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MITSUBISHI FD-Series Air Heat Pumps are Quietly Superior

A) 20db( )
New Mitsubishi FD-series Air Heat Pumps are our most energy efficient and quietest Heat Pumps with a host of advanced functions.

Low cost Heating and Cooling

Ultra High heating efficency, COP-Value, mean considerably lower energy bills all year round. MSZ-FD25VAH has a COP-Value 5.25 and MSZ-FD35VAH COP-Value is 4.71.* The maximum heating capacity has been increased by 30% compared to previous model. MITSUBISHI Heat Pumps also cool efficiently. Cooling efficiency (EER-Value)* of MSZ-FD25VAH is 5.15 and MSZ-FD35VAH 4.62. The intelligent Econo-Cool function reduces the energy consumption to the minimum.

MITSUBISHI High Technology

i-see Sensor - Only from MITSUBISHI As standard in FD-Series is a unique i-see Sensor which rotates 150 constantly monitoring the temperature around the room and automatically directs the heat or cooling to the area where it is needed. Plasma-Duo air filtering & Deodorising system State-of-the-art filtering system reduces common household allergens and unpleasant odours by up to 90%. Easy care To care for both the Plasma Deodorising filter and the Plasma Air Purifiying Filter, just wash them in water. The Deodorising ceramic filter has a service life of 6 years. New MITSUBISHI variable speed inverter twin-rotary compressors are ultra-efficient, vibration-free and almost silent in use. They are also friendly to the environment as they use less copper wiring than a conventional motor winding.

Wide Detection

Ideal for Asthma & Allergen sufferers

Up to 40% higher heat output !

MODEL Indoor Unit Outdoor Unit Heating Heating Power Output kW Outdoor working temperature C Power input (nominal) kW COP - Heating efficiency W/W Energy Efficiency Rating ABCDEFG Cooling Power Output kW Outdoor working temperature C Power Input (nominal) kW EER - Cooling Efficiency W/W Energy Efficiency Rating ABCDEFG Dimensions, H x W x D mm Weight kg Sound Pressure (minmax) dB(A) Dimensions, H x W x D mm Weight kg Sound Pressure, max dB(A) Liguid Pipe Diameter mm (Inches) Gas Pipe Diameter mm (Inches) Max. Pipe Length m Electricity Supply Voltage, Phase, Frequency V, Phase/Hz Frost Protection (Automatic Defrosting) Wide Airflow Distribution Timer i-see Sensor Quick Clean - vacuum cleaner attachment Dehumidifier Air & Allergen Filtering Automatic Start-up after power cut Extended Warranty 2 / 5 Years type Plasma deodorizing Filter MAC-307FT-E Plasma anti-allergy enzymeFilter MAC-417FT-E MSZ-FD25VAH MSZ-FD25VA MUZ-FD25VAH 1,56,3 (3,2) 25 ~ +24 0,482,03 (0,61) 5,25 A 1,13,5 (2,5) 10 ~ +46 0,260,97 (0,485) 5,15 A 295 x 798 x 257 12 2042 800 x 550 x 285 36 46 6,35 (1/4) 9,52 (3/8) 20 Outdoor Unit 230, 1/50 Yes / Auto Automatic 24 h On / Off Yes Optional Yes Plasma Duo Yes R410A Yes Yes MSZ-FD35VAH MSZ-FD35VA MUZ-FD35VAH 1,37,7 (4,0) 25 ~ +24 0,402,50 (0,85) 4,71 A 0,84,0 (3,5) 10 ~ +46 0,161,12 (0,835) 4,19 A 295 x 798 x 257 12 2144 800 x 550 x 285 36 50 6,35 (1/4) 9,52 (3/8) 20 Outdoor Unit 230, 1/50 Yes / Auto Automatic 24 h On / Off Yes Optional Yes Plasma Duo Yes R410A Yes Yes


Indoor Unit

Outdoor Unit



Refrigerant Filters

An Improved "horizontal vane" for pleasant and refreshing airflow

Advanced airflow control supported by newly configured horizontal vane directs air at the floor level in heating mode. In cooling mode, the vane angle can be kept nearly horizontal for pleasant and refreshing feeling.
In heating mode (with AREA setting: Whole room). Warm air is aimed at the cooler areas.

Day time

Warmer area

Night time

Cooler area


Scanoffice Ltd Distribution Centre has large stocks of heatpumps for immediate delivery to the customers.

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*COP - Value = Coefficient of performance. COP is the amount of heating a heat pump generates compared to the amount of electricity it uses. i.e. COP of 5.25 = 525% Efficiency. EER is the equivalent figure for cooling performance.

E-mail mitsubishi@scanheat.co.uk www.scanheat.co.uk

Cooling performance is measured with inside temperature of 27C and outdoor temperature of 35C. Heating performance figures are based on indoor temperature of 21C and outdoor temperature of 7C. All rights reserved.