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AUCTION JULY 16-17, 2011 Atlanta, Georgia

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Bigger. Better.


Dear Friends,

Its Summer. Time for vacations, fireworks, fun in the sun--on the boat or at the beach, lounging by your pool, and enjoying a more relaxed season with family and friends. So, with that, we welcome you, our friends, to join us at our Summer Extravaganza, July 16-17, 2011. For many, many years, you have joined us for our auctions and festivities, or perhaps, this is your first. Regardless, there are a few things you should know... We have been often imitated but never duplicated. We are the Original, the Biggest and the Best. We have more bars than the Great Golden Movement Auction of the 1980s. We have more pool tables, game room furnishings and slot machines than the famous Roy Arrington Victorian Casino Auctions of the 1990s. We have more furniture, more collectibles, more lighting, more food, more fun, and more excitement, than anywhere else in the world. We are the only place you can find a Tiffany window, a monumental mantel or fountain (your choice), and a marching band under the same roof. We have what you are looking for and what you never knew you wanted but quite possibly need. The catch is...you really have to be here in person to fully experience the fun, excitement and action. So grab your check books and hop on a train, plane, bus or car (we have all of those, too!) Get a friend or get a group and make your way to Atlanta, GA for a weekend of treasure hunting and our greatest adventure yet. See you soon!
FP10524. superb, monumental 18th century painting of Botticellis Springtime. From a private home in Florence, Italy.

Good Bidding,

approximately 5h x 9w

No Minimum Bids. Most items will be sold at no reserve.

**note: all estimates are guidelines**

Red Barons Auction 85 404.252.3770 www.rbantiques.com

AG1739. Exquisite leaded, stained, jeweled and draped glass window depicting a saint. The hand painted face reflects a soft look of innocence, with a crown rested on the head. Three arches in the background symbolize the Holy Trinity, and the head is encircled with a sun-like halo projecting warmth. The saint is clothed in a blue, that is encrusted with bands of jewels and hues of blues and greens create a calming effect and trusting tone overall. Attributed to Tiffany by renowned expert, Dr. Neustadt, authenticated for JP Wilson who purchased it from the Golden Movement Auction as a Tiffany piece for the owner of the world famous Pitty Pats Porch in 1970.

Auction July 16 & 17, 2011 Sandy Springs, GA USA

92h x 32w Estimate: $18,000-$25,000

Highly Rare

Stalactite: An average growth rate is 0.13 mm (0.0051 inches) a year. The quickest growing stalactites are those formed by fast-flowing water rich in calcium carbonate and carbon dioxide, these can grow at 3 mm (0.12 inches) per year. Every stalactite begins with a single mineral-laden drop of water. When the drop falls, it deposits the thinnest ring of calcite. Each subsequent drop that forms and falls deposits another calcite ring. Eventually, these rings form a very narrow (0.5 mm), hollow tube commonly known as a soda straw stalactite. Soda straws can grow quite long, but are very fragile. If they become plugged by debris, water begins flowing over the outside, depositing more calcite and creating the more familiar cone-shaped stalactite. The same water drops that fall from the tip of a stalactite deposit more calcite on the floor below, eventually resulting in a rounded or coneshaped stalagmite.
Presently it is illegal to quarry stalactites or stalagmites in the U.S. and in most other countries, as it can leave the environment of the caves unstable. Lucky for you, you can own them!

AC7255. Highly unusual and rare pair of stalactites.

Left: 64h right: 66h Meaning that on average--these are around 12,500 years old.

AC7258. The Heart-Attack chair. This chair was used during initiations and private ceremonies of secret orders and societies to exclude people who were not wanted. When the mechanism was triggered a .32 cal blank fired. If the person in the chair is spooked and jumps, they were kicked out of the group.
Estimate: $4,000-$6,000

AC4317. Turquoise covered skull with what are believed to be yellow and red garnets, from an Arizona reservation, believed to be a ceremonial piece.
approximately 9.5h

Red Barons Auction 85 404.252.3770 www.rbantiques.com

AF1823. Extraordinary, grand scale rosewood sideboard, from a hotel in Philadelphia, PA. Features a split counter, with columns supporting shelves leading to the counter surface. Two tiers of shelves follow up the back to a bronze monogram of the letter A, with foliate scrolling and bronze hardware, and medallions flanking either side.
144h x 460w x 18d

FF10534. Monumental carved walnut vitrine, depicting a center figural carving of a warrior driving a chariot and horses, mythological detailed panels and carvings, columns surrounded with putti, topped with lance shaped caps encircled by dolphins. Circa, 1880. AA642. FIne pair of heavily carved pedestals with figures extending from in support of the upper surface, from original Steinway Mansion in New York City, attributed to Horner Brothers.
36h x 19w x 26d approximately 10h x 9w

Auction July 16 & 17, 2011 Sandy Springs, GA USA

Unusually Unusual
CP659.. The Catman Returns, a bold statement piece, signed Earl Lindeman. From the collection of David Brenner, world renowned entertainer. 60h x 54w

AC7278. The rarest Quack machine. All tube lights in working order, includes multiple instruments. Used to check sanity--care to check yours?
42h x 20w x 16d

AV2011. 1981 Mini CV2 Citroen, The Dual Car. Highly publicized in England, this little work of sheer genius can be driven from either the motorcycle or the sidecar. How clever is that?

