could have imagined - he must kill his oldest friend, Jason Bourne. Now Bourne finds himself in a world where friend and foe go hand-in-hand. Bourne's journey will lead him down a path of brutal murder and destruction - one from which there is no escape...


Eric van Lustbader is the author of numerous novels in a variety of styles, but is most widely known as the author of twenty international bestselling thrillers including The Ninja and Black Heart. Born in New York City, he currently lives in New York State.

Review: I was so excited to receive The Bourne Dominion, being a huge fan of the series, (unfortunately my collection of the first eight books went missing when I lent them to a co-worker recently who said he left them on the train on the way home). Now Ive got to start my collection from scratch with my only possession being the last book in the series. Anyhows, the Bourne Dominion is the ninth book in the Jason Bourne series and the sixth by author Eric Van Lustbader. Robert Ludlum, author and creator of the Jason Bourne character, only wrote the first three books in the series compared to twice that many being written by popular author Van Lustbader. Van Lustbader has done a brilliant job in taking the character and series further from Ludlums creation. The transition from the Bourne Ultimatum to the Bourne Legacy was seemless with little noticeable difference in the style of the two authors. In this instalment of the Bourne series, Bourne is once again the target of a group, this time being the Severus Domna, a secret and ancient cabal. To make matters worse, Bournes closest friend, Boris Karpov has found himself in a situation where he must betray his old friend and kill him. The game of cat and mouse begins once again and Bourne must make hard decisions in order to survive. The action and technology of the latest book is full on, with each page turning itself. This is a brilliant book and I cant wait for the next one. The series is quite different from the Hollywood movies it you havent read them before, with Jason Bourne being in his forties now compared to the portrayal of Bourne my Matt Damon. Richard Chamberlain seemed more age appropriate in the tele-movie he started in, in the same role in the eighties. The available technology in the Bourne Identity, set in the early 80s compared to the movies, made in the 2000s, is quite different. Each has its own merits and I enjoyed both the original books and the movies equally.

Books in the Series; The Bourne Identity (by Robert Ludlum) (1980) The Bourne Supremacy (by Robert Ludlum) (1986) The Bourne Ultimatum (by Robert Ludlum) (1990) The Bourne Legacy (by Eric Van Lustbader) (2004) The Bourne Betrayal (by Eric Van Lustbader) (2007) The Bourne Sanction (by Eric Van Lustbader) (2008) The Bourne Deception (by Eric Van Lustbader) (2009) The Bourne Objective (by Eric Van Lustbader) (2010) The Bourne Dominion (by Eric Van Lustbader) (2011) The Bourne Upset (by Eric Van Lustbader) (2012)