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Trail Guide:

Weird White North

Trail Guide:
Weird White North
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by Matthew Cutter
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Savage Worlds by Shane Lacy Hensley

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The Tombstone Epitaph
Special Travel Edition Vol. 1, No. 3 Sunday, August 8, 1880

Author’s Note any greenhorns and cheechakos who

come after. For my part, though Mr.
Clum was kind enough to offer a
When the Epitaph’s editor dispatched
fur­ther com­mission in the Epitaph’s
me to the frozen hinterlands of the
employ (completing a new, planned
north to compile information for this
series of guides Back East, of all
edition (the third in this year’s series of
places) I’ve opted to return to warmer,
handy and informative Trail Guides),
southern climes and my headquarters
I agreed with enthusiasm. So it was
at Potential, Arizona.
this author set out for the fabled land
of Alaska—“Seward’s Icebox,” as it’s Alaska’s a nice place to visit, friends,
known to many—charged with setting but I wouldn’t want to die there. Mind
straight any misconceptions of the the pages that follow, and you won’t
past, as well as illuminating some of either.
the more awe-inspiring (and chill- Watch your back, amigos,
inducing) secrets of that frosty land. Phineas P. Gage
Having returned alive—and lucky
to have done so, in my estimation—it
can be said with confidence that the
problem with Alaska is not so much
its bitterly cold winters, but rather
the almost complete lack of spring, Without End!
summer, or fall. All of that land and Canada’s having a bit of a cold
its untold riches in ghost rock, gold, front these days, and that’s putting it
copper, and other fundaments are mildly. Ever hear of an Ice Age? That’s
cloaked in frost, a brand new ice age when the polar ice cap at the northern
that’s pressing down from the north. tip of the world starts leaking down
That’s right, naive Reader—perma­ south, and glaciers creep across the
frost, howling blizzards, sub-zero continents, covering them in ice
temperatures, frostbite, and starvation. and snow. These things can last for
All are to be found in Alaska’s reaches, thousands of years—fortunately, they
along with a fortune to be dug out only show up every few million years
of the ground, say the local, hard- or so. And apparently we’re overdue.
bitten prospectors. If only those salty Witnesses have stated the trouble
sourdoughs could figure out a way to started in the winter of 1866.
chip through the hard-frozen earth! Admittedly that was a nasty winter,
I have witnessed some of the won­ cold and windy with lots of ice and
ders and terrors of the utter north, snow, but further investigation has
that place the Inuits call the “Great revealed it could not possibly have
Land,” and they’ll be revealed in the begun so early. Far more likely, in this
pages beyond in the hope of helping author’s estimation, is the deduction
The Tombstone Epitaph
Special Travel Edition Vol. 1, No. 3 Sunday, August 8, 1880

that the Winter Without End began The Winterline

around 1872. Several years of harsh The only thing holding it at bay is
winters led to that brutal season, after a nifty little contraption called the
which winter never really ended. Winterline, which Dr. Hellstromme
Alaska, Yukon Territory, indeed started building for the Dominion of
most of the Dominion of Canada, Canada back in ’76. The Winterline is
have been in winter for over eight a series of what look like 30-foot-tall,
years. Admittedly (and inexplicably), reinforced steel telegraph towers—with
the climate warms slightly each year no wires connecting them—bisecting
around the middle of July and stays the whole continent, coast to coast. It
that way until mid-August, but it’s not isn’t much to look at, but it works just
nearly long enough to allow a complete as advertised. Ten paces to the south
thaw. In fact, the “false spring” led to of the Winterline you’ve got balmy
mass salmon extinctions in the first few temperatures year-round, 10 paces to
years, reducing that once-burgeoning the north you’re either bundled up in
industry to a merely profitable niche. furs or dead of frostbite.
Folks say it’s another Ice Age, and A 50-mile band just south of the
they may be right. Without a doubt, Winterline enjoys pleasant tem­
the hoary hand of the Arctic’s swept pera­tures, but that’s about the only
down and covered a lot of the country pleas­ant thing they enjoy. As it was
below it. explained to me, patterns of warm air
and cold air butt heads constantly over
Guide to the Far North
Special Travel Edition Vol. 1, No. 3 Sunday, August 8, 1880

the Winterline. When that happens, When the Alaska Purchase was
you get twisters—lots of twisters. In done, the Union had purchased the
British Columbia my own skin was so-called “empty, frozen wasteland”
barely saved by the chance appearance of Alaska from Russia for the sum of
of a farmhouse—with storm cellar—at $7,200,000. Critics decried the sum as
the moment of most desperate need. needlessly onerous for something so
Be sure to keep an eye on the sky, and paltry as “Seward’s Folly,” but later
another on the horizon, when you’re in surveys proved the stated figure had
the vicinity of “Twister Alley.” purchased acres of land at a mere 2¢
The Winterline hasn’t banished each.
Jack Frost altogether. Areas farther Before Congress or its representatives
than fifty miles south of the strange could find this out, however, the Great
barrier, like the Great Northwest and Quake of ’68 shook the Union and
even the southernmost parts of British the CSA to their foundations, even as
Columbia, get their usual share of it revealed vast reserves of the new
snow during the winter, making most superfuel, ghost rock. It’s hardly a
of that country impassable without surprise that most people forgot all
the proper equipment. Trappers and about Alaska for a while.
hunters still ply their trade, however, But Grant’s administration in Wash­
seeking seal pelts, beaver pelts, and ington didn’t forget about it at all.
caribou meat. And, of course, miners, With the completion of Hellstromme’s
prospectors, land agents, and explorers transcontinental line, by all reports
are beginning to fan out across the it seems the Union’s attention has
land in droves, seeking more riches. turned once again to northern climes.
And they’re not the only ones! Canada,
the CSA, a variety of Rail Barons,
Seward’s and the Greater Maze Rock Miners’
Association all have their toes dipped

Folly into Alaska’s frigid waters. As their

varied interests come to a head, only
In late 1867, one of the largest time will tell which ones get frostbit.
transfers of real estate in history was
A Lawless Land
conducted behind closed doors, in the
Alaska remains a lawless land, where
Union capital of Washington, DC. With
ice and commerce rule. Russia laid
cunning guidance and stern prodding
claim to it for a while, but eventually
from Secretary of State William H.
abandoned it to the snow. It was just
Seward, the deal was ratified by
too hard, and cost too many lives, to
Congress to very little fanfare, but a
work the land for its fundaments. Now
generous helping of public scorn and
winter is the only hard-and-fast law,
The Tombstone Epitaph
Special Travel Edition Vol. 1, No. 3 Sunday, August 8, 1880

and men create what other guidelines equipment, and the demolition of a
they see fit. railroad trestle with a stolen case of
Alaska’s scattered settlements are nitro, none of which resulted in any
isolated hives of commerce. Two casualties. But workers are starting
kinds of people populate Alaska: the to quit in favor of safer employment,
ones who want to put down roots and which means it can’t be long before
build a lasting enterprise, and those Washington starts in to hiring
who are looking to get rick quick. In freelancers to root out the saboteurs
this reporter’s experience the latter and bring them to justice—or bring
far outnumbered the former, leading justice to them.
at times to a nasty atmosphere that The issue everyone avoids in
“cutthroat” doesn’t even begin to Alaska is how the eventual victor
sum up. When liquor enters the mix, is going to export the spoils. Some
violence often follows. Still, you’ll also quarters suggest ghost rock could
find examples of genuine kindness be transported overland into British
and generosity between travelers of Columbia and then exported by
the wastes. They’re just few and far rail, but such a plan strains others’
between, since suspicion and fear credulity. Perhaps shipments of ghost
seem to rule so many. rock could leave Alaska via the still-
functioning ports at Kodiak and Port
Arctic Rail Wars! Alexander, but short of putting into
According to numerous witnesses port at the City of Lost Angels such
in the Egowik area, Union steamships ships would have to round Cape
equipped with ice-breaking equipment Horn to reach the eastern seaboard—a
have arrived recently, anchored for a daunting prospect, at best. The hurdles
night or two, and departed to the south. are great, and the solutions few.
It’s believed the ships were conducting
some sort of surveillance, but what Shadow Warriors
business they could have with the Unless you’re of Native American
coastal whaling settlement populated descent, keep a healthy distance
mostly by Inuits is difficult to discern. between yourself and the Tlingit tribe.
Those with more information should Ever since the Russians first landed
telegraph the Tombstone Epitaph at their here, the Tlingit have been fighting
earliest convenience! them. The Russians figured they’d
Meanwhile, Union Blue rail crews make use of the local population to
near the Yukon River delta settlement take the sting out of mining gold in
of Kipniak have recently complained the winter.
of sabotage along the new spur The Tlingit, on the other hand, had
connecting the town to Egowik. So no intention of being used as slave
far the acts have been confined to labor. In 1804 they attacked and held
the pulling up of rails, destruction of the Russian settlement of Sitka for
Guide to the Far North
Special Travel Edition Vol. 1, No. 3 Sunday, August 8, 1880

several weeks. A combined action means “they who eat their food raw.”
of the Russian army and navy was These were the Inuits. Unlike the
finally able to drive back the Indians. Tlingits, their early interactions with
But the following year they returned, settlers and outsiders were friendly,
slaughtering entire settlements of and characterized by a mutual interest
Russians. in trade. Today their population is
Again the Russians brought their largely decimated by the smallpox
military might to bear. After the and influenza that came along with
bloodshed that resulted, most of the such trade, but they still dwell in major
Tlingit abandoned their warlike ways settle­ments all along Alaska’s west
and either joined local settlements coast.
or consented to dwell elsewhere. But Inuits rely on the ocean and the land
some of them, called The Ones Who for their survival. They hunt whales,
Refused in hushed tones by Tlingit walrus, bears, and caribou wherever
shamans, are said to have faded into they’re still able to, and find culinary
the wilderness, and they vanished for uses for seaweed as well. Accustomed
a long time. to surviving in a harsh environment,
In the past few months, two Inuits tend to take a pragmatic view of
small coastal settlements have been things, accepting what the spirits give
raided at night, and virtually every them for survival. Their daily rituals
man, woman, and child killed. The revolve around petitioning spirits for
buildings were put to the torch. Survi­ aid, and is said to be based more on
vors of these attacks—and there are fear than belief.
few—claim the lost tribe of Tlingit
has returned. Eyewitnesses described
how the raiders “ran upon the wind”
to attack, and “melted away into
shadows” when the slaughter was
As of this reporter’s departure from
Alaska in July 1880, only the Alexander
Archipelago has been devoid of Tlingit
sightings—which is ironic, since it’s
their ancestral home—and the locals
are happy to keep it that way.

The Inuits
The first Russian settlers in Alaska
found cultures that had been there for
quite a long time. One of these were
called Eskimo by other tribes, which
The Tombstone Epitaph
Special Travel Edition Vol. 1, No. 3 Sunday, August 8, 1880

Most Inuits I spoke to aren’t the least Alexander, the 33-mile trail follows
bit troubled by the endless winter the steep and snowy Chilkoot Pass up
that’s fallen over their land. They to the town of Whitehorse. From there
figure it’s the spirits’ business, and one rafts across the 30-mile length of
nothing they do is going to change Bennett Lake, finally floating into the
it. But a few of the elders say that the headwaters of the Yukon River, and
coming of the eternal winter coincided the waystop of Fort Weare.
with a mass exodus of whales. They Like my predecessor in Alaskan
fear that Sedna, the old woman under reportage for the Epitaph, Lacy
the sea, has grown angry, and look for O’Malley, I too walked the legendary
ways to placate her. trail alongside a procession of hopeful
To this day the Inuits remain a ghost rock miners—what the old sour­
friendly people, always willing to doughs would call cheechakos, or
trade and usually willing to help out an newcomers, in the Chinook dialect—12
hombre who’s cold, lost, and down on families numbering 36 people. Not all
his luck (as long as giving aid doesn’t of them survived.
put their own kind at risk—remember It was in the Chilkoot Pass that
that pragmatism we mentioned). In we encountered what I will always
an unforgiving and harsh land, they remember as the “Wrathful Storm,” for
might just be a traveler’s best friends! I’d never before witnessed a tempest
They’re more concerned about the that seemed so glowingly dark, sinister
Union, anyhow. US soldiers have been of aspect, and grim of purpose as it
building forts and outposts all over brewed in the heights. It bore down on
Alaska, using them as staging points us from the mountaintop like a cloudy
for surveying expeditions into the locomotive, gleaming black and
frigid wilds to hunt for ghost rock. The throwing sparks of white lightning.
outposts tend to be located near native As it howled over us, a whirlwind of
villages. The Inuits are happy to serve searing ice and breathtaking cold,
as guides when the pay is good, but several of the imported sled dogs, ill-
they’re afraid of what might happen suited to the climate, dropped dead.
if huge deposits of ghost rock are The oldest and youngest of our ill-
discovered near their ancestral lands. fated band were next.
Fanciful though it may seem,
Storms of Wrath the storm willfully confounded
Gold and ghost rock seekers don’t our attempts to escape its cold. As
have an easy time of it in Alaska. we tried to light a fire, the winds
They’ve got to get supplies up the increased to a howling gale that
Yukon River, and the only way to made any combustion impossible. We
do that if you’re not rich is to take ranged out for short distances, using
the Chilkoot Trail. Beginning at the a length of rope as a lifeline, seeking
tiny port of Skagway north of Port
Guide to the Far North
Special Travel Edition Vol. 1, No. 3 Sunday, August 8, 1880

shelter, but each time the swirling always say, from the sublime to the
snow grew so thick as to blind us. We terrifying is but a step.
huddled together for warmth, and the As mentioned earlier, almost all of
temperature plummeted well below Alaska lies under an eternal blanket
zero. It felt as though that howling of ice and snow. This has wreaked
storm was Hell-bent on killing us all. havoc upon the Inuit tribes who’ve
Sure enough, given the resolute been living in kinship with the turn
temperament of Alaskan settlers, some of seasons for millennia, and it’s pure
of us did survive. Shouldering their Hell on the immigrants. Only the
sorrow, they trudged on to Fort Weare. fishing port of Kodiak—on the eastern
There the toil of months paid off with a coast of the Alexander Archipelago,
particularly rich ghost rock strike. known as “Alaska’s Emerald Isle”
When the actual mining is done— for its rainy climate and oddly green
which, in general, may require quite meadows—is relatively free of the New
a long period of residence—it’s time to Ice Age’s effects. The Archipelago is an
return to the western coast of Alaska. anomaly, though. For the most part, in
There begins a river journey covering Alaska’s unknown interior, starvation
over 800 miles of howling wilderness. and bitter fear stalk the pine forests
Using dog sleds or simply traveling on and frozen alpine passes.
foot, the frozen length of the Yukon Northern whaling villages like Point
River is used by travelers as a highway Hope are locked in ice, the ships unable
of ice. It takes an entire week to reach to even leave the docks. The population
the mining camp of Relief at the other is swelled year-round with trappers,
end, if one makes it at all. The more sailors, and miners down from the
fundaments a miner can bring into snowy hills to kill time in the saloons
Relief, the better off he is. and brothels. Widespread cabin fever
is more of a problem as the years pass.
Port Alexander, in particular, has the

Alaska’s feel of a small, insular nation—they

have their own currency, their own

code of law (a draconian one, in this

Despite the brutal climate, you won’t

find a more breathtakingly beautiful,
majestic country on this entire
continent than Alaska. The soaring
Aleutian and Brooks mountain ranges
stretch from horizon to horizon, with
towering banks of clouds scudding
across the peaks, and the sky is bluer
than any other. But as we at the Epitaph
The Tombstone Epitaph
Special Travel Edition Vol. 1, No. 3 Sunday, August 8, 1880

reporter’s humble opinion), and an Union forces have erected a small

unhealthy mistrust of outsiders. But trading post on an island just west of
Port Alexander, like Kodiak to the the village, which they optimistically
west, has a harbor relatively free of call Fort Promise. Expeditions into
icepack, making it a desired location the lake country begin here, though
in spite of its flaws. they claim to have found no ghost
Even when whaling ships can leave rock yet. The commanding officer is
port—still possible for part of the year Major Russell Mathis, a nervous and
as far north as Egowik—they don’t high-strung man who seemed, in
have much luck these days. The Inuit this reporter’s opinion, only barely in
tell stories of a great exodus of the control of his men.
whales, fleeing the howling spirits
of winter. The people are left with Egowik (Shaktolik,
nothing to sustain their lives. The Inuit Unalaklik)
put a lot of stock in the whales, and To outsiders Inuit culture seems
they ought to know them better than fragmented, its isolated villages
anybody else, after all this time. Those separated by miles of unforgiving
few whalers putting out to sea from tundra, the eternal winter making
Alexander, or with the good fortune to each settlement a world unto itself.
break through the ice of another port, Nothing could be further from the
don’t tend to find anything to make it truth. The native tribes of Alaska have
worth their trouble, lending further always maintained strong family ties
credence to the Inuits’ claims. over great distances, and traditionally
spent winters gathered together in
Anagnak large seal-hunting camps. Since the
Anagnak is an Inuit fishing village new Ice Age began, a few annual
located at the southern end of camps have become semi-permanent
Anagnagik Lake, where its waters settlements. In that regard, Egowik is
pass through a narrow strait before a major landmark of Inuit society.
becoming Anagnak Creek. Anagnak Egowik—incorporating Shaktolik
is much like other Inuit villages, and Unalaklik—looks like a sprawling
consisting of a dozen or so igloos fish­ing village that covers a five-mile
scattered around the larger, central stretch of Alaskan coastline, largely
lodge, where the chief and his family sheltered from storms by the Seward
dwell, and the tribe gathers for various Peninsula to the north. In reality it’s
activities. All these domiciles are made up of many smaller villages
lined with pelts and furs for comfort. clustered around a communal center,
During the annual thaw enjoyed by with similar large village clusters
virtue of its proximity to the Alaskan guarding the north and south
Panhandle, the Inuits erect tents for ap­proaches (Shaktolik and Unalaklik,
shelter. respectively). Over the past ten years
Guide to the Far North
Special Travel Edition Vol. 1, No. 3 Sunday, August 8, 1880

the three villages have grown together spongy expanse covered with an inch-
into a single enormous settlement. At thick crust of ice all year round.
the center of all this the great chief of The small mining settlement of
the tribes, Tipvigut, makes his home. Tanana (pop. 47) sits at the river’s edge,
The Inuits aren’t the only residents and perched above it is the Fort—a
anymore, to their amusement and brooding palisade constructed of dark
occasional consternation. Two dozen wood, with Gatling guns and cannons
or so Russian settlers dwell in homes aimed outward into the mist. The
of stone and wood just north of miners and soldiers pull a fair amount
Shaktolik. On the icy shoreline beside of ghost rock out of the Tanana Hills
Egowik, both the Union and the HBC to the east, sending it downriver to
have erected large trading posts. Relief, but no one here is content. Fact
While this diversity might seem like is, they’re terrified and Major Julius
a recipe for conflict, the climate is so Denningham can do little to quell
brutal that rivals tend to be comrades- their fears.
in-arms against the cold, often trading Supplies have been slow to reach Fort
with each other and even sharing a fire Healy in recent months, when they get
on occasion. there at all. As a result, the prosperous
To the east, there’s a sizable gang of miners and soldiers of Fort Healy
ghost rock miners encamped on the suffer from constant malnutrition, and
banks of the Yukon River, a settlement are hovering near starvation.
called Relief by its inhabitants. There
the sporadically arriving miners Fort Weare
from the uplands are relieved of their Located at the confluence of the
cargo for the going rate, after which Yukon and Porcupine Rivers, Fort
the traders carry the fundaments Weare is the most remote Union
into Egowik on dogsleds. There’s no outpost in Alaska. No lie, it’s located
government, per se, but the de facto just north of the Arctic Circle! Despite
leader of Relief is Father Bloom, an its sheer distance from anything
Irish Catholic priest born in Dublin. resembling civilization, the fort sees
steady traffic on the Yukon River in
Fort Healy the form of prospectors. Those hardy
Fort Healy is a Union outpost located families who hike downriver on the
at the confluence of the Tanana and Chilkoot Trail route use Fort Weare as
Yukon Rivers, in a low-lying, marshy a welcome waystop.
valley that’s always blanketed with Fort Weare was established as a
thick fog. Due to the heat of steady trading post in 1847 by the Hudson’s
decomposition, the swamp never Bay Co., and the small settlement
fully freezes, and the snow doesn’t soon became a popular refuge for fur
stop falling. So the valley is a muddy, trappers and gold prospectors alike.
The Tombstone Epitaph
Special Travel Edition Vol. 1, No. 3 Sunday, August 8, 1880

After the Alaska Purchase, the HBC attracting a diverse array of immi­
flunkies were expelled and a company grants, free thinkers, wanderers, and
of Union troops installed in their place, cast-offs of society. From humble begin­
and the fort’s name was changed to nings, Kipniak has become known as a
Fort Weare. “free city,” where barter is the likeliest
Fort Weare’s an unpleasant place to common form of commerce, and no
visit; the fear is palpable. A dozen log man may exercise power over another
structures are arranged outside the (ironically, this law is strictly enforced
stockade walls of the fort, but most by a particularly humorless Elder
of the local population lives in small Council).
camps to the east, close by their ghost The eldest of the Elders is currently a
rock claims. Mattheis Suppliers carries fellow by the name of Merlin Jonassen,
a full range of gear and equipment, an Austrian by birth, who is said to
while the Yock Flophouse provides have explored nearly every nook and
drink, a poor selection of food, and cranny of the Alaskan wilderness
lodging for those who don’t mind before settling in Kipniak.
being packed six-to-a-bed with A number of taverns and hotels serve
frostbitten frontiersmen and stale- the transient seafaring population, but
smelling prospectors. the most popular is the Long Branch
Fort Weare still does robust trade in Saloon. It’s a family affair, run by
furs as well. One of the fort’s interior New Scientists who use their talents
structures acts as a warehouse for for brewing and the creation of labor-
hundreds of pelts on their way to saving devices. They offer a pleasant
the coast—you can smell it just about variety of brews, and they also built
anywhere in town. Once every two the famous steam-powered Whale
weeks, shipments of ghost rock and Winch—another popular attraction—
furs are dragged down to the jetty that looms over the dockyards.
and loaded onto barges by the Union
troops. Kodiak
The Russians’ first settlement in
Kipniak Alaska was founded on Kodiak Island
Kipniak is a coastal whaling settle­ in 1784. Today Kodiak is a whaling
ment, with a population of about 200. city on the east side of that island,
It’s located where the southern arm of which has retained its rainy and foggy
the Yukon River empties into the sea climate despite the wintry conditions
at Norton Sound, approximately 175 prevailing elsewhere. The dwindling
miles southwest of Egowik. whale population hereabouts doesn’t
Originally populated by Inuit, leave much money to be made, so
Kipniak has become a sort of “model the shippers of Kodiak have largely
community” over the past ten years, switched from exporting whale
Guide to the Far North
Special Travel Edition Vol. 1, No. 3 Sunday, August 8, 1880

blubber to more profitable cargos, such allegiance to the Tsar, but more impor­
as gold and ghost rock coming out of tantly it meant slave labor to the fur
the Kuskokwim River valley to the trade company. Baranov did nothing to
north. allay their fears, and the Tlingit finally
The trades district, a neighborhood exploded in 1802, killing not only the
of rambling cobblestone streets and Russians but their Aleut slaves.
old-style Russian architecture, is Baranov retaliated, though it took
renowned for its scrimshaw artists him two years to assemble his forces.
and ivory wares. Various general Once he did, they battled the Tlingit
stores and supply companies serve the for six days before driving the Indians
seaward edge of the trades district. from their own settlement. Baranov
Union Blue, the Rockies, and the HBC renamed the place New Archangel and
all maintain local offices. Even the helped the Russian Orthodox Church
Church of Lost Angels has staked out establish there, setting up fortress-like
some ground—they recently built a structures atop a shoreside hill that
mission just outside Kodiak proper. was later named Castle Hill.
New Archangel and the rest of Sitka
New Archangel Island were the epicenter of Russian
Alaska’s got a long history—and interests in Alaska from 1804 until the
the settlement of the island of Sitka Alaska Purchase put the territory in
is almost as long. The Kiksadi Clan Union hands. A sizable Russian popu­
of the Tlingit Indians had lived on lation remains in residence, and the
and around Sitka centuries before the onion domes of Castle Hill are visible
Russians or Americans ever set foot on from the waters of the bay. There is a
the island’s rocky shores. Choosing the small theological college, The Rectory
seaward side of the island they named of St. Sergius, a monastery, and no less
Shee, the Tlingit called their settlement than three churches maintaining active
Shee Atika, meaning “people on the congregations in New Archangel.
outside of Shee.” The name Sitka is
merely a contraction of that. Port Alexander
The Tlingit lived at Sitka happily On the southern coast of Sitka Island
and peacefully until 1799, when lies the town of Port Alexander. This
the Russians arrived. It wasn’t long rough and tumble burg would appear
before Alexander Baranov, Manager lawless to any objective outsider, but
of the Russian-American Company, in fact it is governed by a gang of fur
established a fort a few miles north of trappers and former cattlemen. “Eye
present-day Sitka. for an eye” is the law in Port Alexander,
The Tlingit immediately grew and it’s typically handed down by one
hos­tile, and who can blame them? Maxwell Gant.
Submitting to the Russians meant
The Tombstone Epitaph
Special Travel Edition Vol. 1, No. 3 Sunday, August 8, 1880

It’s not a bad place to visit, by any ery, taking advantage of the prime
means. Just be sure to keep on the location to pull truly heroic numbers
right side of the law. The Gantsmen of salmon out of the icy waters. The
(as they’re called hereabouts) are location lies close enough to the temp­
many, and they’ve got no compunction erate Alaskan Peninsula that annual
against stringing up any hombre who salmon runs still occur, though the
upsets the apple cart. yield is a fraction of what it used to be.
Being a favorite spot for sailors, The bluebellies and fishermen they
trap­pers, backwoodsmen, and ne’er- brought with them aren’t working on
do-wells, Port Alexander has more their own. A trio of Smith & Robards
than its fair share of saloons, brothels, engineers are on hand to maintain
gambling dens, and flophouses. A busy a huge, steam-powered netting
port ensures that local outfitters are apparatus that extracts hundreds of
well-supplied with typical gear, but salmon from the river every hour. The
provisions are always at a premium. village of Tikchik lies about a quarter-
mile from the stockade, which is
Point Hope identifiable miles away by the column
The Tikigaq Indians have lived at of ghost rock exhaust rising into an
Point Hope for over 1,500 years. There otherwise pristine sky.
they construct underground igloos
of whale-bone, which are connected
by networks of tunnels dug beneath
the snow. The natives call the narrow Canadian
Ghost Rush!
peninsula upon which they live Tikigaq
as well, for it means “forefinger.” The
Russians called it Cape Golovnin, and
It’s one thing to talk about visiting
an American captain renamed it Point
Alaska. But unless one goes by sea,
Hope in 1831.
between Alaska and the Union is
These days it’s a whaling town filled a whole lot of land to contend with
with trappers and miners too warm- that’s currently claimed by the Queen
blooded to venture far into the wilds. of England, and mostly populated by
But the port has been locked in ice for her loyal yet self-governing subjects,
years now, and supplies are few and
alongside a healthy amount of Chinese
far between. There’s no more barren
immigrants. They call it British
and forbidding place in all of Alaska.
Tikchik (Fort Salmon) British Columbia is the Dominion
This site on the Tikchik River was of Canada’s most westerly province,
first settled by Inuit, but more recently and the third-largest after Quebec
occupied by Union soldiers. They have and Ontario. Most of the province is
constructed a large stockade and fish­ mountains, with forests in the middle
Guide to the Far North
Special Travel Edition Vol. 1, No. 3 Sunday, August 8, 1880

and plains to the northeast. People Ode to the Long Lost Lode
generally live around the shores Maybe the persistent rumor of a
of sheltered Georgia Strait in the mother lode of ghost rock lost in the
southwest or along the north-south snow, bigger than anything ever dis­
valleys in the southern half of the covered in the Maze, has something to
province. do with the constant influx of miners.
The province’s real claim to fame, If their tales are to be believed, there is
of course, is that ghost rock was a place in British Columbia where the
discovered there in great profusion very earth is shot through with ghost
in 1870, in the long, painful wake of rock. Some speak of an enormous
the Great Quake. So far, it’s the only peak—an entire mountain!—made out
sign of ghost rock in all of Canada. of the miraculous substance. A few
That’s made BC a very popular place admit that their visions came to them
for prospectors and miners. It has in fevered dreams.
also meant that a lot of Americans The exact spot has yet to be found,
have crossed the border, hoping to but the Hudson’s Bay Company is
strike it rich. Officially Canada forbids headed for big trouble if they don’t
such trespassing, and the Northwest figure out some way to regulate the
Mounted Police (or “Mounties”) claims of all the new prospectors.
enforce the laws as best they can in Without a legal system in place, BC
their trademark scarlet jackets, but could become more wild and lawless
the people of BC remain surprisingly than the Maze. And God forbid word
unconcerned. should get out of a really big strike—the
One old fellow avowed, “They spend Canadian Mounties, Kang’s pirates,
their money here, just like we do, and Union and Confederate ironclads, and
they break their backs on the rock, a dozen other factions would be forced
just like we do. If one o’ them strikes it to duke it out for the big prize.
rich, more power to ’im. He’ll probably Sources who wish to remain anony­
settle here anyways, and that’ll make mous informed me of talks between the
’im Canadian, too.” Great Maze Rock Miners’ Association
Of course, the fact that British and the HBC, on the possibility of the
Co­lum­bia didn’t join the Dominion Rockies acting as “consultants” for
un­til 1871, the year after the ghost rock put­ting such a regulating system into
was found, may have something to effect. It is unclear at this time what
do with the people’s attitude. Some of the Rockies would get in return, but it’s
those prospectors from the Union have not exactly stretching the imagination
been there longer than the government to suggest it might involve a cut of the
has! profits.
The Tombstone Epitaph
Special Travel Edition Vol. 1, No. 3 Sunday, August 8, 1880

Northern Rails
Not long after the discovery of British
ghost rock and the coaxing of the
region into the Dominion, Canada’s
pri­ori­ties turned to extracting British
Columbia’s treasure. Shipping is an
increasingly costly option, as the pros­
pect of rounding Cape Horn is cold British Columbia is closely allied
comfort to any sailor, no matter how with the Dominion of Canada—which
seasoned a scalawag he be. Clearly, a goes a long way to explaining why
transcontinental railroad was the only neither Union nor Confederacy
remedy. has invaded it yet. Most of British
Though the Epitaph reported proudly Columbia’s population is scattered
of the line’s completion in 1879, sadly across scores of ghost rock boomtowns
such reports were premature. While that cling to the seaswept coast and
it was true that the line had been rocky uplands.
completed across the peaks of Canada’s British Columbia is neatly bisected
western mountain ranges, linking the by the Winterline. You might think this
boomtowns of British Columbia to the would limit ghost rock prospecting to
settlements of the plains, the eastern the region south of Hellstromme’s line
portion of the line still suffered from of towers, but you’d be wrong. Every
vast gaps of 80 miles or more in length. year some grinning fool makes a
A good show could be made of ghost fortune on fundaments in northern BC,
rock leaving BC in Canada-Pacific’s while a hundred lesser-known fools
rolling stock, but the prospect of that meet terrible ends. Few ways of life are
ore reaching the industrial centers of harder than scratching at frozen earth
eastern Canada was uncertain at best. for a hint of precious fundaments, but
As of press time, Canada-Pacific more people freely enter into it every
Railroad representatives reported by year—they do it in Alaska, after all.
telegraph that the gaps in their Trans­
continental Line are all but plugged.
We can only surmise that such work Barkerville is nothing less than a
has been completed, and precious burgeoning backwoods metropolis.
fun­da­ments will soon be arriving in With a population of over 6,000, it’s
Toronto and Montreal from the West easily the largest boomtown in BC. As
Coast, if they haven’t already. What this travelers top the last rise on the Cariboo
might portend for the frosty relations Road, they see a breathtaking vista of
between the Union and Dominion—as the town spread all along the western
emblematized by Britain’s continuing verges of the Cariboo Mountains.
occupation of Detroit—remains to be Puffs of smoke spurt from mining
seen. machines on the rocky slopes above
Guide to the Far North
Special Travel Edition Vol. 1, No. 3 Sunday, August 8, 1880

town, tiny people swarm everywhere

like industrious ants, and marvelous
flying machines buzz overhead. The
town’s layout has swollen beyond
its original boundaries, streets and
buildings expanding into an unruly
tangle. More than anything else,
Barkerville seems to have a will of its
own—the will to grow.
The Cariboo Wagon Road winds
its way from Victoria on the coast,
to Fort Yale, and then through the
minor burgs of Lytton, Lillooet, and
Alexandria, finally arriving at Barker­
ville. Until the railroad came through,
the Wagon Road was the sole overland of fearful talk and rumor. Various
route through BC’s rugged interior, travelers have reported seeing glowing
and branches of it access Big Bend and orbs or a transparent figure among the
Wild Horse Creek in the far east. Food headstones, and at other times hearing
prices all along the Cariboo Road are the voices of children crying among
astronomical—ten times the normal the lonely headstones.
rate is considered acceptable here. If you do make it up the Cariboo
It would take an entire book to Road to Barkerville, be sure to shake
describe all of Barkerville’s sights in the hand of Mayor Billy Barker
detail. Visitors find all their material himself. You might pick up a touch of
needs taken care of, as long as they his fabled luck!
have enough cash. Barkerville boasts
a town hall and jail, rail depot, a Rock Creek
Mounties outpost, three churches A small boomtown in the Boundary
(for the sober set), a schoolhouse, the Country between British Columbia
afore­men­tioned literary society, a and Washington of the US, Rock Creek
news­paper (The Barkerville Bugler), a was founded during a gold rush, like
num­ber of saloons, inns, and brothels, so many other small burgs in the prov­
the Theater Royale, a telegraph office, ince. And like all of them that survive
and all manner of mining and general to this day, the dwindling gold of Rock
supply stores. Creek was replaced by ghost rock not
Southwest of Barkerville lies an long after the Great Quake. That led to
impressively large cemetery—10 acres a boom that hasn’t stopped yet.
and counting. Stages arriving in Currently Rock Creek’s population
Barkerville travel along its edge for a is around 300, but there are closer to
mile or so, which has led to all manner 8,000 miners and prospectors spread
The Tombstone Epitaph
Special Travel Edition Vol. 1, No. 3 Sunday, August 8, 1880

throughout the Boundary Country. de Fuca strait from Washington. From

About half of them are Chinese, and this vantage point, Victorians view the
except for some feudin’ back in the Olympic Mountains of Washington to
early gold rush days—the Governor the south, and the majestic, volcanic
rode in to personally admonish the peak of Mount Baker beyond them.
miners for their behavior—everybody The port of Victoria is a major outpost
gets along pretty well. Now they’re too of the Hudson’s Bay Company and
busy hunting fundaments to fight each the Royal Navy, as well as a bustling
other. metropolis of the north Pacific.
Rock Creek lies along the Dewdney As the dominant urban center in
Trail, which branches off the Cariboo British Columbia, Victoria was a
Wagon Road and winds its way all natural choice for the new province’s
across the Boundary Country to Wild capital city. Its population has swelled
Horse Creek (another boomtown). It in the past few years, as a combination
can also be reached from Washington, of British soldiers and administrators
but that route is a bit more wild and have immigrated to the region. These
shouldn’t be undertaken without a days the city holds close to 10,000
tracker on hand. If the Mounties catch Canadian citizens, but twice that
a traveler attempting the crossing, many pass through the port every
they’ll either send the offender year, on their way inland in search of
packing back to the US, or in extreme ghost rock.
cases arrest and formally deport the The ghost rock has brought pros­
offender to Seattle. pectors and fortune hunters from
British Columbia’s famous lake across Canada and the Union, as has
monster, the Ogopogo, is said to live the new trans­continental railroad. The
in Lake Okanagan, which is located British are getting wary of strangers
due north of Rock Creek. Tales of a arriving in BC, and have begun
fearsome water serpent make the policing new arrivals more heavily.
rounds every time a miner disappears This is difficult to do since most
out by the lake, but no one has been arrivals don’t arrive via Victoria—they
able to secure definitive proof of the just walk across the southern border
creature’s existence. from Washington.
Just about everyone trying to enter
Victoria the province is questioned by Mounties
The capital of British Columbia, or HBC agents. They’re looking to root
Victoria is on the southern tip of out Union troops trying to enter on the
Vancouver Island, less than one sly, but are happy to unmask any other
hundred miles south of the city of lawbreakers and fugitives they find.
Vancouver, and just across the Juan

We reckon the Epitaph guide contained prepare fully for the extreme climate by
in the preceding pages covered just about wearing buffalo robes or sealskin coats
everything a cheechako needs to know (add +2 to Vigor rolls versus Fatigue from
before arriving on the shores of Alaska Cold) still have a hard slog ahead. Those
or BC. If you’re one o’ them newcomers, caught unprepared aren’t long for this
it’d be best to turn around right now and world, plain and simple—temperatures
march back the way you came, pardner, routinely drop as low as –60° Fahrenheit
lest you be taken for a mere kibbitzer. everywhere but the Alaskan Panhandle
The rest of these pages are intended only (a chilling –3 modifier to Vigor rolls;
for the Marshal. consult the rules for Cold in Savage
…Are they gone? Outstanding. Now Worlds).
we can scrape the ice off some long- Just traveling abroad in such conditions
hidden secrets and divulge the story can harm a hero. In daylight, make a
behind the Howlers, the frosty fear­ Vigor roll for every eight hours’ travel,
mongers clutching the northern climes modified for the current temperature.
in their frigid claws. First, let’s cover a A hero taking two or more levels of
few Setting Rules unique to the harsh Fatigue in this manner also suffers a
expanses of the utter north. bout of snowblindness that renders him
unable to see for 1d6 days (during which
time treatments of warm water, tea,
Setting Rules and therapeutic salve should be applied
to the eyes to ensure a full recovery).
The following Setting Rules are in Incapacitation results in frostbite—roll
effect in Alaska (except in the Panhandle on the Injury Table to see what body part
region), and in those portions of British is affected, and in what way.
Columbia and Canada north of the
Those caught in a blizzard in this
Winter­line. South of the Winterline,
region must make a Vigor roll (–6)
one’s liable to face a whole other set of
versus Fatigue every hour until they
prob­lems, so we won’t begrudge them
find shelter (Survival at –4, one roll per
their relative warmth.
group). A roll of 1, regardless of any Wild
Die, indicates not only failure but the
Deep Winter wandering character falls into a crevasse
North of the Winterline is like a or canyon as well (2d12” deep). A typical
blizzard, but far, far worse. Travelers who storm lasts 4d20+4 hours.

