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Basics These tips will help you fine tune the basics of coffee connoisseurship. 1.

Put cream and sugar in first. By putting these ingredients in first you won t even have to stir but you ll have your cream and sugar evenly distributed in your cup. 2. Chill coffee with coffee ice cubes. You could chill too-hot coffee with a regular ice cube but it would quickly get watered down. Instead, freeze some coffee in an ice cube tray and use it to chill your coffee without ever watering it down. 3. Read up on coffee to learn about varieties. Make sure you know what you re getting into when you buy a particular blend or roast by doing research on what the different varieties are ahead of time. 4. If you like flavored coffee, add the flavor later. Flavored coffees are often more expensive and can clog up your grinder with oils. Avoid both problems by adding your own flavored syrup to regular coffee. 5. Understand the brewing process. You can t brew a great cup of coffee without knowing how it works. Read up in books or online about how it all works. 6. Use baking soda to reduce acidity. If you have trouble drinking coffee because you find it too acidic, you may be able to cut some of that by using baking soda on the top of the grounds before brewing. 7. Keep milk, cream and sugar on hand. That way even if you make a less than ideal cup you can salvage it with a little tweaking. 8. Read the instructions. If you re using a coffee pot make sure you know all the ins and outs of using it before beginning. That way you ll get the best cup you can. 9. Make it in small batches. The best coffee will come from smaller batches, so if you re in need of it don t brew a whole bunch. Instead go for smaller amounts as you need it. 10. Learn to enjoy it, not just need it. While coffee is pretty good for waking you up, if you really want to get the most of out it find brews you love. 11. Don t let coffee sit for too long. Coffee should ideally be drunk at a pretty warm temperature, somewhere between 165 and 175 degrees. Let it cool too much and it will lose much of its good flavor. Making the Perfect Cup Learn how to make coffee that tastes great at home from these hacks. 12. Keep coffee from burning by putting pennies on the hotplate. They will conduct enough heat to keep the coffee warm without burning it if you can t drink it all right away. 13. Pay attention to the consistency of ground beans. You ll need a different consistency based on the type of coffee brewing equipment you have, so keep tabs on how finely or coarsely ground you re making it. 14. Add on to less than stellar coffee by using pepper or cardamom. In the event that you have purchased a coffee that is less than ideal in the taste department don t just toss it out. Help correct the flavor by adding a bit of pepper or cardamom into the mix. 15. Buy whole beans and grind them yourself. The best coffee is the freshest coffee, so purchase a grinder and start making your own freshly ground coffee. It s a bit of an up front investment, but it will pay off big in taste dividends. 16. Grind coffee shortly before you will use it. While it might be more convenient to grind a bunch of coffee at once (and avoid waking your roomies when you want coffee at the crack of dawn) it will taste better if you grind it as close to the time when you ll brew it as possible. 17. Seal your coffee. Make sure to keep your coffee fresh by keeping it in some kind of sealed container. 18. Use purified water but not soft water. Water that comes out of the faucet canleave deposits on your coffee maker and change the taste of your morning cup. Use a Brita or Pur filter to take out those pesky additives and give you a better tasting cup of coffee.

