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Illinois State University Curriculum & Instruction C&I 438 - Distance Learning Course Elements You will be creating

a 2-week unit for an online course - this is a minimum. You may need more weeks in your unit to incorporate all of the following elements. 1. Organization - Decide on the format of your outline - Weeks or Modules/Topics a. b. 2. C&I 438 is set up by weeks You can use weeks, modules, or topics

A course syllabus (will be graded as part of completed course) a. Instructor information b. Course description c. Course objectives


Create the outline of your course within the syllabus (will be graded as part of completed course) a. b. Show a minimum of three sub-topics Show the progression of how you would teach the topic and include sub-topics that direct your students through the content. For example: 1. Overview i. Background ii. Requirements History or background information of the topic i. Not technology-based ii. Technology-based Theory i. Education ii. Distance learning Application i. ii. Course creation Course elements





Create course navigation to match your course design (will be graded as part of completed course) a. b. Depending on your Course Management System (CMS), you will have a variety of course features Make sure that the students can easily find (1-2 clicks) all the tools they will need to complete your class


At least one announcement (will be graded as part of completed course) a. Text, voice, video your choice


Load all of the information that your students need to complete their assignment(s) (will be graded as part of completed course) Include the following in your course: a. b. An individual assignment (See 7f) A collaborative team project (See 7f) 1. Create some type of area for the teams to work in 2. Decide if you are going to create the teams, have the students sign up, or use another method c. d. One lecturette (written) and podcast or videocast One discussion 1. Create a discussion question 2. Delineate the student requirements i. ii. iii. Rubrics - or Number of posts Due dates Quality of posts assessment guides - for the following assignments



1. Individual assignment 2. Collaborative team assignment 3. Discussion


Participatory Web tools - Web 2.0 tools 1. Have the students in your class use at least two (2) of these tools

2. Use tools from the Tech Tool page in our course wiki or other tools that you identify 8. A minimum of 3 gradebook items (will be graded as part of completed course) a. b. That means that you will need to create the gradebook in your CMS If you are using a CMS without a built-in gradebook, you can use Engrade, the tool I use for my classes