D eadlands T rail G uides
Winterline. When an opposed roll is
called for in such situations, the caster
Blizzard gains a +2 bonus. To gain the benefit, an

Temperatures attack must be completely cold-based—

so, for example, the Howlers’ Ice Shards
Roll on the table below to see just and Whiteout Special Abilities gain the
how far the temperature plummets bonus, but their Bite and Claws don’t.
during a given blizzard.
Wild Weather
d6 Temperature There is one weather pattern that,
1–2 –40° Fahrenheit while common to other areas too, is seen
3 –50° Fahrenheit more than any other in Twister Alley,
4 –60° Fahrenheit just south of the Winterline. We’ll just let
5 –70° Fahrenheit you take a guess as to what that might
6 –80° Fahrenheit be.

These enormous, cloudy funnels are
typically choked with wreckage from
settlements and forests unfortunate
enough to lie in their path, and all manner
of other debris. When the Marshal draws
for encounters for the posse in Twister
Alley, an Ace or Joker means that in
addition to the rolled encounter, there is
a raging tornado bearing down on the
heroes’ location.
Tornadoes sweep across the land at
great speed, but it is possible to avoid
The extremely low temperatures and them if one is quick and lucky. A twister
snow cause a –2 penalty to Driving, is divided into three areas—the outer
Piloting, and Riding rolls. A roll of 1, edge, the turbulent interior winds, and
regardless of any Wild Die, means a the raging vortex. The average twister
horse throws its rider, or a vehicle takes takes 1d8 rounds to pass through the
an Engine Critical Hit as ice clogs the immediate area.
intake or the engine freezes. Have each player whose character is
Walking through the deep snow in the storm’s path make a Notice roll.
counts as difficult terrain. In addition, On a failure the hero is engulfed by the
Agility and linked skills suffer a –1 outer edge of the tornado, a situation
penalty because the character is knee- that requires an Agility roll (–2). On a
deep (or higher) in the snow. A good pair success, the wily hero scrambles clear of
of snowshoes (Cost: $5; Weight: 4 lbs.) the tornado’s funnel and is completely
negates these effects. safe.
Finally, cold-based attacks made by On a failure, the hero is dragged
servants of the Reckoners, and those further into the turbulent winds of the
who’ve given themselves over to evil, twister and takes 4d6 damage per round
gain a +2 bonus to damage north of the from being swept in a circle on the

W ei rd W hite N orth
ground. The player of the poor sod must
make a second Agility roll (–4) to grab
a handy fence post, or otherwise roll Reckoner Rivalry?
free of the wind and flying debris. On a
To a casual observer, it might
success, the hero is back in the twister’s seem like Raven’s plans to bring
outer edge (use the mechanics above to down a new Ice Age were, in effect,
escape on the character’s next action). foiled by Hellstromme’s Winterline.
With another failure, the hero is While those are indeed the facts
sucked into the vortex at the tornado’s of the matter, it doesn’t mean War
center, and takes 6d6 damage as he’s and Pestilence are working at cross
swept up into the air and battered with purposes. Quite the opposite, in fact.
flying debris. The cowpoke has one last It doesn’t do any manitou or
chance to save himself. He must make a Reckoner a bit of good to freeze the
whole world solid. Without cow­
last-ditch Agility roll (–6) to grab hold of
pokes to get a-scairt and go runnin’
a tree limb or other tall structure not torn home to mama, fussin’ and cryin’
apart or uprooted by the winds. With and soilin’ their britches—in short,
success, the hero is back in the turbulent with no Fear, where would the
winds on the ground (but at least she’s manitous be?
not flying anymore). On the other hand, widespread
On a failure, the hero is swept up into anxiety over a new Ice Age that’s
the twister and borne away, taking 4d6 held back by nothing but some
damage per round for 1d8 rounds. At the newfangled fence is a mighty
end of the (almost certainly lethal) ride, fine feast of tasty terror for the
Reckoners. They’re not opposed,
the cowpoke falls to the earth unless she
they’re working together to create
has some way to glide or fly, suffering
an atmosphere of anxiety and
1d6 damage for each round the twister foreboding…and eventually an icy
carried her. Deadland or two.

Endless Winter the Winter Without End finally breaks.

Little do they know it might never end.
The Weird White North is a land of In the meantime, people have simply
riches locked in unrelenting ice. Even adapted to the change as best they can.
in 1880, the freeze has prevented much The major rivers are used as frozen
exploration of the interior, except on long-​ highways north of the Winterline, busy
established routes such as the Yukon with sled and sleigh traffic. Since the ice
River. Similarly, the ice has made ex­port­ hasn’t fully melted in years, modifications
ing Alaska’s vast natural resources on and improvements to these “highways”
any large scale problematic at best, life- have been made by desperate travelers
threatening at worst. and industrious locals.
But folks keep on staking claims, The salmon trade, though a niche
set­ting out on missions of exploration industry since the Ice Age reduced its
funded by wealthy backers in the US, practicable area to a fraction of what it
trudging up the long Chilkoot Trail with once was, remains extremely profitable
families in tow, all in the hope they’ll be for those who still engage in it. Salmon’s
well positioned to make a fortune when sudden rarity has turned it into a sought-

D eadlands T rail G uides
after delicacy Back East, so there’s a lot of the Howlers could never use their portal
money to be made in it. to enter our world from the Hunting
All things being equal, the hardy Grounds. The last survivors of Miu Hin’s
souls dwelling north of the Winterline band sailed back to China to tell the
might just make their way after all. But hero’s story.
things aren’t the least bit equal. People That’s how things stayed for a long
live in mortal fear of the creeping cold, time. But then one mean hombre called
taking every precaution against it, never Raven came on the scene, and things
realizing that the cold itself is what’s out immediately took a downhill slide.
to get them. Get them even more scared,
that is! Raven Speaks
In 1870, Raven returned from his
Tale o’ the Howlers travels in California and Mexico, and
The story begins way back in the unsatisfied with the troubles he’d caused,
1650s, when Miu Hin, a Shaolin sifu he set out for the snowy reaches of the
and enlightened chi master, crossed the far north. True to his ways, he traveled
Pacific Ocean in a junk full of his most among all the Indian tribes, telling them
trusted and skilled warriors. Miu Hin of the Reckoning to come, the Great
was called “The Fire God” by his loyal Quake that had shattered California,
men-at-arms, for his mystical abilities the furious anger of the spirits, and
manifested as embers, soot, flames, and his desire to drive the white men off of
heat. Miu Hin was so powerful, his chi Indian lands forever.
cup was overflowin’ long before the Eventually Raven came to proselytize
Reckoning even started. the Tlingit Indians that remained, and
Miu Hin was hunting a trio of ancient though they failed to heed the Hooded
winter spirits, frigid abominations One’s warnings, they told Raven of their
known by ice, snow, and wind—we call long-lost kin, who had given themselves
’em the Howlers. After a year-long search over to evil spirits of winter and become
that cost almost all of his loyal followers’ one with the shadows. Raven thought
lives—by hypothermia, avalanches, this lost tribe would be good friends to
frostbite, snowblindness, wild animal have.
attacks, and sudden blizzards—Miu Hin The Hooded One tracked down and
tracked the Howlers to their lair in the befriended the lost tribe of Tlingits,
Revelation Mountains of what would learning that they revered spirits called
one day be known as Alaska. The hoary the Howlers. With the help of a fearsome
horrors were no match for the searing Tlingit warrior, Raven secured the
heat of Miu Hin’s kung fu skills. location of the Howler’s prison from
By enacting a secret, age-old ritual an ancient manitou under Eve Cone in
taught to him by his ancient sifu, Miu British Columbia. To get the information,
Hin sacrificed his own life to trap the Raven was obliged to betray and sacrifice
Howlers forever. The Fire God’s body his Tlingit companion’s life. He did so
was encased in an ornate wooden willingly…happily, even.
sarcophagus, and entombed in a great Finally Raven found the chamber
chamber in the roots of Hydra Peak. As under Hydra Peak, in Alaska’s
long as the sarcophagus lay undisturbed, Revelation Mountains, where Miu Hin’s

W ei rd W hite N orth
sarcophagus still held back the spirits of their claims suddenly coming under
winter incarnate. Shattering the coffin “Dominion jurisdiction” when they’d
with his terrible war axe, Raven freed signed a contract with the Union and
the Howlers. Though the restless spirit considered themselves US citizens. To
of Miu Hin fought to prevent this, his this day, a significant percentage of BC’s
struggle was futile and he was at last population remains hostile toward the
forced to flee. Brits, whom they consider to be unjust
Free at Last! As a condition of joining the Dominion,
The Howlers are no garden variety British Columbia’s leaders demanded
manitous; they’re powerful enough to that Hellstromme’s Winterline be
affect an entire continent by virtue of extended through the center of their
their mere presence. It should come province, rather than along its southern
as no surprise they’re the primary edge. If John MacDonald would not
fearmongers in Alaska and most of agree to these terms—and agreeing to
Canada. They’re winter made manifest, terms was something the Canadian
and they usually take the form of leader famously never did—then BC’s
enormous blizzards. What’s being called reserves of gold and ghost rock would
the new Ice Age is, of course, due to their remain theirs alone.
frigid influence. Miraculously, the Prime Minister
Put simply, their weird weather affects agreed to the deal without any argument,
everything: people, animals, geography, and since then the province has been
politics, you name it. Mostly it makes the neatly bisected by Hellstromme’s
Fear Level rise ever higher. All of this winter-repelling contraption. The lower
falls right in line with Raven’s grand portion of the province experiences mild
plan, since it’s bound to cause the white temperatures, while the upper half is as
man no end of trouble. cold as everywhere in the Arctic.
The Howlers range across Alaska, The Canadian Transcontinental
British Columbia, and the Northwest Ter­ railroad follows the Winterline across the
ri­tories, but they’re tied to the Revelation continent, except at the border of British
Mountains of Alaska by the portal they Columbia, where the railroad tracks veer
use to go back and forth between earth off to the south toward Victoria and the
and the Hunting Grounds. When you’re coast, and Hellstromme’s fence heads
ready for your posse of gritty heroes to due west to cut the province in half.
get on the trail of those fearsome entities,
the epic tale we like to call Against the Hands Off Our
Howlers really gets rolling (see page 47). Fundaments!
Since the Union legally purchased
Behind the Winterline Alaska from Russia (thanks to US
Back in 1870, ghost rock was discovered Secretary of State William Seward)
in British Columbia. The following in 1867, they’ve constructed forts and
year the territory joined the Canadian stationed thousands of troops there
Dominion. Much of the population on the sly. This is all on account of the
consisted of Union prospectors at that massive ghost rock deposits discovered
time, and they didn’t take kindly to in Chilkoot Pass and elsewhere, which

D eadlands T rail G uides
are coveted by British Columbia and the
Hudson’s Bay Co. Our British neighbors
The Big Secret have caught wind of the sale and the
ghost rock that prompted it, and they’re
Here’s the big secret about the
trying to figure out the best way to
Winterline—it doesn’t work! Not
the way Hellstromme claims it does, snatch it without a lot of fuss.
anyway. Sure, the towers project an So far the conflict hasn’t gone beyond
invisible energy field that courses scattered skirmishes between Union
between them and hurts spirits soldiers and Mounties, and spirited
something fierce, but the Howlers posturing on the parts of President Grant
could breach it anytime they want, and Prime Minister John A. MacDonald.
and bring the Ice Age to the Maze The Canadian Dominion (backed by
and beyond. So why don’t they?
Britain and the HBC) knows the Union
Fact is, when Raven summoned hasn’t got enough troops in place to hold
the Howlers into this world, the
Alaska should it come down to invasion.
Cree Indians set to work on their
own rituals. They aimed to send But for their part, the Union realizes
the icy manitous screaming back that British Columbia dare not invade—
to the Hunting Grounds. The Cree unless they want the city of Victoria to
summoned ancient and powerful suffer a counterattack courtesy of Union
nature spirits to do the deed—often Navy ironclads stationed in the Maze.
taking the shape of tornadoes—but For now it’s a standoff, with the city of
they simply weren’t strong enough. Detroit hanging in the balance.
To this day they’re only able to hold Moderate elements within both
the wintry Howlers at bay, chasing
governments have suggested that since
them away when they venture too
far south. the Union owns the land, and British
Columbia possesses the means (and a
But the entire breadth of Canada
is too much distance for even nature surplus of prospectors) to remove the
spirits to safeguard. That’s where fundaments, some sort of profit-sharing
the Winterline comes in—while deal could be beneficial to both sides.
it’s not enough to hold back the But when has such homespun logic
Howlers, its energies cause so much ever swayed heads of state? It’d take one
pain they scream if they touch it. hell of a tale-teller to convince Grant
The nature spirits hear the screams or MacDonald to share and share alike
from afar, and are able to pinpoint when so much ghost rock is on the line.
the Howlers before they can breach
the Winterline. They swarm around
the winter spirits, hounding them Tlingits of Shadow
all the way back to Alaska. Inside Alaska’s snow-shrouded
For now the complex network of borders, there’s the lost Tlingit tribe to
Cree rituals—and to a lesser degree, worry about. When the Russians first
Hellstromme’s Winterline—keeps settled at Sitka, they informed the in­di­
the Howlers confined to the northern genous tribe that their two peoples must
climes. But the mystic cage is not work together to prosper. In practice, this
flawless, and the Howlers’ struggle
meant the Russians used the Tlingits for
against it is continuous. It’s only
little more than slave labor. In 1804, the
a matter of time before they bust
loose. situation boiled over into armed revolt,
and the Indians captured the settlement.

W ei rd W hite N orth
It took a combined naval-military opera­ their new commodity. They’re just about
tion on the Russians’ part to drive out ready to go to war with the United States
the Tlingits. over Alaska, too, which is typical—those
A year later they returned, and with lots of ghost rock tend to be greedy
slaughtered every last inhabitant of for more. Must be human nature.
Yakutat. The land was never resettled. British Columbia’s greatest liability?
Most of the tribe signed treaties and Its vast reserves of ghost rock. The
resettled, but some Tlingits retreated British don’t have anywhere near
into the high, snowy plateaus of the enough troops in Victoria to hold the
Yukon, leading many to theorize that port and watch over a huge population
they’d migrated to some other land. But growing bigger every day. They can
in the years since 1866, when the new only rely on the Mounties for so much.
Ice Age began, the shadow Tlingits have The Prime Minister of Canada, John A.
returned to murder lone prospectors and MacDonald, spews a lot of fiery rhetoric
trappers. They’ve even mounted raids about enforcing a “balance of power” in
on isolated Union outposts and mining the northwest, but stops short of military
operations. action. With the British in control of
That bit in the Epitaph about the braves Detroit, and thus able to funnel more
running on wind and melting into soldiers into BC via the Transcontinental
shad­ows is completely true. In 1805, line, the situation could change soon, to
the lost Tlingits made an eternal oath the Union’s detriment.
to the Howlers, in return for the power
to drive out the white man. Since then, The Hudson’s Bay
the shadow Tlingits have become the Company
unseen scourge of the Arctic, emerging
from swirling blizzards to kill without The British Navy may be firmly
mercy, and fading back into the whiteout in control of the port at Victoria, but
without a trace. it isn’t the most powerful entity in
British Columbia. That distinction still
belongs to the Hudson’s Bay Co. For
Livin’ for the Rock the last few years, the HBC has been
The greatest asset British Columbia has providing settlers in BC with new tools
is its ghost rock. Hundreds of claims have and devices far more advanced than
been staked by eager prospectors in the anything else in the Dominion. They’ll
past five years alone, and the enormous sell to anyone, which means the number
influx of treasure hunters, freelancers, of unpredictable gizmos in unqualified
prospectors, miners, and all sorts of hands has been steadily rising. Let’s just
businessmen eager to cater to them say the Mounties have got their hands
shows no sign of flagging. Just about all full.
the fundaments in BC—gold and ghost For miners and prospectors who don’t
rock, mostly—get exported through the have a lot of money, the HBC has created
port at Victoria, which is firmly held by a “buy-in” program. The HBC sells its
joint British and Dominion forces. devices to these people at a significantly
Since BC is the only place in all the reduced rate, in exchange for a contract
Dominion of Canada where ghost rock entitling the company to half of whatever
has been discovered, the British in both the miner finds. Many of those contracts
Detroit and Victoria are protective of have proven worthless, but several have

D eadlands T rail G uides
yielded silver, gold, and even ghost rock the province mean a significant return
mines, adding to the HBC’s wealth and on investment, including a percentage
influence. of any resulting buy-in revenues. He
The HBC gets its gadgets from Dr. also gets detailed information on the
Hellstromme down in Salt Lake City. location and size of every major mineral
The brilliant scientist is only too happy discovery in BC! (But that’s another
to sell to the company—inflated prices in story, amigo.)


Now we’ll really dig into the nitty gritty card, roll on the appropriate encounter
of Alaska and British Columbia’s frozen table to see what the posse stumbles into.
geography. Each major location starts If you draw a Joker, the posse’s in double
off with a short introduction, followed trouble: roll twice on the appropriate
by some suggestions on how a posse encounter table and combine the results.
might get there, then what they’ll see as Reshuffle the deck after every encounter.
they wander around the settlement, and
finally a list of any Savage Tales set in
that particular location.
The overall Fear Level in the Weird
White North is 2. This is due in large part
to the Howlers’ unchecked influence,
and the Ice Age they’ve whipped up.
Specific locations have their own ratings,
though—almost always higher—as listed
Consult the Deadlands Marshal’s Hand­
book for general descriptions of how
dif­ferent Fear Levels affect the land­
scape. Those, along with the entries here,
should give you some ideas for spooky Alaska Encounters
descriptions. d20 Encounter
First we go through all the strange 1–2 2d6 Tlingit
locales of Alaska, and then British 3–4 1d8 Snow Dervishes
Columbia gets its own section. We
5 Trapper (use Townsfolk stats)
figured it’d just make your life easier,
Marshal, to have everything in its own 6 1d6 Killer Mice
spot, and we hope you agree. 7–8 2d8 Dam Killers
9–14 2d6 Braves (Inuit)
15 Matlose
Encounters 16–18 2d12 Snowrunners
Each day the posse spends traveling in 19 Hoop Snake
the Weird White North, draw a card from 20 Spirit Bear
your Action Deck. If you draw a face

D eadlands T rail G uides

Northern British Columbia twofold—war is brewing between the

Encounters Union and the Dominion, and the lost
Tlingits are on the warpath again.
d20 Encounter
(North of the Winterline)
1–2 Matlose Anagnak
3–4 1d8 Snow Dervishes Fear Level: 2
5 Spirit Bear Anagnak is an Inuit fishing village
located at the southern end of Anagnagik
6 1d6 Killer Mice
Lake, where its waters pass through a
7–8 1d4 Prospectors narrow strait before becoming Anagnak
(use Townsfolk stats) Creek. The creek flows south along
9–14 1d4 Mounties a steep trail to Bristol Bay about 30
15 Dam Killer miles away. To the north of the village
16–19 Prospector (use Townsfolk stats) is a mountainous, forested expanse
20 1d12 Snowrunners covering nearly 3,000 square miles and
housing over a dozen major lakes, as
well as—the Union hopes—limitless,
Southern British Columbia as yet undiscovered veins of precious
Encounters fundaments.
d20 Encounter Palartok, a huge and imposing Inuit,
(South of the Winterline) is the village’s beloved chief. He speaks
1–2 Catamount little, but is known to be very thoughtful
based on what he does say. He lives with
3–4 Chinook
his sizable family and the local angakok (or
5 Sasquatch shaman), Ahnah, who’s also Palartok’s
6 Matlose grand­mother! The locals are liable to
7–8 2d6 Indian Braves offer a warm welcome to anyone who
9–14 2d4 Mounties ap­proaches all friendly-like, and will
15 Hoop Snake certainly aid the lost and half-starved.
But like most other folks, they’ve got no
16–19 2d12 Settlers
love for troublemakers.
(use Townsfolk stats)
20 2d4 Prospectors Getting There
(use Townsfolk stats) It’s possible to reach Anagnak over­
land, but it’s far more likely to die of
frostbite on the way. Most people who go
Alaska there travel by ship, all the way up the
West Coast and around the Panhandle
Your posse probably won’t even
to Bristol Bay, finally putting in at a tiny,
consider traveling all the way to
frozen port known as Dillingham. From
Alaska until it’s members are pushing
there it’s a 15-mile hike up Anagnak
Legendary Rank and looking for new
Creek to the village and the Union’s
challenges. That’s liable to be a good
island outpost. One can also travel the
thing for all involved. When your group
last leg by kayak, but it involves a few
finally makes it up north, they’ll find
portages along the route.
the major problems in the region are

W ei rd W hite N orth

Points of Interest Savage Tales

Anagnak is much like other Inuit Cabin Fever (page 82): Major Mathis
villages, consisting of a dozen or so offers any posse that visits the Union
igloos scattered around the larger, trading post a job as “independent
central lodge, where the chief and his regu­lators”—bodyguards for one of his
family dwell, and the tribe gathers for prospecting expeditions.
various activities. All these domiciles Wormtongue (page 105): At least a
are lined with seal pelts and furs for dozen trappers, prospectors, and natives
comfort. Since they still enjoy a few short have vanished in the lake country during
months of warmer temperatures due to the past year. Meet the cause.
their proximity to the Panhandle, they
erect tents in the summer months. Egowik (Shaktolik,
Fort Promise: Union forces have
built a small trading post on an island
just west of the village, which they call Fear Level: 3
Fort Promise (or in darker moods, Fort To outsiders Inuit culture seems frag­
Hopeless). Expeditions into the lake mented, its isolated villages separated
country begin here, though they’ve by miles of unforgiving tundra, the
found no ghost rock yet. The com­mand­ eternal winter making each settlement
ing officer is Major Russell Mathis, a a world unto itself. Nothing could be
nervous and high-strung man only further from the truth. The native tribes
barely in control of his men. of Alaska have always maintained
strong family ties over great distances,

D eadlands T rail G uides
and traditionally spent winters gathered to visit the trading posts. Mostly they’re
together in large seal-hunting camps. after whale blubber and ghost rock, but
Since the new Ice Age began, a few annual Eskimo furs and sealskin clothing are
camps have become semi-permanent especially coveted by visitors for their
settlements. Egowik, in that regard, is a durability and warmth.
major landmark of Inuit society. Seasoned woodsmen accustomed to
Egowik—incorporating Shaktolik and northern climes could get there on foot,
Unalaklik—looks like a sprawling fishing but it’s a long slog across hundreds of
village that covers a five-mile stretch miles of snowy, trackless waste once you
of Alaskan coastline, largely sheltered pass the Winterline in British Columbia.
from storms by the Seward Peninsula At the Alaskan border, the most likely
to the north. In reality it’s made up of route is climbing up the Chilkoot
many smaller villages clustered around Pass to Lake Bennett and the town of
a communal center, with similar large Whitehorse. From there it’s at least a
village clusters guarding the north week-long sled trip down the Yukon
and south approaches (Shaktolik and river to the mining camp just east of
Unalaklik, respectively). Over the Unalaklik, and often longer.
past ten years the three villages have
grown together into a single enormous Points of Interest
settlement. At the center of all this the The Trading Posts: All sorts of cold-
great chief of the tribes, Tipvigut, makes weather supplies and gear are available
his home. at either of the two trading posts. The
The Inuits aren’t the only residents Union outfit is run by Colonel Benedict
anymore, to their amusement and Graham-Griffith, a bitter fellow generally
occasional consternation. Two dozen or believed to be exiled to this post for some
so Russian settlers dwell in homes of prior misdeed. Superior Eskimo wares
stone and wood just north of Shaktolik. are available from the HBC trading
On the icy shoreline beside Egowik, both post, since its owner Sir Reginald Ray
the Union and the HBC have erected has been dealing with Tipvigut’s people
large trading posts. To the east, there’s longer than the Union has. The Inuits just
a sizable gang of ghost rock miners like “Sir Reggie” better than old Colonel
encamped on the banks of the Yukon G.-G. (Native gear purchased from the
River. They carry the fundaments that Union trading post costs the usual price,
arrive from the uplands into Egowik on but is considered El Cheapo.)
dogsleds. Irina’s Saloon: There’s a watering
While this diversity might seem like a hole in Russian Town called Irina’s,
recipe for conflict, the climate is so brutal equally revered for its vodka and beef
that rivals tend to be comrades-in-arms stroga­noff (made locally with polar bear
against the cold, often trading with each or seal meat). It’s a favorite with Union
other and even sharing a fire on occasion. soldiers and HBC trigger-men alike.
Fights between the rival crews rarely
Getting There break out, because when they do Irina’s
Nine out of 10 visitors arrive at Egowik towering husband Olaf straightens
by boat. There’s no deep-water port, things out—mostly by crackin’ skulls
so ice-breaking ships approach from with a fireplace poker. Once Olaf starts
the Bering Sea, drop anchor, and their swingin’, deservin’s got nothing to do
crews come ashore in steam launches with it.

W ei rd W hite N orth
Relief: The mining camp out east at miners and soldiers pull a fair amount
the Yukon River is called Relief by its of ghost rock out of the Tanana Hills to
inhabitants. It surely is a relief to see the the east, sending it downriver to Relief,
smoke of its cook-fires when you’ve been but no one here is content. Fact is they’re
sledding, sleighing, or snowshoeing terrified, and Maj. Julius Denningham
down the frozen river for a week or can do little to quell their fears.
longer. There’s no government, per se, Fort Healy is a prime example of why
but the de facto leader of Relief is Father Alaska is so imperiled by the Howlers.
Bloom, an Irish Catholic priest born in Swampland covered with permafrost
Dublin. He’s also a genuine blessed soul is no place to grow subsistence crops,
(with the Arcane Background Edge to and the everpresent fog makes hunting
prove it), why is why the locals all look a challenge. Supplies have been slow to
up to him. reach Fort Healy in recent months, when
they get there at all. The shadow Tlingits
Savage Tales
are responsible, having slaughtered the
Casks o’ Brandy (page 84): A rescue traders that the snow and killing cold
mission from Relief runs afoul of a failed to extinguish.
winter ghost, and some winter critters
As a result, the prosperous miners
and soldiers of Fort Healy suffer from
Dances o’ the Dead (page 85): The posse constant malnutrition, and are hovering
is summoned by Tipvigut, the great near starvation. A few have consumed
Inuit chief, and advised to seek out the human flesh and become wendigo. Now
wisdom of the Northern Lights.
Smuggler’s Blues (page 94): Col.
Graham-​Griffith enlists the posse’s aid
in transporting Union troops ashore,
while keeping the HBC in the dark.

Fort Healy
Fear Level: 4
Fort Healy is a Union outpost located
at the confluence of the Tanana and
Yukon Rivers, in a low-lying, marshy
valley that’s always blanketed with thick
fog. Due to decomposition the swamp
never fully freezes, and of course the
snow doesn’t stop falling, so the valley is
a muddy, spongy expanse covered with
an inch-thick crust of ice all year round
(needless to say, it’s difficult ground).
The small mining settlement of
Tanana (pop. 47) sits at the river’s edge,
and perched above it is the Fort—a
brooding palisade constructed of dark
wood, with Gatling guns and cannons
aimed outward into the mist. The

D eadlands T rail G uides
these lost souls haunt the woods near claims any day now. The hapless RMA
the Fort at night, howling and mewling agent is completely innocent, and even a
piteously in the dark for their families little befuddled as to how he’s ended up
and fellow soldiers to join them. at such a desolate station in life.