Red Barons Auction 85 404.252.3770 www.rbantiques.com

FF11025. Very beautiful carved monumental gilt wood mirror crowned with two putti holding garland, surrounded by two babies and foliate detail. 90 H x 108 W

CD2454. Unique, 24kt gold over cast iron planter and fountain, from a Philadelphia exhibition, Circa 1875. 63h x 34w The Centennial International Exhibition of 1876, the first official Worlds Fair in the United States, was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia. It was officially the International Exhibition of Arts, Manufactures and Products of the Soil and Mine.

CD2434. Beautiful Tiffany glass shell shaped Nautilus lamp, slightly iridescent, with bronze base, signed and numbered on the base.

AD656. Superb Long case clock with gold detailed back plate, and intricate workings. Signed Tiffany.
90h x 20w x 14d

Auction July 16 & 17, 2011 Sandy Springs, GA USA

AD2839. French bronze parlor clock with angel, musical attributes and foliate detail. 26 H x 25 W FD10491. Nautical clock in bronze on marble base, with a pair of matching side urns. Depicts a lighthouse with the clock rather than a light, a sailor and nautical relief on the urns with draped chains and anchors.
center: 28h x 14w urns: 14h

AD2792. Very rare bronze and glass flip clock with baby on dolphin and dolphin feet, in working condition. 9.5 H x 4 W FF10505, FF10505A, FF10505B & FF10505C. Exquisite Louis XV bedroom suite in walnut and rosewood. Consisting of a beveled mirrored armoire, bed, vanity with marble top and chevet with marble top.

Red Barons Auction 85 404.252.3770 www.rbantiques.com

China Hutch: 7.9 H x 7.6 W; Buffet: 8.2 H x 7.7 W; Table: 2.5 H x 4.3 W; Chairs: 3.3 H x 16 W

IFOX1217. Nicely carved fruitwood, 11-piece dining room set with china hutch with marble top, lady head with shell motif, lady figures, inlay, paw feet and etched glass; buffet with marble top, beveled mirror, lady head with shell motif, lady figures, inlay, foliate detail and paw feet; table with three leaves and foliate detail and paw feet; eight side chairs with leather upholstery, foliate detail and paw feet.

AC7273 & AF1822. Matched pair of mahogany knife cases and matching consoles, Circa 1870.
70h x 22w x 19d

AF1816. Very nice ebonized Renaissance buffet with three tiers, floral and foliate carvings, and brass pulls.
90h x 72w x 28d

AD2417A. Grand scale formal silver-plate beef cart. 39h x 48w x 28d

Auction July 16 & 17, 2011 Sandy Springs, GA USA

AC7228. Arc Generator Limited; 48 of 200, Wingfield Films, Sci-Fi,
40w x 16h

AC7227. Gas Arc Projector; Limited 58 of 200, Wingfield Films, Sci-Fi.

40w x 22h

AC4833. Polished vintage Zenith movie camera. 38h x 17 w

AC7263. Storm Trooper mask, 1950s Sci-Fi, Buck Rogers Extra.

19h x 14w

AC7250. Wiley Coyote, The Sheriff. Wooden, fur covered coyote movie prop from the release of a movie; used in theaters.
88h x 28w x 24d

AC5141. Burton Mfg Co clinical camera, Circa 1936.

AC7143. 1920s Silent movie camera.


Red Barons Auction 85 404.252.3770 www.rbantiques.com

You rarely see one, Much less a pair!

AC7141. Rare coin operated small pool table with top.

AC4982. Rare small coin operated pool table.

33h x 42w x 23.5d

35h x 49w x 28d

AC7142. Medium sized Evans Gaming Wheel-ofFortune. Try your luck.

Ultimate Gaming
...and lots of it!

68h x 128w x 48d

CC1626. One-of=akind, double decker modern motorcycle style bar. Signed, Stapleton (living artist).

AC7198. 25 Grand Slam baseball slot machine. AC7200. 25 Golden Nugget slot machine. AC7201. 25 Mills Cherry slot machine.

Come to Atlanta to enjoy winning the bid in person!

Auction July 16 & 17, 2011 Sandy Springs, GA USA


AC7252. Awesome oak ice box with mirrored center and beveled glass.
76h x 84w x 34d

AD2854. Incredible bronze clad eagle, Circa 1875. Amazing piece!

22h estimate: $7,000-$12,000

AA633. Pair of turn of the century glass and mirrored store shelving units in mahogany, with mirrored backs, rounded glass dividers and glass doors.
96h x 184w x 20d each

AC6117. Restored Mills upright Dewey slot machine with bronze paw feet, Circa 1908. 66h x 17w


Red Barons Auction 85 404.252.3770 www.rbantiques.com

Musically Inclined

CC1490. Jimi Hendrix signed guitar, consignor says it was signed by the artist after performing a concert.
estimate: $3,000-$5,000

AC7254. Unusual Gibson jazz guitar; period, 1st generation.

