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Golden key Teachings - April 2011

The Heart to Heart Wisdom of the 4th Ray of Deity .And Death is no more
April is the month with a lot of multi-dimensional energetic motions on our planet due to Eastern Time dealing with the cross, death and resurrection and the Jewish Passah Celebration. Further we have the Earth Day, creating energies in honor for Nature and all life, for the cycles of life and eternal renovation. All those festivities are based on the deeper sense of life and death and how we have been foretold for long time: death is just an illusion and will be no more.. This year something special happened: On Easter Saturday the famous Indian Master SAI BABA left his body to re-enter the eternal realm and to cross the lines just the time when Jesus that coincidence????. I think it is a good moment to have some deeper insight of life and death. What does that mean - death is no more? Today in our momentum state of evolution we already know that all what exist in any form of expression on earth and in a physical body or form is made of energy. That is scientifically proven no matter if a part of mankind does believe it or not, it just IS the way it IS and does not depend on any kind of believe system we are born with or educated in. Everything is made of atoms and atoms are energy, nothing else. Energy IS light, in consequence everything is made of light no matter if we know and see it or not. When we go further we will find out that even things looking dirty to us in reality are made of light as they are made of atoms. So why cant we see the light? And why some things are looking horrible to us? Why some people decide to be mean or bad when they are made of light too? What is it that makes people forget what they are in reality? Digging even deeper we will find out that life energy is vibration - divine vibration - LOVE. Love energy only can be generated by the HEART = Center of Live and engine of life creating the Life Impulses we need in order to experience a body and everything we can sense. All that is comes from the ONE HEART CENTER or center of creation = Center of Light = GOD (with many names) The Golden Key is the word and the essence of FREQUENCY leads us to deeper understanding. Energy expresses through vibrations and frequencies we can experience, feeling, seeing, sensing, etc. There are uncountable life expressions and we perceive them through all our senses depending on our own frequency rate. Some frequencies are slow motion, some more accelerated and some very accelerated. Even different materials have different vibrations. The scale is immense and that is happening with human life too. There are people with a very low vibration and others with a very accelerated one.

The question is how can we know what kind of vibration we have? Vibrations are energy waves and not fix at all. It depends on what we create in any moment as energies through our thoughts, feelings, words, expressions and actions. It is the sum of what we produce on total scale from second to second. As life is vibration itself on evolutionary never ending path we can get trained how to feel our vibration and work on rising it up. Sadness for example lowers the vibration - happiness pulls it up and so our vibration changes from second to second which can be seen with the aura photography. With the vibrational shift the colors in our energy field are changing too - it is just a matter of discovery and guidance until one person can continue to work on the self with confidence and uprising wisdom. At the beginning guidance is important because lots of frequencies are coming in once we start our self discovery process. As higher the frequency as less imbalances and disease can stay within the body. During the process of self discovery under guidance we find out what exactly lowers our own pattern, what blocks we have to work on to get a free energy flow within our body structure. That does not function from one second to the next because we have to clear pattern that are not in alignment with our real life purpose as just one example. Persons who found their original life vibration are entering the high vibration frequencies and as result sleeping abilities reveal we never would have thought that we have them. Those abilities are still called divine gifts as pre-cognition, as telepathic skills, as clairvoyance, clairaudience, as the self healing powers and much more. WE ALL HAVE THESE ABILITIES the difference is just in most people they are dormant and need to be awakened to become available to them and others already have them. As energies are running in motions we always can shift and change our energy levels. That depends on our own will and readiness to work for it. We have to bring ourselves into a new state of believing, of thinking, of acting, of loving and to learn how to become conscious of what our own energy is doing with us in every moment. It is a way and wonderful glorious journey with so many gifts that it is difficult to describe it. Everybody has his/her own eternal gifts waiting inside to become alive again. Masters have mastered the wisdom and knowledge of and about the own life frequencies in relation to the eternal life power and to the universal vibrations. Heightening our vibrations we reach a state of oneness so we can experience the world and all there is as one live vibration as we are all made of atoms we are adding our vibration to the whole of there is and when we change our own frequencies we are changing the world, even the universe because nothing can be outside of the whole there is. So no matter if we are in a body or not, nothing can die as it is made of atoms and atoms are invisible - we just change the form of experience and our spirit, soul, love and life power keep intact once we leave the body. The body has a time frame of functioning as it is made of energy too it has to go back to its original form to clear and to shine as light again. So every single part of us keeps going as energy waves and that is the secret how and why people with a higher frequency can see Ghosts or beings without a body as they are vibrating in light energies. There are light beings and those who are stuck. The second kind are people that do not believe in a life after death or have been kicked out of their body unexpectedly by an accident and do not understand what is going on, those who are residing in the earthly realm to help stuck