19. Keep coffee out of the fridge or freezer. Coffee absorbs odors very easily which is why it ideally shouldn t be kept in your fridge or freezer if you want it to stay tasting good. 20. Heat up your machine before making hot coffee. You can, help make sure your coffee tastes great through and through by running some water without coffee through your machine first to warm things up. You won t always have time, but it can make a difference on a weekend when you ve got nothing else to do. 21. Cool a French press before making iced coffee. If you want to make the ideal iced drink, stick your French press in the fridge to chill it before you begin making your drink. 22. Rinse all your equipment before starting. Make sure everything that you re using to make and drink your coffee is as clean as it can be before starting so nothing will get in the way of creating the perfect cup of coffee. 23. Stir coffee in the filter. This will make sure that it gets evenly saturated with water and brews correctly. 24. Make sure you use enough grounds. You may be trying to brew coffee on the cheap, but not adding enough grounds can result in coffee that is weak or tastes extremely acidic and bitter. 25. Make espresso without the expensive machine. With a little work you can make espresso without a machine or going to a cafe. In fact, all you need are these instructions, a grinder and any old regular coffee machine. Buying Coffee If you opt to buy coffee, use these suggestions to save money and get a better tasting cup of coffee. 26. Save room for milk by ordering a smaller size in a bigger cup. That way you can add all the other yummy things you like without risking spills. 27. Prevent spills by asking for an additional lid. If you can, ask your barista for a flat lid which you can put under the spouted one. This can help prevent spills while you re traveling and you can simply remove the lid when you arrive. 28. Give it a minute to cool. Most coffee that you buy at coffee shops is going to be way too hot to drink immediately after getting it. Give it a minute to cool and you ll protect your mouth and get a better taste of the coffee. 29. Try a cheaper company. Not all coffee shops are created equal and if you need to cut back consider a cheaper chain or a local place. 30. Ice it yourself. While it might be cheating, college students on a budget can t always afford to get fancy coffee drinks. Order some espresso and add your own milk and ice to make a coffee drink. 31. Go basic. Unless you re only into coffee for the frills, stick to your basic plain cup. You ll save money over the long run and you ll still get the caffeine boost you need. 32. Skip the major chains. Support your local coffee shops by heading in and getting your coffee there. You may even find that they have better prices on certain items. 33. Cut back to every other day. If you re buying coffee out every single day you re going to be spending a fortune every semester just staying awake. Cut back in small amounts at first rather than completely depriving yourself. 34. Only get what you need. With so many options in coffee shops it s tempting to get a giant, fancy drink and lots of treats to go along with it. Stick to the basics and get your fix without breaking your budget. 35. Taste test different shops. Coffee can vary from location to location so shop around until you find a place that has the brew you like the best. Staying Awake Use these tips to make the most of the caffeine found in coffee.

36. Prep ahead of time so you can sleepwalk your way through coffee prep.For many students, making a cup of coffee at home in the morning is too much effort. Take out some of the steps and prep everything you need the night before. 37. Take a caffeine nap. What s that you ask? Have a cup of coffee then immediately take a 15 minute nap. In tests this helped participants feel much more rested and ready to go. 38. Set your coffee maker to a timer. Having morning coffee can be easy. Get everything ready the night before, set the timer on your machine and wake up to the delicious smell of coffee. 39. Find out about the caffeine levels in your brew, as all beans have different amounts. Not all beans are created equal when it comes to caffeine levels so if you need a serious kick, do your research before you buy. 40. Use coffee to accelerate your exercise. Some people find that coffee in conjunction with exercise helps them get a better workout. If you have trouble getting through your workouts to shed those freshman 15 it could be a big help. 41. Realize that using coffee to stay awake may not help your studies. There is no real substitute for sleep, and coffee can only take you so far. Understand that sometimes you just need to call it a night and study more when you ve rested. 42. Avoid addiction. You can do yourself more harm than good by fostering an addiction to caffeine. On days when you can t get your coffee you can be grumpy, confused and generally perform much worse than you would otherwise. Enjoy coffee and use it to help you out, but in moderation. 43. Use coffee to focus. Studies have shown that coffee can be a great help when it comes time to focus, so if you ve got homework that needs some attention, give it a try. Saving Money Learn how to get your fix without spending a fortune with these hacks. 44. Take creams and sugars with you. If you re enjoying coffee at a restaurant, take a couple creams and sugars home with you. That way you won t have to buy it, and you ll still have it on hand. 45. Make it at home. Making coffee at home takes a little up front investment but is ultimately much cheaper than going out for it every day. 46. Weaken your coffee. Unless you need your coffee super strong in order to wake up you may be able to get by with adding more water, milk or other things to your coffee so you use less every day. 47. Make even fancy drinks yourself. You can enjoy lattes, cappuccinos and americanos at home using this helpful diagram. 48. Share with roomies. If both you and your roomie like coffee, why not share the costs?You ll both get to enjoy it but it will cost you much less. 49. Use coupons. When you ve got coupons, use them. They can save you a bundle over the course of a year. 50. Search for online deals. In some cases the best deals to be had on coffee can be found online. Do a little browsing before committing. 51. Buy bulk. You may be able to save on coffee by getting it in bulk rather than in prepackaged selections. 52. Understand that more expensive might not always be better. Just because a particular blend costs more doesn t mean you ll like it more. Go with what you know will be good rather than what gives the impression of it. 53. Buy your favorite chain store coffee to make at home. Even if you love Starbucks you can make it at home without the hefty price tag by buying chain brand coffees at the grocery store. 54. Don t throw out filters. Constantly using and replacing paper filters can add up over time. Instead, get a filter that sreuseable.