CC1645. Very rare 1958 Flying V guitar

AC4989. Voss electric guitar.

AC4869. Original, one-of-a-kind, Siphonmix, cup dispense coke machine, Circa 1923--only one known to exist.
75h x 26w x 18d estimate: $9,000$12,000

AC7118. Seeburg Restored 100 Happy Days Jukebox.

59h x 36w x 26d

Also several other collectible and signed guitars!

AC7221. Original fully restored CocaCola bar with two stools.
39h x 45w x 24d

Auction July 16 & 17, 2011 Sandy Springs, GA USA


Good Showing
AA632. Nice oak and glass double house showcase.

AC6730. Quality, restored shoeshine chair.

60h x 26w x 36d

34h x 72w x 27d

AA591. Nickel, oak and curved glass single house showcase.

45h x 47w x 28d

AA620. Excellent horseshoe shaped oak and glass showcase with glass shelves.
36h x 78w x 86d

AA576. Beautiful oak and glass horseshoe shaped display case with mirrored back and uniquely carved spindle legs. 39h x 75w x 116d

SA107. Fine carved oak candy store with a pair of side cabinets with mirrored backs and glass shelves, as well as a center curved glass vitrine.
Sidecases: 112h x 142w Center Vitrine: 105h x 53w


Red Barons Auction 85 404.252.3770 www.rbantiques.com

AP492. Oil on canvas depicting a landscape of mountain peaks and valleys in the morning.
26h x 40w


AP493. Oil on canvas depicting William Cabe Bruce by Frank O. Salisbury, in ornate gilt frame. This painting belonged to the former Ambassador of Argentina James Bruce.
54h x 42w

FP10433. Grand scale oil on canvas depicting two dogs who have returned from a hunt with rabbits and pheasants surrounding them.
74h x 84w in frame

AP503. Large oil on canvas depicting a beautiful mountain scene.

44h x 61w in frame

AF1824. Heavily carved light oak Matre d stand, with formed copper counter.
42h x 42w x 32d

Auction July 16 & 17, 2011 Sandy Springs, GA USA


ACG1037. Matched pair of .45 cal engraved dueling pistols in fitted case with accessories, serial no. 19448 & 33567.

ACG980. Smith & Wesson 1876 revolver, engraved with gold, featured in multiple magazines.

AC7106. One-of-a-kind, 30 calibre Winchester rifle in presentation case. It was ordered by the president of Italy, who then presented it to the President of Peru. Intricately carved with ram head, and foliate detail.

AC7093. Presentation D-Guard sword and sheath.

40h x 11w x 11d

AC7146. Miniature engraved suit of armor.

AC7073. Original, Professor Blomberg, Vampire Killing Kit, complete with all of the necessary accoutrements needed to slay the night walkers.
estimate: $8.000-$12,000

AC837. Antique ring gun. 6-shot with engraved band and case.

estimate: $3,000-$5,000


Red Barons Auction 85 404.252.3770 www.rbantiques.com

CA784. Limited edition Brunswick pool table, with 24kt gold and inlaid emeralds, once belonged to a world renowned entertainer. 1 of only 25 made.
33h x 60w x 109d

AD2840. Large, English carved Walnut statue of a man with a mirrored bar hidden inside his coat, perfect for the office.

KA602. Britannia Pub Bar in mahogany with stained glass ceiling and etched glass doors.
104w x 118w x 74d estimate: $25,000-$35,000

AC7247. Rare and unusual guillotine cigar cutter with engraved base, at one time modelled on the counter of a fine tobacco shop.
9h x 4w estimate: $2,500-$3,500

KA599. The Loch Ness Pub Bar in mahogany with stained glass ceiling and etched glass doors.
1010w x 116w x 72d

Auction July 16 & 17, 2011 Sandy Springs, GA USA


First Draft

CF1701. Large oak double drafting or art table with a drawer and storage.
57h x 72w x 32d

AF1826. Adjustable drawing table by Emmert Mfg Co in Pennsylvania, one of only 3 known.
58h x 34w x 48d as shown

AF1829. Adjustable industrial weighted and spring loaded drafting table, Circa 1900 with lucite top.
56h x 53w x 38d

AA638. Industrial steel revolving hardware store display.

70h x 34w

AC7119. Fully restored Reliable Home Safe. We have the combination!

23h x 15w x 16d


Red Barons Auction 85 404.252.3770 www.rbantiques.com

CF1690. Standard grade Wooton Patent secretary in walnut and birdseye maple.
66h x 42.5w

AF1820. American standard grade Wooton desk with all original cubbies.
76h x 41w x 32d

FD10510. Pierrefitte, two handled pottery vase with bronze grape vine detail.
23h x 11w

AF1781. Finely carved Horner Brothers drop front desk depicting griffins and foliate detail with paw feet.
41h x 34w x 19d

AF1821. Wolfs head American black walnut table with new leather top, from Philadelphia, PA, Circa 1890.
29h x 52w x 30d

Auction July 16 & 17, 2011 Sandy Springs, GA USA


AA594. Beautiful curved stained glass canopy in hues of orange, yellow and green.
approximately 25w

AF1776. Excellent dental cabinet with burled wood, mirrored back and black marble.
70h x 30w x 16d

AD2863. Nice nickel and curved glass counter top showcase.


