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A publication of
Summer 2011
Volume 3 | Issue 3
Display until August 31, 2011
The power of TruTh
Speaking What is True
The order of mercy
Bringing Peace to Our Communities
eGo: The obsTacle To
True spiriTualiTy
Finding Who You Truly Are
Into the Real m of Love
Mother Clare Wats
Father Peter Bowes
Rev. Margaret Laveda
Grace Tenner Design LLC
Rev. Meira Leonard
Rev. Rachel Bernard
Sister Camille Stikeleather
Rev. Timothy Lin
The Light is published four times annually
by the Order of Christ Sophia and is
distributed through regional
Centers of Light.
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Copyright 2011 by the Order of Christ
Sophia. All rights reserved. Facsimile
reproduction, including photocopy or
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prohibited under copyright laws.
The Centers of Light are Mystical Christian schools and
communities dedicated to consciousness, spiritual growth, and
empowerment. Much like the spiritual communities that mystics
such as St. Francis of Assisi and Paramahansa Yogananda
created, the Centers of Light are shining, warm places for people
searching for inner truth, meaning, and direct relationship with
God. In each of our 13 Centers across the country, we teach,
share, and cultivate spirituality through sacraments, meditation,
seminars, classes, and practical instruction in order to bring
people into real, deep experiences of God.
Centers of Light

- Mother teresa, nobel Prize acceptance speech, 1979
AskFat herPet er. com
Eastern teachers say we need to kill the
ego, get rid of it and subdue it energetically.
not all eastern teachers express it this way,
but most speak of the ego as being a great
distraction and obstacle to true spiritual
development. the term ego refers to the
small self with all of its concerns, attitudes,
opinions and desires. the ego is the part of
our conscious mind that preserves a sense
of ourselves as a material body existing in
time and space. We have colloquial words
for it that help us explain behavior in such
words as ego trip when a person is acting
like they are the most important person
in the whole world. We say someone has a
big ego when their attitude is one of being
more important than anyone else. We call
a person egotistical when they display an
air of being better and more important than
anyone else.
in Western language, we would say that the
ego is the self-preserving and protective
part of our mind that determines safety
and security. the ego is the security guard
of the psyche that has a job to do but often
uses heavy-handed methods to secure the
perimeter and set up surveillance around
the psychological castle. in a biological
sense, ego is what holds the fascia and
muscle tissue on the bones. it is what helps
us feel that we are our own person in time
and space.
the problem is that the ego will steal
whatever ground we give it and take control
as much as it possibly can. the ego tells
us that it can solve all problems and fgure
anything out that needs to be evaluated. it
pompously proclaims its ability to access
fles in our minds on any subject and pull
information from those fles giving us
answers to almost everything. it is like a
dog that jumps up on people until it is
trained. it sometimes bites people when it
feels exceptionally lofty and entitled in its
pride. if we let the ego run things, it takes
over and tries to control all parts of us. the
more power we give it, the more it thinks
it can control everything in our world
and then we experience separation and
disconnection from other people.
the ego cannot know the feeling side
of our nature and is confounded when
feelings are present. Feelings trump
thinking. Feelings are deeper and simpler.
ego cannot do anything with a real feeling
except try to cause fear and worry in our
minds, so that we will rely on the ego
to solve our problems. the ego must be
controlled, not killed, because it was never
designed to know that much. We should
take back the control over our lives, using
our real feelings to guide us instead of the
thousand attachments of the ego. the ego
is not equipped to lead, only to follow. the
ego is an imposter on the throne and will
fght tooth and nail to keep its position.
the ego is a control freak pretending
to know and unable to experience true
wisdom. humility will take the ego off its
the Obstacle to
true spirituality
For over 25 years,
father Peter BOwes
has devoted his life in service to God
as an ordained Priest and Master
Teacher. As Co-Director of the Order
of Christ Sophia, he teaches the
ministers and guides the Centers
of Light around the country. Known
for his sense of humor, Father Peter
is also an accomplished musician
and author who has composed
twelve albums and four books about
Mystical Christian teachings. He
holds a Masters and a Doctorate
degree in Educational Psychology.
