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Raja 636 544 7358 Hyperion Consultant PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY

Over 8 years of experience in design, analysis, development and implementation of various applications environment using Hyperion Essbase, Essbase Administration Services, Hyperion EPM, Hyperion Reporting and Analysis 9.3, Analytic Provider Services, Planning, Smart View for Office, ESSCMD, MaxL, Essbase Excel Add-in, on Windows 2000/NT4.0 and Unix environment. Extensive experience in designing and developing OLAP cubes from a conceptual level and possesses outstanding skills in Essbase related technologies (system 9.3 and 11). Experienced in all stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with comprehensive knowledge of business and requirements analysis, Business Process Modeling, Project planning and creation of user cases. Extensively involved in DW restructuring, maintenance, automation, backups, Performance tuning and Optimization of cubes and calc scripts to facilitate effective business decision making. Capable of managing organizations data, assess and fulfill its reporting needs and develop powerful BI solutions that have true impact on the performance of a company. Extensive knowledge on Hyperion System 9 and Oracle Hyperion EPM 11 Components Extensive experience in Calc scripts, MaxL, ESSCMD, Hyperion business rules, Dimension build rules, Partitioning, Data load rules and report scripts. Good Experience on migrating reports from 9.3 to 11. Managing / administration: security, permissions, users and groups, controlling access to database cells through managing filters, filters: creating, copying and assigning filters. Good understanding on the architecture of the Oracle Hyperion Products. Extensive knowledge on Hyperion Metadata storage information. Knowledge of LDAP, windows and UNIX server management. Hands on experience in administering Hyperion reporting and analysis and Essbase Installing, Configuring and maintaining Application servers like WebLogic, Tomcat Scheduling loading of data, and writing scripts to perform loads and calculations, Essbase Partition database models and Essbase Block Storage database models. Database optimization and performance-tuning expertise with Essbase. Creating innovative solutions to automate processes. Monitoring and support Hyperion Essbase Business Intelligence applications and batch load processes to ensure the highest level of system availability. Experience in HSS configuration including CSS configuration (user level). Applying quantitative methods to analyze synthesize and interpret information from multiple data sources. Firm knowledge and experienced in implementing SQA methodologies and SEI CMM standards.

Support user training, documentation, QA Strategy and rollout of new projects.

Extensive knowledge of Active Directory, Clustering & Balancing A motivated learner, sincere, disciplined team player having excellent communication and interpersonal skills complemented by a high degree of initiative and optimism when faced with challenges.

TECHNICAL SKILLS OLAP Tools: EPM System 11, System 9 Analytic Services 9.3, Essbase 7.x/6.x , Reporting and Analysis (Financial Reporting, Web Analysis, workspace), Analyzer 7.2/7.0/6.5, EAS 7.x, Analytic Admin Services (AAS 9.3), DIM, Integration Services, Performance Management, ESSCMD, MaxL, Smart View for Office, Hyperion Planning, BI Reporting tools FR and IR, MS Excel Add-In. MS Office 2003. Excellent skills of MS Excel 2003 Java, C++, VB, C#, HTML, XML

MS Office Tools: Languages: Dimensional Modeling Tools: Star schema, Snowflake schema, Dimension and Fact tables, Logical and Physical Modeling Databases: Oracle 10g, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL, MS Access, SQL 2000/ 2005 Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000 /XP/Server 2003, UNIX, Linux CERTIFICATION Oracle Hyperion Certified Developer Hyperion Essbase 9.3 Developer Certified Expert PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Estee Lauder New York, NY Hyperion Admin/Developer Feb-2009 Present

Roles & Responsibilities: Designed and developed an architecture document and TRD for Hyperion and OBIEE products