AC7136. Fully restored barbers chair in oak with burgundy tufted leather and engraved silver plate.
48h x 28w x 42d estimate: $3,500-$5,500

AF1664. American light oak dental cabinet with bronze hardware.

66h x 27w x 16d

AA624. Original carved oak Brunswick bar with stained glass dome, stained and leaded glass doors, alabaster shade and carved columns with foliate detail.
11.5h x 27.5w


Red Barons Auction 85 404.252.3770 www.rbantiques.com

AF1805. Nice, thick Norfolk Meade table, perfect for a grand dining room or conference room.
31h x 52w x 16l

AD655. Sizeable trophy elk, taken in Western Montana.

52h x 40w

AP499. Original oil on board of elk surrounded by dogs. Signed, Albert Willms.
26h x 22w

AD2855. Awesome trophy elk, taken in Western Montana.

56h x 46w

AC7264. Domestic black swan, recent mount.

20 14w 30w

SA99. Hunters Pub adorned with carved deer, lion heads, foliate detail and game scenes. Floral stained glass dome, and marble sink. Perfect for a lodge retreat.
10.5h x 15.5w

Auction July 16 & 17, 2011 Sandy Springs, GA USA


AG1742. Stained and leaded glass arched transom window depicting a fruit bowl, Circa 1880. 72w x 22h in frame

AG1727. Original flower pot landing window from Chicago, Illinois. 65h x 38w in frame

CG532. Very pretty stained, leaded and jeweled glass window in vibrant tones. 35h x 26w

CG535. Nice stained and leaded glass window depicting a farm scene.
40.5h x 44.5w in frame

KG152-155. Set of four leaded and beveled glass panels in frames.

36h x 24w each


Red Barons Auction Auction 85 404.252.3770 www.rbantiques.com Red Barons 85 404.252.3770 www.rbantiques.com

Glorious Glass
AG1746. Exquisite stained and leaded glass ceiling with center dome. In hues of yellow, orange, and green, i n an oak frame with a floral and foliate detail.
10 x 10

CG519. Seven piece stained glass window with arch top and designs of crests, fleur de lis, foliage and a castle scene in the center.
96h x 81w

AG1724. Figural painted, stained and leaded glass window entitled Hospitality
6.8 H x 4.1 W

AG1740. Most excellent stained and leaded glass, arch top, 5-piece, window set in large oak frame, with original hardware. Multitonal greens, and mild hues of orange, red and yellow. From the George Westinghouse Estate. Attributed to Rudy Brothers. 92h x 116w

Auction Auction & 17, 2011 Sandy Sandy Springs, GA USA July 16 July 16 & 17, 2011 Springs, GA USA


AC7280. Very rare port and starboard bell from a tug boat.
26h x 26w

AC7283. Rare signal bell from a tugboat, Circa 1890s.

17h x 26w

42h x 17w x 21d AC7279. Original whale skull found off the coast of Glouster, Mass., with stand. 22h x 23w x 16d

AC7124. Eclipse Outboard motor, Circa 1945.

KA529. Bronze Fountain depicting a swordfish jumping.

80h x 26w x 60d

A very rare collection of US Navy and other ship bells, listed from back to front. AC7274. Philadelphia bell, signed Bernard with stand.
31h x 28w x 24d 21h x 19w 17h x 16w

AC7281. Large Naval Bell. AC7282. Naval Bell. AC7275. Original U.S. Coast guard bell.
18h x 16w

AC7260. US Navy 36lb bell, Circa 1900.


14h x 22w

Red Barons Auction 85 404.252.3770 www.rbantiques.com

CD2450. Bronze by Maurice Favre titled, Chant de la Fileuse

24h x 10w

FD11037. Art Nouveau vase with ladies heads (one side awake, the other side sleeping).

BF3165. Highly carved Renaissance revival oak double buffet with lion heads, caryatids, foliate detail and featuring carved game in 3/5 relief. Chairs and table also available.
92h x 140w x 24d

FD11009. Turn of the century statue La Baigneuse, depicting a lady coming out of the sea with frosted blown glass in the form of shells, signed A. Foretay.
28h x 23w

IF152. Unique, nicely carved, Blackamoor chairs with babies reclining on the arms, from Napoli, Italy, Circa 1870.
51h x 35w x 28d

Auction July 16 & 17, 2011 Sandy Springs, GA USA


Illustrious Illustrations

AP502. Oil on canvas titled, The Honorable Mr. Pipps, depicting a couple playing croquet, signed K. Rueping.
27h x 28w in frame

AP500. Oil on board titled, Old Friends depicting and old man playing checkers with a young girl, signed Kurt Rueping 1963. AC7240. Small steam factory.
35h x 34w in frame

CC1643. Dress makers display of a wedding dress, Circa 1960.