Father Peter lives at the Center of
Light, Chicago.
Here you are reading another article on
spirituality. It is likely that this is neither the
frst nor will it be the last. This time though, I
want to invite you to go beyond just reading
and step into an experience that is deeper
than words. So take a few moments to relax.
Let your breathing slow down and deepen.
Let the tension in your body dissolve and
the worries of the day drift away. Relax. Now
picture yourself in a beautiful forest on a
summer day. Notice the sweet smell of the
air. Feel the warmth of the sun on your face
as sunlight streams through the treetops.
Notice the green color of the leaves and
that a gentle breeze is blowing. Listen to the
sound of the rustling leaves. The breeze is
subtle, almost imperceptible. Yet the leaves
respond to its caress. There is a profound
peace and stillness in the futtering. It is
harmonious and beautiful. Be in the feeling
of this harmony for a few moments. Then you
can read on.
We have all seen and heard the movement
of the wind in the trees. Even as observers
we have been deeply moved by it. But what
if it were possible to be more than vicarious
admirers of this natural phenomenon? What
if we could actually be like these leaves and
be caressed by a breeze that is peace itself?
What if we could allow our souls to be moved
by the touch of Gods love as it fows over us
and through us? From the beginning of time,
the longing of our hearts has driven us to
seek such an experience. Over the centuries,
this practice of seeking connection with
God has acquired a name. We have called it
Many Americans are beginning to practice
meditation. Most modern meditation
techniques emphasize relaxation and
concentration, which are certainly helpful.
But meditation can be much more than that.
Meditation is meant to be about love.
In order for meditation to take us into
the realm of love, we must learn to drop
deeply within ourselves deeper than our
bodies, thoughts and emotions. Below
these superfcialities, we will fnd a place
of stillness and simplicity that is much like
the forest in our visualization. There, in the
depths of our being, we can stretch forth the
leaves of our senses and feel the movement
of Gods presence. Gods love washes over
us and we are moved by it. Gently rustling
and swaying in peace, God pours through
our hearts and minds, and we emerge from
this experience changed by it. Having been
deeply loved, we fnd ourselves falling in
love with God. Sentiments of devotion grow
in our hearts. We rejoice in Gods touch. Our
rustling becomes a joyful reciprocation of the
love we are receiving, and we futter with love
for God. Eventually, love begins to dissolve
our separateness, and we begin to move as
one with God. Now we are truly meditating.
In our initial attempts at meditation, when
body, thought and emotion are undisciplined,
it can feel unimaginable that such a place
of stillness and love exists within. But with
practice it becomes increasingly accessible.
As you continue to practice meditation,
remember that your destination is love.
Strive to move beyond just relaxing. If you
are simple and open, like the forest in the
breeze, you may fnd that having experiences
of Gods love is easier than you think.
CORVINI began his training
with the Order of Christ Sophia in
December of 1999 and was ordained
a Priest in April of 2003. Rev. David
received a Bachelor of Science in
Psychology from the College of
William and Mary in 1997 and a
Medical Doctorate from SUNY
Downstate College of Medicine
in 2001. He now works for St.
Anthony Hospital in Warwick, NY
as an emergency physician and an
internist. Rev. David served at the
New Haven Center of Light for 6
years, ministering to the community
and the mens Novice program
there. In January of 2008, he and
his wife Rev Monica moved to
Brooklyns Park Slope to begin the
New York Center of Light which
they co-direct. In March of 2011, the
New York Center of Light relocated
to Warwick, NY. In addition to
serving at the Center of Light in
New York, Rev David works with
children and teens across the
country as a Youth Minister and also
with students in various countries
through the Centers of Light Online
International program.
into the realm of Love
The Power of Truth
by Mother Clare Watts
Respect for truth seems to be at an all-time
low. What is truth? Pontius Pilate cynically
asked Jesus 2,000 years ago. This rhetorical
question came in response to Jesus stating
that he had come into the world to bear
witness to the truth and that everyone who
is of the truth will hear his voice. Truth has
in fact been disrespected throughout history,
with disrespect peaking to outrageous
proportions at various intervals.
