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Gang Salking: Manipulation of the citizens

Organized Gang Stalking is a hate crime erected in a system. The different actors can be manipulated in order to produce a specific action. But all those involved are not necessarily aware that they are manipulated. In fact, most are not aware of that. The lie being the base of the Gang Stalking, everything is done to ostracize and destroy targeted individuals. To do this, petrpetrators use several techniques for manipulating public opinion. And, due to false evidence to support their lies, innocents targeted individuals are perceived as outcasts of society: sex offenders, prostitutes, homeless, thieves, criminals, etc..
Community-based Harassment: But first: What is mind manipulation? according to "The mental manipulation means an attempted takeover of the mind and behavior of an individual or group of individuals through the use of persuasive techniques and mental suggestion that bypass the critical spirit of the person, that is to say his ability to judge or deny the information. Mental manipulation differs from the domination in that it tries to get from the victim or victims that they behave by themselves, as was provided by the manipulators, and this, without being aware of the suggestion from exterior. The methods of mental manipulation are often used by cults, but they also occur very frequently in the political, religious, professional and family. Mental manipulation is usually based on emotion (fear, love, hope) and instinct, the repetition, the physical pressure, moral and mental pressure, cognitive biases (false information, simplifications rhetorical fallacies ...), systems of "reward" and "punishment", and the principle of master. Source: Article: Manipulation de l'opinion publique. Social proof The technique of "the social proof" serves the Gang Stalking criminals to manipulate the opinion of the community. This technic is to let appear "that behavior or belief is appropriate or normal if several other people have had before. It exploits the tendency of human beings to conform to what others do or think facing a new situation has". According to: Mind Control Group Conformity Sycophants to Authority:

By spreading false rumors, pictures and rigged videos on a wide radius, including on the net, this conduce many people to think in a certain way about the targeted individuals. This way, people comply with what others think because almost everyone meet the same thinking about these people. The quote "People are sheep, they follow others" applies here. So the targeted person have no chance to let the others really knowing her. All seem to believe to this misinformation and are ready to be manipulated to harass the targeted person. The argument of authority to convince the community: "The ambition is to find these hazardous expedients which, like a whited sepulcher, a judge artful keeps only the appearance of justice. " [According to Bossuet, funeral orations] The perpetrators can uses figures of authority to recrute people, such as false agent of police or perhaps even some true ones, but that are also representatives of a system extra-judicial who apply their own version of the justice, for exemple, a group of "True Justice" . The latter use his power of authority to manipulate the public. These agents claim to do real justice to convince citizens to participate in various activities designed to control the targeted individual. They can even submit their official documents that appear as an strong arguments to convince them. But these are, in most cases, false reports or blacklists in which have been insidiously inserted the names of innocent individuals targeted, etc. Links: Here's how the argument from authority is used to manipulate people: "The argument of authority is used to replace an argument by a reference to the conclusions of a person evoked as authoritative on a subject. He plays on the principle that an application or an opinion is more readily accepted it emanates from a personality with authority. The manipulator may also use this argument by appealing to a specialist outside its area of specialty, however without specifying the context (personal opinion, hypothesis or near certainty) or misinterpreting what he meant. According to: L'argument d'autorit: Thus, they teaches at citizens in good faith how to do the stalking of the so-called "criminals potentially dangerous ". But these ones don't know that this such monitoring is illegal. First, because it is an interference with the privacy of the individuals under surveillance and also

because this is an activity of harassment. It is part of the overall system of harassment that is Organized Gang Stalking. Similarly, they can even convince priests or pastors, to use their powers of persuasion as authority figures, for encourage their followers to practice harassment against targeted individuals.

Prayer for fair treatment to all citizens from the authority figures (french version): A climate of anxiety "His principle is: a person in a state of fear becomes predictable. Indeed, facing an emergency situation, the brain function that does not give immediate solution are disabled. The scary subject adopts the most primaries reactions, which are therefore more predictable. Doing everything to avoid the object of his fear, the subject will do what is expected of him. " According to source: Citizens are afraid of sexual predators, thieves, etc... Perpetrators makes them believe in these falsehoods in order to get them to behave as they wishes with the target individuals. Thus, they are more willing to participate in the stalking of these persons or other sabotage activities. They are afraid, then this predisposes them to handling. It's even easier if they do not know the laws. And, unless being in a position of vulnerability or constrained, adults who possess the ability to make their own choice, participate voluntarily. Participation in a totalitarian or extremist group "These groups, including sects are a part (see the article" Cults and mind control "), put forward: the unity of the group, the belief that the group is the only one to know the Truth, the adoption of its own values and behaviors, the abandonment of individuality within them. Without necessarily that members have conscious to participate in a totalitarian enterprise, these groups become conducive to various forms of psychological coercion that make possible the change of personality" According to source : http:// Psychological manipulation and coercion

We can manipulate people in different ways. For example, one can use their dependency to tobacco or drugs of some people. In this way, they lose some of their free will. We may also use as subliminal messages some simple images that will be perceived unconsciously while watching television or a video. These more coercive methods are used to drive some community members to participate in sabotage or harassment against the targeted person. These people suffer of these measures everyday, while the others can live that only in an ad hoc basis, unless they are also targeted. In this hierarchy of the hate system , all criminals can become targeted individuals. However, the young members of street gangs are especially targeted by these maneuvers was because they are the members of the crime scene the most exposed. Then they can be led has their turn, forced or not, to harass targeted individuals and/or their children. They can also use coercitives methods with members of the community who refuse to obey the famous extra-judicial system which they were engaged. Here's how works these coercive methods: "These methods of using coercive psychological strength to get the individual to adopt an ideology, opinion, belief, behavior determined. They rely on different sources of influence, anxiety or stress that are a succession of steps invisible, each being sufficiently small that the victim does not notice the changes taking place nor the binding nature of METHODS implemented. It often takes place within a group where there are friends or allies of the victim, dupes themselves, thus they does not activate the warning system. Victims gradually lose their critical faculties, their ability to reason, their system of values ... According to Source : Perpetrators of Organized Gang stalking are using the same coercive methods as those use in a sect. These methods of psychological coercion have cumulative effects that may be more effective than the physical pain or torture. Those are hypnosis, exercises of fixation auditory or visual, verbal or tactile, excessive routines activity, sleep or food deprivation, put up a control of the entourage of the person, isolation of the victim, purity requirements, financial dependence or other forms of dependence, control communications, make believe in complete control on your live and thus, induce paranoa and delusion, which allows them to legitimate the control your mind and make you have behaviors to respond to their wishes, negative feedback and worthlessness of the most determinants aspects of experience and past behavior of the victim, progressive destruction of the self-confidence and creating a feeling of helplessness, use of non physical "punishment" : humiliation, loss of benefits, social status degradation, isolation, guilt, anxiety, intimidation, threats of social punishment suggested or hinted (standard of living, occupational failure, divorce, inability to get married...) or grave consequences (sickness...) if you

do not respond to the expectations by having the behaviors expected or not acheiving the perpetrator's goals. According to Source : Finally, we are all manipulated in a certain way. But, the fact remains that if we are aware of the tactics used against us, they have much less influence. Today, with the ease which new technologies can deceive us, we can not afford to believe anything just because it's a person we trust or an authority figure who informs us. There is a lot of misinformation everywere. We must develop our critical faculties and learn to do research on the net beyond the most popular links. And, in a complementary manner, we must learn to trust our own intuition because it is not always possible to check everything. France Quenneville, 12 juin, 2011.

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