55. Reuse old grinds by adding half as much the next time. You don t necessarily have to use entirely new grounds every time you make coffee. Reuse the old grounds and add half as much new coffee to the mix. You likely won t even notice the difference. 56. Alternate between fresh and grocery brands. There may be days when you don t care about taste as much as the jolt coffee gives you. On those days, use the less expensive coffee. You ll save money and still get the energy you need. 57. Make even regular grounds fancy by making cheap cappuccino. Simply use your run-of-the mill grocery brand grounds to brew espresso, add milk, and foam and you ll have yourself a cappuccino. It probably won t taste as good as the store bought kind, but you ll be saving big. True Aficionados If you want to take your coffee drinking to the next level, consider these ideas. 58. Get a Moka pot. This stovetop espresso maker is a bit fancier than just the regular old coffee machine but will allow you to indulge your coffee appetite more easily and fancily. 59. Try a French press. French presses are a relatively inexpensive kitchen gadget that are easy to use and deliver delicious coffee. 60. Use single cup filters so you can make good coffee anywhere. Instead of just drinking whatever coffee you can get your hands on, you can bring your own delicious coffee with you and brew it right in your cup with one of these devices. 61. Get the freshest coffee possible. If you know enough about coffee to tell the good from the bad, make sure you avoid the bad by getting coffee that s as fresh as possible. Coffee doesn t stay good forever so it s best to catch it earlier if you want to enjoy it longer. 62. Look for coffee makers with thermal carafes. These will keep your coffee warm without giving it the burned taste it can get from sitting in a traditional pot. 63. Impress roomies and significant others with latte designs. You don t have to work at a coffee shop to learn how to adorn your drinks with pretty designs. You can do it right in your own kitchen. 64. Remember that temperature and timing count. When aiming for truly great coffee you can t just dump in ingredients and leave it. Pay attention to when to put things in or take them out and what temperature you re brewing at. 65. Roast your own. Those with the time, money and dedication to do so can get some amazingly fresh coffee by roasting it at home. 66. Do your research. If you truly love the taste of coffee then spend some time learning about what makes it good, the varieties and the methods of preparing it. 67. Share expenses with another coffee lover. You don t have to shoulder all the costs of expensive coffee by yourself. Find a roommate or a friend that enjoys it as well and split the beans and costs. 68. Avoid grocery store grinders. These machines can be loaded with remnants from all kinds of other types of coffee. Keep your coffee clean by grinding it at home in your own machine. 69. Don t grind the night before. It might be more convenient, but you ll get the best taste if you grind your coffee right before you use it. 70. Experiment with new methods. If you re truly adventurous with your coffee, try out new things. You never know, you may find something that s simply awesome with a little trial and error. Coffee Stains Coffee may help you stay awake but it can also leave a nasty stain on clothes, carpets and cups. Learn how to clean up after your coffee mess here. 71. Use salt and ice to clean a coffee pot. With these simple household items instead of expensive cleaners you can make sure your coffee pot stays clean and tasting right.