souls to find the way home= to the light which takes some time and education, there are others who do not want to leave because they see their family suffering too much or they wish to communicate somehow to ask for forgiveness. There are many different reasons that can hold a being back in the earthly realm once left the body behind. But life continues in the invisible realm and death does not exist. Death becomes an illusion. It is a pity that some religions are not teaching the truth about that fact yet as Jesus himself has given proof of it. What there is true and possible for one single being has to be true for all of us as we all are coming out of the same origin - the light ruled by cosmic laws and there are no exceptions we are all the light of the One. Dont all the Masters teach that we are all brothers and sisters? Dealing with grief is a matter of tradition and education too. The western world is dressing in black as a sign of sadness and loss, of separation, despair and suffering. That lowers our vibration and hinders the relatives to enter in the realm of joy and connection. This way of celebration really originates in our education. In India people are wearing white cloth as a sign of joy that the earth traveler has found the way back home to the light and they are happy with the person that has left the body. Their tradition does not teach a determinative death and they know the difference. They know that life is eternal and that there are wheels of life and cycles of life and incarnation as well as the native Indians are teaching. They cry tears of happiness and the vibration rises up as we experience oneness. The western tradition creates sadness lowering the vibrations - often reaching in depression cutting any possibility of contact form as the vibration do not match communication is not possible and the consequence is the feeling of separation and an end of life. But Life IS ETERNAL and becomes visible in our 4 yearly seasons - spring - summer autumn and winter. Nature teaches us the life cycles and we are part of nature so it is the same for us. That fact gives hope and the glory of a way that admits changes and restoration, so what ever we are going through that lowers our vibrations in our daily stress situations we can rise up again and learn to hold the light for ourselves and the world The vibration of our SELF depends on US In relation of Others: We affect others through our vibrations as we are ONE field of energy In relation to the world: We affect the world as all energy fields are united in One Global energy field composed by all creature producing energy waves In relation to the environment: As our body is made of atoms of the 4 elements we are part of Nature and belong to Mother Nature and Mother Earth (= bound atoms by magnetism) as well as we are part of the free flying unbound atoms ( life power, love power, happiness, joy, prayers, the fire of enthusiasm, etc) Earth matters are seeming death material but they are alive as you and me just vibrating in lower frequencies bound within the object or thing. Everything we create can be brought back into its original state = atoms then it is not visible for our physical eyes anymore - but even so called dead thing have an aura ( lightly grey blue) that gives proof that there is a vibration, where there is vibration there is life, there is light , there is energy > love. So we define the environment on our frequency level - WOW! - We heighten our vibration we rise in consciousness of oneness and begin to protect, we lower our vibration by negligence we affect our environment as we do not care for anything and destroy Hidden Key and truth: we are producing the world through our frequencies and that is what we experience in the world and as world which is OUR world as we are the creators adding our vibrations into the whole of existence.

