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We call a person healthy, when his body and mind is healthy.

When it comes to the body, we have six energy bodies and one physical body making it seven bodies. As we have physical organs like Brain,Eyes, Heart,Lungs etc., supporting the physical body, we have seven energy centers (chakras) namely Sahasrara chakra, Agna chakra, Vishudha chakra, Anahata Chakra, Manipura Chakra, Swadishtana Chakra and Mooladhara Chakra working as organs for seven bodies. The seven bodies and the seven chakras when in harmony the body will be healthy. As a machine produces heat when it works, so does the body generates the energy field around its body and is known as AURA. Due to many reasons, the aura may get cracked, holed, punctured etc., leading to depleted aura. Under this state, negative energy, ill-health energy, bad energy could get in and stay on the body. When these bad energies stay on the body for a long time it manifests on the physical body as some sort of disease. (From the statistics, it is very well known that majority of the diseases are psychosomatic in nature and very few health problems comes from bacteria) On cleaning the aura and charging it with fresh Prana (energy) and a suitable suggestion for the mind is taken, most of the diseases get cured and this is the secret of health. This concept has been practiced and taught to thousands of suffering people in this Healing Center and the Center has achieved 80 to 90 percent results. OM PRABHU SHANTI MASTER KEY TO ACHIEVE PEACE (FROM SPIRITUAL WORLD) It is surprising that people having plenty of money and luxury in this world still feel agitated and restless and lack peace. In spite of vast wealth and comfort people are constantly struggling for attaining peace and constantly struggling for attaining peace and happiness. What could be the reason for such a condition in vain? If peace can be bought by wealth (i.e. money and power) such rich and powerful people could buy peace and happiness. Alas! it is just not possible. Unfortunately man is faced with many problems in this world. The main reasons for such a situation and lack of peace are mainly four:Physical Problems:It means if a person is suffering from some health problem, whether temporary or chronic disease he feels uneasy and restless losing his peace of mind. Financial problems:Money is essential and basis for all material activities in this world. Money is required at every step for the basic necessities of life, to repay loans, pay off debts and losses incurred in any kind of venture undertaken by a person. lack of money and wealth results in unhappiness and thus loss of mental peace. Family Problems:It means on account of differences and conflicts between family members or due to marital problems of children or property disputes or any other disagreements or even being childless. All such reasons of unhappiness cannot get any peace of mind to the person. Thus leaving the person agitated. Social Status Problems:Due to lack of or Loss of social status or not getting the expected respect or appreciation from others makes a person feel miserable and happy which ultimately results in loss of mental peace. The above four factors are the main reasons for Loss of peace and happiness in this materialistic world. (There is possibly no fifth factor other than these above four for the restless condition of a person) what then is the remedy to find the best, easiest and simplest way to overcome these four problems in kalyug?

As per the divine order given, PRABHUJI (Prabhu Mastram) who was formally known as Prabhudas Hirji Thakkar took atmasanyas (Self renunciation of worldly attachments) on 1st March 1994, and decided to live a life of a recluse (Ekantvasi, Solitary life) in one room and by personal choice on 20th April 1994, he took to samadhi (Abstract contemplating) whereby his soul left his physical body and traveled towards the spiritual world where he had a conversation with the Almighty. The Supreme Power gave him the mantra OM PRABHUSHANTI and a simple method of performing the havan (yagna) which would give peace to the people in troubled time. After which his soul was sent back into his physical body to spread this divine mantra to mankind. The one condition to be fulfilled during his solitude was that he would be allowed to meet onoly those people whose order was passed by the Divine Power at a specified time. Those who have had the opportunity to visit Praghuji within a span of five and a half years of his solitary life and have chanted the divine mantra OM PRABHU SHANTI and also those who have performed the haven have experienced peace from physical, financial, family, mental and other problems which they have had. And those lakhs of people who reside in India or foreign countries who have not had the opportunity to meet him personally but have still chanted the divine mantra and performed the havan with complete faith and trust have benefited by it and experienced miracles in their life.

RULES OF THE SPIRITUAL WORLD According to the rules of the spiritual world chanting of the divine mantra OM PRABHU SHANTI will remove the dissatisfaction and unhappiness caused by the above four factors and bring peace in every field of life. It will also bring prosperity in the chosen area of activity. Chanting this mantra will not only bring prosperity in the chosen area of activity. Canting this mantra will not only bring peace and happiness in this life but even after death, will result in mukti (freedom from the cycle of birth and rebirth) and moksha (Salvation). More so chanting of this divine mantra with havan will bring very quick results. If people can find time for all material activities in life, why can t they devote 5 to 10 minutes for chanting of this divine mantra with or without, havan for peace and all round benefit? By devoting 5 minutes daily from 24 hours of the day Almighty himself takes care of the remaining 23 hours and 55 minutes. Further the rules of the havan are so simple that people of all ages, men and women, old or young, and children can perform this havan and benefit from it.