I do see such a peak of disrespect for truth
happening at this time throughout our
country and throughout much of the world.
Our government blatantly lies to us, without
suffering any consequences, even if their
lies lead us into wars that kill a hundred
thousand people. Our elected offcials
freely say whatever will get them elected,
and there seems to be no accountability for
misleading the people and for actions taken
purely for personal gain, rather than for the
wellbeing of their constituency. Our fnancial
establishments lie to gain obscene amounts
of money for the few while sending hundreds
of thousands of people into fnancial distress,
losing their homes and jobs and dying from
lack of health care. The only consequence
of their lying is that they received higher
bonuses the next year than ever before. And
lying in relationships is now more common
than not, and very few people seem to feel
obligated to follow through with what they
give commitments to.
The reasoning for all of this seems to be:
Truth is subjective and changes from moment
to moment. So why be stuck to something that
you committed to a while back? Everything
changes, so you should not have to be held to
what you said previously. You should be free
to go with the fow.
Is truth simply a subjective and momentary
take on a matter or situation, or is there more
to what truth is or can be? When you listen to
people, do you ever hear something in their
words that sounds like more than a temporary
point of view? Perhaps no one among your
acquaintances actually has a sense for truth,
or a dedication to fnding it, speaking it and
living it. Now consider Jesus words: I was
born and came into the world to bear witness
to the truth. Does that sound like he was
speaking of something subjective, something
constantly changing, open to anyones
interpretation? Surely not. Then what is the
truth that is objective, that always holds true
and applies to everyone? These questions
have been the driving force of seekers of truth
throughout the ages.
On a small scale, everyone can experience
the power of simply telling the truth in all
aspects of their lives. When you always state
what is true for you to the best of your ability
to discern it, and you are dedicated to being
true to your word and following through with
what you committed to, you will begin to
experience clarity and freedom in your heart
is a mystic, ordained Priest, Master
Teacher, and Co-Director of the
Order of Christ Sophia. She has
her Masters Degree in Counseling
Psychology and practiced as a
Jungian-trained psychotherapist.
Continually drawing from her
education and her experience,
including 17 years working as
a professional midwife, Mother
Clare has garnered a reputation for
her clarity of vision. She lectures
nationally on Mystical Christianity.
She has four grown children and
lives in Dolores, Colorado where she
oversees the the efforts
to expand and grow the
Sophia Peace Center.
AskMot herCl are. com
and mind. You dont have to be afraid of forgetting who you told what,
because you tell everyone the same truth. Your conscience is free of
guilt about lies and deceits because you no longer make those errors.
And you develop a certain knowing about living in truth, a knowing
that you discover is the best and freest way to live, and you fnd that
you never would want to live otherwise. When you surround yourself
with other people who are also dedicated to learning and speaking the
truth, you steer clear of many of the causes of heartbreak and misery
coming from relationship with others.
On a much larger scale is the pursuit of absolute truth. These truths
are unassailable and beyond debate. People still can and do debate
them, but when they do they are missing the point. Your conscious
mind will never understand these great truths. They are beyond
reason, beyond circumstance and time. Only by meditation and
contemplation can you access them. For example, one of those truths
is that God is love. If you engage that statement intellectually, you
could think of numerous instances in which it seems like God would
have done differently if God was, in fact, love. But such arguments are
inane and useless. Instead, if you go into meditation and contemplate
the great truth that God is love, you will have the opportunity to
come to know that this is true, beyond any knowledge your head
could have acquired. You will feel the truth of it, and it will expand
your consciousness and potentially change your life. That, then, is an
example of the power of truth.