45h x 37w x 15d

CC1644. Dress makers display titled, Going Out, Circa 1950.


AC7277. Very rare erector set train display from a toy store window.
12h x 54w

AC5310. Strike up the band and play a tune with the Band-Box. Connects to the jukebox to play along, by Seeburg.

AC7256. Austrian terra cotta statue of a young beggar wearing a top hat, with bread in his hand.
46h x 18w x 18d


Red Barons Auction 85 404.252.3770 www.rbantiques.com

AC4973. 8-Car childrens amusement ride hails from a park in Chicago, with lions, tigers and elephants-its sure to entertain the youngsters!

CC1654. 1913 Cretors Model D Popcorn Wagon, possible the best one we have ever seen, has dual popper with red hot grill and ice storage.

CC1588-CC1619 Painted and mounted Allan Herschell carousel horses. Approximately 17 available.

36 Diameter

CA782. Okay--this is not exactly the carousel that we have, this is a stock photo because ours was not set up in time for the catalog, but it is very similar. It is a fully restored Pre-WWII Allan Herschell carousel. Check our website to see actual carousel.

Auction July 16 & 17, 2011 Sandy Springs, GA USA


AD2796. Italian, walnut plant stand formed by a beautifully carved depiction of two children, one carrying the other on his back, standing upon a dragon base with carved lion heads, figural heads, birds, fruit and foliate detail.
77h x 25w

AA655. Quite possibly the very best set of wrought iron wine cellar doors that we have ever seen. Originally, these were bank gates, and feature intricate scroll work and polished brass door knobs.
78h x 92w

AF1815. Mahogany wine tasting cabinet with carved garland of grapes, vines and leaves, Circa 1860.
62h x 70w x 28d


Red Barons Auction 85 404.252.3770 www.rbantiques.com

Wealth of Wine
FC18. European oak wine barrel and cart.
31h x 16w

CC1544. Small wine press with barrel base.

KA582. Carved cast stone Bacchus figure. FD11013. Stack of small wine kegs with carved grapes and harvest scene.
56h x 19w

26h x 28w x 16d

AC6126, AC6140, AC6127. Large wine barrels.

37.5h x 24w each

FC10487. Antique wine press and large copper fermenter.

45h x 32w x 52d

FC10453. Large wine keg on stand (not shown), Circa 1880.

54h x 35w x 45d

Auction July 16 & 17, 2011 Sandy Springs, GA USA



AA656. Fine oak door with maids service window, and stained glass.
80h x 33w x 3d

AC7266. Beautiful taxidermy peacock in vibrant colors, perched on a stand.

72h x 14w x 12d

AF1817. Nice small oak gothic cabinet with detailed carvings depicting figure and archways.
55h x 40w x 21d

FA10362. Incredible Art Nouveau period solarium style room interior, carved oak with large stained glass panels, tile inserts, beveled mirrors, marble topped storage cabinets and a mantel and mirror. Exceptional in every way.
10.5h x 10.7w x 18.25d


Red Barons Auction 85 404.252.3770 www.rbantiques.com

Dramatic Doors

AA640. Pair of entry doors with high reaching panels of beveled glass panes, Circa 1910. AA643. Most excellent pair of wine cellar doors with rare iron bear hardware and carved panels with grapes surrounding the letter W.
82h x 72w 116h x 44w

CA755. Pair of large walnut and wrought iron doors with textured glass and figural masks.
132h x 66w

AA628. Very nice, four-piece, leaded, jeweled and beveled glass entryway with a door, a pair of sidelights, and a transom.
109h x 86w

Auction July 16 & 17, 2011 Sandy Springs, GA USA


Mega Mantels
BA2702. Significant mantel with stone supports, carved wood, gilt detail and overmantel painting of Poseidon. AA482. Heavily carved oak mantel with inset amber colored natural stones.
108h x 54w x 22d

160h x 88w x 39d

AA537. Monumental oak mantel with marble medallion and carved with raised panels featuring pine cones, fruit, and foliage.
174h x 80w x 32d

BA2894. Louis XV marble mantel with fine ormolu designs.

42h x 54w x 15d

FA10389. Grand scale carved oak mantel with columns, foliate detail and a unique scene of old Paris on ceramic tile.
90h x 64w x 18d

AA518. very large carved oak mantel with tile surround and mirrored over mantel.

As the worlds Best Architectural Antiques source, Red Baron has over 150 mantels to choose from. These are just a few... Marble, Stone, Walnut, Oak. You name it, we have it. Just ask.

FA10270. Carved walnut gothic mantel with gargoyles, jesters, spires, columns and foliate detail.
116h x 86w


14h x 86w

Red Barons Auction 85 404.252.3770 www.rbantiques.com

KA3762. Pair of superb entryways in sandstone with figural columns, winged ladies and caryatids.

120h x 90w x 28d

KA3785. Monumental door surround in white and rouge marble with figural ladies forming the columns, and floral and foliate detail.
114h x 96w x 12d

FF10290. Heavily carved buffet with figural heads, fluted columns and foliate detail. 104h x 86w AF1811. Large carved Italian Renaissance grand scale buffet in walnut with figural carved doors.
94h x 92w

FF11002. Set of four carved Italian Renaissance Savonarola chairs.

