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15708 US-20 MULTIMEDIA DESIGNER Definition Performs activities required to conceptualize, organize, design, and produce projects for

clients in multi-faceted print, publishing, and collateral materials to meet curriculum and public information requirements; and performs related duties as required or assigned. Typical Tasks (illustrative only) Meets and supports clients requests for multifaceted print and electronic communication and curriculum packages; confers with clients to determine objectives, audience, financing and other aspects of a design project request; advises clients regarding effective design approaches, in terms of promotional effects, cost, and time considerations; employs all elements of design including typographic styles and standards, spatial layout, color palettes, and spot color applications, vector and raster files, illustration styles, and digital photography to produce cost-effective final products; employs creative and technical expertise in aesthetic typographic manipulation, layout, image manipulation, twoand three-dimensional illustration, presentation, and web design software; works with digital file formats, file conversions, and hardware configurations; designs publications, presentations, and instructional materials in a variety of print and digital formats including publications, marketing materials, promotional/specialty items, identity and branding development, large and small-scale displays, banners, conference/event materials, and public information and instructional materials; serves as client liaison with outside vendors and service-providers; appropriately uses production materials such as coated/uncoated papers, plastics/vinyls, fabrics, finished/unfinished wood products, and foam products; builds digital files for production, specifically with color palettes, layers, links, trapping, typographic kerning and leading; oversees digital to print production; researches and employs new technologies; maintains archival files and work order database; and may collaborate on web or video projects, as assigned. Supervision Received/Given Receives general supervision from a manager or coordinator. May supervise lower-graded employees, as assigned. May provide guidance and assistance to full-, part-time, and/ or hourly employees, as required. Education/Experience/Skills Any combination of education and experience equivalent to a bachelors degree in graphic arts or a related field, plus two years of progressively more responsible related experience. Can demonstrate command of basic design principles, typography, illustration, and layout; technical expertise in the use of high-end digital design workstations and professional design software; knowledge of or ability to learn school-related practices, procedures, and policies; ability to continually learn new techniques and methods; and ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Revised: Established: January 2004 February 2000