How would you know what a great truth is? You can learn to meditate
and contemplate, and then you can take such teachings into your
inner being and fnd out what power they hold. With Jesus, Mary,
Buddha, Rumi, Lao Tzu, the teachings of Solomon and the writings of
the great mystics of all traditions, you can start by assuming what they
say most likely holds great truth. Then take one teaching at a time,
go into your inner chamber, and hold that truth in the light of Christ.
Ask God within to show you the meaning, to open up your heart and
mind to a higher wisdom and understanding. Stay patient and still
and allow the teachings to unfold within you. When a truth is revealed
to you, treasure it. Write it down and hold it in your heart for days.
Contemplate it during your days and let it continue to unfold in you
during the nights.
When you decide to live a life of speaking truth and going within to
seek out truth, you will experience its transformative power. Try it.
The blessings of truth are available to you if you want to fnd out for
yourself how truth can transform your life and can be the power that
sets you free.
intrOduCtiOn tO meditatiOn &
Christian mystiCism
Understanding the laws of the universe isnt easy, which
is why the Centers of Light offer six sessions that explore
the foundations of Christian Mysticism. Open to all, this
class gives an overview of what Christian Mysticism
is and what mystics do, and, most importantly, it offers
participants a chance to experience the spiritual world
frst-hand. there is no restriction on faith. You only
have to believe that there is most likely a power and
intelligence that is higher than human intelligence. Free
of charge.
BiBLe COntemPLatiOn
it is a fairly common experience to read a passage
from the new testament and ask, i wonder what that
means? Bible Contemplation at the Centers of Light
helps unravel the deeper meaning in Jesus teachings by
exploring our inner and outer life experiences and how
they relate to the parables Jesus taught. as a result, class
members discover how these teachings relate directly
to their own lives and experiences. this class is open to
graduates of introduction to Meditation and Christian
tree Of Life
the tree of Life lessons are written for the purpose
of unfolding the soul alchemically and opening up
spiritual consciousness to the wisdom of god. topics
such as What is light?, What is love?, or What is the
Creator? are presented in a simple, practical way that
allows students to understand, discuss, and contemplate
their meaning. these ancient teachings are paired
with powerful hands-on experiences, giving students a
tangible way to connect to the reality of gods spirit and
power. this class is open to graduates of introduction to
Meditation and Christian Mysticism.
sunday serviCe
Open to All Followed by Brunch
not your average sunday service! experience spirit moving through
songs, prayers, and powerful sermons that bring you into closer
connection to god the god inside your heart, inside your soul,
to the god within. each service begins with a silent meditation
followed by a sermon relating directly to the spiritual needs of the
community, fnally culminating in a transformative Communion and
personal blessing.
daiLy meditatiOn & COmmuniOn
the beauty of gods grace can be experienced with meditation
and Communion every morning of the week. We offer a 30 minute
meditation followed by a reading and Communion service, which
is a wonderful way to develop and deepen your meditation practice.
there is no better way to start your day than to receive the love, light
and peace of Jesus and Mary. all are welcome.
evening Prayers
all are welcome to join us at the end of the day with evening prayers
and songs. Community members from the Center of Light come
together to thank god, Jesus and Mary for the blessings of the day
and offer songs of gratitude and thanksgiving. Join us in spreading
light into the world with this form of joyful devotion.
COnsCiOus mOvie nights
have you ever walked out of a theater affected by a powerful flm and
wished for a forum to discuss it? if your answer is yes, then movie nights at
the Centers of Light are for you! these monthly events provide the perfect
way for people to connect deeply after watching inspiring movies and share
how our lives, attitudes, and perceptions are challenged and changed. at
the Centers of Light we dedicate the following flms to non-profts that
support causes related to the theme of the flm. this quarter, our offerings
June DIRT! Supporting the Sophia Peace Centers soil conservation efforts.
the movie takes you inside the wonders of the soil. Dirt! brings to life the environmental,
economic, social and political impact that the soil has. it tells the story of earths most valuable
and under-appreciated source of fertility.
