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Manhattan Cable TV Gets Weird

Weirdos.TV, the psychedelic musical talk show, airs on MNN Saturday nights at 11:30 pm. New York, NY, June 12, 2011 --( The Weird Turns Pro. 1-800-Weirdos is bringing its interactive improvisational musical multimedia mashups to Manhattan Neighborhood Network every Saturday night at 11:30 pm, beginning June 25th, airing on Time Warner on Channel 57, RCN on Channel 84, and Verizon FIOS on Channel 35. Floating disembodied all over the screen, Head Weirdo Jeremy X spews out a stream of bizarre flowing words and visuals, accompanied by improvisational electronic musical creations, and incorporating phone calls from viewers and Internet guests. Each episode of the show is an adventure into the imaginary experiments in automatic creation. During each live show, music is created using a dizzying array of digital synthesizers, including samples of callers and physical modeling of acoustic instruments. In addition, audio processing in realtime using digital effects and MIDI controllers creates an aural landscape that stimulates the imagination of the viewer. The visual technology includes realtime video processing of multiple cameras and multiple video overlays creating a psychedelic cornucopia of delicious eye candy. How to Participate: *Guests with webcams can be mixed into the video in the shows. (Contact Weirdos TV for details.) *Viewers can call 1-800-Weirdos (800-934-7367) anytime. Messages will be saved and mixed it into the show. *Viewers can email text to and it will be read out during the broadcast. Tune in to Weirdos TV on Saturday nights, and join them in the blissful delight of being a Weirdo. Jeremy X. Halpern (a.k.a. The Head Weirdo) is the sole proprietor of 1-800-Weirdos (, and founder of the multimedia performance group Verge. As musical director of Verge, he has masterminded and composed music for such bizarre epics as "Speak of the Devil (A Satanic Cabaret)" and "Battle of the Dead Celebs (A comic dance of historical significance)". He recently performed with Michael T. & the Vanities, Bunny Love's "Nude" band, and is the other half of a musical duo with international Burlesque sensation Dirty Martini ( As a Weirdo, he is proud to represent all the freaks out there. Stamp out normality in our lifetime. Press or interview inquiries with Jeremy X. Halpern, please call 347-210-0232. Promotional performance DVDs available upon request. Weirdos TV airs every Saturday night at 11:30 on MNN Channel 3 Time Warner Channel 57 - RCN Channel 84 - Verizon FIOS Channel 35 Weirdos are watching.
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