72. Always clean out your grinder. If you don t thoroughly clean out your grinder you could be sacrificing the taste of your coffee, as grounds can go stale in your grinder and mix in with newer, fresher ones. 73. Avoid flavored coffees. The flavors added to the coffees can leave behind oils that are almost impossible to remove from your grinder, so if you have a craving for these add your own flavors after grinding or buy coffee out. 74. Remove coffee stains by type of fabric. Each type of fabric or surface will have a different method that will be best for removing coffee stains. Read up before attempting to do any stain removal. 75. Use vinegar to lessen stains. You may already have vinegar lying around the house, and it can be a great tool in helping you to remove any stains on carpet or clothing. If you don t, it s relatively cheap and will cost you less than replacing the item. 76. Test an area first. You don t want to do more harm than good if you ve stained something with coffee. Test out a small area using your cleaning agent before trying it on the whole stain to make sure it s colorfast. 77. Consider baking soda. If you ve stained your apartment countertops with coffee you can avoid having it taken out of your deposit by applying baking soda to the area and letting it sit, then wiping it clean. 78. Blot the stain, then clean. When cleaning up coffee you ll want to try to soak up as much of the liquid as possible before applying any cleaning agents to avoid further spreading the mess. 79. Never leave a stain. While it can be tempting to do so when you are in a hurry, you should try to avoid waiting to clean a stain. Take care of it as soon as you can if you want the best chance of getting it out. 80. Coffee may come out of carpets with a little elbow grease. You re unlikely to remove a coffee stain on your first go. If you truly want or need to get it out (so you can avoid paying the hefty fees that come along with replacing the carpet) keep at it. You may find that a little determination helps out. Greener Coffee Help make your morning cup of coffee a more sustainable one with these tips. 81. Skip the stirring stick. Using a different stirring stick every time you have coffee adds up over the course of the year. You can help the earth by pouring in the milk and sugar before the coffee, helping mix things up without the need of a stirrer. 82. Use your own mug. No need to throw away a new disposable cup every day. Invest in a good quality travel mug and you ll be able to use it every day. 83. Aim for sustainable beans. Be careful in what type of coffee you buy and try to find brands that are grown sustainably. 84. Compost the grounds in your houseplants. Make good use of the grounds from your coffee making by using them to keep your houseplants happy and green. 85. Use grounds to de-stinkify your fridge. Because coffee grounds are so good at absorbing odors you can help make your fridge smell better by putting a small jar of them inside. 86. Cut back. Simply cutting back to one cup a day or just having coffee a few times a week can be a great help to the environment and your wallet. 87. Go local. Finding coffee that s roasted and served locally cuts down on the time and effort needed to transport it, helping the environment in the process. 88. Use reuseable filters. Instead of using and throwing out a paper filter each day, get a reusable metal filter to use instead. 89. Try to find organic brews. Do a little research at your local grocery store to find what brands offer organic coffee. You might pay more, but it could be worth it. 90. Learn more about green certifications. Before you buy your coffee beans, learn what each of the certifications on coffee actually mean with resources like this.

Coffee-Based Beauty Coffee may be able to offer you more than an energy boost, as these beauty hacks show. 91. Drink it with a straw. Coffee is notorious for its staining properties and it won t show any mercy for your teeth. If you re worried about staining, try drinking your coffee through a straw. 92. Use it on your skin. Because of the caffeine it contains, coffee can be great for your skin, from perking up dullness to sloughing off dead skin. Better yet, some studies have shown coffee might even fight skin cancer. 93. Fight cellulite with grounds. While there is no cure for cellulite, you can help make it look less obvious by rubbing coffee grounds on it as these instructionsprescribe. 94. Use coffee to make your hair shinier. If you feel like your hair is looking a little dull these days, try applying a treatment of coffee grounds to your hair and rinsing thoroughly when done. 95. Make a beauty mask. You can keep yourself looking your best by making a beauty mask like this out of your leftover coffee grounds. 96. Exfoliate with coffee. Keep those grounds after you make a cup of coffee and use them to exfoliate your skin, helping it look younger and healthier and giving you a great glow before you go to class. 97. Reduce undereye puffiness with a shot of coffee. You can help yourself not only feel less tired but look it too with coffee. Just apply lukewarm coffee right to the affected area to get an instant lift. 98. Employ your beauty regimens in an easy to clean place. Coffee grounds are messy so make sure you re creating your concoctions in a place that won t be a nightmare to clean up when you re done. 99. Check out great recipes to reuse your grounds. There are numerous beauty applications for coffee so if you don t see one here you like, browse recipes likethese for more tips. 100. Enjoy the aroma of coffee. Coffee can work great as an aromatherapy scent even if you don t like the taste. Head to your local coffee shop and inhale the scents for a quick mood lift.