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Evaluation form for Supplier

Name and Address of your company

Att.: point of contact at your company Company name: Company address: Telephone: Contact name: Products/Services supplied: Please fill out this form as soon as possible, and return it to the address above. 1. Contractors Declaration We confirm that NAME OF YOUR COMPANY will be given access for QA system evaluation. We also confirm that the information provided in this questionnaire is correct to the best of our knowledge. _____________________ ________________ Signature _____________________ Title/Position Date Fax: Position:

(To be signed by a senior member of contractors management) 2. Enclosures Please send by e-mail the latest revision of the following: 1. Quality Assurance (QA) Manual. 2. Organisation Chart showing: 5 biggest owners of Contractor, Number of employees, Parent and affiliated companies. 3. Accreditation Certificate(s) 4. Annual report last 3 years, plus latest quarterly report this year. (If not available; please enclose the following key figures confirmed by authorised public accountant/auditor: Financial situation and development last three years (turnover, result, solidity). Updated credit rating issued by official independent credit rating bureau to be enclosed. 5. Relevant references (companies and contact persons with phone numbers and e-mail addresses) 6. Business areas / customer categories and General information (Brochures, presentations) 7. Listed conflicts with customers with substantial economic risk, and relevant insurance

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3. Evaluation Criteria

The questionnaire shall be answered to grade your QA system in the following categories:

4 =Full compliance (System fully documented and implemented, continuous improvement process in place). 3 =System in place and working, Almost full compliance. 2 =Basic only, System designed but not fully implemented, partial compliance only. 1 =System under development. 0 =No system in place. N/A =Not Applicable Please give a short comment why it is not applicable.

Evaluation Criteria
Ite m 1 Quality Assurance General
Is the company accredited according to ISO 9001, 9002,9003 or similar? If Yes, what standard? Accredited by whom? Is the current QA system fully documented according to requirements in relevant ISO9000 standard ? When did you first establish a formal documented and implemented QA-system ? Is the current QA system fully implemented at all levels in the company ? Do you have a documented and implemented procedure for selection of suppliers ? Do you have an approved and implemented vendor list? Has the company dedicated a QA Manager for monitoring effectiveness of the quality assurance system? To whom does he/she report ? Do you have a documented program for continuous improvements of the QA system? Do you have a documented program for continuous improvements of the products/services? Do all complaints/problems from the customer get distributed to all relevant parts of the organisation? Does the company analyse the complaints/problems to find causes and does the company take initiative to prevent recurrence? Does the company have documented and implemented procedures for treatment of non conformances and corrective actions?

Level 0-4 or N/A


2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


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Ite m 14 15 16

Quality Assurance General

Do you carry out internal quality audits? If yes, please specify the dates for the latest five. Do you have documented and implemented inspection and test procedures? Do you have documented and implemented procedures for goods receiving/identification/traceability?

Level 0-4 or N/A


Ite m 17 18 19 20 21 22

Health, Safety & Environment

Do you have a documented and implemented Health, Safety and Environment management system (HS&E- Manual/Procedures)? Is the system according to statutory regulations (laws&regulations)? Have the company goals for continuous improvement in all aspects of Health, Safety and Environment? Do you have a documented and implemented procedure for reporting and following up of unwanted incidents/accidents? Do you have a dedicated HS&E Manager in the Company? If yes, to whom does he/she report? Do you have a documented program for continous improvements of the HS&EManagement system?

Level 0-4 or N/A


Ite m 23 24 25 26 27 28

Ability of deliveries
Can you document your ability to deliever as agreed, when it comes to quality and items delivered in time? Do you have company goals for continuous improvement in purchasing and supply chain management? How is your service level, availability of personnell and ability to problem solving? Do you have a documented program for continuos improvements or maintanance of customer satisfaction? Do you regularly supply aggregated statistics on deliveries to customers? Annual delivery to competitors to NAME OF YOUR COMPANY?

Level 0-4 or N/A


Financial Status and Development

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General Overview:

Key Ratios: Annual Report

(Last year)

Annual Report
(The year before)

Annual Report / Quarterly Report

(Current year)

EBITDA EBITDA in % of Total revenue Net Development Cost Cash Balance Working Capital Debt Ratio Debt-to-Equity Ratio Note: All key ratios must be calculated from the enclosed Annual Reports/Quarterly report.

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