Extensively involved in gathering of requirements from business users and developing a project plan, defining requirements and functional specifications, designing documentation and testing strategy for management reporting
upgrading a 9.2.1 installation of Hyperion to Hyperion Installing and Configuring Oracle Hyperion EPM products(Foundation Services, Reporting and Analysis, Essbase, Planning) Integrating Hyperion Workspace with OBIEE Presentation Services( Answers, Delivers and Dashboards) Enabling all Hyperion EPM products communications through SSL Enabling usage tracking on Hyperion. Good understanding of Hyperion Repository Metadata. Administering production Essbase cubes production jobs Designed and developed reports/Dashboards using Interactive Reporting Hyperion EPM Installation and Configuration Extensively worked on dashboards with Java Scripts Used HSS configuration including CSS configuration Developed templates to the end users using Hyperion Smart View and Web Analysis to report on Essbase Developed Essbase cube for financial reporting in 11.1.3 Trained SCM team on using Hyperion LCM utility for moving cubes, reports from DEV to TEST and TEST to PROD. Support user training, documentation, QA Strategy and rollout of new projects


EPM 11, Planning, Web Analysis, Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio, Smartview, Workspace
Ernst & Young, Cleveland, OH Oct-2007 Dec 2008 Hyperion Developer / Administrator Designed and developed three optimized Unicode Essbase cubes and worked on Financial Reporting that will facilitate access to key performance indicators that are currently garnered from various systems within E&Y. Roles & Responsibilities: Extensively involved in gathering of requirements from business users and developing a project plan , defining requirements and functional specifications, designing documentation and testing strategy for management reporting Developed business focused technical solutions using Essbase and related front-end reporting tools Support user training, documentation, QA Strategy and rollout of new projects Responsible for designing, maintaining, calculating cubes, and front end reports (Web Analysis & Financial Reporting) Externalizing users from the AAS for a centralized control of provisioning. Developed three cubes for Analysis that stored and maintained companys financial and marketing data for trend analysis and reporting. Optimized outline structure, loading and calculations through appropriate dense and sparse settings of dimensions, storage allocations and by dynamic calculations and debugging Optimized cache settings, established user security, managed applications migration, established substitution variables and settings for asynchronous processing, editing / validating scripts Involved in importing data from different data sources including OLTP/OLAP database to Essbase cubes. Extensively developed reports using Dashboard Studio Installing and Configuring Oracle Hyperion EPM products(Foundation Services, Reporting and Analysis, Essbase, Planning) Developed an infrastructure Key Performance Indicators for the business users using Web Analysis Used Essbase Administration activities such as filter creation, creation of users, and creation of groups, assigning privileges and maintenance of Essbase Servers Developed Web forms using Hyperion Planning for various planning scenarios Imported users from the MSAD into Shared Services(HSS) Designed and developed performance tuning and weekly cubes building process Optimized the applications to bring down the runtime and database size considerably Developed Calc scripts to calculate complex values and forecasting values Provided technical support for problem identification, resolution and documentation Developed Batch files and Rules files to upload data from financial systems database to Essbase cube Involved in data warehouse(SQL server ) restructuring to facilitate automation process of weekly cubes building, data loading and relational drill through to SQL database Environment: Hyperion Essbase 9.3, EIS, SQL Server 2005,Oracle 11i/10g, Hyperion Planning, Financial Reporting 9.3, Hyperion Application Link, Windows 2003 server, Excel Add-in, WebLogic, UL North America, NJ Hyperion Developer / Administrator Jan 2007 - Oct 2007

Unilever is a global leader in producing processed foods and home and personal care products. Their Englewood Cliffs offices house most of Unilevers IT demands for their North America operations, which aimed at enhancing business through Hyperion Essbase and Reporting and Analysis that required design, development and analysis for the international market sales based on the already available domestic and corporate cube which has put forth this project. The position here involved the support, enhancement and implementation of changes in a large suite of sales applications.