Getting There Savage Tales

There’s been talk of constructing a rail Pebble Talker (page 92): Drinking at
line between Egowik and Fort Healy, but Brock’s Emporium, the posse hears of an
so far that’s all it is—talk. To get to Fort old Indian out in the Tanana Hills who
Healy one either travels up the Yukon can speak to the spirits of the earth.
River from the coast by sleigh or dogsled Sir, the Men Are Revolting! (page
(shank’s mare and snowshoes is also an 93): Spurred by a rebellious captain, Fort
option, but a dangerous one). Healy’s simmering discontent boils over
into bloody insurrection.
Points of Interest
Fort Healy is officially manned by
100 Union soldiers (25 of them veterans) Fort Weare
under Maj. Denningham’s command, Fear Level: 4
al­though the actual total is closer to 65 Located at the confluence of the Yukon
due to starvation, desertion, frostbite, and Porcupine Rivers, Fort Weare is the
and illness. They are currently living on most remote Union outpost in Alaska.
half-rations, and the guard on the food No lie, it’s located just north of the Arctic
store is typically doubled. The soldiers Circle! Despite its sheer distance from
are surly and suspicious of outsiders, anything resembling civilization, the
spending their off-hours at Brock’s fort sees steady traffic on the Yukon
Emporium. Brits and Confederates can River in the form of prospectors. Those
expect to be the targets of focused dis­ hardy families who travel downriver
dain. along the Chilkoot Trail use Fort Weare
Brock’s Emporium: Tanana has a as a welcome waystop.
saloon, brothel, and general store, and Fort Weare was established as a
they’re all the same establishment. trading post in 1847 by the Hudson’s
No sign advertises the rambling log Bay Co., and the small settlement soon
building as Brock’s Emporium, but became a popular refuge for fur trappers
everyone knows about it. Visitors and gold prospectors alike. After the
inquiring about whiskey, supplies, or a Alaska Purchase the HBC flunkies were
woman’s company are pointed toward expelled, a company of Union troops
Brock’s place. was installed in their place, and the fort’s
RMA Office: Strangely enough, the name was changed to Fort Weare. That’s
Great Maze Rock Miners’ Association when things started getting powerful
maintains a small office inside the walls strange.
of Fort Healy. Harried and nervous At first the picture seemed bright and
land agent Herschel Lott is on hand as rosy—frostbite be damned! So what if
a consultant and observer, according to Major Trenton Witbeck had been dis­
Major Denningham and Lott himself. graced and demoted by courtmartial
But just about every inhabitant of after the war, and most of his 118 troops
Tanana blames the burg’s troubles on only took the assignment to avoid lengthy
Lott, expecting him to jump all their jail terms of their own. In the first few

W ei rd W hite N orth
months of their residency, prospectors Getting There
made a half-dozen separate ghost rock There’s no easy way to get to Fort
strikes in the nearby Black River and Weare. The most reliable and well-
Little Black River canyons. With the sheer traveled route is the Chilkoot Pass via
amount of fundament running through Skagway. Plenty of prospectors use
the place, Major Witbeck figured wealth the route to reach the Yukon uplands,
and comfort would soon follow. Boy… and from there the far west coast and
was he ever wrong. its trading posts. Fort Weare marks the
Not long after the digging commenced, halfway point of the route.
a few miners turned up in the river with A determined traveler could head up
their throats cut, frozen solid. Soon the the Yukon to Fort Healy by the usual
miners decided that the residents of an methods. Fort Weare lies a good 220
Inuit village upriver were responsible for miles beyond that. If the posse finds a
the killings, so they sent a few warnings dog sled making the run to Fort Weare
of their own—mostly anonymous rifle without cargo, they might be able to book
shots in the night. When the killings passage, but the trip is expensive and
didn’t stop, Major Witbeck sensed his cold. Ever ridden on a dog sled in Alaska,
riches in jeopardy. That’s when he amigo? It ain’t exactly a cakewalk.
showed the same sort of judgment that
got him courtmartialed the first time. Points of Interest
Witbeck led a force of about 50 men to Fort Weare’s an unpleasant place to
the Inuit village to scatter its residents visit; the fear is palpable. A dozen log
and put torch to their buildings. During structures are arranged outside the
the tense confrontation a shot was fired, stockade walls of the fort, but most of the
and a massacre ensued. Forty-eight Inuit local population lives in small camps to
men, women, and children were killed, the east, close by their ghost rock claims.
and the rest were simply left to freeze. Furs and ghost rock are purchased
Through the thick of the shooting, from local trappers and miners at the
Witbeck was screaming at his men to fort, and then sent downriver to Relief
cease fire, but the howling wind seemed on sleds, sleighs, and by any other ready
to carry away his voice. means. Miners straggle up the Chilkoot
Since then, the evergreen forests of the Pass and back upriver, and the process
region are haunted by the spirits of the starts again.
murdered Inuits. Moans of agony carry Fur Warehouse: Fort Weare does
on the wind from afar. Prospectors and robust trade in furs. One of the fort’s
soldiers on the night watch still turn up interior structures acts as a warehouse
dead—with their throats precisely cut, for hundreds of pelts on their way to
frozen blue in the snow. the coast—you can smell it just about
These days Witbeck spends his mis­er­ anywhere in town. Once every two
able days inside a bottle, and is known weeks, shipments of ghost rock and furs
as “Major Hangover” to his demoralized are dragged down to the ice-locked jetty
troops. Captain Irwin Tritch, a cruel and loaded onto sleighs by Union troops.
and uneducated despot, handles the Mattheis Suppliers: The fort’s general
day-to-day operations of the fort, store is a place where locals gather
which manages to function despite the around the warm stove, nibbling at
crippling fear hanging overhead. crackers from the barrel and shivering

D eadlands T rail G uides
as they share whispered tales of fright. of society. From humble beginnings,
The shebang carries a full range of gear Kipniak has become known as a wide-
and equipment. open and laid-back town, where barter
Yock Flophouse: This drafty, log is the likeliest form of commerce, and
establishment provides drink, a poor by law no man may exercise power over
selection of food, and lodging for those another (ironically, the law is strictly
who don’t mind being packed six to a enforced by a particularly humorless
bed with frostbitten frontiersmen and Town Council).
stale-smelling prospectors. A diverse community brings its own
The Storyteller: An old Inuit known benefits. One of them is a diverse array
as Tuaq (which means, “old ice frozen of connections. The people of Kipniak
into new”) makes his home at the fort, have called on their old friends over the
as he has since the Union took over. He years in a number of ways, and the result
can usually be found at the Yock, or is a comfortable town full of modern
fishing in his shelter on the Yukon River conveniences, tucked into the rocky,
ice. Tuaq speaks of the lost Tlingits to snow-swept coastline. Just about every
anyone who’ll listen. kind of person you’d meet on the whole
Inuit Ruins: About ten miles east West Coast of North America can be
along the Porcupine River lie the ruins of found in Kipniak if one only looks hard
the Inuit village. The place is thought to enough.
be cursed (Tuaq says so), so prospectors The mayor and head of the Town
and soldiers alike tend to give it a wide Council is currently a fellow by the
berth. name of Merlin Jonassen, an Austrian by
birth, who’s said to have explored nearly
Savage Tales every nook and cranny of the Alaskan
Tale o’ Terror (page 96): The posse seeks wilderness before settling in Kipniak.
out Tuaq for information, and they get
yanked into a living nightmare. Getting There
The Avenger’s Blade (page 79): The Kipniak sits on the coast, and boasts a
spirit of vengeance seeks the life of its deep-water port, making it a relatively
slayer—Major Trenton Witbeck. easy place to visit when the approach
isn’t clogged with ice floes. Most trade
steamers bypass it in favor of Egowik,
Kipniak choosing to deal with the Union or the
Fear Level: 2 HBC instead of “Merlin’s Crazies,” as
Kipniak is a coastal whaling settlement the locals are sometimes called, but
with a population of about 200. It’s stopovers in Kipniak are common.
located west of where the southern The Chilkoot Trail route ends at
arm of the frozen Yukon River meets Kipniak after crossing the entire
the still unfrozen sea at Norton Sound, territory. It ain’t the easiest way to get
approximately 175 miles southwest of there, amigo, but a whole lot of folks do
Egowik. it.
Originally populated by Inuit,
Kipniak has become a sort of “model Points of Interest
community” over the past ten years, A number of saloons, breweries, and
attracting a diverse array of immigrants, hotels serve the transient seafaring
free thinkers, wanderers, and cast-offs population, along with a trio of

W ei rd W hite N orth

D eadlands T rail G uides
competing but comparably stocked
general stores. Seal pelts are available
everywhere, and are made into nearly Fear Level: 3
every item of clothing imaginable. The The Russians’ first settlement in
streets are gaslit by night, thanks to the Alaska was founded on Kodiak Island
tinkering of scientists and budding civic in 1784. Today Kodiak is a whaling city
engineers, and the skies above town are on the east side of that island, which
often plied by auto-gyros specially tuned has retained its rainy and foggy climate
to function in extremely cold weather. despite the wintry conditions prevailing
Long Branch Saloon: The most popular elsewhere. The dwindling whale popu­
local watering hole is the Long Branch. lation doesn’t leave much money to be
It’s a family affair, run by new scientists made, so the shippers of Kodiak have
who use their talents for brewing several largely switched from exporting whale
flavors of beer, as well as the creation of blubber to more profitable cargos, such
labor-saving devices. Three clockwork as gold and ghost rock coming out of the
laborers are employed in tending bar, Kuskokwim River valley to the north.
dealing cards, and bussing tables. The The Alaskan Panhandle is the largest
Long Branch offers a pleasant variety peninsula in Western hemisphere, and
of brews, and their engineers also built to most people its seeming immunity
the famous steam-powered “Whale from the new Ice Age is a total mystery.
Winch”—a popular attraction—that Why it should remain foggy and rainy
looms over the dockyards. while the rest of the north is locked in
Shaolin Temple: In the icy crags ice is anyone’s guess—scientists point to
above the town, a small monastery was the warm Alaskan current, while Inuit
recently completed by sifu Wei Zuk shamans speak of the ocean’s nature
Yung and his 12 kung fu disciples. After spirits, which bring warmth and hold
losing face with the 37th Chamber, Yung back the howling spirits of winter.
was forced into exile, and after many Just because the Panhandle’s tempera­
adventures ended up in Kipniak. He tures are mild doesn’t mean the weather
and his students practice the traditional is—the region is regularly lashed by
Shaolin Temple style. torrential downpours, obscured by
Union Blue Rail Camp: The Union dense fog, and buffeted by sudden gales
recently made a deal with Kipniak’s town strong enough to tear evergreens out by
council to run a rail spur out to Egowik. the roots. Even the occasional earthquake
Work has barely begun, but the large isn’t unheard of in this tumultuous land.
camp east of town is visible for miles. Since it remains seasonal, Kodiak is
Between rail workers, rail warriors, and also the epicenter of what commercial
camp followers, the population numbers fishing remains in Alaska. Salmon still
nearly 250. make their annual swims upstream in
this region in huge numbers, and the
Savage Tales open waters are seething with schools
Arctic Rail Wars! (page 77): Investi­ of silver fish. As a consequence, Kodiak
gat­ing sabotage on the new Union Blue is blanketed with the fishy smell of the
rail line to Egowik, the posse discovers canneries all year long.
southern rail warriors and British red­
coats are to blame.

W ei rd W hite N orth

Getting There outside Kodiak. They’re hell-bent

By boat or by air are the only ways a on proselytizing some locals into
cowpoke can get to Kodiak. When he accepting the Lord—and His earthly
arrives he’ll find heaps of others have representative, Reverend Grimme—into
done the same—steamers, ironclads, and their hearts, minds, and stomachs.
sailing ships of all nations are found at Savage Tales
anchor in Kodiak on any given day, here
Little Lost Angel, Fly Away Home
to purchase supplies and marvel at the
(page 91): After they discover the local
work of local craftsmen, who’ve been
Lost Angels are up to no good, it’s up to
carving whale ivory for generations.
the posse to send ’em packing.
As word begins to leak out of Alaska’s
Woodhawks (page 103): A mad fron­
riches, lying under a few feet of snow
tiers­man and his band of lumberjacks
but otherwise ripe for the plucking,
take up residence on Kodiak and vow
more and more travelers come to
to rid the island of those they consider
Kodiak in vehicles designed to travel
the skies. Auto-gyros, air carriages, and
ornithopters are all becoming common
sights in the skies over Saint Paul Harbor. New Archangel
Sometimes it’s just easier to fly than risk Fear Level: 4
overland travel. Alaska’s got a long history—and
the settlement of the island of Sitka is
Points of Interest al­most as long. The Kiksadi Clan of the
Baulch’s Burlesque: Those in the mood Tlingit Indians had lived on and around
for some entertainment should be sure Sitka centuries before the Russians or
to visit Baulch’s Burlesque. Run by Joette Ameri­cans ever set foot on the island’s
Baulch, late of Dodge City, the burlesque rocky shores. Choosing the seaward
house provides song-and-dance and side of the island they named Shee, the
comedy shows, along with backroom Tlingit called their settlement Shee Atika,
“private dances” for an additional fee. meaning “people on the outside of Shee.”
A full-service saloon and billiard hall The name Sitka is merely a contraction
bustle out back, for those who crave of that.
traditional thrills. Joette is an equal
The Tlingit lived on Sitka happily and
opportunity employer, which means she
peacefully until 1799, when the Russians
also provides male entertainment for her
arrived. It wasn’t long before Alexander
female clientele.
Baranov, Manager of the Russian-
Trades District: A neighborhood of American Company, established a fort a
rambling cobblestone streets and old- few miles north of present-day Sitka.
style Russian architecture, the trades
The Tlingit grew immediately hostile,
district is renowned for its scrimshaw
and who can blame them? Submitting
artists and ivory wares. Various general
to the Russians meant allegiance to the
stores and supply companies serve the
Tsar, but more importantly it meant
seaward edge of the trades district. Union
slave labor to the fur trade company.
Blue, the Rockies, Smith & Robards, and
Baranov did nothing to allay their fears,
the HBC all maintain local offices.
and the Tlingit finally exploded in 1802,
Angel Mission: The Cult of Lost slaughtering not only the Russians but
Angels has staked out some ground— their Aleut slaves.
they recently built a mission just

D eadlands T rail G uides
Baranov retaliated, though it took him Baranov Manor: North of the city,
two years to assemble his forces. Once the ruins of Baranov Manor still stand
he did, they battled the Tlingit for six atop a barren hill. The locals just cross
days before driving the Indians from themselves when it’s mentioned, and
their own settlement. Baranov renamed none of them ever visit that cursed place.
the place New Archangel and helped
the Russian Orthodox Church establish Savage Tales
there, setting up fortress-like structures An Evening at Baranov Manor (page
atop a shoreside slope that was later 88): A local muckraker pays the heroes
named Castle Hill. $50 each to spend the night in the old
New Archangel and the rest of Sitka Baranov place.
Island were the epicenter of Russian The Brotherhood (page 81): The monks
interests in Alaska from 1804 until the of St. Sergius think they’ve found the
Alaska Purchase put the territory in source of the new Ice Age, and the
American hands. A sizable Russian Howlers make a play to silence them…
population remains in residence. permanently.

Getting There Port Alexander

New Archangel is a port city, so
Fear Level: 3
hombres looking to visit will need
to book passage on a boat or figure On the southern coast of the island
out some means of flying there. It’s a the Tlingit called Shee, and the Russians
popular alternative to Port Alexander called Sitka, lies the town of Port
on the southern end of the island, but Alexander. This rough-and-tumble burg
most settlers and prospectors headed would appear lawless to any objective
up the Chilkoot Pass are far too poor to outsider, but in fact it is governed by
afford its comforts. For those who aren’t, a gang of fur trappers and former
New Archangel offers the last bastion of cattlemen. “Eye for an eye” is the law in
truly civilized living in the Weird White Port Alexander, and it’s typically handed
North. down by Maxwell Gant.
Gant came out of the Colorado range
Points of Interest wars, where he gained his unforgiving
The Russian Quarter: The onion temperament and reverence for the
domes of Castle Hill are visible from rule of law, just as sure as he lost
the waters of the bay. There is a small almost everything else. He and his two
theological college, The Rectory of St. surviving sons came to Port Alexander
Sergius, a monastery, and no less than looking for a new start, but they found
three churches maintaining active a godless den of vipers. Gant set about
congregations in New Archangel. buying land, and opened for business as
Local Services: A number of an export shipper in town, all the while
establishments serve fine Russian gathering the most notorious trappers
cuisine at extraordinary rates. The and outlaws of Port Alexander to his
usual array of general stores, suppliers, side. Pretty soon Gant had the whole
saloons, and other businesses service the port in his iron grip, and was dictating
needs of travelers, but most of these are law to the people.
located near the docks. It’s not a bad place to visit, by any
means. Just be sure to keep on the right

W ei rd W hite N orth

side of the law. The Gantsmen (as they’re While he’s not shoving religion down
called hereabouts) are many, and they anyone’s throat—the law mandates that
got no compunction against stringin’ up men leave each other alone, and that
any hombre who upsets the apple cart. includes their souls—Gant decided to at
least make worship available. He had a
Getting There church built near the center of town, and
Port Alexander’s another spot brought in the Reverend Emory Pullings
accessible only by boat or air, but it to run it. They get a surprisingly good
lies along the way to Skagway and the turnout on Sundays.
Chilkoot Trail, which in turn accesses
all of Alaska. As such, it’s a place visited Savage Tales
by many folks on their way into the Up the Chilkoot Trail (page 97): The
wilderness. posse joins a band of prospectors
headed into Chilkoot Pass, and finds
Points of Interest backbreaking toil and heaps of trouble
Being a favorite spot for trappers, awaiting.
backwoodsmen, and ne’er-do-wells, Port
Alexander has more than its fair share Point Hope
of saloons, brothels, gambling dens, and
flophouses. A busy port ensures that Fear Level: 3
local outfitters are well-supplied with The Tikigaq Indians have lived at Point
typical gear, but provisions are always at Hope for over 1,500 years. There they
a premium. construct underground igloos of whale
bone, which are connected by networks

D eadlands T rail G uides
of tunnels dug beneath the snow. The food into Point Hope, so as a result he’s
natives call the narrow peninsula upon become a pillar of the community.
which they live Tikigaq as well, for it Tikigaq Spirit Lodge: Great wisdom
means “forefinger.” The Russians called can be found in unlikely places. The
it Cape Golovnin, and an American shamans of the Tikigaq have long
captain renamed it Point Hope in 1831. practiced rites allowing them to
These days there’s a whaling town communicate with, and access the
filled with trappers and miners too knowledge of, spirits. In their attempts
warm-blooded to venture too far into the to learn what has become of the mighty
wilds. But the port has been locked in ice whale tribes, they have learned much of
for over a year, and supplies are few and the Howlers. Interested hombres might
far between. There’s not a more barren visit their sweat lodge.
and forbidding place in all of Famine’s
lands. Savage Tales
The Inuits have adapted to the new Ice The Walrus Tusk (page 98): A Tikigaq
Age by making their ice-block homes shaman offers to aid the posse on their
more permanent than ever before, quest against the Howlers, and points
abandoning the tents they used to erect them toward a powerful relic of the Inuit
during warmer months. people.

Getting There Tikchik (Fort Salmon)

Visitors are hard-pressed to reach Fear Level: 3
Point Hope by any means. Overland
This site on the Tikchik River was
travel requires one to cross the Brooks
first settled by Inuit, but more recently
Range, and ocean travel is impossible
occupied by Union soldiers. They have
at this extreme northern latitude, since
constructed a large stockade and fishery,
the Ice Age has brought eternal winter.
taking advantage of the prime location
Since the recent shortages prevent
to pull truly heroic numbers of salmon
most whaling vessels from braving the
out of the icy waters. The location lies at
Bering Strait, Point Hope lately has been
the far north of Alaska’s temperate zone,
anything but.
but for some reason continues to enjoy
Points of Interest record runs of salmon each year.
There’s not much in the way of The bluebellies and fishermen they
landmarks or entertainment in Point brought with them aren’t working on
Hope, and the Tikigaq tend to keep to their own. A half-dozen Smith & Robards
themselves unless sought out by curious engineers are on hand to maintain a
heroes. huge, steam-powered netting apparatus
The Tusk: Thirsty hombres can find that extracts hundreds of salmon from
a glass of whisky at the local watering the river every hour during the run.
hole, The Tusk. The wooden walls are While this ploy is going a long way
insulated with seal and walrus skins, as toward feeding Union troops stationed
well as the requisite trophy tusks. in Alaska (frozen fish are shipped
Cain’s General Supply: This establish­ downriver, and then north to Egowik
ment sees to the material needs of the and eventually up the Yukon), the Inuit
population. Mortimer Cain is the only consider the fishing machines an affront
merchant that still manages to bring any to the spirits. They’re not the type to get

W ei rd W hite N orth
warlike about it, but they recognize that Fort Salmon: The Union stockade is
something bad will come of this practice the home of about 75 Union soldiers,
eventually. officers, and support staff, as well as six
The village lies about a quarter-mile Smith & Robards engineers led by Mr.
from the stockade, which is identifiable Vito Eirich. Vito is the inventor of what
miles away by the column of ghost rock he calls the Eirich Ichthyorama, which
exhaust rising into an otherwise pristine everyone else refers to by the simpler
sky, and the keening howl of ghost rock name of “The Fish Trap.” He and his
boilers. Unlike most Inuit families, the colleagues toil around the clock to keep
extended clan at Tikchik is run by a it functioning in such extreme conditions
shaman, a cautiously observant fellow as offered by Alaska.
who goes by the handle Nilak (whose The Ichthyorama is quite a thing to see
name means, literally, “fresh-water ice”). in action—seven large, woven ghost steel
Lately the Inuits’ catches have been a nets extend across the Tikchik river and
fraction of what they were before, since run on pistons, fanning continuously
they’re now upriver from Fort Salmon’s through the roiling river in perfectly
machine. A few of the tribe’s braves have timed sweeps. Every time one of them
been contemplating an assault on what comes up it’s full to bursting with shiny,
they call the “iron fisherman.” flopping salmon. The steam-powered,
ghost-rock-fueled mechanism sure
Getting There makes one heck of a racket.
Let’s face it, Tikchik is a tough place
to reach if you don’t know exactly what
you’re looking for. Given the importance British Columbia
of a reliable food source anywhere in the
frozen reaches of the Weird White North, British Columbia is Canada’s sixth,
you can bet the Union’s in no rush for most westerly province, and the third
word of Fort Salmon’s location to get out. largest after Quebec and Ontario. Most
of the province is mountainous, with
That said, the existence of the Inuit
forests covering the central part of the
village is no secret, and anyone who
territory and plains to the northeast.
visits is sure to notice that plume of
Populations generally cluster around
smoke in the near distance, not to
the shores of the sheltered Georgia Strait
mention the shrieking and clanking of
in the southwest, or along the north-
boilers. It’s really only a matter of time
south valleys in the southern half of the
before the jig is up.
Points of Interest British Columbia was solely the
Inuit Village: Tikchik village is a domain of the First Nations until the
standard affair—igloos built into the Hudson’s Bay Company arrived in the
rising slope of the riverbank, from which 1840s. Though the numbers of Indian
the Indians fish for their sustenance. peoples in BC has diminished greatly,
Though they’re down on their luck, bands of Cree and Ojibjwa still range
Nilak is convinced that the only way to across the southeast prairies, following
appease the spirits is by helping others in the decimated remains of the great
need. Heroes down on their luck receive buffalo herds.
meager food and a spot by the fire.

D eadlands T rail G uides

In 1868, Barkerville burned to the

Barkerville ground during the Great Quake, the
Fear Level: 3 tremors and aftershocks of which
The history of Barkerville, that bur­ reached even this far into the Dominion.
geoning frontier metropolis, is long and What didn’t burn got shaken to pieces,
full of twists and turns. William “Billy” but even that couldn’t stop progress—90
Barker came to Victoria from England percent of the town was rebuilt within
in 1858, part of the gold rush that swept six weeks. Barker was having the time of
across BC. He had no luck at all for a his life, as the unofficial town leader and
few years. But in 1862, Barker and seven a general hero to his fellow prospectors
others formed the Barker Company and miners. He married a saloon girl,
and sank a shaft below the canyon at started a Cariboo Literary Society, and
Williams Creek. Everyone thought he generally enjoyed his new fame and
was insane for digging there. But forty fortune. By this time Barker’s luck was
feet down, Barker and his pals struck it legendary.
rich. Eventually, the gold ran out, and soon
Cabins and tents sprang up beside the after that, so did Barker’s wife. The
Barker claims, and from there Barkerville rest of the inhabitants soon followed,
grew rapidly. Soon it had saloons, dance headed for greener pastures and leaving
halls, general stores, and boarding the immigrant prospector as poor and
houses to serve the needs of the miners. lonely as when he’d arrived. In 1870,
All the buildings were raised up on Barker packed up and got ready to move
posts to avoid the mud, with a network on, but decided to try his luck one last
of wooden plank sidewalks connecting time before he left. He sank a new shaft,
them. not far from his original one—and struck
W ei rd W hite N orth
it rich a second time. Only this time Points of Interest
it wasn’t gold, but an odd mineral that Barkerville is nothing less than a
almost seemed to sing (and sometimes burgeoning backwoods metropolis.
scream)—ghost rock. With a population of over 6,000, it’s easily
Word spread quickly, and within two the largest boomtown in BC. As travelers
weeks Barkerville was back and bigger top the last rise on the oft-precarious
than ever. It hasn’t slowed since. Today road, they see a breathtaking vista of
the town is truly huge, and supports four the town spread all along the western
full-scale ghost rock mining operations. verges of the Cariboo Mountains. Puffs
The town has a formal charter and of smoke spurt from mining machines
marshal, and its location well below the on the rocky slopes above town, people
Winterline is an added enticement for swarm everywhere like industrious
new settlers. ants, and marvelous flying machines
All the land in the area belongs to the buzz overhead. The town’s layout has
Barker Company, which means Billy swollen beyond its original boundaries,
Barker gets a share of everything found streets and buildings expanding into an
on it. Billy’s no longer the unofficial town unruly tangle. More than anything else,
leader—he’s the mayor, and by far the Barkerville seems to have a will of its
richest individual in the province. The own—the will to grow.
HBC would love to figure out a way to Visitors find all their material needs
pry Barker loose from his claims, but taken care of, as long as they have
so far they’ve had to be satisfied with enough cash. A local market flooded
exporting what “Billy’s people” dig up. with ghost rock but hungry for all the
manufactured goods it can get has led to
Getting There
a greatly inflated economy. Gear, goods,
The Cariboo Wagon Road winds its and services from the Deadlands Player’s
way from Victoria on the coast, to Fort Guide typically cost ten times the usual
Yale, and then through the minor burgs price in Barkerville.
of Lytton, Lillooet, and Alexandria,
Barkerville boasts a town hall and
finally arriving at the enormous
jail, a Mounties outpost, three churches
boomtown known as Barkerville. Until
(for the sober set), a schoolhouse, the
recently the Wagon Road was the sole
aforementioned literary society, a
overland route through BC’s rugged
newspaper (The Barkerville Bugler), a large
interior, and branches of it access Big
number of saloons, inns, and brothels,
Bend and Wild Horse Creek in the far
the Theater Royale, a telegraph office,
east. With the advent of the railroad, the
and all manner of mining and general
road is less-traveled, but plenty of people
supply stores.
prefer it to locomotive.
Mining Concerns: The Barker Mining
In a real pinch, one could travel as far
Co. operates the oldest and largest
north as Skagway, Alaska, by ship and
ghost rock mining operation in town,
then cut south from the Chilkoot Trail,
located on the rocky slopes overlooking
but this means crossing the entirety of
the city from the east. After 10 years
the northern (snow-covered) half of BC
the vein shows no sign of tapping out,
on foot or dogsled. It’s possible to do,
and Billy maintains a staff of over 100
but there’s a whole menagerie of unholy
workers to keep pulling those precious
abominations out there looking to put
fundaments out of the mud. The other
the possibility to rest.
three mining concerns are the Zim­

D eadlands T rail G uides
mer­mann Collective, Fisher & Sons (of the Great Maze) recently set up shop,
Mining Company, and the Luna Mining to advocate for Chinese citizens and
Company. ensure that they are treated well by
Rail Depot: The Canada-Pacific the mining concerns. To that end, they
Railroad crosses into BC just south of established the Tai Ping (“Peace Room”),
the Winterline, then veers south toward a nursing home for injured and elderly
Victoria and the coast. Along the way Chinese miners.
it passes right through Barkerville, in Kwong Lee Company: The New
effect making the wealth of ghost rock Tomorrow Triad also owns a portion
available—at long last—to Canadian of the Kwong Lee Co., a general store
concerns on both coasts. Both an dealing in all sorts of gear, foodstuffs,
eastbound and a westbound train pass and mining equipment. Thanks to the
through town once a day. triad’s considerable resources, Kwong
Emporium of Curiosities: The Lee is now able to offer goods to Chinese
Hudson’s Bay Company handles all laborers on credit and layaway.
ghost rock exports, after paying top Barkerville Cemetery: Southwest of
dollar to the local companies. But Barkerville lies an impressively large
they also opened the Emporium of cemetery—10 acres and counting. Stages
Curiosities, where virtually any kind arriving in Barkerville travel along its
of gadget or gizmo can be purchased, edge for a mile or so, which has led to
if one has enough dinero. It’s thanks to all manner of fearful talk and rumor.
this place that all those auto-gyros and Various travelers have reported seeing
ornithopters are buzzing and flapping glowing orbs or a transparent figure
around over the mining camps. Not to among the headstones, and at other
mention the clockwork laborers working times hearing the voices of children
the mines alongside men, and the crying.
Hellstromme-manufactured clockwork
tarantulas guarding them! Eve Cone
Wake-Up Jake Restaurant: One Fear Level: 5
the town’s most beloved institutions
In northern BC, there’s a lonely cinder
is the Wake-Up Jake Restaurant and
cone situated about 20 miles south of the
Coffee Saloon, run by Mabel Heaney,
Stikine River, just inland of the Coastal
her six children, their spouses, eight
Mountains’ jagged peaks. Known as
grandchildren, and a small hired staff.
Eve Cone, it’s a dormant volcano made
Wake-Up Jake’s is busiest in the morning
of stone so dark it almost looks like a
just before dawn, as miners descend
scorch mark against the snowy, pristine
upon the rambling log-cabin restaurant
backdrop of the Coastal Mountains. Its
for coffee and breakfast. “Mabel’s Open-
nearby twin, called Adam Cone, is active
Your-Eyes Special”—consisting of two
but hasn’t stirred in centuries.
scrambled eggs, bacon, a stale roll, and
black coffee—can be had for the low, low So why all the fuss over a volcano
price of $5.50. Cream and sugar for that that isn’t erupting any time soon? The
coffee is $1 extra, darlin’. mountain’s got an undiscovered core of
solid ghost rock. The surrounding region,
The Peace Room: Barkerville has
a bizarre and twisted land of ice, howling
always had a large Chinese population,
wind, and eerie rock formations, is filled
one that has grown considerably in
with folks who have been drawn over
recent years. The New Tomorrow Triad

W ei rd W hite N orth
the years, seeking something. There’s no Points of Interest
denying Eve Cone sounds a clarion call Frequent Encounters: When drawing
to those sensitive enough to hear it. They cards for encounters within three days’
don’t have any idea what they’re after, travel of Eve Cone, only a Deuce or
in most cases—but treasure-seekers, Three indicates no encounter. On any
prospectors, freelancers, shamans, other card, roll for an encounter on the
mystics, abominations, critters, and Northern British Columbia encounters
varmints of all kinds are found in great table (see page 26). At night, double the
profusion in this expanse. And for some number of people or critters encountered
reason, none of them ever leave. (and on a Joker, quadruple them).
The population around Eve Cone keeps The Trading Post: A ramshackle log
growing, since everyone’s too scared to structure along the trail to Eve Cone, this
attempt an escape. So far, those who tried place is run by Howard Nesbitt. He’s a
vanished without a trace. Anyone who crotchety old cuss who’s spent over 10
spends more than a few days in the area years in the vicinity of Eve Cone, and
has harrowing nightmares about being his building is the only one for miles.
trapped under the volcano, in a maze of Due to scarcity and monopoly, Nesbitt
pitch-black obsidian tubes, hunted by an is able to charge 10 times the normal
unseen varmint. price for all his goods. That said, he does
Few permanent buildings have sur­ have a great selection, and even a few
vived except the Trading Post (see Smith & Robards items (at the Marshal’s
below), so locals tend to camp wher­ever discretion).
their prospecting or treasure-hunting People have tried to raise homesteads
takes them. Tent-villages full of terrified and start towns hereabouts, but inevi­
locals are common, and nobody goes tably some disaster wipes them out. Old
outside at night without someone else Nesbitt considers himself “favored” by
watching his back. the volcano, but that doesn’t stop him
Getting There from barring his doors and windows
at night, and sleeping with a loaded
Eve Cone is located about 100 miles
scattergun by the bed.
north of the Winterline, in the midst
of icy, seldom-trod wilderness, which Savage Tales
makes getting there a challenge. The Nightrunners (page 91): Outsiders
most likely route is by sea, maybe are not always welcome in this land, as
hitching a ride with prospectors headed the posse learns when they go near the
up the Stikine River. Stikine River.
The driving wind and near-constant
snow wipe out most tracks pretty
Rock Creek
quickly, but one major trailhead at the
Stikine River delta (its tiny settlement Fear Level: 3
called Wrangell) always seems to remain A small boomtown in the Boundary
clear to those headed to Eve Cone. Just Country between British Columbia
as strangely, the trail always seems and Washington State, Rock Creek was
obscured by blinding snow if you’re founded during a gold rush, like so
headed away from Eve Cone. many other small burgs in the province.
And like all of them that survive to this
day, the dwindling gold of Rock Creek

D eadlands T rail G uides
was replaced by ghost rock not long after Points of Interest
the Great Quake. That led to a boom that Rock Creek has the usual array of
hasn’t flagged yet. saloons, flophouses, dance halls, and
Currently Rock Creek’s population brothels (sometimes all in one building),
hovers around 300, but there are closer along with several mining and general
to 8,000 miners and prospectors spread supply stores.
through­out the Boundary Country. Fort Okanagan: Commanded by the
About half of them are Chinese, and stern and ruthless Sgt. Price Burks, this
except for some feudin’ back in the early small outpost north of town houses
gold rush days—when the Governor rode just over 20 men. Surrounded by a
in to personally admonish the miners for wooden stockade, the fort also holds the
their behavior—everybody gets along Mounties’ support staff and a livery for
pretty well. They’re too busy hunting their horses.
fundaments to fight each other.
HBC Land Office: Overseen by the
Getting There rotund and gleeful Orville Rutledge, this
Rock Creek lies on the Dewdney Trail, is where miners can legally register their
which branches off the Cariboo Road and claims with the HBC and the Dominion
winds its way all across the Boundary (which is pretty much one and the same
Country to Wild Horse Creek (another this far from eastern civilization).
boomtown). It can also be reached from Lake Monsters!: British Columbia’s
Washington Territory, but that route famous lake monster, the Ogopogo, is
is a bit more wild and shouldn’t be said to live in Lake Okanagan, which is
undertaken without a tracker on hand. located due north of Rock Creek. Tales

W ei rd W hite N orth
of a single fearsome serpent make the Its population has swelled in the past few
rounds every time a miner disappears years, as a combination of British soldiers
out by the lake. In actuality, the lake and administrators have immigrated
serpent mated a few years back, and her to the region. These days the city holds
progeny infest Lake Okanagan. close to 10,000 Canadian citizens, but
Scot Brey Export Company: A ghost twice that many pass through the port
rock buyer and exporter, Mr. Brey arrived every year, on their way inland in search
in 1879 from Victoria and has found great of ghost rock.
success despite not being connected to a The ghost rock has brought pro­spec­
rail spur (yet). He has invested money in tors and fortune hunters from across
several profitable claims and is angling Canada and the Union, as has the new
to do more of the same. transcontinental railroad. Wary of all
Wolf’s Labor Savers, Ltd.: Almost these strangers arriving in BC—Union
unheard of in the Union and the CSA, spies undoubtedly among them—the
Orlando Wolf is an authorized seller of British have begun policing new arrivals
Hellstromme-manufactured gadgets more heavily. This is difficult to do since
and infernal devices. His stock runs most arrivals don’t arrive via Victoria,
the usual gamut of devices, ranging they just walk across the southern border
from useful to quite lethal. He also sells from Washington.
genuine clockwork tarantulas for use in
Getting There
defending one’s claim (see the Deadlands
Marshal’s Handbook for statistics). These By sea is the only route to Victoria, and
can be “programmed” to recognize arriving at the fortified port is enough to
friends and attack intruders. make any American shiver. British and
Canadian flags fly above battlements
Savage Tales bristling with cannon and swarming
Water Horses (page 100): While poking with marines, and armed watchtowers
around for missing miners on Lake extend into the Saanich Inlet to provide
Okanagan, the posse ends up tangling a view of every passing vessel’s deck.
with a lake serpent and its brood of Great flying machines drift in the air,
young ’uns. and British ironclads steam through the
surrounding waters in regular patrols.
Victoria Just about everyone trying to enter the
province is questioned by Mounties or
Fear Level: 3
HBC agents. They’re looking to root out
The capital of British Columbia, Union spies and Agents trying to enter
Victoria is on the southern tip of Van­ on the sly, but are happy to unmask any
couver Island, less than 100 miles south other lawbreakers and fugitives they
of the city of Vancouver, and just across find.
the Juan de Fuca strait from Washington
Territory. From this vantage point, Points of Interest
Victorians view the Olympic Mountains Beyond its fearsome defenses, visitors
of Washington to the south, with the find in Victoria a cosmopolitan and
majestic, volcanic peak of Mount Baker sedate city offering just about everything
looming beyond them. a body could want. It’s a big place—we’ll
As the dominant urban center in sketch out the neighborhoods for you, so
British Columbia, Victoria was a natural your posse can find what they’re looking
choice for the new province’s capital city. for.