JuLy Waste Land Supporting A New Day Cambodia.
Waste LanD follows a renowned artist to the worlds largest garbage dump in rio de Janeiro,
where the people living in the dump create art about their lives.
august Budrus Supporting Palestine Childrens Relief Fund.
BUDrUs follows a Palestinian leader who unites Fatah and hamas members as well as israeli
supporters in an unarmed movement to save his village from destruction. success eludes them
until his 15-year-old daughter jumps into the fray.
Our intention for showing these flms is to bring awareness to the
challenges facing our world everyday. With this new sensitivity, we gain
the power to make conscious choices that help change the course of world
events. any voluntary donations will be promptly sent to the organizations
mentioned above. in addition, we dedicate prayers to these causes in order
to support them materially and spiritually. We invite you to join us in any
way, helping to change our world into one of peace, justice and love.
Prayers fOr PeaCe
On the frst Wednesday of every month, the members of all 13 Centers of
Light pray for peace, creating a surge of positive energy for people all over
the world. Open to all faiths, it is a chance for hearts and minds to make a
real difference in the world. People pray for the cause of the month: healing,
spiritual awakening, love, solutions to hunger crises, war anything that the
world needs in order to become a place of peace. Join us!
friday night Lights
some Centers of Light hold a guided meditation event at the end of the
week called Friday night Lights. Join us for a wonderful close to your
work week and opening to your weekend. this event varies week to week,
however it always begins with guided meditation, followed by an enjoyable
group activity. around the country, each Friday night Lights is different
as we move with spirit and enjoy everything from drumming around a
bonfre, to watching movies, to playing games. You can expect to leave this
gathering with renewed energy and an uplifted spirit, which will positively
infuence the rest of your weekend.
master teaCher seminars
seminars from the Master teachers of the
Order of Christ sophia are once-in-a-lifetime
opportunities to receive spiritual teachings that
can move mountains in your life. the old saying,
one day with a teacher is worth 200 years on
your own applies to these enlightening and
life-changing events. experience it for yourself
by checking the enclosed schedule of events or
contacting a Priest at your local Center of Light.
the direCt Path tO gOd
You may be surprised to discover that the
fulfllment you look for in relationships, shopping,
travel, food, nature and countless other things
can be experienced just by closing your eyes and
connecting to god within. in meditation, you can
reach a perfect stillness in which you are receptive
to god and gods guidance for you. this is the
way of those who have disciplined their minds and
emotions to see and know god intimately. it is the
workbench of healing. it is the place of real peace.
it is the direct path to god. But it is not easy, and
those who want to reap the benefts of meditation
need to know what it takes to get there. Join us for
this special seminar and learn about the art of real
Creating yOur Life
some of us travel through life knowing we are in
charge of our destiny and that everything in our
life is there by our choice. We call ourselves co-
creators. Co-creators know that when you take
on the responsibility for your life, then you get all
the power to change itto change it into exactly
what you want it to be. in this seminar you will
learn how to use the laws of the universe for your
highest good and how to make a connection to
the Divine that will bring the fulfllment you have
always been seeking. Come and learn how to be a
conscious co-creatorand become empowered to
change your life!
to four years ago this
month, and I met Mother Clare Watts
for the frst time. I was in Seattle visiting
my mom and she invited me to meet her
teacher and her spiritual community at
the Center of Light. I had no inclination
toward Christianity, and it was solely a
visit to satisfy my curiosity of What is
mom doing now? Or so I thought.
Though I was conscious that my life was
miserable and in pieces on the foor of
my funky and pretty depressing home in
Berkeley, California, I didnt know how
radically different life could be. I had
experienced my moms transformation
of being more peaceful and loving, and
I liked what I heard about having a
teacher who taught you personally how
to grow, change and love. But at most, I
thought these Christians might only be
able to link me with some other people
doing similar spiritual work. To be
honest, I hoped it would be more exotic
like Hinduism, Buddhism or anything
with colorful fabric and lots of singing.
