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Lew Goldstein [goldstein.lew@gmail.

com] Statement from Lew Goldstein, June 13, 2011 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 13, 2011 Statement of Lew Goldstein, Assistant Superintendent, Princeton Regional School District, June 13, 2011 As has been reported, I had applied for the position of Superintendent of Schools in Hamilton, New Jersey. I was honored to be selected to be interviewed for the job. At the recent Board of Education meeting at which the Board was apparently planning to name a new Superintendent, the search process for a new Superintendent created a great deal of internal Board and community controversy. The Boards decision not to act on the appointment of a Superintendent on Thursday seems to reflect division and anger that exists within the Board and with certain members of the community. I believe that the Board, and the community, must now heal any wounds of distrust raised by the search process before filling this position permanently. Without healing at the Board level, any candidate accepting the position would be thrust into a situation which would not allow them to meet the demanding requirements of this position. In the end, it is the students who will suffer. The Superintendent needs to have credible and enthusiastic support from the Board and key stakeholders as this journey begins, especially following the retirement of a long-tenured leader. Without such consensus, the next Superintendent will not be able to make necessary improvements. With the best interests of the school district in mind, I have decided to withdraw my name from consideration for this position at this time. I appreciate the Boards interest in my application. The Hamilton school district needs visionary and effective leadership in order to improve student achievement while operating efficiently and meeting mandates. I was excited by the challenge to provide this to the District. However, there also needs to be an environment of cooperation, collaboration and commitment amongst the Board members and community to enable the districts Superintendent to act and lead, and to enable schools to achieve, and exceed, goals for improvement and progress. I do not believe such an environment currently exists.

Key officials in my current school district were aware of my interest in the Hamilton Superintendent position, and were supportive of my candidacy. They are aware that I have withdrawn my name from consideration in the Hamilton search, and I am grateful that I have a challenging and rewarding job, which I look forward to doing every day. I will have no further comment on this matter. ###