D eadlands T rail G uides
James Bay: Most ships arrive in the Recently, another school calling
James Bay area, which sits upon the itself the Iron Claw Brotherhood has
southern edge of the inner harbor. It’s emerged in Chinatown, but it maintains
where the British customs offices are no temples or schools. Its practitioners
located, as well as a fortified barracks full wield a deadly variation on the Mantis
of marines. The streets facing the docks technique, are known to be in league
offer a seemingly never-ending array with sorcerous Chinese ogres, and
of watering holes and junk emporiums, are believed to have murdered almost
while the area just beyond is filled with a dozen locals and New Tomorrow
the warehouses and processing centers students.
of ghost rock exporters (which are Fernwood: Farther inland, on hilly
mostly HBC-owned). land east of Downtown, is the neigh­bor­
Hellstromme Industries, Ltd., has also hood of Fernwood. A large spring there
established a factory here for the local supplies most of the city’s potable water
manufacture of infernal devices. The sky supply. This is the domain of the rich
over James Bay is stained brown by six and powerful—ghost rock magnates,
large smokestacks. bankers, HBC factors, and British func­
Downtown: For hombres who’d rather tion­aries all dwell in grandiose estates
not enter Victoria by the usual channels, here.
the Downtown area, bordering James The local headquarters of the HBC
Bay to the north, is another option. and Hellstromme Industries are also
Downtown’s got its own port area, but in Fernwood, each of them guarded by
the British allow it to police itself. That’s its own veritable army of automatons
because new arrivals have to navigate and clockwork tarantulas. Fernwood’s
a gauntlet of con men, grifters, and shops deal in the very finest cuisine,
cutthroats if they want to emerge in spirits, and luxury goods (no El Cheapo
Victoria alive. option here, Marshal!). The locals are
Just about all the smugglers use proud to pay 20 times listed prices in
Downtown as their port of call. It’s a this neighborhood, all in the name of
rough neighborhood, and the locals conspicuous consumption.
consider just about anyone fair game— Fairfield: South of Fernwood and east
especially some tinhorn from south of James Bay is Fairfield, a residential
o’ the American border. Even though area covering a large area of coastline
the government’s official position on on the Juan de Fuca Strait. Fairfield was
Downtown is one of willful ignorance, first settled by Sir James Douglas, who
a few steel-willed Mounties operate founded Fort Victoria for the HBC back
undercover in Victoria’s mean streets. in the 1850s. It’s far more rural than the
Chinatown: Just north of the rest of Victoria, giving way to small
Downtown area is Victoria’s Chinatown. farms and dairies the farther one travels
Fan Tan Alley, a narrow street thick east.
with opium dens, Fan Tan parlors, and
Savage Tales
brothels, is famous all along the West
Coast. The large Chinese population is Immigration Law (page 90): Get­ting
overseen by the New Tomorrow Triad, into Canada isn’t always easy, as the
which established a martial arts school posse finds out when a nosy Mountie
teaching the Tai Chi style almost three picks up its scent.
years ago.

Against the

The tales in this chapter form a short Kipniak to Egowik, Alaska, could form
campaign—what we keep referring to the foundation of an entire campaign.
as a mini-Plot Point, with high-falutin’ This far from the stodgy politicians Back
italics—that provides heroic motivation East, it’s easy to forget the War Between
and a common narrative thread for your the States is currently in ceasefire. The
posse’s journeys in the Weird White heroes could get drawn into the conflict,
North. or stand on the sidelines trying to protect
Distances in the region usually begin innocents from collateral damage.
at “vast” and go up from there, so any Maybe the heroes work undercover for
group of heroes in the arctic can expect some other Rail Baron, and are sent to
to be left to their own devices for long Alaska to keep tabs on the rival Union
stretches at a time. Make sure your group Blue.
has some ties to the region, and perhaps In the Name of Science!: In 1880,
even some scores to settle, to provide Alaska’s interior remains a blank, white
motivation of a more personal sort. slate, obscured by ice. The vagaries of
snow and blizzards causes the landscape
to change constantly, and without
The Setup lasting landmarks traveling the interior
is a hazardous proposition. That’s where
If your group’s the type to saddle up the trailblazers, surveyors, geologists,
and ride whenever evil shows its ugly cartographers, and naturalists come into
face, just so they can shoot it full o’ holes play. In expeditions financed by wealthy
or drive it back to the infernal hinterlands American organizations (like the
o’ the spirit regions, well, good on you, Explorer’s Society and the Freemasons),
Marshal. You’ve got it easy. Some groups these intrepid explorers reveal more
need other sorts of motivation, be they wondrous details of the interior each
remunerative, intellectual, or political in year. With the many dangers roaming
nature. The possibilities are darn near Alaska, they’re always looking to hire
endless. Here are a few suggestions to some gun-totin’ freelancers for safety’s
get you thinking. sake.
Rail Wars: With Union Blue laying Native Vows: Characters of Indian
track and the Brits making trouble descent could be motivated by the return
alongside their Confederate allies, there of the lost Tlingits. A warrior or shaman
are riches to be had fighting on either side. might be sent into the north on a trek of
The building of Union Blue’s line from revenge, or a vision quest. Rooting out

D eadlands T rail G uides
and finishing off those dark souls who
gave themselves to the Howlers leads
Campaign Summary naturally into the events of the Plot Point.
Here’s a rough outline of the Simple Commerce, My Friend: Maybe
crucial episodes of Against the the posse is made up of heroes who’ve
Howlers. The heroes have as much seen all the danger and horror they can
time as they want to travel all over stand, and simply want to settle down
the frozen north—and get in all sorts and make some money in one of BC’s
of trouble—in between chapters. new boomtowns. Crossing the border
might turn into a campaign of its own
1. Gift o’ the Fire God (the Mounties “always get their man,”
In Kipniak the heroes investigate after all), and there are far worse places
several incidents of arson, only to to make a fortune on ghost rock than
discover a weirder cause than they Barkerville or a newly staked claim in the
perhaps expected. After proving
Alaskan wilds. Business-minded heroes
their worth in combat, the ghost of
an ancient kung fu master clues the soon find that evil lurks everywhere.
heroes in to what’s behind the new
Ice Age. He also tells them about
Billy Barker’s good luck charm, 1. Gift o’ the
advising them to get their hands on Fire God
it before Billy uses up all the mojo.
Unexplained fires plague the town of
2. Lucky Bag Kipniak. Run this tale when the posse
Visiting the frontier metropolis of gets curious enough to go digging for
Barkerville, the heroes meet Mayor the truth.
Billy Barker and maybe even shake
his hand. After saving the mayor
from a gang of murderin’ thieves, The Story So Far
Billy makes his rescuers a gift of his After Raven freed the Howlers back
most treasured possession: a real- in 1872 (see page 20 for the full story), the
life medicine bag. He gives it over spirit of Miu Hin took on a semi-corporeal
whether the cowpokes ask or not! form and fought bravely to drive them
back into the Hunting Grounds. But the
powers of the Reckoners’ favored son
were too great. He struck down Miu
with a mighty blow that robbed the spirit
of both strength and wits. When Miu
Hin could see again, the great chamber
was empty, the Howlers were free to
wander the earth, and his sarcophagus
lay shattered in the ice. Still anchored to
it by his ghostly state, Miu Hin was more
or less trapped.
But Miu learned to send dark dreams
on long journeys. A few hauntings
later, the living descendants of Miu
Hin’s surviving warriors mounted an
expedition to the Revelation Mountains.

W ei rd W hite N orth
True to the visions they’d seen in fevered
dreams, they found the lost sarcophagus
of Miu Hin, and thus were able to Campaign Summary
remove both coffin and corpse (as well
as the anchored spirit) to the settlement (Continued)
of Kipniak. There they re-interred the
corpse of Miu Hin in an ornate tomb in 3. Under the Volcano
1873, and returned to China satisfied When the northern travelers
that they’d done their honorable duty. decide to use Billy’s Lucky Bag, it
leads directly to the desolate and
The Firebug foreboding Eve Cone in BC. The
posse has little choice but to sort
The only reason the fires around town things out once they arrive, because
are unexplained is because Wei Zuk no one will ever leave the region
Yung hasn’t explained them yet. He until they do! The heroes have to
knows full well his monastery is built deal with a walkin’ dead outlaw and
upon the tomb of a revered Shaolin hero, his gang, and finally confront the
Miu Hin, often called “The Fire God.” spirit of Raven’s murdered Tlingit
Wei suspects that Miu Hin’s spirit has a companion—now a restless spirit
message to deliver, and the fires are the merged with Eve Cone’s solid ghost
rock core.
imperious spirit’s way of signaling his
ominous intent. 4. Time o’ Revelation
Proving oneself worthy to receive a Armed with information coaxed
message from the great Miu Hin is an or wrested from the spirit of Eve
onerous task, though, and Wei Zuk Yung Cone, the posse travels to the village
fears his 12 novice disciples aren’t up to of Tikchik in Alaska. There they
the task. What Yung doesn’t realize is meet with the shaman Nilak, who
that Miu Hin’s history intersects in any recognizes the heroes’ intent and
way with the Ice Age’s implacable march points them toward the nearby
across the north—he’s just seeking a Revelation Mountains…and the
gritty posse of heroes to find out what shadow Tlingits and terrible spirits
of winter that dwell among the
this self-styled Fire God wants.
peaks. When it’s all over, the posse
has either ended the new Ice Age in
The Setup spectacular fashion by trouncing the
When the heroes visit Kipniak, all the Howlers, or they’ve been turned into
saloons, hotel lobbies, and general store a shiny cluster o’ pistol-totin’ icicles.
pot-bellied stoves are ablaze with tales
of a “Mad Firebug” running riot in town.
Many folks can tell heroes the story, but
it usually goes something like this:
Well, mister—you must be newly
arrived ’round these parts! Everybody
knows about the Mad Firebug. Them
blazes have been goin’ on for months
now, poppin’ up here and there, with no
rhyme nor reason to ’em.

D eadlands T rail G uides
Explosions o’ flame and embers is into a sneer. Then he leaps back into the
what I’ve been told by reliable witnesses, flames and vanishes.
and I’ve no reason to doubt ’em. The Sooner or later the cowpokes ought
results are plain to see! Buildings nearly to figure out that when kung fu is the
burned to the ground and suchlike. None question, they need to go to the source.
seriously damaged—yet!—but if it goes
on like this we’ll be in a real pickle. Tomb o’ the Fire God
Some say they’ve seen a Chinese fella,
At the Shaolin Temple just outside
a real kung fu master like they done had
Kipniak, Wei Zuk Yung is open and
in the olden days, at the scene of a few o’
honest with any heroes who show up
the arsons. He could be the Mad Firebug,
looking to find out what all the fuss is
or an accomplice. Some say he was right
about with the fires. Once he gathers
there in the middle o’ the ragin’ flames,
everyone in the monastery, he says,
throwin’ out kung fu stances before he
vanished into the smoke… When I came to this city from the
Great Maze, I discovered a holy place
Whether the tale-teller is asked in
here, in the rocky crags above Kipniak.
the follow-up conversation about where
Here, nestled in the rocks, was the tomb
kung fu practitioners might be found
of Miu Hin, known to his fellow heroes
or not, he or she is likely to mention
of Shaolin as “The Fire God.” I built this
the Shaolin temple constructed by Wei
monastery of stone atop it, to guard and
Zuk Yung not far from town, up in the
protect it.
icy, rocky crags. Investigators can save
themselves some time by going directly Miu Hin’s punches could burn down
to the source and simply asking about all villages, and his kicks could raze entire
those pesky fires. forests. Even his slightest move generated
enough heat to set small brushfires. But
Stakeout eventually, as all heroes must, he laid
Cunning heroes might attempt to stake down in his old age and succumbed to
out the town in the hope of catching an death.
arsonist—Mad Firebug or other—in the The fires that have plagued us here of
act. In 1d4 nights they do indeed catch late—these are messages from the Fire
sight of bright flames bursting into sight God. He is awakening, as he does from
near a saloon’s front porch, not long after time to time, to deliver a message. Only
midnight. Read the following passage to the most committed warriors and heroes
the players whose heroes investigate: may hear the Fire God’s advice. All
You see a powerfully built, Chinese others are swept aside.
man wearing only pants and sandals. This is why I must ask you to come
He sweats profusely, and his skin seems with me to hear Miu Hin’s message. My
to give off waves of heat as his arms students are enthusiastic, but they are
windmill in rapid kung fu punches. His young. They aren’t ready for this trial
head is mostly shaved, except for a thick yet.
ponytail dangling from the back of his I cannot offer you anything but my
skull. gratitude, but know this—Miu Hin does
He turns slowly to face you all, looks not come back to this world from the
you up and down, and arches one land of the dead unless he has a good
eyebrow insultingly while his lips curl reason. His messages are of import to

W ei rd W hite N orth
nearly everyone, so hearing his words solid, more real, and the flames die away.
could only be of aid to you. Miu Hin speaks in a deep, sonorous voice.
Will you come with me? (While he’s talking, he activates one of
his more defensive-minded powers, like
A Time of Preparation armor or deflection, then boosts a trait if
there’s time.)
If the posse agrees, Wei Zuk Yung
So it is you again, Wei Zuk Yung. I am
reminds them that this task is not lightly
glad you still dwell here. As always, you
undertaken, and says he must have
have chosen champions who could best
six uninterrupted hours in which to
the guardians.
meditate. The posse is welcome to make
any preparations of their own, and no But this time, I am amused to see
matter what that entails—even killing the rabble you have brought with you.
chickens or firing up noisy ghost-rock- Where are your disciples, Wei Zuk
powered gizmos—the sifu is unfazed. Yung? Where are the future heroes of
After six hours he opens his eyes and Shaolin? Here before me I see nothing
says, but peasants, fools, weaklings. Would
you truly ally yourself with such people?
It is time.
I can hardly believe it is true.
I have something important to say. I
Into the Tomb will not say it to fools. Prove to me you
The doorway to the tomb is a large are worthy, and only then will you know
slab of stone, perfectly counterweighted what I know.
to swing open easily, revealing a long The Fire God adopts a kung fu stance,
chamber. The room is richly-appointed extends one hand toward the posse…
with red and yellow silk tapestries and and uses his fingers to beckon them (the
hangings. Both walls are lined with universal sign for “Bring it!”). Miu Hin
strange, six-foot-tall ceramic statues is most certainly a ghost, but he’s far too
that resemble bizarre hybrids of deer, honorable to use that to his advantage.
human, and lizard. For the purposes of this fight only, Miu
When everyone is inside, the statues— Hin’s stats are as they were in life.
actually tomb guardians—spring to life
and attack! Miu Hin, the Fire God
• Tomb Guardians (12): See page 113. The Fire God is a lithe and powerful
At the far end of the long chamber is fighter, typically wearing only pants
a large door marked in the center with a and sandals. He is always sweating
brass plate emblazoned with the Chinese profusely, and his skin radiates waves of
character for fire. Then the door swings heat. His head is mostly shaved, except
open. for a thick ponytail dangling from the
back of his skull. In combat, Miu Hin
whips opponents in the face with his
Get the Message? hair to distract them (Agility trick). He
A blast of heat roars from beyond, as flings bolts of fire from his open palms.
though from an open furnace. The Fire Attributes: Agility d12, Smarts d8,
God himself—Miu Hin—stands revealed Spirit d12, Strength d10, Vigor d10
in the doorway. His ghostly form is
Skills: Fighting d12, Guts d12, Notice
surrounded by a nimbus of flickering
d8, Stealth d12, Taunt d8
flames. Then he seems to become more

D eadlands T rail G uides
Charisma: 0; Grit: 5; Pace: 8; Parry: 10; to mend the rip between our world and
Toughness: 9 theirs, the cold land of spirits. We were
Hindrances: Arrogant, Overconfident, victorious!
The Cup Overflows Unexpectedly, I woke up eight years
Edges: Ambidextrous, Arcane ago to find a mad Indian chopping up
Background (Chi Mastery), Celestial the ritual casket with his war axe. My
Kung Fu (Shaolin), Feet of Fury memories are scattered, since I hovered
(Foot Sweep, Flying Kick), Fleet- between life and death, but I know I
Footed, Improved Block, Improved fought him. His totem spirit was the
Counterpunch, Improved First Strike, raven, and his power was too great for
Lightning Strike, Martial Arts Master, me. He had done terrible things, even
Improved Tough as Nails, No Mercy, betrayed and murdered his companion,
Two-Fisted to find that place and free the terrible
Powers: Armor d10, bolt d8, boost/lower winter spirits.
trait d8, blast d8, deflection d12, healing Now an age of ice grips the land,
d10, quickness d8, smite d12. Power brought on by things no longer
Points: 30 imprisoned. These spirits of winter—the
Weapons: Fists and feet (Damage: Howlers—will cause even greater evil
Str+d8). if they are not stopped. Long have I
searched for a way. Now you must wield
the cleansing fire. You have to take up
Winner Knows All the torch.
Miu Hin isn’t interested in giving his A wildfire is noble. It sweeps the land
message to anyone who can’t best what clean, and expects that life will flourish
he was in life. If the posse loses, the Fire in its wake. That is the way of nature.
God uses his powers to heal any life- The way of this unnatural ice is to
threatening wounds, then retreats back condemn the world to a slow, cold death,
into his tomb as the door slams shut. At all the while sowing men’s minds with
this point it’s up to the Marshal to decide dark seeds of fear.
whether the kung fu ghost is swayed by
My flesh has no substance, and my
attempts at Persuasion, or even tests of
old spirit has lost much of what it once
wills to entice the fighter to emerge for
knew—but not all. I can’t tell you how
a rematch.
to find the Howlers’ hidey hole. But I
If the posse can beat him—he’s just one can tell you that you must go south, to
hombre, after all, and extremely full of lands the Howlers are prevented from
himself—he falls to the ground and fades touching, and find a man called William
back into the form of a ghost. Then and Barker. Secure his good luck charm before
only then does he consider the heroes he exhausts it, and use it to find the
worthy of hearing what he has to say: resting place of the one Raven betrayed.
Long ago, I crossed the ocean from His spirit holds wisdom long forgotten…
China, hunting spirits that had ravaged With that, the Fire God is gone, and
the lands of my birth, and made them the tomb door swings closed. But sitting
barren with snow and ice. For a long in the middle of the chamber is a small,
time we hunted them, and finally we round, ceramic pot with a lid, warm
found their hoary, windswept aerie. I to the touch. Inside are a few glowing
performed a ritual just as my sifu had embers in ash. Wei Zuk Yung explains
instructed me. I gave my life and spirit breathlessly that this is Miu Hin’s

W ei rd W hite N orth
Firepot, and tells the posse of its powers
(see sidebar).
Wei Zuk Yung believes that the firepot Relic: Miu Hin’s
was meant for the posse, given their goals
in the north. If they seem committed to
doing away with the Howlers’ threat, he In the epic battle between Miu
doesn’t allow them to leave without it. Hin’s legion of chi warriors and
the dreaded Howlers, the kung fu
master’s firepot absorbed some of
2. Lucky Bag the dark magic of the conflict and
the Howler-trapping ritual. When
Barkerville is a popular destination, the struggle had ended, the firepot
and visitors (especially the superstitious became a source of eternal flame,
ones) always ask to meet Billy Barker very difficult to extinguish by any
and shake his hand, in the hopes that his means.
good fortune might wear off on them. This small ceramic pot, made to
hold hot embers for firemaking, is an
But Barker has more going for him than
object of great antiquity thought lost
just dumb luck—although he’s got that in until now. Imbued with some of the
spades, too—and his loss may turn out to Fire God’s essence, this seemingly
be the posse’s gain. humble object has a great effect on
nearby flames, causing them to grow
The Story So Far bright and crackle when it is near.
If anyone attempts to put out the
When he first arrived in Canada in
embers by any means (even dunking
1858, Billy made a point of meeting a lot of the object in water), roll a d6: on a 1
different people, in the hopes of horning the firepot is extinguished and its
in on someone’s claim and getting a magic lost forever. On any other
share of the spoils. That didn’t exactly result the embers keep burnin’.
happen, but in a card game one night The firepot empowers fiery attacks
Billy found himself facing off against an that originate nearby. Any attack
old Indian. The game was down to just based on fire (flamethrower, stick
the two of them, and the Indian was out of dynamite, powers with fiery
of money, so he laid a small rawhide bag Trappings, etc.) and originates from
on the table instead. It was clearly filled a point adjacent to the Firepot does
with something. +4 damage, and sets the target alight
on a roll of 1-3 on a d6.
“What’s that?” Billy asked him. “Gold
Taint: Any hero who possesses
dust?” Miu Hin’s firepot for a week or
The old man smiled. “Better. This dust longer gains a bit of the legendary
brings you power.” warrior’s chutzpah, which manifests
Billy thought that would be okay as a as the Overconfident Hindrance.
wager. Moments later he won the thing
for himself, and the Indian disappeared
that night, without a word.
Two days later, Billy and his partners
sank a shaft near Williams Creek. The
first day brought them a fat load of dirt,
and a few big rocks to bust out of the

D eadlands T rail G uides
way. In short, it was backbreaking work
with no payout in sight. That night at
Relic: Barker’s the fire, Billy reached into his pocket

Lucky Bag for his pipe and found the little rawhide
bag instead. Figuring it couldn’t hurt, he
The mysterious Indian who lost walked over to the shaft and sprinkled
his medicine bag to Billy in a poker some of the powder from the bag across
game wasn’t just a poor old man. the shaft, and thought hard about gold.
He was a shaman, a member of the The next day, they dug only a few more
Order of the Raven, and intent on feet and hit the vein of gold that made
giving someone a gift that would them all rich.
someday bite him in the rear. Billy
Billy never told anyone else about the
just happened to get in the way.
little bag, and he keeps it on him at all
There’s nothing magical about the
dust in the small, beaded leather times, on a cord around his neck. He’s
sack, but the bag itself is imbued only used it twice—that first time, and
with the spiritual essence of a again last year, when his money finally
manitou. When a little of the dust ran out. The first time brought him the
is poured out, and the pourer thinks gold, but the second time he tried to
hard about some topic of interest, think of something even more valuable
the manitou sends that poor sod a than gold, though he couldn’t imagine
short series of visions, similar to what that might be. The next day, he just
the hunch power (see the Deadlands had uncanny feeling where to go, and
Player’s Guide). where to start chipping with his pick-
Unlike a hunch, the visions or axe. An hour later he found what would
feelings are always disjointed,
turn out to be the biggest vein of ghost
confusing, and most importantly,
rock in British Columbia.
lacking in some crucial detail(s) so
as to make the whole proposition In the past year rumors have gone
seem less dangerous than it is. For around that Billy has some kind of good
example, a wisher pouring out some luck charm, and since then he’s suffered
dust and thinking about vast riches three attempts on his life. His luck has
might have a vision of some lost held out so far, but the most recent
outlaw gold, hidden in a cave. What’s assault was a close shave, all right…
left out is the fact that 20 Mounties
are camped just outside, and there’s
a nest of dang near 100 rattlesnakes The Setup
right under it. While they’re slogging down a muddy
The item is extremely powerful, street in Barkerville—either looking for
since it basically grants a hero his the mayor or just moseying about—the
desire (although he does have to posse sees the famous Billy Barker out for
go get it). But that wish is always a stroll. They recognize his flat-brimmed
granted in such a way as to cause hat and bushy white beard anywhere.
pain, hardship, or even death later
Any hero who’s superstitious, knows of
on. It’s up to you to grant the heroes’
the arcane, or is just plain curious might
desires and then snatch the rug from
under their feet when they think want to shake Billy Barker’s hand, as the
they’re on Easy Street. Epitaph suggested.
That doesn’t do anything in particular
for their luck, but they do learn that

W ei rd W hite N orth
Billy Barker is a friendly, good-natured
Englishman, at least at first blush. It also
seems like he could talk the claws off Relic: Barker’s
a raging grizzly bear, he’s so smooth-
tongued. Lucky Bag
Billy Barker (Continued)
Barker is in his mid-fifties, with a From the feel of it, the bag’s only
bushy white beard and sparkling eyes. got enough dust left for a few more
He smiles a lot, and likes to walk the uses. When Billy hands it over to a
streets of the town that bears his name. hero, have that player roll a d6: 1-3:
He tends toward dark-colored suits, but Two more uses, 4-5: Three more uses,
wears heavy work boots due to the ever- 6: Four more uses. After the last use,
present mud. the manitou’s essence drains away
into the Hunting Grounds forever.
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit
Taint: Any cowpoke who retains
d8, Strength d6, Vigor d6 the Lucky Bag for a week or more
Skills: Fighting d4, Guts d4, gains the Poverty Hindrance. She
Intimidation d4, Knowledge (Mining) stays dirt-poor until she gets rid of
d4, Notice d8, Persuasion d8, Riding d6, the bag, after which she loses the
Shooting d6, Streetwise d8, Taunt d8 Hindrance when an amount of time
goes by equal to the length of time
Charisma: +2; Grit: 2; Pace: 6; Parry: 4;
she carried the bag.
Toughness: 5
Hindrances: Greedy (Minor), Stubborn
Edges: Charismatic, Connections
(Hudson’s Bay Co.), Filthy Rich, Great
Luck, Snakeoil Salesman
Gear: Lemat Grapeshot Pistol .40
(Range: 12/24/48, Damage: 2d6, RoF 1,
Shots 9, AP 1), Barker’s Lucky Bag (see
trying to gun down our compadres
before they can get a word in edgewise.
Obviously, they’re after Billy’s lucky
Gunnin’ for Billy medicine bag.
While the posse is talking with • Outlaws (2 per hero): Use Outlaw stats
Billy the street clears out, and some in the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook.
unfriendly customers appear at the end • The Rock Creek Kid: Wild Card. Use
of the block and start moseying toward Veteran Gunman stats in the Deadlands
the heroes. Allow the players a Notice Marshal’s Handbook, but add the Fleet-
roll, and anyone who succeeds is dealt Footed Edge.
into initiative right away. Those who fail
If the posse does nothing, runs for
are surprised and don’t get a card the
cover, or gets shot to pieces, the thieves
first round.
run up and steal Billy’s medicine bag.
Hey, Billy Barker! We want that bag In that case, the hunt is on for the Rock
o’ yourn! Creek Gang’s hideout if the posse wants
The lowdown thieves come at a run, to get the bag back (it’s located in a
taking cover behind barrels and porches wooded ravine not far from the town
on either side of the wide Main Street, of Rock Creek, naturally). If the heroes

D eadlands T rail G uides
manage to send the Rock Creek Kid to leads into the cinder cone has been set
the bone orchard and scatter his cronies, upon and devoured by the Ghost Blob.
Billy just about hugs them in gratitude. The core of Eve Cone was always
Saying he can’t stand the burden any hollow, and people in ages past
longer, Billy pulls out the medicine bag recognized it as an important place to
and gives it to one of the good Samaritans the spirits of the earth. At some point
who saved his life. He explains how he it was built into a temple by the ancient
got it, what it’s done for him, and how peoples that dwelled on the West Coast
much he wants to get rid of it, all in one (much like Quarrytown in the Great
breathless torrent, ending with, Maze), but they abandoned it after an
I want you to have it, really. It’s got eruption destroyed their shrines and
enough dust left for two, maybe three idols. The vast network of tunnels was
more wishes. It’ll take you to anything oddly unaffected by lava or the shaking
you want to find, Mister, just please take of the earth, and they remain there to
it away from me! this day.
If the posse takes on the burden of the Birth o’ the Blob
Lucky Bag, Barker treats them all to a fine
Just after the Great Quake, the heaving
meal and plenty of libations to celebrate
and cracking of the earth sent massive
what he considers a grand and fortunate
eruptions of lava into the base of Eve
occasion. He pays for their hotel rooms,
Cone. Both she and her twin, Adam
and when the evening is done bids them
Cone, smoked for several months but
farewell and goodnight.
never erupted. Adam Cone eventually
went dormant, but under Eve Cone
3. Under the enormous quantities of ghost rock
ap­peared, and combined with the intense
Volcano heat of magma flows, ripped open a hole
into the Hunting Grounds. What might
Run this tale when the posse uses be referred to as a feral manitou—wild,
Barker’s Lucky Bag to seek the resting evil, and dumb as a box o’ rocks—wrig­
place of the companion Raven betrayed gled through the momentary fis­sure.
in his quest to free the Howlers. You It writhed and screamed in the super­
should read the description of Eve Cone heated, liquid mixture of ghost rock and
(page 42) before running this Savage Tale. magma.
But the huge blob of evil spirit-stuff
The Story So Far didn’t die. It oozed out of the boiling
Few people know that Eve Cone’s core pool and slithered off into the labyrinth
is made of solid ghost rock. The vein is of lava tubes under Eve Cone. Animal-
simply massive, filling a good portion like in intelligence, it had soaked up a
of the dormant volcano’s interior. But walloping dose of ghost-rock-borne evil,
there’s a good reason no one’s ever spread which turned it into the Ghost Blob that
the news or laid claim to the strike—an existed only to eat and live another day.
awful abomination makes its home in Over the years curious prospectors
the lightless ways beneath Eve Cone. Up arrived in the vicinity of Eve Cone, and
until now, anyone who has ever explored though consuming a few of them was
one of the smooth obsidian tubes that amusing, the blob was happier about the
mortal fear starting to spread through

W ei rd W hite N orth
their camps...even if it didn’t quite to leave the environs of Eve Cone once
understand why. Soon it would gain a one arrives. Moreover, abominations are
measure of wisdom about the world, and drawn like flies to filth, and once they
its predicament. get here they don’t leave either.
The Ghost Blob isn’t trapped under the
Shot In The Hand volcano anymore…it’s the miners who
Standing at the core of Eve Cone is like are trapped, and the abomination basks
being basted in vibrations of pure evil. in the mortal fear they exude.
Pretty soon a body can hear the screaming
of souls in her head. That’s why Raven The Setup
and his companion, a fearsom warrior of An hombre who uses Barker’s Lucky
the lost Tlingit tribe called Shot In The Bag (see sidebar on page 54) only has to
Hand, went there in late 1871 to enact a pour a light sprinkling of the powder
vision quest. Through the complex and on the ground and imagine what he’s
exhausting ritual, Raven hoped to learn looking for—in this case, the last resting
the location of the Howlers’ prison, and place of whomever Raven betrayed.
before long he found himself entreating The seeker who does the deed sees the
with a very powerful, old, and malicious sudden image of a lonely, ice-crusted
spirit. The manitou demanded a life in cinder cone, stunningly black against a
return for the information. snowy waste. Then it fades, and that hero
Raven lunged and slit Shot In The instinctively knows the direction to Eve
Hand’s throat, without hesitation. Cone. The feeling doesn’t fade until the
Turns out it’s difficult for any soul to posse arrives at Wrangell on the British
move on if the flesh returns to dust under Columbia coast, and sees the mountain
Eve Cone. Instead, souls are drawn into standing tall in the hazy distance.
the Ghost Blob and add to its power, sort
of like a soul ’glom. This time, the soul Wrangell
had arcane power of its own—Shot In
Fear Level: 3
The Hand retained his personality, and
all his orneriness, when he fused with This tiny fishing port is located at
the globular creature of the catacombs. the Stikine River delta, amidst the
Raven quickly found out what he needed scattered rocky islands of the British
to know from the spirit. But when he Columbia coast. Most of the population
saw what he’d created in the process, are Inuit Indians; they and other folks
he vamoosed for northern climes before run the local general store and log cabin
the blob he’d betrayed could get its that passes for a saloon. Wrangell is a
pseudopods on him. popular way stop for grizzled trappers
and prospectors headed up the Stikine
Having once lost the object of its
River to the interior.
unholy desire for vengeance, the Ghost
Blob is dead set on preventing anyone Folks aren’t very talkative hereabouts,
escaping its clutches again. When the but if asked about Eve Cone they strongly
blob is dead set on something, in the advise the posse not to go there.
middle of the spirit nexus created by Heaps o’ prospectors go there, but they
all that ghost rock, the land starts to don’t ever find nothin’. Never seen one
change. These days it’s mighty difficult come back, neither. It’s powerful strange,
(read: dang near impossible, amigo) if you ask me.

D eadlands T rail G uides

If pressed, the locals admit that then another 10 miles to the base of Eve
ex­porters’ wagons full of ghost rock Cone.
come out of the region fairly regularly. During the trip, read the following:
If the heroes ask whether anyone else You’re struck by the stark, majestic
be­sides miners ever visits Eve Cone, the beauty of the land, the clear cobalt blue of
an­swer is cryptic: the sky, the mighty Coastal Mountains
Yeah, there was somebody. Odd fella, rising to meet a scudding bank of clouds
kinda quiet, stared hard at everybody, in the west. Bracing winter air burns
never took off his hat. I don’t think I as it enters your lungs. Icicles form on
heard him say word one. He headed out moustaches and beards.
that way with a posse—eight men or This is truly God’s own country,
so—a few months ago. Strange mix of standing in stark contrast to the Hell the
Injuns, Chinese, a few Americans. posse is headed into. After the 40-miles
What was it they called him? Slater, journey to the Trading Post, read the
I believe it was. Somebody muttered following:
something about a heist and Slater Standing about 10 miles from the base
shushed ’em, is what I remember most of Eve Cone is a log structure with a sign
clearly. They ain’t been back this way. that reads TRADE. A thick layer of snow
A well-marked trail stretches off is piled up on the roof. There’s a hitching
across the barren land between the post out front, but the barn around the
village and the distant cinder cone. It’s side for wagons and such is where horses
about 40 miles to the Trading Post, and are stabled, so they don’t freeze solid. A

W ei rd W hite N orth
lonely privy stands out back, roof fringed (and anyone with an Arcane Background
with icicles. The front porch looks like it Edge) have the sinking feeling of being
would be downright comfortable, except held in a big ol’ jail cell by something
for the fact the homey rocking chair is they can’t quite lay eyes on, or even
glazed in glittering ice. describe.
Magical means of “sight” (such as
In the Snowglobe a hunch, vision quest, or similar effect)
At this point, observant trackers and reveal a fleeting glimpse of a flowing,
woodsmen (ask appropriate players for plastic shadow of jet black. As long as the
a Tracking roll, or a Notice roll at –2) are jailer’s in control, nobody can leave—that
struck by something. There are tracks in much they’re sure of.
the snowy yard in front of the Trading
Post, and there are numerous tracks, Nesbitt’s Trading Post
wagon ruts, hoof prints, and the like Eventually the heroes enter the
headed toward Eve Cone and those dis­ Trading Post, if for no other reason
tant mining camps dotting the slopes at than to stave off frostbite and a painful
its feet. death. Stomping snow from their boots,
But back in the direction the posse came they enter the warm cabin to see shelves
from, they see only a trackless waste of well-stocked with gear and supplies,
blowing snow. Even their own trail is and a roaring pot-bellied stove radiating
gone. The heroes can scout as much as warmth. There’s a faint smell in the air,
they want using Survival or Tracking, like sulfur. A voice snaps,
but try as they might they can’t find any Shut the damn door! It’s cold as Hell
trail or spoor whatsoever headed back out there. And welcome to Nesbitt’s.
toward Wrangell. If they try to make it An elderly Scotsman glares at the
back anyway, a blizzard springs up out travelers from behind a counter stacked
of nowhere (see the Setting Rules on with various items and curiosities.
page 17). Pressing on, the posse sees a dim
• Howard Nesbitt: Use Townsfolk stats
light in the distance.
in the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook.
Turns out it’s a lantern shining in the Nesbitt has Knowledge (Trade) d8 and
window of a log building. The place is the Mean Hindrance.
completely obscured by snowy drifts,
Old Howard Nesbitt is exactly as mean
and the flakes are falling so fast and
and crotchety as his initial impression
thick the posse can’t even tell how big it
would suggest. He sells his goods at
is. Should there be any stubborn sonuvas
10 times the listed price, and he takes
who, once they realize it’s the same
no guff from anybody (backing up his
trading post, insist on leaving again,
standoffish nature with a loaded double-
repeat the same scene as long as it takes,
barrel shotgun under the counter). He’s
or until frostbite sets in. You get the idea,
got no time to waste on fairy tales about
Marshal—the only way out is through.
storms and no way to escape. He taunts
The will of the Ghost Blob keeps the greenhorns,
the posse from leaving, just like it
That’s nothin’! Back when I was a
does everyone else. If the players get
lad, we played hurley ball in the snow
aggravated at this turn of fate, remind
for hours every day, waitin’ for school to
them that it’s also a little unsettling, and
begin. It’s good fer yeh! Builds character,
maybe even scary. Superstitious types

D eadlands T rail G uides
I says! Now are yehs plannin’ on buyin’ contorted in agony. Eve Cone stands in
somethin’, or what? the center of it all, like an infernal queen,
If the posse can somehow catch Nesbitt her steep jagged slopes crusted with ice.
in a sensitive, introspective moment— Tendrils of smoke escape from cracks
such as when he’s extremely drunk or near the cinder cone’s summit, and
beaten to within an inch of his life—he abominations stalk its slopes.
pleads ignorance of the weird blizzard As the posse travels around the area,
and the vanishing trail. Wagons full of draw for encounters as usual (using the
ghost rock have no trouble getting out, Northern British Columbia encounters
but no one else can leave, and that’s all table on page 26). Whoever used the
Nesbitt knows. medicine bag to find Eve Cone in the first
In his worst nightmare (something the place still feels a steady pull toward the
old man won’t talk about unless at the dark peak.
very end of his rope, so to speak) Nesbitt
is gouging the local miners for every The Mining Camps
cent they can dig up, until finally they There are five camps scattered along
strike oil beside his trading post. But it’s the lowest slopes of Eve Cone, where
not just oil—it’s ghost oil. Shiny black miners pull an astonishing amount of
liquid geysers into the sky…and when it ghost rock out of the soil. They work to
splashes down it burns all the flesh off take their minds off the fact that they
Nesbitt’s bones. He wakes up screaming. can’t leave. Most have tried. At least the
What Nesbitt doesn’t know is that spoils bring enough cash to buy food at
one of the volcanic tubes from Eve Cone the Trading Post, but only barely enough.
reaches 10 miles through the earth to A wagon arrives weekly at the post
arrive under the floorboards of his with supplies, and leaves with an
bedroom. Whenever the Ghost Blob is outgoing load of ghost rock, for which
close, Nesbitt has his horrendous dream. they pay Nesbitt handsomely. There
If heroes look around in Nesbitt’s haven’t been any problems yet with
bedroom, call for a Notice roll to realize exports. But anyone who attempts
that the floorboards sound hollow at the to travel with a wagon train through
center of the room. All of the boards are the inevitable whiteout conditions is
firmly nailed into place, however, and inexplicably separated from it during the
don’t seem to have been pried up at any storm—riders fall from wagons, safety
point. lines fray and snap, horses wander,
Pulling up the floorboards reveals light and sound are swallowed by the
a smooth, glassy, black tube yawning muffling snowfall. The hapless travelers
beneath the room. A steady stream of soon end up back at Nesbitt’s, or frozen
warm air, smelling faintly of sulfur, to death.
blows from the tunnel. The tube is about Most of the local miners have gone
10 miles long, and enters the labyrinth at through the experience at least once.
the spot marked on the map (see page 63). Some have seen friends and families die
of the cold trying to get out. They’re full
Explorin’ the Vicinity of fear and emptied of all hope. Each
The Fear Level around Eve Cone is camp holds 2d12 miners when the posse
5, and it shows. Gone are the majestic arrives.
vistas—now a gray, hazy pall covers
• Miners: Use Townsfolk stats in the
the sky, and in it are tormented faces
Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook.

