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Practical Nurse Certificate

Full-time Starts: September (Prince George); January (Quesnel call for availability) Fees, entire program: $5,800 One year Prince George and Quesnel (call for next intake) Careers After licensing, graduates will be able to work in health-care settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centres, doctors ofces, clinics, occupational health units, community nursing services and private homes. Note: This program (and/or bridging program to LPN level) may be offered at the Quesnel campus contact them for details. Admission requirements 1. Successful completion of Grade 12 or ABE/CCP Advanced Certicate or mature student status. 2. Biology 12 or Biol 050, with a grade of C or better. Effective September 2012 intake, the biology requirement will be: BIO 130 with a grade of C+ or better 3. English 12 or Engl 050, with a grade of C+ or better. 4. One of Foundations of Math 11 or Pre-calculus 11, or Principles of Math 11, or Math 045 with a grade of C+ or better. Note 1: Before the program starts, youll need to complete College forms certifying current immunizations, hepatitis B vaccination, TB screening, and a health self-assessment. The documentation must be on ofcial College forms (supplied with acceptance). You must submit these forms by week 10 of semester 1. Note 2: Upon entry into the program, students must provide documentation of CPR certification, level C (preferred) or Health Care Provider (HCP). CPR on-line courses are not

acceptable. Students are responsible for the costs of CPR certification and to maintain certification while in the program. Note 3: Youll have to undergo criminal record searches, the costs of which are your responsibility. Note 4: Chemistry 11 or Chem 045 is recommended but not required. Note 5: The costs of immunizations and criminal record checks are the responsibility of the student. Note 6: Effective September 2011 intake, two seats will be reserved for qualified aboriginal applicants. Program outline Note: The CNC Practical Certicate program matrix and curriculum is currently 49 weeks long. This is under review on a provincial level and may be lengthened starting as early as September 2011 intake. Each semester must be successfully completed before the next one can be attempted. Semester 1 September December Emphasis: Health Promotion PNUR 101 Health I PNUR 103 Professional Growth I PNUR 105 Healing I PNUR 107 Human Relationships I PNUR 110 Human Anatomy/Physiology PNUR 111 Nursing Arts I PNUR 197 Clinical I Semester 2 January April Emphasis: Support for the Older Adult PNUR 102 Health II PNUR 106 Healing II PNUR 108 Human Relationships II PNUR 112 Nursing Arts II PNUR 198 Clinical II (Gerontology) Semester 3 April July Emphasis: Acute Care Settings PNUR 201 Health III PNUR 203 Professional Growth PNUR 205 Healing III

PNUR 211 PNUR 297 Practicum PNUR 299

Nursing Arts III Clinical III July September Practicum

Statement of purpose The Practical Nurse (PN) program is designed to provide graduates with opportunities to develop knowledge, skills, and values necessary to assist individuals and families in community, acute, and long-term settings. This program emphasizes care with a holistic multidisciplinary approach that encourages the practical nurse to work in partnership with other health care professionals. Upon successful completion of licensing exams, graduates will be able to work in a variety of health care settings. The program must be completed within ve years. Criminal record search Given the scope of the Criminal Records Review Act, CNC requires criminal record searches for applicants for program areas that involve working with children or other vulnerable persons. The cost of this search is the responsibility of the student. This requirement may result in a student having to undergo two criminal record searches: one through the RCMP (for those programs requiring it) and one through the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General. (Forms supplied with acceptance.) Students must provide proof of application for a criminal record search in order to be considered admissible to the program. The result of a criminal records search which identies relevant criminal convictions may prevent a student from entering into a practicum or clinical setting. Students who cannot enter the practicum or clinical component of the program cannot graduate from the program.

Practical Nurse Certificate contd

Application and document submission deadline Application forms are available from the Admissions, Registration and Records Ofce and may be submitted after September 15 for entry in the following fall. Applications received after March 31 for fall entry are considered late and will be processed subject to course availability. You must submit your application and all required documents (see Admission Requirements) by April 24 in order to be eligible for selection. Selection process This program will select 50% of the class from the qualied applicants, while the balance of the class will be selected randomly from the remaining qualied applicants. In case of ties, the date of application will be the deciding factor. Max. points 1. Biology 12 grade The letter grade for Biology 12 will contribute its actual points (i.e., A = 4.0, B+ = 3.33, etc.). 4 (Effective September 2012, biology requirement will be BIO 130, contributing its actual points) 2. English 12 or English 12: First Peoples grade The letter grade for English 12 or English 12: First Peoples will contribute its actual points, as above. 4 3. Mathematics 11 grade The letter grade for Mathematics 11 will contribute to its actual points as above. 4 4. Geographical location Residents of BC or the Yukon will be awarded 1 point.

Re-admission A student who is unsuccessful in a PN course will be permitted to repeat the course once. Two failures or withdrawals in the program will exclude the student from further study in the program. A student who withdraws from the program voluntarily must notify a faculty member and will be required to apply for re-admission to the program. Re-admission is considered on a space-available basis and will be administered according to the following priorities: 1. A student who has successfully completed the prerequisite courses and/or who, at the time of withdrawal, maintained an overall average of C+ (65%) or better in the course, will be awarded first priority. 2. A student who has failed a PN course or who has withdrawn from the PN course with less than a C+ (65%) grade standing in the course will be awarded second priority. 3. A student requesting transfer from PN programs at other institutions will be subjected to the above criteria and be accorded third priority. All PN course work must be completed within a ve-year time frame. In the event of signicant changes to courses, students may be required to repeat a course. Students may be required to demonstrate that they have maintained their knowledge and skills for re-entry into the program.

You might also be interested in . . . Community Support Worker Certicate Dental Assisting Certicate Health Care Assistant Certicate Medical Laboratory Technology Science Diploma Northern Collaborative Baccalaureate Nursing program Important dates (Prince George only; contact Quesnel campus for their dates) Fall term Classes: September 7, 2010 November 26, 2010 (Semester I) Classes: November 29, 2010 December 17, 2010 (Clinical I) Christmas break: December 20, 2010 January 4, 2011 Spring term Classes: January 4, 2011 March 4, 2011 (Semester II) Classes: March 7, 2011 April 15, 2011 (Clinical II) Study break: April 18, 2011 21, 2011 Intersession Classes: April 26, 2011 June 17, 2011 (Semester III) June 20 24, 2011 (Nursing Arts Week) Classes: June 27, 2011 July 29, 2011 (Clinical III) Practicum IV Classes: August 2, 2011 September 2, 2011

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5. Persistent interest in the program, as demonstrated by a qualied applicant who applies more than once, contributes 1 point. 1 Total possible points