Lets have a look at the vibration I India. At the end of this newsletter you will find a link to the last way of Master SAI BABA and the way India is celebrating the day. He touched millions of hearts as well as Jesus did and the global awakening process is accelerating every time one world wide loved and known person is going home. It brings people together from all parts of the world sharing one event and one love. It opens hearts and minds and many hear the inner call to listen to their own heart once they have experienced how it feels to be part of such global oneness. It brings deeper way of understanding and lots more of conscious levels as there have been before. This Easter Weekend a huge global portal has been opened for all life on earth due to the resurrection of both masters at the same time - they brought east and west together in one light in one love and in one power of ascension. The Jewish Passah Celebration is spread out around the world, Christians are spread out throughout the world and Sai Baba was known around the world. Both Masters opened and anchored a new vortex for mankind to integrate into that high vibration and to join into the realm of eternal life. The Vortex is a huge as the entire planet is placed within - that created a global energy and vibrational shift opening the portal for the mass awakening expected for this year. Two newer ways with the old way build a trinity power and it is a glorious moment we are living in as there is much going on throughout all dimensions. The NEW World, The OLD World and the OTHER World joined in one lifting the globe into a new realm of truth. We also can see it as alignment from the Old Testament - the New Testament and the Present Time. A total Alignment always gives opportunities of quantum leaps. This is a quantum leap of eternal power because the teachings are always the same just the comprehension of mankind rises up until a point of mass illumination. This powerful alignment gives us new increasing cosmic powers to be integrated for further evolution and we can be happy to be part of the process. As soon as we are able to integrate we become porters and messengers of change, of oneness and eternal love that burry death as a power of separation. We are the ones to create unity between the realms and death will be no more.. I had my own and personal experience just some weeks ago I would like to share with you. My mother passed away after a difficult and inhuman cross-way she went through. She had a brave heart and never complained about her sufferings and permanent pain. As she finally left the body after having a real quiet moment I was lucky to be present and to hold her in my arms as she left the body. I always had the gift to communicate with the other realm and a friend of mine sees the other side of life. I had to advise the doctor and emergency team while she came into the bedroom. She told me then: Your mother was standing beside there body with a huge smile on her face telling her that she has no pain anymore and that she is happy wishing for me that we both friends might continuing working together for a long time, as we do it now. While I held her I my arms helping her to let go I could perceive my Grandmother, her mother and one of the Masters that is with us all the time. I told her to not stay in this realm and to go to the light ( she always thought she has to protect me no matter what age, lol) and I left to arrange the legal steps to do. Many friends appeared without having been called from anybody - they just sensed it and passed by for some reason. So I was not alone in a foreign country with different modalities and rules. The Angels have sent them and all was easy. In Latin America burial is 24 hours after leaving the body and that is very quick. We had a sort religious service at home with her friends saying good bye and then we left to the peace garden to give her body a rest while she already left to the light. Her wish was to wear white and clear colors as she was a person creating happiness a part of her pain and all friends came in clear colors. All were sad but also happy as finally she is without any pain. So where is death????

Death is an illusion and in our times the realms are growing together so death loses the horror, fears can get buried and joy of liberation can replace the old fearful way and grief. What there is left is pure and strong love beyond anything - the heart connection keeps intact and that is what matters. Even when there is a separation between two bodies life continues, love continues and the connection keeps vibrating. Love never ends and life never ends. It is eternal and so it is.

Learn about how to heighten your vibration, how to feel frequencies, how to create the energy that heals you from inside out, how to apply the platform for change, how to ride the waves of our challenging time and stay in harmony, how to discover your true and eternal self and how to rise consciousness until the light you are shines with full power The Gold and Wisdom of the 4th ray of deity is the vibration of clarity and the wisdom of eternity we find within that clarity once we enter the heart center, living a life from heart to heart like the masters are teaching us Enjoy the video link SAI BABA India You will find a seal on his glass shrine: non violence, love, oneness, world peace, consciousness and that is the power of Jesus too and it was NO coincidence that he left his body last Saturday night - this was planned from the higher realms to create the global vortex of love and light so the planet can ascend with all life in, on and around it. Have a blessed and glorious time In One Love and One Light

Regina E.H.Ariel ****************

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