W ei rd W hite N orth
If asked, the miners talk about how
no one goes out after dark, and never
alone, not even in broad daylight. Once Fire Hazard?
in a while people just up and vanish
The core of a mountain of solid
from their beds in the night. Everybody ghost rock is a pretty dangerous
has terrible, anxiety-provoking dreams place. One would be excused for
about ghost rock. The miners also thinking that a stray spark or flame
casually mention occasional raids by is going to send the whole mountain
“Slater’s Gang,” but say they usually just up in a great big BOOM! Actually,
take what they need and go back to their there’s very little danger of that
cabin. happening.
If asked, all the local miners know Whether it’s due to the ghost rock
where Slater’s cabin is and can give a being fused by lava flows of long
ago, the lack of an oxygen source to
rough description of his gang’s number
fuel flame, or simply the malevolent
and composition. They’re hesitant to do will of the Reckoners, the exposed
so, and need to be persuaded in some ghost rock in Eve Cone doesn’t give
way (Persuasion or Test of Will). Even if off strong vapors that collect in the
they talk, it’s with the caveat, closed space. Therefore, heroes can
We’re not supposed to talk about them. carry lanterns and torches, shoot off
Slater said not to. No one crosses Slater. their pistols, and even discharge a
flamethrower without any danger
of setting the ghost rock alight. (At
Slater’s Gang your discretion, heroes who spend a
Bet you want to know a little more lot of time here might be vulnerable
about this Slater hombre, huh? Slater’s to a case of ghost rock fever.)
not actually alive anymore, Marshal, A concerted effort to blow up
and he came to Eve Cone because he the mountain, however—such as
felt the same pull as the rest of the by application of dynamite, nitro,
abominations brought to this land of or similar substance—succeeds in
terror. In case you’re wondering, Slater’s spectacular fashion. Not only does
Eve Cone explode with the force of
not Harrowed. He’s one of the walkin’
50 Ghostfire Bombs, blotting out the
dead…he’s just not your typical zombie. sky and covering the entire region
Slater’s gang is a motley crew, in soot, the peak cracks open and
assembled to take on anything that releases a flood of searing lava. It’s a
might come their way. They’re all living sure bet any heroes in the area when
folk, but enthralled by—and a little afraid this happens are toast.
of—the dark power of the Reckoners. If it
can raise ol’ Jim Slater up out of his grave,
well, that’s good enough for them. Plus,
the raiding of local mining camps to sate
all their needs has become a routine and
bloodless affair.

The Cabin
The gang dwells high on the southern
slope of Eve Cone in a cabin, half of
whose floor is supported by stout
wooden posts. Slater forced some miners

D eadlands T rail G uides
to build it for them at gunpoint when the and undeath made it worse. The gang
gang first arrived, and it’s served them only calls him “Deadhead” behind his
well ever since. A small barn beside back—he’ll kill anyone who says it to his
the cabin serves as a stable. There’s an decomposing face.
entrance to the labyrinth under the Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit
cabin’s floorboards (similar to the one d6, Strength d10, Vigor d10
under Old Nesbitts’ bedroom), but Slater Skills: Fighting d8, Intimidation d8,
and his men aren’t aware of it. Notice d8, Shooting d8
Slater’s gang is only home about half Pace: 4; Parry: 6; Toughness: 9
the time. The rest of the time they’re
Gear: Colt Peacemaker (Range:
riding around harassing the locals
12/24/48, Damage: 2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots 6,
(and finding out about any nosy folks
AP 1), Bowie knife (Damage: Str+d4+1,
who passed through lately). Roll a d6:
AP 1), matches, dynamite sticks x4,
on a 1–3 the gang is at home, and on
4–6 they’re out and about. If they’re at
home, consider them inactive guards for Special Abilities:
purposes of the heroes’ Stealth attempts. • Claws: Str+d4.
Either way, a thin stream of smoke rises • Fearless: Say what you want, or be
from the chimney—the gang tends to however ugly you are. Jim Slater ain’t
keep a fire going all the time, even if impressed, and he’s immune to Fear
Slater doesn’t see the point. and Intimidation.
Searching the cabin with a successful • Mount (“Ribs”): Slater’s horse is as
Notice roll reveals hard evidence of the dead as he is. Ribs is a standard riding
heist mentioned back in Wrangell: $423 horse with the Undead special ability.
in Confederate coin and gold bars, in • Undead: +2 Toughness. +2 to recover
canvas sacks under a cot. from being Shaken. Called shots do
Slater’s whole purpose in life is to no extra damage (except for the head).
wait for some unsuspecting travelers to Does not suffer wound penalties.
show up and bushwhack them. As soon • Weakness (Head): Shots to Slater’s
as Slater and his people know about the head (–4 Called Shot) are +2 damage,
posse, they’ll be on the warpath trying for a total of +6.
to take them down.
• Slater’s Gang (8): Extras. The gang Eve Cone
con­sists of a Huckster, an Indian
The tangled maze of volcanic tunnels
Shaman, a Mad Scientist, two Outlaws,
under Eve Cone is accessible by a number
a Superior Martial Artist, a Veteran
of entry points. There’s Old Nesbitt’s
Gunman, and a Veteran Indian Brave.
room and Slater’s cabin for those who
Use stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s
discover them, and at least half a dozen
Handbook. Each has a riding horse (see
abandoned mines scattered around the
Savage Worlds).
mountain’s base. Whoever used the
Jim “Deadhead” Slater medicine bag is drawn toward them. All
Jim Slater was a hard man during paths lead to the volcano.
his life, inflicting as much pain as he Navigating the Maze
could on Reb soldiers during the War
The tunnels are confusing, twisty,
Between the States before immigrating
and pitch black. Their smooth, glassy
to BC. Death only made him harder,

W ei rd W hite N orth

obsidian walls seem to absorb light. the edge of a great black void, warm
But the user of Barker’s Lucky Bag is and sulfurous. As your eyes adjust to
pulled on, without fail, to the center of the light, you note how the walls shine
the mountain. Success on a Notice roll darkly, flecked with green and white
means heroes hear far-off sounds in the streaks.
tunnels—knocking or tapping—and then Solid ghost rock! Rising into the
others hear them close by, in the other darkness and sinking who-knows-how-
direction—a splattering noise. Play up far under your boots, you’re certain no
the posse’s sense of disorientation and one’s ever seen so much in one place. If
fear, and of being headed into the pure, you listen close, there’s a faint sound at
dark unknown. the edge of hearing—like the hissing of
The Ghost Blob is aware of the posse the ocean in a seashell, or the faraway
as soon as they enter Eve Cone. If Slater screaming of a vast mob—with no
and his gang aren’t on their trail yet, the apparent source.
blob summons them immediately with A little pokin’ around reveals several
its Domination Special Ability. In a flash fortunes’ worth of ghost rock within
Slater knows about the tunnel, directs his easy reach. Before anyone can spend his
crew to tear up the floorboards, and they newfound riches, call for Notice rolls
start tracking down the troublesome (+2)—success means a goopy, splattering
heroes. noise is heard. It seems to be getting
closer. Deal action cards to everyone
The Mountain’s Core who succeeded on the roll, and read the
Eventually the spelunkers emerge in following when the blob’s card comes up:
an enormous cavern. Read the following: Suddenly the darkness comes to life,
The cave is so huge its vast darkness as shiny as the obsidian walls, surging
threatens to swallow the puny lanterns forward in a plastic, oily mass. A chorus
and torches you carry. You stand at of babbling, echoing voices fills the

D eadlands T rail G uides
cavern, raging in some language that • Fear –2: Anyone encountering the
ain’t English. You don’t exactly parley- Ghost Blob must make a Guts roll at
voo, but you’re pretty sure it isn’t a –2.
warm welcome. • Large: Due to its prodigious bulk,
It’s not darkness—it’s much worse than attackers receive a +2 to hit the Ghost
that, amigo. Call for Guts checks right Blob.
before the blob lashes into the group in • Invulnerability: The Ghost Blob can
a fury. be Shaken, but is wounded only by its
Weaknesses (see below).
The Ghost Blob
• Of One Mind: The blob can make
Once the Ghost Blob had no name it
up to four attacks per round without
could remember. The trauma of its birth
suffering a multi-action penalty. With
into this world wiped away all former
a MAP of –2, it may make up to six
memories. When the powerful, evil soul
of the shaman Shot In the Hand joined it,
it gained a new measure of purpose, even • Pseudopods: Str+d4, plus Dissolve
if it’s a maniacal and near-delusional (see above).
one. The blob is cruel, driven by rage to • Size +4: The Ghost Blob is an oozing,
spread fear and misery, and to guard oily mass the size of a huge buffalo.
the interior of its mountain against all • Weakness (Fire): The Ghost Blob is
intrusion by the living. made of supernaturally liquefied
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit ghost rock. Fire and fire-based attacks
d8, Strength d12+2, Vigor d12 inflict normal damage. Additionally,
Skills: Fighting d8, Notice d10, Stealth if a d6 roll indicates that the Ghost
d6 Blob has caught on fire, it explodes
into a superheated ball of black vapor
Pace: 8; Parry: 6; Toughness: 12
the size of a Large Burst Template.
Special Abilities: Everyone in range must succeed at an
• Dissolve: An hombre who gets hit by Agility roll or take 3d10 damage (and
two or more pseudopods in one round ignite on a roll of 1–3 on a d6).
is Grappled. The following round • Weakness (Magic): Arcane assaults
caustic excretions start dissolving the of all kinds tear through the Ghost
poor sod. He takes 3d6 acid damage Blob’s supernatural substance like a
per round until he breaks loose or hot knife through tallow. Powers with
dies. While one victim is being held, fiery Trappings might also cause the
the blob can only make two attacks blob to explode, as above.
per round (or four with a MAP).
• Domination: The Ghost Blob’s
Fightin’ Blob
sheer evil will warps the landscape
to prevent the area residents from If the heroes haven’t encountered
leaving. It can also focus its will on Slater’s Gang yet, those low-down
individuals to control their actions. varmints arrive through another tunnel
This works almost exactly like the after 2d6 rounds of fighting (or run
puppet power, but is enacted using straight into a posse that’s fleeing the
Spirit. The Range is 1 mile, and costs horror o’ the blob). Apply the effects
no Power Points to enact or maintain. of dim lighting (–1) outside the radius
of any light source. In the absence of a

W ei rd W hite N orth
lantern, torch, or other light, the cavern Tusk cannot aid you. An oblivion of
is merely dark (–2), due to the ambient never-ending darkness is your fate, and
glow of tons of geothermally warmed ice will encase the world.
ghost rock. Not exactly sunshine and daisies,
Needless to say, everyone but Slater Marshal. But those who comprehend it
needs to make a Guts check upon seeing are given some pretty important clues:
the blob, and those that stick around the location of the Howlers’ home, the
shower attacks upon the heroes. There’s idea that the cruel spirits need to be
a catch, though—just because the blob’s forced back into a “spirit cage,” and the
manitou side instinctively called the existence of something called the Walrus
gang doesn’t mean it consciously allows Tusk.
living beings in its lair. In other words, Don’t fret overmuch if nobody in
the members of Slater’s gang who aren’t your group can understand the words,
undead—that is, everyone but Slater—are Marshal. In the Get Back! sidebar we
also targets of the Ghost Blob’s savage give you some ideas for getting things
attacks. It simply doesn’t discriminate. “back on the rails” if the posse’s unsure
Pretty soon things devolve into a chaotic what to do next.
Since the Ghost Blob is a unique abomi­ Cuttin’ Losses
nation that has killed anybody who ever
If the posse has no hope of winning
saw it, it’s unlikely that enterprising
the fight—or their Guts checks take a
heroes are able to get any informa­tion
cowardly turn—they might just high-
on its Weakness ahead of time. But if an
tail it out of here. That’s fine, Marshal,
action is used to inspect the blob closely,
let ‘em go. The Ghost Blob takes its time
and a Knowledge (Occult) roll successful,
snacking on Slater’s posse, giving them
the hero realizes that the surface of the
enough time to escape. They can even
blob resembles the ghost rock walls very
hitch a ride with one of those ghost
closely. And everyone knows how flam­
rock wagons, and though a blizzard
mable ghost rock is…
comes down, they (strangely) make it to
Indian heroes, well-traveled cowpokes Wrangell in one piece.
who know the Tlingit language, and
Being “allowed” to leave might be
arcane casters with access to the speak
spookier than anything else…because
language power: all these hombres might
now the heroes find the area’s weird
be interested in listening to the chorus
properties work in reverse. No matter
of speech spilling out of the blob’s
what they do, they can’t find their way
mass. To anyone whose character can
back through the howling winter storms
comprehend it, read the following:
to Eve Cone. And no one believes their
Where is Raven? Where does he hide? tale of an entire mountain filled with
You have entered our home uninvited. ghost rock—a “Big Ghost Rock Candy
All of you will join us in an eternity of Mountain”—no matter how many times
living death. You’ll stay here forever. they tell it.
And when Raven returns from the
Mountains of Revelation, he’ll join us
Takin’ Rewards
Raven freed the three Howling On the other hand, if the heroes
Winters from their spirit cage. The Fire de­stroy the Ghost Blob the local Fear
Warrior cannot save you. The Walrus Level immediately drops by 2. Telling

D eadlands T rail G uides
the tale of this achievement to a receptive
audi­ence of local miners lowers the Fear
Get Back! Level by another step, if the Persuasion
roll for tale-tellin’ is successful.
It’s possible, however unlikely,
for your group to go to Eve Cone, With the blob’s destruction, the posse
confront the Ghost Blob in a short, may very well end up sitting on the
fiery altercation, and return to location of a veritable fortune in ghost
Wrangell with no idea of where to rock. Needless to say, they’re set for life
go next. If that happens, no need if they can extract it. But first they need
to get anxious, Marshal—let ’em to finish the job of ending the new Ice
wander. When the time comes, there Age, and then they need to step very
are all sorts of good ways to get your
carefully. Eve Cone’s riches could very
players back on track.
easily touch off a wide-scale conflict
Barker’s Lucky Bag: Those who
involving the Dominion of Canada, the
prefer the direct route may use Billy’s
Relic to find the Howlers’ hiding Union, the RMA, and any number of
spot, or even skip Eve Cone and go interested Rail Barons, Hellstromme
directly to the Revelation Mountains primary among them. In short, mining
for their fateful showdown. Eve Cone is a campaign unto itself. Good
Lost Tlingits: A band of heroes luck, amigos!
that slays the Ghost Blob becomes
known to the Reckoners and their
seething underlings right quick. 4. Time o’
Before long, the lost Tlingits of
shadow (see page 115 for stats) start
experiencing prophetic dreams Three manitous are responsible for the
featuring the posse. They organize a
Ice Age up north, and together they’re
war band to assassinate the heroes.
If they fail, those who flee can be known as the Howlers. Most often they
tracked back to Tikchik and the take the shape of massive snowstorms,
Revelation Mountains. covering whole regions and smothering
Seek Out the Monks: The monks every warm living thing under a blanket
of the Rectory of St. Sergius in New of snow, sleet, and hail. But they take
Archangel are known to possess other forms as well, as the heroes find
an extensive library, and some rare out when they go to the Revelation
insights into northern geography. Mountains.
Tikchik: It’s not inconceivable that
the posse visits Tikchik on some Harsh Conditions
other mission, in which case their
journey’s nearly done (whether they This forbidding range of peaks lies
realize it or not). In this case, Nilak in a particularly inaccessible region,
approaches the heroes and tells them north­east of Tikchik in the westernmost
his story whether he notices their reaches of the Alaskas, where those
Relics or not. mountains meet the north end of the
Aleutian Range. The Revelations are
known for volatile weather patterns and
sudden blizzards that surround them all
year round.
The range consists of a number of high
peaks with suitably ominous names—

W ei rd W hite N orth
The Four Horsemen, Golgotha, Mount
Hesperus, The Angel, The Apocalypse,
and Hydra Peak—with the tumbled, Get Back!
crevasse-scarred expanse of
Revelation Glacier scraping implacably
over the high plateau between them. Ublureak the Shaman: If the
Cold weather gear—blankets, pon­ heroes visit Point Hope in their
chos, matches, fur clothes, and the travels (or are sent there to complete
like—is a necessity. During the day the some unrelated enterprise), the
temperature is around 10 degrees, but at shaman Ublureak tells the posse all
about the Howlers and where to find
night it plummets to 60 degrees below
their hideout. In addition, the heroes
zero! Suffice to say, the hombre without
might get their hands on The Walrus
fire, warm clothes, and shelter is likely to Tusk, a relic of the Inuits that’s
end up as an icicle. (See Cold in Savage inimical to the Howlers’ well-being.
Worlds for more info.)
Unless the posse has their own tracker,
or someone to find his way through a
snowy, windswept wilderness and up
onto a glacier…well, the posse without
that kinda gal or fella had better have a
guide. The village of Tikchik is the best
place to find one.

The Setup
If the posse shows up at Tikchik
openly carrying the Walrus Tusk (see
page 99), or Miu Hin’s Firepot (see page
53), Nilak, the shaman who leads the local
Inuit, immediately takes notice. At his
earliest opportunity, he invites them into
his igloo to warm themselves at his fire Cliffs to cast you down! Smash you
(unless they hide the relics particularly on razor-sharp ice! Those high places
well—in this case, make a Notice roll for where the wind howls, where the sleet
Nilak). If the posse has no relics Nilak freezes men and beasts in their tracks,
won’t come to them, but he won’t turn those secret places you seek, they are the
them away if they come knocking, either. realm of evil spirits—spirits that the lost
Nilak speaks no English, so has a Tlingits venerate as gods.
member of the tribe translate for him (a This information ought to give the
young girl named Kanut): heroes pause. Nilak’s willing to answer
You carry ancient treasures, and you their questions to the best of his ability—
come from a faraway place. The spirits with Kanut translating for him—but he
speak to me, Nilak, and they tell me doesn’t know much about Raven. He
they have chosen you. But they also tell can tell the heroes a little of the Tlingits’
me the mountains and the glacier will history, if prompted. If specifically asked
swallow you whole if you take the wrong about the Howlers, Nilak adds,

D eadlands T rail G uides
They were brought to this world from Shooting d8, Stealth d6, Survival d8,
the Hunting Grounds by an evil sorcerer Throwing d8, Tracking d10
called Tulugaq. Years ago, Tulugaq—or Charisma: 0; Pace: 8; Parry: 7;
Raven, as he is known to your people— Toughness: 7
came to visit the Tlingit, for they had Hindrances: Heroic, Old Ways Oath
been cast out of their ancestral homes. (Major)
Tulugaq said he was cast out of his Edges: Block, Brawny, Combat Reflexes,
home too, so he shared their pain. To ease Fleet-Footed, Improved Frenzy,
their pain, it is said, he freed their totem Wilderness Man, Woodsman
spirits, the Howlers. The three of them
Gear: Bladed war club (Damage:
seek to cover all the world in ice. They
Str+d8), knife (Damage: Str+d4), spear
have covered a good portion of it already!
(Damage: Str+d6, Parry +1, Reach 1),
Only the most determined and cunning
bow (Range: 12/24/48, Damage: 2d6,
warrior can prevail against them.
RoF 1, Shots 1), arrows x20, sealskins,
Nilak believes that the Howlers are winter gear, climbing gear.
somehow tied to the Revelation Moun­
tains, but he also knows that they are free
to range all over the north. (Nilak also
The Fish Trap
knows the real reason Hellstromme’s If they’re around long enough to get the
Winterline seems to keep the Howlers attention of the Union soldiers upriver,
confined to the north, if the posse asks.) or if the posse goes to visit Fort Salmon,
When he realizes that the posse means to they have a chance to talk with Prof. Vito
ascend into the peaks, Nilak insists that Eirich—a tall, gangly fellow wrapped in
they allow his eldest son Kappiataitok (a a buffalo robe, holding a wrench, who’s
name that means “is brave”) to join them anxiously observing the Ichthyorama
and act as a guide. as it dredges wave after wave of silver
If the posse is wise, they’ll let the salmon out of the churning river.
Eskimo come along. He’s a real curly Yelling over the noise of the fishing
wolf with a knife, as well as one Hell of machine, Vito Eirich goes on for hours in
a tracker. his thick Italian accent about the myriad
benefits of automated steam fisheries (if
Kappiataitok the posse lets him). If he’s asked about
Nilak’s eldest son is experienced in the nearby mountains, or the Howlers,
the ways of the Alaskan wilds, and Mr. Eirich is at a loss for words.
has fought polar bears and walruses • Prof. Vito Eirich: Use Mad Scientist
with only his knife. Oh, and he won. stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s Hand­
Kappiataitok follows the old ways, but book.
he doesn’t fault anyone else for following The ranking Union officer, Captain
theirs. He’s got a noble heart, even if his Paul Combs—a stout and unhappy man
demeanor is usually dour. In any case, who constantly voices his hatred of fish,
he knows how find shelter, build a fire, of their stench, and indeed of all things
and hunt down vittles. related to fish—isn’t much help either. He
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit tells the posse,
d8, Strength d10, Vigor d8 Going up into the mountains, are you?
Skills: Climbing d8, Fighting d10, Isn’t there some way we can talk you out
Gambling d6, Guts d8, Notice d8, of it?

W ei rd W hite N orth
Expeditions have tried to explore the • Capt. Paul Combs: Use Soldier
Revelation Glacier a few times, and (Of­ficer) stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s
they’ve tried to climb all those mountains Handbook.
with awful names—Golgotha, The
Apocalypse, Hydra Peak. So far the Into the White
explorers and trailblazers have come
It’s a 100-mile trek northeast to the
back frostbit, tails between their legs, or
Revelation Mountains from Tikchik,
they just vanished into the white.
through the raging blizzards of the new
Froze to death, I’d imagine. Swallowed Ice Age. Draw for encounters as usual,
up by the gaping maw of the wilderness. rolling on the Alaska Encounters table
Still…it has to be better than living in a (see page 25). Also consult the Setting
damned fishery. Rules for deep winter (page 17)—the
Capt. Combs outfits the posse with Howlers throw everything they’ve got at
cold-weather gear if they have none, heroes daring to approach their ancient
gratis, but for specialty gear like home.
mountaineering equipment (snowshoes, Horses might save the heroes a little
crampons, pitons, rope, and the like) and exertion, but the treacherously icy trail
ammunition, Combs insists on receiving doesn’t permit them to go much faster
payment, and charges the heroes five than a man walking. Plus, the cold is
times the usual Cost. The same goes for likely to kill an imported horse quickly;
food, despite the massive amounts of sled dogs are a much better bet. When
fish readily available. you also consider the extra weight in

D eadlands T rail G uides
feed, horses are just better left behind. (If furred monkey-things are vicious and
the posse doesn’t come to this conclusion famished, and they go after anything
on its own, the South Buttress, described warm-blooded in their territory.
below, settles the issue.) Roll 1d6 to determine how many packs
of snow dervishes attack (or lie in wait to
Revelation Mountains ambush) the posse as they traverse the
Fear Level: 4 20-mile width of the ice curtains.
The posse may know from previous • Snow Dervishes (2 per hero): See
Savage Tales that they’re looking for page 111.
Hydra Peak, or they might just plan to If the posse wises up to repeated
look around until they find the right attacks and takes steps to ward them
mountain. Either way is fine, since the off (by waving torches, firing shotguns
Tlingit have left a trail from their many in the air, or some other frightening
pilgrimages to Hydra Peak to offer living tactic), allow the heroes a cooperative
sacrifices to the Howlers. Intimidation roll to drive off a pack of
The Tlingits’ trail winds past several snow dervishes.
landmarks and hazards in the order
listed below. Anyone who sets foot South Buttress
in this range is struck by the terrible Here’s where the posse gets extra points
majesty of the peaks, and the numbing for bringing along mountaineering
fear that lurks alongside the killing cold. equipment (or for bringing Kappiataitok,
who has his own). Without it, their
The Ice Curtains Climbing attempts are difficult indeed.
This is where the Revelation Glacier The trail goes straight up a steep, icy
reaches the end of its slow journey slope of over 60 yards in elevation. It
through the jagged, snowswept peaks, takes a hero three successful Climbing
and plunges over an 80-foot-high lip of rolls to reach the top. Mountaineering
stone. It resembles a frozen waterfall equipment gives anyone using it +2 on
nearly 20 miles across, the trail broken their Climbing attempts. Additionally, if
and uneven beneath it. any member of the posse (or Kappia­ta­
Players must make an Agility roll for itok, if necessary) succeeds at a Survival
each hero traveling along this part of the roll (–2), he identifies an easier path to
route to avoid Fatigue from bumps and the top. If used, this easier path grants
bruises. Failure indicates a mild ankle an additional +2 modifier to Climbing
sprain or fall, and a level of Fatigue attempts on the slope.
that is eased by a few hours’ rest or a The slope is steep enough that any
successful Healing roll. falling climber rolls and plummets to the
Treacherous footing isn’t the only bottom, taking normal falling damage.
threat here. The sheltered eaves beneath If the posse ropes themselves together,
the ice curtain are home to an enormous give each hombre in the chain a Strength
colony of snow dervishes. You might roll to halt the group’s fall, but apply a –2
imagine they don’t get quite enough to eat modifier for each climber she’s trying to
with so many of the critters competing hold up.
for food. You’d be right. These white-

W ei rd W hite N orth

D eadlands T rail G uides
Edges: Arcane Background (Black
The Four Horsemen Magic), Improved Frenzy, Improved
These four jagged peaks stand guard Tough as Nails, Marksman, New
over the southern edge of the Revelation Powers
Glacier. The northern face of the peaks Powers: Armor, bolt, boost/lower trait,
is pocked with hundreds of small burrow, deflection, entangle. Power Points:
caves and crevices, visible from the 20.
trail and showing signs of habitation.
Gear: Knife (Damage: Str+d4), spear
Unfortunately for the posse, they’re
(Damage: Str+d6, Parry +1, Reach 1).
of no use for shelter—they’re already
inhabited by an especially warlike tribe Special Abilities:
of Tlingit Indians. Believe us, they don’t • Flight: Pace 10. Tlingits can soar upon
take kindly to unannounced visitors. the wind, but only the frigid winds of
The Tlingits keep a close watch on the winter.
trail, night and day. Deal each player • Hardy: When Shaken, further Shaken
a card. For every face card that comes results do not cause Tlingits a wound.
up, there is a band of 2d6 Tlingit braves • Low Light Vision: Tlingits ignore
roaming about. If a Joker is dealt, double penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.
the total number of braves. • Shadow Form: At night, Tlingits
• Lost Tlingits (2d6+): See page 115. resemble shadowy silhouettes that
If the posse gets into a fight that blend into darkness. They receive a +2
involves loud noises (like gunshots or bonus to Stealth rolls in darkness.
explosions) the rest of the tribe is alerted
and arrives in 1d10+10 rounds—that’s Golgotha
another 15 Tlingit, in addition to those If the posse drives off or kills the
the posse is already fighting, along with Tlingit, they are finally considered a
their leader, Ice Heart. real threat by the Howlers, who were
• Lost Tlingits (15): See page 115. aware of their presence as soon as they
began climbing the South Buttress. (If
Ice Heart
any Tlingit are left alive, they hound and
The Tlingits’ war chief has very harass the heroes as long as they remain
little humanity left in him, most of it in the area.) One of the three takes a
scoured clean by the ceaseless cold and favored form—a tall, sturdy, well-shaped
wind. He lives only to hack his land’s Inuit woman with inhumanly pale skin,
invaders to pieces, and feast on their silky black hair, and glittering eyes
still-beating hearts. the pale blue of ice—and confronts the
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit intruders directly.
d8, Strength d8, Vigor d10 As the posse makes their way past
Skills: Climbing d8, Fighting d10, Guts Golgotha, they find her standing in
d8, Notice d6, Stealth d8, Survival d8, their path. Her voice is heard in every
Tracking d8, Tribal Medicine d10 language spoken by the members of
Charisma: –6; Grit: 4; Pace: 6; Parry: 7; the group, accompanied by the whoosh
Toughness: 9 of frigid wind. Her lips part to reveal
Hindrances: Bloodthirsty, Old Ways pointed and slightly jagged teeth, like
Oath (Major), Outsider icicles. Her fingernails are long and
sharp, like ice-shard claws.