I had read Paramahansa Yoganandas
Autobiography of a Yogi and was moved
by the spiritual experiences he had in his
relationship with his teacher. I fgured
this wasnt possible because I lived in
the USA, and he was Yogananda after
all. At the time, I had my yoga practice
and reread many Buddhist teachings,
I was planning to travel my whole life,
I smoked a lot of pot and felt happiest
when I had a good meal and watched
the sunset. This was as much peace as I
could create at that time. I had no idea
another way was possible and especially
not for me.
Within the frst hour of meeting the
community and starting the seminar in
Seattle, I could feel life moving inside of
me and a door opening that I couldnt
identify. I was inspired. I saw and felt
something before me that I wanted
desperately and I was nervous about
showing and admitting this. I was drawn
to Jesus and Mother Mary as real living
teachers and wondered if they would
take me, too. I saw truly empowered
women before me who werent fghting
feminists or topless goddesses, like
examples in my hippy childhood who I
took to be strong.
I asked my most pressing questions that
nobody had ever been able to answer
before about our souls, our purpose
and what happens when we die. Mother
Clare answered my questions from her
own knowing, and I felt that. I wanted to
know the truth like she did, in such a way
that I could fnally be at peace inside of
myself and eventually offer that solace to
others. I was convinced on many levels
at this point but wouldnt admit that out
of fear that my boyfriend, my dad and
many friends would make fun of me and
blow me off.
What prevailed was my desire to be
honest, pure and loving, and to grow in








a dynamic and measurable way. Once I knew
this was possible, I couldnt stop thinking
about it. I wanted more of the experiences I
felt while I was at the Center and knew there
was more for me. I joined the community
in Oakland the next month and have been
a spiritual student ever since. I have made
many sacrifces of what I wanted for myself
and my family, and my teachers have lovingly
taught me at each step. I have endured the
ridicule by some old friends and family as I
feared and came away from it more secure
in my commitment and clear in what kind
of relationships I want. My boyfriend and I
separated a while later, and though it was
diffcult for me to let that go, I came to know
how important it is for me to choose this life
for myself and not what somebody else wants
for me.
When the question of joining the novice
program came up, I was nervous about this
big life change but knew this is what I had
wanted since I was young. I always considered
being a nun or a monk, I was fascinated by
monasteries but knew the traditional route
wasnt for me. I knew I wanted to stay in the
world as a participant but also felt a pull to
submerge in devotion, and the novice program
offered just this: a committed spiritual life with
training alongside of daily duties, jobs, school
and relationships. I knew it was an ultimate
challenge and would push me to grow much
I felt very much at home at the Center and
blessed to be invited to live there and to
deepen in my relationship to God there. There
are no words to describe how much I have
received and how much I value my life now.
Not only have I found meaning, but I have
found an entire family who cares to love each
other out of purity and continue to grow in
this perfection together. I am thankful to
God, to Jesus and Mother Mary, to our Master
Teachers, and to my teacher Rev Rachel who
I get to live with and learn from every single
day. It is so generous that we get to live with
our teachers, so generous it is hard to believe.
~ Gloria, Oakland
Flash back
Our spiritual community is a
place where real, meaningful
conversation can happen,
thanks to the high level of
integrity and honesty in
every relationship. Spiritual
community gives us the
opportunity to learn, grow
and support each other in our
individual journeys to God, no
matter how young or old you
are, whether you are single or
married, with children or not.
Activities such as camping
trips, movie nights, picnics
and cookouts make spiritual
community at the Centers of
Light an even more dynamic
and vibrant part of life.
The Order of Mercy, often referred to as the
OM, started its mission of service visiting
the elderly and cleaning up neighborhoods
four years ago. Women and men of all ages
take vows of service to become Sisters and
Brothers and are informally called OMers.