38h each

Auction July 16 & 17, 2011 Sandy Springs, GA USA


AC3137. The Spirit of St. Louis model airplane.

24h x 60w x 48d estimate: $1,200-$1,500

AC5900. Tuskegee Airmen museum exhibit, A Tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen, with a model airplane crowning the exhibit. 12.7 H x 6.4 W

CC1583. Awesome movie prop used in many MGM Western movies. Acquired from MGM Studios. Rare, and complete with non-live ammo firing Colt Gatling Gun. Featured in R.L. Wilsons book on colt as well as many other magazines.

estimate: $400-$700

CC1641. Excellent officers presentation sword with shank-skin and rare case, blade is engraved with floral and foliate detail, and all pieces have the initials, J.H.P.


Red Barons Auction 85 404.252.3770 www.rbantiques.com

These are just of few of the HUNDREDS of rugs that will be sold. We have a tremendous variety of styles, sizes, and colors. Theyll sell FAST. Bid quickly and Bid Often!

AF1812. Impressive Louis XVI Single Door Marquetry Vitrine with gilt bronze musical cherub detail, attributed to Mason Krieger.
89h x 38w x 18d

FF11024. Carved monumental walnut bookcase with large carved crown and lion heads.
140h x 118w

AF1782. 1830s burled mahogany corner cabinet with glass front, and mother of pearl lock.
62h x 38w x 24d

AF1813. Grand scale Louis XV buffet in walnut with black marble top and mirrored center.

112h x 82w x 30d

Auction July 16 & 17, 2011 Sandy Springs, GA USA


bright ideas
BL2732. Large bronze and crystal 44 candle chandelier with crystal shaft and scroll detail.
72 drop

AL205. Beautiful gilt chandelier with dragons suspending frosted glass shades from rings.

CL620-CL623. Bronze and alabaster Liberty lights. Four Available.

36 drop x 32 diameter

Red Barons Summer Auction EXTRAVAGANZA

billiard lights and more. Just 58h x 12diameter look up at Red Baron and you will see a ceiling full of the best ones you can find in a wide array of styles and materials. These are just a few of the, literally, hundreds that will be sold July 16 & 17 at

CL591. Tiffany Harp floor lamp with gold Favrille Aurene shade and bronze base. Base Need Chandeliers? Weve got is signed and chandeliers, and sconces and numbered.

AL1269. Pair of American Arts & Crafts sconces with original shades.

SL664. Alabaster 10-arm chandelier with bronze foliate detail.

46 Drop


Red Barons Auction 85 404.252.3770 www.rbantiques.com

FP10459. Nice marine oil on canvas in gilt frame. 50h x 62w FP10533. Beautiful oil on canvas depicting a sailboat on water. Signed, Alfons Cogen.
Approximately 48h x 72w

AP498. WPA 1940s painting of laborers; signed, Hal Stoops 26.

34h x 35w in frame

FP10525. Finely painted farm scene by Theodore Ravagnat, a painter from Grenoble, France.
5h x 7w

FP10526 & FP10526A. Fantastic pair of allegorical paintings by Gustave Richard 1823-1973. The paintings are not signed but they are referenced on page 328 of the Stanislas Girard book entitled Gustave Richard written in 1932 and also appear in the catalog raisonee on pages 265 and 266.

CF1664. Carved gold Rococo console with marble top joined with a mirror. 10 H x 4.7 w
120h x 56w

Auction July 16 & 17, 2011 Sandy Springs, GA USA


FA7166. Iron canopy with glass.

26h x 64w x 48d

AD2762A. Set of cast stone four seasons.

98h x 24w x 19d each

CD6839. Pair of green urns with cherubs and lion heads.

28h x 26w

KD7125. Pair of cast stone urns with Renaissance scenes of ladies.

64h x 26w

KF942 & KF943. Pair of wooden and iron benches with arms formed by dog heads.

30h x 46w x 20d

KD7892. A pair of marble statues depicting a male Lion watching over a female and cub.
69h x 60w each


Red Barons Auction 85 404.252.3770 www.rbantiques.com

As an innovative artist, Louis Icart (1888-1950) is unmatched as his career was a success for some forty years. In the 1920s, he captivated the free spirited Parisian art scene with his juxtaposition of traditional forms within the avant-garde Art Deco movement as he explored and perfected various etching techniques. In his female subject, Fanny, who later became his wife, he was able to capture the elusive combination of innocence and experience that would become his signature. His works were widely collected throughout his life, and today his etchings are highly collectible. Red Baron proudly offers a select few of the works of this elite artist. Full list is available, please call for details.

FI11014. Original drypoint etching by Louis Icart, Louise.

CI24. Original drypoint etching by Louis Icart, Madame Bovary.

CI20. Original drypoint etching by Louis Icart, Sweet Mystery. FI219. Original drypoint etching by Louis Icart, Fishbowl.

FI197A. Original drypoint etching by Louis Icart, Farewell.

