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REGLA 47.6MW Packaged Power Station in Cuba (HYUNDAI-HiMSEN 9H21/32 x 28 Sets)

The Engine & Machinery Division of Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. is one of the leading diesel engine manufacturers in the world. Hyundai takes great pride in being rated annually as the worlds top diesel engine manufacturer since 1978. Since it first successfully completed a 20 MW class diesel power plant in Jeju island, Korea, Hyundai has expanded its activities and filled a key role in the global power market through completing diesel power plants of high quality around the world as an EPC contractor. Utilizing its vast experience acquired in constructing stationary power plants, Hyundai has developed a new generation of power system, there being high demand for newer technology with the conventional power system technology insufficient to meet current power clients needs. Hyundai has developed a new engine and an efficiently packaged power generating system using it of high functionality. Innovation is a hallmark of the worlds top engine manufacturer, an expert in the design and construction of power plants. The Packaged Power Station, a result of Hyundais creative and technological progress, will bring contentment to previously unsatisfied power customers.

Base load operation Diesel oil / Heavy fuel oil use Compact 40-feet container size Mobile type (option) Environmentally friendly Low cost of operating and maintenance

Captive Power Construction Site Shopping Mall, Hotel, Sports complex Isolated Village Rental Business Pump Station Independent Power Producer

5 6

Type [Rating] Engine Model Generator Total Weight 0.5 MW 6H17/28 0.8 MW 8H17/28 1.1 MW 1.5 MW 1.7 MW 9H21/32

6H21/32 8H21/32

645 kW/ 673 kW 865 kW / 902 kW 1,140 kW 1,520 kW 1,710 kW 24 Ton 30 Ton 42 Ton 48 Ton 50 Ton

7 3 2

Dimension WxHxL Cooling Method Speed

2.4m 3.4m 12m Radiator / Cooling Tower 900 rpm / 1,000 rpm Diesel Oil / Heavy Fuel Oil

The MCR will be based on ISO condition.

Engine Generator Control panel Enclosure

Radiator Exhaust gas silencer Ventilation air exhaust fan


Engine Particulars
Spec. Frequency Bore Stroke Engine Speed Output / Cyl. Piston Speed BMEP Power Density Max Fire Press. SFOC Unit Hz mm mm rpm kW m/s bar b.m/s bar g/kWh 900 115 8.4 24.1 203 170 193 60 170 280 1,000 120 9.3 22.7 211 170 193 900 200 9.6 24.1 231 200 187 H17/28 50 60 210 320 1,000 200 10.7 21.7 232 200 189 H21/32 HiMSEN 6H21/32 H21/32 50

Tolerance : 5%, ISO Condition

Hyundai System Engine Speed Major Usage Fuel Use Availability Maintenance Fuel Consumption Life Time Maintenance Hour [Cyl. Head] Electricity Characteristic 900~1,000rpm Base Load Continuous Operation Heavy Fuel oil #6, Diesel Oil #2 More than 88% Simple & Easy Done at Site 187~193g / kWh More than 20 Years 12,000 hr. Operation Stable Conventional System 1,500~1,800rpm Emergency Operation Peak-Cut Diesel Oil #2 Less than 50% Complicated Need to be move to shop About 215g / kWh Less than 10 Years 7,500 hr. Operation Unstable


Item Fuel Daily Tank Lube Oil Starting Method Generator Voltage Parallel Operation Load Shifting Circuit Breaker Fire Fighting Enclosure - Type - Sound Attenuation Trailer for Mobility Manual ACB

Standard Diesel Oil, Heavy Fuel Oil up to ISO 8217 RMH55 Diesel Oil 4 hours SAE 40 Air Starting Up to 6.6kv Option Auto VCB


Electric Starting (H17/28)

Detection & Alarm Weather Proof Normal 85 dB(A) of 1 meter

Auto CO2 Distinguisher

Skid Mounted 80 dB(A) of 1 meter Trailer (H17/28)

CEPM 6.8MW PPS in Dominican Rep. (HYUNDAI - HiMSEN 9H21/32 x 4 Sets)

Compact PPS(Output: 530~900kW) (HYUNDAI - HiMSEN H17/28)

Interoil 4.5MW PPS in Papua New Guinea (HYUNDAI - HiMSEN 9H21/32 x 2 Sets)

61.2MW PPS in Haiti (HYUNDAI - HiMSEN 9H21/32 x 36 Sets)

BioBio 13.6MW PPS in Chile (HYUNDAI - HiMSEN 9H21/32 x 8 Sets)

10MW PPS in Namibia (HYUNDAI - HiMSEN 9H21/32 x 6 Sets)

www.hhi.co.kr www.hyundai-engine.com

Advantages of Packaged Power Station

Best Performance and On Time Delivery Economical Satisfaction High Quality and Reliability Easy, Cost Effective Operation & Maintenance

Diesel Power Plant Sales Dept

1, Jeonha-Dong, Dong-Gu, Ulsan, Korea TEL: 82-52-202-7301~10 FAX: 82-52-202-7202 PC FAX: 82-52-250-9816 E-mail: k120hhi@hhi.co.kr HHI-EMD DG 2009-05 Contents subject to change without prior notice.