Roles & Responsibilities: Providing support to a wide user base (1000+) and Business Analysts on issues related to data integrity by troubleshooting using Hyperion Reports and Excel Add-in Complete support for eleven sales applications ten BSO cubes and one ASO cube Performed system installation, configuration and software upgrades of various Hyperion tools such as Hyperion Essbase, Reporting and Analysis Developed Dashboards using Java Scripting in Interactive Reporting. Extensively used Essbase functions for scripts involving financial data Key member of technical team which upgraded Hyperion from 7.x to Hyperion 9.3 enterprise wide. Provided support for separate functional modules of Reporting and Analysis, business rules, calculation scripts, variables and databases (including Essbase) Installing and Configuring Oracle Hyperion EPM 9.3 products(Foundation Services, Reporting and Analysis, Essbase, Planning) Developed Calc scripts and optimized it according to the outline Extensively used Essbase functions for scripts involving financial data Used LDAP for account management in windows and Unix servers Supporting and maintaining user account information including rights, security and groups Managing system upgrades and client installations based on business requirements, Installation and evaluation of Hyperion System 9 on test machines Creation of user training manuals and training users on Hyperion Tools Used various types of Calculations such as Dynamic calc, Two-Pass Calc, Intelligent calc for Outline Calculations. Responsible for performance monitoring, backup and recovery Involved in the performance tuning and optimization of data load rules Extensively used MaxL, ESSCMD to run calc scripts Environment: Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Essbase 7.1.2, Hyperion Essbase 9.3,Oracle 9i, HAL 7.0, Hyperion Reports 7.0, ESSCMD, SQL Server, PL/SQL, Excel Add-in, IIS, Windows NT Server/Linux Office Depot FL Hyperion Developer/Administrator Jul 04 Dec 06

Roles and Responsibilities: Involved in the design and development of cubes and also reviewing cube designs Developed outlines, ESSCMD scripts, Calc scripts, data load rules for loadings Created various rules files for dimension building, data loading. Performed optimization for various data load rules and calc scripts Administering and maintaining servers for Hyperion applications. Hyperion EPM 9.3 Installation and Configuration Developed Web forms using Hyperion Planning for various planning scenario. Performed database tuning by setting appropriate index, data and calc cache. Involved in security setup for user groups. Created and managed restrictions to the OLAP server

Used LDAP for windows and Unix server management

Developed reports for forecasting monthly expenditures, expense management and comparing actual vs. planned Created reports based on the user requirements using financial reporting, Dashboard studio Environment: Hyperion Essbase 7.1.2, HAL 7.0, Hyperion Analyzer 7.0, Hyperion Reports 7.0, ESSCMD, SQL Server, PL/SQL, Excel Add-in, IIS, Windows NT Server.

Maximus Inc, AZ Hyperion Essbase Developer/Administrator

Jan03 - May04

Roles and Responsibilities: Participated in the review and approval of the technical transformation requirements document. Involved in getting requirements and developed project plan Designed and developed numerous Essbase applications with excellent balance of dense and sparse dimensions. Developed a Multi Dimensional Database Application (MDDB) using Hyperion that stored and maintained data for trend analysis and reporting. Implemented application security process, created users/groups, security profiles and application access to different groups using filters. Wrote batch scripts and scheduled them automatically to run ESSCMDS to take regular backups Designed and developed BSO cubes for optimum analysis, performance and reporting needs. Developed load rules for loading data files and for dimension building. Hyperion EPM 9.3 Installation and Configuration Performed optimization using Hour glass design technique, during Dataloads and while calculating. Responsible for Performance Monitoring, Backup and Recovery of the cube. Involved in installation of EIS, configuration and Migrating from Essbase version 6.5 to 7.1. Installed and configured Essbase deployment Services and Essbase Spreadsheet Services across the environment. Retrieved reports using Excel add in and generate reports out of batch in Hyperion Reporting. Prepared quarterly forecasts, annual budget, ad-hoc reporting and management reporting by working with the business managers. Provided technical assistance and support to end users and was involved in developing documentation. Experience in building OLAP cubes in MS Analysis and generated drill through reports using Pivot tables. Environment: Hyperion Essbase 7.X/6.5.X, Hyperion Analyzer 7.0/6.5, Hyperion Reports 7.0, Essbase Integration Services 7.X/6.5.X, Microsoft Excel 2000, Oracle 8i, Windows NT 4.0 and HP-UNIX.