Many members start their training with
the Centers of Light and after a couple of
years want to give back and serve their
communities. Giving to our communities is
a way to bring peace into the world. It also
creates a bond between those serving in this
way. It is truly amazing that with just a little
bit of love and caring, so much can grow.
Each little seed of love that is given through
a simple smile, holding of a hand or saying
a prayer together or cleaning up a street in a
neighborhood has the potential of growing
The OM provides people with the
opportunity to give to elderly who do not
have anyone at the end of their lives. OMers
visit local nursing homes and fnd those
who are alone and without family. Of these,
many have survived their families or there
has been a confict that has ostracized
them from their children or other relatives.
These visits are intended to provide comfort
and love, and range from holding hands,
singing hymns, praying, reading from the
Bible or The Poem of the Man God to simply
listening to their story, guiding them and
reminding them that they are loved and
can forgive and be forgiven. The simplicity
of giving in this way changes the lives of
both the elderly and the OMers. Members
of the OM share many stories about the
hope and love in these relationships, and
how it changes their own relationships with
the people they live with and how it brings
more peace to themselves.
Cleaning the streets is another way the
OM gives back. OMers organize both
their spiritual communities and the
general public to join forces to clean up
the streets in their cities and towns. Being
a part of these cleanups allows everyone
to experience the gift of giving to these
parts of the cities that are ignored. When
the OMers are out cleaning the streets, it
creates a contagious enthusiasm: people
want to start helping, stores contribute
drinks, cars honk as they go by in
support. We have also seen how once a
neighborhood or street has been cleaned,
people tend to maintain the area and keep
it clean.
The OMers not only give their time in the
world serving the elderly and neighborhood,
but also serve the world in a much deeper
way through their prayer work. OMers pray
the rosary each week on a specifc topic and
are called to pray for other topics that need
consciousness and change. Prayer is the
power behind the OM. The strength of the
OM grows as members come together in
one mind and heart in prayer.
What is most joyful about the Order of
Mercy is that in the simple and loving way
each member gives to prayer, the elderly
or the neighborhood, they grow in their
relationship with God and are bringing
more peace and love to this earth.
Bringing Peace Through the Order of Mercy
summertime is all about the celebration of life as it bursts forth from the
earth. all the life we see in summer has deep roots, and the beauty we see is
a response to deep love that has been building under the surface for many
months. the way to stay connected to the true beauty of summer is to maintain
the inner connection that refects all the outer beauty. heres how:

1. set fve spiritual goals that are attainable and measurable for the summer.
For example, spend 10 minutes per day in meditation.
2. spend 10 minutes at the end of your day to contemplate who you are.
aside from what you do, who are you?
3. Make a list of fve positive qualities you notice in yourself, and set
attainable goals to express them.
4. Make a list of fve qualities that you would like to have, and set attainable
goals to strive to develop and express them.
5. as you are enjoying the great outdoors, dont forget to thank god for the
creation you get to experience.
6. remember that god is inside of you as you spend time with people, nature
and animals.
7. Be a blessing in all your interactions.
8. Donate a set amount of time each week to a peaceful organization you
believe in.
9. spend at least one day a week caring about others more than you do
yourself. notice what happens in you and around you.
10. review this top 10 list each sunday and appreciate what you have done,
change the things you wish you did differently and forgive yourself for the
things you neglected.
Ten Ways to Grow Spiritually
this Summer
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Healing the Split in the Psyche
July 7-11, July 14-18, July 21-25, 2011
Please contact Rev. Gabrielle Fisher for registration information
312-623-4418 revgabrielle@centersofight.org
Why are there so many advertisements
and guarantees about healing but so
few people truly feel healed?
What are the keys to a transformation
which is deep, real and permanent?
What do you need to do to be entirely
healed and free of your past?
This summer, uncover the hidden
doorways to your heart and psyche and
learn to open them up to allow life and
love to fow into you and through you.
Give yourself the gift of moving toward
true peace & union with God, and get all
your deep questions about life and spirit