FI10447. Original drypoint etching by Louis Icart, Fountain.

FI236. Original drypoint etching by Louis Icart, Hydrangeas.

Auction July 16 & 17, 2011 Sandy Springs, GA USA


Great Gates
FA10031. Substantial pair of wrought iron entry gates, Circa 1900 flanked with a pair of stone pillars Circa 1820.
18 H x 30 W

FA10394. Pair of sizeable arch top wrought iron entry gates with gilt foliate detail. Fantastic!
142h x 91w

BA3031. Substantial pair of iron gates, with lights and gilt detail. (right)
approximately 15w

AA422. Pair of monumental limestone columns surmounted by limestone urns with wrought iron chateau gates and sections of wrought iron fence. Iron work is peaked with fleur de lis detail and features intricate scroll work with gold gilt paint. (below)
17h x 59w


Red Barons Auction 85 404.252.3770 www.rbantiques.com

Fabulous Fountains
KA3645. Fountain group in cast stone. Spouting horses and dolphin sit within a large cove pool. A bowl rises from the center upon which is mounted a Neptune figure surveying the sea with another spouting dolphin.
10h x 18w

KA597. Provencal fountain in cast stone, Cannelle.

50h x 70w

KA4055. Beautiful carved stone fountain with zephyr mask at top and white marble child at the center (pair available).
10.7h x 8.3w x 5.8d

KA3996. Large cut vincenza stone 2-tier stone fountain with three panthers.

12h x 22diameter estimate: $12,000-$15,000

KA4036. Large travertine marble fountain and coping with 4 mythological sea horses, putti, mermaids and Zeus like figures.
20h x 27diameter

KA451. Fine white marble fountain depicting a maiden draped in cloth with water jug on her shoulder and a child at her side.
94h x 92w

Auction July 16 & 17, 2011 Sandy Springs, GA USA


Enchanting Garden

KA585. Iron gazebo with twist columns and Corintian capitals with wrought iron top.

KA3983. Italian cast garden stone gazebo with twist columns and wrought iron dome.
13.8 H x 8.8diameter

KD7074. Splendid carved stone statue of winged victory on round pedestal.

82h x 22w

KD8605. Nice cast stone grouping of three graces.

74h x 28w x 16d

KL666. Cast iron street light with 4 arms as well as a central lantern with lion heads surround base (several available). KA7658. Carved

white marble foot bridge.

40h x 52w x 128d estimate: $2,000-$3,000

KD7134. Pair of cast stone urns with pineapple top lids, floral detail and rectangular bases.
7.8 H x 23 W ea.


Red Barons Auction 85 404.252.3770 www.rbantiques.com

The Best

AA609. Brunswick front and back bar, the Great Northern.


FF10227. Large carved mirror with dog head, birds, fruit and gilt detail.
102h x 62w

SA81. Excellent store fixture with glass front cabinets supported by columns extending from the counter surface, lower drawers and cabinet makes for an excellent store fixture or library piece.
128h x 110w x 17d

CA760. Absolutely spectacular mahogany triple arch back bar with carved lion heads, foliate detail, mirrored back and pendant lights.
116h x 24w x 22d

Auction July 16 & 17, 2011 Sandy Springs, GA USA


Awesome Automobiles
CV463. 1963 BMW 700 convertible, very rare, with blue and white interior.

CV466. 1966 Jaguar XKE Convertible, black.

CV444. 1985 Zimmer Golden Spirit built on Mustang chasis, maroon leather interior.

Over 50 Cars!

CV468. 1973 Fiat Giardiniera Station wagon- extremely rare- concourse condition CV464. 1963 Corvette Stingray Convertible in red, V8, 4-speed, both hard and soft tops. CV469. 1952 MG TD replica, beautifully built, only 550 miles CV366. 1997 Ferrari 355 Convertible in red, full ostrich interior, $10,000 stereo system, with 24kt gold plated accents, GPS, engine powder coated while out for major service being done, chrome wheels.


Red Barons Auction 85 404.252.3770 www.rbantiques.com

CC1649. Fully restored Gulf fuel pump.


CC1651. Fully restored Esso fuel pump.


CV470. 1976 Porsche 914 in yellow.

GC55. Very rare, Dunkley motorbike.

CC1650. Fully restored Harley Davidson themed fuel pump.


AV2010. 1970 Volkswagon Return to Berkley Bus, with red exterior and interior. CC1652. Fully restored Sinclair HC fuel pump.

Auction July 16 & 17, 2011 Sandy Springs, GA USA

Come to Atlanta 22h x 58w x 8d AC6405. Twelve gun Brig, full-hull rigged,to enjoy display model, Trinchera. 34h x 46w x 10d winning the bid in person!

AC5411. British mammouth class armored cruiser, full-hull rigged operating model of the Kent.

True Gems
CJ720. 3.65tcw pink diamond and .42tcw white diamond ring set in 18kt white and rose gold.

CJ722. Estate piece, 3.04ct sapphire pendant with 2.98tcw diamond surround set in platinum. CJ719. Estate piece, 9.03ct star sapphire with approximately 2.1tcw diamond surround.