W ei rd W hite N orth
There is nothing for you here, humans, cave. The Tlingit trail leads right up to
except wind to freeze your blood…and it. The narrow opening seems to focus
claws to harvest your fear… the wind through its aperture, causing
The Howlers have no interest in par­ it to scream and tear at the characters’
lay­ing with troublesome heroes. The clothing.
Howler bursts apart into her snowy
The Gallery
form, provoking Guts checks, and
lunges forward in a screaming attack. The walls of this large cavern are
The Howlers also aren’t interested crusted with ice, and over a dozen pillars
in dying, so the spirit will fly off in a of clear ice stretch from floor to ceiling.
screaming rage if the heroes inflict 2 or Stalactites and stalagmites of ice stud the
more wounds. floor and ceiling. All is cold and still…
until the heroes’ lights illuminate the
• Howler (1): See page 114.
icy pillars a little better, revealing frozen
human shapes trapped in the ice like
Mount Hesperus flies in amber!
When the posse manages to kill or There are over 60 frozen corpses on
drive away the Howler confronting display, most of them still in their final
them, the others get well and truly ticked pose of fright, eyes and mouths wide
off, not to mention a little scared. No one open in terror. Call for Guts checks
has ever challenged them and succeeded immediately (at –4 for the overall Fear
before. Level!).
As the posse trudges up the trail past
Mount Hesperus, with a majestic view The Crevasse
of the glacier and the peaks beyond it A narrow tunnel leads toward an
on their left, the Howlers swirl up into open space. The wind is also funneled
the sky. Quickly the clouds gather, the through the tunnel, and it does more
sunlight dims, and thick wet flakes begin than whip clothes about. Any hero who
to fall from the sky—a full-on blizzard of advances more than halfway down the
epic proportions! passage to the crevasse must succeed at
Use the rules for deep winter (see page a Strength or Agility roll (player’s choice)
17). This is one time you’re going to want or be swept over the side, into a deep,
to use the Cold rules for dramatic effect! narrow cleft in the ice.
While the Howlers are merged with the A cowpoke who falls plummets 40 feet,
storms overhead, they can’t be attacked taking 6d6 damage for the combined
or affected in any way by the posse. By effects of height and being wedged—and
the same token, they can’t do anything crushed—into the narrowing crack of
more to the posse than continue the ice.
blizzard for as long as they choose. The Cascade
This large chamber is filled with what
Hydra Peak looks like a frozen pond, but is actually
The posse that makes it this far is a smaller version of the Revelations
probably desperate to find some shelter. Glacier outside. As the heroes enter the
Lucky for them, the base of Hydra cave, they see a sharp drop ahead, as the
Peak is cracked, with an icy overhang ice seems to plunge 30 feet in a frozen
protecting the entrance to a large ice waterfall to a lower level below. Time

D eadlands T rail G uides

to get that mountaineering gear ready a large, blunt object to smash through
again, muchachos. the icicles, a high-pitched, keening crack
Climbing rolls in this chamber suffer a echoes in the tunnel, and the whole
–2 due to the extreme slickness of the ice. latticework shifts slightly. With a second
Climbing gear can mitigate this penalty, strike, the entire chamber collapses.
but there is no “safe path” the heroes can All explorers in the tunnel when it
take this time. The whole thing is plumb gives way suffer 3d6 damage, as they
dangerous. slide down into the great chamber with
a flood of ice fragments, and success on
Hall of Icicles an Agility roll is needed to avoid a hero
This wide tunnel slopes downward sliding halfway across the slick ice floor.
steeply through what looks like an On snake eyes a hero keeps sliding,
intricate latticework of jagged icicles. sliding, sliding…and plunges over the
The spines of ice fill most of the passage, side of the glacier into the depths of the
jutting at every angle in a deadly tangle mountain below—that’s 10d6 damage,
of frozen blades. Characters picking Marshal, plus the aggravation of trying
their way slowly and carefully down to climb back out for anyone who
the tunnel avoid being slashed too badly survives the fall.
with success on an Agility roll. On a
failure, the character slips and takes 2d6 The Great Chamber
damage. On a roll of snake eyes—or if a This is where Raven freed the Howlers
hero runs heedlessly down the tunnel— from the Hunting Grounds back in 1872.
he takes 3d6 damage. Read the following when the heroes
Why not smash right through? Some arrive:
joker might try to do so, but it’s an awful You stride into a towering chamber
bad idea. The ice underfoot is also part of beneath Hydra Peak. Dim, pale light
the deadly latticework. If anyone swings filters down from somewhere far above,

W ei rd W hite N orth
where clear ice forms windows to the There’s a much easier solution, how­
storm-torn sky. The whole place is ever. A hero who looked into The
hushed and powerful cold. Your breath Fire God’s coffin and saw the small,
forms steamy clouds, and an icy crust on unburned spot at the center might guess
your moustaches. that’s where Miu Hin’s Firepot goes—
Not far away, the shattered remains of and she’d be right. If a player can’t guess
the Fire God’s coffin are visible, frozen on his own, allow success on a simple
under six inches of crystal-clear ice. The Smarts roll to deduce it.
wooden casket is scorched black from end If the Firepot is placed on the clear ice
to end, with deep axe cuts scarring it. In directly above the spot, it immediately
its exact center you see a small, circular, and visibly starts to melt downward, the
unburned spot. ceramic lid rattling loudly. The Howlers
Suddenly, the wind picks up. In an do everything they can to displace the
instant the Howlers rise up from beyond Firepot, trying to go right through the
the edge of the glacier in the form of heroes to do it.
shrieking wind and snow, bearing down After a mere 12 seconds (two combat
like runaway locomotives. Whatever rounds), the Firepot has sunk deeply
you’re going to do, you need to do it fast, enough into the ice that the Howlers’
amigos! winds can’t dislodge it—they have to try
Deal initiative right away, as the some other tactic. In exactly 30 seconds
Howlers surge forward to finish off (or five combat rounds) it reaches its spot
their nemeses. As far as the ancient at the center of the coffin and settles into
fearmongers are concerned, they intend place, embers glowing more brightly
to make short work of these puny than ever.
so-and-sos, and add their frozen corpses
to the gallery. End o’ the Ice Age
• Howlers (3): See page 114. As Miu Hin’s Firepot returns to its
only right and proper spot, read the
Fire and Ice following:
The floor of the great chamber is From underneath the coffin comes
considered difficult ground due to the a high-pitched scream, like a whistlin’
thick, slippery layer of ice covering it. teakettle at the boilin’ point. A sucking
Dim light filters down from the peak’s maw of blackness tears open, and the
ice dome high above, so without a source Howlers holler loud enough to make you
of light combatants suffer a –1 on attacks. realize how they got that name.
The Howlers aren’t troubled at all by the Sparks and embers swirl around the
lack of light. Firepot, and the whole chamber starts
With luck, a powerful posse might to warm perceptibly. Pretty soon you’re
succeed at taking down the Howlers with sweating bullets under those thick furs
a flyin’-lead-and-soul-blasts jamboree. and sealskins. The Firepot’s hole in the
Nothing’s stopping them from trying ice is sucking air at a tremendous rate.
if they feel up to the challenge, but this With a last fading cry, the white,
strategy probably results in the death of wintry forms of the Howlers are ripped
at least one hero, if not the obliteration downward through the hole in the ice,
of the entire posse. Three Howlers and hurled into whatever void lies
unleashed at one time is nothing to scoff beyond. The lid of the Firepot, blown
D eadlands T rail G uides
off in the cyclone, drops to the ice with a
clink, rolls on its end in a circle around
the hole, and tumbles in. The Howlers have no earthly riches
The lid falls into place. Everything’s of their own, so cowpokes have to be
quiet again. Finally, the wind dies down satisfied with the banishment of three
and the air is still. of the most powerful Fearmongers on
earth. The local Fear Level drops by
The Howlers are gone, exiled to their
2 immediately when the Howlers are
prison in the Hunting Grounds. As
banished to the Hunting Grounds.
long as Miu Hin’s Firepot remains in
place, they won’t ever be able to return. Telling the tale to a receptive audience
Whether they meant to or not, the heroes (especially back at Tikchik) can lower
have brought about a sea change in the the Fear Level by another point if
Weird West—one that’s sure to have the Persuasion roll for tale-tellin’ is
lasting consequences for your campaign. successful.
For the ghoulish (or the merely greedy),
those frozen bodies in the gallery still
have some cash (about $324, all told), as
well as whatever weapons, ammunition,
gear, and even clues to other Savage
Tales you want to hand out.


The following Savage Tales take place in Kipniak’s present and future scientific
in the reaches of the Weird White North— endeavors to anyone who’s willing to
Alaska and British Columbia. Clues to throw in on Union Blue’s side.
the location of the Howlers’ hiding spot
in the Revelation Mountains are scat­ Reinforcements Via Rail
tered all over this frozen wilderness.
Any hombres who take the job are
hustled down to the railhead, where
Arctic Rail Wars a locomotive and single passenger car
await, typically used to ferry workers
Location: Kipniak back and forth over the 10 miles to
Only 10 miles of a proposed 175-mile the work site. Now it’s filled up with
Union Blue line from Kipniak to Egowik Union Blue rail warriors, plus any posse
are complete, and attacks have already members who joined in.
begun! • Union Soldiers (15): Use Soldier stats
in the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook.
The Setup • Old Salts (5): Use Soldier (Veteran)
stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s Hand­
There have been a few isolated inci­
dents of Union rail workers being
assaulted out where the new track’s • Sgt. Elijah Burch: Wild Card. Use
being laid. As the posse is kicking Soldier (Officer) stats in the Deadlands
around Kipniak, a fella comes running Marshal’s Handbook.
down Main Street just about losing his Sgt. Burch, a war veteran, introduces
derby, he’s so riled up. himself to any civilians on board as
There’s trouble out to the rail line! The the locomotive chugs up to speed.
British! The British are comin’, I tells The soldiers are allied Extras for your
yeh! No, yeh dang fool, I ain’t drunk! players to control. In about 10 minutes
the engineer blows the whistle and starts
I’m a-feared o’ the British that’s
hollering for the brakeman to slow it
attackin’ the rail line right now!
down. A big rock is resting in the middle
Immediately, the town is in an uproar. of the tracks. There’s no other evidence of
The Elders start rounding up a posse, an avalanche in the steep-walled ravine.
offering $10 gold dust and a .01% stake
Now who could’ve done such a thing?

D eadlands T rail G uides

Head ’Em Off at the Pass

The Battle of A small detachment of Dixie Rails
strong-arms were sent here to halt, or
Kipniak (1880) at least delay, any reinforcements from
Kipniak while the main force launched a
Let’s assume our heroes prevent
their train getting blown up—what pre-dawn attack on the camp farther on.
next? The last mile of track speeds These boys have the edge in terrain, but
past, and the locomotive tops one they aren’t too bright. Their British allies
last rise. Spread out below is the are just beyond the end of the ravine,
Union Blue rail camp, in a pitched waiting to rush in and attack.
battle with British and Confederate The ambushers are lying in wait with
soldiers closing in on all sides! rifles all down the length of the ravine,
The air is filled with smoke, so and they’ve got a TNT charge—12
it’s difficult to tell what’s going on sticks—planted right underneath
across the camp. But there’s plenty
where they estimate the train will stop.
of trouble nearby…our heroes’
trainload of Union reinforcements Everything’s right where it should be—
comes upon enemy troops almost except they forgot to designate one man
immediately, who turn to fight. to blow the charge. They didn’t hide it
• Union Blue (9 tokens): Gen. very well either. Someone ought to have
Stanton Dall (Knowledge: Battle sent an officer along!
d8), Union Blue rail warriors (160). • Dixie Rails Enforcers (12): Use
• British Army/Dixie Rails (10 Soldier (Veteran) stats in the Deadlands
tokens): Gen. Chauncey Vickers Marshal’s Handbook.
(Knowledge: Battle d10), British When the heroes look outside to see
Regulars (100), British Grenadiers
what’s going on, the Rebs open fire. Call
(20), Dixie Rails rail warriors (60).
for Notice rolls (–2), with success meaning
The British and Confederate forces
a hero catches sight of some tangled
were counting on being able to stop
reinforcements from arriving. The wires emerging from the bushes and
two forces are pretty well-matched, disappearing under the locomotive—he
though the British and CSA troops also sees a readied TNT plunger at the
hold a slight numerical advantage. top of the ravine! A southern-accented
The Brits get a +1 for surprise in the voice shouts,
first round of combat, but after that Blow the charge! Damn it! Who’s
it all depends on strategy, tactics, blowin’ the damned charge?!
and our heroes’ actions. Both sides
have the option of retreat. The race is on! The nearest Rebs are
Each round, the heroes get a about 12” away, so they start running.
chance to sway the battle’s outcome. If any Reb gets to the plunger first, he
See Characters in Mass Battles in uses his next action to set off the TNT,
Savage Worlds for all the details. blowing the locomotive to smithereens.
But the plunger’s right out in plain sight,
so any marksman in the ravine who’s On
Hold can prevent that explosion from
happening with a well-placed shot.
After two rounds of combat, the British
arrive at the far end of the ravine. If none

W ei rd W hite N orth
of your players do it, a Union Blue rail officer is commonly referred to as “Major
warrior screams, “The Brits are comin’!” Hangover.” It doesn’t take a detective to
They fire their rifles once, then charge to realize something is very wrong.
attack with bayonets.
• British Grenadiers (15): Use Soldier Major Troubles
(Veteran) stats in the Deadlands Mar­ Just by bringing up the subject of Fort
shal’s Hand­book. Weare’s woes at the Yock Flophouse, the
• Lieutenant Ambrose O’Connor: Wild heroes are told by an off-duty soldier,
Card. Use Soldier (Officer) stats in the Noticed how glum everyone is around
Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook. here, eh? Not much to be happy about
If you’re not using the Mass Combat here at ol’ Fort Frightful. That’s just
option (see sidebar), assume that if the what we call it. Ever since Captain Tritch
posse and their Union compatriots win took over daily operations, frightful is
the day and enter the camp, they find what it’s been.
the Union barely victorious, but having If he’s asked what precipitated the
suffered heavy losses. If the posse loses Captain taking command, the gregarious
badly, or their train is blown up during soldier replies,
the ambush, the Union camp is wiped
Ever since the action at that Inuit
out, portions of the rail line dynamited,
village, Major Hang—er, Major
and the Union Blue engineers sent
Witbeck has been in seclusion. He
woke up everyone in the barracks with
It’s up to you, Marshal, whether this his screaming a few nights ago. Burst
sparks any more battles between the through the door after midnight with a
United States and England, but it’s lan­tern in one hand and a revolver in the
pretty certain tensions are heightened other, raving about revenge.
no matter what.
That’s when we knew he’d cracked. It
took five men to subdue the Major and
The Avenger’s get him back to his cabin. Kept screaming
that it was coming for him, it would have
Blade revenge, nonsense like that.
Poor devil! Doc Havelin has him
Location: Fort Weare
drinking laudanum so he doesn’t hurt
Military actions near Fort Weare have himself or anyone else.
resulted in an Inuit village’s destruction.
The soldier can also sum up what
A ranking Union officer is rumored
happened “at that Inuit village” two
“fallen into the bottle.” Intervention is
weeks ago if the heroes ask (see Fort
Weare on page 30 for details). No suspect
has actually been caught for the murders
The Setup that started the whole conflict, but since
When the posse arrives at Fort Weare, there have been no more killings since,
they can’t help but notice a general lack the soldiers assume the Inuit really
of morale among the troops. Fights are were to blame. (In fact, a small band of
common, most of the Union soldiers Tlingits were the murderers, but they’re
walk around with hangdog looks on long gone now.)
their faces, and the fort’s commanding

D eadlands T rail G uides

I tried to stop them. I tried to stop

Mind Games them shooting, but they didn’t hear.
The posse might get it in their heads to Now they’re all dead…even the children
go talk to Major Witbeck. Doc Havelin, crying over their dead mothers are frozen
the fort’s sawbones, advises against it, now. All dead. All gone. Their avenger
as does Capt. Tritch. One of the heroes comes for me. It wields their souls like
needs to succeed on a Persuasion arrows.
roll (–2), or successfully Intimidate or Can you hear it? At the window? It’s
Taunt the men into acquiescing. Capt. here! IT’S HERE! GOD HELP ME
Tritch doesn’t have much interest in IT’S HERE, OH GOD HELP ME—!!
relinquishing his new command, so
At this point the Major is screaming
whatever the result he’ll have his eyes on
hysterically and sobbing, while Capt.
the posse from here on out.
Tritch and a few other soldiers try to
• Doc Havelin: Use Townsfolk stats in keep the madman from breaking his
the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook. Add bonds. “Get them out of here!” Doc
Healing d8. Havelin shouts as he prepares a double
• Captain Irwin Tritch: Use Soldier dose of laudanum, and Union soldiers
(Officer) stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s hustle the posse outside.
• Union Soldiers (4): Use Soldier stats in Avenging Devil
the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook.
At this point the posse may go to
If the questioners get their way and investigate the Inuit ruins (though the
are let in to Witbeck’s cabin, they find local soldiers and civilians all warn that
the bearded officer tied down to his they are cursed), become suspicious
bed. His eyes are bloodshot, and he of Capt. Tritch and add him to a list of
seems disoriented. No matter what the suspects (he’s innocent), or they might
characters say to him, he whispers, even take the delirious Major Witbeck at

W ei rd W hite N orth
his word and post a guard on his cabin. this time, and make a play to stop them
Most of all, they should feel a rising and silence the monks in one fell swoop.
paranoia as Witbeck’s outbursts grow The rectory is a large stone building
more frantic over the next few days. in the traditional Russian style nestled
On the second night, the blood avenger among the grand structures and
comes. The spirit of revenge has no fear, winding cobblestone streets of Castle
walking right up to the front gates and Hill. Walking through this part of town,
“oozing” its bloody form through the the posse almost feels transported to
boards, leaving dripping red in its wake. some distant European city, or back in
It kills anyone who gets in its way (the time.
Union soldiers who try to stop it, for
instance, or the posse if they get heroic), Other Eyes
but doesn’t attack people who leave it
Knowledgeable allies of the heroes
alone. It goes straight for Witbeck’s cabin
(such as the Twilight Legion) can tell
unless it’s stopped.
them of the brothers of St. Sergius, and
• Blood Avenger (1): See page 106. that they might be able to reveal the
hiding place of the Howlers. But the
Aftermath Howlers are no slouches when it comes
If the posse stops the spirit’s quest for to knowing important things—they’ve
vengeance, Major Witbeck experiences a made the sure the Tlingits intend to put
full recovery over the next few days and an end to the pesky monks, along with
assumes command of Fort Weare once any meddlesome heroes who go to visit
again. Captain Tritch blames the posse them.
for ruining his command, and thus they All visitors are welcomed by the
gain a new enemy. monks, eight of whom dwell here
If the blood avenger breaks into the currently. They offer meager food and
Major’s cabin and hacks him to pieces drink, but it’s probably more than the
(he’s tied to the bed and can’t resist), it posse has had in days. Then they sit
immediately dissolves to a puddle of down to talk about the new Ice Age and
Inuit blood and leaves a stain that can the spirits who brought it.
never be removed. The monks, led by Brother Marek,
don’t know more than what the posse
tells them. But if they are provided with
The Brotherhood any of the clues from the Savage Tales
Dances o’ the Dead, Pebble Talker, or
Location: New Archangel The Walrus Tusk, they consult their
Run this adventure when the posse many atlases. After several hours of
has been in Alaska for a while, and has study and debate, they deduct the
some clues to the Howlers’ location, but likely hiding place of the Howlers—the
no hard facts. Mountains of the Revelations.
The whole time they study, heavy
The Setup snow falls outside.
If a searcher provides the monks with
some decent clues, the wise fellows can Holed Up
put it all together. But the Howlers’ The snow keeps falling, blizzard-
servants are also aware of the heroes by strength now. The city is crippled. It

D eadlands T rail G uides
keeps up that way for seven days, during • Brother Marek: Use Blessed stats in
which time Tlingits lay siege to the the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook.
monastery and attempt to starve and kill • Tlingits (24): See page 115.
everyone in it.
St. Sergius was a Christian martyr
who was tortured and killed for refusing Cabin Fever
to enter a Roman temple, so the monks
know all about sacrifice. But even they Location: Anagnak
are hesitant to tell the posse they ought Freelance regulators are sought
to go to the Revelation Mountains. for Union-sponsored escort duty in
Brother Marek says, wilderness surroundings. Trackers and
The Four Horsemen, Golgotha, Mount riflemen welcome. See Maj. Mathis at
Hesperus, The Angel, The Apocalypse, the trading post in Anagnak, Alaska, for
Hydra Peak…these are the sublime peaks complete details.
of the Revelation Mountains. They are
truly “the end of the world,” so to speak. The Story So Far
They are not a place for men. Major Russell Mathis is a very nervous
The Revelation Glacier runs over the man. Food stores are low, and he believes
high plateau between them, and they his men are just a step away from
are peopled by evil long banished from insurrection. Most of all, he’s obsessed
civilized places. It’s the Tlingit I speak with the idea of staking a ghost rock
of, once native to this place and recently claim somewhere north of Anagnak and
returned. That they guard the trails making his remote trading post into a
there is a secret no one knows. Many are rich Union fort. First he needs to find
the demons who would kill you to keep it some ghost rock!
unknown. To that end he’s sponsoring prospecting
Now, you must—what was that? trips into the lake country. There have
Just then, a crash echoes somewhere in been some stories of lone trappers and
the monastery… natives going missing, so Mathis wants to
Our heroes are going to be hard- be extra careful. The reason Mathis and
pressed to keep the brothers alive. his men are so twitchy is that a terrible
Follow the cowpokes’ lead to play out abomination—a matlose—has made its
the rest of this scenario. The posse and burrow underneath their trading post,
the monks have to work fast to keep the and stalks their prospecting trips so it
place secure, while the Tlingits try to get can cause mishaps and spread subtle
in any way they can, moving in three anxiety.
groups of eight. They start with the first-
floor windows, then move upstairs, and You’re Hired!
explore other means if the windows are Any tough-looking hombres who come
all barricaded. into the trading post catch Major Mathis’
That crash was a window being attention, and after he sizes them up he
smashed in. The battle’s begun! attempts to hire them as regulators—$2
• Monks of St. Sergius (7): Use each per day, in gold specie. Mathis
Townsfolk stats in the Deadlands seems a good enough hombre, but there’s
Marshal’s Handbook. something not quite right about him, or
his sullen and nervy troops.

W ei rd W hite N orth

Major Russell Mathis of time it takes to get to and back from

Maj. Mathis is a short, barrel-shaped the rocky ravines is random, but the
man with a thick black beard that hides prospectors spend four days combing
most of his face. He frequently twitches the area for traces of ghost rock.
and fidgets about, as though his army Each day, the Marshal draws a card
uniform were too heavily starched. for an encounter (using the Alaska
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit Encounters table on page 25) as usual.
d4, Strength d6, Vigor d8 Additionally, on each of the four days
the prospectors search the ravines, they
Skills: Fighting d6, Guts d4, Knowledge
get to make a Knowledge (Mining) roll
(Battle) d6, Notice d4, Riding d6,
(–2) with a d8 skill die to see if they strike
Shooting d8
any fundaments. Give the whole group
Charisma: 0; Pace: 6; Parry: 5; a single roll, with Wild Die, each day for
Toughness: 6 four days (let the players roll). Any time
Hindrances: Cautious, Quirk (Twitchy) the miners succeed on a roll, they’ve
Edges: Command, Soldier (Officer) struck ghost rock.
Gear: Colt Army single-action (Range: The trick is keeping all the prospectors
12/24/48, Damage: 2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots alive for the entire duration of the trip.
6, AP 1), saber (Damage: Str+d6), Colt Assume that predators go for the easiest
ammunition x20, Union Army uniform. targets first—which means carrying off a
miner. The posse could be hard-pressed
Gonna Git Me Some Ghost to protect their charges.
The Devil You Don’t
The typical prospecting trip lasts
1d6+4 days, and involves taking five What makes everything doubly
prospectors on a big ol’ tour of the lake dangerous is the matlose secretly
country north of Anagnak. The amount following the expedition. This diabolic
beast is a manitou-made-flesh, and

D eadlands T rail G uides
it seeks to make everything worse. It to rescue him, they couldn’t get him
attempts to steal the group’s food, lead out of the hole he fell through. He was
wild animals to them, and harass them sucked under by a strong current, and
when they’re weakened by other foes his companions left him behind lest they
(or even while they’re being attacked). freeze too.
The possibilities for fear and chaos are But Owen Barrymore survived,
endless. coming up through another break in
If the posse discovers the matlose’s the ice downriver. He crawled onto the
lair under the trading post, before or icy shore, cursing every last one who’d
after they’ve killed it, they can add +2 to aban­doned him. Not ten feet from the
any Persuasion rolls made for tale-tellin’ river he sat up against an evergreen and
when the story’s told. froze to death.
• Matlose (1): See page 111.
Rewards Relief looks more like a temporary
Major Mathis pays the $2 each per day, settlement or tent village than a town,
plus a bonus of $10 each if all the miners but on closer inspection it’s noticed that
survive. For each ghost rock strike some of the buildings have permanent
reported, Mathis pays each regulator a foundations. The usually steady stream
$5 bonus. of sleds and wagons from upriver has
slowed to a trickle. Sometimes sleds
reach Relief emptied of ghost rock and
Casks o’ Brandy people, pulled by terrified dogs, and
sometimes they don’t reach the waypoint
Location: Egowik at all.
Ghost rock sleds are being waylaid Father Bloom, the unofficial leader of
on the frozen Yukon River before they the community, is quick to greet new
can reach the safety of Relief. Armed arrivals, especially if they seem like the
robbers are suspected, but the locals fear type to sort out a problem upriver. Bloom
something worse. See Father Bloom in doesn’t have any men and very little
Relief for the full scoop. money to spare, but he offers a bounty
Sleds, sleighs, and wagons are being of 5 lbs. of ghost rock to each regulator
attacked on the Yukon River, but no who’s willing to work for him.
bandits are responsible. A very angry As the posse prepares to head upriver,
miner is to blame, and he’s sending all Father Bloom tells them another
the trouble from beyond the grave. shipment is expected soon, but is already
several hours late. He fears the worst.
The Lonely Death of Owen Bloom gives the heroes two small casks
Barrymore of brandy to help revive any survivors.
Owen Barrymore was a miner working Father Stephen Bloom
a sled on the Yukon River, ferrying loads With his florid cheeks, receding
from Fort Healy to Relief, and then hair­line, thick brogue, and prominent
riding back up to the fort and starting priestly collar, Father Bloom is the very
over again. During a recent storm, Owen pic­ture of an Irish Catholic priest. From
went through the ice into sub-zero water. a young age he felt a special connection
Though his companions tried their best with the Lord, and in the years after the

W ei rd W hite N orth
Reckoning he learned just how close a • Sparrow Swarm (1 per hero): Use
connection it was. In ’77 he immigrated Swarm stats in Savage Worlds. Add the
to the United States, and then to Alaska, Berserk Edge.
where he hoped his “blessedness” would • Grizzly Bear (1): Use stats in the
be appreciated more than it was by the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook. Add the
clergy in Dublin. Berserk Edge.
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit • Wolves (8): Use Dog/Wolf stats in
d10, Strength d6, Vigor d6 Savage Worlds. Add the Berserk Edge.
Skills: Guts d8, Knowledge (Religion) The ghost of Owen Barrymore is seen
d8, Faith d10, Healing d8, Notice d8, by the heroes urging the animals on, a
Persuasion d8, Riding d6, Shooting d6, blue-skinned, frozen shade. The posse
Stealth d6, Survival d8, Tracking d8 may opt to fight (and kill) the animals,
Charisma: 0; Grit: 2; Pace: 6; Parry: 2; but the beast friend power can also be
Toughness: 5 used to convince the animals to go away.
Hindrances: Heroic, Vow (Celibacy) Other creative solutions may work at the
Edges: Arcane Background (Miracles), Marshal’s discretion.
Conviction, Flock, Healer If the posse can find Owen’s frozen
Gear: Winchester ’76 (Range: 24/48/96, corpse and give it a proper burial (or
Range: 2d8, RoF 1, Shots 15, AP 2), return it to Relief so Father Bloom can do
derby, silver crucifix, priestly vestments, so), the spirit finally finds peace.
fur coat. • Owen’s Ghost: Use Ghost stats in the
Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook.
Owen’s Varmints
The ghost of Owen Barrymore is livid Dances o’ the
with rage, and whipping up the wildlife
into a supernaturally fueled frenzy. The Dead
specter has found a way to get into their Location: Egowik
heads and drive ’em loco, sending flights
The Inuit keep in touch with their
of small birds to confuse and distract
ancestors. Some of them advertise this
sled and wagon drivers. While they’re
fact more than others…but they really
distrac­ted, Owen’s grizzly bear springs
mean it! See Tipvigut in Egowik, Alaska,
out onto the ice and starts tearing dogs
to join the conversation.
and people to shreds. Anyone who
doesn’t get torn to pieces finds a pack Use this hook to bring the posse
of hungry wolves awaiting them on the to Egowik from far away if needed,
snowy shoreline. whether it’s overheard in a saloon or in
fireside tales of the Eskimos’ ways. But
When the posse gets close to the site
if the posse arrives in Egowik on their
of Owen’s death—the area where the
own, it’s the big chief who summons the
incidents are taking place—they are
heroes to his igloo. It’s almost as though
attacked by each of Owen’s varmints
he was waiting for them...
in turn. These animals are completely
mundane, except for the fact that Owen’s
deathly urgings drive the animals The Setup
berserk. Not long after they arrive in Egowik,
the compadres notice a few Inuit keeping
tabs on them. Pretty soon they find

D eadlands T rail G uides
themselves surrounded by a half-dozen Tipvigut
Inuit braves. One of them says, Tipvigut is a burly, barrel-shaped
Big chief Tipvigut offers you smoke, Inuit, always dressed in the skins and
and seal meat, and a place by his fire. furs common among his people. What he
Success on a Common Knowledge lacks in outward majesty he more than
roll (–2) tells an hombre he’s just been makes up for with honesty, courage, and
summoned, and turning down the invite a deep and abiding love for all his people.
is incredibly bad form. Fightin’ words, Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit
even. d8, Strength d10, Vigor d8
• Inuit Braves (6): Use Indian Brave stats Skills: Driving d8, Fighting d8, Guts d4,
in the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook. Intimidation d8, Notice d6, Persuasion
They are armed with spears. d8, Swimming d6, Throwing d10
Charisma: +2; Grit: 3; Pace: 6; Parry: 6;
In the Great Chief’s Igloo Toughness: 7
Tipvigut is the great chief of all the Hindrances: Code of Honor, Old Ways
Inuit tribes, and his home advertises it. Oath (Major), Stubborn
It consists of several large igloos built Edges: Brawny, Improved Level
into a huge snowy hillside, all of whose Headed, Improved Sweep, Noble
interiors connect within. Tunnels, large Gear: Tomahawk (Damage: Str+d6),
chambers, even a narrow staircase are knife (Damage: Str+d4), spear (Damage:
found within the chief’s abode. The Str+d6, Parry +1, Reach 1).
interior smells of wood smoke, and the
acrid odor of seal fat rendering in an iron
pot by the fire. The Song of Sedna
They bring the posse into a large After everyone has a chance to settle in
central chamber with a fire pit at the and warm their bones, the chief speaks
center, to join the four Inuit already in halting English,
seated cross-legged around the crackling Eight seasons have passed since the
flames. whales swam away to the arms of Sedna,
One very large and imposing Inuit— the old woman who lives under the
no doubt the great chief himself—waves sea. For a long time we prayed for their
the heroes in and gestures for them to sit return. Our shamans pled our case to the
down. First a peace pipe full of tobacco ancestors. We left offerings in the sea.
is shared around, followed by seal Still our cries went unanswered.
meat on a crude platter of made out of The three great spirits of winter have
whale ivory. Refusal to partake of these come. They have taken this land as their
offerings is considered a grievous insult own. The whales were not running from
to the host, but the Inuit are willing to us—they were signaling us to come
cut “southerners” some slack (let’s face it, with them! We heard, but we did not
everyone’s a southerner to them). understand.
A successful Persuasion roll serves Now we only have spirits of winter to
to smooth any ruffled feathers. Truly protect us, to provide us with sustenance.
disrespectful cusses are quickly shown You can already tell what a comfort they
the door. are—you’re shivering. Come closer to the

W ei rd W hite N orth
Most of the good spirits have gone, like
the whales went. But they left pictures
Old Ones’ Wisdom
for whoever can follow them. I believe At the end of their long and risky
you—all of you, together—can follow expedition, the posse reaches the
them. northernmost point in Alaska, where the
Our shamans have come to me, and icy white of land stretches out over the
they have told me this thing about you: frozen ocean into a distant gray haze.
you must go north, and seek the wisdom It’s a cold, desolate, and lonely place,
of the ancestors who dance around their and the posse’s forced to spend a single
Great Fire in the night sky. night here in the sub-zero cold. Those
Tipvigut is pretty certain the posse who’ve got knowledge of such things are
will do what he recommends, even free to use the time to get proactive, and
though nothing’s forcing them to. The petition the spirits themselves.
chief either isn’t able or isn’t willing Draw things out with a few rolls to
to elaborate much (it’s hard to tell), resist Fatigue from the frosty tempera­
repeating only that if the posse ought to tures, to plant the seed of doubt that
go north to see the Great Fire in the sky. these ancestors will even show up. But
If asked about those three winter spirits, later that night, read the following:
he nods and corrects them, As you shiver through the night at the
Three great winter spirits, the fierce northern end of everything, a strange
wielders of blizzards and sleet. curtain of multicolored light wavers into
If the players don’t guess it themselves, view, stretched across the entire sky.
success on a Common Knowledge roll Within it, mysterious shapes flicker and
(–2) tells them that this fire in the sky dance. Everybody squints hard to see
is almost certainly the aurora borealis, what, exactly, they are.
commonly known as the Northern Turns out it’s in the eye of the
Lights. beholder—every person sees what he
wants to see in the Northern Lights. An
Indian brave sees his ancestors dancing
It’s All in the Journey
around a great bonfire. An anglo from
It’s a long way across the Brooks Range Back East might see his family gathered
to Point Hope, by foot or dogsled, and at the hearth, while a mad scientist just
according to Tipvigut’s shamans the sees swirling gases and radiation.
posse needs to go even farther north
If a shaman actually uses the vision
than that to speak with the ancestors.
quest power under the Northern Lights,
Unless you’re in an all-fired rush, that’s a different story. Shift all values
it’s best to play out the whole arduous down one step on the duration table. In
journey, starting with how the players other words, a minor matter is learned
plan to cover the distance. Draw for instantly, a matter of import can be
encounters each day, divert your group learned in 1 hour, and the answer to a
into another Savage Tale along the way, major matter can be gleaned in a single
and be sure to include a stopover at Point day.
Hope. Seeking wisdom from the ancients
should never be a cakewalk.
That’ll Learn Ya
Thing is, there’s something in there
be­sides warm and fuzzy imagery,

D eadlands T rail G uides
be­cause everyone gets the same message mind—his will was powerful too, so he
tucked into their particular brand tore ’em loose and came back undead.
of window dressing. As the glow of The Reckoners are fine with that—
the aurora shines down on the rocky Baranov does nothing but terrify people,
coastline, ask for Notice rolls (–2). With and for all his obsession with Tlingits,
success, a hero sees the glow of the there haven’t been any on the island in
sky reflected sharply in a rocky crag over 70 years.
protruding from the ice nearby.
On closer examination, a series of very I’ll Take That Bet
old pictograms are found carved there. When the posse agrees to local muck­
With a Common Knowledge roll (–4), a raker Amos Strong’s proposal, there’s
hero deduces that it starts out describing a big fanfare at the New Archangel
the Fire God’s fight with the Howlers. Observer’s office. Photographs are taken
Then a series of newer glyphs shows the to commemorate the occasion, befuddled
whales’ departure from Alaskan waters. miners and settlers gather to see what
The most recent sequence depicts Raven the fuss is all about, and the cowpokes
freeing the Howlers from a series of tall are generally afforded the good-natured
peaks. Finally, a figure is shown wielding admiration given to those believed to be
a spear, and standing against the evil headed for certain doom.
spirits. That’s where the sequence ends.
Mr. Strong announces that any man
While it doesn’t come close to revealing or woman who spends the entire night
the actual locations of the Howlers’ inside Baranov Manor will receive $50
prison, it’s a darn good piece of the tomorrow. The crowd lets out a cheer,
puzzle. and hats are thrown skyward.

An Evening at Spooksville
The Baranov Manor is a crumbling
Baranov Manor ruin, fitting the stereotype of a haunted
Location: New Archangel house to a tee. It’s not a comfortable place
to spend the night at any time of year,
A local rag, the New Archangel Observer,
but winter is worse. The great hearth still
is offering $50 to anyone brave enough to
stands at the center of the ruins, so it’s
spend the night up at old Baranov Manor.
fairly easy to rustle up some firewood—
Think your posse’s got enough grit?
success on a Survival roll will do it—and
There’s a good reason everyone thinks
get a blaze going.
Baranov Manor is haunted, but it isn’t
Baranov’s ghost. It’s his deathless corpse, Nothing happens until about
hiding in an old cellar and causing no midnight. Then random objects start
end of mischief and fright. moving. An hombre puts down his
whittlin’ knife for a second, only to find
it’s gone. The matches all of a sudden
Never Shall I Surrender scatter from their box. A creaking sound
Baranov was raised from death by seems to move up the remains of the
powerful manitous, so great was his flimsy old staircase.
hatred for the Tlingits and desire to Next someone’s gun goes off—roll
avenge all the family he’d lost. But they randomly to see which of the shooter’s
couldn’t ride this Russian hombre’s companions is hit. This may very

W ei rd W hite N orth
well spark conflict within the group. Special Abilities:
Hopefully it gets them looking around • Claws: Str+d6.
to see what’s causing all this weirdness. • Fear –2: Baranov’s horrifying appear­
It takes a Notice roll (–2) to find the ance causes a Guts check for all who
entrance to the cellar, now covered with see him.
debris. While the posse searches, bigger • Fearless: So strong is Baranov’s
pieces of debris start flying about. One hatred for the living, he is unaffected
chunk of rubbish is hurled per round: roll by Fear or Intimidation.
Baranov’s Spirit d12 for the attack, which
• Hardy: Additional Shaken results do
inflicts Spirit+d6 damage if successful.
not cause Baranov a wound.
With a successful Strength roll, it takes
• Telekinesis: Baranov can move
one person 16 rounds to clear the debris
objects with his will. This power func­
from the cellar entrance (thus, it takes
tions almost exactly like the telekinesis
two people eight rounds, four people
power, except that it is usable once
four rounds, eight people two rounds,
per round at Range 18”, and costs no
and so forth). If a hero fails the Strength
Power Points to use or maintain.
roll, he suffers a level of Fatigue (that
fades after an hour’s rest) and his efforts • Undead: +2 Toughness. +2 to recover
aren’t counted toward the time it takes to from being Shaken. Called shots do
clear the entrance. no extra damage. Does not suffer
wound penalties.
Down in the Cellar
Once the posse shifts the debris and
accesses the cellar, there’s the hideous
reanimated corpse of Alexander Baranov
to take care of. He starts by using his
telekinetic powers to attack with a
massive antique great sword, cackling
dementedly and rattling on in Russian
the whole time.