METHOD OF HAVAN Keep a copper havan patra (vessel) in a plate and place one or two tablets of camphor and samidha or any plain sticks diagonally, so as to make a cross (X). Light the camphor, so that the sticks also catch fire. Then take a small spoon and pour ghee or any oil drop by drop on the sticks every time after chanting the divine mantra OM PRABHU SHANTI (Do not say swaha after this mantra as it results in oblation of peace in the fire). Continue doing the havan as per your convenience, hence there is no time limitation. After performing the havan, keep the patra in the kitchen or near the window or under an exhaust or any open space to avoid smoke from spreading. If one wishes to extend the havan for a long time keep adding sticks to the havan fire as and when required.

RULES FOR HAVAN According to the rules of the spiritual world, the havan can be performed at any time of the day or night, at any convenient place, in any comfortable position and any number of times within 24 hours. There is no restriction of any kind for this havan so in case of any mistake there is no place for any doubt or superstition.


Before starting the havan pray to the Almighty for solving your problems, overcoming troubles and confusion and fulfilling your wishes. Your can either mentally say the prayer or you can also write it down on a paper, seal it in an envelope and place it near the havan patra. Have faith that the Supreme Power will definitely help you solve your problems, overcome troubles and confusions and grant your wishes and do whatever is in your best interest. With such a faith and feeling of acceptance, performing the havan will definitely result in peace of mind. The results start showing within a week or at the most within a month or two. With God s grace most of the solutions to the problems already start coming out for you. This is a firm assurance form the spiritual world form God to the mankind. If you have a strong wish to be fulfilled or a serious problem to be solved, then within a span of 72 days you should chant the divine mantra OM PRABHU SHANTI 1,25,000 times which means without missing out on any single day of chanting. This is called ANUSTAAN. Daily chanting the mantra 2000 times i.e. approximately 20 minutes to hour. Instead of chanting the mantra at one stretch you could also spread the time of chanting at your convenience. In case of any mistake keep no doubt in your mind.

OTHER BENEFITS By constantly looking at the lit havan fire and chanting the divine mantra all your disturbances and wavering and depressive thoughts will be destroyed in the fire. In spite of several efforts of keeping the mind stable and using various methods for concentration to keep it stable, it is all in vain. But by gazing at the lit fire of havan our mind becomes stable effortlessly and results in concentration. There is a definite increase if self confidence and will power. Performing the havan will relieve you from all the so called bad and addictive habits (like drinding alcohol, smoking, drug, ghutka, tabacco chewing) automatically.

IMPORTANT Havan patra does not require daily cleaning. It can be cleaned every fortnight or monthly. The ashes (bhasma) of the havan should be collected in a container or packet and can be applied for cure of any kind of physical discomfort or pain. A small pinch of ash should be applied on the forehead or eaten as prasad for the cure of any internal problems. You can also mix the ash in the night cream which could be applied on the face to enhance your complexion to make it glow and also to cure pimples. The remaining ash should be immersed in the ocean, river, lake, well or even at the trunk of the tree.

RELIGIOUS SENTIMENTS As per the laws of the spiritual world all religious are one. People from any religion can perform the havan and chant the divine mantra because God is an invisible divine power.

HINDU RELIGION Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv, Ram, Krishna, Ganpati, saibaba, Hanuman, all Gods and Goddess are the part of this visible power.

CHRISTIANS Can chant O GOD GRANT ME THE PEACE which looking at a lit candle for 5 to 10 minutes.

JAINS Can chant the NAVKARMANTRA and then chant OM TRABHU SHANTI in the same way. In such a manner people from all religious can benefit from this. To summarize, according to the laws of the Spiritual world the soul (atma) is linked only to God or Kkdivine Soul (Parmatma). All human beings want and need peace and therefore we must express our prayers to the Almighty. Whatever time and how much ever time in 24 hours can be managed it should be used to pray to the divine power. This is bound to result in peace. Karma is equally important along with prayer. There are two most important Laws of the spiritual world. If we disturb by any word, thought or deed, peace of others, our own peace is bound to be disturbed first. Don t cheat anybody, because by cheating others, we ensure to get definitely cheated in future. These are the two main laws which regulate the spiritual world. Those who observe these two laws will definitely get peace. Those who violate these, loose their own peace. Those who violate these, loose their own peace. Prayer and karma (action) are both necessary in this world for peace and happiness. This is a simple but magical message from the Divine Soul. This is the essence of the laws of the spiritual world. It is our humble prayer to the Almighyt that you experience and enjoy blessings of God through the prayer. OM PRABHU SHANTI OM PRABHU SHANTI OM PRABHU SHANTI PRABHU HIRE FOUNDATION: Tel: 3678429 / 3648529 / 3681856. Fax: 3681857. Bombay.