CJ721. 5tcw round and baguette diamond bracelet set in platinum.

CJ689. Phillip Patek 18kt yellow gold pocket watch, from Galt Bros in Washintong, DC; Circa 1887.

These are just a few of the jewelry items that will be available for auction. Please continue to check our website for updates.

CJ724. Ladies bridal set with one 3.36tcw diamond engagement ring and matching .33tcw wedding band, both set in platinum.

CJ727. 8.27tcw white and natural yellow diamond starburst ring set in platinum. CJ716. 1.35tcw emerald and .36tcw diamond ring, set in 18kt white gold.

CJ718. 6.23ct opal ring with 1.27tcw diamond surround, set in 18kt yellow gold.

CD2373. Large carved white marble mirror frame with babies and flowers.
73h x 50w

Come Enjoy The Experience! We are the last of the BIG auctions left in the world--where its fun. We have only the very best-a real EXTRAVAGANZA. Entertainment, food, drinks and the opportunity to win the bid in person. Dont Miss Out!
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A u c t i o n

o f S a l e

The following conditions of sale are the complete and only terms and conditions on which PREVIEW all property is offered for sale. 1. Goods auctioned are often of some age. All property is sold AS IS WHERE IS. All pieces are sold as attributed to and we make NO guarantees, warranties or representations, expressed or implied, with respect to the property or correctness of the catalog or other description of authenticity of authorship, physical condition, size, quality, rarity, importance, provenance, exhibitions, literature or historical relevance of the property or otherwise. No statement anywhere, whether oral or written, shall be deemed such a guarantee, warranty or representation. Red Barons does not employ experts in any field, and no statement anywhere, whether oral or written, shall be deemed a guarantee, warranty or representation. Prospective bidders should inspect the property before bidding to determine condition, size and whether or not it has been repaired or restored and no refunds or credits shall be issued. 2. A premium of 18.5% of the successful bid price will be added thereto and is payable by purchaser as part of the total purchase price. 3. All lots are sold subject to a 7% Georgia sales tax unless a resale number is given. 4. Payment must be made on the day of purchase. Payment may be cash, certified check or personal check with bank letter. 5. Bidders are required to register prior to the sale and must use the number issued to them when they are the successful bidder. No transfer will be recognized from one buyer to another. 6. The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer will be the purchaser. In the event of any dispute between bidders, or in the event of doubt on our part as to the validity of any bid, the auctioneer will have the final discretion either to determine the successful bidder or to re-offer or resell the article in dispute. 7. On the fall of the auctioneers hammer, title will pass to the highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer, subject to fulfillment by such bidder of all the conditions set forth herein, and bidder assumes full risk and responsibility and will pay the full purchase price. Invoices are subject to audit for errors and bidder is responsible for paying any balance due therein. All pairs and multiples will be sold on the basis of a bid on one (1) piece times the number of items. This includes chairs, earrings, sconces, etc., etc. 8. All articles must be removed within seven days after the sale. Any item not removed within seven days will be moved and stored by Red Barons. Fees will be charged accordingly. Red Barons is not responsible for loss or damage to merchandise left beyond seven days. All damages/discrepancies must be reported within 72 hours of receipt of merchandise or claims will not be processed. 9. We are not responsible for the acts or omissions of carriers or packers of purchased lots, whether or not recommended by us. Packing and handling of purchased lots by us is at the entire risk of the purchaser. In no event will we be liable for damage to glass or frames, regardless of the cause. 10. We reserve the right to withdraw any property before sale. 11. This is a privately owned and operated sale. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to any person. No children will be allowed at the sale. 12. If any applicable conditions here are not complied with by the purchaser, in addition to other remedies available to us and the Consignor by law, including without limitation the right to hold the purchaser liable for the total purchase price, we may at our option either (a) cancel the sale, retaining as liquidated damages all payments made by the purchaser or (b) resell the property at public auction without reserve, and the purchaser will be liable for any deficiency, cost, including handling charges, the expenses of both auctions, our commission on both sales at our regular rates, all other charges due hereunder and incidental damages. In addition, a defaulting purchaser will be deemed to have granted us a security interest in, and we may retain as collateral security for such purchasers obligations to us, any property in our possession owned by such purchaser. We shall have all the rights afforded a security party under the Uniform Commercial Code with respect to such property and we may apply against such obligations all monies held or received by us for the account of, or due from us to, such purchaser. At our option, payment will not be deemed to have been made in full until we have collected funds represented by checks, or, in the case of bank or cashiers checks, we have confirmed their authenticity. These conditions of sale as well as the purchasers and our respective rights and obligations hereunder shall be governed by and construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia. By bidding at an auction, whether present in person or by an agent, order bid, telephone or other means, the purchaser shall be deemed to have consented to the jurisdiction of the state courts of, and the federal courts sitting in, The State of Georgia.

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Destination...Red Baron

CV465. 1988 Bluebird Wanderlodge Camper, very rare. Complete with awnings, grill, and any other camping necessities, one owner. Set to head to Red Baron.