Alexander Baranov
Baranov is still dressed in the aristo­
cratic waistcoat, knee-length breeches,
and buckled shoes he wore in life. Or
rather, the ones he wore into the grave.
Baranov’s skin is stretched tightly over
his skeleton, and his fingers have grown
into long, bony talons. His eyes are alight
with disgust for all living things.
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit
d12, Strength d6, Vigor d12
Skills: Fighting d6, Intimidation d10,
Notice d8
Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 10

D eadlands T rail G uides
Company functionaries before they are
Rewards admitted into the country.
Buried in a corner of the dirt-floored After getting the third degree, every
cellar is a chest containing some of hero must succeed at a Persuasion roll
Baranov’s prized belongings in life. to cross the US border into the province.
In all, the haul of valuables fetches Those who fail are turned back. If the roll
up to $1,000 from a collector in New results in snake eyes, the hero is arrested
Archangel’s upscale districts. One of the on suspicion of being a Union spy.
items—a medal of honor bestowed upon
Enterprising (read: conniving) folks
Baranov by Alexander I of Russia—was
get the bright idea to cross the border
the focus of all Baranov’s pride. Unless it
at some unidentified point in the
is destroyed, the undying horror known
wilderness, where no one is watching.
as Baranov will reform seven days later.
Soon they realize their mistake—the
(There’s no reason for the posse to know
Mounties are always watching, and they
this, but if they come back someday they
always get their man.
might have to fight Baranov again—and
track down the medal they sold!) Whether the posse crosses into
Victoria or tries to slip across the border,
Also, anyone who stays inside the
a persistent Mountie by the name of
house all night long gets the promised
Sgt. Nigel Travis and his men pick up
$50 from Amos Strong and their picture
the characters’ trail. He and his men
in the paper. No cheating, though—
hound the party the whole time they’re
Strong hides near the ruin all night long
in BC, always in pursuit or dropping in
watching to see if anyone leaves, even
on a Savage Tale they’ve got no business
for a moment. Those folks get nothing.
being in.
Strong hears all the carrying on during
the fight with Baranov, but he doesn’t • Travis’ Riders (8): Use Soldier
rile—he figures the posse knows he’s (Veteran) stats in the Deadlands Mar­
there and is just trying to scare him off. shal’s Handbook. Each has a riding
horse (see Savage Worlds).
Nothing doing. Amos Strong doesn’t
believe in ghosts. Sergeant Nigel Travis
Sgt. Travis is the ultimate Mountie—
persistent as a bloodhound, and morally
Immigration Law upright. He’ll never give up hunting
Location: Victoria a group he suspects of wrongdoing,
but he’s not stupid. Given compelling
Travelers crossing the Union border
circumstances, he might even join the
into British territory, beware. With war
posse against a greater threat.
on the horizon between Britain and the
US, the Northwest Mounted Police patrol Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit
the border carefully for illegal crossings. d8, Strength d8, Vigor d10
This isn’t a full Savage Tale, but rather Skills: Boating d4, Climbing d6,
a plot seed that provides an ongoing Fighting d10, Guts d8, Intimidation d6,
antagonist for your posse during their Investigation d6, Notice d8, Persuasion
travels in British Columbia. When they d6, Shooting d10, Stealth d6, Survival
cross the border, the posse must endure d8, Tracking d8, Throwing d6
questioning by British and Hudson’s Bay Charisma: 0; Grit: 4; Pace: 6; Parry: 8;
Toughness: 7

W ei rd W hite N orth
Hindrances: Heroic, Stubborn trees for building material. Onlookers
Edges: Block, Combat Reflexes, First are fixed with unfriendly stares. It’s clear
Strike, Marksman, Soldier (NCO), True these Lost Angels folk intend on staying
Grit, Two-Fisted, Wilderness Man for a while.
Gear: Mounties uniform, Winchester The “missionaries” are well-armed
’73 (Range: 24/48/96, Damage: 2d8, RoF with knives, clubs, and pistols. The
1, Shots 15, AP 2), Colt Army (Range: leader, William “The Apostle” Jacobs,
12/24/48, Damage: 2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots 6, is a mountain of a man who takes no
AP 1), cavalry saber (Damage: Str+d6), guff from anybody. They hold a revival
riding horse (see Savage Worlds), bedroll, meeting in the big tent every Saturday,
canteen, heavy furs, hat. and spend the rest of the days wandering
town in search of converts.
• Lost Angels (16): Use Guardian
Little Lost Angel, Angel stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s
Fly Away Home Handbook. They’re armed with knives,
clubs, and single-action revolvers.
Location: Kodiak • William “The Apostle” Jacobs: Use
Missionaries from Lost Angels are Cult Leader stats in the Deadlands
proselytizing in Kodiak, but it isn’t just Marshal’s Handbook. He’s armed as
faith they’re spreading. As usual for the above, plus a double barrel shotgun.
Guardian Angels, they brought along
some fear and brutality too.
The Story So Far Location: Eve Cone
This tale involves a simple problem The Grand Canyon of the Stikine
and a simple solution. Under cover of River lies inland from Wrangell. The
preaching Grimme’s word, cultists from locals speak of strange lights and noises
distant Lost Angels are trying to muscle that occur under the new moon. The
in on local trade. So far they haven’t killed Tombstone Epitaph will pay real money
anyone, but everyone knows they’re for confirmation!
responsible for the brutalization of local
businessmen who refused Grimme a cut
of their take—er, refused to allow the
The Tribe’s Story
Lord’s light to enter their souls, that is. The Grand Canyon is home to a
Someone needs to show ’em the door, group of crazed Indians known as the
and as usual, that’s up to the posse. Nightrunners. This small band gathers
Somebody might come ’round asking on the night of the new moon to perform
the heroes to make it right. Or maybe dark rites to the night spirits. That doesn’t
the posse does it just for the pleasure of sound so bad, right? It wouldn’t be,
whuppin’ the tar out o’ some cultists. except the Nightrunners don’t worship
the same spirits as other Indians.
Their gods are manitous who have
The Apostles’ Camp
deceived them, and what those manitous
The cultists are camped on a hillside demand is blood. Despite local tales to
just outside town. They’ve already the contrary, the Nightrunners attack
begun staking out the boundaries for a outsiders any night of the year. Intruders
stockade fort, and cutting down nearby

D eadlands T rail G uides
likely find themselves the honored shaman seen from time to time in the
guests of a blood rite—and the main Tanana Hills.
course for the banquet afterwards. This fella always has a big grin on his
The posse might hear a rumor about face when he comes round. Oh, I don’t
disappearances in the Grand Canyon, or know—lookin’ for handouts, or jest bein’
go there for some other reason (hunting friendly, how should I know what he
a fugitive, following a treasure map, etc.). wants? He’s always grinnin’ though,
and sayin’ he kin talk to the rocks. Can
Blood in the Canyon you believe it?
The Nightrunners travel in large I mean—talking to rocks? Have you
warbands, looking to ambush anyone ever heard such a damned fool notion in
wandering the reaches of the canyon. your entire life, Edgar? Talking to rocks.
Each day the posse travels the region, That’s one to beat the band. Now pass
draw a card. On a face card they me over that bottle of Oh-Be-Joyful.
encounter a Nightrunner warband as If the posse decides that talking to
described below, and on a Joker there are the rocks isn’t a phenomenon they’re
two shamans instead of one. prepared to pass up, the locals gladly
• Nightrunner Braves (4 per hero): Use give directions to the Tanana Hills—up
Indian Brave (Veteran) stats in the the frozen Yukon River about seven
Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook. miles, and go east on the Tanana mining
• Unalaq: Use Indian Shaman stats in
the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook.
The Tanana Hills
Fear Level: 3
Pebble Talker As the posse wanders the rocky hills,
they can get into whatever trouble you
Location: Fort Healy
dream up, from getting embroiled
If stones could talk, what would they in disputes between rival ghost rock
say? A hermit in the Tanana Hills east of mining operations or getting stalked
Fort Healy claims to know. They say he by a varmint or two. After 1d6 days
translates the stones’ words for visitors. of searching, the heroes come upon
a remote canyon inhabited by an old
The Setup Indian with a big smile on his face.
Brock’s Emporium typically smells of The Indian’s name, coincidentally, is
peat, animal musk, and sweat. Everyone Pebble Talker, and he’s sitting next to the
in the place is draped in piles of furs and hot spring that keeps him alive out here
seal pelts. With luck, a body can catch a in the wilderness. Pebble Talker really
whiff of tobacco smoke, or the delicious can talk to rocks—earth spirits, to be
scent of someone’s meager supper. If exact. He was given his name as a young
there’s no food to settle that belly o’ boy, when he was often seen whispering
yourn, partner—best order up another to stones and then holding them to his
shot o’ whiskey. ear to listen to their replies.
As he grew older, he did not abandon
One Crazy Injun his habit of talking to stones, which was
When the posse’s in this earthy little considered an eccentricity by the rest
joint, they overhear tales of an Indian of his Cree tribe. Sometimes the rocks

W ei rd W hite N orth
would tell Pebble Talker to act against Talker, the old man is very grateful. He
his tribe, and he always did their bidding exclaims,
no matter how angry his family became. Those were not the rocks I was
They grew even more angry when the speaking to!
stones were always right! Finally, the If the posse asks Pebble Talker to drop
tribe had enough of Pebble Talker’s some wisdom regarding the Howlers,
disobedience and exiled him. He was the shaman nods his head—still
never so happy as when they finally smiling—and pulls a sacred rock out of
let him be. With a smile on his face, he his medicine pouch. He whispers to it,
wandered off into the north. holds it to his ear, chuckles as if hearing
Pebble Talker can be convinced to ask a joke, and puts it away.
the earth spirits whatever the heroes The earth spirits know of what you
want to know. But before anyone speaks, seek. They tell me it is southwest of here,
they find that they’re not the only ones in a very cold, very high place. They say
looking for the Indian. Abruptly the it is in a cave beside a sky river, guarded
rocks come to life in misshapen, manlike, by three great spirits of winter.
manifestations of geologic rage, trying
Pebble Talker has nothing more to add
to smash the posse and the shaman too!
on that subject. But he entertains any
• Hoodoo (1 per hero): See page 108. other questions the heroes might wish
Pebble Talker to pose to the earth spirits. How they
answer, and how accurate of the replies
This Cree shaman looks to be in his
are, is up to the Marshal.
early sixties, with deep wrinkles around
his eyes from smiling so much. He has Before the posse leaves, Pebble Talker
long hair, most of which has gone gray. asks them to wait. Over the next 1d20
minutes he chants and dances around
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d10,
the spring, preparing one of his sacred
Spirit d10, Strength d4, Vigor d6
rocks as a magic talisman of healing.
Skills: Fighting d6, Guts d8, Healing d6, This he gives to the posse in thanks. The
Intimidation d6, Notice d6, Persuasion fetish is activated with a Spirit roll, and
d8, Throwing d10, Tribal Medicine d10 has 10 Power Points that do not recharge.
Charisma: +2; Grit: 4; Pace: 5; Parry: 5;
Toughness: 5
Hindrances: Elderly, Old Ways Oath Sir, the Men Are
(Major) Revolting!
Edges: Arcane Background (Shaman),
Charismatic, Fetish Creator, Luck, New Location: Fort Healy
Powers, Power Points Reports of armed insurrection issue
Powers: Aim, burrow, deflection, detect/ from Fort Healy, Alaska. Food shortages
conceal arcana, healing. Power Points: 20. and cabin fever are likely to blame, but
Gear: Rocks (Range: 4/8/16, Damage: some brave souls ought to find out for
Str+d4, RoF 1, Shots 1), sacred rocks. sure.

What Did It Say? The Story So Far

If the heroes destroy the hoodoo, and Major Julius Denningham is chained
prevent them from squashing Pebble in the stockade along with his loyalists,
while Capt. Amon English and his

D eadlands T rail G uides
followers have claimed Fort Healy Army single-action (Range: 12/24/48,
as their own. Driven to madness by Damage: 2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots 6, AP 1),
hunger and the eerie cries of wendigo, saber (Damage: Str+d6), ammunition
Capt. English has become an unhinged x20 for each weapon.
despot. It’s up to the posse to see that the
coup is foiled.
Smuggler’s Blues
The Insubordinates Location: Egowik
Capt. English and his men are holed Union soldiers are migrating to
up in the fort above the town. No one Alaska in ever-increasing numbers. Col.
goes in or out, and they fire upon Graham-Griffith at the US trading post
any strangers or Union soldiers who in Egowik, Alaska, would prefer those
approach. English became convinced numbers to be even greater.
that Major Denningham was holding
out on them with a hidden cache of
rations. When there weren’t any rations
The Story So Far
to be found, the Captain went berserk The USS Massachusetts lies at anchor
and beat the Major into a coma. off the Alaskan coast. As far as most
Herschel Lott—meek, terrified, also folks know, it’s full of supplies bound
a prisoner—fears he might be the next for the US trading post. What it’s really
victim of the Captain’s wrath. full of is a company of 100 Union sol­diers
bound for the interior! Problem is, there’s
• Herschel Lott: Use Townsfolk stats in
an HBC trading post not a hundred
the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook.
paces down the beach, and neither it nor
• Revolting Soldiers (24): Use Soldier its British backers down south are going
stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s Hand­ to take kindly to an amphibious landing.

Captain Amon English The Setup

Amon English was once a Col. Graham-Griffith, the generally
courageous soldier and a loyal friend. unpleasant officer in charge of Egowik
Two years in Alaska have remade him Outpost, has a simple solution. Since the
into a raving madman. HBC is on the lookout for Union blues,
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit he figures he’ll hire some civilians to
d6, Strength d10, Vigor d12 handle the operation as freelancers.
Skills: Climbing d6, Fighting d8, Guts That’s about when the posse arrives in
d8, Intimidation d8, Notice d8, Riding town.
d6, Shooting d10, Throwing d10 Graham-Griffith is willing to let the
Charisma: –4; Grit: 3; Pace: 8; Parry: 6; posse figure everything out—they’ve got
Toughness: 8 six steam launches to work with, each
able to carry seven soldiers at a time
Hindrances: Bloodthirsty, Delusional
and leave room for a pilot. The goal is to
get those men ashore without the HBC
Edges: Block, Combat Reflexes, knowing anything about it. If word
Command, Fleet-Footed, No Mercy, gets out, the already miserable relations
Soldier (Officer), Two-Fisted between the US and Britain might break
Gear: Winchester ’73 (Range: 24/48/96, down further—the most likely result
Damage: 2d8, RoF 1, Shots 15, AP 2), Colt being war in Alaska.

W ei rd W hite N orth
Griffith offers the posse a huge boon noting who the Colonel talks to and
if they’re successful: he considers them reporting it to Reggie, and generally
favored customers and sells them every­ getting underfoot.
thing from the US trading post at cost • Sir Reggie’s “Eyes and Ears” (4): Use
(i.e. at the cost listed in the Deadlands Townsfolk stats in the Deadlands Mar­
Player’s Guide), in perpetuity. shal’s Hand­book.
Col. Graham-Griffith Sir Reginald Ray
Col. Griffith is a physically powerful Sir Reggie is a popular man around
and imposing man, with rusty red hair these parts, partial to a cup of Earl Grey
and scraggly beard. He tends to be in a in the afternoon. He considers it his duty
foul mood and direct it at others, and as an Englishman to keep an eye on
as a result his men avoid him whenever these uncivilized American buggers.
they can. Griffith was court martialed Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit
for fleeing the enemy, but thanks to his d8, Strength d4, Vigor d6
father’s intercession he was exiled to
Skills: Fighting d4, Knowledge
Alaska instead of hanged or thrown in
(Business) d8, Notice d8, Persuasion d6,
jail—which is why the man is in such a
Shooting d6, Taunt d8
bad mood.
Charisma: +2; Pace: 6; Parry: 4;
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit
Toughness: 5
d4, Strength d10, Vigor d8
Hindrances: Curious
Skills: Fighting d8, Knowledge (Battle)
d4, Notice d6, Riding d6, Shooting d8, Edges: Charismatic, Knack (Bastard)
Throwing d8 Gear: Derringer .41 (Range: 5/10/20,
Charisma: –2; Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Damage: 2d6, RoF 1, Shots 2, AP 1),
Toughness: 6 monocle.
Hindrances: Mean, Yellow
Edges: First Strike, Marksman, Soldier
Look Over There—It’s
(Officer) Lincoln!
Gear: Colt Army single-action (Range: The situation would seem to call for
12/24/48, Damage: 2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots some kind of elaborate distraction (or
6, AP 1), saber (Damage: Str+d6), even a simple one). It’s up to the posse
ammunition x18. to devise a plan (whether it involves a
diversion or not), keep Sir Reggie in the
Nosy Brits dark, and get those soldiers off the ship
before they starve. At most, the posse’s
Sir Reginald Ray, over at the HBC
got three days to complete their mission.
trading post, wasn’t born yesterday. The
longer that Union ironclad sits without If they succeed, Col. Graham-Griffith
unloading any cargo, the more curious becomes the posse’s new best friend.
he gets. His people—he calls them his He follows through on his promise to
“eyes and ears”—are looking high and give them goods and gear at cost, and
low for any hint of subterfuge of the part generally throws his weight around to
of the American Colonel. help them out while they’re in Alaska.
Basically, this means they’re hanging If they fail, things aren’t looking so
around the US trading post all the time, rosy. The Colonel doesn’t want anything
keeping an eye on the Massachusetts, to do with the posse, and they find that

D eadlands T rail G uides
their reputation precedes them at other
Union forts in the region. Not to mention
Terrible Tale-Teller
the British send a few warships of their When the posse finds the old Inuit,
own to Egowik, thus raising the ante one he is solemnly gazing into the Yukon
more time. River, seeking a place to fish. The old
man looks harmless enough. Whether
the posse just greets him, asks to hear
Tale o’ Terror one of these stories everyone’s so dang
fired-up about, or just flat-out demands
Location: Fort Weare information, Tuaq smiles. He says,
Intriguing rumors abound at Fort The spirits told me you would come.
Weare, the most remote Union fort in They told me I should tell you all about
Alaska’s Yukon territory. They say there’s the spirits you seek. Is it not so? Are you
an old storyteller there who knows the not looking for spirits of winter?
truth of things. These spirits…these are the things
Raven freed after he broke the land’s
The Story So Far spine. You walk in Raven’s footsteps
Everyone around Fort Weare knows without realizing it. And you want to
about the old Inuit who tells stories. They undo his work.
say his name is Tuaq, and he’s usually Ask for Notice rolls (–2). Succeeding
fishing a little ways up the Yukon River. means an hombre realizes it’s gotten
No one wants to go there, though, and awful dark all of a sudden. If it was
they all advise the posse to avoid the old already evening, a creeping mist springs
man as well. If asked why, the townsfolk up in the forest, obscuring the way back
shrug self-consciously and say, to the fort. Tuaq keeps talking,
His stories are just frightful. That his You must not fail. If you do, the world
mind could think ’em up…it’s powerful will become the way Raven wants it to
disturbing. be. A place of fear, from which there is
It’s true that Tuaq tells terrible, blood- no escape.
soaked tales of the Reckoning to come. By this time the trees are black, skeletal,
He claims to be inspired by spirits and twisted, and the moon looks bloated and
deliver warnings on their behalf. In fact, rotten against the sky. Creeping tendrils
the Reckoners have given Tuaq more of fog squirm across the snow like
than just warnings. They’ve given him snakes. Even if it was daytime before, the
the power to make fear real. posse is now surrounded by the dark of
night. Worst of all, every single hombre
The Setup listening to Tuaq talk feels a cold spike of
terror go down his spine. The local Fear
Fort Weare is a long way to go to hear
Level just jumped straight to 6, as Tuaq’s
a story, and if the heroes make this trip
evil words summoned up an honest-to-
they’re not too likely to be tickled pink
goodness Deadland.
about it. There are times when hunting
down vague clues across a weird and
wasted land leads one to some very The Dark Illusion
dark, very bad people. This is one of Well, not quite honest-to-goodness.
those times. Tuaq draws people into an illusion of
sorts when he starts telling tales, but the
illu­sion is partly real. Until the posse can

W ei rd W hite N orth
hunt him down and destroy him, they’re • Fearless: Tuaq feels no Fear, and
trap­ped in his pseudo-world of shadows cannot be Intimidated.
and fear. • Terrible Tales: Tuaq’s stories can
Emphasize the creepy atmosphere, draw listeners into a phantasmal
Marshal—that’s what gives a Deadland nightmare.
its bite, and this is a good chance to give • Undead: +2 Toughness. +2 to recover
the posse a taste of what they’re fighting from being Shaken. Called shots do
to prevent. Everything is either chillingly no extra damage. Does not suffer
eerie or revoltingly disgusting. Just wound penalties.
about any abomination you want to set • Worms!: Range: 1/2/4, Damage:
loose on the heroes might show up here. Special, RoF 1. With a Shooting roll,
Characters’ Worst Nightmares should Tuaq spits a gob of worms onto an
most certainly be involved, except here enemy. If the hero doesn’t take an
they can kill—for real. And with the Fear action to brush off the squirming,
Level (temporarily) at 6, they’ve got a biting maggots, they burrow into
Hell of an advantage. his skin the following round for 2d4
When the posse fights their way damage. Thereafter, they do 2d4
through the tides of evil, they find Tuaq damage each round until Tuaq is
waiting for them, his true form revealed. killed, at which point they shrivel up
First call for Guts checks as the posse and die.
sees the squirming maggots in Tuaq’s
eye sockets, then deal out initiative. Aftermath
Tuaq, the Tale-Teller When Ol’ Wormy falls lifeless to the
Tuaq has yellowish, rotted skin, earth, the heroes’ surroundings are
stretched tight over his ribs, and restored to their previous condition. It’s
enormous purple eyes that stare with as though the abominations and Worst
hatred. His fingers are tipped with Nightmares never existed, and Tuaq,
vicious talons, and maggots squirm in still dead and unmoving, is restored to
his eye sockets, writhe in his mouth, and his human form. Any heroes who got
fall from open sores scattered over his killed in the dreamscape are still stone
hideous body. Tuaq moves with frightful dead now.
quickness for a dead thing. With Tuaq’s death, a great source of
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit fear has been extinguished. More than
d8, Strength d12+2, Vigor d12 likely, the posse’s a little aggravated they
Skills: Fighting d10, Notice d10, had to come so far for a big hassle. But
Shooting d10, Stealth d8 they’re heroes—they’ll get over it.
Pace: 8; Parry: 9; Toughness: 12
Edges: Ambidextrous, Combat Reflexes, Up the Chilkoot
Fleet-Footed, Improved Block, Improved
Sweep, Improved Tough as Nails, No
Mercy, Two-Fisted Location: Port Alexander
Special Abilities: Excitement, travel, wealth! All these
• Claws: Str+d8. things await travelers on the Chilkoot
• Fear: Seeing Tuaq’s worm-eaten form Trail, plus sundry varmints and other
provokes a Guts check. perils. For prospectors headed into the

D eadlands T rail G uides
Yukon back country, no route is more Blankenships stop to do some mining
important. Freelancers now hiring in along the banks of the Yukon. There
Port Alexander. are some dangerous beasts and wild
weather out there, so the trip is sure to
Freelancers Wanted! be interesting.
Mining groups (families mostly) are This journey also provides a sort of
hiring freelancers and bodyguards to “frame” for as many Savage Tales as
travel the Chilkoot Trail with them for you’d like to throw in, Marshal. The
$2 a day. For heroes who want to reach so-called Yukon Passage goes past Fort
the far western coast of Alaska, this is a Weare, Fort Healy, and Relief before
pretty good deal. For anyone else it’s a ending up at Egowik, all of which
lot of misery with very little payoff. At provide other opportunities for mystery,
best it allows the posse a guided trip, and terror, and action.
some money for a journey they needed
to make anyway.
The Walrus Tusk
The Blankenships Location: Point Hope
The posse is hired by the wiry and Point Hope lies at the very end of the
nervous Chester Blankenship. He’s earth. There the Tikigaq Indians have
traveling with his plain but not homely dwelled for a century and a half, tending
wife Clara, their three sons Matthew, to the memories of Inuit heroes and
Mark, and John, daughters Mary and keeping them alive. Heroes on a trek to
Teresa, and a well-trained and loyal dog see the Northern Lights are likely to stop
named Dakota. there for shelter along the way.
The Blankenships plan to travel to
Whitehorse with five pack mules, then The Setup
sell the animals to buy a large sled and Just getting to Point Hope is an adven­
a team of dogs, which they’ll take all the ture. Between the weather, the killing
way out to western Alaska. cold, and the bizarre array of critters
• The Blankenships (7): Chester, Clara, and abominations looking to chomp
Matthew, Mark, John, Mary, and down on any warm meat they can
Teresa. Use Townsfolk stats in the find—even if it’s attached to an hombre’s
Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook. thigh—the posse’s gone through plenty
• Dakota: Use Dog/Wolf stats in Savage to be here. Just for that, they can learn
Worlds. some grade-A wisdom from the tribal
shaman, Ublureak.
The Yukon Passage If the cowpokes want to wield a relic
The main goal for the posse is to keep of the Tikigaq in their fight against the
the Blankenships alive, both for the Howlers, they have to go through one
sake of protecting an innocent family of more hassle. And it’s a big one.
cheechakos, and to make sure they have
someone to guide them through the wild Dug In and Warmed Up
country. Depending on the posse’s disposition,
Draw for encounters as usual they might seek shelter (and booze) at
while traveling, as well as when the the Tusk, or they might go directly to

W ei rd W hite N orth
the Tikigaqs’ settlement. Around town,
folks are talking about a few explorers
who disappeared recently to the east of Relic: The Walrus
here, not far up the Kukpuk River.
When the heroes are ready, it’s a simple
matter to find the shaman. As soon as This spear belonged to the greatest
they start nosing around, Ublureak hero the Inuit have ever known,
finds them and invites them to the tribe’s Nanuk. Nanuk (which means “polar
underground village to share food and bear” in Inuit) was the Master of
the fire’s warmth. Bears, and it was said he decided
whether hunters had paid the
Once they’re settled in and comfortable, proper respects to their prey before
they are welcome to ask questions about consuming it and fashioning it into
Howlers, winter spirits, whatever. Either clothing and shelter.
read the following out loud, or use it to Nanuk’s spear, the Walrus Tusk,
answer the players’ questions in your has a haft that will bend somewhat,
own words: but cannot be broken by any amount
Raven came to Alaska after he broke of weight. The spear floats like
the land into pieces. He went to the high a leaf on water. The razor-sharp
peaks where the lost Tlingits went to whalebone blade inflicts Str+2d8
damage. When thrown, the spear
hide, and he found them huddled there
conveys a +2 to Throwing and
in frigid caves, with barely enough fire inflicts the usual damage.
for warmth and hardly any meat to eat.
Additionally, the Walrus Tusk
Raven asked them why they must live inflicts its normal damage upon
this way. the Howlers, unlike most other
The Tlingits said the white man had weapons.
driven them away from their homes, Taint: The weapon’s taint, such as
they had fought until they could fight it is, is that the owner takes on the
no more, and they had to flee or lose Heroic and Loyal Hindrances. In
everyone. addition, the one who carries it can
stomach no other food but polar bear
Raven agreed that they suffered many meat.
The Tlingits told Raven of the biting
wind that cut them to their bones.
They told him of living in the cold, with
little food. They spoke of night’s dark
shadows, and the fear their people felt in
the darkness.
Raven thought for a while, then told
them he would do a great favor for the
Tlingits. He promised to call three spirits
into this world. The Tlingits were to
serve them, and they would protect the
Tlingits. The spirits were wind, snow,
and ice.
Raven set out from Tikchik to make
this big thing happen. He climbed past

D eadlands T rail G uides
an ice curtain, into the sky, where the and the Walrus Tusk is theirs. Ublureak
sky river sits gleaming. After three days warns,
he returned, and he brought eternal The Walrus Tusk fell into the hands of
winter with him. At first, the Tlingits the manitous long ago, and now an evil
were afraid of what Raven had done, and spirit clad in flesh stands guard over the
thought the Great Spirit would be angry weapon. Take care, my friends.
with them. When the explorers reach the cave
Raven said the Howlers were great days or weeks later, they find it as
spirits, too. Given prayers, they would Ublureak described, a dark cave of stone
allow the Tlingits to glide like birds upon opening out of the ice. From within seeps
the winds that used to cut them to the a musky, foul odor, followed by a low,
quick. Their weakness became the elk’s rumbling growl. Deal out initiative now,
strength. The shadows they once feared Marshal. On its Action Card a spirit bear
became a second home to them. Now, charges out of the dark, trying to sink its
they are eternal like the winter. teeth into the closest cowpoke.
With that, Ublureak is silent. • Spirit Bear (1): See page 113.
When the great manitou-ridden beast
What Can We Do? is put out of the posse’s misery, they’re
Heroes don’t give up easily, so your free to explore the inner cave. Tons of
group might ask Ublureak if there’s frozen bones are scattered about (the
anything to be done about these Howlers. remains of some vanished explorers and
The shaman deadpans, prospectors) along with an item literally
Go there and kill them. frozen into one of the ice-covered
walls—a six-foot-long spear, topped
He adds that if anyone wants half a
with a long, wickedly sharp blade of
chance at killing the winter spirits, then
they need a hero’s weapon.
Anyone can chip the weapon free,
One of our greatest warriors was called
given tools and enough time. However,
Nanuk, and he wandered all across this
if an Indian of any tribe tries to take
country in his days. He carried a great
the spear, her hand slips into the ice as
spear called the Walrus Tusk, which was
though it were water, and she pulls the
said to be able to pierce three whales in a
Walrus Tusk free with ease.
single strike and drag them from Sedna’s
watery grasp. The blade was sharper
than polar bear’s claws, and the haft was Water Horses
thin, but strong enough to withstand
almost any weight. This is what you Location: Rock Creek
must find. Trappers working the lake country
north of Rock Creek report ancient
The Search Is On Indian drawings and carvings in the
Ublureak sends the posse east, telling rocks. The same trappers frequently
them to follow the frozen Kukpuk River turn up dead!
to its headwaters in the Baird Mountains,
approximately 200 miles inland from The Setup
Point Hope. There, he says, they’ll find a When the posse arrives in Rock Creek,
huge cave in the ice. Defeat its inhabitant, after days of travel through evergreen

W ei rd W hite N orth

forests, they find the local Mounties have The other, bigger island, with the two
closed Lake Okanagan to mining and sequoias and an old ruin, is the one you
trapping after a spate of recent deaths want. That’s where you’ll find them
and horrible mutilations. carvings. Evil things, if you ask me.
Asking around in the local saloons But you folks can’t go out there,
gets a barfly to tell the tale: anyhow. Sgt. Burks closed to lake to
Out in Lake Okanagan, there are two everybody, and I suspect that means
islands. One of them is Parker’s Point, strangers too. The water horse, it used
where Ol’ Bill Parker found exactly $27 to protect us trappers and miners with
worth of ghost rock back in ’76, and not good fortune. These days the lake’s got
a penny more. God rest Ol’ Bill’s soul… some kinda varmints in it kill a man in a
he died on the lake last year. Anyhow, few seconds.
Parker’s Point ain’t got no Indian If asked to elaborate, the speaker
pictures on it. explains that Ol’ Bill drowned in a

D eadlands T rail G uides
boating accident. Sgt. Price Burks is the Unfortunately, the area is also
head of the local Mounties outpost, and frequented by the lake serpent’s young
he’s a man whose word one ought to ’uns. They swim up from the colder,
heed. The water horse is a fable, a sort deeper water nearby to worry at the
of sea serpent the locals adopted as a corpses. Splashing and swimming in
mascot of sorts. the water draws 2d6 of them, and the
Though the lake is closed, a successful buggers are hungry.
Streetwise roll locates a merchant willing • Lake Serpent Young ’Uns (2d6): See
to sell the posse kayaks for $25 a piece. If page 110.
they’re dead-set on investigating, they
ought to set out as soon as possible, and Isle o’ Dread
with as little fanfare as possible.
When the heroes arrive at the larger of
the lake’s two islands, they see a ruined
Up the Creek stone structure between the two huge
It’s a 40-mile trip upcreek to Lake sequoias even before they put ashore.
Okanagan, which takes about a day. No Just then, something huge slams into
Boating rolls are necessary right now, the bottom of the heroes’ kayak. It’s the
but the skill comes in handy later. As the Ogopogo herself, and she’s not happy
posse paddles out onto the lake, everyone about boats in the same lake as her many
should throw a Notice roll (–2). Success young ’uns!
means the character sees something The lake serpent attacks the bottom of
sunk to the bottom of the lake. any vessels she can get at. Each time she
Under about 12 feet of water, exceeds a kayak’s Toughness 7 with her
something rests in the brown silt on the bite damage, she puts a hole in it. When
lake bottom. It appears to be a sunken a kayak has two or more holes, it’s going
kayak on its side, with three or four visible down faster than it’s going forward and
holes in the bottom. Whatever is inside is the boaters become swimmers. The water
obscured by some plants and rocks. Just is calm, but anyone who can’t swim is in
beyond the wreck, the lake bottom drops trouble—the Ogopogo concentrates her
away into unknown depths. attacks on people in the water.
Someone might want to swim down in If she’s shot at or wounded, the lake
search of salvage, despite the uncertainty serpent dives out of sight, then returns
of finding anything valuable and the later to try to disable the boats.
almost-certainty of getting bitten by • Ogopogo, the Lake Serpent: See page
something nasty. In this case, it might 110.
actually be worth it. The kayak contains When the characters climb up to the
the drowned and half-eaten corpses of rocky crag to search the ruins, they find
two miners, along with rotted sacks of some stick figures and odd symbols
gold and ghost rock nuggets worth a carved into the rocks, but nothing
total of $4,000. having to do with Howlers. At your
However, the nuggets can’t be carried whim, Marshal, the carvings might lead
to the surface in their decayed sacks. to some other Savage Tale, or provide
The bags break apart and shower riches a clue to a mystery in someone’s back
on the lake bottom if lifted. A serious story.
salvage operation is in order if the heroes
want to collect what’s down there.

W ei rd W hite N orth
Charisma: 0; Grit: 4; Pace: 6; Parry: 9;
Thank Goodness for Toughness: 8
Mounties Hindrances: Code of Honor, Heroic
At his point, the posse is likely trapped Edges: Combat Reflexes, Improved
on the island of the ruins, with fewer Block, Marksman, Soldier (NCO), Steady
kayaks than they need to get to shore, or Hands, Trademark Weapon (“Kendra,”
none at all. That’s when they see another Winchester rifle), True Grit, Wilderness
two kayaks coming across the lake from Man
the direction of Rock Creek, with one
Gear: Mounties uniform, Kendra:
person paddling each one. Success on a
Winchester ’73 (Range: 24/48/96,
Notice roll means an hombre recognizes
Damage: 2d8, RoF 1, Shots 15, AP 2),
the distinct shape of their hats even at
Colt Army (Range: 12/24/48, Damage:
this distance—Mounties!
2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots 6, AP 1), cavalry
Rock Creek is a very small town, and saber (Damage: Str+d6), ammunition
word got around quick that some danged x50 for each weapon, horse, bedroll,
fools had gone boating on the serpent- canteen, heavy furs, hat.
infested lake. Sgt. Burks and Pvt. Moon
set out as fast as they could, but weren’t
fast enough to head off the party. Now
Get Me Off This Island!
they have to be quick indeed to get their The shortest distance to shore is east,
boats to shore before the Ogopogo busts about 25” in tabletop terms, if the heroes
’em up. have any boats left. If they make a run
for it, the Ogopogo attacks along with
Make Boating rolls for Burks and
2d8 of her young ’uns.
Moon to reach shore safely, and give the
Mounties +2 on their rolls if the heroes If the Ogopogo takes 2 Wounds, she
yell warnings. Sgt. Burks is not amused swims into the depths of the lake to rest
that the heroes disobeyed his ban on her hurts, and she takes her spawn with
lake travel, but he’s willing to let them her.
off with a $50 fine if they get out of this
• Private Hosea Moon: Use Mountie
stats on page 116. Location: Kodiak
Sergeant Price Burks Lumber prices have soared in Kodiak,
Sgt. Burks is a gruff and stern threatening the town’s shipbuilding
authority figure, known to ruthlessly industry. A small but fervent new
pursue outlaws in his jurisdiction. He movement among Kodiak’s timber men
has a bushy black moustache, thick may be to blame.
sideburns, and steely gray eyes.
Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d8, The Story So Far
Spirit d8, Strength d8, Vigor d12 A number of local woodhawks—
Skills: Boating d4, Climbing d6, lumbermen who cut timber specifically
Fighting d10, Guts d8, Intimidation d6, for masts, and other pieces used in
Investigation d6, Notice d8, Persuasion ships—have taken up with a charismatic
d6, Shooting d10, Stealth d6, Survival new leader by the name of Jack Ezra
d8, Tracking d8, Throwing d6 Pleasant. The man doesn’t quite live
up to his name. Driven to mania by

D eadlands T rail G uides
delusions of grandeur, Jack believes Pleasant himself, and they’re active
that he’s destined to lead a new timber guards this time around.
empire, and hold all of Alaska under his
thumb. His plan is to start with Kodiak Woodhawk
Island. These burly lumberjacks wear the
usual flannel and carry sharp axes, but
their eyes shine with inhuman ferocity.
The Setup
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d4, Spirit
The posse can learn about the
d8, Strength d12, Vigor d10
woodhawks’ movement by talking
with any of the locals around Kodiak. Skills: Climbing d10, Fighting d10, Guts
Pleasant’s men have raised their timber d6, Intimidation d6, Notice d4, Shooting
prices, and they’ve also caused a general d6, Survival d4
price spike by raiding the camps of Pace: 6; Parry: 7; Toughness: 8
woodhawks who refuse to gather under Hindrances: Delusion (Minor), Vow
Pleasant’s banner. At first Pleasant put a (Serve Jack Ezra Pleasant)
scare into them by setting fire to a few Edges: Brawny, Combat Reflexes, Sweep
cabins and outbuildings, but now he’s Gear: Wood ax (Damage: Str+d6).
getting serious, capturing opposing
lumberjacks and executing them. Jack Ezra Pleasant
A full-bearded mountain of muscle
The Camp and fat, Pleasant tends to fill a room with
The Woodhawks’ camp lies in the his booming laughter—just before he cuts
misty, forested uplands of Kodiak, about loose with an axe and the blood starts
75 miles from town. It takes a successful spraying. Though he manages to present
Survival or Tracking roll to find the a cool and collected front to his fanatical
place. underlings, Pleasant is a raving madman.
He believes he alone can speak to the
The camp looks like most other abodes
trees, and they promise endless power
of lumberjacks—a dozen canvas tents,
for Jack. Whether there are manitous
a few log cabins with foundations of
involved is of little consequence, since
stone, an army of stumps, and a stream
Pleasant acts on his own, without any
running through the middle of it. But
supernatural prodding.
these lumberjacks don’t take kindly
to folk snooping about. They’ve been Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d8,
infected with some of their leader’s Spirit d8, Strength d12, Vigor d12
conviction and mania, and killing is no Skills: Climbing d10, Fighting d10,
great shakes to them. Captured enemies Guts d8, Intimidation d8, Notice d10,
are imprisoned, tortured, starved, and Shooting d8, Survival d6, Tracking d8
finally put to death. Charisma: +2; Grit: 5; Pace: 6; Parry: 8;
Bands of 2d6 woodhawks roam the Toughness: 9
area around the camp. Draw a card—on Hindrances: Arrogant, Delusion (Major,
a face card the posse runs across one destined to rule all of Alaska)
of these groups resting in a clearing Edges: Block, Brawny, Charismatic,
(consider them inactive guards). On a Combat Reflexes, Improved Sweep, No
Joker, the party meets a double-sized Mercy, True Grit, Wilderness Man
group accompanied by Jack Ezra Gear: Wood ax (Damage: Str+d6).

W ei rd W hite N orth
Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d6(A),
Wormtongue Spirit d8, Strength d10, Vigor d10
Location: Anagnak Skills: Climbing d10, Fighting d10,
Notice d10, Stealth d10, Tracking d10
Tall tales and disappearances don’t
mix, and sometimes a tall tale is anything Pace: 8; Parry: 7; Toughness: 7
but! Many lone trappers and Indians Special Abilities:
have gone missing north of Anagnak, • Bite: Str+d8.
Alaska. • Black Tongue: Wormtongue can open
its jaws wide and make a Fighting
The Story So Far attack with its prehensile tongue
The reason for the steady stream (Damage: Str+d10, AP 2, Reach 1).
of vanished people over the years is This can’t be done during the same
summed up in one word: Wormtongue. round as Improved Frenzy.
This creature is whispered of by • Fear –2: Anyone who encounters
Anagnak’s Inuit villagers. If asked, Wormtongue must make a Guts roll
Ahnah the shaman tells of how it swoops (–2).
down silently on moonless nights to take • Fearless: Wormtongue is immune to
away the old and infirm, or snatch babies Fear and Intimidation.
from their cribs. It uses it’s long, powerful • Gliding: Pace 12. Wormtongue must
jaws to crush all a victims bones at once, glide from a higher elevation to a
and then its black tongue snakes into the lower one.
corpse to suck out all the tastiest bits—
• Invulnerability: Wormtongue can
the organs, the bones, and especially the
only be Shaken, and never wounded
brains. It leaves behind the empty skin
by anything but its Weakness.
of its victim, like a bloody sack.
• Improved Frenzy: Wormtongue
Wormtongue can be Tracked, but it
makes an extra Fighting attack each
isn’t easy because the beast likes to do a
round with no penalty.
lot of gliding. Tracking rolls to locate it
suffer a –4 penalty. • Oily Secretions: The oils that protect
Wormtongue from the cold are caustic
Wormtongue to human skin. Anyone who punches,
The backwoods monster the touches, or brushes bare skin against
natives call Wormtongue is unique and Wormtongue takes 1d6 damage.
terrifying. It’s no larger than a mastiff, • Weakness (Steel): Only weapons
but has a three-foot-long, narrow snout made of steel (or powers with a
filled with jagged, razor-sharp teeth and steel-like Trapping) can wound
a black, wormlike tongue. It’s hairless, Wormtongue.
with jet-black skin slick with an oily • Coup (Oily): A deader who counts
substance that insulates it against the coup on Wormtongue gains the ability
cold. to secrete an oily substance that
Between its fore and hind legs are thick cannot be removed from his skin. The
membranes of skin—patagia—which Harrowed is immune to Fatigue from
the thing can use to glide and surprise natural cold, and anyone who touches
prey. Wormtongue only attacks lone the oil takes 1d6 damage. The oil is
trav­elers, but will defend itself against a only caustic to skin, not clothing.
determined group of hunters.


All sorts of unique varmints lurk in avenge the deaths of the men or animals
the utter north. Here we present a whole whose blood formed them.
slew of them so you can torment your Once the blood avenger achieves
group just as much as they expect you its goal, it instantly dissolves into a
to. Let’s not disappoint them players, pool of blood that quickly dries. The
Marshal! resulting stain can never be removed.
Blood avengers are always solitary—no
massacre, no matter how terrible, creates
Creepy Critters more than a single avenger.
These abominations are found all over Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d6,
Alaska and British Columbia. Wild Spirit d8, Strength d12, Vigor d10
Cards are marked with the usual Skills: Climbing d10, Fighting d12,
marshal’s badge symbol, like so: Intimidation d6, Notice d8, Shooting
d10, Stealth d6, Tracking d10
Pace: 10; Parry: 8; Toughness: 9
Blood Avenger Gear: Bow (Range: 12/24/48, Damage:
The history of the northwest 2d6, RoF 1, Shots 1), tomahawk
contains more than its fair share of (Damage: Str+d6), spear (Damage:
violence, betrayal, and massacre. In Str+d6, Parry +1, Reach 1).
places the earth has been steeped in Special Abilities:
blood several feet deep. Sometimes
• Blood Weapons: The blood avenger’s
the hatred of the victims is so strong
weapons are poisoned by hate and
it lingers long after, drawing vengeful
vengeance. Wounds caused by these
manitou like a juicy worm draws fish
weapons can only be healed by a
to a hook. Then blood wells from the
shaman, or by natural healing.
earth, taking on the form and even the
intelligence of one who was slain in that • Fear –4: The blood avenger’s sudden
spot. This is a blood avenger, and there is appearance can, in certain cases,
no more feared abomination among the cause its prey to drop dead of fright.
Indian tribes of the northwest. Seeing it provokes a Guts check (–4).
A blood avenger has the shape of • Insubstantial: It is difficult to damage
an Indian brave or squaw, with skin a blood avenger, because its body isn’t
and gear colored the deep crimson of completely solid. The avenger takes
fresh blood. Even its eyes and teeth are half damage from all physical attacks.
bloody red. The avenger never speaks, • No Mercy: The blood avenger in
but seems to understand language. The unstoppable when its prey is in range.
blood avenger has only one purpose—to The avenger may spend Fate Chips

W ei rd W hite N orth
on damage for Fighting and Shooting with their tail, usually hitting the same
rolls against those it hunts. spot several times in rapid succession.
• Quick Draw: The blood avenger Then they swim to the opposite side and
moves swiftly in combat. It ignores attack again, alternating back and forth
the usual –2 to attack after drawing a until the structure finally collapses…or
weapon. sinks.
• Undead: +2 Toughness. +2 to recover Fortunately, dam killers aren’t car­ni­
from being Shaken. Called shots do vorous—they attack people who get in
no extra damage (except for the head). their way, but lose interest as soon as the
Does not suffer wound penalties. person stops being a threat or an obstacle.
• Weakness (Shamanic Blood Ties): Dam killers normally work in pairs, but
Blood avengers take double damage often live in extended communities of 20
from shamanic and blessed weapons or more.
and powers, unless the shaman Attributes: Agility d4, Smarts d6 (A),
is from a tribe opposed to the one Spirit d8, Strength d8, Vigor d8
whose blood makes up the avenger. Skills: Fighting d8, Notice d6,
In that case, the avenger takes normal Swimming d8
damage. Pace: 4; Parry: 6; Toughness: 8 (3)
• Coup: A Harrowed who consumes Special Abilities:
the essence of a blood avenger • Aquatic: Pace 10.
internalizes its spirit of vengeance.
• Armor +3: Dam killers have thick,
He can poison his weapons at will
leathery hides.
(an action, causing the weapon’s next
strike or shot to do an additional • Bite: Str+d4.
1d6 poison damage), but gains the • Fear: An angry dam killer is an
Vengeful (Major) Hindrance. intimidating and unnatural foe,
provoking a Guts roll when a
Dam Killer cowpoke sees it.
The trappers and Indians of Alaska • Size –1: A dam killer is about 4 feet
and the Yukon tell tales of strange beasts, long.
but none is so odd as the dam killer. • Tail Slap: Str+d8+2. The dam killer’s
The name may seem like a joke, but tail is as tough as cured leather, and
these creatures definitely aren’t funny covered with stout spikes.
face-to-snout! They look like badgers—if
• Coup: A Harrowed who feasts on the
someone took a badger, made it twice
dam killer’s essence gains the ability
the normal size and three times as ugly,
to swim at his normal Pace in the
gave it an alligator’s skin, and threw
some spikes on its tail.
On land, they aren’t that dangerous— Forest Giant
they’re too slow to catch most people, Known by the Indians of British
and so clumsy a normal man can easily Columbia as Tah-tah kle’-ah, this race
avoid their attacks. But in the water looks almost human, but taller and
they’re fast, agile, and deadly. broader, averaging nine feet tall. The
Dam killers target dams (hence the Tah-tah kle’-ah are carnivores, capable
name), both man-made and natural, and of eating any animal, but preferring to
bridges, as well as small boats. They feast on human flesh whenever they can.
swim up beneath their target and strike

D eadlands T rail G uides
Some speculate that they may be battering the victim until he is dead. If a
related to the wendigo, but the Tah-tah hoodoo knocks a person into the water,
kle’-ah are intelligent, and can speak— it won’t follow the hapless fellow down.
they often lure prey by pretending to Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d4, Spirit
be a fellow Indian—a very large fellow d4, Strength d12+6, Vigor d12
Indian—in need of aid. Skills: Fighting d8, Notice d4
Fortunately, there are only five of the Pace: 4; Parry: 6; Toughness: 14 (4)
Tah-tah kle’-ah, all women. Rumors speak
Special Abilities:
of a male, the leader of the tribe, who
does not hunt but sends his women to • Armor +4: A hoodoo is made out
bring back food. No one has ever seen of solid rock, and just as tough to
him—at least, seen him and lived to tell scratch.
of it. • Fear: The sight of a rock wall
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit assuming murderous life causes a
d6, Strength d12+4, Vigor d10 Guts check.
Skills: Climbing d8, Fighting d8, Notice • Smash: Str+d6.
d8, Stealth d8, Throwing d8, Tracking • Size +2: Hoodoos are only about five
d8 feet tall, but extremely broad and
Pace: 8; Parry: 6; Toughness: 10 heavy.
Special Abilities: • Weakness (Vulnerability to Water):
Hoodoos’ first problem with water is
• Bite: Str+2d6.
that they are far too heavy to swim—
• Claws: Str+d6. they sink like the walking hunks of
• Fear –2: Forest giants are huge and stone they are. In addition, a hoodoo
terrifying beasts that provoke a Guts fully immersed in water for more
check (–2) from anyone who sees than a minute (10 rounds) begins to
them. dissolve. The hoodoo loses 1 Strength
• Mimic: Forest giants can imitate die type for every full minute
the sound of any creature they have immersed in water. If the hoodoo’s
heard. A Notice roll (–2) is required to Strength die type drops below d4, it is
detect the deception. destroyed.
• Size +3: Forest giants stand about
Killer Mouse
nine feet tall.
The Indian name for this critter is the
Hoodoo wi-lu-gho-yuk, and they are avoided at
The tall tales of British Columbia all costs. The wi-lu-gho-yuk looks like an
miners are as outlandish as those of ordinary field mouse, but is infinitely
the Maze. Some miners whisper that more dangerous—the beast is the
sections canyon wall sometimes come to mammalian equivalent of a piranha, a
life, walk right out of the rock, and try rapid devourer of human flesh.
to rip their heads off. This is especially Wi-lu-gho-yuk usually wait near roads
likely to happen to miners working and paths, hidden in the bushes, and
alone at night (and drinking rotgut), or strike when a person walks past. The tiny
so the legend goes. Since the Reckoning, beast darts out of the bush, leaps onto its
the legend has come to life. victim, and burrows under clothing and
The attack of a hoodoo is not subtle. into flesh. Then it starts to eat.
The things swing their club-like fists,

W ei rd W hite N orth
The bite of the wi-lu-gho-yuk has a Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6 (A),
numbing effect, so its victims usually Spirit d8, Strength d4, Vigor d6
don’t realize they’ve been attacked. Skills: Climbing d4, Fighting d8, Notice
What’s worse, the little critter burrows d6, Stealth d10
into the body and then eats from the Pace: 8; Parry: 6; Toughness: 3
inside, moving around to find choice
Special Abilities:
organs. It can take days for a victim to
die. • Bite: Str+d4.
Fortunately, the wi-lu-gho-yuk are • Fear: Once the wi-lu-gho-yuk gets
small and relatively fragile, so if you run inside a body, a Guts check is certain
into one it’s easy to smash it with a rock, to follow.
provided it doesn’t get to you first. When • Flesh Burrow: After a successful
you’re in the woods up north, make sure attack, the wi-lu-gho-yuk attempts to
to check your clothes and especially your burrow inside its victim. This is an
boots for holes. If someone in your party opposed Agility roll if the victim is
starts bleeding from several wounds for aware of the killer mouse, or a simple
no clear reason, he may have a wi-lu-gho- Agility check if the victim is unaware.
yuk inside him. If the creature wins or succeeds, it
If that’s the case, you need to strip disappears beneath the skin. It can
him, track the beast, and then remove only be damaged by inserting a
it, probably by burning it out with a hot weapon into the wound. Any damage
stick. Be careful, though—it may decide inflicted on the killer mouse in this
to transfer to you instead! way is also inflicted on the host.

D eadlands T rail G uides
• Numbness: A Notice roll (–2) is Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d8 (A),
required of an unaware victim to Spirit d4, Strength d12+4, Vigor d12
sense a killer mouse’s bite. On a Skills: Fighting d10, Notice d10, Stealth
failure, the victim does not notice d12
any pain from the wound for 1d4 Pace: 0; Parry: 7; Toughness: 17 (2)
days. Of course, the victim takes
Special Abilities:
damage during this time—3d4 per
day. If he suffers enough wounds to • Aquatic: Pace 12.
Incapacitate him before he notices the • Armor +2: The rubbery hide of the
wound, he simply keels over in the lake serpent grants 1 point of Armor.
middle of whatever he was doing. • Bite: Str+d6.
• Size –2: The killer mouse is a tiny • Constrict: When a lake serpent
creature. succeeds on its bite attack with a raise,
• Small: Foes suffer –2 on attempts to it has entangled its prey. Thereafter,
attack the wi-lu-gho-yuk, due to its it causes Str constriction damage per
extremely small size. round, until the victim breaks free or
Lake Serpent • Fear –2: Lake serpents, while not
Lake serpents, or “water horses,” typically aggressive, are frightful
have long sinuous bodies, serpentine enough to give a man pause, forcing a
necks, and heads similar to that of a Guts roll (–2).
horse, but with horns running in a • Huge: Foes add +4 to Fighting and
ridge from brow to tail. They swim by Shooting rolls to hit a serpent.
undulating, so most sightings are of
• Size +7: Lake serpents are 10 to 15
several humps moving rapidly through
yards long.
the water.
• Swallow: A lake serpent that hits
Right now there are only two known
with a raise swallows whole any prey
adult lake serpents: the Ogopogo in Lake
smaller than a man (it’s not quite
Okanagan and the Memphre in Lake
big enough to slurp down a full-
Memphremagog. The two mated a few
grown hombre). The victim suffers
years ago, however, and the Ogopogo of
2d6 damage every round from the
Lake Okanagan is now accompanied by
crushing gullet and acidic bile. The
a large brood of young.
only way to get out is to kill the beast.
Lake serpents live either alone or in On the plus side, the creature can
pairs, and prefer their solitude—males be attacked from the inside, where
are not aggressive unless attacked it doesn’t get the benefit of its tough,
(or defending mate and young), but rubbery skin.
females are more assertive and attack
anyone entering their territory. While Lake Serpent Young ’Un
the Memphre prefers to seek seclusion, Lake serpent young ’uns are as fero­
he doesn’t hesitate to defend them from cious as their parents, but much smaller.
nosy types. Local Indian tribes consider Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6 (A),
the water horse a powerful totem spirit, Spirit d4, Strength d10, Vigor d10
and will do whatever they can to defend
Skills: Fighting d8, Notice d6, Stealth d8
those that remain.
Pace: 0; Parry: 6; Toughness: 9

W ei rd W hite N orth
Special Abilities: Skills: Climbing d6, Fighting d10,
• Aquatic: Pace 12. Intimidation d12, Notice d8, Stealth d6
• Bite: Str+d6. Pace: 8; Parry: 7; Toughness: 10 (2)
• Constrict: When a lake serpent Special Abilities:
succeeds on its bite attack with a raise, • Armor +2: The coarse fur and thick
it has entangled its prey. Thereafter, hide of the matlose help to turn away
it causes Str constriction damage per blows.
round, until the victim breaks free or • Bite/Claws: Str+d6.
dies. • Fear –2: The matlose is as scary a
• Fear: Lake serpents, even smaller beast as you’ll likely meet, provoking
ones, are frightful enough to force a a Guts check (–2).
Guts check. • Low Light Vision: Matlose are at
• Size +2: Lake serpents are 10 to 15 feet home under the moon and stars. They
long. ignore penalties for Dim and Dark
• Paralysis: The matlose’s cry can
This vile creature is almost manlike
paralyze everyone in a Large Burst
in shape, but hunched and bestial, with
Template centered on the creature.
black bristles like those of a boar. Its
Make an Intimidation roll for the
claws are similar to a grizzly’s, and can
matlose against everyone within
destroy a man with a single blow. Most
the affected area. Those who fail are
fearsome about the matlose is its hoarse
Shaken for 1d4 rounds.
cry, which can literally paralyze a victim
with fear. • Size +1: Matlose are about seven feet
Many suppose the matlose to be kin
to the wendigo, but it is something far • Coup: A deader who eats a matlose’s
more evil. Matlose are manitou that have essence adds one die type to his
managed to slip into our world from the Intimidation skill. If he had no
Hunting Grounds and assume a physical Intimidation skill, he gains it at d4.
Snow Dervish
They’re intently focused on doing This nasty creature isn’t particularly
the work of the Reckoners, rather than imposing. It’s built like a large monkey
being driven by primal hunger or bestial (though the beast is probably more
rage. They’ll act ravenous or enraged if ursine in nature), with longer front arms,
its warranted, of course, for they love human-like hands, and a prehensile tail.
nothing more than to spread terror, The snow dervish has thick white fur, to
discord, strife, and murder among blend into its arctic home, and pale blue
humans. They go about their work eyes that seem almost white as well. Its
in cunning ways that set men at each claws and teeth are sharp, and its tail can
others’ throats. choke a child or weak adult, but it’s not
At first the matlose was found only on big or strong enough to threaten an alert
Vancouver Island, but in recent years it and armed opponent.
has begun to range farther afield. The snow dervish’s lack of strength
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit has caused it to develop a cunning way
d8, Strength d12, Vigor d10 of hunting. The creature locates a target

D eadlands T rail G uides
and buries itself in the snow, with its • Whiteout: The snow dervish’s
head tilted so it can peek out along the whiteout affects a Medium Burst
ground. It waits until the intended prey Template for one round. Anyone
is alone. (Perhaps the creatures are inside it must roll Agility (–2) or suffer
intelligent, because their favorite tactic is Pace –3, and –4 to all attacks and
to sneak up on a person who goes off to Notice rolls.
“answer the call of nature.”) • Weakness (Poor Night Vision): The
The snow dervish rises up from its snow dervish’s eyes are adapted to
pit—slowly, so the snow on its back whiteout conditions, and can handle
and shoulders remains—and clenches glare on the snow and ice. Because of
it hands and feet while rising, to bring that, they cannot see well in the dark.
more loose snow up with it. The creature Double the snow dervish’s penalties
spins in a tight circle, arms spread wide, for Dim, Dark, and Pitch Darkness
so all the snow it’s gathered floats up in lighting conditions.
a fine white mist. This causes a small • Coup: A Harrowed who devours
whiteout, so the target can no longer tell the snow dervish’s essence becomes
sky from ground, up from down, north immune to snowblindness, and
from south. blindness from bright lights.
The target becomes disoriented, and
either falls over, runs into something, or Snowrunner
walks off a cliff (which is the dervish’s These wild horses (sometimes
preference). Then the snow dervish referred to as “ski-hoofed mustangs”)
strikes, wrapping its tail around the are normal except for two things. First,
throat to choke, and tearing with its they are carnivores, and have the sharp
teeth and claws. teeth to prove it. Second, their hooves
Snow dervishes are meat-eaters and are elongated, almost like small skies,
particularly love the taste of human enabling snowrunners to gallop across
flesh. They hunt alone, but often travel snow and ice without difficulty.
in small packs—the male finds and Snowrunners move in herds across
disables the prey, and then the female the frozen north—they sweep down
and children feed. upon packs of rabbits or deer, killing
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit with blows of their long sharp hooves,
d8, Strength d6, Vigor d6 and then circle back to feed. Most
snowrunners are wary of humans, but
Skills: Climbing d6, Fighting d10,
a herd might attack if they outnumber
Notice d6, Stealth d8
the potential prey, or feel threatened
Pace: 8; Parry: 7; Toughness: 5 (1) in some way by the human’s presence.
Special Abilities: Snowrunners cannot be domesticated.
• Armor +1: Snow dervishes have thick Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6 (A),
hides covered with white fur. Spirit d8, Strength d12, Vigor d12
• Bite/Claw: Str+d6. Skills: Fighting d12, Guts d8,
• Fear: When a snow dervish pops out Intimidation d6, Notice d6
of the snow like a jack-in-the-box, it’s Pace: 10; Parry: 8; Toughness: 10
sure to give any hombre a scare, and Special Abilities:
force a Guts check.
• Bite: Str+d4.
• Size –1: An adult snow dervish is
about four feet tall.

W ei rd W hite N orth
• Fear: Carnivorous wild horses • Fear –2: Spirit bears are truly
bearing down on a body will put unnatural and terrifying creatures.
some fright into him right quick, • Low Light Vision: Spirit bears ignore
forcing a Guts roll. penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.
• Fleet-Footed: Snowrunners roll a d8 • Size +3: Spirit bears are 10 feet long
when running instead of a d6. and weigh over 1,200 pounds.
• Hooves: Str+d8. • Weakness (Heat Sensitivity): Fire
• Size +2: Snowrunners weigh between inflicts double damage on a spirit
800 and 1,000 pounds. bear, and a bright flame can dazzle
• Two-Fisted: Snowrunners make two the creature, giving it –3 to Trait rolls
separate Fighting attacks each round for 1d4 rounds.
for its hooves, at no penalty. • Coup: A Harrowed who feasts on a
spirit bear’s essence gains immunity
Spirit Bear to cold and all cold-based attacks.
A spirit bear looks like a polar bear
except for three things: its fur is jet black Tomb Guardian
and streaked with vivid red, its eyes Looking like bizarre hybrids of deer,
glow in the night like hot coals, and its human, and lizard, these ceramic statues
claws and teeth are three times longer are created by Chinese sorcerers to
than normal, jagged, and rust-brown— guard things they don’t want disturbed.
as if the real parts were dipped in iron After enchanting it (or several of them),
and then frozen dry. the sorcerer can give the statue detailed
Spirit bears got their name from the instructions as to who may enter the
Indians, who claim these creatures area it is set to guard.
are normal bears possessed by evil When someone unauthorized violates
manitous. They’re right. The manitous the area, the tomb guardians spring
were impressed by the size and power to the attack. They exist only to obey
of the polar bear, and a few tried taking instructions, and aren’t smart enough
over their bodies. Fortunately, polar to follow orders more complicated than
bears have powerful spirits to match, “attack anyone who comes in here, who
and put up a good fight. A few eventually isn’t me or my henchmen.”
lost, and these became the spirit bears. Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d4, Spirit
They now roam Alaska and British d4, Strength d6, Vigor d4
Columbia, looking for prey. They travel Skills: Fighting d8, Notice d4
in pairs and threesomes, and attack any
Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 4
other mammals they see.
Special Abilities:
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit
d8, Strength d12+4, Vigor d12+4 • Antlers: Str+d6.
Skills: Climbing d8, Fighting d8, • Armor +2.
Intimidation d8, Notice d6, Stealth d6 • Construct: +2 to recover from being
Pace: 8; Parry: 6; Toughness: 15 (2) Shaken. No additional damage from
Called Shots. Immune to disease and
Special Abilities:
• Armor +2: The spirit bear’s hide
• Fear: Weird ceramic statues trying to
is toughened by the manitou that
skewer you ain’t natural, no sir. Make
inhabits it.
a Guts roll.
• Bite/Claw: Str+d6.

D eadlands T rail G uides
• Fearless: Tomb guardians aren’t everything with a barrage of ice, snow,
afraid of anything and never back sleet, and hail, and ripping down
down. They’re immune to Fear and structures with their biting winds.
Intimidation. Howlers have no love of killing,
• Hardy: Additional Shaken results though. When people die, their torments
don’t cause tomb guardians a wound. are over. They prefer leaving survivors
• Size –2: Tomb guardians are only to suffer, to feel the cold creeping over
three feet tall. them, and watching their own limbs
turn white and cold.
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit
The Howlers d12, Strength d12+4, Vigor d12+2
Skills: Fighting d10, Intimidation d12+1,
Here we reveal the details on the
Notice d8, Stealth d8
spirits of winter known as the Howlers,
and their willing servants of the lost Pace: 20; Parry: 7; Toughness: 17
tribe of Tlingits. Special Abilities:
• Bite/Claw: Str+d6.
The Howlers
• Fear –4: The Howlers are massive and
The Howlers are ancient spirits terrifying living storms. They don’t
of cold who delight in bringing their provoke Guts checks in “human” or
wintery touch to the world. They sweep other forms.
down upon towns, caravans, people, and
• Fearless: Howlers aren’t impressed by
even empty stretches of land, flattening
Fear or Intimidation.

W ei rd W hite N orth
• Flight: Pace 20. Howlers cannot fly in they cannot see well in the dark, and
human form. suffer an additional –2 in addition to
• Huge: Due to their massive size, any other Darkness penalties.
enemies gain a +4 bonus on attempts • Weakness (Fire): Howlers take double
to hit the Howlers. damage from weather-based attacks
• Ice Shards: Range: 5/10/20, Damage: and powers (unless they involve cold),
Str+d6+2, RoF 10/2. The Howlers can and double damage from fire-based
fling shards of ice as a ranged weapon attacks.
attack. They can create and throw • Weakness (The Walrus Tusk): The
as many as ten shards each turn. In ancient weapon of Nanuk (see page
human form, the Howler can only 99) inflicts normal damage against the
create two shards each turn. Howlers.
• Immunity: Howlers are immune to • Coup: A Harrowed who devours a
cold- and electricity-based attacks. Howler’s essence gains the ability to
They are also immune to poison, fling ice shards as described above.
sleep, and paralysis. They take only Each shard thrown causes a level
half damage from mundane weapons of Fatigue unless a Vigor roll (–2) is
unless in their human form. made. This Fatigue is restored by an
• Shape Change: The Howlers can hour’s rest.
assume almost any shape they can
Lost Tlingits
imagine, much like the shape change
power. This is enacted using Spirit, As a tribe, the lost tribe of Tlingits
and costs no Power Points. The sold their souls to the manitous long
Howlers use this ability to assume ago, in return for dark powers to aid
icy, humanoid forms, or to appear in them against the Russian menace. When
human shape. settlers began arriving in Alaska from
other places, the Tlingits simply turned
• Size +8: The Howlers tower close to
to the new invaders and fought them as
40 feet tall and 20 feet across when in
fiercely as they did the old. The Tlingits
move like shadows in the frigid night,
• Whiteout: The Howler creates a and over the years have become almost
sudden deluge of snow and ice in more monstrous than manlike.
a Large Burst Template centered
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit
on itself. This causes blindness,
d8, Strength d6, Vigor d6
dizziness, and disorientation. All
characters caught in the whiteout Skills: Fighting d8, Guts d8, Persuasion
suffer –4 on Notice rolls, and must d8, Riding d8, Shooting d8, Spellcasting
succeed on a Vigor roll (–2) or be d6, Stealth d8, Survival d8, Tracking d8
Shaken. Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 5
• Wind: As an action, a Howler can Hindrances: Bloodthirsty, Old Ways
generate intense winds around itself. Oath (Major), Outsider
These winds work exactly like a Edges: Frenzy, Marksman, New Powers
tornado (see page 18). Gear: Bow (12/24/48, 2d6, RoF 1, Shots
• Poor Night Vision: The Howlers have 1), spear (Str+d6, Parry +1, Reach 1,
adapted to whiteout conditions, and requires 2 hands).
can handle glare on the snow and ice Special Abilities:
without a problem. Because of that,

D eadlands T rail G uides

There’s one hombre who roams British
Columbia ceaselessly. If you’re an outlaw
or illegal immigrant you don’t want
him on your trail, but if you’re lost and
hungry, and in need of some savin’, a
Mountie’s your very best friend.

The Northwest Mounted Police, or
“Mounties,” are responsible for bringing
law and security to the Northwest
Territories, including British Columbia.
This is a lot harder job than it sounds.
Not only do Mounties need to be in peak
physical condition, they must also be able
to survive in the wilderness. The martial
skills of a veteran soldier complete the
package. You do not want to get on these
hombres’ bad side—it’s been said they
always get their man.
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit
d8, Strength d6, Vigor d10
• Flight: Pace 10. Tlingits can soar upon
Skills: Boating d4, Climbing d6,
the wind, but only the frigid winds of
Fighting d10, Guts d8, Intimidation d6,
Investigation d6, Notice d8, Persuasion
• Hardy: When Shaken, further Shaken d6, Shooting d10, Stealth d6, Survival
results do not cause Tlingits a wound. d8, Tracking d8, Throwing d6
• Low-Light Vision: Tlingits ignore Charisma: 0; Pace: 6; Parry: 8;
penalties for Dim and Dark lighting. Toughness: 7
• Shadow Form: At night, Tlingits Hindrances: Code of Honor, Heroic
resemble shadowy silhouettes and
Edges: Block, Combat Reflexes,
blend into darkness. They receive a +2
Marksman, Soldier, Wilderness Man
bonus to Stealth rolls in darkness.
Gear: Mounties uniform, Winchester
• Shamans: Some of the most
’73 (Range: 24/48/96, Damage: 2d8, RoF
powerful Tinglits were “blessed”
1, Shots 15, AP 2), Colt Army (Range:
by the Reckoners with dark gifts.
12/24/48, Damage: 2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots 6,
Such individuals have the Arcane
AP 1), cavalry saber (Damage: Str+d6),
Background (Black Magic) Edge and
horse, bedroll, canteen, heavy furs, hat.
know the bolt, boost/lower trait, burrow,
and entangle powers. They have 10
Power Points.


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